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Hellsing: The Rogue Agent

By Belmont

Replies: 98 / 5 years ago

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"So what do we have here." Integra asked. "Why do you summon me here. Don't waste my time.
Sir Integra / Mended / 5y ago
Walter opened the door of the car, and helped Integra out of the car.
Walter / Belmont / 5y ago
"Yes sir!" She replied, then prepped her rifle to fire if necessary.
They arrived at there destruction sortly soon after. "Be on alert" she said
Sir Integra / Mended / 5y ago
"Very well Sir..." Walter said, then he went outside.
Walter / Belmont / 5y ago
"Why would he want to do that. Ready up everyone I don't know what there planing but I want everyone ready. Ready the car Walter."
Sir Integra / Mended / 5y ago
"The director of the Vatican agency wishes to meet with you today at sundown." He said in a formal tone.
Walter / Belmont / 5y ago
"What dose it say Walter. Hopefully it good I'm get tried of norm is what going on."
Sir Integra / Mended / 5y ago
Walter entered the room with a paper in hand. "Sir Integra...we have received notification from the Vatican..." he said.
Walter / Belmont / 5y ago
"Very good everyone any to report." Integra asked.
Sir Integra / Mended / 5y ago
Alucard soon after came inside, his glasses barely covering his eyes. "Piece of cake...that vampire was a pathetic little fuck..." he said in an amused voice.
Alucard / Belmont / 5y ago
The younger vampire came in with the phone. "Mission success..." She said quietly, then placed the phone on the desk.
Integra wait for report form both of her agents. 'Hopeful everything has gone as plan for both groups'
Sir Integra / Mended / 5y ago
She smiled and nodded. "Got it." She said quietly, and with that, she slung her rifle over her shoulder, then exited the building, and went to the airport for departure to England.
Ghost turned to leave tossing her a phone. "This is a phone that has a way to get a hold of me. Give it to Sir Integra if you ever need my help again. Been a pleasure princess." With that he left.
Ghost / Mended / 5y ago