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The Clockwork Inn

By Belmont

Replies: 148 / 5 years ago

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Come on in and have a few drinks, and rent a room, jobs are open too.

Inn owner: Sakkurai (Belmont)
Security officers: Jason Vickers (Horse_Soldier)

(If you want to have a job, private message me with the position wanted and the character you wish to use.)


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Richter smiled and threw an empty bottle into the air, then smashed it with a flick of the wrist and the chain whip hit it.
-He shook his head- "I don't believe I have. "
jchusky200 / 5y ago
"That is no fun..." Richter commented. "Hey, have you ever seen a man use a whip for a weapon in person?" He asked the cat next to him.
"Not so great...." -He rubbed his head and took another bite
jchusky200 / 5y ago
Richter came down and sat down next to the cat at the bar. "Hey, how's the hangover going?" He asked.
-He cut ingo his steak and took a bite, a smile spreads- "Mmmmmm
jchusky200 / 5y ago
"Thanks, eat up..." she said, then went to clean up the kitchen.
Sakkurai / Belmont / 5y ago
-He jumped abit and sat himself up. He looks down at his breakfast and smiles- "Looks good'
jchusky200 / 5y ago
She set the plate in front of him, and she whistled shrill and loud. "Wake up, breakfast is ready!!!" She shouted.
Sakkurai / Belmont / 5y ago
-He was starting to drift off to sleep again, kept opening and closing his eyes
jchusky200 / 5y ago
She started the eggs after she cooked the medium rare steak, then finished the eggs, scrambled style.
Sakkurai / Belmont / 5y ago
"Sure.." -He replied and yawned, he leaned back in his seat
jchusky200 / 5y ago
She started cooking. "Medium rare on the steak?" She asked.
Sakkurai / Belmont / 5y ago
Hmmmm." -He ponders about it for abit-:"Steak and eggs
jchusky200 / 5y ago