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The Rainbow Factory

By Belmont

Replies: 212 / 5 years ago

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In the Rainbow Factory...where your fears and horrors come true...in the Rainbow Factory, where not a single soul gets through... a roleplay for Jassy and I.
"Hehehe...welcome home...you psychotic bitch..." she said, her voice distorted.
Rainbow watched the disfigure come out, and Rainbow eyes got huge, and then she just watched her carefully.
A disfigured looking version of herself came out of the open grave, her face and body stitched back together in multiple places.
Rainbow felt the ground shake, and then the ground crack, as she looked down at the grave, slowly backing up.
The ground shook and the gravestone shattered, a single hoof poked out of the ground.
Rainbow stared at the plaque, not really knowing how to feel at the moment.
As she went through the town, she found a gravestone bearing her name.
Rainbow watched the pony for a minute, and then shook her head, as she left the hospital. Going back to trying to find her daughter.
The headpiece got stuck in a wall, and it struggled to get free.
Rainbow watched the pony, and shook her head, as she stepped out of the way, as the pony went and hit something else.
The pony rushed at her, ready to crush her. He grunted loudly and almost crashed into her.
Rainbow watched the pony in front of her, watching her, curious about her.
The blade lifted and was swung at her with great speed, then she ducked.
Rainbow watched as her head came off, as Rainbow smirked, as the blood splattered all over Rainbow's body.
A massive blade slammed in front of her, cleaving the Head Nurse in half.