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The Monster Home *FirstVersion*

By Dragoncita

Replies: 423 / 4 years ago

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There is more to our world than people believe. Creatures which should not exist, have walked among us for who knows how long. Yet we have been unaware of their existence...until now.

As time passed, humans began to worry about the non-human population. Were these creatures really able to resist their primal urges, and not make a human their next meal?
As time passed, the humans' fear grew. They couldn't trust these monsters, no one was safe as long as these creatures were left unchecked and unsupervised. So, the [b AORNH], or [i Agency of Relocating Non-humans], was created.
The Agency sent letters out to all non-humans, giving them a heads-up that they were to be moved to a separate area built specially for their kind. They were not to worry, and that everything would be better.

Now then, not all non-humans took so kindly to this letter. In fact, many tried to escape being relocated. There were the few non-humans who accepted the letter with little resistance.
Non-humans who did not accept their new life, were hunted down, and either captured, or executed, depending on how dangerous the creature was considered.
[pic http://bulk2.destructoid.com/ul/230064-getting-it-right-valkyria-chronicles/valk5-620x.jpg]
Several of these special areas have surfaced now. The [b AORNH] keeps check of each area, each area built to contain non-humans etc.. Each creature was assigned their own home. With every non-human, a caretaker was assigned to the non-human.
Now then, the [b AORNH] only recruited human caretakers for monsters, in hopes of the creatures learning to live with humans. Either only the brave, foolish, or something else entirely, committed themselves to being caretakers to non-humans.
Though, some weren't meant for the job...having mysterious 'accidents' happen.

So, are you a non-human, who has come here out of your own free will, or were you captured? Will you tolerate having to be in this place built for you?
Or will you be a Caretaker, hoping to make a difference in a non-humans' life? Or will you end up in a mysterious 'accident'?
[center [h3 Rules]]
-There can be romance, but no instant please
-I prefer anime pics, but the choice is yours
-Absolutely NO godmodding
If I see any of this, I will kick you out
-Multiple characters are allowed
-Cursing is alright, just don't overdo it please
-Wait for at least 2 people to post before you may post again
-Post at least every other day
I understand we all have our own daily lives we must attend to first
-If you are going to be gone for a lengthy amount of time, please PM me
-Most of all...HAVE FUN!!!!!!
[center [h3 Skelly]]
Non-Human or Caretaker: (What type of Non-human are you if one)
Powers/Magic: (Only Non-Humans)
Weakness (At least 1):
Caretaker: (If you have one Non-humans)
Non-Human You Care for: (If you have one Caretaker)
How Many years of Service: (Caretakers only)

Non-Humans will be each assigned a Caretaker
Once we have enough people, we will then start discussing who will be paired with who, or if you wish to be paired with a certain individual, PM asking them and let me know
Hope to hear from you all
Any other questions, just PM me

[center [h3 Non-Humans]]
[b Username: Dragoncita]
Name: 'Valkyr'
Age: Human Years- Considered to be 20 something
Gender: Supposedly Female
Non-Human or Caretaker: Non-Human, Experiment
Powers/Magic: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=239095 Click Here]
Only able to speak through telepathy
Weakness (At least 1): 'Valkyr' doesn't really have feelings, so she doesn't really understand if she says something offensive or not
However, she does have an uncontrollable rage at times
[i Caretaker: Dimitri]
Bio/history: She is the result of many experiments of trying to create the ultimate weapon of war. So her files are under lock and key. 'Valkyr' herself isn't very sure of her past, it seemed like it happened so long ago, she doesn't even remember when she was still human...if she ever was human...

Name: Solomon
Age: Appears to be in early 20's when human. Actual age is unknown
Gender: Male
Non-Human or Caretaker: Non-Human, Draconic Creature
Powers/Magic: Psychic magic, divination
Weakness (At least 1): He's gone completely insane leaving him in an unstable state
[i Caretaker: Anna]
Bio/history: His past is jumbled. He seemingly stumbled into the office of the AORNH, blabbering a bunch of nonsense. They sedated him, putting Solomon under the care of the head of this branch of AORNH.

[center ---------------------------------------------]

[b Username: ArcaneAssassin]
Name: Alivia Abel
Age: Looks anywhere from 19-23
Gender: Female
Non-Human or Caretaker: Non-Human/Vampire
Powers/Magic: Can use her blood as a weapon, able to splatter it on people and then detonate with a snap of her fingers.
-Photophobia. extreme sensitivity to light.
-Fragile. relies heavily on her powers to fight and defend herself.
[i Caretaker: Yaezuki]
Bio/history: While Alivia evaded AORNH for many years, treating it as a game of cat and mouse, she eventually turned herself in to avoid being killed. She had decided a life of constantly running was not worth her life, and it was this peaceful turn in that convinced the agency to let her live.

[center ---------------------------------------------]

[b Username: Arya]
Name: Aelra
Age: 200 years old
Gender: female
Non-Human or Caretaker: Nonhuman, Demon
Powers/Magic: Summoning a weapon similar to the scythe, which can be turned on fire.
Weakness (At least 1): Anything that is holy, a cross for example, will hurt her.
[i Caretaker: Erin]
Bio/history: Born a demon, she did what a demon usually did, until this group was made to deport non-humans to special places just for them. At first, for Aelra it was nonsense, but the group came dangerously close to catching her a few times. After this, she hid herself. But, humans being the persistent, stubborn creatures they were, had managed to capture her, and deport her to what they called the containment areas, where, as Aelra found out, waiting for something called a caretaker.

[center ---------------------------------------------]

[b Username: nomey1]
Name: Akane
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Non-Human or Caretaker: Non-Human (Humanoid Snake)
Powers/Magic: Can manipulate smoke using her special pipe to create shadowy creatures and illusions. Is a venomous snake and, therefore, if she bites someone they would be in danger.
Weakness (At least 1): Fears fire and is allergic to titanium
[i Caretaker: Jota]
Bio/history: She was a storyteller within her small, secluded clan, entertaining the others with her illusions. She could also fight any invaders using her creatures and therefore was given the title of 'Priestess', even learning some fortune telling just for the fun of it. However, her clan was then invaded by the AORNH. Those who resisted were either killed or forcibly captured. If anyone was able to escape, she didn't know. She was captured and forced to be placed under a caretaker. She hates the humans for what they did to her home and all her people who had done nothing to deserve this "project" forced upon them.
[center [h3 Caretakers]]
[b Username: aphanimelover]
Name: Yaezuki Hamisho
Gender: Female
Non-Human or Caretaker: Caretaker
Weakness: Naturally Weak
[i Non-Human You Care for: Alivia]
How Many years of Service: She's just starting to volunteer
Bio/history: Yae(her nickname)was one of the ones not afraid of the non-humans to begin with. She ended up wanting to take care of a non-human or at least meet one.

[center ---------------------------------------------]

[b Username: sandshower]
Name: Erin Slade
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Non-Human or Caretaker: Caretaker
Powers/Magic: N/A, however does have sword skills
Weakness (At least 1): short tempter which leads to reckless behavior
[i Non-Human You Care for: Aelra]
How Many years of Service: many years of experience in dealing with non-human creatures however employed at AORNH for only two weeks before shipped out to one of their “special areas”
Bio/history: Erin’s father is a high ranking General in the Government who works closely with the AORNH. Because of his father’s status Erin was raised like a warrior, taught in the ways of fighting and battle strategies, his family implanted with the ideology that the non-humans were nothing but monsters that needed to be contained and dominated. Thus, he formed superiority complex that makes him uptight and rigid. His weapon of choice would be a sword because its sharpness cannot be rivaled nor can its grace be diminished. It reflects Erin’s state of mind in battle and become an intention of his body. Erin’s greatest wish is to prove to his father of his worthiness and become the pride of his family so to accomplish this he decided to volunteer at an AORNH's facility, to help control those monsters who dare disturb the human race and the order of the world.

[center ---------------------------------------------]

[b Username: nomey1]
Name: Dimitri Amelin
Age: 21
Gender: male
Non-Human or Caretaker: Caretaker
Weakness (At least 1): Blind in one eye
[i Non-Human You Care for: Valkyr]
How Many years of Service: 3 years
Bio/history: Dimitri never had much ambitions for himself while growing up. He went to school, hung out with people, worked part time here and there, and lived at home. He moved out when he was 18 and didn’t know what to do with his life. That’s when the program came up and he decided he would be a part of it. He had once been good friends with a non-human when he was young and thought they were pretty chill. Not all the same but, Hell, he wanted to give it a shot regardless. The first year went fine, but the second year was when a non-human thought they could get away and attacked him, resulting in the loss of his right eye. That didn’t stop him, though, and he has continued to be a part of the program. He even grew a bit wiser because of that experience.

[center ---------------------------------------------]

[b Username: AETLAS]
Name: Jota
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Non-Human or Caretaker: Caretaker
Weakness (At least 1): He's a human. Humans have plenty of weaknesses
[i Non-Human You Care for: Akane]
How Many years of Service: Just reassigned
Bio/history: He first served in the military. He had it going great, until on one mission, he and his entire squad got hit by a bomb. His squad dead, him with a left leg full of shards of metal. After being operated open, where his left leg was mostly restored, he was honorably discharged, and reassigned to the AORNH.

[center ---------------------------------------------]

[b Username: Dragoncita]
Name: Anna Hane
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Non-Human or Caretaker: Caretaker
Weakness (At least 1): She's hiding a few certain things even the people who run/started AORNH don't even know about her
[i Non-Human You Care for: Solomon]
How Many years of Service: Almost 8 years now
Bio/history: Anna is the head of this branch of the AORNH. She makes sure everything runs smoothly, and everyone/everything is accounted for. Anna mostly keeps to herself and the non-human she cares for; Solomon.


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Mindlessly, as if on auto pilot, Dimitri cooked his breakfast with the sort of ease one reaches when they have done something over and over and over again until it becomes more of a habit rather than something that "needs" to be done. He knew where everything was and how to cook what he desired to eat. All he had to do was get it done.

His cigarette continued to hang limply from his lips, sometimes almost forgotten about entirely if it weren't for the craving to breath the stuff in that popped up every so often. The waffles required less effort for the machine had a timer and therefore cooking it was pretty automatic. The pancakes was where he kept his focus so that none of them would burn or end up bland.

Breakfast was nearly completed when a shiver ran its course throughout his body. What the hell? He didn't know what the cause of it was. At first. Once everything was done he piled them onto plates and carried them to the dining room. It was just about when he got there did he finally realize why he had the sudden chill. His body froze, as if someone had hit the pause button on the remote, as his eyes caught the sight of Valkyr. How long had she been there for? Was she staring at him? There was no way to tell.

He blinked once, twice, three times.

"Morning," he greeted despite the cigarette in his mouth. Dimitri placed the plates on the dining table before returning to the kitchen in order to get clean plates, cups, and utensils. "You are free to help yourself to the food. However, if you don't like what I made I'm sure there is something else I can find or make for you." After the table was set, he poured himself a glass of orange juice and grabbed a few pieces of food for his own plate. "How did you sleep?"
Dimitri / nomey1 / 4y ago
The food was almost ready. He was just checking the refrigerator just to see if he needed to buy anything. He was somewhat surprised that he didn't really needed to buy anything. But then again, his parents could've restocked the fridge and freezer before he came. They did know his release date, and he was on very good ok their side. He sighed, well at least he didn't have to go shopping.

He went into one of the cupboards, and got out a plate. Placing it near the stove, he went to get out a spoon and knife. Just as he was about to open the lid on the pan, he heard a crashing noise, more like a thud. Something falling on the floor, accompanied by a scream. Most likely Akane's room. She might be unfamiliar with how something worked, and could have accidentally knocked it over. He couldn't blame her.

With a steady step, something which had been drilled into him, he walked over to the door which would open into her room. As he was about to place his hand on the door knob, he stopped. Maybe she wouldn't like him unexpectedly entering her room. She already hated him, why drive the wedge even further. His right hand, the hand which almost grabbed the knob, Jota instead raised it to knock on the door. Two knocks, followed by a space of four seconds. [+grey "Is everything alright?"] He stood there waiting for an answer.
Jota / AETLAS / 4y ago
She could deal without eating breakfast, twas just a trifle. She had so skip breakfast many a time when she was free. And not only breakfast had to be skipped, sometimes even lunch and dinner. There was one thing, current time, which she also had to deal with. It wasn't fun listening to them.

Did Erin's comments annoy her real badly. Internally, Aelra was furious at those comments, another mark of his dumbfounded-ness. Oh, she would remember those comments, and have a huge flare up much later, remembering those comments to fuel her rage. Also, what the hell was wrong with this ass, why did he like touching her? First a poke when Erin mentioned a cat losing claws, then messing with her hair like she was his little sister. She endured all this, but oh boy would she give much trouble to him later.

Some time later, they stood before a door, with a placard on which was written the word Director. While steeling herself for the meeting, Aelra didn't notice the journey to much, except for what Erin said and did to her. And here we go again, another god damn lecture. She had already gotten the memo about behaving, maybe third time is the charm eh? This guy just had too much of the cockle doodle do in him. To be truthful, she did fear the director more than this slug, at least she could have fun with him. And making life hell? Did Erin even remember that demons were hell?

It was finally time to come in. Erin knocked on the door, and a female voice sounded from within. Aelra let Erin walk in first, herself walking in after him. She walked to a corner, unless otherwise told. Looking around, she could see a tall lanky guy with black hair, some mask, that was doing something in a journal. She had a weird feeling that this guy was also the same white huge beast from the night before. Well, let the meeting unfold.
Aelra / Arya / 4y ago
The little blood vessel on the side of Erin’s neck started to pulse has he waited for Aelra to come out. How dare that she demon kept her master waiting. He raised his hand to knock again but before he could make contact with the door he heard the click sound of the knob turning. Looking down at the girl with an unpleasant face he grumbled something before marching off. After putting some thought into it, Erin decided it would be best to see the Director first before eating breakfast. That way they would just get it over with and it wouldn’t be looming over them like a ticking time bomb. Besides you don’t want to get on a roller coaster with a full stomach, this morning’s ride was going to extra bumpy.

Erin glanced back towards Aelra who was being quiet, too quiet. [+red “What’s wrong shorty? You’re looking paler than usual. You sure you’re not a vampire instead?”] he grinned as he poked her with the standard insults but strangely the demon didn’t squawk back. [+red “Awww, what happen to the kitty’s fangs and claws? Finally getting scared huh…”] Erin waited but yet again no comeback. He wondered if Aelra lost her backbone, it was hard to believe that stubborn girl would give up that easily. Nobody will find him complaining if that was the case, she needed to be more obedient anyway. However if Aerla’s change of heart was genuine then it most likely wouldn’t be from the result of Erin’s taming but more from fear of meeting the Director yesterday. If that was case, he would be even more furious. His monster should fear him above all else. Period.

[+red “Aelra, we’ll be meeting with the director soon. Better behave.”] Erin stopped and placed his hand on the top of her head tilting her face up so she could look into his eyes. [+red “The Director is the Satan on this place, she could make our lives even unpleasant, that much it true, but don’t you dare think for a second that she’s the scariest thing that lurk this cold lifeless halls. In your small pitiful existence I’m the God that decides how valuable your life is.”] he smiled wickly as his feeling of superiority drowned him completely. [+red “Do I control all of AORHN? No. Do I control the other Caretakers and monsters? No. But you Aelra, I have you in the palm of my hand. Literately and figuratively.”] He removed his hand from the demon’s head and walked over a huge wooden door that had a plank with word ‘Director’ written on it with bold golden lettering. Moments later Anna’s voice called out for them to come in. Erin glanced at Aelra one more time before turning the handle and opening the door.
[center [h3 Valkyr]]
Nothing, no dreams, none whatsoever. Though, Valkyr did remember, very rarely, when she did dream. As she continued to sit, something told her it was time to move.
Light poured into her view, lighting the room. The strange humanoid slowly stood. Her form pulsed red several times before seemingly calming down once again. Valkyr didn't really feel 'hunger', though she knew she still needed sustenance in order to survive like most living things.
Valkyr left the room she had been assigned, walking down the hall. She barely made a noise as she slipped down to where her sensors detected several things on, and a human form, her caretaker. Valkyr was deadly quiet without meaning to as she slipped into the dining room, sitting down.
The female sat at the table. Her hidden vision landed on Dimitri, watching him. It was rather intriguing, having no idea what he was really doing. Valkyr just remained silent, continuing to watch the man do whatever he was doing with those pots and pans.
[pic http://i.imgur.com/Me6ij9I.jpg]
[center [h3 Anna & Solomon]]
Once again she was sitting back in that blank office that served as the headquarters of this branch of AORNH. Anna sighed softly, hating the fact of being stuck inside.
Though, she did have a nice seat behind the desk. The woman held a book in her hands which she was reading. Anna set it down to look up to see where Solomon was currently at or what he was doing at the moment.
Sure enough, he was still in the same spot, in human form once again, currently jotting things down in a notebook.
[i Absolute chaos. Screams of fear and rage filled her ears as members of her clan scrambled to get away from the invading humans. Some tried to fight them head-on but were only defeated shortly after staring. Akane had her pipe in her hand, working vigorously to summon her demon-like creatures of smoke and darkness in order to protect her people. Her illusions were working well in some aspects, but there were too many of them. There was no way she would be able to hold them all off.

“Priestess!” a female screamed.

The woman whirled around just in time to see the young girl be grabbed by a couple men. Her eyes narrowed dangerously as she bared her fangs. She made quick work with her pets and they quickly surrounded the men, scaring them as they tried but failed to swat them away. The girl quickly slithered towards the woman and the two embraced each other.

“Go, Reina,” Akane urged. “Get away as fast as you can.”

“But what about you?”

“I must stay here and do what I can.” The girl looked as if she was about to argue, but she silenced her by placing a kiss on her forehead. “Don’t worry about me. Just go.”

Reluctantly, the girl nodded her head. However, her eyes grew wide as she saw something over the woman’s shoulder. “Look out!”

Akane couldn’t keep up with what happened next. She felt herself get shoved to the ground by the girl. Then she saw Reina squirm and scream in pain as something was pressed to her neck by yet another human. The woman’s eyes widened in horror as she watched the girl collapse to the ground, knocked unconscious.


She reached out for the girl, but then the strange contraption the human held was then pressed into her neck and she screamed out in pain. It felt as if she was being electrocuted mercilessly by a strong strike of lightning. Then, everything went black and her body fell to the ground like a heavy weight.]

Akane jumped awake, letting out a short scream as she fell off the edge of the bed and crashed harshly against the ground below. She groaned in pain, pressing her hands against her face as parts of her tail were coiled ungracefully on top of her or on the floor beside her. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes but they did not fall. She refused to cry, but she also didn’t want to get up. So she remained there for a while, wishing for time to freeze for just a bit.
Akane / nomey1 / 4y ago
The sun had just barely risen when the dark-haired man woke up. A dreamless night, something he preferred and appreciated after the events that had taken place that evening. He made his way to the bathroom and took a lengthy, hot shower in order to fully wake up from the drowsiness he felt. Afterwards he dried off and treated his scarred eye with the proper medication and treatment. He didn’t want to bother with an eyepatch yet so he let his long hair cover it for the time being and got dressed for the day. He wasn’t really planning to go anywhere which was why he chose a pair of sweats and a plain t-shirt.

Dimitri went to the kitchen and opened a window before lighting a cigarette. It hung loosely from his lips as he gathered the necessary supplies in order to cook dinner. He felt like having pancakes and waffles this morning. Whatever leftovers he had he could just give to his neighbor so he didn’t really pay attention to whether he was making too much or not. Did Valkyr eat food? She must, right…? He honestly had no idea. She was very unique as far as non-humans go. Shrugging it off for the time being, he took a drag from his cigarette before proceeding to cook.
Dimitri / nomey1 / 4y ago
He had had a pretty restful night. There were the occasional flashes of vivid images, but they weren't too bothersome. Eh, he had been having them ever since that one fateful day, when everything had went to hell.

Opening his eyes, his vision was a bit fuzzy. Running his eyes, Jota's vision cleared. Looking at the clock on his bedside cabinet, it showed 0700. Military time, just an old habit from the military. He didn't plan on awakening Akane, she could wake up whenever she wanted to. She already disliked him, no need to escalate it into hatred.

Quietly opening his door, he made way to the bathroom, where he did the usual. Brushed his teeth, shaved, gave his face a wash. He went back to his room for a change into fresh clothes, and then into the kitchen.

He thought about what he wanted to cook. A simple eggs and bacon with milk, that should do it. Opening the fridge, he would have to buy some other things, but he took out the eggs and the bacon. He got the frying pan up to heat, poured oil, cracked the eggs. Got a cutting board, cut the bacon. Put the bacon in with the eggs. Added salt, and a minuscule amount of pepper and cloves. Soon, a pleasant smell was in the kitchen. He killed the switch to low, and went to write the grocery list.
Jota / AETLAS / 4y ago
She just did not, appreciate having her hair pulled. Nonhuman she may be, but she still had feelings. Erin didn't think so, one of those stupid, jerky, supremacist bastards. All of them could go to hell for all she cared. Most of the problems of the world, came from supremacist bastards like Erin.

The words that Anna had said, chilled Aelra to the bone. They chilled her so much, she experienced deep shock. Her scythe disappeared, as if it had a will of its own. She had heard rumors of what happened to him, the Demon Lord from various demons around the world, but Aelra hadn't believed those things to be exactly true. To have those rumors, confirmed by a human female, who had done it herself, much shock and surprise.

She was just silent for the rest of the time. Quietly got in the car Erin had ordered, and sat there quietly during the duration of the ride. Erin quietly fumed, and Aelra quietly thought about what had been said.

Arriving at the destination, Erin locked her in the bare room, and Erin went to sleep in his own room. Walking up to get bed, Aelra fell, curled up, and went to sleep.

Awakening the next morning, Aelra got up. Stretching herself, she walked to the bathroom. There, she thoroughly washed her face and her hair. Happy with the results, she heard a knock on the door, and Erin's voice. Oh right, they were going to meet the director today. That gave Aelra the chills.

She walked up to the door, waiting quietly with head down for the door to open. Once it opened, she waited for Erin to start walking, and started following, straight in time, and no talking. Even his comments, didn't provoke her. She was steeling herself for the meeting with the director.
Aelra / Arya / 4y ago
Erin had total control of the situation, he knew that the most important thing was to stay calm and not let emotions cloud better judgment. It was apparent that the Director had no intention to enter combat with him, at least not physical combat. Dealing with Anna was like playing chest. Every conversation and action was simple moving pieces on a invisible board. It was a game he could play well. However his pawn was acting up again. Like many times before, Aelra refused to listen to him. The demon was pig headed, stubborn, and disobedient. Erin couldn’t stand it anymore. [+red “Idiot! Don’t order me around! I’m not going anywhere. You’re the one who needs to get the wax out of her ears and start obeying me!”] Erin barked while pulling on the end of her hair as if it was her collar. He didn’t pull so hard that her hair rip out but hard enough to where it was unpleasant. [+red “Listen to your master before you get us BOTH in trouble…more trouble”] he ended with a sigh before looking back at Anna. [+red “Don’t even think about it. I don’t care if you are the Director! I won’t let you take her powers away.”]

The idea of Aelra losing her power was horrifying. Aelra’s abilities were the only thing going for her, they were the only reason why Erin didn’t send her back for another better model of monster. It was bad enough he was stuck with a weak-looking shorty who had a frustrating tendency to defy authority, but to take away the aptitude that made it all bearable would be nothing short of horrific. Just thinking about made his stomach turn.

The Director’s voice forced Erin out of his nightmare and brought him back to reality. He didn’t like the notion of being summoned to her office. He could tell that she was moving her pieces across the board, slowly inclosing around him. [+red “Fine. We’ll be there.”] Although it didn’t excite him, Erin knew he couldn’t get away with not going. He just hope whatever she had planned wouldn’t be too painful. After they left all the tension seemed faded away.

Erin felt mentally exhausted after it was all said and done. [+red “The driver should be here by now.”] he mumbled while taking off towards the road. The driver was standing out of the car ready to open the backseat door for them. [b “How was party sir? Did you enjoy yourself?”] Erin shot him a pissed glare [+red “Oh shut up Jerry. Just take us back to AORNH.”] he bark before jumping in the car. The day left a sour taste in his mouth and he didn’t care who knew. Not a single word was spoken between him and his pet the whole drive back. It felt good knowing that the night was finally over, and the only thing to do now was sleep. Erin walked Aelra to her room and made sure to lock the door before heading to his room. Without even bothering to change into something more comfortable he dropped down on his bed and closed his eyes. Tomorrow would probably be another challenging day but he didn’t mind. A boring life where nothing ever happens didn’t suit him, he lived for the excitement that came with dangers.

~~~~~ Next day

The rays of sunlight woke Erin before his alarm could. With a loud groan he sat up swinging his legs over the side of his bed, planting his feet on the cold concrete floor. It was at that moment his stomach made a loud growl noise. He ran his hand over his abdominal and realized that he hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday morning. His body was trying to tell him that it was time for nourishment but first he cleaned his face and put on a fresh set of clothes.

After what happen last time Erin stood outside of Aelra’s room once he knocked. [+red “Hurry up. It’s time for breakfast.”] He was impatient and she was frustrating. They weren’t the definition of a good pairing but hopeful somehow they’ll make it work.
[center [h3 Valkyr]]
Valkyr followed behind Dimitri. Her black form blended in perfectly with the darkness. Her form was calm once again. The red pulsing energy was barely a red glow now. However, she remained alert.
As they entered the building, the strange female only nodded at him. Valkyr did not really know the feeling of being 'tired'. Guess years of torture and painful experiments happening to your body nearly all day and all night, one had grown so used to it, they no longer knew how to be 'tired'.
Either way, as Dimitri made his way to his room, she went to the one she had been assigned. The female entered quietly. She didn't turn the lights on, the night vision activating in her helm. The darkness was a friend she had learned, it was an ally.
So, instead of sleeping, Valkyr found what could only be the center of the room. She kneeled on the floor, closing her eyes, allowing herself to be in complete darkness. The female once again tuned everything out around her. She had entered her meditating state.
[pic http://i.imgur.com/TDblakY.jpg]
[center [h3 Anna & Solomon]]
She ignored Erin's statement about 'pets'. The woman only listened to his words. She was eerily calm. The slight breeze stirred her hair. Anna held the young man's gaze with her own.
As Aelra suddenly stepped forward, telling them to 'bugger off', Solomon made a low hiss. The hackles along his back were risen to their fullest. His voice was barely audible as his eyes looked towards his Caretaker.
[b "Ooooo, you've done it now girly heheheh."]
As for Anna, she turned her steel-hard gaze to the demoness. Her voice had changed, becoming dangerous, [#8b4513 "You either have a deathwish, or have forgotten who I am Aelra. You know your weapon you are holding, do you want to keep it? Or would you prefer me making it so you will never be able to have it ever again?"]
By the tone of her voice, Anna meant it. She had her ways...
Solomon looked towards Aelra, his voice suddenly becoming serious, [b "Don't think she won't do it girly, she's done it before...I've watched her take even a Demon Lord's most prized weapon and make it so he could never have it ever again."]
Anna turned her eyes back to Erin, [#8b4513 "I expect to see you in my office tomorrow...with your demoness. I honestly do not really care what type, as long as you make an appearance. If you don't show...you won't be having very pleasant dreams..."]
Then before he could question her anymore, the woman turned, walking away. Right behind her was Solomon. He glared back, twitching a large ear. However, he kept perfect pace with his caretaker, disappearing.
Akane followed the man out of the event. The fresh air was much welcomed and the lack of humans was relaxing. They reached a car and she stared at it for a moment. This wouldn’t be the first time that she would be getting into one of these contraptions. They transported her along with a few other monsters in the back of a larger vehicle. It was convenient for getting far, yes, but they were odd. They weren’t important for her tribe along with a lot of the other modern technology. To his question she pointed towards the back, crossing her arms as she waited for him to clear the space.

She climbed in once Jota was done. She spread her tail throughout the back of the car, hence why she asked for that instead of the front. It still felt slightly cramp, but at least she was able to make herself comfortable. While they drove, he handed her a file. Though confused, she took it and opened it. She didn’t know why he was being nice or letting her read something that she probably shouldn’t be allowed to. She stared at him for a couple of moments, wondering if she could get some sort of vibe off of him; if there were ulterior motives. There was nothing, though, so her eyes dropped down to the file.

Reading it on the way to wherever it was this human lived, it turned out that there was not a lot of info in the file. Basic details and the like, along with the mug shot of her. Simple, little details about her species and even less on her culture. She closed the file and tossed it into the front seat once Jota said that they arrived. After climbing out of the car she noticed how he held onto the car to keep himself up and frowned in confusion. Was he alright? Did something happen that she didn’t notice? She shrugged it off. Maybe he drank alcohol or was dead tired. Humans were weak or fragile to many things.

He only seemed to add odder as they entered his place, which looked clean and orderly compared to the inside of his car. Someone else clean the place? But back to the human. He talked as if all feeling just drained out of him and was on auto-mode. Akane didn’t know what to do or what this sudden change could mean. She immediately became on the defensive even as he left.

Not knowing what else to do, she quietly disappeared into the room that was pointed out to her. A simple room with a decent sized bed. There was technically wrong with it, but it was foreign. Not what the woman was used to. She killed the smoke coming from the pipe and removed all the jewelry and accessories off of her body. Slithering onto the bed, she tried her best to make herself comfortable. She rearranged the blankets, pillows, and coiled up on top of the mattress, a strange luxury. She closed her eyes, but was unable to sleep for a very long time.
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