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...The Search Continues...

By EveyFawkes
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I'm willing to roleplay quite a few different things:


Mythology(Greek, mostly)
Supernatural(Depending. Stereotypical were-wolf/vampire is a big no-no.)


The Witcher
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Dragon Age
The League
Star Trek(AOS)
Once Upon A Time
Graceling(Set in this world, anyways)
There are plenty more, just ask and see.


I am really wanting to do a Harry Potter based RP right now. I'm open to either OC's, canons, or a mix of both, it's a universe I'm very familiar with. I love a good BillxHarry or CharliexHarry pairing, but am open to just about everything in this fandom so hit me up!

I'm also very into Dragon Age and The Witcher right now, so an RP for either of those would be super cool, too.


There aren't many. I want you to be able to spell and use grammar correctly. Mistakes happen, just don't make them common. I really want over 1,500 characters a post. If there's less than that, I have a hard time replying. Don't godmod, and don't give me a post where nothing happens so that I end up doing all the work.

PM me or post below!!
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MrAlastorAlastor lengyel   348d ago

I can usually do paragrapfs. Sometimes i might run low on the ideas and resort to only one or two. Its super rare that i do one liners.
userdara     348d ago

I would love to do a literate Harry Potter roleplay! I can easily write a few paragraph responses. I also only use original characters.
skellyfleaskelly   347d ago

i would love to do a hunter x vampire rp with you
SZAMorgan   283d ago

hi im morgan can i rp with yall
Ash_GamingDarcy Black   252d ago

I would love to do a Harry Potter rp with you!
SZAShelby   252d ago

of course i can make one if you'd like!
UNTRUSTEDScott Insight   77d ago

Harry Potter RP? Count me in


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