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You cant beat me (Need Guy!)

By torinchan

Replies: 65 / 11 years ago

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Lilith is the new kid in town and has started a new school after being expelled for fighting. again. She is tough strong minded and frankly a bit of a bitch but she knows what she's doing in this world. Fighting her way to the top. She's smart and talented, but she doesnt care about doing things the easy way, she gets in fighte because people challenge her. And she always wins. But what happens when she ens up in a room with a guy who also has a history of fighting? He takes her as a challenge and at the same time as pissing her off forces her to reveal a softer side that she didnt know she had?

No one liners please
Real pic prefered please.
SWEARING-who cares
INVINCIBILITY-not gunna fly
K i think thats about it.
Lilith didnt look at him as she kept walking. She was unhappy at the moment and didnt want to deal wit him. Turning her head once without actually looking at him she spoke "I understand. I dont agree" continueing her pace back towards the school she tried to ignore him she drummed her fingers on her arm in an attempt to ease aggitation. walking faster to leave him bahind she sighed closeing her eyes a bit. (i what did i do to deserve deling with an idiot like this?) she wondered silently as she walked
Jace calmly listened to her opinion as watched as he walked out. (I MAybe she is right.) He followed after her and walked outsiode the club. He caught up to her quickly and began to walk beside her. "Hey listen Lilith. I'm sorry I didn't respect you but it was my battle since you were my guest. As my guest it my responsbilty to stop all that from happening. SO that's why I said what I said. Do you understand?" JAce said as he walked beside her
Jace / Argentum / 11y ago
Actually scroll down i think its your post.
Jace / Argentum / 11y ago
yeah i'm here whos post is it?
<you there dear>
Jace / Argentum / 11y ago
< its all good i totally understand i've been the same way>
still alive. just been busy. sorry I havnt been able to post. will try and post soon.
Jace / Argentum / 11y ago
Lilith narrowed her eyes at his accusations and digs at her. "I SAID i didnt wish to fight for sport, that (i Jace) was not for sport. I am (i hardly) innocent and you know this, Not only that, it was MY FIGHT i'm not your responsibility, I did not wish to fight no. But it angers me more to have someone attempt to fight MY BATTLES. They were troubleing me. Not you, They were My problems Not yours got that? You've no right to interefere in MY buisness" She snapped at him eyes narrowed "I dont expect you to be afraid of me but a little respect would be helpfull, not acting like a self ritious dip shit" she snarled and turned on her heal heading for the door. (i flip flopping around? Oh, right, so i was supposed to just let the guy hit me? fuck that, fuck him what does he know?) she raved in her mind as she walked out of the club noddeing to the bouncer on the way out the door.
(I What? How dare she say that. I didn't mind her fighting and was going to ignore her little change of heart.)"I'm afraid I did. You said you didn't want to fight so it was my right to make sure that wish was kept." He said as his grin faded. "I'm a pretty easy going and laidback kind of guy Lilith but some things do annoy me. One is a bunch of idiots picking on a innocent girl. Second is someone who is a flip flopping around. Don't say you don't want to fight then dislocate a drunk man's shoulder which by the way was uncalled for since you could have just dodged. I didn't mind you fighting but once you start picking on me for interferring, your in the wrong." JAce said as he looked at her. "Don't think because your a good fighter that you everyone will be afraid of you and do what you say." He said with a frown.
Jace / Argentum / 11y ago
The group watched her intently for a moment as a couple helped move the first offender out of the way. She waited eyes sharp and on all of them she hadnt been hopeing for a fight tonight but she wasnt about to let someone else take care of her. she relaxed and closed her eyes for half a second before waveing a hand about as if to swat a fly "Come on, if your going to fight me fight me if not dont stand there and stare, its boreing" she snapped and most of them looked around before subtly walking off she sighed and leaned back against the wall again unphazed and turned to jace. "You had no right to step in" she said with narrowed eyes.
"Of course not." Jace replied to her with a smile. He took a step back. As she challenged the men, his msile grew wider. (I A good fight I see. I already had my fight today. Guess it's her turn.) He silently watched as shequickly dispatched the man that had attacked her. (I She is good. Let's see how the other's react.)
Jace / Argentum / 11y ago
Lilith raised an eyebrow as jace interupted, she supposed she should feel flatered, or some sort of gratitude or somthing along those lines. Bu instead she was simply annoyed at the inturuption, she could take care of herself and the others who arrived only pissed her off more. (i well it is a fight club their all hungery for a fight) she thought and stepped in front of jace shooting him a cold glare. "I do NOT need your help." she clarified harshly and turned to face the two who had approached her. "You both stink like booze, your stupid, espeacially to attempt and fight in a drunken state when your cant accurately calculate your movements. I will not be going with you no, but if you want to fight someone leave this idiot out of it. and fight me." she said calmly eyes closed even not bothering to focus on anything but her words and keeping her temper. With her eyes still closed one of the men raised his hand to slap her. Without opening her eyes she held up her arm and stopped his frivilous attack before opening her eyes to give a heart stopping glare. "If your going to hit someone, wear less noisy clothing, and, well, not much you can do about the smell" she said stepping back and shedding her hoodie slim tones arms that didnt look like she could do anyt dmage at all she shifted int a calm stance and glared at those surrounding. "Your choice." she told them and smirked slightly at the man who's slap she'd blocked. Angery he growled and held up a fist before punching at her head once, with a small almost nonexisten movement her upper body slid over about 5 inches and her feet followed smoothly slideing over the floor, she spun picking up speed and her left arm bared his extended wrist and her right arm swung with her momentum and open palmed crashed into the mans elbow. A loud pop was heard and the man shouted stummbling backwords holding his arm tenderly grunting he looked around "Fuck she broke my arm!?" Lilith rolled her eyes "You dont do this much do you, its dislocated, have someon set it back in its socket, be glad its not your shoulder" she said calmly and sighed.
Jace was watched as the Dragon was dragged away. (I I huess that was it for the competition.) He turned around and looked for Lilith. He spotted her and noticed the two drunk men behind her. (I Oh hell no) He quickly jumped out of the arena and quickly went through the crowd. He grabbed the man's wrist and squeezed only using a small portion of his strength. "I think the lady want's to be left alone." He said with a cold stare at the man as he removed the mans hand from her shoulde before letting go. The man backed away grabbing his wrist. "Get im" He mumbled. All of a sudden they were surrounded by 10 guys. (I Hmm a better fight.)
Jace / Argentum / 11y ago
Lilith made her way across the wall finding a spot where the fights were clearly visible but she also had her back to the wall in a defensive position she folded her arms and relaxed calmly narrowing her eyes at the fight accuratly calculateing the movements made my each. Whilst the dragon was in-numerously stupid he was strong had any of thos shots landed jace would probably have been in trouble. But she didnt know how well he could take a hit it was possible he couldnt at all or it was possible he was really tough. she didnt know, but when it came down to it the fight was fast, and boring. She sighed and closed her eyes as they woke the dragon and moved him from the area to get cleaned up. drumming her fingers on her elbow her eyes scanned the size and movements of the other fighters even when not fighteing. the way they walked told her enough as is. Looking up as a couple of guys approached her holding an unlabled drink, beer most likely she turned her attention back to the starting fight and ignored them as they spoke at her, she had no interest in what they were saying. Until one touched her shoulder and she looked up at the idiot trying to be smooth. "So what do you say? Want to come out with us?" Lilith narrowed her eyes harshly and she surpressed a growl.