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Compareing Scars (1x1 need guy!)

By torinchan

Replies: 4 / 11 years ago

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Lulu is a 17 year old girl, falling to peices when the already hectic and tattered patches of her life start falling to pieces more than usual. Consumed with an uncontainable deppression, her clueless mother has no idea. New scar's appearing where ever she gets a knife too, she cant kill herself, knowing all too well the type of pain and torments such a selfish act can cause. But, she cant live like she has been anymore. After a failed suicide attempt her mother sends her to a house for improving mental health in teenagers. Lulu is to live in this house until every scar on her body is healed, where they can watch her, help her, and maybe fix her. As she arrives she doesnt speak to anyone. Keeping to herself, until another boy in the home, comes to her room in the middle of the night to compare scar's and stories. Romance insues.

Semi lit please.
Real pics.
<Errrr did you actually join? Or ask to join, post, then when i didnt respond leave? Cuz i wasnt online. And i'd like to do this rp>
<Yes you may! thank you for joining!>
Lulu stared at the boy in front of her wide eyed. She didnt move, slightly uneasy but the presence of another. She recognized him, she'd seen him around the home before, he had similar restricions on him to her. She'd noticed. Opening her mouth to speak but hesitateing she watched him, till now she had refused to speak to anyone in the place, but she doubted this would go over without at least some sort of interaction. "Um...What are you doing in here?"
the shuffling continues as lulu's room door slowly slides open.lucious slowly walks into the room his feet shifting from side to side as he closes the door behind him.he stands there staring at her though the tint of his hair awating her approval of entrance as she stared blankley with a tilted head

(r can i join...?)
lucious / draco / 11y ago
Lulu shifted the stiff clean sheets crinkling loudly under her she flinched at the obnoxious noise. Her arms throbbed only slightly, pulseing with blood not shed under her skin and she clenched her jaw wishing she had her razor. Clawing at her arm with nub like fingers sense they'd clipped her nails incase she tried to open them with those. A small desperate whimper escaped her and she sighed closeing her eyes she took a deep breath only to choke on the lysol infected air. This place stank like cleaning solution, linolium floors, and madness, lonley, miserable, madness. She shuddered and closed her eyes again refuseing to stare at any of those painfully blank white walls. Holding only sereine pictured of flowers and other such trivial things on them. Lulu paused, hearing a shuffling noise outside her door she sat up in her bed and tilted her head to the side confusedly, lights out was well over three hours ago, all the nurses had turned in by now. What was it?