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~Side By Side Always

By LooneyMoony

Replies: 670 / 6 years ago

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Hermione was only faintly amused with the idea of Harry having to get used to public speaking. To be quite honest, though she was as clever as she was and one of the top of their class that didn't mean public speaking was something she was comfortable with. She just enjoyed answering questions and earning their house points for it. It also in a way assured her that she was on par with their other schoolmates. [b "You will, but you know Ron and I will help you with that. You did amazing for the first time."] The girl said with a smile to Harry as student after student waited in line to be motioned forward by Neville to sign their name upon the parchment.

It was by the end when everyone had signed their names, Hermione was looking through the list as Harry explained the gold coins to them. It was very smart on Neville's part to have added a column for houses so they would be able to track them down AND know who was close to Malfoy and others who were Umbridges' pets. She was just looking up when Seamus had said that this was like being spies and quite literally had to bite down on her bottom lip to stop herself from laughing. This was like that by all accounts, but she would have never placed it in that category either. The things that their classmates could come up with sometimes did astound her.

When Neville had come up to them, Hermione handed the list over to him and he assured them that he would check and make sure no one was close to Malfoy. Which she was more than thankful for because she really wanted this to work. They needed it to if the students would have ANY form of a fighting chance.

[b "At least now we know others feel the same way and want to actually learn something."] Hermione said as she took her seat again and reached for her drink that had not been finished. She was about to take a sip from it when Cho came up and asked for Harry to speak with her. There was no alone there, but it had been heavily implied. [b "No..she doesn't know yet. Mostly just our house does and those who watch us closely."] Came soft words as cheeks became a dark pink.

To Ron's teasing of Harry when he came back, Hermione did shoot the Weasley boy a glare and even give him a kick under the table. But then she looked to Harry. Before she could speak, Ron regained himself from the kick and was smiling to him. [i "We will keep letting you talk to people alone. Never going to get better at it mate if you don't do it."] But then Ron went on. [i "I don't think it went bad at all. Haven't seen the others so excited since the hag began taking over the school. Though looks like you and Hermione have your work cut out for you and have to start getting lessons ready."] With that, Ron took a swig of his drink.

Hermione shook her head at the red haired boy. [b "I think it went really well Harry. And don't worry. We've got this."]
[b "I'd better learn to get comfortable with public speaking,"] Harry chuckled in disbelief as the students signed their names, one after another. [b "My heart's hammering like I'm going to face the Hungarian Horntail again."]

It was unreal that it didn't take more to convince everyone. The points made by Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were crucial and important but after being called a liar for most of their fourth year, Harry had anticipated much more of a struggle to get anyone on their side. Yet here they were, waiting eagerly for Neville to motion them forward to add their name to the growing list, now almost two pages full. [b "This is fantastic,"] he breathed, eyes scanning down the line.

Neville had the foresight to add a column for everyone to put their Hogwarts house beside their names, making it easier to know where to find the students when the time came to give them their gold coins. Harry quickly explained how the galleons would work, noticing Seamus's lips pull back in a grin. [b "What?"]

[i "It's like we're spies!"] the boy looked more excited than Harry could recall ever seeing him.

[b "Just as secretive as spies, I guess, yeah,"] Harry scratched at his neck, not sure how to handle the newfound eagerness in the students.

The meeting adjourned with little to no fuss. Neville kept the list with him, assuring Harry that he would go through everyone to make sure there was no one on the list who was close with Malfoy. A mole to report back to Umbridge was the last thing they needed. The students left in clusters, leaving the trio to their table still half-full with untouched butterbeers. [i "Well this seems like the perfect way to celebrate,"] Ron helped himself to the nearest mug.

[i "Harry?"]

The boy looked up, surprised to see Cho standing nervously by herself. [i "Can I talk to you for a moment?"]

The [i alone] was unsaid, but very much implied. Harry lightly squeezed Hermione's hand under the table. [b "Be right back, guys."]

Ron's eyes flickered between his two friends as Harry was led away from the table. [i "Does Cho know? That you two are...you know?"]

There was truly no private space left in the pub for them to talk quietly, but the far corner seemed to be the best choice. [b "Is everything okay?"] Harry's brows furrowed.

[i "I wanted to thank you,"] she blurted out before his question was even finished. [i "What you're doing here. I just - thank you."]

Where was this coming from? [b "You don't have to thank me,"] Harry assured her.

[i "After what happened with Cedric last year, I've been absolutely terrified. He didn't deserve what happened to him,"] her eyes welled. [i "I owe it to him to do what I can to fight back, and this is giving me that chance. That's why I'm thanking you."]

Never one to be comfortable with compliments, Harry flushed. [b "Hermione was really the brains behind it all,"] he boasted, casting a proud smile towards the table. [b "She's been amazingly supportive about this all. Without her, I wouldn't be able to do this."]

Cho followed his eyes and something seemed to click behind her own. [i "Oh! I see,"] she stammered. [i "That's wonderful I guess. She's quite smart, isn't she?"]

Harry was even more confused by the sudden bashfulness. [i "I've got to go but I'll see you around,"] she excused herself, moving quickly past him towards the door.

Ron snorted into his mug. [i "If she didn't before, she certainly does now. Last year you couldn't get a date and now you've got two girls fawning over you, mate,"] he teased Harry as he rejoined them.

[b "Please never let me talk to people alone ever again,"] Harry slumped in his seat. [b "How do the two of you think the meeting went? Not bad, right?"]
Harry Potter / Kooza / 22d ago
Through this, Hermione knew that it was best that she did not quite speak up. Or not until she was truly needed. Her hand did remain in Harry's and she did give a reassuring squeeze at the beginning and offer a small and encouraging smile. [b "Because these are people you know...and it is harder that way. But remember, Harry you aren't alone. I'm not leaving you to do this on your own."] She whispered when he had muttered his words from the corner of his mouth to ask her how this was worse than dementors. And again, the Gryffindor female prefect fell silent and let her eyes taken in the curious faces that all sat before and around them.

She could see the skeptical looks and heard the whispers. And if not hear the whispers, she could read some of their lips. All of them didn't understand and some were even more skeptical when Harry began about them teaching themselves. Which she had honestly expected to some degree as none of them were advanced or close to the level that their professors were. But what choice did they really have in this matter? They had already lost a good friend of theirs and someone many of them admired. Surely more of them were going to be seriously injured if not killed if they couldn't manage to fight back.

Those were the sort of things that were going through her head as Neville told Harry that everyone was on their side and also when Ron spoke up. It was then did Hermione move fully to Harry's side again and her hand again moved into his. [b "Ron's right. Harry is our best hope at all of this. In our first year, he faced Voldemort and managed to keep him from getting the Sorceror's Stone. And in our third year he fought off about a hundred dementors on his own. So tell me any of you could do that?"] She asked as she gave a pointed look around at the group.

It was then that Ginny spoke up to try and help out. [i "He also saved me when the Chamber of Secrets was opened. He fought the basilisk and killed it. It was all of them who figured out how the Chamber was opened and even saved all of us from a terrible fate."] She said softly, being embarrassed that she had been Voldemort's puppet.

The group was in awe as they listened to what they were told. But it was enough to convince them that the could give their "club" a try. "I'll go first to sign." Neville said as Ron had taken out the parchment so they could take the names down of all interested. After, a line was formed.

Hermione smiled to Harry. [b "Feeling a bitt better now?"] She asked him softly.
[i "Seems like a good time for you to get started,"] Ron clapped him on the back, having come inside behind them. [i "I'll get the drinks."]

Right. They could do this. It wasn't as though thirty curious faces were staring back at him, adding to the crippling fear of public speaking that Harry didn't know he had until this very moment. Clearing his throat, he held tightly to Hermione's hand as he moved to the opposite end of the table where they'd all piled around each other. [b "Okay...uh, welcome."]

Crickets. He could practically hear the crickets. The two Ravenclaws up front didn't even try to hide the skeptical eyebrow raises, nor did the Hufflepuffs blink while staring up at him. [b "How is this worse than facing Dementors?"] Harry murmured to Hermione out of the corner of his mouth.

[i "Budge up!"] Ron pushed his way through to join them. [i "Liquid courage, at your service,"] he slid a pint of butterbeer in front of him.

[i Hermione's right here. You can do this,] Harry reminded himself. Two deep breaths, and he was ready to begin. [b "I know this isn't the best location for a meeting, but we've worked out a better spot. Do you all know what this is for?"]

[i "Neville said it was some kind of club,"] Luna's soft voice carried through the noise.

[b "Yes. Well, sort of. It's not a social club or academic club. I mean, I guess it's sort of academic in theory,"] Harry's brows furrowed as he stumbled through.

[i "Harry,"] Neville smiled. [i "Relax. Everyone here is on your side."]

Merlin, that almost made it more difficult. Casting another sideways glance at Hermione for support, he started again. [b "We've only been at school for two months and we can already see how things have suffered under Umbridge. After last year's Tournament, it's more important than ever that we're taught how to protect ourselves, and the people we care about. Umbridge and her policies do nothing but hinder our abilities and put us in danger. Without proper defence training, we're sitting ducks for Voldemort and his followers."]

[i "You know, the baddie that's waiting to wage a war,"] Ron grumbled into his drink.

[b "We can't let another student die because we were ill-prepared,"] Harry continued, throat tightening slightly at the memory of Cedric's body beside him. [b "We've decided that the best way to learn defence and offence is to teach ourselves. If we can't rely on our DADA teacher, then matters need to be taken into our own hands."]

[i "Who will teach us?"] a Hufflepuff raised his hand. [i "You don't know how to teach."]

[b "Technically that's true,"] Harry didn't quite know how to answer.

[i "And who of you lot has faced off against You Know Who on four separate occasions, and lived to tell the tale?"] Ron got to his feet with a challenging scowl. [i "Harry knows what to do in an attack situation. Who better to teach us than the guy who has won against You Know Who before?"]
Harry Potter / Kooza / 43d ago
A pink rose in her cheeks when it had been suggested that maybe she should be the one to make the pep talks. People were not really her thing and it was a known fact that she still preferred her books and studies over human company...well aside from Harry and Ron. Her words had more or less been meant to try and give Harry the confidence she was sure he needed. The confidence she knew that he lacked after years with his horrific family. And she wanted him to know in her own way that she could NEVER be disappointed in him and she was right there for him.

Breakfast had been silent for them as to not accidentally give any notions away that they were indeed up to something. And the carriage ride had been a little more talkative. Or at least there had been some ideas bounced around of what points they wanted to make and what explanation they wanted to give for starting the underground class. It was in the village did Ron leave them so he could venture to the joke shop with Seamus and Dean. [b "You know I think we are in luck that we've not seen her. It would most likely be you and me that she would be trying get ahold of. Maybe she got held up with her actual work and won't even be in Hogsmead this weekend."] Came soft and hopeful words.

A smile crossed her lips as Harry mentioned them needing something to help give them courage. And he was right because her own nerves were on edge too. [b "I think ice cream would be better. I mean the last thing we need is to feel too giddy."] She said as they went to get the ice creams.

Others passed them and half of them even she didn't know. It truly did look like Neville had been busy. Which was good because they wanted and needed as many of the other students involved as they could get. Dark times had fallen and they needed to know how to defend themselves and to NOT fall pray to the lies of the Ministry of Magic.

By the time Harry led her and Ron into the pub, it was nearly one and it was half filled of Hogwarts' students. Her hand gave his a squeeze to try and offer some comfort. [b "I know..and I don't either. But this is a good thing. Because more are willing to at least hear what we've got to say...and we can help more people try and keep safe in all of this."] She whispered as Neville finally came forward to them.

[i "We're all waiting to hear what you have in mind."] The boy said and offeres a smile. It was quiet clear he was proud of the turnout.
The boys looked at her with pure admiration. [i "Maybe Hermione should be making the pep talks,"] Ron clapped Harry on the shoulder.

If there was anyone that was going to motivate Harry to ensure this group succeeded, it would be her. Growing up with the Dursleys meant nothing he did was right, and it was ingrained him at this point to be terrified of disappointing people. Even if she'd told him a hundred times over that he couldn't disappoint her, that fear was still there. Even last year's dispute with Ron during the Tri-Wizard Tournament made him sick to his stomach. Failing at this was not an option.

A quick breakfast and carriage ride later, and the bustling town of Hogsmead was at their fingertips. They still had an hour to kill before they had to meet at the pub. Ron said a quick goodbye to meet up with Seamus and Dean on their excursion to the joke shop, leaving them alone. [b "Haven't spotted Umbridge yet, that's got to be a good sign,"] Harry noted, keeping an eye out for the walking nightmare. [b "Something tells me if she saw a group of Gryffindors crowded together in a pub, she'd shut the whole place down just for letting us in."]

Madam Rosemerta wouldn't care about the group of students taking over her pub, so long as they were paying customers. She was also less likely to rat them out to any nosy teachers sniffing around for reasons to punish students. Neville had picked the perfect location. [b "I think we're going to need something to bolster our courage before we talk with everyone. Maybe Felix Felicis,"] Harry mused, taking her hand as they walked through the crowded streets. [b "Or ice cream,"] he gestured to the shop. [b "That'll work just as well."]

More than once throughout the hour, students passing by had given them each a slight nod or excited smile. Once or twice there'd even been a quick, [i "See you soon!"]

It was nearing one o'clock when he led them to the pub, opening the door to find it was already half-full with familiar faces and eager newcomers. [b "That's a lot more than what was on the list,"] Harry's hand unconsciously tightened around hers, panic setting in as he sought out Neville's face in the crowd. [b "I don't even know half of them."]
Harry Potter / Kooza / 80d ago
If she said she wasn't nervous, it would be a lie. But she had to keep those sort of things to herself. She needed to be the one strong enough for Harry. Because she did believe in him and much more than he knew. He in a way had saved her from herself and she owed him everything. Of course he didn't know that, but it was something that she was aware of. That and the fact that she was completely crazy about him and he was her boyfriend. [b "It will work and we will be able to handle this. If at eleven we could handle the Sorcerer's Stone, twelve The Chamber of Secrets...Just everything we have over the years, this should be the easiest yet."] Okay, so maybe she didn't fully believe that herself, but it did ALMOST sound like it would be easier.

The time between meeting Neville for him to show them the Room of Requirements and the weekend Hogsmeade visit seemed to pass like magic, which was funny as they literally were in a magic school. But that morning, the girl was filled with both anticipation and nerves. She was greeted by Harry at the bottom of the stairs, which was a surprise as he was usually NEVER up before her voluntarily. And the hug and spin had the girl squeak, [b "We made it happen. This never would have if you two hadn't been willing to work with me to get it started. And we REALLY need to thank Neville too."] The girl said as her hand moved into Harry's.

A glare was shot at Ron and she rolled her eyes. She had been more afraid to lose a place that she felt she belonged and going back to a place where she was almost completely alone. That was what that phrase used to mean. But she didn't even open her mouth there. It was WAY too early to get into it with the Weasley boy and they really did need to think of what they could say.

[b "For starters...explain the real reason we are doing this. To take back what power we can and to make sure we are actually learning something and IF we need to can defend ourselves..."] The words had slipped out before she could stop them.
[i Girlfriend.] Just the word made a dopey grin appear on his face. She believed in him more than anyone else ever had, and if she said it was going to be a success then he wasn't going to doubt her. [b "We'll handle it just fine,"] he assured himself as well as her.

It turned out that Neville was clever enough to spread the word to just about everyone in their inner circle of friends, as well as friends of friends. By the morning of the Hogsmead trip, he'd already given Harry the list of names they could expect at the meet-up in Madam Rosmerta's pub. The list was nearly a full foot of parchment. Buzzing with excitement and nerves, Harry waited at the bottom of the girls' staircase for Hermione to join him. It wasn't often that he was awake before her - willingly, anyway - but he'd barely slept all night and was too jittery to stay in bed.

[b "There are fifteen people on this list,"] he greeted her with a smile and shaky hands as he held out the papers. [b "Who knows if this will get bigger? Fifteen people want to hear about this, just based on whatever Neville has said to them."]

He wasn't worried about keeping his voice down since half the names on the list belonged to residents of Gryffindor but he stepped closer to her. [b "You did this,"] he grabbed her in a hug and spun her around. [b "Hermione Granger, rebel extraordinaire!"]

[i "Rebel?"] Ron's yawning voice led his sleepy steps to them. [i "We're talking about Hermione, right? The witch who deemed expulsion worse than death?"]

Harry rolled his eyes, setting her back on her feet. [b "Neville's instructed everyone to be at the pub by one o'clock. That'll give us plenty of time to figure out what the bloody hell we're going to say."]
Harry Potter / Kooza / 88d ago
Neville was the last anyone would suspect to get involved in something like this which made him the perfect first person to join. He had also been the one to find the Room of Requirements and show it to them. Had even offered it as a safe place to practice and to learn. Those were her thoughts when the shy or in this case formerly shy Gryffindor boy had spoken up. [b "Actually, Neville. We would be happy to have you join us. As you said no one would suspect you to have a hand in this sort of thing.. And you did offer this place to us when we needed it...But can I ask one more favour? That you be the one who can get word out to others?"]Hermione asked and gave a pleading look. IF he was willing to do that too, then they would know just how serious he was in getting a proper defense against the dark arts class off the ground.

It turned out that Neville was more than willing to help. He had actually hoped that they would trust him more than just telling him what they had in mind and having him show them to The Room of Requirements.

Ron and Neville almost immediately went to the couch in front of the fireplace that had first appeared when the four had entered and both began to scribble down names. Some of which they became quite loud about. Hermione ALMOST wanted to join them and ALMOST wanted to have a hand in choosing those who would join them. But before she could, Harry's fingers laced with hers and he was leading her to a more secluded area so they could speak more privately.

Brown eyes met green and that boyish grin had her heart fluttering. It was nice to see that he was genuinely happy and relieved. Her eyes pulled slowly away from his and she did loom around the room for a moment. [b "I think this place will be perfect. It's amazing that we can get this started and it won't just be a 'silly whim' of ours."] She said, her own smile brightening and brown eyes sparkling.

[b "Of course I will help you. I would be the worst girlfriend in history if I didn't. I was the one to talk you into this after all."] The girl said and gave his hand a squeeze. She was both excited and nervous that thier plans were going to work out. All they needed were other students willing to join them.
[i "Are you kidding?"] Ron scoffed. [i "You just showed me a hidden napping place that I can totally use to my advantage. Of course this was worth it!"]

The nervousness Harry was feeling turned to a buzz of excitement. It felt real now. Their talks weren't going to fizzle out into nothingness; they were going to move forward with their planning. [b "Neville, we can't thank you enough for this,"] Harry's eyes shone with gratitude.

The other boy smiled and shrugged. [i "No one suspects me to get involved in something like this. I'd like to prove them wrong. As a fellow Gryffindor, I'd like to be the first one to sign up for training."]

The plan was finally off the ground. With Hogsmead weekend coming up, it would be perfect to get a rough idea of possible recruitment numbers without worrying about prying eyes or ears finding out. If they could figure out a way to announce a meeting without drawing unwanted attention, they could begin training within the week.

As Ron and Neville sat to comprise a list of potential recruits, Harry laced his fingers with Hermione's and tugged her to a more secluded area of the room. [b "What do you think?"] he looked around at the mirrors and practice dummies. [b "This could actually work. We hadn't expected anything like this when we were planning."]

Harry's boyish grin was firmly in place, meeting her eye. [b "Will you teach with me?"]
Harry Potter / Kooza / 102d ago
Brown eyes did stare after Neville as he walked into the room ahead of them and she did look to Harry. She knew that there had NEVER been a door here before and to see one now, well even in a magical school such as Hogwarts it was amazing. But then she did remember that the school had many spells and enchantments placed upon it and so some of the shock did start to wear off or at least it did a little.

When she and Ron had been motioned into the room ahead of their friend, Hermione dragged Ron in because he still was staring. And inside, Neville it seemed had taken a seat and looked all relaxed. It almost seemed as if he were at home and more than excited to be telling them about the room. Which, Hermione had to admit was nice to see as he was usually much more mousy about things. And she listened with interest, even when Ron and Harry both broke into the third Gryffindor boy's explanations.

[b "Actually, he's right. It was placed here ironically...I think by Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw. Both of them were more open to those who were being taught and believed that knowledge and needs should be met by the students...So Neville calling this the 'Room of Requirements'...isn't that far off. Especially with the details he's just given us."] Her words were soft as she was trying to remember something she read. Or at least thought that she had. It was hard to tell sometimes because she had gone through so many books over the years. A lot of them giving secrets away and others leading to more questions than there happened to be answers.

But then she fell silent again and was watching as the room changed to what Harry had in mind for their training. And she could see that 'Boy Who Lived' happened to be excited and more hopeful than he had been in...well she would have to say months. It was so good to see the glimpse of her best friend and the boy she had fallen for again.

Hermione then turned to Neville with a bright smile. [b "Harry's right, Neville! This place is brilliant and will help so much. Thank you!"] Even she couldn't help her own excitement as it looked like they were finally able to get their plan off the ground.

Neville smiled to them, seeming pleased with them being pleased.[i "So does this make up for dragging the lot of you out of bed?"] The boy asked them. It was mostly shot at the still grumpy Ron and Harry who was still taking the room in
Hermione / MourningGlory / 103d ago
That couldn't be right. Harry stuffed the cloak into his bag, scowling at the door that most certainly had not been there moments before. [b "You're joking, right?"] he openly doubted. [b "There's never been a classroom here before."]

Neville only smirked in response. [i "I didn't say it was a classroom. Now come on!"]

The door was real enough for the boy to open and step inside, leaving the trio baffled in the corridor. Harry gestured for the other to two go inside first, being carefully to quietly close the door behind him. Turning around, his jaw dropped at the warmly lit space that stretched out before them. Neville was sat on a plush couch facing a fireplace, feet up on the coffee table. [i "Welcome to the Room of Requirement."]

[i "The what?"] Ron spoke.

[i "Well, I'm not entirely sure if that's the real name but it certainly fits the description. It's kind of hard to explain but it'll do whatever we need it to."]

[b "What do you mean? And how does no one know about this place?"] Harry took in the mirrored walls along the far side, with a platform stage and - was that a practice dummy? [b "Neville, I'm going to need more information here."]

The boy jumped up from the couch and gestured for them to stand still. [i "Okay so I found this place when I was trying to hide from Malfoy and his idiots, right? So they're chasing me down the hall and I turned the corner but there was no nook for me to hide in. I started panicking and the next thing I knew, the door appeared behind me. I went inside and I thought for sure they'd be next through but no one ever came in. The door actually disappeared after I was inside. At the time I needed to just wait for them to leave so a chair and some tea appeared by the fire for me to cozy up with."]

[b "So it doesn't appear to anyone else?"]

[i "Only those in need of it. I've come back a few times and each time, it appears differently. It's looked like a library once, a bedroom for me to take a nap. It even looked like my living room back home once!"]

So it could transform to suit their needs. That was already more helpful than anything they had come up with so far. Harry looked to Hermione with excitement. [b "This is it!"]

[i "What will you need for practice?'] Neville questioned.

[b "Oddly enough, I was thinking dueling stages with practice dummies like that,"] Harry gestured to the platform behind them. [b "Will it make more of them?"]

Before Neville could answer, the room began to alter itself into something resembling a combat training room. [b "This is incredible,"] Harry breathed out, touching one of the dummies to ensure it wasn't just a hallucination. [b "It's perfect!"]
Harry Potter / Kooza / 119d ago
To say she was surprised to hear that both Harry and Ron were normally the last up and out of the dormitory would be a boldfaced lie. She knew from experience that the two boys were not at all morning people, but it was almost funny to hear it come from someone else as she was always complaining at them for it. [b "I'm sorry... I should have warned you last night that trying this would be...for want of better words a 'tall order'. So thank you for agreeing to help us, Neville. We owe you."] The bushy haired girl said as she gently shook both Harry and Ron.

It was almost a shame to wake at least Harry because he looked too adorable asleep. And that sleep smile made her cheeks flush slightly. [b "Morning to you too..but time to wake up."] She said as she gave an apologetic smile, moving to shake Ron harder and shaking her head at his complaints. [b "Because this is the only time we can. And Neville was nice enough to help us with all this."] Her words were barely uttered before Neville's own words had been said.

Once the "sleeping beauties" were awake, Hermione grabbed her bag and pulled it over her shoulder and she and Ron were helping Harry and Neville with the cloak, it being harder to make sure they were fully covered. [b "This should be easy enough... We could claim either an early morning patrol or a trip to the library. I am notorious for being in there early in the mornings and studying."] Hermione wanted the other lie just in case it wasn't fully believed of her and Ron patrolling.

Soon, the four were walking and Neville was whispering the ways for them to go. Both Ron and Hermione stayed just ahead of the other two, which proved to be slightly challenging as they had to listen to the soft echoes to make sure they had not lost them or gotten too far ahead. [b "This feels just like old times. Trouble and mischief."] Came soft words and a laugh as they came to a wall and brown eyes went to where she assumed Harry and Neville were.

[b "Neville..are you sure this is where the room is?"] She hissed softly.

Neville by now had stopped beside Harry and was looking at the wall. The hissed words barely phased the boy as he had not expected for them to get it. And since it was only the four as they had been watching the map as well, the shier boy pulled the cloak off. [i "Oh it's here."] He said and then pointed to the wall again where a door had now appeared. [i "Shall we?"]
Hermione / MourningGlory / 121d ago
[i "Hardly,"] Neville snorted. [i "These two are always the last to get out of bed in the mornings. Not early risers at all."]

Groggily opening his eyes to find Hermione's face looking down at him was probably the best way he'd ever woken up. Harry flashed a sleepy smile, arms stretching out as he sat up. [b "Morning, you,"] he greeted her, hair sticking out in all directions.

[i "Remind me again why we chose an early morning meeting time?"] Ron was more grumpy about the wake-up call. [i "All of our shenanigans usually take place at night."]

Neville rolled his eyes and pulled the invisibility cloak off them. [i "Because I'm in charge today, and I do my best thinking bright and early."]

With all present and accounted for, Harry and Neville were forced to get up close and personal as they struggled to cover both of them with the cloak. The shier boy must have hit another growth spurt over the summer, as he had to crouch slightly to ensure their shoes weren't poking out the bottom. [i "Alright, the two of you go about as if you're just patrolling. It wouldn't be that uncommon for two prefects of the same House to be on schedule together so there shouldn't be trouble if a teacher or other prefect bump into us. I'll whisper the directions to you, and we'll be right behind you,"] Neville instructed Ron and Hermione.

It was quite possibly the most awkward walk Harry had ever had the experience of. Neville's knees bumped into his every other step until they found a rhythm that kept them from tripping over one another. [i "It's the first corridor on the left once we get up the stairs to the right,"] the other boy whispered to their friends in front of them.

[b "Can we not use engorgio to make the cloak bigger,"] Harry grumbled at the warm breath in his ear.

[i "The cloak is already full of magic. I'm not entirely sure trying to make it bigger won't affect the spell it's already under,"] Neville was apologetic.

[i "Isn't this better than patrolling with Malfoy,"] Ron teased Hermione with a nudge to her arm. [i "Breaking rules to find a hidden room no one knows about but us?"]
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