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Steamy Skies

By Belmont

Replies: 148 / 5 years ago

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The girl smirked as the knife hit her in the heart. "You really think that will kill me?! Ha! You could never be so wrong as you are right now..." She said harshly.
''Oh Well welcome back.'' She threw a knife. ''The crazy one are always back.''
"I remember you...you thought you killed me years back...but I'm back, bitch..."
''Crap.'' She runs out side and sees the Person. ''Well.''
"All those who oppose the Queen's rule shall be destroyed...Amen..."
Suddenly get up. ''Go to a room. Someone is here.''
Above deck, the crew was firing cannons at the woman with the disfigured looking arm, who was skillfully dodging every one of the cannonballs.
''Oh... Well I will respect that...'' She smiled slightly.
Lu sighed. "I don't like talking about my past...it's very unpleasant..." he said.
Lu Xun / Belmont / 5y ago
She sigh and looked around. What would she do here?
Outside of the Queen's palace, a very deadly and highly skilled individual named Seras Victoria was released from her restraints to search for her prey.
''Why do I not like the tone of your voice?'' She frowned
"I was born in China...but I was raised here in New London..." he said, sounding unpleasant to speak of it.
Lu Xun / Belmont / 5y ago
''Indeed. Born and raised. What about you?'' She nods.
He smiled and nodded. "So, where were you born? Were you born in New England?"
Lu Xun / Belmont / 5y ago