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"The Grandest Ball Of The Century" 'Brave Cinders' MeridaXCinderella

By SakuHinaLover
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(For Merida & Cinderella)
(Snow/Cold will be replaced by mentions of fire,the darkest fairytale/of dead of night would be Merida swearing up to Cinderella's stepmother at night at some point

(Merida's voice when shes asked to sing)

(Another of Merida)

(When the whole four families of scotland are together and have a fight which Elinor breaks up, once the fight is broken Elinor turns her head back and finds a young child who was a maids child who was crying because she was scared of the fighting so Elinor goes over to her, the scottish musicians start playing knowing what she was going to do after she picked up the little girl even though the girl was just a servant and a normal noble would ignore the child Elinor was motherly to the girl to everybody's shock, as she sits down she begins to sing.)
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YavannaCinderella   8y ago

Her days always started early, but she liked the early morning hours better. Her step sisters and step mother were still in bed asleep, not demanding anything of her yet. There were chickens, pigs, horses, goats, and other animals to feed and tend to. Milk and eggs to gather and bring to the kitchen, fires to stoke and breakfast to cook.

During all her work she had a smile and hummed to herself. She ate her breakfast while fixing three trays for the rest of her family. Teapots with tea brewing, and eggs frying over the fire. There was a knock at the door. She rushed toward the front door, wiping her hands on her threadbare apron. Best open it before it woke her mother and sisters. Standing there looking tall and proper was a finely dressed messenger with a bag full of the same letter he held out to her. “A message from the King and Queen.”

With this letter delivered the messenger returned to his horse to finish his long trip and Cinderella shut the door only to hear,”Cinderella!”

It wasn’t her real name, but no one had called her by her real name is so many years. “Coming mother!” She called, returning to the kitchen. Tucking the letter on her step mothers breakfast tray she finished with preparing all three and picked up the one for her step mother.

With practiced smooth grace Cinderella took the tray to the master bedroom where her step mother was still sitting in bed,”A letter for you, mother.” Her step mother preferred to simply be called mother. One slap was all it took for Cinderella to remember to leave out the ‘step’.

Arching one thin eyebrow the older woman plucked the letter from the tray and broke the seal,”From the palace. In three days time there is to be a ball, lasting for three days. Every eligible lady is to attend.” A ball? Cinderella would love to go, to wear a beautiful dress and dance would be like a dream.

Cradling the letter as something precious her step mother stood, crossing to her tiny table and chair where she often ate breakfast. Cinderella immediately set down the tray and poured the tea while her step mother talked,”We must look our best. There is so much to do and only three days to prepare. Cinderella, you will come with us to the market. Go wake your sisters, we must beat the crowd.”
SakuHinaLover     8y ago

[b[i After two years after Brave]]
[i[+red After two years after that Murdun business had gone past, Ye expect things had changed, sure somethin's had changed Ah got the freedom Ah wantit but ma mither still tries tae push me tae marry, Ah wish one of me wee brothers was the older sibbling, even after two years those three de'ils can still get away with murder while Ah still can't get away with anythin.Ah still have duties,responsibilities and expectations but Ah'm happy that ma life isn't written oot anymore by ma mither,she had changed the way Ah wantit after the fight with murdun Ah just hope it stays that way]]

Merida walked in her normal happy stride through the grand doors that lead to the dining room where her family was eating their dinner unware that their family were invited to a ball far away that happened once a year to bring all the royality of every kingdom together as a world peace day but there was something else to it that Merida would dread at when she would be told. As Merida walked

in the room Merida's father Fergus was telling the story of what happened to Merida and Elenor that was told to him by Merida herself though he wasn't particularly pleased that Merida had a witch turn his wife into a bear but soon he was greatful because he could boast about his wife how she fought the mighty murdun with her bare claws and mighty strength,even now nobody grew tired of the story unlike Fergus's legend, Elenor was secretly smiling behind letters as pride swelled within her she was trying to keep it a bay since a queen shouldn't be boastful so she let her husband do it for her as she kept her queenly composure while her three boys stared at their father intensly in awe and excitement as if they had only heard the story today, untill Merida came behind her father. [+red "Then as murdun was about to charge at me, boom went the rock as it landed on the bloodthirsty murdun taking his very life and freeing the old kingdoms fourth son spirit. Some say if ye get the mighty bear queen"]

[+red angry she'll turn into a bear and gobble yer soul"]Merida finished of the story finishing of with a poor impression of bear sounds before she sat down putting her bown on the table and her father Fergus groaned [+brown "Aww that was my favourite part"]as he slumped against his chair like a disappointed child causing Elenor to put down the letters without reading the invitation yet showing the new hair style she developed two years ago before she smiled at her husband. [+gold "Ye know I refrain from boatings Fergus, I think ye exaggerate about how I 'would turn into a bear if angered and eat the soul of who angered me'"]Elenor explained/stated causing Fergus to puff up his chest in pride [+brown "A king has the right to boast about his queen especially one as grand as ye Elenor"] Fergus stated as he face beamed with a smile causing Elenor to smile coyly and thank her husband in response even though she was far from coy before spotting Merida bow on the table causing her to sigh noticing some

habits never seem to go away but she had told Merida weapons shouldn't be on the table many time even after the murdun insident because tables were for eating on not for weapons to be placed upon so she opened her mouth. [+gold "Merida weapons off the table"] Elenor kindly ordered but show some distast that a weapon was on the table causing Merida to sigh slightly with annoyance as she got her bow and placed it on the floor with some attitude that Elenor simply ignored and said [+gold "Thank ye dear"] before she looked down at the letters again reading through each one untill she found the letter that would change Merida's no the whole four royal families lives forever as Elenor opened it and begun to read it her queenly composure turned into a expression of surprise then excitement before she turned to Fergus. [+gold "Fergus the ball of peace is tomorrow night and the invitation asks all [i eligible] ladies is to attend"]Elenor explained as she gave Merida a glance as she said eligible causing Fergus to eye

Merida who immediately caught on what they were talking about her mother was going to try to get Merida to meet another prince to she if she fell in love with him. [+red Aug Mum no not another one don't you think three is enough?"]Merida groaned as she placed her head on the table causing her long curly hair to go every which way on the table which she didn't really care about, the sight of Merida's reaction caused a tight frown on Elenor's lips before she opened her mouth unware the triplets were very entertained by what was going on but kept quiet so they wouldn't ruin the show infront of them. [+brown "Since you didn't have interest in the lords sons, maybe this prince might perk your interest Merida, i'm not asking you to marry him i'm asking you to meet him to see if you will develop a interest"] Elenor explained the whole arrangement perking Merida's interested and caused her to move her unruly mane from one eye. [+red "And if I don't develop a interest in the lad can I enjoy the ball without being ]

[+red being pushed towards every 'eligible' lad mum?"]Merida asked causing Fergus and the boys to look at Elenor who was slightly taken back by Merida's bargain it was a hard one but a fair one so with hesitation because she had a gutt feeling that Merida wouldn't be interested in the prince but if she refused Merida's bargain Merida would refuse to go so she slowly opened her mouth. [+gold "If you don't develop a interest in the prince you may enjoy the ball as you wish Merida"] Elenor stated in a slight hesitant tone causing Merida to jump out of the seat and say. [+red "Then lets get going come on Harris, Hubert, Hamish we got a ball to [i pack] for"] Merida gave a small smirk causing the boys to have mischievous sparks in their eyes before they ran off to pack for the ball as Merida picked up her bow then walked towards the doors that she came through go to her room to pack while Elenor looked at Fergus in a puzzled way causing him to shrug his shoulders and say. [+brown "Your answer is good as mine las]

s" before he to glanced at the direction Merida exited from.

By Eleven at night the DunBroch family had set of towards the ball that was in a land far away that would take them till nine at the next night to get there by carriage that was pulled by Angus Merida's mighty stallion and Elenor's wonderful mare.

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YavannaCinderella   8y ago

The rest of that first morning before the ball passed in a rush. Her sisters were grumpy until told about the ball, and then that was all they could talk about. Cinderella helped all three into lovely dresses and pin their dark hair into buns and bouncing curls. Her blonde hair was pulled up with a simple tie and her dress was faded, threadbare, and patched repeatedly with differing colors and types of thread and fabric.

Dressed like that the four women went into the market. Her step mother was not exactly poor, but neither was she rich. Somehow the twice widow managed to always get the best deals from merchants and stretch her coin as far as it could go. Today was no different.

“Ah, Monna! Always a pleasure to see you.” The dressmaker greeted her step mother warmly.

“Lovely to see you, too. How are the children? I’m sure you must be terribly busy with the ball…” Monna feigned distress while her two children had gone to look and touch the fabrics all over the shop and Cinderella stood dutifully behind, hoping.

“Not too busy for my favorite customer. No fear, I’m sure I can do something for you.” Unlike many other merchants her step mother paid the dressmaker a fair price, though she brought her own fabric purchased from a widower merchant who had his eye on her. She also threw in favors, having Cinderella bring by eggs or cheese, and sometimes leftover meat, which the woman was always grateful for to feed seven children.

While they discussed details Cinderella let her mind wander, drinking in the beautiful bright colors and imagining the texture of the fabric. How it would feel against her skin, how beautiful it would look as she danced. Maybe just this once she could go. It had said every [i eligible] lady. Technically both her parents had been minor nobility, but now it was almost impossible to tell her apart from a servant. The soot smudges and rags couldn’t hide the fact that she was pretty, no matter how much her step mother wished it would. She did not want her step daughter to outshine her real daughters.

“So to save time I’ll just alter dresses you have. Your girls will look beautiful, I have no doubt. It will be my best work yet. So three for Camellia and three for Dalia. Just send the dresses over as soon as you can and I’ll get them ready.”

Cinderella’s heart sank. Dresses for Camellia and Dalia, but none for her. Well, maybe she didn’t need a new dress. “Come along girls. The day is just beginning.”

They stopped by to look at jewels, though they didn’t buy any, and as usual Cinderella ended up carrying the food and supplies they bought. She didn’t dare complain. She was used to heavy loads back from the crowded market, and she desperately wanted her step mother to be happy with her. If she was, then she might just take Cinderella to the ball with them.

Back at home the sisters tore through their wardrobes searching for dresses. The selected ones, along with fabric and a little basket of eggs, were sent off. While her step sisters went over their lessons Cinderella set out from their estate just outside the city. By now things were even worse. Not only were locals busy with wild preparations, but travelers had come from near and far for the ball. Her bundle was heavy and large and she made her way through the throng of people. It would only get worse as the ball got closer, she knew. The castle was here, and that was the center of the world right now.

As the DunBroch family got to the to the other land they surprisingly got there in the afternoon not the evening so it was quiet light. in the carriage the family took turns driving the carriage except the triplets who were at this moment asleep on their mothers lap while Fergus and Elenor looked at the scenery, the normal carriage driver was sleep, Merida was sitting on the roof of the carriage while muady was driving causing some people to stare at her as she was taking everything in thinking the village was amazing,she hadn't been here ever so the scenery awed her in no end untill she a poor lass struggling with her things so Merida opened her mouth. [+red "Stop the carriage Maudy"]Merida ordered as she turned her head at the blonde girl causing the maid to jump but keep hold of the reigns. [+grey "I can't your parents wants to get there as soon as possible"]Maudy explained causing Merida to groan loudly and decided to jump of the carriage from the from the back, causing Maudy to shout princess Merida

which caused everyone in the carriage to either wake up and immediately look outside or immediately look outside the sight of Merida running down the road Elenor shout from the carriage as it stopped [+gold "Merida where are you going!"] Elenor shouted thinking she was running away from the ball but once she saw what she was running towards Elenor smiled, proud that Merida had a sweet heart but Fergus didn't know that so once Elenor was ignored Fergus shouted [+brown "Lass!-] but before he could should anymore Elenor placed her hand on his and told him to have a strong look where she was heading, once he did he saw Merida now jogging towards a poor lass that was having a hard time carrying her things the sight caused Fergus to smile and Elenor to say. [+gold "She has a kind heart"] as she smiled while the triplets watched their sister by sticking their heads out the window, the words of his queen caused Fergus to smile bigger and say [+brown "Ai she has"]Fergus agreed proudly as he watched his daughter.

Once Merida got closer to the girl she walked the rest before she opened her mouth. [+red "Are you alright there lass? do you need some help with that?"]Merida asked the blonde girl who had stuff piled in her hands that reached her face so Merida couldn't see the girls face so Merida definitely sure the blonde girl needed help.

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YavannaCinderella   8y ago

Cinderella couldn’t quite see over the bundled up dresses after she shifted them to avoid dropping them. Too late she wondered if it might have been better to take two trips, but then she heard someone ask if she needed help. The accent was thick and a bit foreign. From the north? “Oh, you really don’t have to. I’m sure I can manage, I don’t want to trouble you.” The bundles threatened to topple over so she had to correct it again. She couldn’t let anything happen to these dresses. Things had to be perfect when she asked her step mother if she could go with them.

When a bundle disappeared from in front of her face anyway she panicked for a moment before realizing the other girl had lightened her load. She had the wildest hair Cinderella had ever seen, untamed and beautiful with a kind face. Cinderella couldn’t help but immediately think this girl was like a wildflower,”Ah, thank you. Sorry for the trouble, the shop is this way.”

As she started walking Cinderella made small talk, trying to be friendly to the clearly foreign girl,”Are you here for the ball?”

((Hope it's okay I had her take some of the dresses~ Seemed like she was going to anyway. If you want me to change it I can ^_^))

“Oh, you really don’t have to. I’m sure I can manage, I don’t want to trouble you.” Merida eyes shifted into a slightly worried expression before she decided to speak [+red "Ye sure about that lass it'll be no trouble at all-"]Merida asked/explained but before she could manage to finish talking she immediately saw that the bundle was swaying immediately causing Merida to put her arms out to steady them or catch what might fall. [+red "Easy there lass your carrying too much"]Merida explained as she reached to take some but some fell in her arms as she reached luckly thing Merida was there or whoever these dresses were would be going to wear a dress at the ball with a big dirt stain and that would be something. [+red "Ye almost had dirt stained dresses to go to the ball in, that would be something."]Merida smiled as she moved the bundle in her arm in a comfortable position as she slightly chuckled before looking at the blonde once more, the new sight of the blonde caused Merida to blink a few times because she

thought she was talking to a creature that looked like a human size of one those dolls she saw in the window of a store that read 'pauline's porcelain dolls', Merida had the urge to poke at the blonde cheek to confirm she was human and just not a life size doll but she refrained from doing so because the girl would ask why Merida poked her, that would be embarrassing to explain so she continued to stare slightly untill the blonde spoke.”Ah, thank you. Sorry for the trouble, the shop is this way.” Merida immediately came out of her daze and smiled at the girl. [+red You're welcome lass. Like I said it's no trouble at all, it might have been if they fell on the ground so i'm happy to help"]Merida stated as she walked besides the girl slowly since they alot of time till the ball started which Merida had already forgotten since her enjoyment of the outdoors had blew the memory of the ball with the wind untill the blonde had mentioned it. ”Are you here for the ball?”. The question caused Merida to frown slightly

and sigh before she decided to answer [+red "It was all my mum's idea to come, she wants me to meet the prince to see if I develop a interest..I told her it will all be for nort like the three lords from our beloved scottland and I didn't need a fourth headache to add on the rest, but I managed to bargain with my mother, if I don't develop a interest in the prince she'll leave me be during the rest of the ball."]Merida explained as she walked finishing her explanation with a small victory smirk before she was about to ask the blonde's name but her own was shouted by Fergus her father. [+brown "Merida, Lass we're we're going to the castle, your brother's need to do their business, we'll meet ye there when ye get there alright Lass!?"]Merida turned towards the shout of her father noticing they had been waiting for her to come back but since Merida was determined to help the blonde girl they would go without her knowing she'll make her way there on her own. [+red "Ai dad I'll meet ye there soon!!"]Merida shouted

back deciding not to wave goodbye just in case she dropped the bundle she was carrying but Fergus waved anyway before he got in the carriage once more, once he was in the carriage Maudy got the carriage going again leaving Merida and the blonde behind. [+red So..what's your name Lass?"]Merida asked as she acted like the shouting conversation was completely normal even though a few people gave Merida a judgmental glance thinking if it was proper for a lady to act in such away and even judged her unruly curly mane which Merida was either clueless of or she simply couldn't care less.
YavannaCinderella   8y ago

It would have been terrible to drop the dresses, so she was glad to have the help. So this girl had a number of suitors, and wasn’t interested in any of them. Cinderella smiled, the look turning puzzled when she heard a shout. She turned with the redhead to see what it was.

Dad? And he’d called for Merida, so that must be her name. People were staring, and Cinderella shifted her feet, not entirely comfortable with the attention. She watcher Merida, thinking how calm and easy she looked with so many eyes on her. The castle, lords… Merida must be someone important, but Cinderella’s lessons had ended years ago. She could read and write, count and such, but was not familiar with many noble or royal families.

“My name? Oh, um…” She started walking again, hoping the crowd would go back to ignoring her like they always did,”Everyone calls me Cinderella. Is your name Merida? It’s a pretty name, Lady Merida.” She took a guess on a title and hoped she was right, or at least being polite.

Merida had noticed the girls discomfort so she put her head to the side slightly in a questioning expression acting clueless to the stares so those who were staring couldn't be seen by the blonde, untill the girl had spoke and started walking again causing Merida to put her head straight and follow her. “My name? Oh, um…” The slight hesitance caused Merida to raise a brow and slightly open her mouth to ask if the blonde was alright because she was hesitating to tell Merida her name but as Merida opened her mouth the blonde had spoke again and introduced herself unware her last word would be funny to Merida. ”Everyone calls me Cinderella. Is your name Merida? It’s a pretty name, Lady Merida.” Merid tried to keep her laughter in so she wouldn't seem rude to Cinderella but she couldn't keep it in after a few second first she snorted before she started giggling. [+red Lass nobody has called me a lady since ma family had the three lords an' their sons joinin the traditional games tae win ma hand, let me tell ye]

[+red it didn't end sae well, Ah'm not much ae a lady because who's heard O a lady trained in archery an' shooting arrows across the glen,trained tae weld a sword an' use it or loves the great outdoors sae much she loves the dirt under her feet,she climbs michty mountains tae drink from the golden waterfalls an' swim in lakes."] Merida explained/stated/questioned while she slowly calmed down untill she was chuckling on slightly then she just had a smile and a flustered face from the laughing [+red "Now Ah'm just titled Merida O DunBroch or just Merida which Ah like more than formal stuff"]Merida explained leaving out she was the princess and future queen of all of scotland since she didn't want people swarming to her or her new companion to curtsy to her. [+red "sae Cinderella huh? it reminds me O those hot cinders that comes oot the fire when oor smith makes swords when Ah was a wee bairn Ah used tae think they were fireflies or orange willow-o-wisps an' stare at them as they flew aroun,Ah used tae think]

[+red they were dancing for me, Ah always cried afterwards because Ah thought when they turned black their lives ended just tae give me the joy tae watch them dance,sae Cinderella is a pretty name in ma experience lass"]Merida explained/complemented as she continued to walk without dropping her bundle.
YavannaCinderella   8y ago

So Merida wasn’t one for titles. Cinderella smiled, thinking that just fit. Wild and sweet, she really was like a wildflower. Archery and sword fighting. She glanced over at the other girl, that wild mane of hair. Yes, it was easy to picture her being out in the woods with a bow and arrow. “Golden waterfalls…” Cinderella murmured, turning the corner down the next street, smaller than the last. They were almost there.

She listened about the cinders. That was why she had gotten the name, sleeping by the fire with no bed of her own anymore. Her sisters had shared a room with each other while her father had lived. When he died her step mother had given Dalia the room. “I see. I like sitting by the fire too. It’s warm.” She didn’t want to get into details with a stranger. That when winter came it was the only thing that kept her from freezing.

The shop saved her from searching too hard for another subject. She managed to open the door,”We’re here.” The dressmaker was there in a flash, taking the dresses and unfolding them”Ah yes. Yes yes yes.”

It was always fascinating to see how quickly the dressmakers hands moved. She had all the dresses laid out on top of each other on the table, and the basket of eggs in hand as soon as Cinderella held it out,”I’m sure Monna will be happy with the work. Tell her to bring the girls by the day before the ball for a final fitting.”

“I will.” Cinderella bowed her head and slipped out of the shop, her arms empty,”Thank you again for the help, Merida. Do you need help finding anyplace here?” If Merida was foreign Cinderella reasoned she might not be familiar with the area, and she’d separated from her family to help so it was only right to help in return.

“I see. I like sitting by the fire too. It’s warm.” Merida nodded slightly with a smile and eyes that showed she was interested by her new surroundings it was a whole new world unware that Cinderella was slightly uncomfortable when she said. “I see. I like sitting by the fire too. It’s warm.” but Merida was still listening to her words causing Merida look at Cinderella, open her mouth and say. [+red "Ai especially at winter"] before they both went down the road till Cinderella said ”We’re here.” announcing that they were at their destination causing Merida to turn her head from a shop that had weapons glissing behind the glass and to the shop they were headed to, the sight of the things that were displayed in the windows caused Merida to silently whimper in discomfort because she saw the torturous things that were [b corsets] one of those horrible things almost crushed her lungs when her mother put one of her she was certainly sure those dreadful things were made for torture, how other young ladies coped

with those things sucking the life out of their bodies was beyond her, as she entered the horrifying place after Cinderella she caught a shiver up her spine because even though it was two years since she wore a corset she could still feel the pressure against her waist as she looked at the clothing she didn't wish to see again but she pushed her discomfort away to the back of her mind for Cinderella's sake and also she didn't want humiliate herself so she stood straight with a small smile on her face as dressmaker came towards them and took the dresses from them with a large amount of enthusiasm. ”Ah yes. Yes yes yes.” and then quickly put them on the tables, Merida was amazed by how fast the dressmaker was but she noticed she wasn't as fascinated as Cinderella, the sight of Cinderella's eyes twinkling out of innocent fascination caused Merida to forget about the corsets and smile genuinely before turning her eyes back at the dressmaker who said. ,”I’m sure Monna will be happy with the work. Tell her to bring

the girls by the day before the ball for a final fitting.” [+red[i these were other lass's dresses whit aboot Cinderella?]] Merida thought questioning how many girls there were in Cinderella's family because the dressmaker didn't mention that Cinderella had to come back for a final fitting the realisation caused Merida's face expression to twist into a expression of confusion but also showed she had a bad feeling in her gutt and her gutt was always 99% right if not 100% right, though as she was about to open her mouth to question the dressmaker about Cinderella's dress Cinderella had slipped out the shop again after giving a simple “I will.” causing Merida to change her mind on her words. [+red "Hey lass wait"]Merida called as she went after Cinderella, once outside Merida turned her head towards Cinderella but before she could say a word Cinderella spoke. ”Thank you again for the help, Merida. Do you need help finding anyplace here?” Merida gave Cinderella a small smile as a response before opening her mouth

[+red "Ye're welcome Cinderella Ah'm happy tae hae helped ye, na Ah just hae tae gae tae the castle Ah think Ah can find ma way there easily but Ah don't need tae gae there untill later. sae Ah hae alot O time tae spare till then, Ah know cud ye show me aroun the village?, this is ma first time here sae Ah micht get lost withoot a guide"]Merida answered deciding to leave the dress related subject be till they were of on their tour.
YavannaCinderella   8y ago

To go to the castle Merida must be from some important family, but Cinderella still wasn’t sure just how important since she mostly knew about the local lords and her own royal family,”I would be glad to, Merida.” With a sweet smile Cinderella led the way back toward the large main street,”Just in case you do get a little lost, the main road is a good place to find, if you can. Also, the castle can be seen from most anywhere, so it’s a good landmark when you need to find your way.”

Without the awkward bundles to carry Cinderella walked quicker, gracefully weaving between the people. She was very light on her feet,”The main street here has plenty of shops, and the side streets just off of them for a little bit. This should have most of what you need, really. After this the shops get fewer and it spreads out into homes and estates. So unless you’re visiting someone, you’ll want to stick near this road and you shouldn’t have much trouble.”

Standing near the wall of a building Cinderella pointed to each shop in turn,”That’s another dressmaker, but my mother says she overcharges. If you want fruit, I’d go there. Tom always has the best prices without selling rotten fruit. That’s the inn, and they have a stable if you want to borrow a horse. I think the fee is probably fair enough. That’s the blacksmith down there, and the goldsmith next to him. Next to the goldsmith is the jeweler, if you’d like to see what jewelry we have here. It’s always so beautiful in there, so many gems shining in the light.” She sighed wistfully. Her mother and sisters always got jewels for themselves, and like fine dresses Cinderella had never gotten one. Not since her father died. Maybe if she was very good they would let her borrow a necklace or something for the ball.

[+lightblue,”I would be glad to, Merida.”] Merida beamed with a smile because she thought Cinderella would say no because she had other things to do but she said yes to Merida relief because she didn't have to go to a boring castle, once you've seen one castle the rest are most of the time similar, they all have objects to show how rich they were and high thrones to measure their power amongst other things which Merida didn't care about, a roof over her head a place to sleep and some good twigs and rock to keep warm and cook her food on near a lake was good enough for her. [+red "Thank ye Cinderella"] Merida thanked Cinderella with a beaming smile before they set of on the tour as they walked Merida looked around taking everything in with her eyes and into her brain to make a memory of whar she seem before Cinderella spoke catching Merida's attention again. [+lightblue ”Just in case you do get a little lost, the main road is a good place to find, if you can. Also, the castle can be seen from most]

[+lightblue ”anywhere, so it’s a good landmark when you need to find your way.”]Merida nodded in response amazed how Cinderella could memorise all of this village and explain it in necessary detail but she figured that Cinderella had lived her whole life here so thats why she could memorise it all but it was still impressive because even if Merida had lived here for her whole life she would only beable fully memorise half of the village, as they went on Cinderella continued to amaze Merida with her memory and producing it into spoken detail. [+lightblue ”The main street here has plenty of shops, and the side streets just off of them for a little bit. This should have most of what you need, really. After this the shops get fewer and it spreads out into homes and estates. So unless you’re visiting someone, you’ll want to stick near this road and you shouldn’t have much trouble.”] Merida turned her eyes to everything Cinderella was pointing to untill she decided to speak. [+red "Ye hae a amazing memory Cindere]

[+red lla and tae beable tae put it spoken detail is amazing tae, if Ah live here Ah wud only beable tae memorise hauf o this village"]Merida commented as she slightly chuckled before she realised she was in a crowd of people and she was rapidly losing Cinderella so Merida walked quickly gently pushing people out her way with her strength since she lacked the swiftness get past them right now because she didn't notice before, once she in a position to swiftly go through the remaining people she walked through the small tide of people untill she reached Cinderella acting she was right besides her all along once she was by her side again as Cinderella spoke while she turned her face to look at Merida who she expected to be by her side which Merida was who gave her a big nervous smile that was a bit too big to be a genuine it was almost as if Merida was poorly hiding something but there was a sign of hope Cinderella wouldn't ask so she didn't instead she said. [+lightblue ,”That’s another dressmaker, but my]

[+lightblue ”mother says she overcharges. If you want fruit, I’d go there. Tom always has the best prices without selling rotten fruit. That’s the inn, and they have a stable if you want to borrow a horse. I think the fee is probably fair enough. That’s the blacksmith down there, and the goldsmith next to him. Next to the goldsmith is the jeweler, if you’d like to see what jewelry we have here. It’s always so beautiful in there, so many gems shining in the light.”]As Cinderella said fruit Merida thought her mouth watered she'd love an apple right now and when Cinderella said something about a smith Merida face turned into the excitement of a child that was told christmas was coming early but as she was going to ask Cinderella if they go get fruit and look at the smiths work she heard the longing sigh that Cinderella made as she spoke about jewellery like she never had any so casting her own wants aside Merida let a small smile go across her lips which grew bigger to trick Cinderella she was interested in

jewellery but really her smile grew bigger at the thought of Cinderella's reaction why they decided to go to the jewellery store. [+red "Lets gae tae the jewellery shop, Ah micht pick somethin oot fur the baw"]Merida explained to Cinderella not technically lying because she might pick something out if something perked her interested, before turning her eyes to the jewellery store trying to fight the urge to look at the fruit and the might forge that was calling her name while she walked in her normal stride and unlady like swung her arms as she walked pushing back the thoughts of apples and forges with the thought of Cinderella's reaction which kept the big smile that was soon genuine up as she strided towards the jewellery deciding to get the things she wanted afterwards and might go on a horse ride afterwards to. Once at the door of the store Merida pushed to open and held it open for Cinderella, after they were both in Merida stood in the middle of the room and gave Cinderella the cheesest grin she could

muster before opening her mouth. [+red "Right now Lass..,pick whitever jewellery ye want an' Ah'll buy it fur ye"]Merida stated as her playful cheesy grin turned into a proud one at the sight of Cinderella stunned face and the her eyes bulged open like they were plates or were to fall out of their sockets if she widened them anymore and gods her mouth, her mouth impressioned a fish or Cinderella was attempting to catch flying bugs in her mouth, if she kept it open as wide as that she might catch more than a few, the sight caused Merida to fight the urge to laugh at the amusing expression on Cinderella's face because if she laughed it would seem Merida was playing a cruel joke on Cinderella and Merida would never be that cruel to anyone especially Cinderella who hasn't been nothing but sweet to her so Merida just looked at Cinderella intensely waiting her to atleast show she was breathing or react more than just stare at her like she'd been literally smacked by a random stranger and that stranger ran

away like a psycho leaving poor Cinderella dumbfouned, unsure how to react to the unusual event after a minute Merida couldn't help it but slightly giggle and walk towards to Cinderella then click her fingers infront of her eyes before saying. [+red "Cinderella, Lass ye alright there?, hellloooo Cinderella?.., atleast breath lass!"]Merida tried to get Cinderella out of her daze with the clicking of her fingers when that didn't work she finally shuck her hard by the shoulders but not hard to hurt her but hard enough to force her back to the living and blink causing Merida to smile. [+red "Ah thought Ah lost ye there lass, welcome back tae the livin"]Merida laughed slightly before waiting for Cinderella to use her vocal cord to speak.
YavannaCinderella   8y ago

Lets, as in both of them? Cinderella knew she had chores to do still, but she followed along anyway. It would be fun to look and help Merida pick something out. Green, maybe. The color seemed to suit the redhead.

Inside the jewelry store finely dressed ladies and lords looked over sparkling gems set in gold and silver. They turned when the two girls entered, then looked away with a whispered word and a chuckle. “[i Probably some servants picking up something for their mistress, nothing to see.]” Cinderella heard one woman mutter to what seemed to be her daughter. Merida’s next words drowned out any whispers, and quieted the room after.

Cinderella couldn’t quite form words. It was unbelievably kind of Merida to offer, but it was too much. No one had given her anything like this for so long. In the years since her father had died every bit of finery left by her real mother or her father for her had been taken by her step mother. Cinderella was utterly shocked, her thoughts scattered until she felt her shoulders shake. Blinking rapidly Cinderella started by shaking her head “N-n-n-no, I couldn’t possibly… It’s very kind, but--”

“If you two [i ladies] are done playing, please leave and find somewhere else for your games. I’m very busy today and I have a reputable business to run.” The thin older man who owned the jewelery shop cut in. He eyed Cinderella up and down with a critical look, her face turning red under the scrutiny and her eyes turning down to the floor,”Unless Monna sent you on some errand, girl, you best get home or I’ll tell her what you’ve been up to.”

[+lightblue “N-n-n-no, I couldn’t possibly… It’s very kind, but--”]Merida's fiery smile never faulted but slight lost its beam at Cinderella's refusal but even thought she was refusing a gift for the great tour Cinderella kindly given her, Merida wasn't going to give up she was a fire that was determinded to fight against the cruel frosty wind untill it dies out knowing it might lose in the first place but as she was about to open her mouth to argue with Cinderella unware that people stared at them in utter shock, she noticed Cinderella had became silent because she was disturbed by a old man at the counter of the shop. [+darkgrey “If you two ladies are done playing, please leave and find somewhere else for your games. I’m very busy today and I have a reputable business to run.”]Merida turned to the old man with a sideways glare that was hidden by her hair, the nerve of the man, his words awakened a roaring flame inside of Merida causing her to turn around with her hair still covering the burning rage of fire
SakuHinaLover     8y ago

as she heard what the old goat had the nerve to say next [+darkgrey ”Unless Monna sent you on some errand, girl, you best get home or I’ll tell her what you’ve been up to.”] The old man had the nerve to threaten Cinderella and humiliate her infront of other people, Merida was a woman that valued her friends more than money or riches, treated her people equal to the members of the throne because everybody from Fergus the bear king, Queen Elenor,The Three Princes's to a commoner was family and dear friends which she had the privilege to have in her life in her eyes, so she would NOT stand and let Cinderella or herself be treated like this so she walked up to the man in a quick pace while she swung her arms unlady like, once she was at the counter she slamed her hands on the counter before speaking. [+red "How dare ye speak tae ma frein' like thon ye disrespectful dug,hae ye no respect fur others?!...Ah see now ye only respect the wealthy if thon is the case then here ye are keek at this"]Merida angerly asked/

realised that this country didn't value their people as equal, this made Merida more angery as she took out her royal ring from her pocket,making sure Cinderella didn't get a glimpse of it,Merida was slightly huffing in anger the sight of her display would make a person think she was ill-tempered or 'Crabbit' in scottish she was far beyond it when someone she valued was disrespected in such a way,but as the ring was roughly place on the counter that showed the royal scotland symbol which was also placed on the letters that was scent saying the royal family of this country would be renewing the peace treaty with scotland since the treaty had expired recently, the sight of the ring caused the old man to go white and stare at the ring in utter shock and fear, fearing he had just been disrespectful to the princess and future queen of scotland and thought of literally losing his head for such disrespect caused him to stutter as he tried to form an apology. [+darkgrey "I-I-I-I'm s-s-sorry my L-lady I didn't know]

[+darkgrey you were P-"]Merida's throat gave of a mighty growl that was equal of a defencive bear before deciding to disturb what the old fool was going to say. [+red "it dinna matter wha Ah am now apologise tae ma frein' or Ah'll take ma business else were"]Merida disturbed him, making him fear if he attempt to say princess again she'll rip his head and seeing how angry she was she might actually do it especially after the growl her throat formed again, so the old man slowly turned his head to Cinderella to form an apology while Merida swiftly picked up her family ring and put it in her pocket before anyone besides herself and the old man had the chance to get a glimpse of the ring, and turned towards the other nobles who was who was staring at her since Merida was still irritated by the foolish old man Merida open her mouth once more. [+red "whit ye kookin at gae back tae whit ye waur daein the wheen o ye"] Merida barked out causing the nobles to jump slightly and go back to what they were doing before as

Merida slowly started to calm herself down before looking at the old man that she once again disturbed from forming an apology, Merida realised it and opened her mouth to speak once more. [+red "Once ye apologise ye will sell ma frein' whit she wants is that understood? ....if she is still interested in buying yer jewellery"]Merida asked/stated calmer than before but had a authority tone to her voice, once the old man nodded Merida said [+red "guid"] before sighing slightly slowly calming herself more as she walked towards some silver jewellery as she approached the jewellery Merida caught a glimpse of a bear face carved into a silver pendant, the thought of what it could be caused Merida's eyes to widen slightly before immediately digging through the jewellery to get at it, once she found it her eyes sparkled in awe that the pedant her mother gave her was in her hands but it was rusted like it wasn't looked after the sight of the rusted pendant Merida to frown as she remembered the bad things she caused

after trading the pendant for wood carvings and a spell the thought of her mother being killed by her fathers swords if she was too late,the death of her mother would be all her fault because she had turned her mother into the thing her father wanted to mercilessly kill a bear the thought of it caused a tear to fall out one of Merida's blue eyes because she secretly hadn't forgiven herself for that, the tear fell on the rusted bears face but before any other tears threatened to come out Merida whiped her eyes before pressing the pendant to her chest unware that the old man had apologised but never mentioned the word princess or future queen to Cinderella, while now Cinderella had choosen her jewellery and bought it well not technically because Merida still had to give the old man the money but right now Merida mind had drifted into the pedant and was so deep in relief she found it she was unware Cinderella was walking towards her in a hesitance pace because of Merida's outburst.
YavannaCinderella   8y ago

Cinderella wondered if it was her imagination or if Merida’s accent got thicker when she was angry. It was like watching fire, burning hot and fierce. Whatever family she was from was clearly important enough it left the jeweler nearly speechless. It was almost tempting to laugh, but that would be rude. Besides, Cinderella herself didn’t have any money and the jeweler knew it. Most people in town did, they knew Monna never let her keep anything and were of two sorts, as far as she could tell. There were those like the jeweler that looked down on her, treating her like a servant, and there were those that felt sorry for her, remembering her father’s kindness and how things had been before.

The jeweler didn’t seem to want to argue with Merida. Uncomfortable with not just the jeweler’s look but the other people in the shop watching Cinderella looked over the glittering displays. It was so beautiful, and she had no idea where to start. Merida had said anything, but Cinderella didn’t want to take advantage of the kindness. She was even hesitant to pick anything at all, but decided after that display it would be too rude [i not] to.

The gems twinkled in a rainbow of colors. Blue was her favorite, but something red caught her eye. With the tiniest of smiles Cinderella picked a little silver ring with a red garnet stone set in it, garnet since she was avoiding the more expensive stones like rubies and sapphires and sticking to the section with garnets, quartz, and other semi precious stones. The red shining in the light reminded her of the fiery redhead. With little light steps Cinderella approached Merida cautiously. Ever so gently she tugged on the other girls sleeve,”Merida?” Now that she was closer it seemed to her Merida was lost in thought over something. “Um, did you find something you like?” She would wait to show Merida the ring after, if Merida had found something.

[+lightblue ”Merida?”] The sound off Cinderella's voice caused Merida to lift her head up and slowly bring the pendant from her heart as if she wanted to keep it and not let it go again but Merida would be rude if she didn't answer Cinderella and she could stand like that forever in a shop that had service that made Merida sick so as she straightened up Merida open her mouth to speak. [+red "Aye lass?"]Merida questioned calmly and a bit happier as she tured her head around slightly with the pendant tightly in her hand untill Cinderella had asked [+lightblue “Um, did you find something you like?”] The question caused Merida to make a weak smile as she tried to push the negative emotions aside and turn around and smiled with her eyes close as if shes was making a cheesy smile untill she had pushed her negative emotions aside fully before she opened them because her eyes deceived her because she could feel the swelling of her tears start to come back. [+red "Aye Cinderella surprisly Ah hae it's very rare Ah]

find jewellery Ah like" Merida explained as she laughed slightly but as she spoke and laugh it sounded a little broken but it sounded she was trying hard to keep herself happy and smiling, before she opened her eyes once she thought she got them under control but her eyes still deceived her even though she hadn't cried Merida's eyes still sparkled with what looked like, relief, happiness but there was a faint sadness that Merida was clearly trying to hide by smiling and showing Cinderella the rusted twin bear pendant as she helded it up tightly by the the chain that was also a bit rusted from neglect., Once Merida showed Cinderella the pendant she blinked slightly forgetting she had told Cinderella to get something for herself the realisation caused Merida to genuinely smile but in curiosity hiding more of the sadness in her eyes. [+red sae Cinderella whit ye get somethin pretty Ah bet"]Merida asked as she brought the pendant down and held it fully in her hand fully in her hand, unware that tears had snuck

out her eyes and her voice still cracked slightly, as Merida looked at Cinderella's hands like she was interested in what Cinderella had perked a interest in which actually she was but she mainly needed a distraction from her negative thoughts because what was to the point of crying on a beautiful day like this,she didn't want to ruin the great time she was having with Cinderella so she sucked it up and left the crying for later if she cried later, After a minute Merida noticed Cinderella didn't open her hand to show her what she brought so Merida looked at her face and saw Cinderella stare at her not in shock but in concern this time causing Merida to lift a brow up. [+red "Whit's the matter Cinderella ye kook like a kicked pup...No Ah scared ye didn't Ah, Ah'm sae sorry Lass Ah didn't mean tae frighten ye,it wus that bampot auld man he made me angry, but Ah'm alright now see?"]Merida asked before she realised she might have frightened Cinderella with her outburst so she apologised and gave a genuine big

smile and enthusiastically put her arms out to the sides to show she wasn't angry anymore unware that Cinderella expression of concern was not out of fright or to check if she was alright after her outburst well it was at first but the reason changed since Cinderella had seen Merida's tears.
YavannaCinderella   8y ago

So she had found something, but… Why would it make her cry? A bear pendant, something older and less well tended. She wondered if the jeweler might have forgotten about the piece, but Merida seemed to have a strong reaction. Like it reminded her of something painful. She wasn’t sure what she could do to comfort her, so she remained silent.

At least until Merida assumed it was about the outburst earlier,”Oh, not. It’s…” Maybe it would be best to leave whatever had upset Merida for later when they weren’t in the middle of a shop. Cinderella put on a shy smile, shaking her head,”It’s fine.” She could ask later. The jeweler was still sneaking Cinderella dirty looks when he thought they weren’t watching.

With tentative movements Cinderella opened her hand to show Merida the little silver ring with a pretty little garnet,”I hope this is alright. The color sort of reminds me of you.” As soon as she’d said it her cheeks turned a delicate shade of pink. It sounded less embarrassing in her head, and she could feel the eyes of the other ladies. They were irritated that a girl in rags was here with her wild friend interrupting their shopping day with only days until the ball.

[+lightblue ,”Oh, no. It’s…”]Merida titled her head slightly in curiosity at Cinderella as she brought her arms down wondering why Cinderella was hesitant but that thought quickly drifted away as she fully answered Merida. [+lightblue ”It’s fine.”] Merida straightened her head up at Cinderella's answer and smiled relieved that she didn't scare Cinderella [+red "Thon's guid"] Merida simply commented with a tone of relief before she watched Cinderella move her hands to show Merida what she brought while in the corner of her eyes she saw the shopkeeper give Cinderella dirty looks causing Merida to frown and small flame of anger flared in Merida's gut and eyes causing her brows to narrow down slightly into a small glare that she skillfully aimed at the shopkeeper like she was with a bow and stayed like that till Cinderella spoke catching Merida's attention causing her to immediately look at Cinderella and replace her glare with a smile which came with a special package of blush to add to her cheeks as she heard

[+lightblue ”I hope this is alright. The color sort of reminds me of you.”] come from Cinderella's mouth,Merida didn't know why but her face was feeling a little warmer than they were five seconds ago and her chest just had a flutter sensation, also her heart felt it was going slightly faster than it usually would beat as Cinderella said those words, maybe it was because nobody had said that to Merida or brought anything that reminded them of her, whatever the reason was Merida felt happy maybe? she didn't know what she felt right now it was all between shock,embarrassment and happiness but Merida knew one thing about this situation, she realised she hasn't said anything for a minute or so after she heard most sweetest sentence she ever heard, so Merida opened her mouth to comment. [+red " Cinderella Ah....think thon's the sweetest thing anyone hus said tae me,nobody hus done whit ye've done..Ah don't know whit tae say but, Ah may not be guid at complements but ye're sweet Lass "]Merida explained/commented as

she rubbed the back on her unruly red hair as she slightly looked at the ground because she was out of her element here and it was causing her to become a little timid a feeling she never felt in her life, but soon Merida noticed noble woman glare at Cinderella in the corner of her eye causing Merida's timidness to get replaced with irritation before opening her mouth. [+red "Whit ye lass's - no disrespectful auld coo's glarin at just because Cinderella's prettier than the wheen o ye doesn't mean ye hae tae glare at her]Merida stated immediately realising most of them were in their twenties/thirties and the rest were in their fourties or beyond it so they were pretty old in her eyes and they wouldn't beable to hold a candle to Cinderella's beauty because most of them if not all had thick makeup on making them look like well those women that her mother warn her not to speak to, her mother showed her a decent picture of one.. she got it! a prostitute or a wh*** in scottish they were 'hoor's' but since there


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