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Hidden Sanctuary.

By Reflections

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  1. [Allowed] -Serenity-

[size20 [#ff0000 A note before you start on this somewhat long read. This idea doesn't nessesarily come with a plot. This is simply the scenario that my mind came up with and when i tried to think of a plot, my mind went blank. So this will be plot collaborative. If you are still intrested, you're in for a moderately long read, if not then thanks for giving it a shot.]]


[b They had said that technology would be the advancement of the human race, and that it could and would lead to many great things. Even if they said that, was it really inevitable that everything became like this? Technology runs almost all of main society today: driving you to work, picking out your clothes for you, maintaining your lawn and house, yet it is at your service with just a simple verbal command. Society looks perfect, empire in appearance. It felt as if the only place society could go from there, was up. Everything seemed to be figured out, and there was complete order. At least, that is how it looks on the inside of the walls.

The walls protected the ‘utopian’ city from anything on the outside that could possible ruin the very delicate balance they held. The walls went up for miles upon miles so nothing could possibly make its way in without being noticed, and either forced to stay outside the walls, or exterminated. There was one thing that the city couldn’t get rid of completely, and that was [#ff0000 ‘sin.’]]

[#ff0000 The greed and curiousity that causes normal people in society to question the strict rule held over them and why there are so many rules and regulations that prevent them from having a different freedom than what they had. So when they did question the force of society, immediately they were called corrupt and sent outside the walls and into the danger with the ‘freedom’ they craved enough to question the rules for. So they were thrown in, with only a backpack they had to pack quickly and was sent into a dog eat dog world. No one knew what was outside the walls, no one ever told them, and they were taught never to question it. Before they would leave the walls though, they would be given one last thing to eat from the walls, a last ‘meal’ of sorts. It was more of a big joke than anything. They were forced to swallow an ‘asprin’ “to fight off the headache they would get when their head would be beat into the ground once they were outside the walls.” That was the exact line they were told.]


[#0066ff It was evident if you made it past the first day or two that the outside of the walls was a totally different world. Unlike what most people assumed, outside the walls was an expansion of the town inside the walls except there was one thing. If you didn’t have anyone to rely on, you were easy picking. They had a very chaotic way of running the town. The law enforcement was rough, and they couldn’t catch all the crime and could be bribed depending on how big of a group did the bribe, there were no chain stores or restaurants every place was family owned and was run independently, drug dealers were big and usually dealed with more than just drugs, often they also dealt with whores who roamed around the streets, any new way to use the people that lay low to get money and raise them to a higher rank in the city, and gangs ran the town.]

[#9966ff Depending on where you were in the town, different gangs ran the area. It was the largest gang that ran the area they tried to keep their standing from various rival gangs. The technology in the outer town was way less advanced than it was inside the walls. They had to do almost everything by hand, nothing was done for them, and had to do everything the hard way; at least that was from the perspective of someone who just came from inside the wall. (so just about technology in our age/2015)]

[#009900 Not to mention everyone outside the walls, had some sort of supernatural strength and physical defect. Painted on the wall was a quote that seemed to haunt the large city. “If you are going to act like demons, may you live and look like them.” People had horns, tails, their eye colors weren’t natural, slitted pupils, anything you could think of, it was on at least one person outside the city. Everyone knew how this happened to them too, it was very obvious. The pill that you were forced to swallow was the cause of it all. Even with the physical boosts you got from the pill, it only seemed to make any sort of power feud that much harder. ]


[size20 This is where it ends off, now for rules I require you read like with every thread]

[b Rules/guidlines]

0. This will contain Mature themes like blood, violence, and so on. Does it mean it will be all the time, no, but there are mature themes. Be warned

[b 1. EliteSkills Rules apply always!]

[b 2. Send me a Skeleton of your character and a sample post through PM please.]

3. Semi-lit please (I am not perfect myself), and at least 1500 characters per post.

4. Have a unique character, no god modding or mary-sues and Gary-sues.

5. Illustrated/Anime pictures please.
(note: My character will be male, you can choose your gender but mine is male.)

6. This is a collaborative plot, don't be afraid to add plot twists and minor characters.

[b [u 7. I am not posting every day. I have a job, school coming up, and other plans. Please understand that.]]


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-Serenity-Zander   5y ago

[size12 Zander started to black out again. His vision went foggy, like he was looking through dirty glass. All he saw were shapes and colorful blobs moving around. There was sound but it seemed more muffled, like he had something covering his ears. He heard the other man tell him to save his strength, so he did. He heaved a deep sigh, closed his eyes and let his body go still. It was a fight to relax with the chaos but he somehow managed.]

[size12 After a few moments, he was feeling better. He opened his eyes and the fog was mostly gone. He was able to see the man crouched over him, body poised to shoot. His hearing came back in stages. Another couple of moments and Zander was able to hear just fine. There was gunfire and screaming. It was damn near an all out war. Thankfully, he wasn’t ready to jump out of his skin from fear. Zander seemed unusually calm.]

[size12 Zander began to move, testing just how weak his body was. His best bet of testing his strength was moving his wings or tail. His wings were shot but his tail, that he could move. His head was luckily up enough, thanks to his massive horns, to be able to glance down his body. He watched as he moved his tail. Moving it hurt like hell due to the bullet holes in it but he fought past it. One of the enemy guys tried to sneak up for an attack. Zander with his quick thinking waited till the man was close enough. Once he was, Zander moved his tail fast enough to be a near blur. The large spike at the end of it went through the man’s chest near the heart. Blood came out from the man’s mouth as he gave a coughing grunt from the impact but there was no surviving the blow. The man went limp and Zander tossed him off his tail to land a couple feet away. He winced as his wounds ached but he wasn’t down and out yet.]

[size12 The man spoke of running, making Zander turn his gaze back to the other man.] [b “I think I can manage it.”] [size12 Zander said, a rumbling growl sounding from deep in his chest as he began to push himself upwards so he was sitting up, his tail moving so it was out from under him. His wings laid useless around him.]

[size12 Zander tried to get his wings to work so he could fold them up better. He tried the left wing but he was barely able to move it. He tried the other and immediately regretted the decision. While he was full of adrenaline, he didn’t realize one of his wings got shot. The bullet had somehow managed to hit the first length of bone that was connected to his back. There was either a hole in the bone or the bone was shattered. The wing did move so the bone wasn’t broken but it still hurt like a son of a bitch. Running was going to be a major problem. With his wings practically dangling around he would slower. He was about to curse his body but stopped when he spotted the wraps around the lower parts of his legs. The light went off. He reached down and drew his awkward legs in towards him. He began to untie the wraps. He managed to get one of the wraps off and began working on the other.] [b “I have to tie down my wings so they won’t hinder me! I can’t run with them like this. Damn this body of mine.”] [size12 That last bit was grumbled as he fussed with the wraps.]

[size12 Once the wraps were off, one end of each wrap was tied together and Zander began to pull his wings around him so he could tie them down. He growled as the pain sang up his wings and into his back. He struggled with the task due to the pain. He knew he had to move quickly but he was reluctant to because of the pain. He paused, the pain getting to be too much.] [b [i ‘Dammit! I have to move faster than this! But it hurts too much. Dammit!]] [size12 Zander thought himself, his eyes closed and his face twisted up as he tried to fight off the pain.]
ReflectionsColin   5y ago

Shooting the men like would be difficult to people who don't have the skill of shooting moving targets accurately and effectively. It would take years of skill honing and knowing exactly how each gun works with recoil and shots per minute. Many many years of training was just about accurate. As soon as he could his parents had him training to be a soldier for the city that "helped them so much." He didn't see their logic, but his opinions never mattered in that case anyways.

[i "That's not good enough!" A booming anger caused the young brunette child to cringe. His brown eyes meeting eyes of the same color as he set the pistol on the table in front of him. His father then slammed his hands on the table and then a stinging slap across his cheek. "Listen to me when I talk to you and give you instruction." The young boy sucked in his bottom lip slightly and started to bite the inside of it, not responding to what he said besides a small nod.

"I can't hear the rocks in your head shake," the growl caused the boy to jump again. A small yes sir slipped past his lips and he looked down at his worn down sneakers. "Now i want you to try that again, under 30 seconds like we have been for the past hour, now go!" He didn't have a choice but obey that command. He picked up the pistol and quickly switched out the clips before starting the same practice.]

Colin narrowed his eyes slightly at the memory and glanced down at the other once he caught sight of the slight movements. [#33cccc"Save that energy, you'll need it if we're going to go and get off of here without another hitch."] He said lowly to the other between shots from his pistol. He quickly switched out the clip before shooting a few more times.

His mind was running a million miles per hour as he tried to figure out how to get out of the situation. The longer they stayed on the room, the less time they had for a safe escape and the more likely they will be to encounter more enemies. He had to think of something quick, and the only thing that came to mind was either running, jumping a few stories up, or somehow magnatizing something and catching anything that can be magnatizing. [i 'shit,'] he thought as he stood up and turned around to shoot several targets climbing from other access points. [#33cccc "How do you feel about running?"] He asked the stranger and threw a quick glance back.
-Serenity-Zander   6y ago

[size12 A dream. It was a dream.]

[size12 Smiling faces, laughing and just good times over all. It was peaceful. But this wasn’t just a dream. It was a memory. A memory of the past. A memory that was thought to be forgotten.]

[size12 Zander was looking through his own eyes. He was seeing a room. A room that was once his own. In it was three kids laughing away at something. Then the dream switched.]

[size12 It was a memory of a few years later. It was at a school. The same three kids were older and was still smiling. Laughter broke out as the floor came into view. Zander had tripped and fell. A sense of dread sang through the dream just before it switched again.]

[size12 Years pass by again. But there was nothing happy in it now. The three kids from before were glaring at Zander. Someone slapped him. Hard. He fell off the stool he was sitting on and hit the floor. There was a ringing and then a voice.] [+red [i “To say such things is forbidden! You know this! Speak not of it again!”]] [size12 A hot line of tears burned down his cheeks. His right cheek stinging from the hit. He ran.]

[size12 Zander ran back home and locked himself in his room. There he could see his face in the mirror. But there was nothing but a swirling mass looking back. The dream then became a nightmare.]

[size12 The mirror vanished and he was suddenly in the corridor being forced away. Emotions sang through his body. Anger that his friends would betray him. Sadness that he would never see them again. Fear of what was to come. Pain from knowing his life was never going to be the same again. He was forced to swallow something and then he was shoved outside. He closed his eyes, tears falling down his cheeks. And the dream changed.]

[size12 Pain. All he could think about was the pain. His body was going through the first of many changes. And the worst was yet to come.]

[size12 Each change was painful. Every bone that shifted. Every spine that grew. It all hurt. Something new would shift or grow every so often. For a while, Zander was left looking deformed, unable to do anything. But it wasn’t all bad. Someone helped him. Fed him. Bathed him. Everything that he needed to survive was provided. He lived this way for months. For months, he was in constant pain. He just wanted it all to stop. And eventually it did.]

[size12 The first time Zander saw himself, he broke down. He cried. No. He wailed after seeing his new form. He threw the hand mirror he was using into a wall and just broke down completely. He was a monster.] [b [i “I’m nothing but a monster!”]] [size12 He screamed.]

[size12 Hands touched his back and he froze. The gentle voice of a young woman sang through the sobs and matched the gentle touch on his back.] [+red [i “But you are not a monster. You are still the person you have always been and always will be.”]] [size12 She said. And that did him in. He broke down completely and utterly, giving his mind and body into the emotion and the gentle comfort of the woman that held him. The dream changed once again.]

[size12 Life had gotten easier. He learned to live with his new body. Zander was happy again. He helped out with various things. He made new friends and was still his clumsy self. He was even more so with his inhuman body. But he learned to laugh about it. He learned to cope. But this happiness wasn’t going to last.]

[size12 Zander was cornered. He was scared and couldn’t move. Men stood above him, weapons drawn, guns pointed. They demanded he come with them and he did. He didn’t want to die. But it was a mistake.]

[size12 The dream changed rapidly. Only showing flashes of memories. Pain. Fear. More pain and more fear. It was just a loop of never ending pain and fear. Beaten. Abused. It was all just an effort to make him obey. And it worked.]

[size12 He became listless. His eyes, dull. His will to fight, gone. He was nearly completely used up. But he held on to some hope. He hoped that there was going to be a day that he would be free again. And it never came.]

[size12 There was blood. Was it his? Or was it someone else's? He couldn’t tell. The smell of gunpowder, the sound of gun shots, the rush of fear and the chase was on. He ran with everything he had. He ducked, dodged and hid from everything and everyone. His vision was going. His body was, too. But he knew he had to keep moving. He knew he was going to be free but it was but a spider's thread of hope. One touch and it was gone. The memory was too fresh but Zander couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Eventually he realized and the dream shattered.]

[size12 Touch. Someone was touching him. His body moved as someone shook him gently. Zander swam up from the darkness and knew he was still alive. His hearing came back first. He heard someone’s voice. It sounded distant but it was there. More of himself swam back up when he heard the same voice again. This time it was clearer. There was other voices and sounds but they didn’t register. Then gunshots, loud and ringing, as if it was right next to him. The sound brought Zander back with a rush of fear and adrenaline that made his whole body twitch.]

[size12 Zander let out a groan from the aches and pains he felt. He opened his eyes and saw someone near him, shooting at the enemy. He knew he was going to finally be free. He let out a low growl, eyes turning crimson as his power rose up to fuel his ability to move. The adrenaline helped and the knowledge that someone was there boosted his will to keep fighting, even though his body was nearly completely broken. He tried to rise up but his body complained. He collapsed back to the ground. He growled again out of frustration but remained still. He was awake and he was thankful for it. It was only a matter of time before he passed out again.]
ReflectionsColin   6y ago

Colin didn’t hesitate for a second, the moment he pulled the gun from its designated hiding spot, he pulled the trigger. His hand barely jerked back from recoil as he shot round after round at his enemies who were now scrambling to avoid the bullets. Colin knew 9/10 he would get the target, well at least with humans, demons on the other hand were a bit trickier. With their enhanced physical capabilities they could move more instantaneously. That was perfectly fine, it just took a bit of on the spot thinking.

He had to keep moving otherwise he was a sitting duck. His first and immediate aim was at the person who spotted him. If he got rid of them then he would have a great advantage in slipping away or cutting the rest off smoothly. His green eyes were narrowed as he ducked and felt a bullet wiz right by his ear and catch the tip of it, and sent pain right to his head. He set his jaw and exhaled from his nose. Blood dripped down his ear but at this time that was a very small and unimportant thing. He peaked around the side of the metal barrels and aimed at the nearest person, letting off a few shots and caught a glimpse as they tore through him and he fell to the gravel ground. He ducked back behind the barrels and grabbed a clip from his pocket and quickly discarded the empty one.

“Come out come out little piggy,” a voice piped in snidely and Colin couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the comment and he grabbed the empty clip. He peaked over the barrel and tossed the empty clip at them as if it was a grenade. The two of them jumped and hoped back from it. Just as they did that Colin broke his cover and managed a headshot and a gut shot that killed the third male.

“Shit,” the lone male snipped and started to back away. He looked as if he was going to shout, giving his location away to reinforcements. [i ‘He is afraid, he knew he would lose and he needed on his numbers to win.’] Colin noticed and he tossed his gun aside before he hopped over the barrels and charged the male. [b “HE-,”] he cut the shout short and gripped around the man’s neck and covered his mouth. Colin’s eyes went from a deep green to a bright blue in a matter of seconds before he released thousands of volts of electricity into the other male, he watched the eyes roll into the back of his head before he dropped him carelessly on the ground. He grabbed a knife from his pocket and quickly cut the throat to ensure he was dead.

Quickly afterwards he grabbed his gun and put it back into its hiding place and he checked their guns to see if they were compatible with his gun, but to no avail. He let out a small tsk and looked in their pockets to see if he found any keys or key cards he could use to get into the building or around it. [i ‘They are just small fries, they don’t have anything.’] It seemed that he would have to take the hard way in, and probably on the roof.

With that in mind, he grabbed the hand railing of the stairs and hoisted himself up onto it. His feet landed with a quiet ‘clang.’ The walkway around the building was metal, well right where he was. He had nowhere else to go but up at this point. He looked up and saw the roof easily three or four stories above his head. His feet were quiet against the metal as he looked straight forward cautiously. He didn’t know when he would run into the next batch of enemies to butcher or fry.

There had to be plenty of them around if he ran into five just from the get go. [i ‘Maybe there is a big deal going on in the building and they need plenty of guards.’] The thought crossed his mind, but he dismissed it and continued to walk cautiously around the building. He set his jaw and peered around a corner to make sure he was clear. Low and behold there was a person halfway down the platform talking with his partner.
“At least there is no action down here.” The one on the left commented with a small yet nervous sigh of relief. The other one crossed his arms and shrugged. “That means that the roof section has him on their hands.” There was a small chuckle between them before silence feel after a groan of something metal on the roof. The two paused and Colin watched them closely.

“We should probably go help up on the roof since we are the middle. We don’t know what the kid is capable of.” Colin froze for a moment. [i ‘Kid? There is another person here causing a ruckus.’] He bit the flesh of the cheeks before he sighed. He stepped around the corner once their backs were turned and they headed in the direction of what he guessed was the stairs. He grabbed the metal railing and he closed his eyes. He exhaled as a snake-like, flat, blue appendage slipped from his sleeve and wrapped around the railing. He opened his eyes and his eyes blazed a blue as electricity expelled from his body. His whole body tensed up and he stared right at the two. He watched their bodies tense up and his gaze intensified and he stared at them for what seemed like an eternity before Colin let go of the railing.
He quickly walked over to the two and made sure they were dead before he grabbed the money off of their bodies. He then sprinted down the walk way, his feet making more noise and causing the plates under him to rattle. Those appendages slipped from his sleeves again and he looked up and spotted an old pipe that would be within reach if he jumped. Well, there was no time for second thoughts, so he leapt up and caused the metal to rattle and groan as the appendages wrapped around the pipe. He made sure his grip was good, and he braced himself low against the wall before he started to swing himself against the wall, his feet helping the momentum and pushing him. There was probably a story between the roof ledge and where he was. He had to be quick about it though because it did have a strain on his body and the appendages, and if those broke he would fall right on and possibly through the metal platform.

His teeth ground together as he let one of the appendages go and on the swing he reached up to see if it would reach. His heart started to beat faster as he let the other appendage go and hooked the ledge barely. He swung off to the right and grabbed onto the brick and dug his fingers into it. He then started to scale the side of the wall. His fingernails dug into the mortar and red brick, coating his fingertips in red dust and blood. Nothing new though, it was just another interesting way he got up a building without using the obvious answer.

His hands gripped the edge of the ledge and he quickly hauled himself up. The first smell to hit his nose, was burnt flesh. It caused his nose to wrinkle slightly at the vile smell. There was an echoing of voices in the stairwell and a person passed out on the roof. Colin walked over to the passed out demon and checked his pulse. His features looked young, but probably around his own age, maybe younger. It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to see all the injuries on the person, and that he was definitely still alive.

The voices were getting louder and he shook the kid a bit. [#0066ff “Hey,”] he tried his best to wake up him and he kept his eyes trained on the doorway. His other hand reached for his gun and he grabbed a new clip to put in his gun. [#0066ff “Hey,”] it was definitely a far reach, but he couldn’t help but try as people stumbled upon the corpses. He aimed his gun and started to shoot at the others. As far as he knew, this person was innocent, and the good part of his mind would not let him not defend him.
-Serenity-Zander   6y ago

[size12 Somehow, Zander kept moving. He refused to stay down for too long. However, he was becoming weaker. As his body became weaker, Zander’s panic level rose. It was clear he didn’t want to die in a place like this.]

[size12 There was fewer and fewer hiding places. Zander didn’t know too much about the entire headquarters. The only places he was familiar with was the loading dock and the dungeon. The rest was a mystery to him. That was, until, he managed to find the hidden door that lead deeper into the building. It appeared to be a brick wall but using a bit of pushing force, it swiveled open. Zander tucked himself together and started to go through. However, he was spotted. A gunshot went off and a bullet went through his tail, making him let out an almost roar like scream of pain. He moved faster and disappeared through the door, letting it swing shut behind him.]

[size12 The man that fired and hit Zander in the tail shouted after approaching the hidden door.] [+red “Hey guys! He managed to get into the main corridor!”] [size12 The members all gathered together and began to devise a plan to corner Zander.]

[+red “Hey, Buck. What are we going to do about this?”]

[+red “I have an idea. If we split up into small groups and each take an area, we might be able to chase him into a corner somewhere.”]

[+red “Sounds like a plan.”]

[+red “Wait. Buck. Isn’t there someone here that has an illusionary power? Can’t we use them to trick Zander and send him into a trap?”]

[+red “Good idea but none of us know what kind of abilities Zander has. We will have to do this with physical force. Get into groups of four and go to an area on any of the floors. If you see him, attack full force. Let’s go!”]

[size12 And with that, everyone split into their group and made their way through the building. Meanwhile, Zander slowly makes his way down the corridor. He was holding himself up with the wall. Behind him was a trail of blood that dripped from the gunshot wound in his tail. He struggled just to stand let alone move. But he had to. He was being hunted. He had to keep moving his feet.]

[size12 Zander managed to make it into another hallway. He was confused as to where to go but he didn’t care. He just kept moving from one hall to another. With his vision getting blurry, he wasn’t sure exactly where he was going. As long as it was away, he didn’t care.]

[size12 There were several near misses as he made his way up and around the building. He managed to dodge the eyes of the enemy thanks to random rooms and cubby holes in the walls. Once it was clear, he would dart out to safety. One of the rooms was his saving grace. It happened to be a medical storage closet. There he spent time to put fresh wraps on his arms and legs. He also put patches and bandages on the wounds he could reach. His tail was the first to get bandaged so there wasn’t a trail of blood following him. Once patched up, he left and began making his way around again.]

[size12 Zander had managed to make his way from floor to floor. The stairs to the next floor were always in a different area, making it harder and harder for Zander to find an escape route. By the time he was on the fourth floor, he was met with a road block. He couldn’t find the next set of stairs. He had more near misses and his body was on the verge of shutting down. But he had to keep moving. After searching for who knows how long, Zander managed to find an escape. He came across a door with the word ‘EXIT TO ROOF’ in big red, bold letters. Zander almost cried seeing the door. He reached out, grabbed the door handle and tried to open it but found that it was securely locked.] [b “Dammit. I’ll have to break it down.”] [size12 He muttered. He backed up a few feet and heaved a sigh.] [b “My body is too weak to do it. I’ll have to use a pressure bomb. Here goes something I guess.”] [size12 Zander mumbled before raising his right arm towards the door, palm facing the door. A sphere of pearlescent energy formed at his palm, about the size of a volley ball. The energy then compressed to half it’s size and a split second later it was launched towards the door. The door broke free from the hinges and locks and slammed against the stairs. It was nearly broken in half and the noise was sure to alert anyone nearby. Using his body probably would have been easier but he was too physically weak to do it. Even if he was able to do it, it would have taken him too many hits till the door finally gave way. Zander smiled slightly and began making his way up the stairs, carefully placing his feet so he didn’t fall. He had even less energy now but he was damn determined to get out alive. However, he was starting to have his doubts and questioned his odds.]

[size12 Only minutes have passed when Zander began moving up the stairs but it felt like an eternity. Each step was careful. Each movement was slow. It took all of Zander’s brainpower to focus on simply making each excruciating step. It too him at least 30 minutes to finally reach the exit door. However, it too seemed locked. Or perhaps something was blocking the door and prevented it from moving. Zander was betting it was simply locked.] [b “This is a great place for someone to sneak up and kill me.”] [size12 Zander mumbled. When he realized what he said, he slapped himself in the face a couple times.] [b “Idiot! Can’t be saying shit like that right now! Might jinx it.”]

[size12 Zander tried to figure out how to get the door open. He jiggled everything he could jiggle but didn’t get anywhere. He pressed his ear to the cold door to see if he could hear anything. Thankfully he had super sensitive hearing and was able to hear through the thick metal door. He sat there, silent and unmoving. He listened for any sound he could hear. Anything that could tell him he was safe.]

[size12 Dull sounds could be heard. The heavy beats of foot steps. The crunch of gravel underfoot. There had to be at least ten people out there. But that was a wild guess. Then there was another sound. It was mashed up with the sounds of the other men but Zander somehow heard it. It sounded as if someone had skidded over the gravel. Was there a good guy out there? Or was it just one of the dumber ones slipping around like they were standing on ice? Despite the unknown, Zander kept listening. And then he heard it. The loud pop of gunshots. There was a voice that was yelling ‘Intruder!’.] [b “An intruder? That means there’s someone out there. Someone that could help me. I have to get this door down. I have to get out of here.”] [size12 Zander whispered as he tried to think of a plan. He jumped a little as the sound of a stray bullet hit the outside of the door. He turned around to go back down but was stopped. There was a group of about six men waiting for him.] [b “Crap.”]

[+red “Did ya really think ya could escape that easily, eh?”] [size12 One man said, voice heavy with a thick accent. The man was very Irish.] [+red “Look at ye. Yer weak. Probably can’t punch ye way through a paper bag in this state yer in. Just give up and accept yer death like a man.”]

[size12 Zander growled, deep and guttural. His eyes turned crimson.] [b “I’m not about to let you fuckers take me out yet.”]

[+red “Oh. How scary. Just give up, lad. You’ve got nuthin left in ye.”]

[b “I have another trick or two up my sleeves. Neither of which needs much energy to do.”] [size12 Zander said before turning back to the door. He puffed up his cheeks and smoke began to trail out of his nostrils. There was even some flowing from between his lips. Zander then inhaled as much air as he could. One of the guys figured out what he was going to do.]

[+red “Boss. It’s about to get really hot in here. Let’s get out of here before we get crispy crittered.”] [size12 The man said. But it was too late.]

[size12 Zander unleashed a hellfire from his mouth, like a dragon breathing fire. Smoke and flames flowed along the walls as the door became red hot. The men had to scramble away but not unscathed. Some caught on fire and got burned. Once the flames stopped, Zander placed his hand on the hot door and pushed. His hands sizzled as he pushed against the door. Zander knew he was free when he heard the locking mechanisms snap and the door suddenly burst open. The door broke off the hinges and landed on one of the guys, cooking him alive. The man screamed till the heat fried a vital organ. He laid silent after several minutes. Zander looked up at the sky, the darkness beginning to sparkle with millions of stars. He heard movement and turned to look. His vision was blurry but he was able to make out a human shaped figure. He tried to figure out what it was but his body simply gave up on him. His vision went black and he fell over, hitting the ground with a heavy thunk. He fell into unconsciousness. If he was killed right then, he would never know it.]
ReflectionsColin   6y ago

Night was heavy in the sky when Colin had deemed himself ready for the task at hand. Many weapons were stashed on his body, his clothes were only darker tones for two reasons and two reasons only, to be that cliched 'blend into the back ground' crap and so if he was wounded it would be harder to spot. Once everything was in order, he had climbed out of his second story window, to his mode of transportation, and to the place he was told the group would be at by this time at night.

Colin killed the bike's engine and let the speeding bike gradually slow down as he spotted a familiar store front with one lone light still flickering in the back of the store. 'someone is still inside, good.' He recalled as the bike started to slow down rapidly at the up hill climb. He hopped off the bike and he landed soundlessly on the pavement as he pushed his bike the rest of the way up the street and towards the store. The shop owner knew he would be stopping by sometime this evening due to the fact that the store was his go-to when it came to hiding his bike. It was also this store in particular that started that request, so it would benefit both parties in this case. Usually he would call ahead of time but today he didn't feel the need to do any of that.

He made it to the storefront and put the kickstand on his bike up and let it sit before he walked over to the store door and knocked on it once, twice, and a third time before a petite woman answered the door. flour was smeared on her clothes and was in her hair. Her horns blended in with her dark colored hair and her features were soft and friendly. Her family owned a bakery, and to their dismay, they tended to get frequent wannabe robbers trying to steal from them. Every time, they ended up running through the door with their tails between their legs, not coming back for a long time.

She looked at Colin and silence settled between them, her face expression not shifting an inch, before she finally cracked a smile. "Thank you for this Colin," she said grabbing a key from her pocket and setting it into his hand. "You know where to put the bike and where to hide that blasted key." She replied and leaned against the doorway. He gave a silent nod and went back to retrieve his bike from the street. He guided his bike from the street into an alleyway and towards a small garage wedged between the shop and another shop. He stopped and unlocked the old door and hauled it up by the half of a handle that remained before pushing his bike into an empty spot he often occupied.

As directed and quickly he shut the garage before tossing the key onto the roof of the bakery and hitting an attic window with enough force for the key to bounce into the gutter. With that he made his way down the alley. By now the skies were completely dark with only the faint light of the waning moon and the dull glow of stars in the sky. Now was the best time to make a move more than ever, and he didn't have time to waste with as big of a group as he assumed this one to be. He rubbed his face and took off the helmet remembering he forgot to take it off. He tsked before tossing it aside and breaking into a sprint.

Colin set his jaw as he ran in the direction of the warehouse, yet he knew something was off about all of this. No matter what alleyway he passed or what store, everything was deserted, not one poor soul in sight. This set off many warning signals off in Colin's head. He halted and looked up at the building he was near before he rolled up his sleeves and his fingernails turned a dark red color before he grabbed a gutter pipe and quickly propelled himself up it. The metal groaned under his weight and that motivated him to move faster. He had gripped the edge of the flat roof and hauled himself off and the groaning of pipes ceased completely.

He stood there for a moment and could hear faint shouts, feet clattering from the warehouse, and once in a while a set of gunshots. [i 'It seems that someone has already roused them up, well that is only better for me i suppose.'] He thought to himself thinking of a way to swoop in as silently as possible to get the resident's point across to the not so stealthy group. The more they were focused on another task, the better he could get himself wedged into the situation. He could probably kill a few of them without them noticing, if he did this correctly.

With a small sigh, he walked towards the edge of the flat roof, and jumped that small gap so he was on the next and slightly slanted roof. He did this as quickly and silently as he could going from one roof to the next so he could. His feet barely made a sound on the roof as he quickly made headway to the warehouse.

Once the warehouse was within throwing distance, he paused for a miniscule moment. A small number of the group seemed to be spread out looking for something or someone for that matter. They were in small pods along with the bigger group they had. Well, here he goes.

He slipped a knife from one of his pockets and took a running leap to the building. The gravel underfoot made him skid slightly as he landed before he reached out in front of him and quickly caught that man off guard before he had any time to alert anyone. His partner would have plenty of time to do that. He covered the man's mouth, his hand was bit into before his knife plunged deep into the man's neck and it was wretched to the side so it cut many important arteries and muscle. He stayed like that for a moment before he dropped the body carelessly to the ground.

[b "Oi, there's-"] his partner was alarmed at this and started to call out to the others. This made Colin's heart beat accelerate as he grabbed the man who seemed to be frozen in fear in that moment. He wretched the guy off balance before kneeing him in the stomach. His thigh was gouged by the man's sharp fingernails before Colin could pull it back, and he hissed in pain before he grabbed the man's head and wretched it sharply at an unnatural angle. There was a sick crack and then Colin plunged the knife into the man's chest right where the heart should have been. Footsteps started to head his way and a deep frown was on Colin's face as he ran to the nearest dark shadow for cover.

"Hey, where are Andy and Pierce?" One guy asked as a few sets of footsteps marched their way towards the previous distress call. Colin's breathing shallowed and he crouched slightly, ready to attack anything at any time, just like he was taught. [u "Hey, they're over here, but not looking very hot."] Another piped in and crouched over the bodies. "Did the freak do this?" The other asked and one chuckled, [u "No way in hell that spineless demon could do a damn thing to them."]

[b "We have a visitor,"] a third one wandered forward and said before shooting in Colin's direction. With tensed muscles, Colin jerked to the side and missed getting shot in the chest, the bullet hitting a metal barrel with a loud 'tang.' "Intruder?" Colin stared at the three men and sighed silently, he would gather a bit of attention real quick, he got careless. He should have thought about what abilities other demons had. [i 'Well fuck,'] he scolded himself as he took out his own gun and tucked the knife away. The other two took out their guns and Colin could only pray to the gods he didn't believe in that his plan would work.
-Serenity-Zander   6y ago

[size12 The wait was grueling. The leader of this particular gang always liked to take his time. It took at least 30 minutes for the man to get down to the loading dock. When he finally arrived, his presence filled room. He was a short man with hair as golden as the morning sun. He was a bit chubby too. With him was a pair of young bodyguards clad in black suits and appeared to be twin brothers. One had a sword and the other appeared unarmed. They were known as the ‘assassin twins’. They were the boss’s prized people and took very good care of them. And it showed.]

[size12 The boss made his way over to the delivery and began his inspection. He carefully looked over each box. He had a look of distaste on his face. In the mean time, Zander stood away from the others. His heart was racing. He had a sinking feeling that his time was up.]

[size12 The leader heaved a sigh after an hour of looking over the delivery. He made his way to the two guy that escorted Zander. The three spoke among themselves, no one else able to hear. The leader sighed again and turned around. Zander was starting to tremble but not out of weakness. It was fear.]

[size12 The leader came over within a few feet of Zander.] [+red “Care to explain why several items have been damaged?”]

[b “I’m sorry. Due to being so weak, I had to focus everything I had on just moving forward. I wasn’t paying attention and someone pulled my tail and I lost my grip on the crates. I’m sorry.”] [size12 Zander’s voice was small.]

[+red “I see. I did tell you to not drop anything this time but you betrayed my order. It seems you have become quite useless these past few months. A simple ‘sorry’ is not going to be enough. I will return after discussing with the others on what I’m to do with you. Your order now is to remain here until I return. You can do that much at least.”] [size12 The man said before he turned around and began making his way back up to the conference office.]

[size12 Zander deflated where he stood. He fell to the ground as tears ran down his face. Everyone had left with the leader, leaving Zander behind. He curled up on the floor in a ball, his wings and tail wrapped around him as tight as he could comfortably manage.] [b “Looks like this really is the end.”] [size12 He mumbled to himself. He knew they wouldn’t just let him go. He knew death was his only way out. He knew far too much to simply set free.]

[size12 Several hours have ticked by. The sun was slowly disappearing. The wait felt like an eternity but at least Zander was able to rest. The sounds of doors opening and footsteps made him jump. He got back onto his feet and managed to get his footing. The movement had made his head dizzy making the room spin. The sensation passed and once Zander was able to see properly again, he came face to face with the boss.] [+red “Zander. I’m sure you understand the position you are in. Am I right?”]

[size12 Zander nodded.] [b “Yes, sir. I understand.”]

[+red “Good. Good. Since you understand that much, you must also understand that I simply cannot let you go due to you knowing far too much about us and our routes.”] [size12 Zander nods.] [+red “Excellent. I hope you can rest in peace in the afterlife.”] [size12 The boss said and with a simple snap of his fingers, guns and blades flew out from each person. Zander became gripped with fear. Adrenaline took over and he made his decision. He wasn’t going to give up or fight. He was going to run. And run he did.]

[size12 Zander turned tail and made a break for it. It was just in time too. The ones with the guns began to shoot at him but he was too quick and they missed.] [+red “After him! Don’t let him get away!”] [size12 The leader barked as he watched Zander dart up to the upper platform of the loading area. The others darted after him. The chase was on.]

[size12 Zander somehow managed to hide. A group of guys ran past him as he hid in a dark corner, his wings concealing him. Once the guys ran past, he peeked out. After seeing the coast was clear, he decided to make like a lizard and scurry his way out of there. He stayed low to the ground and as compact as his body would let him. Someone must have saw him because a gunshot went off and a bullet grazed the side of his cheek.] [+red “He’s over here!”] [size12 The man yelled. Zander cursed under his breath, got back to his feet and bolted towards the stairs.]

[size12 When he reached the stairs, there was a man standing guard. Zander skidded to a stop and looked at the man. A stampede of footsteps could be heard as a group of guys began running towards the staircase. Before Zander could make a move, another group of guys headed for the stairs. He was cornered now. Or so it seemed.]

[size12 Zander had and odd ability to gain bursts of strength the more danger he is in or if he becomes completely cornered. But there were drawbacks to the bursts. Each burst causes Zander fatigue, making it harder and harder to escape with each one. Zander had a strength burst and it gave him enough of a boost to use his wings. The joints cracked and popped but Zander was able to take flight. With a couple flaps of his large wings, he was airborne. The guys shot at him and tried to take him down like he was a game bird. He managed to dodge the rain of bullets but a couple managed to get him. One hit him in the right foot and another went through his left wing. He had graze marks where he barely managed to dodge them but no vitals have been hit yet.]

[size12 Zander kept up the game of hide n’ seek as best he could, regaining strength where he could. He was hurting but he was so focused on just staying alive and finding a way out that he wasn’t bothered by it. Every time he was able to hide, he prayed that someone would notice the noise and come in to save him.]

[size12 But doubt was heavy in his heart. And fear was growing in his mind.]
ReflectionsColin   6y ago

Slowly business started to pick up in the restaurant and the bar. Colin went around from table to table, seat to seat, taking peoples orders, and giving them their ordered food. A few other people finally got done with what they had to earlier that day and started to help wait on people and buss tables. There were two workers on the floor as he managed behind the restaurant bar, handing food over, taking orders, and listening to the rambling of their customers.

He was currently listening to two females ramble on, trying to get him to talk as they slowly ordered their food. In the work place he tended not to talk too often; he felt that it made it more efficient and neutral that he didn't dive into their chats or debates about groups and gangs. The Sinner's Sanctum was called the neutral place for a very good reason, and everyone knew this. So once the woman gave up and gave their full order, he went and sent the order to the chef and his helper who were working diligently in the kitchen.

[b "Colin,"] a voice called him from the other side of the bar counter and he glanced over to see Jun. She was a petite girl with blonde hair tied back in a bun and she wore black pants and a baggy white shirt with a sweatshirt over it. She was about 16 and got kicked out of the walled city about a year ago. She had stumbled upon the restaurant at the right time and seemed to be one of the few people who intended to stick around. the people who often help around the restaurant stay for only a month or two before they find a better opportunity and leave the restaurant indebted to the group for their hospitality.

[#33cccc "Hmm?"] He inquired pausing to look at the girl. She held a tray in one hand as she pointed to the door with her free one. She turned her own head to the side and looked at the door. [b "Your silent friend is right outside the door sitting on that bench."] She said before she set her arm down and changed the arm that was holding the tray. He glanced at the door for a moment longer before he nodded and walked out from behind the counter. He glanced over his shoulder as Jun took over for him as he went to go talk with his friend. He weaved between the tables and towards the front door. He pushed it open and glanced over to his left and saw the familiar figure of his long time friend there slumped on the bench. Colin ran a hand through his hair as he walked over to his friend and tapped him on the shoulder. Almost instantly at that his friend looked over and smiled at him.

Soboru Kevin Wells, a long time friend of Colin inside and outside of the walls. Soboru had long been Colin's partner in crime and keeper of his darkest secrets, even now. The two of them were kicked outside the walls at around the same time, but for a few years they thought that they were both not on the same side of the wall. Soboru was very lucky that Colin had stumbled upon his deaf friend when he did, otherwise his friend would be long dead.

[#336600 'Hello Colin, how are you doing?'] Soboru knew sign language and that was the only way that the two of them could communicate fluidly. Colin shrugged before he signed back.

[#33cccc 'Doing good, same old same old. You still getting into all that unneeded trouble?'] He asked and his friend grinned his wide and lopsided grin that seemed quite silly. His friend chuckled and nodded,

[#336600 'You know it too well.']Colin smiled slightly and rolled his eyes at his friend's comment.

[#33cccc 'Well i would hope so if we have known each other for this long.'] He signed before he gestured to the bench and they both sat down. It was just then he spotted across the way what the two older men must have been talking about earlier. There were two gang members stopped for a moment while a poor boy was used as a mule. He was up to horns in boxes. Those boxes must not have been light either. Currently the kid was getting chewed out for dropping something. Though he had to admit, if the kid held himself a bit different he could be pretty intimidating. It seems the kid was well trained though. The kid didn't protest the beating he got, or at the fact he had to carry so many boxes all at once.

Though that was only for a few moments before he sat down and looked over at his friend. [#33cccc "You must be here for business matters if you didn't come into the restaurant, or sat in the back of the bar. What quest do I have this time?"] He asked and Soboru paused for a moment in thought. Even if Colin worked at the neutral place in town, he could still do his own work outside of the restaurant. He acted more of an agent for hire that you could only contact through Soboru, so it got Soboru business through the gang or two he helped and got him some jobs too. Though many people knew his street name already, the 'Malignant Blue.' Getting the blue from one of the few blue colors he had on his natural body.

[#336600 'It is actually around this side of town a bit father and near the border of this side of town and the east side of town.'] Soboru started, digging a piece of paper from his pocket and handing it to Colin. [#336600 'Locals have been complaining about them taking the alleyways and such to get to their spots and scaring away employees and customers.'] Colin unfolded the paper and saw that it was a small printed out map. He only glanced at it before back up at his friend. [#336600 "They just want you to scare them into either taking another route, or force them to be more sneaky about their route travel.']

Colin let out a hum and looked back down at the paper map and the route he would have to take to get to the area around the location they go to do whatever gangs do. It was a rough area and a bit large, but he could manage it. His green eyes glanced at his friend before he shoved the map in his pocket. [#33cccc 'What do i get for doing this? It could lead me into some major trouble if i do this incorrectly.'] He asked and his friend didn't hesitate to respond.

[#336600 'Two thousand dollars and some help from local business owners if some problems do arise. Quite a good offer if you ask me.'] Colin was hesitating slightly as he attempted to think his way fully through this thing. The boy popped up in his head again and he looked at his friend.

[#33cccc "Is it the gang with the people we just saw in front of the restaurant a few minutes ago?"] He asked gesturing across the street to where they once stood. Soboru gave a simple and quick nod. A small smile couldn't help but crack on Colin's face as he stood up.

[#33cccc 'Tell them it is a deal, i will leave at dusk tonight to give them a scare. I will expect the two thousand in two weeks.'] He ran his hand again through his hair out of habit. [#33cccc 'Maybe i can save someone while i'm at it.'] He commented and Soboru grinned.

[#336600 "I will see you in a week for a more friendly and casual visit then Colin. It was nice seeing you.'] He nodded and waved as his friend walked away, his hand stuffed into his coat pockets.

[i 'only a few hours to get ready and plan this out.'] He thought to himself as he hummed and walked back into the restaurant to help out once more.
-Serenity-Zander   6y ago

[size12 [i There was no struggle. Simply pointing a gun at him was enough to get him to move. Although he was just a kid, they were kicking him out just as they did with everyone else that dared to wonder about what was beyond the walls. All the boy was allowed to take with him was a handful of belongings, which was just some clothes a survival knife that was his father’s and a leather bound notebook, and whatever he was given. All of it crammed into a small backpack. Once he arrived back at the wall, he was escorted into, and will soon be kicked out of, the wall.]]

[size12 [i The corridor within the walls was musty and pretty dim as guards escorted him to a heavy gate. Even though tears ran down his face and his steps were uneasy, he moved forward. One guard had the barrel of his gun pointed right at his back. The poor boy had his hands up and it was clear he was scared. But this was his fault. It was him that got himself a one way ticket out of the city.]]

[size12 [i Without warning, one guard grabbed his arm and slammed his back into the wall. The same guard gripped the boys throat. Another came up to him, pinched his face and forced his mouth open so it was easy to force a pill down the boys throat. The pill slipped down, scraping the sides of his esophagus the whole way down. A burning sensation trailed behind it.]] [+red “That is to fight off the headache you will get when your head is going to be beat into the ground once you are outside the walls.”] [size12 [i The guard at his neck said, voice rough and raspy. The boy whimpered as fresh tears fell down his face. The guard gave a disgusted look at the kid and tossed him aside to his the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of him.]] [+red “Get up and get moving, brat. Otherwise, you’ll just die here.”] [size12 [i The boy did what he said and got back to his feet. After a little more walking, the gate to the outside of the walls appeared. On them written in red was ‘Sinners Repent’. It opened and the boy was kicked out into the dirt. He looked back and knew his fate was sealed as the guards, each with a smirk on their face, disappeared behind the doors.]]

[center [b *]]

[size12 Although several years have passed since Zander was sent to the outside, he still wasn’t all that used to the life. It was clear a person like him wasn’t meant to be in a place like this. As time passed, Zander’s body went through many changes. It wasn’t too bad at first when the changes were minor but once his body began changing shape and things grew out of him, things got a bit more awkward than they already were. But he didn’t seem to mind it too much.]

[size12 It was about a year ago when it happened. He was helping someone out by moving some heavy stuff around with not only his hands but his wings and occasionally his tail. A couple days later, some rough looking guys approached him and lured him into a more secluded area. There they pulled guns on him and got him cornered. Zander immediately gave in and before he knew it, he had become a pack mule for a gang.]

[center [b *]]

[size12 It took a bit of getting used to but Zander managed to adjust to the cruel treatment. His strength was a valuable piece to the gang and they counted on it to get things delivered safely. But it took it’s toll on the boy.]

[size12 His body had begun breaking down about six months ago. Before it was easy to sustain his weight so his strength stayed high but after being packed so heavily all the time, the long journies, and the lack of regular movement made his body start to waste itself. Although his strength was barely maintained, his body was falling apart. He was thin, beaten, weak and barely able to stand let alone carry anything.]

[size12 Today happened to be a big order that had to be brought back to the gang’s headquarters. He was packed to the teeth. Both wings were full and both arms were full. He even had a box stuck between his horns.] [+red “C’mon! Can’t cha move any faster?”] [size12 An escort hollered. This one had dark hair and looked like a punk.]

[b “I’m sorry. I can’t move much faster. My legs can’t take much more of this.”] [size12 Zander said, voice hoarse and monotone.]

[size12 The other escort, who was blonde but was more casual looking, got mad and kicked him in the side of the chin. Blood seeped from inside his mouth as his teeth cut into the soft flesh of his mouth.] [+red “Get a move on, already. There is a deadline for this. Boss ain’t gonna be happy if it’s late. Move your ass faster. This is an order.”]

[size12 Zander sighed and forced his body to move faster. He let out a small growl as pain shot through his body as he forced himself to move. He had been traveling like this for at least twelve hours straight. His body had become stiff at this point. Every step he took hurt. He kept moving forward despite his body complaining and on the edge of breaking apart.]

[size12 It was mid afternoon when the group reached a checkpoint. One of the guys used a small mapping device that mapped their current travels from point A to point B. The device sent the info back to the main computer that the gang leader used to track orders. Depending on the route, the one holding the tracking device had to check in at certain points along the route. The tracker beeped whenever they were near a saved address for that particular route. It made sure that a gang leader’s followers were following orders properly.]

[size12 The tracker began beeping which signaled a location was nearby. After another block, it beeped again and the guy that worked it did the check in. The group happened to pass by a restaurant on the opposite side of the road they were on. It appeared pretty empty but there was no time to rest.]

[size12 Zander had been pushing himself to the breaking point. He was so focused on just moving forward that he wasn’t paying attention to what he was really doing. There was a sharp yank on his tail and before he knew it he was getting pulled backwards. With one more strong tug, he was pulled off his feet and he hit the ground. The boxes he was carrying had slipped from his grip and dropped to the ground. The punk looking guy grew red in the face with anger and without a warning, he planted his boot in Zander’s face.] [+red “You dumbass! You were told specifically not to drop anything this time!”]

[size12 Zander didn’t really move from the kick but he did let out a small whimper as blood seeped from his nose.] [b “I-I’m sorry. But I couldn’t hold my grip when you yanked on my tail like that.”]

[+red “If you were paying attention to where you were going, we wouldn’t have had to.”] [size12 This game form the blonde.]

[size12 Zander didn’t reply. He just sat there on the ground trying to stop the nosebleed. The two escorts had begun checking everything to make sure nothing was broken. While they did that, Zander checked the various wraps he had on. His forearms were wrapped due to the skin being so tender. The lack of proper nutrition made both the skin around the spines on his back and the quills on his arms very sensitive to pain and touch. He was able to keep his arms protected but not so much his back. His legs were wrapped up from the knees down as well. It didn’t do too much to relieve pain but it did provide some sort of support to those joints. Once Zander was sure everything was still in place, he slowly got to his feet. However, he was quite wobbly and unsteady.]

[size12 The guys were done checking the boxes and loaded them all back onto Zander.] [+red “Don’t ya dare drop ‘em again. Yer already in deep shit with boss as it is.”]

[b “Yes, sir. I understand. I’ll try to be more careful.”] [size12 Zander mumbled before he forced his body to move forward. There was still a couple miles left till they reached the headquarters.]

[size12 Another hour or two passed before the trio made it to their destination. The building appeared to be a warehouse of sorts. It had been reinforced by removing most of the windows. The windows that were left were replaced and made bulletproof. Cameras were put everywhere too. The two escorts took Zander to the loading deck usually used for trucks. The door clanged shut behind them and members got to work with getting the boxes unloaded. The two guys went and gave a report to the boss. However, it wasn’t good. After a few moments, the punk stepped away from the terminal and raised his voice.] [+red “Listen up! The boss is coming down ‘ere to inspect the delivery. Ye better be on yer best behavior. That means you, mule.”]

[size12 Zander twitched at the word but didn’t say anything. He simply stood there as fear rose up in his gut. This was not going to end well.]
ReflectionsColin   6y ago


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[i "Keep walking, don't make me repeat myself." A gruff voice with a disgusted tone said as something hard met the center of Colin's back and caused him to stumble forward. The air left his lungs in a wisp at this as well. The toes of his boots met the concrete floor in a scuff before he found his footing again and continued to walk. He rolled his eyes at what the guy said even if his heart was beating out of his chest like a scared rabbit's would. He didn't let them see it though, his eyes flicked to look around the inside of the walls and through the room they were walking through and towards two large metal doors that simple had two words on it, [b Sinners Repent.] They were so corny, but they were words that seemed to haunt him as he got closer and closer to them.

[#ff0000 "Get a life you cock sucker."] He muttered under his breath and just him muttering something was enough for him to get another jab to the back, but this time he was purposefully pushed a bit harder than before. He nearly fell, and just as he thought he was about to loose his balance, he was pushed against a hard door. All wind left him in a heavy grunt as he screwed his eyes shut. His face was pushed against the wall too. He opened one of his emerald colored eyes and gave the soldier pushing him against the wall a stink eye, but it seemed to be in vain as the soldier forced his mouth open with his fingers. Even if Colin thrashed or bit the fingers in his mouth it was in vain, the man was built solid and wasn't effected by his movements.

Something was then slid dry down his throat and his eyes screwed once more as he let out a cough and started to choke on what was forced down him. His chin was tilted upwards, so there was very little chance of hacking out what was slithering down his throat slowly. He cringed as it felt the thing was scraping down his throat oddly and it left a burning trail of pain after it. Just as he started to get dizzy from lack of air, he was let go of, and he collapsed to the ground and started to cough and heave for air. His lungs burned and so did his throat. There was nothing he could do though, once he stopped coughing he was forced to his feet and he threw a dirty look to the soldier. “That is to fight off the headache you will get when your head is going to be beat into the ground once you are outside the walls.” The snide remark made Colin bristle as he gripped the strap of his bag. He hiked it up his shoulder and said nothing as he watched the soldier walk up to him and grab his shoulder. He pulled his shoulder out of the soldiers reach and he wrinkled his nose. [#ff0000 "Don't touch me asshole."] He snipped before he was kicked in the back of the knee and sent stumbling. "Don't speak, and if i have to repeat myself one more time to you, you aren't making it outside these walls."]

The place known for being neutral in all affairs going on around them. A place called Sinner's Sanctum People call them both brave and foolish souls for doing such a thing, but so far it was working for them. The small rag tag group of companions, friends, and allies knew what they were doing by now. They got plenty of business from people wanting to get a break from the city, from new meat that were hornless, or people of higher companies trying to buy information off them. If any gang or group placed microphones, cameras, or posted people to spy they would figure it out in the blink of an eye, and if any fights started on the restaurant property, a few of the works would have to go and deal with them before any damage was done and any patrons were scared off. A very neutral place indeed.

The Restaurant was a very simple and complex building. What the patrons knew, is that if you wanted a drink of alcohol or to smoke, there was a seperate bar area just behind the dark Blue door with a brass sign hanging off it that stated simply [#cca352 Bar.] The main room was the diner area of the Sinner's Sanctum. A small main kitchen tucked right behind a door that was behind the bar. All of the hot food was made there and the food stored back there, and all the stuff like drinks, unheated foods, plates, menus, and dining utensils were behind the bar. There was a unisex bathroom just off the front door to the left of it with a sigh that simply stated it was a bathroom. The tables and seats were mostly miss matched, but that was common of a place like this. It was hard to find anything alike manufactured because they got snatched up so quick when the factories on the outskirts of town did start making things. Right off the kitchen were the stairs that lead up to the loft where the owners and workers lived. It was pretty spacious up there for a living situation even if the rooms were small and two or three had to live in certain rooms, it all depending if they got a new kid in there or not. They often picked up new kids that stumbled their way to the restaurant, hornless or not.

[#00FF00 "Colin, yooo hoo."] A voice cut through his memories and he jolted slightly as he looked over to see Tyr leaning over the counter of the diner and just inches from is face with a very curious look on her face. He looked at her for a moment before he leaned away and started to walk out from behind the bar. [#33cccc "What?"] He asked grabbing a wet cloth from the sink behind the bar and started to wipe down the counter that had seated a customer not ten minutes before hand. Business was slow right now due to it being between lunch and dinner. [#00ff00 "You were spacing out, something on your mind?"] Tyr asked still leaning against the counter and staring at his face.

He shook his head and tossed the cloth back into the sink. [#33cccc "No, i'm fine."] He replied as a plate was set on the window between the kitchen and behind the bar. Colin's green eyes looked at the plate and took that opportunity to duck out of the conversation to serve a gentleman at the counter. He scooped up the plate before Tyr could protest and he made his way to the other side of the bar.

"Have you seen that poor kid following around the guys from the gang?" He tuned into the conversation for a moment as he set the plate in front of the male. He was nodded at, and he nodded back. "I have only heard of it, poor kid..." Colin didn't care much about that sort of gossip, and tuned out of the conversation as soon as he turned his back. He then walked back over to a pouting Tyr. [i 'This is going to be a long evening.'] He thought to himself just as someone else came into the restaurant.