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One comes from Heaven, the other from Hell. Both had outstanding status until they both fell. One to the sin hidden deep within, the other because he didn't want to abide by ANY rules. Both so different and yet so alike, now need to redeem themselves in certain "lights".

Along the way, they have helping guides. Both wanting to help, though on the boss's side. Will the four pass their tests, or will they all fall even shorter?

Every year for thirty years a rose with a velvety blue ribbon was placed outside the old bunkhouse. And every night, those who lived around the area could swear that they heard the bitter-sweet song of a cello playing. Those who grew up with seeing the roses and hearing the sadness of the cello in the night often called it the gifts and song of the silent, yet lonely guardian. A guardian who longed for his 'sleeping beauty'.

For thirty years the roses and the cello's song were always seen and heard near the bunker. That was until one night it all stopped. Being curious, three young adults in their early to mid-twenties decided to investigate. And what they found surprised them. For in the moon's light, there stood the "fabled sleeping beauty" and her silent guardian.

The man turned to them and kept the young woman in his arms as she still seemed rather groggy and confused with where she was. With even who she was. "I ask that you don't tell anyone that you saw us... at least not yet." Came quiet silky words. "In time you'll understand why" And with those words, the two were gone into the night.

A year later, the same young adults who had first discovered the man and woman leaving the bunker each got a letter from an unknown sender. Each was invited to a secret base and told they would now know the truth of what they had seen. What they didn't know, was they would become the next generation in the fight against the chiropterans or rather vampire/horror movie monster kind of creatures.

Saya's nieces are in a war with one another. The same that she and Diva had been in and must be stopped before they destroy man kind and chiropteran kind alike.

Will the group be able to FINALLY stop the age old battle of the queens? Or will this be their last Harrah and everything as they know it be complete destroyed and gone forever?

She was from the rich side of town, popular and perfect in every way. She had everything she could ever want. Perfect grades, perfect friends, a big house, and lots of money.. and yet it wasn't enough. It was like something was missing, but she couldn't put her finger on it. And as the days passed she began to feel emptier and emptier.

She's a girl from the poorer side of town. Her family doesn't have much money and all luxuries that the "rich" did and most the time she had to do what she had to do to survive. Most times she did things not even she was proud of, but learned to think of it as a game. She works as a stripper under a fake ID card to help make ends meet.

What happens when the girls end up somehow in the same place at the same time? Do they judge based on stereotypes or do they throw all care to the air and try to be friends, maybe more?

When you sleep, the common notion is that you have dreams right? Most people don't remember them though in their waking moments. Or they may only remember bits and pieces that seem to fit together as if they are like the pieces of a puzzle.

Well that has never been the case for Muse A. They have been doomed to remembering their dreams even in their waking moments. It's always been as if their dreams somehow become their reality and they can't truly wake until they reach the end of the dream.

Muse B is what would be called a dream-walker. They are capable of "walking into" anothers dream. Sometimes they enjoy the dreams and taking part in the stories that unfold. But more than that, Muse B is a guardian and helps make sure that a person makes it to a safe placw in the dreams before they wake.

In the "real" world, Muse A and Muse B HATE the other and are always at odds. Or that is how it seems. Everything the other does seems to get under the others skin.

So what happens when Muse A finds themself locked in the world between dreams and reality and begins to drown ever deeper? And what happens when Muse B stumbles unwittingly into Muse A's dream and must play the role of guardian and make sure that they BOTH get back to the real world?

Will they finally be able to put their differences aside and listen to one another? Or will they be too damn stubborn and let the dream world overtake them and be thrown into a never ending "time loop"?

[b Sera]


[#f4462f Voice] #f4462f
Name: Seraphina Marie Mackenzie
Nickname(s):Sera, Ari, Kenzie, Phina, Kenna
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Personality: It really depends on who she is with and the situation she is in. 
House : Was Slytherin
Favourite Class(es): Defense Against the Dark Arts & Transfiguration
Least Favourite Class(es): Potions
Extra(s): 1) She is an animagus and shifts into a snow white wolf
2) She is in a sense a double agent...helps lure students but keeps Dumbledore informed
3) She loves her cat more than most humans and has had him for years. His name is Simba but she lovingly changed his name to Mouse.
4) Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts for the year because the old one quit, believing that the position is/will be cursed and they value their life too much to have it ended by mysterious circumstances.

picture link:

[b Pet]

[b Alfie]


Name: Alfred James Draxler, 
Nickname(s): Al, Alfie, James, Jamie, AJ, Drax, Alf
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Personality: Snarky, Loyal, Sweet (when he feels like it or likes someone), Overly depends
House: Ravenclaw
Favourite Class(es): Potions, History of Magic & Defense Against the Dark Arts
Least Favourite Class(es): Herbology & Ancient Ruins
Extra(s): 1) Can seem like a "badboy" but is a real cinnabun to those he cares about 
2) Family are "Death Eaters" but he wants no part in it.
3) He has a love for wolves and even has a husky puppy named Axel.

picture link:

[b Pet]

_____________ took his own life because he thought he was nothing but a burden to friends and family. Nothing but a hinderance to the woman he had loved so very much. It was like everything he did he was a complete fuck-up and left messes behind for the others in his life to clean up. So what would be better than removing the problem? They wouldn't care or miss him when he was gone.

Isabella had always loved ______________. She fell from the day that the two of them had met in college. They both had been in acting classes together. It took a few years but they both graduated and decided to try their hand at a life in Hollywood and to make it in the "land of stars".

Isabella and __________ did manage to get lucky as they had a mutual friend from back in college who had already made it big and decided to give them their big break. After getting help from their friend, Izzy and ___________ began to star in tv series and movies. It was just _____________ began to become consumed by the life of stars. The parties, the drugs, and just what people would call "The Dark Side of Hollywood". Isabella tried to help him. Tried to remind him of what they had had but he was too far gone and his actions kept getting riskier and riskier so she and his family kept having to cover for him and clean things up.

It was only after ___________ took his life and she was trying to pack his things away did Isabella come across a video that explained the reasons he had taken his life. All the demons that he had faced but didn't want to burden her with or the others who he loved. Seeing him again and hearing the pain in his words broke the young woman.

Five years later, Isabella was on the set of a movie when they brought in a scientist who claimed he had been able to perfect time travel. The producers thought he was only auditioning for the role of the mad scientist, but Izzy knew better. So she got the man alone and asked him about it. Even promised to test it and pay him for the work he had done since she had more money than she knew what to do with. More than that, she told Walter that she NEEDED to go back. She needed to try and save _____________ because the last five years without him had been hell and she had been living half alive. 

Walter agreed to help Isabella but he told her he could only give her one week to try and save the love she had lost. He also warned that what was changed in the past could affect the future. But the man held no judgements as he would have done the same to see his late wife Adalynn again. 

So, Isabella is sent back and to the night she and ___________ had been at their first big party. The night she had noticed him first start to change. And the two dance and spend the night talking, her keeping him away from the drinks and the drugs he had been offered the first time around. And she keeps him thinking about a future instead. What he wants out of life. 

So one night down, but six to go.But is a week really enough? Can Isabella save _____________? Or will history repeat and he will again go down the same road as he had before?

Never know unless you join The Do Over.

[size10 [b Inspired by my Elmo's Gone Too Soon. So credit goes to her]]

Muse A and Jessica had been together for about a year and were about to be married. Jessica had their son/daughter but she died in childbirth. And Muse A had to be convinced by their friends Kevin and Abby to keep the baby and because he or she needs him. Jessica would WANT him to because she loved them both so much.

A year down the line he doesn't even know why he does but goes to the bar that Jessica used to work at. And when he does Muse A comes across a young woman nearly three years younger than Jessica had been but is VERY similar. Jessie's younger half sister that she didn't even know she had had.

At first Krystal is kind of like a replacement...a comfort for Jessica's being gone. But in time Muse A gets to know and love her for her. Krystal even loves his son/daughter. 

Krystal loves Muse A and has since they met. Or shortly after they had. She realises he is a broken man and needs a friend and she tries to be that for him. The young woman of twenty-four knows she is Jesscia's replacement and that fact kills her, but what can she do? 

Will Krystal and Muse A get a chance at a life together with Muse A's son/daughter? Or will they both forever be haunted by Jessica... Muse A by the life that he could have had and Krys knowing she is a replacement for a love that had been lost?

Never know unless you join Ghost of You.

Picture: [pic]

Puppetmaster: -Tifa_Lockheart-

Name: Clifford Barnabas Burton

Nickname(s): Cliff, C, Burt, Barnabas, Ford, BB, B or anything else y'all want to call him

Age: 27

Personality: Kind, Helpful, Mildly Smartassy, Loyal, Depends on whom he is around

Bio: Clifford grew up with a single mother and was the oldest of three children. When he was seventeen, he got his GED and went into the police force and began training. He wasn't allowed to fully join until turning eighteen. The man spent the last nine years with the force and blames himself everyday for his mother's and little sisters' deaths as he had been out on a call the night they were attacked by the zombies. Now he hates the "undead" or "living dead" and wants to kill every single one of them to get revenge for his family and the hopes that others don't have to go through what he did.

[b ~~~~☆☆☆☆~~~~☆☆☆☆~~~~]


Puppetmaster: -Tifa_Lockheart-

Name: Erica Haven Warren

Nickname(s): E, Aria, Ren/ Rin, Rica, Heaven, more to be added if she gains any

Age: 23

Personality: Blunt, Sassy, Sweetheart, Loyal, Get to know her and she'll show you who she is.

Bio: Erica was adopted by her older sister when she was seven. Her mother and father both died in a drunken car accident which led to her older half sister Vanessa taking her in. V had always been fond of Erica and the two had always been close. The only difference now was that Erica was a complete mess and had become mute since the death of her parents and V had to take her in and become like a mother to her. A couple years passed easily before Vanessa could get Erica to open up again and the two got to being close and like best friends again.

It was Vanessa who pointed out to Erica that she loved children and helped her get into teaching programs. By the time she was twenty-one, Erica had managed to become a kindergarden teacher and she absolutely adored her students and in a sense thought of them like her own children.

It was when she went home one night did she find the house literally looking as if a tornado had hit and she found her older sister on the floor dead in her own blood with a gun laying beside her. There had been a note that read 'They got me. Save yourself while you can. RUN! RUN AND NEVER LOOK BACK!' So that's what she did. And now, she looks for other survivors and wants to kill as many of the zombies as she can before they get her.

[b A Sample Post]

Would the nightmares ever go away? The shadows and ghosts of those they had once known ever seem to fade? Not that she really wanted for them to go, but it was just hard to think of everyone who had died the year before. So many were their age and had been friends, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers...they had had families that now everyday had to deal with the fact that they were gone. The world was moving on. Time was. But the girl of now eighteen couldn't shake the regret she felt.

Brown eyes looked out to the castle in the distance and the grounds that had very much once been home. Still the same in some regard, but very much different with the rebuilding that had been taking place since Voldemort's last stand. The only reason that she, Ron, and Harry had come back was that they had been invited back for a ceremony that would pay tribute to all those brave souls who had both faught and died so that the world they lived in would be free from an ever looming evil.

A hand slowly brushed brown hair back from her face as she was still thinking of everything that had led up to this very moment. They were seen as heroes and saviours of the Wizarding World and yet there were times when one Hermione Granger felt that more harm had come than good. Not that she could ever voice those thoughts. Of the trio, she had to stay the most "sane" and in a sense remain the voice of reason. Sometimes she truly hated that fact, but it had been her role or the role that she had claimed since they were eleven and since everything the year before, Hermione knew more now than ever she needed to stay in that role.

As her mind continued to ever race, both she and Ron were led away from the public. And she had to admit she was very curious what "The Boy Who Lived" seemed to be so excited about. It had been quite some time since she had seen the light in those green eyes that now happened to shine. But the moment that the words left Harry's lips, Hermione felt her heart all but fall into the pit of her stomach.

Brown eyes remained locked upon the slightly younger male as she could still see and feel the excitement radiating from him. And for a couple moments, the brown haired girl was silent as she was trying her best to figure out how to word what she wanted to say. Finally though, Hermione sighed as she had the feeling that anything she had to say could and most likely would be taken the wrong way.

[b "Harry, I think I understand what you are getting at here. And I admire your courage and want to check into such a thing. But I also have to point out how careless this would be. Impulsive even. Time travel is something VERY tricky and one false move made and we could alter the timeline... I would have thought our third year and my time turner would have taught you that. So I am asking you to REALLY think this through before doing anything rash."]

There, Hermione had spoken the thoughts that had been running through her head. Though, deep down she very much agreed with Harry. She WANTED to check into the time traveling claim and even use it if it were true. Though, there was no way she could ever admit that. She was SUPPOSED to be the voice of reason afterall.

Muse A and Muse B were both prisoners in the same prison. One of them had really committed the crime for which they were accused. The other, an innocent who had been wrongly arrested.

The two prisoners were on lock down and NEVER saw anyone nor did they have cellmates. But there was this little crack in the cement wall, more something like a mouse's hole that they shove notes back and forth through. The two were always writing since that was ONE thing they were allowed.

After many months, the pair seemed to establish some kind of a bond. They both were of the mind that they NEEDED to escape the prison and to try and merge back into society and live normal lives again.

Well that was what one of them wanted. The other wanted the thrill of a manhunt and to see how many crimes they could commit before they were caught again. Of course the one wanting this did NOT tell the other. They just let their "friend" think they were on the same page.

So, the pair put their plan into action late one night. IF they got it right, they would not be noticed until the morning.

Muse A and Muse B have a long way to go before they can get back to the city as the facility had been in the middle of nowhere. In that time, secrets come to light. Pasts are revealed and so are plans. Can the "real" criminal convince the "innocent" to join them? Can the "innocent" convince the "real" criminal to change? And what happens when it turns out that they truly had fallen for the other?

Never know unless you join [b The Escaped]

[b Sample 2]

Grey eyes looked out at the clouded morning as rain had been falling all night. Brookelynn had had a terrible night as the night before had been a full moon and she had been confined to her own room. To top that off, the girl was now eleven and would be starting her first year off at Hogwarts and she was BEYOND nervous as she was terrible with people aside from her father and her "cousin" who had lived with them all her life.

The Lupin girl rested her forehead against the glass as she was TRYING to see the old tireswing that both she and her best friend and the girl she considered as her sister had played on when they had been REALLY little. And for just a brief moment as the swing came into view, Anna could see the ghosts of two little girls giggling and chasing the other around the swing. But as quickly as she had seen the flash, it was gone and a sad sigh slipped from her.

The old coocoo clock on the wall of her room popped out and all but screeched at her, making the young girl jump. When she turned to look at the time, bottom lip was dragged beneathe top teeth. The old clock read seven-thiry and she had been told by her father after they both had returned to their normal selves that she would be the one to get the other girl.

With a soft sigh, Brooke slipped out of her room and across the hallway before she quietly opened the door of the other girl's room. A faint smile slipped to her lips as she could see the lump beneathe the blankets still there and  slowly she tiptoed to the bed and giggled as she all but tugged the comforter down. [#f316da "Dad says it's time to get up! We have to still eat and then get to the train!"] God she really didn't feel as chipper as she was acting. Anna truly felt so tired and scared but she didn't need to bring her "cousin" down too. That was the ONE thing she never wanted to do. She loved the other girl like a sister and knew that life had been hard on her. Both girls knew they weren't really cousins or sisters...and they knew that to some degree the other girl was an orphan and had been taken in too. But that had never stopped them and the bond they seemed to develop over the years.

[#f316da "Tag! You're it! Better catch me before I make it to the table or dishes are on you!"] Again she was TRYING to seem as if she were in good spirits. Well that and she knew a challenge was always welcome. Without much more of a warning, Brooke all but scampered out of the room and down the hallway as quick as her aching bones would let her. All she could do now was hope the other would one wake up and two take her up on the game she had offered up. She REALLY wanted for things to seem like old times one last time as she had a feeling deep down that everything was about to change and not for the better either.

[b Sample 3]


Awkward, that was DEFINITELY the only way that Seraphina could describe her encounter with the young man she had quite literally bumped into. From just those first few moments, the young woman could tell that he seemed to very cold, almost like ice and yet, yet he seemed to be composed as well. Because of the mix of ice and composure that the male displayed, in the young woman's mind it was almost like he happened to be hiding something. But those thoughts were quickly pushed from her mind as he had answered her questions that she had asked. The questions that she had almost forgotten she had asked.

[#f4462f "I would assume you know these halls just as well as I do...I mean you wouldn't have chosen this path if not..."] Her words were soft and JUST barely uttered before the platinum blonde male, a new professor from what she guessed began on his way again.

For just a moment, Sera did allow herself to stay where she had been standing and just stare after him. It was a shame he seemed so closed off. He was attractive to say the least and being close to her age (or rather she assumed that he was) it would have been nice to have a friend. Well...someone she could maybe talk to who would understand her. And those thoughts right there had the professor of nineteen flinch. Given her task, the young woman had no time for friends...or rather it was better not to try and make them. If she did, then she would be putting more people in danger.

With a shake of her head, the blonde began to rush after the male. [#f4462f "By the way... I'm Seraphina..
Well I prefer to be called Sera..."] She said as she managed to fall into step beside the him. It couldn't hurt to introduce herself, right? Or that was what she told herself.



A hand had absently been petting his pup when he heard the soft and awkward words of the girl whom seemed to find her way to his lonely compartment. For a moment, Alfred found that for lack of better words, cat had somehow "gotten ahold of his tongue" and he struggled to speak (which was so unlike him). She was a pretty little thing, even he could not deny that as his eyes seemed to trail over the girl who had spoken to him.

[b "You might as well join me. Usually others have a hard time when they want to sit with me. Supposedly I give off an air of intimidation. Or that's what they claim. So having a companion for this year's train ride would be nice."] The words slipped easily from thin pink lips and sounded much more confident than the young man felt. But it was what it was and he needed something or rather someone that could possibly make him forgot all that he had been told the night before.

And after his spoken words, Alfred did take piercing blue gaze from the girl and allowed it to fall to the window once again which was looking into the platform. [b "Still quite a few others just getting here. You think more would take to heart when the train leaves rather than to have to rush in the last moments just to get a seat and not miss it."] The boy of seventeen glanced to Fallon and he slowly gave a motion of his hand as if to invite her closer to the window so that she may get a look as well and see for herself what he was talking about.

To the male, things seemed a bit awkward and he could very easily assume responsibility for that fact. All the Draxler boy could do was hope a rhythm would be found and that the train ride would not be an awkward one the whole way through. And if it was, well than it would be his fault.

[b Sample 4]

Hermione was completely silent as she sat with both Harry and Ron on the lean couch in the crowded living room. Brown eyes were taking in the old and shabby furniture that looked as if had been hardly used and the portraits that hung on the walls. She was trying to picture the house in its hayday when it must have been a home and not more of...a hideout? Given the state of the house now, that was exceedingly hard for the young woman to do.

But her thoughts were cut off when Gringal emerged from the kitchen with the tray of mix-matched tea cups and an almost ill balanced kettle. She stood to help the man as Harry all but pounced, telling the man how they had heard of his time travel ventures. And inwardly Hermione groaned as she wished Harry was a little bit more tactful and had not let his emotions overtake him. However, Harry was Harry and when he was passionate about something hardly any thought was put in. Sometimes, Hermione wished she would remember that fact about her friend.

Once she set the tray down, the brunette once more took her seat as she listened to what Gringal told them. So if they did this they would have NO way back and would have to live in the time wherever they ended up. It appeared they would also have to be exceedingly careful of what they changed as well. 

[b "Time is a very sticky subject. Meddling in the past can alter the present as we know it...and it can change the future. I do very much understand where you are coming from Mr. Gringal...but this time I do have to agree with Harry.. So, so many people have died that could have lived full lives. Most of us have lost so much to this war. I am sure you would want a chance at the happiness that was taken from you.."] Her words were soft as she spoke to the older wizard. And then she did turn to Ron too. [b "I know you lost your brother...and in him being lost yourself too Ron. I miss you and I need you back..."] God she hated what she had just said, but he needed to know she couldn't keep living the lie that she had been TRYING to keep up for the last year or so.

Gringal was sitting across from the three and listening to their words intently. The man so very much looked like he wanted to interject. He looked as if he wanted to deny their request and side with Ron. But after hearing what both Harry and Hermione had to say, his features softened and he did let out a sigh.

[i "You're both determined to do this, aren't you? And I can see my words won't be able to sway you.."] His next words were hesitant as he went on. [i "Against my better judgement, I will help you. But you must be exceedingly careful. Only change what is absoulutely necessary."] With those words, Gringal stood and made motion for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to follow him down the hallway and stopped before a barren wall. With a wave of the older man's hand, a hidden door did appear and he opened it, motioning the three inside.

Once they had entered, the door closed behind them and was gone. [i "You must be absolutely certain...Is this what you really want?"] Came quiet words as he went to an object that very much looked like one of the mix-matched tea cups he had used for the tea that he had served.

Brown eyes went between the two young men at her side. Ron still looked more than apprehensive of the adventure they were about to undertake. Harry on the otherhand looked determined. She always hated when the two were on such opposite sides and she seemingly had to choose. A sigh did slip from the young woman and she nodded. [b "We've got to know...and we never will if we don't try, sir..."] Came her soft reply after many moments of silence.
-Tifa_Lockhart-     17d ago

[b Sample 5]

The redheaded boy groaned loudly as the blankets were all but ripped from him. And before he could even reach to try and grip them again and pull them back up, his mother was scolding him for oversleeping. It was true that she had told him and the others to get to bed early because they had A LONG way to travel into London in the morning, but Fred being well Fred had not bothered to take her seriously. And from the groaning on the other side of the room, neither had his twin brother, George. Actually, the two boys had spent the ENTIRE night trying to come up with new tricks and pranks they would be able to pull over the course of the school year. And for that reason, had lost track of time.

"FRED DO NOT MAKE ME TELL YOU TO GET UP AGAIN! IF I HAVE TO, THEN I WILL FEED YOUR BREAKFAST TO THE GARDEN GNOMES!" His mother, Molly Weasley all but shouted to make sure that the boy of thirteen got her point and would have his arse up.

[b "Okay...okay... geese mum, no need to have a cow..."] The boy mumbled, still being quite tired. A look was shot his way, but by now he couldn't be bothered as he was ALWAYS getting an earful for something or another. And when their mother was gone, Fred looked to George who nodded and the pair of them were both up and getting dressed and throwing last minute things into their trunks that they had overlooked. And if they didn't get everything, then it really was no big deal as they knew they could always have it sent to them.

Minutes later, the twins were hauling their trunks down the stairs and into the kitchen where their snooty older brother who wouldn't shut up about how he had become a school Prefect was sitting at the table already and talking about everything he hoped to do. The main thing being keeping Fred and George out of trouble and from destroying their family name. Fred could only roll his eyes as he heard Percy and took his own seat with George at his side. [b "Gotta learn to lighten up Perce. Gonna go grey and become an old man before your time if you keep going the way you are."] Both George and Ginney snickered as did Ron as their youngest siblings came in and took their seats. 

"I wouldn't have to take things so seriously if you and George would just behave. Hopefully Ron will have more sense than the pair of you." Percy muttered with a roll of his eyes. And Fred only shrugged before shoving a bite of eggs into his mouth. He was already bored of their older brother and the retorts and couldn't WAIT to get back to school and all the mischief that he, George, and their bestfriend Lee always got into. What could he say? He loved the thrill and the idea of all the trouble they could get into.

A few hours later, he and his three brothers were all but hustling after their mother and father through the crowded train station that was King's Cross AND their way of getting to Hogwarts. Molly was going on and on about something or another. But that was when she stopped before the barrier and turned to Fred and George specifically. "And I don't want any owls saying that the two of you have exploded any toilet seats!" The woman snapped at them, trying to get her point across. Fred and George both only snickered at her. But before they could retort, a boy with messy black hair had come up to them because apparently he had heard something their mother had said that they didn't and was asking how to get through the barrier. Their mother told the boy, but decided that it would be a good idea to send Percy and the twins through first just to show the boy.

Fred and George did as they were told and waited for the others to join them before continuing through the now crowded wizarding side of the platform. And it was after he and George had wandered off did his eyes fall on a pretty new girl that seemed like a first year from how her mother hovered and was like a mother hen. She also had a lot of brothers from what the Weasley boy could see and when she caught his eyes, the brown eyed thirteen-year-old gave her a wink before he slipped back off with his twin, who had caught the wink and by now was daring him to find the girl again and talk to her when on the train. Because it was something new and exciting and he  NEVER backed down from a dare, Fred accepted the challenge.

By the time they were on the train minutes later and had found Lee, Fred was already looking for the girl he had seen. The boy wanted to get the dare over with, but he was also a bit curious of why he had never seen her before.


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