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The Princess was KIDNAPPED!?! one on one (guy needed)

By tooyagurl17
The Ravenport's and The Loveless' have awhile been mortal enemies. It started 1,000 years ago when Jacob Ravenport and Lynus Loveless were both knights who fought over a woman, Elizabeth Grace. Jacob stole Elizabeth's heart away from Lynus after many years of failure. Jacob Ravenport became king after the king before him died and left Jacob the thrown. Lynus left the kingdom and began a well know leader of thieves and crooks.
The Ravenport family is still to this day the royal family. The Loveless are all a famous crime lords. The Lynus are always at war with the Ravenport's but have always lost. However that is soon to change.
Henry Loveless has came up with a plan to finally take over the kingdom. He is going to send his only son, ___________ Loveless, to go kidnap Fall Ravenport, the only daughter of the current king, Anthony Ravenport.
The plan is for __________ to go to the castle during Fall's 19th birthday party. He is suppose to seduce her and when he gets her alone to kidnap her. Once _________ has her, Henry is going to force Anthony to give the thrown over.
However, when he didn't expect was for __________ to fall in love with Fall

Anime pics only.
Romance wanted.

_____ Loveless needed.
Fall Ravenport taken.

Anthony didn't know what else to do. All of his soldiers were dead and he has his daughter. "Fine....I will give you the thrown." He said sighing. "Just don't hurt her anymore." He pleaded.
lalouchetomoyo   11y ago

"take anap" i hit her in the back of the neck knocking her out." you dont give me the throne i will kill her right here and right now"

"Well then. You still aren't getting the throne." Fall yelled. "Daddy don't give it to him." She cried.
lalouchetomoyo   11y ago

"that s what im doing..he sent ME to take the throne...he elived that I should rule becuase he was begining to be come to weak to rule so he sent ME not himself"

"No!" Fall yelled trying to get away. She tried to elbow and kick him.

"We will not give you the thrown. Besides won't your father be angry that you are trying to take the thrown and not him." Anthony said.
lalouchetomoyo   11y ago

the soldires swarmed. me. i rose my pistol and shot. i killed all of the soldires then i charged the last one and hit him in the gut and he died instantly. i jumped back up and pointed my gun to youre fathers head."give me the throne or i will kill him"

Fall screamed out. "Daddy!" She yelled out crying.

King Anthony ran out onto the balcony. "Go after him. He is a Loveless!" He growled.
lalouchetomoyo   11y ago

i pointed my gun at her." you wont you will be comeing with me to a safer place"i said as my finger was on the trigger. soldires arrived from the magadalan order."shit i wasnt expecting late"i grabed her hand and jumped into a tree.

" sure do have a lot of weapons on you...." Fall said looking around. Maybe this guy wasn't as safe as she thought. "Hmmm...maybe I should be getting back inside." Fall said as she backed up a little bit.
lalouchetomoyo   11y ago

more people came out. i pulled off my black training suite to reveal a red tux and a pistol."LEAVE AT ONCE ALL OF YOU"i yelled then began to shoot

"Tomoyo. Hmmm. I like it. It's different like mine." Fall said. She smiled very brightly like she always did.
lalouchetomoyo   11y ago

"my name is tomoyo"

"You know I never got your name. You know me but I don't know yours." She said watching him.
lalouchetomoyo   11y ago

"thank you"i said asi i smiled back at her.

"You are very good at this." Fall said smiling.