Gielnors Last Stand - The Future

By Vossler

Act Two - The Calm before The Storm

With the shocking news about the kings sudden return the people rejoice and throw another festival in Destos name and it seems like life gets back to normal until an Arc supporter is arrested on suspicion of Destos assassination. This causes a shockwave of discrimination movements and rioting throughout the continent.


  • Personal I.D. Numbers are mandatory. If you are an illegal, you can make uo a fake one.

  • If I am away and the RP needs to progress, Atlas can be taken over until I come back on.

  • You can now sail across the sea and find hidden continents and other uninhabited continents. Try to find the lost continent, which is called The Unknown.

  • Personal I.D Numbers are a combination of numbers and letters and about 4-10 characters long. For example, Atlas's P.I.N. (306BA-4732)

  • The tracks "Old Gielnor" and "Attack on Gusling Mansion has been changed.

  • Made an email for the Amarthene Estate Complaint form

  • Changed Josephs last name from "Glister" to "Tarago" to match the prequel story "Gielnors Last Stand: The Banished Prince

Gielnors Last Stand UST


Old Gielnor

Old Gaelis

The Beats of Phoenix Town

Attack on Gusling Mansion

The Criminal Underground

Uncharted Waters

The Magic Towers Hum

Gielnors Last Stand Theme (For now)

Gielnors Last Stand Credits - Blackout

In a world called Gielnor, three continents lie on the world, Amarthene, Gielnor, and Nernias.

Gielnor is the most technological continent, more advanced than Japan and USA combined. Only using magic to power items instead of electricity and modern power. Magic Towers are placed around the two continents Amarthene and Gielnor, these towers hold the magic energy used to power the objects.

A road in the sky powered by alchemy is used as a fast way to get to Amarthene or Gielnor faster than on the lower roads. Cars are common in Gielnor, such as airships, guns, and other objects that is powered by magic.

Amarthene is the America of the world of Gielnor, it is a continent that has more money income than Gielnor but Amarthene shares half it's wealth with their friendly continent Gielnor.

Nernias is the continent on the far east, sadly not as technologically advanced as Amarthene or Gielnor, Nernias is a steam-punk continent that has a few kings in power. One of them branded a tyrant by the name of King Ivorian the III.

This rp takes place in Gielnor and Amarthene for now, here is the actual plot!

World Factions - (Ongoing)

Wizards Council

The Wizards Council is an incredibly important faction in the world of
Gielnor, and there is only one building...Which is located in the
capitol of Gielnor; Phoenix Town.

The council houses legendary wizards and Elder Wizards along with High
Wizards. These three types of wizards specialize in all of the magic
classes in the world of Gielnor, the council members set the rules on
all the magic and how it is to be used. Failure to abide by their
rules can lead up to jail time.

The council leader is Winston Eldersoul, people may become a council
member but only if they have advanced enough through their magic

Wizards Council Application:

(WARNING: Only people who are good can join the Wizards
Council...Sorry evil players. ;/)

Personal ID Number:

Amarthene Estate

Amarthene Estate is where former President Simons lives, he is the
current president of Amarthene. He has four senators who are named;
Senator Harry, Senator Williams, Senator Lyle, and Senator Ryan.

This place is where current dealings with finance and everything to do
with dealing with Amarthenes problems are done at. This place may not
be as awesome as the Wizards Council but they also have dealings with
them as well since they are a part of the world of Gielnor. Without
the Amarthene Estate, Amarthene would have anarachy all over the
continent of Amarthene.

If you feel like someone in Amarthene is harassing you or doing
anything to threaten, or make you uncomfortable...Please message us by
filling out this form.

Amarthene Estate - Complaint Form

Reason for complaint?:
Personal ID Number:
Personal ID Number of offender:

Once you are done, send the form over to

The GDVC (Gielnor Disease/Virus Control)

The GDVC deals with all sorts of epidemics in the lovely world of
Gielnor, they are much like the CDC in the world of Earth. Their main
job is guarding a massive gate that leads to another part of Gielnor;
A closed off continent.

The closed off continent has a massive dome surrounding it and it is
walled off from the world. This continent is named Old Gielnor, which
was struck with a deadly evil virus from the Arcane Clan about 400
years ago during the legendary heroes Kalvin and Khalaris time. It was
closed off and the dome has been upgraded ever since to fit with the
current technology.

Entry is not allowed through the gate unless you are an RPOG member or
a GDVC member.

GDVC Application

(Only rpers who are good can join, not evil rpers.)

Any infections?:
Personal ID Number:

Nernias House of Kings

This is where all the kings of Nernias meet here and discuss major politics and world trade. There are titles among these kings but also civilians may join if they are deemed worthy by The High Council.

The titles for civilians along with perks;

  • Advisor - Can discuss world trade with the kings and makes 10% off of the kings economic buildings (Markets, Inns, Taverns, Brothels, Etc), The income for each economic building the king has is 1000 holo dollars.

  • Legionnaire - You are the kings right hand man/woman, you are usually at his side during important events and meetings. You help him with his battle plans and usually take to the front line in battle. Don’t worry, you’ll be accompanied by guards and soldiers. Because you also command your squad.

  • Royal Merchants - You control the world trade and buy and sell various items to certain continents and countries. You must be okay with going out to sea though. That is the only rule.

NHK Application




Were you born on Nernias? If no, then where?:

The High Council

The high council is from a hidden continent called Ugenstrav, A nordic like continent. This council deals with all the laws around the world of Gielnor. They are the worlds government and run everything. No one is allowed to join and entering Ugenstrav is forbidden by capital punishment. No one has ever seen the council members...They only receive letters.

Royal Docks Express

The RDE (Royal Docks Express) is located in the capital of Gielnor; Phoenix Town. This faction is used for trading between the Royal Merchants from Nernias, they receive various goods that citizens want or need. The owner of this faction is named Captain James Sabertooth. People can work at the docks...

RDE Application




Are you in any other faction?:

Nernias Euphoria Farm

This is where the medical pink plant is mostly grown and shipped to Gielnor via Royal Merchants. Workers and farmers take good care of the plants to make sure they are grown to perfection. People can work here...

NEF Application




Do you currently smoke Euphoria?:

Do you do any other drugs?: (Magic Dust, Fairy Dust, Nernias Caps, or Green Lightning?)

The Arcane Clan

Also known as The Arc, they are an evil demonic race that want to destroy Gielnor and they attack the magic towers. Their true leader is known as Arcanum. Who is said to be sealed away on another planet. You can join this faction but once you do you are no longer a good player. You will become an evil player until you leave the clan.

The Arcane Application




Any crimes you commited?

Do you pledge yourself to our all true leaders Arcanum and Irving?:

Do you pledge that if you ever leave our order you will become a target?:

The Royal Police of Gielnor

The RPOG is the main military branch in the continent of Gielnor, they are the soldiers and police who work on stopping The Arc. Ganzu is the 2nd In Command, he runs the RPOG operations. If a crime is being committed a citizen will alert an RPOG member. If a crime has been committed please make a report at the RPOG office located in Phoenix Town.

RPOG Application




Would you like a starter weapons pack?:

Would you like a partner?:

Personal I.D. Number:

RPOG Complaint Form



What crime did you witness?:

Was the attacker wearing any mask?:

If you saw the attacker would you please provide a photo?:

Would you like 24 hr protection? (RPOG members support you and try to stop people from killing you...Try that is):

Magic Tower Repair Co.

The Magic Tower Repair Co. deals with repairing the magic towers that have been blown up or just shut down randomly due to malfunctioning. They use special tools and magic stone along with magic energy hose. Citizens can join, but they must have;
(Magic Lvl 10, Crafting Lvl 5,)

MGRC Application




Do you wish to be paid in holo currency or magic energy?:


The Criminal Underground (TCU) is a mysterious faction that seems to operate all over the world of Gielnor.

It is speculated that the location to the faction is literally underground and the only way to access it is via blindfold.

Several factions such as The Arc and The Incanter Society are elite members of The Criminal Underground.

The Criminal Underground operates in many trades such as; weapon/drug smuggling, assassinations, kidnapping, thievery, regicide and more.

There is no true leader of TCU and probably will never happen. Each big crime boss of each criminal faction runs TCU and all meet once a year to discuss their plans for the year ahead.

Only way to join TCU is to be recommended by a big crime boss which usually isn't easy. The requirements are as follows;

  • Underdog (Criminal Rank)

  • Five years with current criminal faction

Phoenix Technologies

Phoenix Technologies is the leading company in the smartphone and PC era, they have developed more than 6.5 billion smartphones and computers with their own OS known as Phoenix OS. Many devices run this OS and is widely used all over the contient of Gielnor. The Phoenix, their top selling brand phone is a favorite among the RPOG due to the walkie talkie system implemented in the hardware.


An evil demonic group called the Arc is resurrected by a grand necromancer called Irving. He and his evil group start a war with Gielnor and Amarthene, this rp will take you through the history and stories of the world of Gielnor...Bad guys and good guys will collide...

Betrayals will happen...

Loved ones will be lost...

This is...


Pre-made characters + Make your own characters from scratch sheet!

Pre-made Characters:

The Good

Ganzu Varson - Open

Age - 38

History: Ganzu is the 1st commanding officer of the Royal Police of Gielnor. He wears a naval outfit and a naval hat, and he also has a medium length beard, he can also be cranky at times as well as serious or funny. Mostly serious though.

Kalas Varkas - Open

Age: 23

History: Kalas is the Assistant Officer of the RPOG (Royal Police of Gielnor) He is still young but he is wise and alot of people can learn a thing or two from him.

Jack Lyons - Open

Age - 35

History: Jack is an ex pirate who is now a bartender who fights for the greater good. He wears a red bandana, and has short blue hair.

Age: 35

Joseph Tarago - Open
Age - 65

History: This Nernian man is a very experienced fighter with swords. He may be old, but he can still kick ass and take names with his dual sword skills. He hails from the Itula Tribe, a tribe known for killing.

King Desto - Open

Age - 77

History: King Desto is the proud king of the Gielnor continent and the founder and leader of the RPOG. Ganzu and Kalas serving under him.

Atlas Storm - Me

Age - 19

History: Atlas, the main character is the rp, he was taken in by Joseph as his guardian after his parents were murdered. Atlas had joined the RPOG along with Joseph, and their good friend Jack.

Mason Reiner - Open

History: Once a bad guy to previous heroes in the Gielnors Last Stand series, he decided to become a butler for King Desto and serve under him and the RPOG. He has since been a good ally.

Kate Burgess - Open

Age - 23

History: Kate was betrayed by her family at a young age when they tried to sacrifice her to the Arc Clan, now as an adult Kate joined the RPOG and will stop at nothing to eradicate the Arc...And maybe find her parents, who now have a bounty of 3 million Holo coins (Currency)

Ashely Silver

Age - 25

History: The cook of King Destos castle, she is a famous cook on Prime TV as well as worldwide, some people from Nernias even come all the way to Gielnor to try Silvers amazing food.

Lilly Angel -Open

Age - 22

History: Lilly is a bounty hunter, she hunts down some of the worlds most dangerous criminals in Amarthene and Gielnor. Irving is the most wanted man...Lilly is still trying to find him throughout the world, including other bounty hunters...

The Bad

Irving - Open

Age - Unknown

History: After the previous leader of the Arc died, this evil necromancer took over. He is a malevolent man with horrifying powers. He will stop at nothing to take over the world of Gielnor.

Vega - Open

Age - 120

History:An Arc member who lives in Amarthene, he is wanted for the bombing of three Magic Towers in Gielnor. His motives are unclear to why he bombed them, but it caused a temporary power outage and killed over 4000 people.

Arcanus - Open

Age - Unknown

History: Arcanus is the creation of the previous leader, Lexius. He is wanted for the attempted assassination of King Desto and the Council Members of Amarthene.

Morwinia Fable - Open

Age - Unknown

History: Morwinia Fable is the leader of nightmares, her pet is called the Nightmare Beast, which consumes peoples souls whole in one bite. She is a high ranking officer in the Arcane Clan

Gale Winters - Open

Age - 18

History: Gale is a recruit in the Arcane Clan, she just joined. She is nervous to be here, but her magic talking demonic hairpen is there for her... >:

Made Up Characters

Username: hextheblackcat
Name: Rune Kaster
Age: 19
Weapons: magic items (Simple charms to tools of the trade to even spells straight out of her grimoire) , Dual daggers (which run from the tip of her middle finger to the end of her elbow), Smoke bombs (for a quick getaway), and grappling hook (never know when you'll need one)
Powers: Magic?
Alignment(Good/Evil/): Good?
Talents: Thief, Lockpicking, Parkour, Magic
Appearance: She has a slender,yet fit build. Waste long, blonde hair. Eyes as blue as the night sky and bears magick circles on the back of both her hands. She's 5’7 height wise and weight wise 120.
Where do you live?(Amarthene,Gielnor,Nernias): Nomad
Personal ID number when you became a civilian in Amarthene or Gielnor: N/A
Any augmentations?: None
Family members(Not your real ones): Calcifer Craft(Not by blood)
Job(Not your real one): Freelancer
History: Lost and left to fend for herself as a small child. Rune became an apprentice under a demanding individual known as “Calcifer Craft”. He was a philosopher through and through even after he suddenly left the Wizards Council and became a rogue mage whose motives as to why still remain unclear even today.

Through grueling training & more or less unconventional methods. . . It was under this eccentric man’s guidance that Rune was able to harness her skills as a thief and awaken her birthright to wield magick!

In the end though her master just upped and disappeared on her as to where? She is uncertain. . .However with half a cryptic message and a empty grimoire in hand. Rune seeks answers. Following the tad instructions she abandoned her predecessor’s nomadic life in Nernias and left for Gielnor with only a quote for counsel she’s become a freelancer using her talents to make a living.

Mandatory Questionnaire (Good)

1: If you saw someone in the Magic Tower that looks suspicious, what would you do?

Investigate! Curiosity may have killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.

2: Someone was being harassed by a bully in public or in a public building, what would you do?

Assists the victim. While doing so she pickpocket any loot off the bullies and even the victim as payment for her help :D You can’t expect her to work for free!

3: A friend of yours told you a secret of how he's going to steal some of the Magic Energy from a Magic Tower. since this is illegal what would you do?

Tails them while keeping out of sight. If anything goes wrong she can use her friend as a distraction to snag some magic energy herself! If she succeeds she’ll lend them a hand in means of an escape as a thank you.

If the friend succeeds. She’ll blackmail them point blank and in exchange for keeping quite force her friend to share some of the magic energy.

4: You saw a group of people in purple cloaks who resemble the Arc. What would you do?

Tail them! Master had a few dealings with the Arc himself. They might know something. What happens next all depends on the situation.

5: You were stuck in a situation where a family member of yours committed a serious crime. What would you do?

Protect them, even if we’re not related blood wise I’d rather lose an arm or a leg!

Mandatory Questionnaire (Evil)

1: You have just been accepted into the Arc! What would you do?

Infiltrate! The Arc is just another means of gaining power and information. I’ll stay for as long as a can before pulling my trump card.

2: You were given magic bombs and instructions on blowing up a Magic Tower. What would you do?

Heh, revenge is a dish best served cold Blows up the Arcs headquarters or at least something that would leave the Arc in a sticky situation. Something that would take time to recover from. Then makes her grand escape.

3: You have just met Irving, your boss and mentor! What would you do?

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! After all theres a time and a place for action, But here and now is not the place nor time. So for now I’ll do your biding. Sits back until the time comes for her to move.

4: A high ranking officer in the Arc has given you a task to kill an entire family, including the kids. What would you do?

kill them of course! She wasn’t specifically order how to kill them exactly. Only that the family needed to die. So a little scuffle with their parents, maybe a little blood shed and last but not last a fire to ease any evidence of their existence.

Now then never return here if you value your lives! Take this chance of rebirth and step into your new lives for if you ever find yourself standing on what was, my efforts here today will have been in vain!

After setting the stage and acting out the part. She has indeed killed the family giving them a chance of rebirth through the fabrication of death. This means she followed she orders while finding a loophole in which the only evidence would be ashes.

5: Irving has given you a task to kill the Senator of Amarthene, what would you do?

Yes my lord! *Takes off to the senator of Amarthene and does what she does best. Sneaks in past security, Tails the senator until the senator is in a group of some kind, makes her presence known by throwing a dagger that just graces what could have been a deadly blow. “Heh, heh alright boys here's the deal-”

She’ll explain how she could have killed the senator at least two more times before anyone could have stopped her then make a point that If she were really a Arc member they’d be doomed. Then once she gone them hook,line and sinker. She’ll make sure to secure herself a self spot among Amarthene forces by betraying the Arc.

Username: ShadowOfSkills
Name: Known only as Corpusraptor.
Age: 23
Weapons: Handguns and smgs, and concealed knives. Has been known to use larger weapons when necessary for the job.
Powers: Necromancy, humanoid shapeshifting, and enchanting.
Alignment(Good/Evil/): Neutral Evil
Talents: Knowledge, especially regarding magic and history, charismatic, with a cult of personality. Wealthy, particularly from illegal activities.
Appearance: Her current form is short, about 155cm tall, with shoulder length brown hair, light eyes, and fair skin. Commonly seen wearing a black trench coat and fedora.
Where do you live?(Amarthene,Gielnor,Nernias): Gielnor
Personal ID number when you became a civilian in Amarthene or Gielnor:
Any augmentations?: Surgically implanted magic reserves, mechanical eyes able to see infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, serrated metal incisors.
Family members(Not your real ones): Only known relative is a cousin named Alicia, full name unknown, whereabouts unknown.
Job(Not your real one): Leader of a small criminal organization of necromancers.
History: Not much is known about Corpusraptor, including her real name, though it is commonly believed that she covered up her true identity with shapeshifting. She leads an illegal necromancy ring in Gielnor, under the noses of the Wizard Council. She owns several illegal enterprises to fund her necromancy, including illegal augmentation, hacking, counterfeiting holo coins, organ harvesting, forgery, selling weapons and magic on the black market, armed robbery, and an identity theft ring. It is unknown how many times she has been arrested, if any, as she changes form semi-frequently, and tries to keep as much information about herself secret as possible. It is possible, and probable even, that all of her legal documents are forged.

Username: Vlanderson
Name: Kyu Kyu
Age: Twenty-One Years Old
Weapons: Two Knuckledusters, One Trench Knife
Powers: Magical Aura(A pink aura she can emit all around her body and manipulate at will. It's a plasma energy so the properties are physical.)
Alignment(Good/Evil/): Neutral Evil
Talents: Stealth, Forgery, Magic, and Art
Appearance: A pink haired girl with red eyes. She has a long, bushy tail. Her hair reaches the middle of her back. Her ears and and tail origins aren't known, but not thought to be important either.
Where do you live?(Amarthene,Gielnor,Nernias): Gielnor
Personal ID number when you became a civilian in Amarthene or Gielnor:
Any augmentations?: Heightened Hearing(From those cat like ears.), Flexible/Opposable Tail(Great for hanging from rafters.), Retractable Claws(Finger Nails replaced by Metal which looks like the real thing.)
Family members(Not your real ones): Nya Nya(Twin Sister)
Job(Not your real one): Minion
History: She and her twin sister left their past behind them. They didn't enjoy being used as a spectacle in a 'freak show'. Kyu killed the ring leader of the circus before the two of them vanished. The first few jobs that they got when they arrived in Gielnor included delivery services. Eventually they met the leader of a small criminal organization. Kyu pledge her allegiance to the leader. She desires to keep her twin out of harms way.

[username: ] Tengu
Name: Nerre Kiwanuka (pronounced neh-ruh)
Age: 29
Weapons: Owns a pistol, but usually doesn’t carry it.
Powers: Learned some very basic incantations to help him with his work (eg. can summon a small ball of floating light to help him write in the dark)
Alignment(Good/Evil/): Chaotic Good
Talents: Genius level intellect, can usually master something in a far shorter time than the average person. Skilled in martial arts.
Appearance: About 6’3”, slightly effeminate features, dark skin. naturally grey hair, which is normal for his tribe. Typically disinterested demeanour.
Where do you live?(Amarthene,Gielnor,Nernias): Gielnor. (Like Runescape, huh). Originally from Nernias.
Personal ID number when you became a civilian in Amarthene or Gielnor: TOCT-24942
Any augmentations?: Signal jammer built into left hand. Illegal, home made. Can be used to temporarily shut down or interrupt magical powered devices and implants.
Family members(Not your real ones): Only child, raised by grandmother who died of natural causes when Nerre was in his mid twenties.
Job(Not your real one): Academic, Inventor, Chemist.
History: Nerre came from a small, poor agricultural village in distant Nernias, belonging to a reclusive ethnic group with dark skin and silver hair. Gifted with a brilliant mind, Nerre’s village pooled together what little resources they had to send him to Gielnor for his education. He resents the Nernias Euphoria farm, which is slowly destroying his village’s way of life with far more advanced farming techniques. He dedicates many years of his young life to the study of agriculture, hoping to surpass Euphoria Farm and save his village. At one point during his travels, he spent a year under the tutelage of a nameless female martial artist, who was said to have the skills of a hundred men. He fell in love with her, but she had little interest in him. Eventually he returned to Phoenix Town to continue his research. Nerre’s intellect is sought by many organisations, but he has little interest in politics, only personal gain. It is rumoured by those who know him that he’s only interested in taking down Euphoria as a matter of pride, and not to save his people.

Mandatory Questionnaire (Good)

1: If you saw someone in the Magic Tower that looks suspicious, what would you do?

“Follow them at a safe distance. Maybe I can blackmail them.”

2: Someone was being harassed by a bully in public or in a public building, what would you do?

“Mind my own damn business.”

3: A friend of yours told you a secret of how he's going to steal some of the Magic Energy from a Magic Tower. since this is illegal what would you do?

“As you wish.”

4: You saw a group of people in purple cloaks who resemble the Arc. What would you do?

“Mind my own business. The Arc didn’t drive my people to poverty.”

5: You were stuck in a situation where a family member of yours commited a serious crime. What would you do?

“I suppose I’d help them cover it up. Many laws were created to oppress my people anyway. What a pain…”

Mandatory Questionnaire (Evil)

1: You have just been accepted into the Arc! What would you do?

“My job.”

2: You were given magic bombs and instructions on blowing up a Magic Tower. What would you do?

“What I’m asked.”

3: You have just met Irving, your boss and mentor! What would you do?

“Keep it brief and formal. A man like Irving probably doesn’t have time for sycophants.”

4: A high ranking officer in the Arc has given you a task to kill an entire family, including the kids. What would you do?

“I’m not a murderer, but I suppose, hypothetically, I’d make it look like an accident.”

5: Irving has given you a task to kill the Senator of Amarthene, what would you do?

“Probably use poison.”


The Character Sheet

Where do you live?(Amarthene,Gielnor,Nernias):
Personal ID number when you became a civilian in Amarthene or Gielnor:
Any augmentations?:
Family members(Not your real ones):
Job(Not your real one):

Welcome to the wonderful world of Gielnor! In order to pass and become a full citizen in Amarthene or Gielnor you must answer 5 questions, there will be seperate questions for good and bad! If you skip the questionnaire, it will result in your application being denied!

Mandatory Questionnaire (Good)

1: If you saw someone in the Magic Tower that looks suspicious, what would you do?
2: Someone was being harassed by a bully in public or in a public building, what would you do?
3: A friend of yours told you a secret of how he's going to steal some of the Magic Energy from a Magic Tower. since this is illegal what would you do?
4: You saw a group of people in purple cloaks who resemble the Arc. What would you do?
5: You were stuck in a situation where a family member of yours commited a serious crime. What would you do?

Mandatory Questionnaire (Evil)

1: You have just been accepted into the Arc! What would you do?
2: You were given magic bombs and instructions on blowing up a Magic Tower. What would you do?
3: You have just met Irving, your boss and mentor! What would you do?
4: A high ranking officer in the Arc has given you a task to kill an entire family, including the kids. What would you do?
5: Irving has given you a task to kill the Senator of Amarthene, what would you do?


-No godmoddin! You can be a badass all you want as long as you don't make yourself godly and start killing people without permission and making yourself invincible. You can die.

-No cybering, if it get's to that please take it off site or somewhere else. I don't like seeing my roleplays littered with posts about sex.

-Violence is allowed, there will be alot of violence. Just don't take it too far and coat the entire world with copper flavored kool-aid

-Romance is allowed, just no love at first sight.Romances must be developed and built. Slow and steady wins the race. Fast and hasty wins the race too but ends up running too fast and runs of a clif and dies by accident. 

-Please try not to use one-liners, 500 character posts aren't that hard. If you find that hard just try to do 300 characters. I mean, come on.

-Please do not take this idea. If you do steal this idea I will hunt you down up and down this world until I find you and steal all your silverware. So no stealing my stuff!

Please PM me or use OOC to let us know if you have to leave for a bit or wont be able to post for a bit. We will gladly wait.

-Enjoy the roleplay!
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VosslerArcanus Arcanum   5y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

It had been a week after the attack at the magic tower festival. A group known as The Arcane Clan had blown up a magic tower of that district where the festival was and had killed over 1000 people, and caused magic powered devices to shut down; planes, cars, machines, etc.

Atlas had witnessed this catastrophe and tried his best to stop the clan. They sadly succeeded and made what was deemed "Blackout Day" which was on the month of Faunis 24th, 1890.

"Atlas. Someone needs a drink." Atlas was a member of RPOG but he also had a side job working at the Green Hat Tavern down in the south side of Phoenix Town. His boss was a middle aged bald bearded man with a stick up his ass. "Well? I don't got all day! I gotta get down to Jaris! You know? The next town over?"

Atlas nodded. "Yes Mr. Reis." He stood up and left the storage room where he resided most of his break. He went to the front area of the bar and saw a knight and a police officer from Amarthene. "What'll be?" He asked.

The officer spoke. "I'll take a a good ol' ale. Never liked the strong stuff."

"Give me the same." The knight replied.

Atlas smiled and poured them their drink.

"You hear about that damn explosion last week?" A civilian sitting at a table not far from the bar counter asked. "Killed about a thousand people! Damn man."

The officer nodded. "Yeah, I was patrolling Klistron in Amarthene and saw the news...Hope the Royal Police can do something about it."

Atlas looked down and thought for a few seconds. "Yeah, hope so too."

He was soon done with his side job and closed the bar. He left back to his home and went inside turning on the TV as he watched the nightly news.

"Tomorrows weather is going to be a beaufitufl sunny day with a slight chance of rain in the evening through the night. In other news Raymond Fletch has been arrested for exposing himself outside of the kings castle. What a way to get on the news Fletch! Now onto some less sad news. A litter of stray puppies has been rescued by the Animal Rescue Union and now they have been put in wonderful homes! N-"

Atlas got bored and changed the channel.

"And now we add some basil to the noodles and you stir three times...Slowly...Okay now you want a bit of a lemony taste but you need Gyron Lemons from Nernias, just squeeze the juice out. Not too much and now you just grate some of the skin for zest. Alright now you got your Lemon Delight!"

Atlas sighed and watched the rest of Ashley Silvers cooking show before he passed out.
EternalSnowLilly   5y ago

Walking through the streets holding her hat down she passed through the crowded streets with out a word until she made it to a tavern. Soon taking off her had the young woman let out a light sigh smiling "That's much better " she said as she took her seat at the bar it's self getting some water before she pulled out a small book looking through it . "Well he's been turned in so I can collect that one in the morning considering how much he was worth." she said closing it and looked to another in the room [b "so the little girl is back alive I see"] another said as her head turned to them with a smirk "Work is slow for you again I see so you chose to come bug me.

"Well I don't have time to play to day" she said getting up and putting her had back on leaving out to look for her next job but first she need a place to stay while she was in town. "I guess I can look up an old friend " she said calmly as and kept walking seeing another bar with the light on and shook her head slightly before she walked to the inn that was right next to it getting her self checked in.

She sat there in her dimly lit penthouse in downtown Phoenix Town, hands clasped. Her money and power had brought her to this point, it was not free, but through hard work and careful manipulation of the right people. Though wealthy, money was not her greatest weapon, but rather deception was.

In the dim light, she grinned. She had already heard the news of the Arcane Clan's attack. With Gielnor authorities worried about these terrorists, their attention would be away from her criminal activities. She saw an opportunity to spread and sew further corruption, to seize more power, to ensure her reign over Gielnor crime would not end.

Standing on either side of her were two large men, if they could be called that, wearing black business suits. Their pale gray-white faces and milky eyes denoted their true nature; these bodyguards were flesh golems, created for immense strength and unquestioning loyalty. Each one carried a military grade heavy rifle. She favored having dumb muscle like flesh golems around; they could be trusted to never turn on their creator, and were easier to control than fanatics. They could be created en masse, and were useful tools for enforcing her rule. She traveled nowhere without specially augmented flesh golems, such as these, occasionally using ones with face transplants and sunglasses, to give them a more lifelike appearance, so as to not attract unwanted attention.

She was expecting a visitor. He was an hour late. A scowl of impatience spread across her face as she tapped her foot. Just as she tiring of the wait, the doors to her penthouse opened, and in he was thrusted.

He was Dr. Fanswick, a famous plastic surgeon in Phoenix Town, known by many. He was on several magazines, and had his own television program. He had also taken out a loan from one of her associates, and failed to repay. He entered the penthouse escorted by one of her enforcers, blindfolded. When he was thrust into the penthouse, the blindfold was removed.

It was a fairly large room, lit only by candles and sconces. Several large banners and tapestries decorated the walls. In the middle of the room she sat upon an expensive armchair.

She was not very large, but held herself with a large demeanor. She wore a black business jacket and matching fedora. She grinned, revealing sharp teeth. Her yellow eyes gleamed menacingly in the low light.

[b [#131313 "I've been waiting for you doctor."]] she said, her voice giving off both an air of elegance and immense cruelty. [b [#131313 "It's been too long."]]

[b [#bf1111 "What's going on here?! Whoever you are, you'll be hearing from my lawyer!"]] the doctor said, irate.

[b [#131313 "Oh, you don't remember me? Well that's too bad, because I remember you all too well. A young medical grad student with a dream of being famous... Did you think that I would forget?"]] she said, eyeing the doctor carefully, watching his movements, scrutinizing each motion that he made.

[b [#bf1111 "Who are you?"]] the doctor said, now more afraid.

[b [#131313 "You owe me money, Fanswick. A lot of money. And you haven't payed up."]] she said, her smile turning to a frown. [b [#131313 "Did you think you could screw me, doctor? I'm afraid you're dreadfully mistaken."]]

[b [#bf1111 "I'm not talking until my lawyer is here!"]] the doctor shouted in fear.

[b [#131313 "That's fine. I didn't bring you here to make you talk."]] she spoke coldly, her smile returned. [b [#131313 "Guards. Kill him."]]

[b [#bf1111 "No! Don't shoot! I'll pay..."]] the doctor protested.

The flesh golems raised their rifles up and fired, without saying a word. The doctor's pleas of mercy were cut short as he was riddled with dozens of bullets. His body was torn into three different pieces, and bits of flesh and organs were plastered against the floor.

[b [#131313 "Oh, that's too bad. I don't know if there'll be enough of him left to make a golem from."]] she said cooly. [b [#131313 "His life insurance should make up for that."]]

Later that night, she drew out one of her untraceable cellphones, and made a call.

[b [#131313 "I have a job for you to do..."]] she said coldly.

[b [#34af92 "What, Corpusraptor? I'm busy."]]

[b [#131313 "I'll meet with you at the warehouse later. It's a big one. I promise five times your usual rate."]]

[b [#34af92 "I like the sound of that."]]

[b Characters
[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary
redeemernerre.   5y ago

Nerre stared up at the ceiling, leaning all the way back in an office chair that was slightly too small for him. It gave a gentle creak as he slowly whirled around to face yet another infuriated lecturer.


"You can call me Nerre."

"Kiwanuka, you need to stop doing this. It's unacceptable!"

Nerre knew what he meant, but he decided it was time to push a few buttons. Working overtime was just about his least favourite thing in the world, but something he'd signed up for when he'd accepted his tenure at Phoenix Town University. Dr. Nerre Kiwanuka. It looked good on the stainless steel nameplate attached to the office door, he couldn't resist. Besides, he got on with his colleagues. Mostly.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Paul."

Paul stuffed his barely-contained fury behind a seemingly calm expression, but his furrowed brow and balled right fist belied the truth.

"Someone's been in my office. Charlotte on the floor beneath told me that some perverse noises were coming from my office. You're the only one on the seventh floor who stayed late last night, Kiwanuka."

Nerre shrugged, and turned back to his computer. "Wasn't me."

Naturally, it was him. He'd met a tearful postgraduate the night before in the lobby. An understudy of a notorious plastic surgeon that had been missing for a few days, worried that her mentor wasn't going to come back. Nerre tried to console her, one thing led to another, and then they were in Paul's office, undressed.

"It's not like I could have taken her here," Nerre thought to himself, "I gotta share this office with three other people. What if someone came back?"

He clicked at his screen a few times, letting the silence hang between himself and Paul.

"Will that be all, Paul? I've got a lot to do."

This wasn't a lie. Blackout day had been an absolute nightmare for Gielnor's agricultural industry, with countless automated systems brought to a dead stop. The Magic Tower Repair company were doing their best to bring the towers back online, but it'd be a few weeks, if not months before then, and some forty percent of Gielnor's food supply was at risk. He had been tasked to find a solution, and time was running out. Paul let out an exasperated sigh and made for the door, slamming it behind him. Fortunately, he'd had the tact to ambush Nerre while he was alone in the office. Explaining that to his office mate, Dr. Lindquist, would have been a layer of stress he didn't want to deal with.

He glanced down at a drawer on his desk and yanked it open. No more work was getting done tonight unless he had some Fairy Dust handy. No such luck today. Worse still, Nerre's supplier was among the thousand people killed at the festival, leaving him completely drugless. "I'm at a university," Nerre mumbled to himself. "There's gotta be somewhere I can score some F." He got to his feet and slipped into his coat. As he left the building, he shot an unpleasant glance at Charlotte, the receptionist.

Phoenix Town University's main campus had gotten oddly quiet since Blackout Day. Among the revellers killed was a number of students, including one of his own. Nerre, of course, had elected not to attend the funeral. A mournful group of students shuffled drunkenly past, heading towards the entertainment district. Nerre paused.

"Hey, kids."

The students, undergraduates, ignored him.


One of the group, a pale biologist with spiky blonde hair, stopped, tugging at his friend's arm.

"Dr. Kiwanuka."

"This isn't secondary school any more, you can call me Nerre."

He slid over to the group, wearing his usual blank expression and revealing nothing.

"You know, it's pretty dangerous to be wandering around drunk at the moment. The Arc could be anywhere, waiting to take advantage. You kids are the future, after all."

Nerre towered over Rand, looking down into the teen's eyes and putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Take off your shoes, kid."

Rand took a step back, surprised.

"W-why would I do that, Nerre?"

"Because drugs on campus are a serious offense, Randall Chang. And I happen to know that since the attacks, we've ramped up security at Phoenix Town University. So you can either hand them over now, to your favourite lecturer, who will pretend he didn't see you, or you can deal with the sniffer dogs waiting at every exit of this campus."

Rand shook his head vehemently, "it's not like that, sir!"

"Well, then. You shouldn't have a problem showing me the content of your left sock, hmm? I'd hate to hear you got your foot chewed off by a dog."

"I don't have anything!"

Nerre quickly scanned the eyes of the other students, reading their expressions in order. Irate, drunk, bemused, amused, scared, Rand, and - aha!

"You!" he exclaimed at a young girl staring guiltily at her loose-fitting white socks. She squealed, jumping back.

"Young lady, I sure hope that your friends haven't put you up to carrying their drugs for you. That'd be a real shame. I know Randall here has the biggest crush, it'd be heartbreaking if you took the fall for him."


Nerre ignored Randall's pleas of protest as the girl begun to cry.

"I bet you get the best grades too. Hand them over."

The girl let out a slight sob. "Sorry guys."

She knelt over and pulled a small clear bag of green powder from her sock.

"Don't hide drugs in your socks, kids. It isn't as clever as you think." Nerre jeered victoriously, snatching the bag from the girl.

"I didn't see any of you," he laughed, putting the drugs into his pocket and walking away, "have a good evening, all!" he called back to the kids.

Of course, the sniffer dogs weren't looking for the cheap Green Lightning that had been circulating around the University for years. They were looking for bombs.
VosslerArcanus Arcanum   5y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

The night felt long. A cloaked man was perched atop the clock tower in Phoenix Town as he peered down towards the entire city. The power was on but the MRC (Magic Repair Company) worked on the towers some more for maintenance. This man held a sniper rifle in his hands but he wasn't planning on using it right now, it was his trusted ally in case things went awry. A device in his left pocket buzzed. He answered it.

[b [+blue "I guess The Arc is back after all these damn years."]] a voice spoke

[b [+red "Yes. I know." The man said a transparent phone. "They are back. You can't smell the smoke from the towers?"]]

[b [+blue "Oh I can smell it alright, even after a week the stench of the smoke still hasn't left. I want you to head over to the quarantine of Old Gielnor to make sure the gates are still sealed."]]

[b [+red "They are. I can still see the red and green lights blinking from here. We aren't stupid, we made sure that is powered by it's own magic inside the gates. If it does ever get destroyed though this will be worse than Blackout Day."]]

[b [+blue "Just be safe. I can feel war coming."]]

The cloaked man hung up and put the phone back in his pocket. [b [+red "When did it never come?"]] He pressed a button on his sniper as it collapsed into a little green rectangle the size of a flashdrive. He clipped it to his holster and jumped down from the clock tower and landed on the ground. The cloaked man walked off into the distance towards the Phoenix Town Inn.

[+red Cloaked Man]

[+blue Voice on the phone]

[b [i [center [h3 GDVC Area]]]]

"We got a sick one over here! This isn't your normal one though!" A GDVC worker said as he rushed a pale green citizen towards the infirmary inside the mobile tent next to the quarantine.

"Get her inside quick!" Another employee said.

People were looking at them in shock as employees made a magic barrier around the area to avoid contamination.

"What the hell does she got?" their boss Mr. Yaka asked. He was from a well known doctor from Nernias but soon moved to Gielnor to help out with the sick.

"I don't know. It seems to be the same from when Old Gielnor was attacked. I don't know how she got it though...The place is on lockdown if you can notice." Another doctor said pointing to the sealed gate outside.

"This is bad. The veins are terribly exposed and are pulsating from her arms and face. Her teeth are also rotting. Did anyone let her into Old Gielnor without my permission?!" Yaka asked.

"N-no not that I know of." A GDVC worker said.

Yaka opened up a computer in the tent and looked at the logs. "Two days ago someone opened up the gate and let a Mrs. Terra in...I thought I explicitly told no one to open the fucking gate without my permission!"

The workers looked terrified. Not because of Yakas sudden anger, but the sickness that was brought back with this girl.

"There's nothing I can do. This is the only way." Yaka said pulling out a pistol.

[b "WAIT SIR! DON'T!"]

Yaka pulled the trigger and put one through the girls head. He turned to his men and sighed. "If this was two days ago then there are more out there. Right?"

"No, people said she was in her house this entire time. Never even left. We got a call when she wouldn't answer her door."

"Thank goodness...I didn't want to have drop a T-Nuke on Phoenix Town." Yaka said.

After the body was disposed of using a special type of acidic dust the area was cleaned and sprayed with a sterilization hose and the barrier was lifted. The onlookers were then told to enter the tent to be checked out for this sickness.
EternalSnowLilly   5y ago

Finally getting her room key she looked around seeing another person come in side . not wanting to deal with the person that much she went up stairs to find her room door "where is it" she said looking for the room that had the numbers 325 on them . it wasnt long before lilly finally opened the door she smiled laying on the bed "finally" she said closing her eyes after the door was shut.

The Gielnor Advanced Systems Warehouse #721 had been abandoned for over a decade. There were plans from the Phoenix Town to remove it as part of a gentrification effort, but before they could it had been purchased by Phoenix Laboratories own Dr. Sarah White. What they did not know was that Dr. Sarah White was just one of many aliases of Corpusraptor, and Phoenix Laboratories was a front operation. The building may have been given a fresh coat of paint, but it was still as rundown as it had been, just now it is crawling with security instead of being completely abandoned. The security were owned by Phoenix Laboratories, being payed on freshly laundered holocoin.

[b [#17a1a9 "Hey... have you ever wondered why this place is so important to the guys upstairs?"]] one security guard asked another.

[b [#2c93af "No idea. We both know there's nothing valuable in here. Just be glad they aren't making sudden budget cuts again. Remember my friend Larry I told you about? I hear he got laid off without so much as a warning."]] the other guard replied somberly.

[b [#17a1a9 "That's terrible. I didn't know they were cutting back people at the main branch."]] the first guard said, slightly alarmed.

[b [#2c93af "Yeah, but human resources is hiring on more people like there's no tomorrow. Overpaid pigs."]] the second guard said angrily.

Before the conversation could continue, Corpusraptor, in the guise of Dr. White pushed the two guards aside, while walking with her escort of flesh golems, given fresh facial transplants, wearing sunglasses and earwigs.

[b [#a3a3a3 "Get back to work you two. That's my 'coin you're wasting."]] Dr. White said furiously.

[b [#17a1a9 "D-Dr. White! Of course ma'am! Right away ma'am!"]] the first guard said nervously, and both ran back to their stations.

Once inside the warehouse, Corpusraptor dropped the guise of Dr. White. Skin began to melt away like hot candle wax, bubbling and boiling away. Underneath the skin, the flesh burned and sloughed off, until all that was left was a skeleton and augmented organs. The skull-face grinned, wearing a metallic smile of razor-sharp teeth. Electronic eyes stared out, obviously designed to look genuine, but the reddish edges that would normally be hidden by surrounding tissues revealed them to be false, albeit very expensive ones. In the mess of organs that sat suspended in the skeletal frame, there was an unusual plastic "organ" sitting just beneath the heart, which appeared to be some sort of sac containing some unusual fluid; a worker in the magic towers would recognize it as the same fluid produced by the towers in the process of generating power, and note its strong magical properties. The artificial organ sac began glowing blue, and the skeletal form began to stretch, before shrinking down to the size of a child. The mess of melted flesh and skin began to sear and burn with pulsating green flame, as it corroded into black smoke that swirled around Corpusraptor's skeletal frame. The smoke clung to the skeleton, and began slowly forming flesh around the bone, intricately reforming. The skin began to slowly grow over top of that, like a soupy mixture atop the rest. Before the transformation was complete, and Corpusraptor donned her black business jacket and fedora.

Arriving shortly afterwords was the mercenary on the phone. He arrived carrying a heavy rifle and six pistols strapped to his chest. Corpusraptor gave a nod at him, grinning her shark-tooth smile.

[b [#131313 "You're early. Not bad. I suppose we are ready to get down to business."]] Corpusraptor said, her voice hissing with venom. [b [#131313 "I want you to kill King Desto. Your reputation precedes you, so I expect nothing short of success from you."]]

[b [#34af92 "Wait, what?"]] the mercenary said in shock.

[b [#131313 "You will assassinate the king, disguised as a member of the Arcane Clan. I will provide what assistance I can. A getaway driver will arrive on stolen air transport, also disguised as Arc."]] Corpusraptor instructed.

[b [#34af92 "This sounds like a dangerous mission. I want eight times the usual rate."]] the mercenary protested.

[b [#131313 "And here I thought you were actually skilled. I suppose this was all a farce, then? Your reputation as a dangerous mercenary... don't tell me, the reputation was fabricated? You didn't actually kill the Hanzu Montenegra, did you? You paid someone else to kill the Arc wizard in your place, and took credit for it."]]

[b [#34af92 "I don't know what you're talking about!"]] the mercenary said defiantly.

[b [#131313 "Oh, I think you do. I have your file, and I've read every detail there. Tell me, are you afraid to kill?"]] Corpusraptor taunted.

[b [#34af92 "I've killed many people!"]] the mercenary shouted.

[b [#131313 "No, I don't believe you have. Your MO is all over the place, inconsistent. But each kill... it is consistent with other mercs and bounty hunters. You are afraid to kill. I have no use for a mercenary that cannot kill."]] Corpusraptor drew out pistol and pressed the muzzle to the mercenary's forehead. He flinched, beads of sweat rolling down. [b [#131313 "You are useless to me."]] Corpusraptor pull the trigger unflinching, unblinking, as the back of the mercenary's skull ruptured open, bits of skull and brain exiting through this hole. A large cloud of blood sprayed outward like a geyser.

[b [#131313 "I suppose I should begin looking for a real mercenary then."]] Corpusraptor frowned, and pulled out her untraceable cellphone again, and began making more calls.

[b Characters
[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
redeemernerre.   5y ago

Nerre's apartment was about as barren as humanly possible. A futon, messily shoved into the corner, besides a large set of glazed doors opening out into a balcony with nothing on it. Piles of books strewn about the room, but no bookshelf. A small laptop computer plugged into an outlet on the wall; not presently working. South Phoenix Town, while playing host to some of the more affluent denizens of the city, had been hit hard by Blackout Day, and frequent blackouts were par for the course. Nerre had checked on the old lady living two floors down before returning to his apartment. He'd manage without the magical energy flowing through his apartment, but his neighbours may not be so fortunate. She seemed okay, perhaps a little intimidated by the tall dark man claiming no ulterior motive, so he left her to her own devices.

Nerre didn't own much else. An old rice cooker he'd bought at a market stall shortly after arriving in Phoenix Town, which had loyally followed him from one apartment to another over the last decade, a little gas heater, which he had lent to the aforementioned old lady, a beautiful red sash given to him by his old master, and his cello. Nerre used to collect records, but in an intoxicated rage, he'd destroyed them all for reasons he couldn't remember. The studio apartment had, in fact, been furnished when he moved in, but he didn't like the decor, so he sold it all, giving away whatever he couldn't sell. He'd told himself he'd replace the furniture immediately, but he had been busy with work, and before he knew it, a year had passed. He begun making excuses to not bring women back to his apartment, [i "your place or mine,"] swiftly being replaced with [i "let me walk you home."]

Nerre wondered if he was depressed before remembering the baggie of green powder he had confiscated earlier. Reaching into his coat pocket, he was surprised to notice his recent acquisition was giving off a dull glow in the darkness of his apartment. Hanging up his coat on the door, Nerre slid open the french door and stepped out into the cool air of the balcony. Glancing around to make sure the neighbours weren't watching, he laid out a short line on the balustrade, cutting it neatly with his holocoin card.

With a slow, long inhalation, Nerre let his worst vice get the better of him. Tossing the rest of the drugs onto the futon, he looked out into central Phoenix Town from his vantage point, the cold blue glow of a city fuelled by magical energy slowly beginning to warp and spiral before his eyes. Nerre found himself overcome by a strong sense of elation as his pupils began to dilate and his heart started to beat with a glorious intensity. The sights and sounds of the city grew more intense until, as it reached a glorious crescendo, Nerre was pulled away instantly, like a clap of thunder. Over in seconds. That's why they called it Green Lightning.

Nerre went back into his apartment, and lay down on the futon, staring at the ceiling. Too early to go to sleep, but too dark to read a book without working lights. The stairwell outside had emergency lighting, perhaps he could nestle into a corner and read there. No, that was more effort than he was willing to muster.

[i "Better to be alone with my thoughts,"] Nerre thought to himself, closing his eyes.

"Pathetic," replied the voice of a woman.

Nerre tried to sit up, suddenly terrified by the prospect of an intruder.

"Don't worry, Nerre. It's only me." A dark figure loomed overhead. A woman, athletic build. About five foot seven, medium length hair. She spoke with a peculiar, unique accent. One that was all too familiar.

"Master?" Nerre found himself asking the apparition.

"I'm not your master any more."

"You never told me your name."

"It's ███," she replied, her name obscured by a deafening blast of silence, "such a waste. My best student. A brilliant mind surpassed only by an all-consuming ego."

"I could have beaten you, had you not abandoned me."

"No you couldn't."

She was right. She had trained him well, and hard. Nerre's fists flowed like a river and crashed like a waterfall, and his body had been hardened by months of intense drilling, always pushed slightly beyond his limit. But as Nerre grew stronger and faster, his nameless master effortlessly danced around his fists and left him on his back, every time. It was not a lack of effort - Nerre had put aside his studies to learn to fight - and it was certainly not a lack of strength. She was simply better than him.

"You're pathetic, Nerre Kiwanuka. Pathetic and weak. Weak, pathetic, dumb baby," she spat, mockingly. "Lying on the floor of this drab apartment, no closer to any solutions. Stealing drugs from children. You [i sicken] me."

This was uncharacteristic for his master. She was typically a woman of few words, distant and aloof, but not cruel. Nerre wanted to reply, venomously. He wanted to curse at her and eject her from his apartment, but he couldn't disrespect his master. Not any more. He sat, bolt upright. If he could just see her face, he could just...

... Nerre was alone. He looked down at the small plastic bag, a few lines left, and his sense slowly returned to him. The ghostly visitor retreated back to the distant recesses of his mind from where he had summoned her. He was drenched in cold sweat.

Whatever this drug was, it was not ordinary Green Lightning.
Vossler     5y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

A man who was dressed in a white suit and fedora (like Simon Burke from F03) stood under lone street lamp in Central Phoenix Town. He wore sunglasses and had short dark hair along with a stubble beard. This man called himself Richard. He was a known convict from a high security prison far from the continent of Gielnor. This prison was it's own island not far from Amarthene. Richard was released on good behavior and changed his name. "Yeah I got you." he said on a burner cellphone. "With The Arc resurfacing after so many years we finally got a chance..." He hung up and broke the phone. The man he was talking to was unknown, even to him. Richard stood there waiting for another call from someone else.

[h3 [b [i [center Gielnor Hall of Records]]]]

A few guards were patrolling the area as usual every night to make sure no one broke in or vandalized the place.

[b [+blue "Hey, you know that I heard that this place holds some ancient history man...Even from The Dark Age."]] One of the guards patrolling the front entrance said.

The other guard replied. [b [+red "Yeah I bet. It would be cool to go through Old Gielnor and see the great city Gaelis but thanks to that dragon...Uh, what was it's name?"]]

[b [+blue "Saarbas I think...I don't think that was him though. That dragon was red and black, this dragon was just pure fucking black. Heard it breathed out this black smoke that was toxic...Turned the people who were unlucky enough to leave Old Gielnor into these damn zombie like beings called Dark-Stalkers. That's why Old Gielnor is so damn hard to get through without proper lighting. The dragons smoke just stayed there and made it all foggy like."]]

An RPOG soldier walked up and saluted the two guards.

"Hello Sir!" The two guards said to the soldier and saluted him back.

[b [+purple "Hello...Gentlemen..."]] The soldier said, almost as if he was reading from a script. [b [+purple "May I come through?"]] he asked.

The two guards looked at eachother. [b [+blue "Sorry Sir, we can't let anyone in. Kings orders."]]

[b [+purple "The King gave me permission..."]] the soldier said, almost sounding robotic.

[b [+red "Sorry Sir, but can you please contact him? We need to hear it from him."]]

The soldier slowly nodded and reached in his pocket. He quickly pulled his hand out and grabbed one of the guards face and disintegrated him. He grabbed the other guard quickly as well and did the same before slowly walking up the steps and fumbling with the knob before turning it and opening the door and going inside.

Two creatures (almost like the Bodachs from Odd Thomas if you ever seen that movie) crawled towards the ashes of the dead soldiers. These creatures were invisible but could make themselves visible if they wanted to. They burrowed through the ashes as the ashes slowly rose up and formed a human shape and the two guards bodies were formed again. This time under possession of the strange creatures. [b [+orange "Hello...Hello..."]] the "guard" said in a monotone voice. It gave a half smirk and slowly moved it's left arm up and down. The other guard did the same.

Two other guards who were patrolling the back came to check up on them. They saluted eachother and the two guards that were patrolling the back went to do their job.

[b [+green "At least we know the salute perfectly."]] the other guard said in the same monotonic voice.

Normal Text - Richard

[b [+blue - Left guard at the front entrance]]

[b [+red - Right guard at the front entrance]]

[b [+purple - Possessed/Dead RPOG Soldier]]

[b [+orange - Possessed/Dead Left Guard at the front entrance]]

[b [+green - Possessed/Dead Right Guard at the front entrance]]
EternalSnowLilly   5y ago

Opening her eyes Lilly at the clock frowning before she opened her phone answering it "What do you want this time" she said in slowly sitting up her hair her eyes her hat on the stand [#ab2b62 "Oh did I wake the huntress"] a males voice could be heard through the other side letting out a laugh "Nooo I was just waking up .. of course i was sleep now asura what is it"

[#ab2b62 "Well i was calling you letting you know that we have your payment from your last job and was thinking you could use a new one to keep you busy as to not get board turns out there are some people in that city your in what would peek your interest"] as he spoke Lilly pulled her hair out of her looking a bit more awake "Keep talking ...I'm listening"

[#ab2b62 "Well then you search around the town that's all i telling you] *click*

"Ugggh that jerk right when i thought he had something interesting to say" she said flopping back on her bed sighing with a slight pout on her face "now i'll have to start looking in the morning"

Normal - Lilly (until i fugure out a colour for her)
[#ab2b62 Asura] - #ab2b62

[b [#131313 "I've got an important mission for you."]] Corpusraptor said into her phone, calling up another mercenary, someone named Richard. [b [#131313 "I understand you are rather skilled, yes? It will be a dangerous mission. Whatever your usual rate is, I will pay five times it. Meet me in the Gielnor Advanced Systems Warehouse #721, located in South Downtown. If the guards try to stop you, tell them you have a meeting with Dr. Sarah White of Phoenix Laboratories. They will be instructed to let you in."]]

Corpusraptor reclined on a chair next to the cadaver of the previous mercenary, and proceeded to make several more phone calls, including one to a particuar head of operations.

[b [#131313 "I'd like a status report on your operation. Yes, right now."]] Corpusraptor said impatiently. [b [#131313 "I ordered the drug to be delivered to the dealers two hours ago. I haven't seen any changes to the related bank accounts, and I know damn well that this isn't because kids don't want to buy drugs."]]

[b [#131313 "What do you mean the runners didn't make it? They were caught?"]] Corpusraptor clenched her mechanical teeth. [b [#131313 "You're proving to be more trouble than you are worth. You don't want to be a liability now, do you? I'm going to be sending an enforcer down there. You better not fail me Mitch, or your grandma is going to be opening a box with your head inside."]]

Corpusraptor closed her untracable cell phone and sat, waiting for her mercenary to arrive.

[b Characters
[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
VosslerArcanus Arcanum   5y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

Richard nodded. He hung up. He had a chip in his cell phone that made it untraceable by anybody. He got on his hover-cycle and pressed put his hands on the handlebars that were built to start the vehicle automatically once it recognized the owner. Richard drove off towards the location that Corpus gave him.

[h3 [b [I [center Gielnor Advanced Systems Warehouse #721, South Downtown - South Phoenix Town]]]]

He arrived and nodded towards the guards who tried to stop him. “I have a meeting with Dr. Sarah White.”

The guards sighed and backed away and opened the door for Richard who walked in.

He soon arrived where Corpus was and bowed. “A pleasure to meet you Corpus. So, what is this job you wanted me to do?” He smirked.
Tengunerre.   5y ago

Perhaps it was time to make a few phone calls. It was always time to make a few phone calls after all. Perhaps he'd call his therapist, too. It had been far too long since the last time they spoke, and the messages she had left for him had gotten shorter and shorter.

"Dr. Kiwanuka; it's Kate Nair from the psychiatric care department. I'm delighted by the progress we're making. I think together, we can beat this. I hope you're doing well. I understand you're away on business right now, so please get back in touch with me when it suits you. Thanks!"

"Dr. Kiwanuka. It's Dr. Nair. It's been a few weeks since your last appointment. I hope you're well, I know how busy it gets around this time of year. Call me when you're free."

"Nerre, I know you're getting these, I spoke to Paul from your department last week. I'm here for you, call me. Kate."

"Nerre, there's a rumour you passed out drunk in the atrium. Please tell me it isn't you. Call me. Kate."

"Nerre, call me. Please. Kate."

Yes, he'd have to call her at some point or another. But not right now, as there was science to be done. Nerre glanced at the confiscated cache of green powder he'd kept for himself. Dangerous stuff, and not the kind of trip he wanted to experience again. He picked up the phone.

“Hello, this is Dr. Kiwanuka from the Agriculture department… Yes, that’s right. I’ve come across a pretty large sample of green lightning on campus. I’m a little concerned about how safe it is. Yes. Yes, of course. Uh huh. Yes. Okay, thanks. I’ll bring it in later.”

Nerre hung up and made himself another line, before changing his mind and brushing the green powder back into the bag. Whatever this drug was, he had a bad feeling about it. He got to his feet and made his way over to the balcony, where he leant over and lit a cigarette, staring at the streets below.
EternalSnowLilly   5y ago

Lilly had sighed as she had gotten an update on the bounties and saw the prize target of them all still rising "I have got to find him first" she said as she started to sit up again "I can't just sit around.." she said though her body wanted to hit the bed again . moving down to the lobby she asked for some coffee and sat there waiting she had her things next to her not having much on her she was others in the lobby a night race she haven't seen any of them before . she sipped her coffee to wake her self up before she left out she checked out and left heading on the streets going to Phoenix Town.

Corpusraptor smiled as the new arrival came in, her petite hands clasped together. [#131313 [b "It is good of you to come. I trust you'll be more useful to me than the previous mercenary. He... wasn't able to live up to his fame."]] Corpusraptor gestured to the corpse, whose head was crumpled like a wet paper bag, skull fragments and brain trailed behind giving the appearance of a picture of a fountain, all from a single gunshot.

[#131313 [b "But you're not like him. You're not afraid to get your hands dirty. Your MO is consistent for many killings, and you've been convicted on charges in the past. You're the genuine article, and I'm sure we can arrange some sort of long-term deal that will be most beneficial to both of us. I have much use for a cold-hearted killer such as yourself."]] Corpusraptor's lips pursed as she smiled widely, revealing her sharp, mechanical teeth like a huge shark-grin.

[#131313 [b "But you're here for the mission, of course. If successful, we may have more dealings in the future."]] Corpusraptor paused for a moment, before explaining the mission. [#131313 [b "I'm sure you've seen that tensions between Gielnor and the Arcane Clan are growing more in recent times, yes? After that last terrorist attack by them, the people of Gielnor are looking for any reason to go to war. And I say we give it to them."]]

[#131313 [b "You see, the thing about war is that it can be quite profitable for people that know how to benefit from it. When the public is afraid of predators from afar, they pay less attention to those already lurking near them. When the police and military are stretched thin, they have less power to maintain order. When resources are getting shipped to frontlines by the many, it is easy for logistics to... mess up. That state of chaos and panic would be the perfect time for someone with the right know-how to expand their power base, don't you think?"]] Corpusraptor explained, choosing her words carefully.

[#131313 [b "Now, we have a great power here. Greater than all the money in the world. We have the element of secrecy. The gov doesn't know about us. Arc doesn't know about either. So we can strike from the shadows without anyone being the wiser. We can control information, control thoughts, control public opinion, on quite a wide scale, without using a bit of magic. And I say we should rile them up. The people of Gielnor just need to be stabbed in just the right spot. And you're just the right person..."]]

[#131313 [b "I want you to make the king of Gielnor, King Desto... disappear. I want him gone. Erased. Rubbed out. And I want the very palace guards to swear upon their ancestors' graves that it was the Arcane Clan who did it. I will provide you with weapons, disguise, and a getaway driver. As I said before, pay is five times whatever your usual rate is. It will be delivered after the mission is completed, in holocoins. Do we have a deal?"]]

[b Characters
[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
Tengunerre.   5y ago

The cinders drifted away from the balcony rail, fading into the street below. Nerre looked down, putting out his cigarette. It was only his third over the last week, and he had extinguished it far from the filter. In spite of his other problems, Nerre had lost interest in smoking. Perhaps, he thought, it was time to quit. He procured the carton from his coat pocket, and replaced the half smoked cigarette. Staring at the packaging for a moment, he made up his mind, casually tossing it over the guardrail and onto the road beneath him. Nerre abhorred littering, but loved symbolism.

Dressed in a faded grey hoodie and some fake trainers, a young man looked down at the cream-coloured box that landed at his feet, then up at the white-haired man on the third-floor balcony. In spite of the distance, the two made eye contact, and immediately lit a spark of recognition between the two.

"You can have them if you want," Nerre called out. "There's fourteen left."

The young man crouched down and examined the box for a moment before opening it and checking its contents. Fourteen and a half cigarettes. He looked up and tried to call thanks, but Nerre was no longer stood on the balcony. Bemused, he pocketed the cigarettes, and leisurely carried on down the street. It was not long before Nerre had caught up to him.



Nerre smiled amicably.

"You sold me some F at the eastern Tower festival a couple months ago, right?"

The young drug dealer looked awkwardly from side to side - since blackout day, the Royal Police had been collectively breathing down everyone's necks, and the volume of drugs flowing into Phoenix Town had slowed to a trickle. It was impossible to get a hold of any Fairy Dust. All he had was...

"... I was wondering if you were selling any of this shit." Nerre said coolly, procuring the bag of green powder that had been the focus of his attention for the last day.

The young dealer looked around, concerned. "Woah. That's quite lot. Yeah. I'm your guy."

He gestured towards an alley some twenty feet away.

"Meet me there in half an hour, and I'll give you what you need."

Nerre nodded and turned back, as if to return to his apartment, but then paused shortly after. The dealer carried on, unaware that the white-haired professor was now quietly following him from the other side of the road. South downtown was relatively quiet, as had been the case for a while following blackout day. People were afraid to go out, concerned that the so-called "Arc" was watching them. This made tailing the dealer very difficult, as there was little in terms of crowds to blend into. Nerre often found himself disappearing into shop fronts and intentionally jogging through roundabout routes that would lead him back into the dealer's range, but after about a quarter hour of his clandestine efforts, the dealer arrived at a small warehouse. Reaching a small side door, the dealer knocked, three times, and said something to the person behind the metal door, perhaps a service entrance, or a fire escape. The door opened slightly, then all the way, and the dealer disappeared into the darkness within. Not wanting to get caught watching, Nerre made a mental note of the warehouse's location and headed back to the alley.

It was early evening, but it felt like night in the small pathway. The bitter stench of piss and spilled beer stung Nerre's nostrils, and it seemed to serve only as a space between two buildings. Graffiti crept up the walls like frost, and Nerre lamented the lack of an easy way out. The entrance was the exit. He hoped the dealer would come alone. Fortunately for Nerre, he did.

"You're late." Nerre muttered, looking at his wrist. He wasn't wearing a watch.

"Shut up. I've got the product." the dealer said, reaching under the waistband of his pants and procuring a smaller bag of the shimmering chartreuse powder.

"Cool. Who's your supplier?" Nerre asked, playing with his hair.

"That's none of your business." the dealer snapped, hostile.

Nerre smiled, coyly. "Oh, I guess I'll have to go to the abandoned Advanced Systems warehouse and ask them myself, then? What was it, three knocks?"

The dealer put his hands in his pockets, a thin attempt at hiding the fact they were shaking.

"What do you want? I can't afford to give you this shit for free."

"No, I'll pay." Nerre replied, pulling out a disposable holocoin card - popular among tourists and clandestine drug users, who wished to maintain a secret identity. "Of course, I know how terrible it'd be for you if your supplier were to discover that one of their street-level pushers had accidentally disclosed the location of their warehouse. No. Just tell me what I want to know, and I'll be on my way."

The dealer paused, pondering his options, then smiled back at Nerre.

"I think I have a better idea."

Nerre barely had the time to catch the flash of a blade as the dealer lunged at him. The professor elegantly weaved to one side, catching the man's skinny wrist and throwing a precise right hook at the man's face. As his head snapped back, Nerre twisted his arm violently, causing the knife to come clattering down onto the concrete. Not knowing what was going on, the dealer was brought to his knees, his right arm held awkwardly behind his back. He scrambled for the knife, but it was casually kicked away by Nerre's pointed formal shoe before he could reach it. He winced in pain as his arm, now locked in place, was pushed into an unbearable position.

"I will break it." Nerre hissed, short on patience. "Tell me. What is this shit and who do you work for?"

"I don't know!" he cried out, desperate.

"Don't lie to me." Nerre spat, twisting the arm to breaking point. The dealer strained, tears streaming down his red face.

"Phoenix Labs!" he screamed. Nerre let him go, kicking him onto his side. "I get the product from Phoenix Labs. It's a new product. There's some Green Lightning in there, but I don't know what it's laced with. They cut it before they give to me. I don't know where it comes from, fuck." he spluttered through gasps of pain, clutching his limp arm. Nerre stared down at him, blankly.

"Are you sure you don't know anything else?"

"They call it Limelight."

"Heh. Clever. Okay, good."

Nerre crouched down, touching his holocard against the RFID reader implanted in the dealer's forearm, and picked up the bag of Limelight that had fallen to the ground during the struggle.

"I'll hold onto this," he said, stuffing the drugs into his pocket. "I suggest you forget where I live. Should any uninvited guests appear at my apartment, I'll kill them, and then I'll kill you." Nerre winked slyly at the his crumpled adversary, and hurriedly left the alley.

The drug peddler slowly struggled to his feet, waiting for his phone to notify him of the transaction that had just taken place, but the message didn't come. He pulled it from his pocket, dismayed at the message on the screen.

"Transaction failed. Holocard reader error."

Today was not his day.
VosslerArcanus Arcanum   5y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

Richard nodded. "That will most defenitly put the RPOG in a tough position. It will also make them want to fight The Arc even more." He pulled out a cigarette that had a red filter. "Just give me a throwing knife. Preferrably one of those ones with the red gem on the hilt...That's what The Arc uses nowadays and it will make the murder seem more believable." He smirked and waited for Corpus' to hand him the materials for the assassination.

[h3 [b [i [center Josephs House]]]]

Joseph was an elderly man from Nernias, he was a man of Italian and Spanish lineage. He had a grey goatee and short grey hair to go with it. He was sitting down on a leather recliner staring deep into a stone fireplace. Joseph dialed Nerres number on his phone and waited for an answer but Nerre wasn't there. "Nerre, Ganzu needs to see you early in the morning tomorrow...Apparently a student snuck onto the school grounds and climbed all the way up to the top of the school itself and jumped off of it. They found drugs in their system, and an I.D." Joseph took a sip of his coffee and continued. "Her name was Karla Faris. They say it was Green Lightning. I think she was one of your students right? Kalas will also be with Ganzu. Meet them at the Departed Souls Morgue." Joseph hung up after leaving the voicemail and sat his phone down on the coffee table in front of him.

[h3 [b [i [center Phoenix Town Castle]]]]

"Sir, you got your results back from the hospital." Mason, Destos butler said.

Desto just sat in his throne chair staring at the long hallway entrance in front of him that held many rooms. "It's terminal isn't it?"

Mason looked down and sighed. "Yes Sir...It is."

Desto only let out a chuckle. "A brain tumor...How funny is that?..." He stood up but combined with his old age and illness he trembled. "No one but the doctors and people inside these walls must know about this. No one Mason." He had help sitting back down.

"Understood Sir." Mason bowed down to King Desto and walked off.
EternalSnowLilly   5y ago

Phoenix town had seemed to have changed very little sence the last time she was in it . Lilly moved along the main streets before she stopped her eyes had noticed a familiar face with out saying a word she started moving closer knowing those eyes anywhere taunting her every time turning in an ally way she parted her lips "how long are we going to play this game" she said slightly annoyed

Corpusraptor grinned at Richard. [b [#131313 "Yeah, I can get you some of those. I can also get you one of their pistols, in case things get... difficult."]]

The mob boss reached into one of her coat pockets, and removed from it a brand new Arcane Clan throwing knife. From another pocket, she removed a fairly discrete compact pistol, which looked to be exactly the model used by a few Arc members during the recent terrorist attacks. After showing them off, she returned them to the inside of her jacket.

[b [#131313 "These will be delivered to you when you are in position. Don't worry, my people will know. Your getaway driver will show up 25 minutes after you receive your weapons. I'm sure this will be simple for someone with your skills, no?"]]

After Richard left, Corpusraptor departed from the warehouse, taking the form of her alias Dr. Sarah White once more. She returned to her penthouse, back in her "normal" form, before receiving a phone call.

[b [#131313 "Oh? What do you mean someone is getting too close to the limelight operation?"]] Corpusraptor shouted in disbelief. [b [#131313 "I suppose we'll have to show him what he's getting himself in on. I'll be sending one of my flesh golems. Yes, with all DNA samples erased. Yes, I'm aware this will make RPOG more anxious. They still won't be able to trace it to us."]]


That night, a tall, bald, gray figure in a large, black trenchcoat stormed towards a set of apartment complexes, armed with a military grade flamethrower. The figure had simple instructions: burn down the apartments, kill the person known as Nerre, and kill all witnesses. It was best to keep the instructions simple as flesh golems such as this one were not good with complex commands. The flamethrower had a little secret, however; one that the flesh golem need not know: the normal fuel had been replaced with chlorine triflouride, a rather dangerous chemical. The flesh golem raised the flamethrower without a word, glassy eyes gazing upon the apartment complex, before letting out a massive jet of flaming liquid. The flourine fire scorched the balconies, before setting the concrete and bricks ablaze. Near instantly, the smoke detectors and sprinklers went off, but this was of little hope. Within the instant that the sprinklers activated, and the water droplets hit the burning flamethrower fire, it exploded violently. Screams of agony could be heard down the street, as many of the residents of the apartment complex burned alive, being completely stripped of flesh in less than a minute, and the bone continuing to burn. As the screaming continued, the flesh golem continued to hose down the apartment with jets of flourine fire, as well as witnesses who were gathering in the streets, leading to more screams as the flames ate through cloth, skin, flesh, and bone. Burning fuel that ended up on the road began to spread fire there, as the flames ate through the road.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
Tengunerre.   5y ago

Nerre had left his apartment the second he heard the message. Generally, he liked to sleep in before work, unless he was making a swift escape from the home of some beautiful married woman. But one of his pupils had passed away unexpectedly, and an old mentor of his had elected to make the call. Evidently, the RPOG were worried - Ganzu Varson himself was overseeing the case. This didn’t make much sense to Nerre. Did they believe the Arc was involved?

Nerre’s white sports sedan came to a gentle halt outside the mortuary, where a young man in RPOG uniform waited outside. Nerre stepped out, his car whizzing away by itself to find an appropriate parking spot.

“You must be Dr. Kiwanuka.”

“Nerre. Pronounced Neh-ruh.”

“Kalas Varkas, pleased to meet you.”

Nerre shook the policeman’s hand without any further pleasantries.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, sir.”

Nerre shook his head.

“Have her parents been informed?”

“Yes, they’re with Ganzu right now.”


Nerre followed the young policeman inside, wishing he had dressed more appropriately. The morgue was austere and cold, like the bodies that occupied it. Nerre had never been inside such a place before. He wondered if perhaps the image of the white sheet over a once-human form on a cold metal slab was his least favourite thing in the world. As Kalas opened the door for him, that was the image he was treated to. On one side of the table, Nerre immediately recognised Mr. and Mrs. Faris, the girl’s parents. He had never met them before, but she had inherited her mother’s poise, and her father’s countenance. Both parents carried themselves with dignity, dressed in fine Amarthene-made formalwear. On the other side stood Ganzu, the head of the Royal Police of Gielnor, but Nerre made a beeline for the grieving couple. In spite of their expensive air, it was evident that they had not gotten any sleep the night before.

“Mr. and Mrs. Faris, I’m at a loss for words. If there’s anything I can do, please…” Nerre trailed off.

“You must be Dr. Kiwanuka. Our daughter was a big fan.” Mr. Faris sobbed, struggling to keep his composure.

“Thank you for coming. We were told you might know something.” his wife added.

Nerre glanced at the stony-faced man dressed in navy fatigues. His beard and demeanour suggested age and experience, but the professor could sense Ganzu’s youth in his eyes.

“I have a rough idea.”

He looked down at the white cloth with the form of the girl underneath it.

“Would you like to see her, Mr. Kiwanuka?” asked her mother.

Nerre didn’t, but he did not wish to seem disrespectful. He nodded, gingerly pulling back the cover. The last time he had seen a corpse was when his grandmother passed away. He had spent days travelling back to his home nation of Jamhuri, deep within the Nernian continent, for the funeral. His master had looked at him with bemusement. Family had meant very little to her, as she had grown up without one. Karla looked as he remembered her, if a little paler. Her eyes had been closed. Deep down, Nerre felt a slight bit of relief - her head was intact. He dared not pull the cover down any further than her broken neck, knowing the height of the building she had fallen from. He covered her up again, and turned to her parents.

“I’d like to discuss this with Ganzu in private, if that’s okay with you. We’ll just be a few minutes.”

Mr. Faris nodded, sniffling, and the couple shuffled sadly out of the room. Nerre faced the policeman, but continued to stare at the white cloth that covered one of his students.

“You said she had Green Lightning in her system, correct?”

“That’s right.”

“And I’m sure you’re well aware that Green Lightning, while having a whole host of short term memory issues, is not liable to make a young woman climb onto the roof of a locked building and subsequently throw herself off it.”

“It’s anomalous, yes.”

Nerre reached into his jacket pocket and revealed the small bag of Limelight he’d taken from the day before, raising it to eye level before quietly placing into Ganzu’s palm and closing his fingers around the contraband.

“They call it Limelight. It’s being distributed from a warehouse in South Phoenix Town, on the corner of 9th. It’s being distributed by Phoenix Laboratories. Obviously a front for something else, but that’s the first port of call for dealers in the area, and the only thing the kids at PTU are taking. It’s cheap shit. Badly synthesised, short high. Causes some interesting hallucinations. Definitely killed Karla.”

Ganzu let out a low whistle, impressed.

“Looks like you’ve done your research.”

“Yeah,” Nerre replied, staring at the exit. “Look, Mr. Varson. I’ve got a lecture to give on pre-magical revolution irrigation techniques in about an hour, and I have to go back to my apartment to get some notes. Karla should be in that lecture theatre, sleeping through a dreary explanation on the risks of excessive salinisation, but instead I’m going to have to tell her friends that she’s dead. Will you offer Mr and Mrs. Faris my deepest condolences?”

Ganzu nodded, stony faced.

“Thank you. Here’s my mobile number. Don’t be afraid to contact me if you need anything.”

Nerre left the morgue quickly, hoping to never return. As if on cue, his white sports car pulled up in front of him, its magic-electric motors humming to a gentle halt as the scissor doors stood to attention, welcoming him inside. Nerre gave a quick command, and laid back in his seat, stretching out and closing his eyes. Perhaps he could catch a quick nap while the car drove itself home.

He was awoken by a tap on the window. Another RPOG policeman, tapping away. “Sir, sir!” Nerre lowered the window, glaring at the policeman.

“What’s the issue?”

The policeman glanced around, evidently panicked.

“There’s been an explosion on 23rd street. A lot of dead. Fire everywhere. We’ve had to shut down the whole area while we figure what’s going on. I suggest you turn back.”

Nerre grunted. “I [i live] on 23rd.”

“You’re not going anywhere, sir.”

“I guess not. Alright, thanks.”

Nerre spun the car around and punched in a new location, slowly circling the police cordon until he had reached the opposite end of 23rd street. There was no mistaking it. The lower blocks of his apartment building, engulfed in flame. Nerre needed to get closer. He parked up at the side of the street, leaving his coat in the car, and dipped into a nearby alley. Peering around the corner, Nerre spotted a bored policeman, shining his torch on a group of rats, who scattered on contact with the light. Without a sound, the silver-haired professor scuttled up an emergency ladder on the side of the building and made his way onto the roof, creeping across from one roof to another until he could no longer see the policeman in the alley. He shimmied down a pipe, now a block away from what was formerly his apartment. Immediately, he knew something was amiss. The flames burned a sickly yellow. This was not a natural fire, it was chemical.

Creeping carefully closer, a hulking figure emerged from the flames. The smoke, a thick white, ate through the concrete structure of his formerly glass home. He realised getting any closer would almost certainly spell death - this was a chemically induced fire, after all. Nerre bolted back across the rooftop, intending to head for his car. All he could hear was the full roar of the flames behind him, when suddenly a sharp scream cut through the gloom beneath him. He froze, carefully peering down into the alley. His heart sank. A gigantic figure, standing a few feet taller than a man and three times as wide, casually tossed aside the mangled corpse of the policeman that had been patrolling there moments before. The hulking man-beast continued slowly ahead, silently, small licks of chemical flame dancing along the surface of his black trenchcoat. Whatever it was, it was limping, wounded by the violent chemical fire it had inflicted on the nearby street. Nerre thought for a moment, wondering if it was a good idea to try and get some more clues off the hideous construct. Perhaps it would be best to keep a low profile. Conversely, if he was being targeted, they’d find him regardless if he didn’t go into hiding. The tall, dark, Nernian professor with silver hair didn’t exactly blend in with Phoenix Town’s distinctly white crowds. At least if he knew what he was up against…

Nerre scuttled across the rooftop, grabbing a nearby plant pot as he made his way to the edge of the roof. Ruing the loss of some nice fern, he took careful aim, and dropped it. Even in spite of the roaring flames and distant sirens, Nerre could hear the sound of terracotta shattering over the head of the golem. For a moment, it teetered unsteadily, before crashing down onto its face. Nerre slid down the ladder and drew cautiously closer to examine his handiwork. Whatever this thing was, it wasn’t human. The muscular structure was all wrong, and not something a human skeleton could support. Cautiously, he crouched down, examining the creature closer. Doing his best to remain calm, he pulled his phone from his pocket, and made a call to the RPOG.

“This is Dr. Nerre Kiwanuka, associate professor at the University of Phoenix Town. I need you to listen closely. There’s some kind of monster in the alleyway behind the P-Mart on 23rd street. I’m pretty sure he’s responsible for the fire. One officer down, I think he’s dead. I’ve incapacitated the creature. Send help.”

He hung up without waiting for an answer, and quickly approached the fallen police officer, who looked in terrible state. Blackened eyes, bleeding from the nose and mouth. Typical signs of a basilar skull fracture. Nerre gently placed his fingers on the corner of the man’s bruised neck, just to be sure. No pulse. Unsurprisingly, the man was dead. He sighed, closing the man’s blackened eyes with his fingers, and getting to his feet. He turned, not having the time to respond before taking a titanic fist to the side of his head. Nerre spiralled to the ground, dazed. He clutched his head, seeing stars as the hulking brute drew closer. Taken by surprise by something so big. How embarrassing. Nerre unsteadily got to his feet, slapping himself on the cheeks and slowly sliding into a loose fighting stance.


[i Nerre fell hard onto his back, the young woman’s weight bearing down hard onto him. He threw out a wild punch, his fist meeting air, before she caught him and quickly slipped position. Nerre called out in pain as she wrapped her legs around his arm and began to pull back.]

[i “I forfeit, I forfeit, arghh!”]

[i She let him go, casually standing up and dusting herself off. Nerre had tried a different tactic, and it had ended disastrously for him. He lay there staring at the woman in the loose fitting gi, nursing his arm. He was so sure that today would be different, but it seemed like his master would always be a few steps ahead of him. She up pulled her sleeve, which had fallen away from a sinewy shoulder, and readjusted her belt.]

[i “Nerre. I’m impressed.”]

[i She rarely paid him compliments. Normally she cut away at his ego with terse words. [b You’re too slow. You’re not trying hard enough. I’ve told you not do that.] But that day, if unconvincingly, she paid him a compliment. She did not smile, nor did she offer to help him up; she spoke in her usual monotone, with as few words as possible. But she said she was impressed, and she never lied.]

[i “Nerre. You’re tall. You’ve got much longer arms than me. Always push that advantage against your opponent. Run if you have to. Be pragmatic.”]

[i That day, he had taken special care to stay as far away from his master’s lightning fast fists as he could, and she had noticed, perhaps faster than he had. His strikes all seemed to miss, or glance off her completely, as she flowed and danced elegantly between his arms, delivering thundering counters until she caught him off balance and quickly ended the fight. He stared out at the sea, watching the ebb and flow of the tide. The waves would vanish, feeling out every crevice of the beach, and then suddenly crash mightily down on the rocks. Nerre learned something about himself that day.]


The golem brought his gargantuan fist down as Nerre weaved the other way and snapped his fist foward aggressively, driving his strikes into the monster’s head. The monster continued to swing, with Nerre responding in turn. Soon, the fibers of his being that begged him to run began to disappear. Strike, weave, duck, counter. Ebb, flow, ebb, flow. It was then Nerre saw his opening. [b Crash.] The monster stumbled backwards, tripping and falling onto its back. For a moment, Nerre remembered his master, the range of lethal holds and locks that she had taught him, often painfully, on the ground. But this was no human opponent. Nerre had no interest in wrestling the creature. Slowly, but surely, the Golem began to struggle to its feet, its own weight and its injuries from the fire leaving it unsteady.

[i “Be pragmatic.”]

Nerre looked around, wondering what, if anything, could finish the hideous creature. He’d need something bigger than terracotta. The golem charged, arms extended, leaving him no space to escape. Nerre vaulted the creature, landing inelegantly behind it, and breathed a silent apology to the dead policeman as he quickly patted down the body. [i There.] The wounded golem turned around to see straight down the barrel of a dead policeman’s gun.

Barely a minute later, the alley was swarming with policemen, crowded around the two bodies in the alley - that of their dead colleague, and that of the monster that slew him. The young doctor, however, had elected not to stay behind. He lay back in his white sedan as it sped away, dripping blood on the upholstery.

“Take me to…”
kekaishiaJoseph Glister   5y ago

Josephs phone rang as he stood up from his leather recliner. As he picked up the phone, he intently stared at the caller ID. "Hmm... Ganzu this can't be good" He said to himself before answering the call. "Yes Ganzu" the phone was silent for a moment before the man began to speak. "Joseph we have a problem." The man said in a monotone voice "What is it?" Joseph wondered what other bad news could come from tonight. "Nerre's house has been targeted. There is many casualties, most are civilians and we have one officer KIA" Joseph ran to his coat which was hanging from a mahogany coat rack "Where is Nerre?" He could hear Ganzu sigh on the other side of the line "He made a call into us with the downed officer and what appears to be a flesh golem. We do not have Nerre's location but we will see if we can find him" Joseph opened the front door and headed to his car. "No i will find him" He hung up the phone and dialed Nerre's cell number "Nerre when you get this meet me at HQ as soon as possible". Joseph started his car and sped off into the distants.
VosslerArcanus Arcanum   4y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

Richard arrived near the castle and noticed a blue dumpster in an alley near the castle. He went through the dumpster and received his items: A purple cloak, pistol, and knife.

"Perfect." He said to himself before closing the dumpster and scouting out the castle. "Two guards at the front...Hmm..." He looked above him; A lone building next to the alley he was just in had a ladder leading to the roof. It was a good vantage point for the castle.

Richard climbed up it and scouted out the castle once more before determining that there was an opening on the top. He threw a glass bottle south of him and the guards looked at each other and ran towards that direction. Richard climbed back down and he knew the front was still out of the option. He snuck behind the castle and saw two more guards patrolling.

"Who are you?" They asked.

"Uh." Richard said before taking out the knife and slashing their throats with ease. He then arrived at the back and grabbed a hold of stone bricks that were protruding out of the back due to age. He climbed them and quickly jumped through the opening at the top and he landed in the laundry area.

"Okay...Oh look a map." He stared at the wall map and peeked out the hallway and noticed four guards walking by. Richard hid behind a pile of laundry and let them pass before he went into the hallway.

Richard stuck to the shadows of the dimly lit hallway and ducked into the next room that was a room away from the laundry room. "Empty." He told himself. He heard more guards walk by and he hid under the bed and let them pass, but this time they didn't. They went inside the room Richard was in.

"Goodnight Gabe." One of the three guards said.

"Goodnight." Gabe said as the three guards left and the fourth one sat on his bed.

Richard sighed and slid out from underneath the bed and quickly snuck out before Gabe turned around and spotted him.

He finally arrived at the throne room and spotted the king sitting there on his cell phone. He was entertaining himself since he was sick and couldn't do anything else.

"Come in...And close the door behind you. This is just between the two of us." Desto said to Richard.

Richard went pale and stepped inside and shut the door. "Such a fool you are to invite me in.' he said.

Desto chuckled and sighed. "You're a fool to think you can kill me. I'll be replaced soon. Hell, I'm going to die soon anyway so you'd me doing me a favor."

Richard pulled out his pistol. "Do you know who I am old man? Who I represent?"

"It's surely not the Arcane Clan that's for sure. For one, they have an aura about them that even I can sense. You are just a petty criminal...Nothing more."

Richard growled and kept the gun pointed at Desto.

"I built this town from the ground up. I was one of the many who escaped the horrifying event that is known today as Old Gielnor. I gave survivors hope when no one else could. We were all evacuated to the north and the wizards quickly conjured up a cheap magic barrier. After that we were told this was our new home. An empty field with nothing but a mountain to the north. I couldn't stand to watch these poor people suffer like this...So I gathered builders in the large group of survivors and we built a small village known as Phoenix Town. Ever wonder where the name came from? We rose from the ashes of the darkness and we were reborn to do greater things. The first town in our new home. It went from a small village to a small town, then to a small town to a medium town and so forth. Now look at us, this town, this world. It has evolved into something greater than ourselves. Greater than you and I." Desto said.

"Listen, I came here to kill you. Not to listen to a fucking history lecture." Richard replied angrily.

"Do it. I promise that if you do, you would accomplish nothing. The RPOG would find out and you would be killed. If you don't however, you would be a coward...A lapdog. So you have a choice. Either kill me now, and free me of this disease I have...And be wanted for regicide...Or don't kill me, and let me die slowly...But just be a petty criminal who couldn't even kill Gielnors king in front of him."

It happened too fast. Richard pulled the trigger as the bullet went through Destos head and splattered his blood and brain matter all over the back of his chair. Desto slumped forward and dropped his phone which Richard quickly scanned through for important stuff before sending files to his encrypted phone. He broke Destos phone and climbed a pillar next to the throne and went through a window before heading back to the front where his driver was waiting. Richard got in and the man drove off and Richard took off his cloak and they stopped near a magic disposal hub where trash could vanish forever. He dumped the weapons, and cloak and then the kings broken phone and left back in the car.
EternalSnowLilly   5y ago

As she reached behind her getting ready to move another voice rang out from the ally way as an idiot of a bounty hunter shot a gun from behind the two trying to hit the figure in front of her Lilly let out a loud scream of frustration seeing that he had gotten away once again "Thanks a lot you twit" she said as she punched the other in their face and left from the site she was annoyed heading a little deeper in to Phoenix Town. the young woman needed to find something else to punch and quickly or she might just go back and use the hunter that cost her a large caught as her new punching bag . "I cannot believe this" she said as she slowly took a breath

Policemen swarmed around the downed golem. Such creatures were rare, and the dark magics used to create one such as this were both potent and illegal. Few people could make such a monstrosity. Built for brute strength, insane durability, and relentless persistence, the flesh golem was still driven; it would take a great application of force to kill it. Still on the ground, it violently reached a heavy, stitched arm out to one of the officers and immediately crushed the spine. The rest of the policemen began to back away, and fired upon the golem. Each bullet poked a small hole in the grayed skin, and coagulated blood slowly oozed from the wounds. The creature did not even flinch, instead focusing its attention to its commands: kill all witnesses.

With a sweeping motion, the golem grabbed another officer by the head, tearing off head and ripping out spine, the rest of the lifeless body flung down the street. The rest of the policemen were driven into a panic at that point, and proceeded to flee the unstoppable killing machine.

[#708499 [b "RPOG! Please respond! We have a situation on 23rd street! Rampaging golem! We need reinforcements!"]] an officer shouted fearfully into his com-piece. Only moments later, a street sign hurled towards him, impaling him through the left lung.

[#4682b4 [b "We read you, loud and clear. Reinforcements are on their way."]] a voice through the com-piece responded.


An all black van with reflective windows and no license plate arrived to pick up Richard. As it drove away from the palace, it met up with a motorpool of two dozen identical vehicles, driving downtown. After driving together, and changing positions repeatedly, the motorpool split up, each one driving to a different parking garage. From the parking garage, the getaway driver gestured Richard to a white hearse. The hearse then drove a short distance to the South Phoenix Town Morgue.

Waiting for him in a back room was Corpusraptor. [#131313 [b "So, is he dead yet?"]] she asked, smiling. [#131313 [b "I do like it so well when my plans and gambits come together. Did you enjoy your ride? Should keep RPOG off our tails for a while, provided they even turn their attention to us at all. They're rather busy at the moment."]]

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
Tengunerre.   5y ago

Nerre tilted his head back, his heart racing. This wasn’t the first time someone was trying to kill him, but this was [i dumb]. He slept with a glass of water by his futon, a few drops of arsenic would have done the trick and none would have been the wiser. A sniper outside his apartment. A pretty girl with a knife in his office. Instead, someone was trying to send a message. Well, message received.

He wasn’t going to take this sitting down. Fleeing to his home country wasn’t a bad prospect, but there was no reason to think his pursuer wouldn’t just send someone else. And then there was the risk of harm to his family. No, this was something that had to be settled here. First, however, Nerre needed to disappear, and the white sports sedan with the sleek, aerodynamic design was drawing far too much attention. Nerre brought the car to a halt, making sure to stop a few blocks away from his intended destination.


Hanging up the last of her laundry, the young woman slumped wearily onto her couch, switching on her TV. Lazily, she flicked through the channels, her eyes glazing over as Gielnor’s dull broadcasts failed to ignite her imagination. She paused, paying brief attention to a poor quality drama that had captured the imaginations of her classmates. A thin actress, renowned in Gielnor for the beauty of her pale skin and platinum blonde hair, made a terrible attempt at reciting a trite cliché about the nature of love. Her co-star, equally disinterested, listlessly took her into his arms as a sentimental string swell blared through the television.


Maya Sainterlin was an actress too, and an embittered one. While local theatre groups praised her for her range and delivery, she struggled to get work. Running a dark hand through a curly brown afro, she quietly wondered to herself why the local population didn’t seem to sympathise. Perhaps this was why she had grown so curious about the talented Nernian professor she had met at a function a few weeks prior. Of course, he’d vanished as quickly as he’d appeared, and her calls were quickly met with feigned ignorance.

“Hey Nerre, it’s Maya.”

“Sorry, wrong number.”

“Nerre, I know it’s yo-“

Click. Maya changed the channel. Prime TV were airing a rerun of Ashley Silver’s renowned cooking show. It’d have to do. Maya kicked back and watched with a vague sense of interest as Silver explained the elegance of the [i sous-vide] process. A knock came at the door.

“I didn’t order a pizza, fuck off!”

[i Knock knock.]

“I am not interested in your lord and saviour, no.”

[i Knock knock.]

“Urgh!” Angrily, Maya snatched a still damp oversized t-shirt from the clothing rack and pulled it on, shivering at how cold it was.

“I swear to god, this better be the most important-“ Maya threw the door open.

Nerre gave a half hearted smile, clutching one arm with the other. She crossed her arms and tilted her head at the sudden intruder.

“Fuck do you think you’re doing coming back here?”

Nerre awkwardly pulled off his coat to reveal his shirt, drenched in blood.

“It’s a long story, can I sit down?”


“So you came here and not the hospital?” she asked, putting a first aid kit down onto the table.

“Whoever’s trying to kill me has a lot of resources. They’d probably be waiting around for me. I know you’ve been working as nurse lately so - ow!”

Nerre clenched his teeth and inhaled sharply as she sunk the needle into the side of his arm. He wasn’t sure at which point he’d taken such a deep wound, but the bloody interior of his car had made him realise the damage that he’d taken during the fight.

“Hold still.”

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t followed. I took an indirect route and I parked several blocks away. I even came into this building through the fire exit. Nobody knows I’m here. I need to go into hiding for a while.”

“I see. You’re always hiding from something, aren’t you.”

Nerre remained silent as she continued to stitch the wound shut.

“…I wouldn’t have come here if I didn’t trust you.”

“You hurt me, Nerre.”

He smiled. He did that a lot. Maya took a pair of scissors to the string hanging off him.

“All done.” She got to her feet, crossing the room to put the first aid kit away. Nerre’s eyes followed her long legs across the room.

“Hey, I don’t suppose you wanna…” Nerre asked, suggestively.

“No.” she replied flatly. “Get out of my apartment.”

He shrugged, taking a shirt from the clothing rack. [i One of his.]

“Fair enough. Hey, Maya. If I don’t die, can I ask you out for a coffee once this is all over?”

She paused, leaning against the kitchen counter.

“You can ask.”

He smiled, sincerely for once.


And with that, he was gone.
KekaishiaJoseph Glister   5y ago

Headquarters seemed to be in a panic as officer filled cars raced out of
the underground parking lot. Joseph parked his car on the side of the
street just in front of the building. As he opened the door he could hear
screams off in the distance. [+blue What is going on?] He slowly began to walk up to the main entrance. An officer greeted him as he entered. [+red "Hello sir we are glad you could make it"] The officer said. Joseph could hear the held back panic in his voice. "What is going on here?" [+red "A Flesh Golem is on a rampage killing everyone in sight."] The officer seemed to be worried about something, his family no doubt. Joseph sigh " Go home and check on your family." the officers eyes widened as he bowed his head and ran out of the lobby. Joseph shook his head [+blue This is serious, Nerre only disabled the monster. Hmmm something is going on here why is he being targeted in the first place]
Joseph folded his arms as he began going through each scenario in his head. [+blue The only way I can figure this out is to find Nerre but first the flesh golem must be stopped] Joseph had no idea where Ganzu was he down a hall on the right of the lobby to Ganzu's office. He opened the door and peeked his head in. No one was there tho the faint smell of Ganzu's colgna still lingered. [+blue Hmm he must have just left] A loud bang was heard right outside of Headquarters. [+blue What the..] Within seconds a car smashed through the wall next to him. Joseph dropped to the floor but not before the car slammed his shoulder back breaking it. He laid there for awhile the pain was unbearable but Joseph kept through it. He could hear the monster outside with its raspy breath flinging cars looking for survivors. Joseph slowed his breath in fear of it hearing him.
VosslerArcanus Arcanum   4y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

Richard nodded. "He is indeed dead...This is madness though, killing a king? Are you insane?" He asked Corpus.

He sighed and sat down on a couch near the entrance of the room. "What will this accomplish if you do not mind me asking?" He asked her.

Atlas arrived to the scene where the Golem was. He noticed Kalas was there tending to Joseph. "Where did it go?" He asked Kalas.

"South of here, that's where the Hall of Records is! We have some info in there that would be deadly if it got in the wrong hands!"

"I...I don't think that moron would know what to do with that info. It would just burn it probably...Guards are stationed there as well so it's safe. The General Hospital is there though...I highly doubt it would be heading there to be honest...It will tire or die eventually. Let's all rest." Joseph said almost incoherent.

Kalas nodded. "Go rest Atlas. We got this."

Atlas nodded and got in his car and headed home. He went unlocked the front door and went inside. "I hope you're right Joseph..."

The flesh golem continued to tear through town, hunting down survivors and searching for its target. Very little slowed it down. Police cars got torn in half. Police officers got ripped apart and crushed to death. Helicopters got incinerated. To ensure that there were no witnesses, every building it walked past got methodically torched.

The golem's glassy eyes continued to search for its prey with absolute resolve and boundless determination. No doubts nor fears ran through the golem's mind, in fact very few thoughts were even present. Despite being made entirely of human bodies, the entity was far more machine than man. The golem was slow to progress, however, due to one of its orders: kill all witnesses. The result left a massive trail of carnage in the monster's wake.

It continued its search, unerring, following as much of the route that it saw Nerre take. Much of the route went unseen however, leaving the golem to guess which way Nerre went. The monster was perpetually driven to follow its commands. Running some basic calculations, it concluded that the most likely place for its target to go would have been the hospital. After looking around for a while, it recognized the hospital, and the golem slowly stomped over there, its tattered, bullet-riddled long coat flowing out behind.


Corpusraptor narrowed her gaze at Richard. [#131313 [b "It's simple strategy, really. False flag attack. It's why I sent you, and not one of my own. Incite one enemy to fight another. Then sit atop the mountain and watch the tigers fight."]]

Corpusraptor smiled, once again revealing her sharp, augmented teeth. [#131313 [b "You tell me. What do you think I will accomplish? What do you think I would desire? What do you think I would gain by killing a king and starting a war? What do you think I gain by creating chaos?"]]

Corpusraptor folded her petite hands together, still grinning as she spoke to the hired mercenary. Her gaze narrowed significantly. [#131313 [b "What is it that all rulers need to enforce their rule?"]]

[#131313 [b "Now, if you don't mind, I have another task for you... Kindly, would you please download the contents of the Hall of Records for me?"]] Corpusraptor smiled, and handed over a small, intricately designed data drive. It consisted of a thin, flat stick shaped device covered in a white, matte plastic, cut into some stylized forms, and the Phoenix Laboratories logo engraved onto the surface. A few small, faint blue diodes extruded from the surface. The drive had a universal adapter on one side, and small button opposite. A safety shroud covered the adapter to prevent particles from damaging it, but could be easily pushed aside with a thumb. The drive itself was only about as long as a hand, from middle finger to wrist.

[#131313 [b "This is top of the line Phoenix Laboratories technology. One of only five prototypes. They have been tested and work exceptionally well, and can hold 600 petabytes of information. It stores more information than most computers can even hold. Next month they are going to begin commercial production, and will go for more money than most people make in their entire lifetime. It is estimated that only 200 will even ever be made. Don't ask how I got my hands on it.]]

[#131313 [b "It is easy to use, simply insert it into a corresponding universal adapter slot, and tell the computer to download its data onto it. When the blinkenlights flash, it has finished downloading. Do not press the button on the rear of the drive, as that will wipe all data on it."]]

Corpusraptor folded her arms. Now all she had to do was wait.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2 (Presumed deceased?)
Tengunerre.   5y ago

He knew he would regret it but perhaps his expensive car was drawing too much attention. Growing up in a small tribe in distant Nernias, Nerre had never really considered the possibility of owning his own car, let alone a nice one like his. One person in the village, a local merchant, owned a rusty old truck, running a simple and antiquated combustion engine that the merchant had converted to run on biomass produced by the local farm. Rather than being piloted by advanced computer systems, the vehicle was controlled by a large round wheel in front of the driver's seat. Nerre couldn't help but notice himself smiling a little as he remembered himself among a throng of other children, alerted by a roaring straight six and its chronic misfires. The rusty blue behemoth would leave the town empty, and return filled with exotic trinkets from eastern Nernias, Gielnor and beyond, which the eccentric merchant would eagerly show to the curious audience. The children, however, had little interest in this, instead waiting for the truck's bed to empty so that they could all jump in and slowly ride around the small village and the endless savannah that surrounded it. Nerre remembered these rides fondly, but also differed from the other children; his curiosity lie mostly with the perplexing gadgets and trinkets that the merchant brought back with him. Occasionally they were practical - a device that could detect moisture in the soil, a modern crop dusting drone, a rice cooker - but generally these were useless devices that served little use to the agrarian Kiwanuka tribe. Shortly before his departure as a teenager, Nerre spent many evenings trying to fix a broken holo-toy, a projection of a girl with doll-like features that could answer trivial questions and perform cute actions. Many thought it was a lost cause until Nerre returned a flickering dancing girl to the merchant, who had long forgotten about it. Nerre wondered if perhaps all the things he loved now - sex, drugs, expensive cars and clothes - had made him any happier than the time spent tinkering with an old kid's toy in his bedroom.

Yes, the car had to go. At least until he could be sure his life wasn't in danger. He switched on voice controls.

"System, clear all previous location data. Verification [i atterraggio]."

Minutes later, the white sedan peeled away, set to circle Phoenix Labs a few times before racing off as far as its batteries would take it. Maybe one day he’d be able to pick it up again. Instead, however, there was something else he had to do.
VosslerArcanus Arcanum   5y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

Richard nodded. He took the memory stick and slipped it in his coat pocket before heading out. "The Hall of Records huh?" he asked himself before getting in his car and driving off towards the location

Jack made himself a quick drink before closing up the pub. He stepped out of the bar and noticed a white sedan driving away that passed the pub. "Huh..." he told himself. "What a night." he got in his car and started it and drove off home as well.

[center [bold [h3 [i King Destos Castle]]]]

"Oh no!" Mason exclaimed. He ran over to Destos lifeless body which was slumped in the throne chair. "I need assistance!" Mason said over the walkie talkie to the guards and servants.

A few guards ran into the room and nearly gasped. "My god! What happened?!" Guardsman Jensen asked.

Mason sighed and stood up. "The king has been murdered. A bullet hole in his head."

Jensen looked at Mason with a sour look on his face. "And where were you?" he asked him.

"I should be asking you the same question." Mason retorted.

Jensen scoffed and sighed. "Don't notify the public until tomorrow. We don't want anymore trouble tonight. We already have a golem on the loose, a suicide, an apartment fire, and more. Keep this a secret." Jensen said. He was acting commander while Ganzu was gone.

The guards nodded and saluted him. Mason just stood up and pulled out a cigar.

"Those'll kill you y'know?" Jensen told Mason.

Mason was already about to light the cigar before having to pull it out of his mouth. "With the shit I've seen kid...This'll be a fucking miracle." he said before putting the cigar back in his mouth and he lit it and puffed on it a few times before walking off.

[center [bold [h3 [I Guelnors Hall of Records]]]]

Richard arrived at The Hall of Records and noticed it was fairly empty of guards. "That's odd." he told himself and shrugged. "Not gonna complain. Makes my job a whole easier." he walked towards the building and slowly opened the door. What he saw was a mess; Files strewn everywhere, books left open on the floor and desk and tables. "What in the world?" he asked.

A dark figure stood tall behind Richard. It bore a retractable baton in it's left hand.

"I better call Corpu-"

The dark figure knocked Richard out and dragged him away.
EternalSnowLilly   5y ago

Moving off the streets of the city lily made her way to a office building clearly annoyed from the events that happened unable to caught him she sat down on a chair looking to the windows propping her legs on the chair " maybe I should find something else to hunt until I find him again".

Before the monstrosity of deceased flesh stood the Phoenix Town General Hospital. The tall, laboratory white building stood as a monument to healing and care. Several police vehicles were pulled up in front of it, in an attempt to protect the hospital from the golem that was rampaging through the town. The golem let out a loud roar, and opened fire with its flamethrower. A long stream of burning liquid sprayed out like a long, angry, orange ribbon, reaching out to the walls of the building, igniting the large, white stones that made up the hospital's facade.

The RPOG officers opened fire on the golem, tearing open new wounds into the mountain of gray meat. Once again, the flesh golem pulled down the trigger on its flamethrower, but this time no stream of fiery fuel left the weapon. A quick glance with its glassy, lifeless eyes at the fuel gauge revealed the weapon to be empty. The artificial monster roared again, and hurled the flamethrower and fuel tank at the police blockade, injuring another officer in the process.

[#41699a [b "The golem is at the General Hospital! We have wounded! Officer requesting backup! I repeat, the golem is at the General Hospital! We have wounded! Officer requesting backup!"]] a young RPOG officer shouted into a radio.


Corpusraptor had returned to her penthouse and sat back in her chair, folding her hands together. She was weary from this long day; there wasn't a lot she could do at this point. The shapeshifting mob boss leaned back in her chair, her eyes heavy with exhaustion.

[i [#131313 A child sat alone in a small, white, laboratory room. She wore a simple hospital gown. The room was empty, with the exception of a small bed, and a small bathroom in the back, with metal sink, and a shower. The child sat on her bed, frowning, her eyes holding back tears.]]

[i [#131313 A security camera watched the child at all times, recording every moment, save the time spent in the bathroom. The camera was the child's only constant 'friend'.]]

[i [#131313 This had not been a good day for the child, however, and she was angry. In her hands, she was attempting to hide one of the handles to the sink. The child threw the sink handle at the security camera, embedding it into the focus.]]

Corpusraptor rubbed her eyes sleepily. [b [#131313 "Not that dream again..."]] she muttered. [b [#131313 "I... I need a damn drink."]]

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2 (Presumed deceased?)
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
Tengunerre.   5y ago

Nerre coughed as years worth of dust poured out of the old garage. He'd been collecting old cars for some time now, and it had started to grow substantially. The upper classes of Gielnor did not like to keep old things, and Nerre's nostalgia for the old blue pickup had let him to scoop up their old, long replaced remnants. Lately, however, he'd been too absorbed in his work to look after them, only stopping by occasionally to perform oil changes, charge batteries, and let motors run. He ran his finger along the bonnet of an old navy blue muscle car, quietly yearning for the roar of its engine, but alas, he needed to be discrete.

He settled on a black sedan from about ten years prior, with a basic fusion engine and an old navigation system from a satellite that had been long forgotten. Procuring the correct keys from a small lockbox, Nerre wasted no time sliding into the old vehicle and starting up the engine.

The car’s interior reeked of cigarette smoke, filling him with a sense of longing. [i She] would be so disappointed to know how many cartons of cigarettes he’d burned through since his return to Gielnor. He vowed to himself not to let her anywhere near the car. He needed to find her again. Nerre reached into his coat pocket, having neglected his phone for hours now. One message.

[i “Nerre, when you get this, meet me at HQ as soon as possible.”]

In perhaps his first bout of good fortune for the night, the one person who knew where she might be was looking for him. Renewed by the prospect of reuniting with one Joseph Glister, he punched in the coordinates to the RPOG headquarters and leant back in his seat, wondering why all of this was happening.
VosslerArcanus Arcanum   5y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

[h3 [i [b [center North Phoenix Town]]]]

The cloaked man was sitting on a bench across from a convenience store. His phone lit up with a bright tinge of blue as it vibrated. He slipped it out of his left pocket from his cloak and put it to his ear.

[b [+red "Are you in North Phoenix Town yet?"]]

The cloaked man spit on the ground. [b [+blue "Yes I am...What is your mission?"]]

The voice on the phone spoke. [b [+red "My informants have notified me that Alan Gusling is in his vacation mansion in North Phoenix Town...I want you to pay him a visit and exterminate him. Failure is not an option."]] The voice clicked off.

The cloaked man stood up an slipped the phone back in his pocket as people were staring at him. He just turned away and walked north towards the vacation home once the directions were sent to his phone.

[h3 [b [i [center Gielnor Meeting Hall]]]]

"These suicides are getting out of hand! This is the fifth one tonight! We also have to deal with the death of the king...The public cannot know of his death or how it happened until tomorrow. I just wish this night would end already!"

"We also had complaints of weird happenings over at the Hall of Records...But the RPOG couldn't find anything."

"Don't forget that damned Golem. It just won't fucking stay down."

"Watch your language, this is a civil meeting...Not some barbarian get-together"

"My apologies..."

"Clearly this is a bad night and we need to up our security..."

"Alright gentlemen...Meeting adjourned, we'll continue this tomorrow."

The group left the meeting hall.

[b [h3 [i [center Unknown Area]]]]

Richard awoke in a dim room, he scanned the area and realized he was tied up. He tried to break free but he couldn't.

[b [+purple "I am sorry...But we cannot let you escape."]] A monotone voice said. The voice stepped out into the dim light and revealed itself to be one of the possessed guards from earlier.]]

"Fucking RPOG?! What, this some kind of torture room?" Richard asked.

[b [+orange "We aren't RPOG...These bodies are merely a vessel..."]] The other possessed guard walked into the light and leaned in real close towards Richard. [b [+orange "We know all about you...You work for that crime syndicate...One of the most wanted...Just imagine, taking your body as a vessel, infiltrating that syndicates building, and taking her as a vessel."]] The guard said speaking in the usual monotone voice.

"Why the hell can't you guys speak right?" Richard asked.

[b [+orange "Usually we just use our original form but this is much more efficient, I feel the more we train this power...The more we'll fool the public."]]

[b [+purple "Can you imagine? We take someones life, they are deemed missing, yet they magically come back a few days later, voice and all. An impostor in your home...Wearing your loved ones skin, they don't know that they are living with an impostor but we do. That is our mission fellow human. We have many names but our creators like to call us Dark-Stalkers."]] The guard put his left hand on Richards face.

Richard bit at it and the guard recoiled. Richard finally tore the ropes off and knocked both of the guards down and his eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. He spotted the outline of a sign above a door. He didn't care where it lead, anywhere but here. He ran towards it and opened the door and ran outside. It was luckily the exit.

The two guards laid on the ground as the Dark-Stalkers themselves crawled out of the mouth holes of the guards skin. They quickly ran after Richard.
EternalSnowLilly   5y ago

Sighing she was looking through papers on a near by desk " now let's see what's going on " her eyes lowered as she scanned the page there where a few familar names here and there bit nothing that quite caught her attention.

As Corpusraptor was about to doze off to sleep, her phone rang, startling the mob boss awake. Angrily, she frantically reached for her phone, her petite form writhing around. Once she finally came to, a gruff voice answered.

[b [#4ca1a1 "Boss! There is an important guest at Alan Gusling's vacation home. I know the standard greeting procedure, but this guest is [i especially] important. Shall I break out the expensive wines?"]]

Corpusraptor understood the code. Because the person speaking, one of Corpusraptor's employees, did not own an untraceable phone, and was in a busy location, the code was to ensure that anyone wiretapping the call, or listening to the conversation by mere proximity, would not have reason to worry upon hearing the message. But the true meaning got through to Corpusraptor immediately.

An unidentified person was approaching the home of a protected client, but was still in the distance, and the mercenary was asking for permission to engage with sniper rifle.

[b [#131313 "Of course. The Velditi 247 should do nicely."]] Corpusraptor said, pursing her lips. She had just given the command to engage, using magically charged ammunition.

Corpusraptor then slowly walked to the kitchen of her penthouse. It was large and grand, like the rest of the building, but Corpusraptor was too tired and stressed to appreciate the grandiosity of it. From a wine rack, the little mob boss grabbed a bottle of Velditi 247, and poured a large glass to the brim. The expensive and well aged red wine poured out like a restless ocean current. The shapeshifter downed the glass, then promptly returned to bed.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2 (Presumed deceased?)
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
Vossler     4y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

A beeping sound came from the cloaked mans coat. He quickly threw it off and jumped out of the way as a bullet came whizzing past him. The now uncloaked man stood up; He was about 6'1 with Caucasian skin and long black hair and a full beard. "That wasn't very nice." The man tried to scan the area for the sniper but he failed. He ran back towards his jacket as the enemy shot again but this time hitting the man in the shoulder.

[h3 [b [i [center Alan Guslings Mansion - Living Room]]]]

"Mr. Gusling Sir, it appears we are having a bit of malfunction outside...An unwanted pest has entered the courtyard." Alan Guslings butler, Raymond told him.

Alan just kept a blank expression as he sipped on his wine. "Let him in."

"But Sir! This man is a killer." Raymond replied.

Alan turned to look at his butler. "Aren't we all?"

Raymond sighed and walked towards the foyer and then the entrance. He opened the big double doors and walked out to the courtyard. "Stop the fire. Let the man come in." Raymond said to the sniper on the radio.

The man walked up towards the mansion and the butler led him inside.

Alan Gusling himself walked into the foyer and smirked. "Look who it is...I knew my time was gonna come sooner or later...James is it? Why not have a glass of Gielnors finest wine? Straight from old Gielnors capital; Gaelis" He poured James a glass of wine and handed it to him.

James smelt the wine and chuckled. "I'm from Gaelis and this smells like shit." He threw the glass up in the air and most of the guards looked up before he grabbed a fistful of throwing knives that had a white colored gem which blinked [b (red = explosive - white = smoke bomb)]. He threw the knives at the guards ahead of him which emitted a big smoke cloud.

Alan started to cough and scan the area around him which was nothing but smoke.

James went to work fast on the guards and killed most of them in the foyer. The smoke dissipated and he looked over at Alan before more guards stormed the mansion. "Dammit!" James ran into the room to his left to avoid the barrage of gunfire.

A guard pulled a pin off of a electric grenade. He threw it into the room and it exploded.

James dealt with the agonizing electrical shock that he was receiving and still kept to his hiding place.

"Go in there and get him! I don't hire you morons to stand there!" Alan said.

The guards stormed the room and then all of a sudden the lights went out...It was pitch black except for the 4 blinking red lights that appeared. They were thrown towards the guards location and then they exploded.

The room blew and a small left side of the mansion blew apart as fire erupted outside and inside the room. Several mutilated guards lay everywhere.

James stepped out and confronted Alan again. "Hello Alan, now where were we? Oh yeah, I was sent here to eliminate you. RPOG didn't send me, the Amarthene Police didn't send me, the Nernian House of Kings didn't send me either. I work for a higher order and you have been found guilty of exploiting children to a evil cult known as The Arc as well as sacrificing several kids and adults."

"Listen, we all know those people are going to be our new leaders soon! You cannot stop The Arc! Look at me, I have it all! Wanna know why? Because being a supporter of The Arc has it's benefits!" Alan said.

James sighed and pulled out his pistol. "Listen, it's nothing personal...It's what I do, it's how I make a quick buck so..." He pulled the trigger as Alan fell backwards and hit the ground with a loud [i THUD]. James wiped the blood off his pistol and then grabbed Alans ID card as proof. He walked out the door and disappeared before the sniper got wind of him.
Tengunerre.   4y ago

Nerre hit the brakes hard as he bore witness to the scene of carnage unfolding outside the RPOG headquarters. The flesh golem, riddled with bullet holes, staggered from one gaping wound in the RPOG headquarters to the other, snatching at anyone unfortunate enough to be within reach. The ground outside was slick with dark red, littered with the mangled bodies of staff and officers alike.

"Why won't you die?" Nerre muttered to himself, activating the manual controls of his sedan.

"Warning. Disabling safety systems could lead to potentially fatal accidents. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Do it!" He yelled, slamming his foot down on the accelerator and preparing for pain. The black sedan's wheels spun, kicking up smoke and dust as it accelerated rapidly towards the wounded beast.

The golem spun on its heels at the exact moment Nerre's car slammed into it, bundling both into the concrete of the building and pinning it to the wall. Weakened, the creature tried to lift the car off itself, but its awkward positioning had left it flailing wildly to get a grip.

Dazed, Nerre struggled to compose himself, fumbling for the door handle. For what felt like an eternity, he fumbled blindly as the golem smashed its giant fist into the sedan's bonnet. Finally, the shaken doctor found the mechanism and forced himself out of the vehicle, untangling himself from the seatbelt. He wiped the blood from his nose and staggered towards a hole in the wall, occupied by an overturned car and an unconscious Joseph Glister.

"...Maestro. Maestro, wake up!" he urged with what little he could muster, reaching to shake the old man by his shoulders. There was no mistaking the awkward fashion his arm hung from the socket, however; broken.

"Shit. Sorry, Maestro," Nerre muttered, wiping his bloodied nose and hoisting the old man over his shoulders. He needed to get them both to safety, before the hulking brute freed itself. He turned towards the exit and immediately paused as the severely damaged bonnet of his car spun past them jamming itself into the wall next to Nerre's midsection.

"Guess we're taking the scenic route, Maestro. " Nerre spun on his heels and proceeded deeper into the building. Moments later, the monster, with a great heave, prised itself free from the cumbersome vehicle, and began to limp after its prey.

[b [size16 The Next Morning]]

Corpusraptor rubbed her eyes as the sound of her alarm clock stabbed her ears. The phone call from the night before, along with bad dreams had left her restless. She slowly crawled out of bed, and immediately checked her numerous work phones and burn phones for updates and emergencies. Noticing several, she hastily took a hot shower and got dressed, donning a white button down shirt, tie, and black jacket. Though Corpusraptor was moving about quickly, she wasn't fully awake.

It wasn't long before her breakfast and morning paper were brought in, along with a fresh cigar, and black coffee. The mob boss slowly ate her breakfast, and as she looked down at the paper, a slight smirk spread across her face.

[#131313 [b "I see news of the golem rampage last night has already gotten out, but no mention of the king's death. I suppose RPOG is trying to keep that one under wraps... It'd be a shame if the news got out. There'd be quite a bit of panic."]] Corpusraptor spoke smugly after the hotel staff left. Setting the paper down on the table, the mob boss took a long drag from her cigar and clasped her hands together. [#131313 [b "Quite a panic indeed."]]

She paused for a moment, frowning. [#131313 [b "I suppose the golem has gotten out of control in this time- kind of hard to kill all witnesses when more people keep showing up. I suppose I've made my point fairly clear; if they get any closer to my operation, I can always have them assassinated more... professionally. In the meantime... I think the golem's rampage should come to an end."]] The mob boss looked through the drawers in her desk until she found a small plastic device with a single antenna and a switch- a custom designed untraceable radio transmitter for use in golems. She flipped the switch to the "on" position for about five seconds, then switched it back "off".


Meanwhile downtown, the flesh golem was busy tearing doctors and patients in the General Hospital into gory pieces while RPOG officers continued their futile attempts to stop the golem.

The radio signal broadcasted to the golem, and was received by a hidden receiver implanted inside the golem's torso, which itself was hooked up to a device hidden inside the golem; military grade high explosives. Mid attack, the golem stopped for a split second, before a large, thunderous explosion roared through the hospital, taking out a third of the building in the process.


[#ef2a2a [b "This just in; a large explosion has gone off at the Phoenix Town General Hospital. It is believed to be connected to the flesh golem rampage from last night. It is not yet known how many are dead or injured in the blast. For those of you just tuning in, I repeat, a large explosion has gone off at the Phoenix Town General Hospital..."]] the television droned in Corpusraptor's penthouse. A thin, sickly smile spread across her face, as this confirmed her shutdown successful.

[#131313 [b "I may have to donate some money to the hospital. After all, the public seems to eat that right up."]] the mob boss grinned, taking another drag from her cigar.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2 (Presumed deceased?)
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
Vossler     4y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

Atlas awoke in his bed. The room was dark. He sat up straight and sighed. Once he stood up the blackout curtains rose up and a voice spoke

[+blue [b "Good morning Atlas. Today is Lyon 12th, year 1885. Would you like the news?"]]

"Yes." Atlas said. He walked into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee that was already brewed.

[+blue [b "There was an explosion at the General Hospital in North Phoenix Town. 14 dead, 40 injured. Would you like more news or weather?"]]

"Weather please."

[+blue [b "The weather is a crisp 70 degrees with a chance of rain in the evening throughout the night. Would you like a 10 day forecast?"]]

"No, shut down."

The voice went into rest mode.

Atlast finished his coffee and left his house. He went to his car parked in his driveway and got in driving off. He rang Nerres phone and left a message; "Hey Nerre, it's me Atlas, look, I haven't heard from Joseph ever since last night. Have you seen or heard from him? If so, please hit me back up. Thanks, bye." Atlas hung up and put his phone away and continued down the road south from his house and towards the General Hospital. His phone buzzed and he answered it. "Nerre?" He asked.

"No, just Ganzu. Listen, you need to come down to the RPOG HQ ASAP. We have info on the mysterious cloaked figure who blew up the magic tower a week ago. This could lead us to their ringleader."

Atlas sighed. "What about the explosion at the hospital?"

"Already have men on that job...Listen, I also have something else to tell you but I can't over the phone. It is very important so please come here ASAP." Ganzu hung up.

Atlas just put his phone away and turned left and drove towards the RPOG HQ
Tengunerre.   4y ago

Nerre woke up to the sound of a TV chattering in another room. Bones aching, he forced himself to sit up, every joint and sinew creaking with effort as he did so. His head pounded. The room was dark, but a single crack of blue light through a gap in the curtains told him it was morning. For a moment, Nerre considered the possibility that the events of the previous night had in fact not happened, and that he was waking up in some beautiful woman's bed, getting ready to be late to another day at work. His screaming muscles belied that this was not the usual pain of a hangover or excessive drug use. Slowly, unsteadily, he rose to his feet, hissing through his teeth. Nerre was exhausted, but this was not his bedroom - or even a familiar one. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he gently slid the curtain open, shielding himself from the intense daylight.

"Ah, you're awake."

Nerre spun, turning his attention to the rough voice at the door. Joseph Glister leant against the door, cradling his re-located shoulder in his other hand.

"Maestro. Where are we?"

"A friend's house. Come on, she wants to see you."

Bemused, Nerre glanced out of the window, his eyes now adjusted. He didn't know this street by name but the sky expressway and a distant magic tower clued him up to the fact that he was somewhere in east Phoenix Town. Sheepishly, he followed Joseph into the kitchen, where the TV blared a fluff piece irrelevant to the night before. A busty blonde in a bikini advertising a newly opened resort in Nernias. Nerre’s host sat at the table. He paused at the door.


A dull-eyed young woman with black, shoulder-length hair looked up indifferently from the TV. She was in her early 30s, but there was something to her demeanour that implied a higher level of experience.


"Um. You look great?"

"You look terrible."

She was never one to mince her words. Nerre balled his battered hands into fists and clenched his teeth.

"I suppose you're the one who pulled us out of the hospital, then."


Nerre shot a glare at Joseph, who busied himself pouring tea in the corner of the kitchen.

"Well, master. Thank you for saving maestro and I."

"You're welcome," she breathed, turning her attention back to the TV. "oh, there was a message on your phone, Nerre."

"What did it say?" Nerre said, exasperated by the impenetrable woman's demeanour - of course she would have thumbed through his phone without permission.

"Hey Nerre, it's me Atlas, look, I haven't heard from Joseph ever since last night. Have you seen or heard from him? If so, please hit me back up. Thanks, bye." she said, doing an unsettlingly accurate impression of Atlas's voice.

Joseph turned, frowning.

"Did you reply?" the grizzled veteran asked, placing a cup of tea in front of the nameless young woman.


Both men rolled their eyes.

"I'll call Atlas," Joseph said, leaving the room.

The young woman slowly raised the cup to her plump lips and took a sip of tea, her hair hanging messily over her eyes and narrowly avoiding the cup.

"I heard you took down a flesh golem."

"Yeah. No. Temporarily. I mean, I -Shit, I don't know. Maybe?"


Nerre sighed, sitting at the table opposite the woman.

"Why are you here?"

She put the cup down and looked at him as if he'd caused her some great inconvenience. Her expression suggested that she was thinking of what to say, but instead of replying she just shrugged and looked back at the TV.

"Master, please."

"Glister was worried about you, he thought I should visit."

"... who's apartment is this?"

She shrugged.

"Nerre. You've always believed you could defeat anything, any challenge."

Nerre smiled. "Present company excluded, of course."

"Flattery will get you nowhere. Don't interrupt. Phoenix Labs, Euphoria farms. You're motivated by revenge."

"One blew up my apartment and killed my cat. The other impoverished my people. I think I deserve revenge."

She leant back in her chair.

"You almost died last night. Maybe if I hadn't pulled you and Glister out you would have. Charging headlong again will get you killed."

"I'm stronger than you think."

She shook her head.

"Idiot. You're a genius, but you're an idiot."

[i Wow, a compliment.] "What are you getting at?"

She reached into some mysterious fold of her black winter dress and pulled the small bag of green powder out, casually tossing it onto the table in front of him. Nerre twitched, freezing on the spot.

"What of it?"

"Weakness." she said, dismissively.

Nerre suddenly felt a wave of defensiveness washing over him. He stood up, crossing his arms.

"So I like to hit the green lightning on occasion. That doesn't mean I can't bring down some small fry drug runners like Phoenix Labs."

"I'm not worried about Ph-"

"-and besides, master. If I remember correctly, you like to hit the bottle and bring pretty girls back to your place too, right? You're no better than me."

The young woman stood up, straightening her dress.

"Prepare yourself."


Nerre didn't have the time to raise his hands as she vaulted the table and slammed into him, bundling him to the ground and wrenching his arm into a painful position. He struggled to free himself, but she turned him onto his stomach and clamped down hard on his free arm with her knee, pinning him to the floor. She leant in close, speaking quietly into his ear.

“Nerre. I like you, so I’m not going to break your arm. But you will [i listen] when I speak to you.”

“Okay okay!” Nerre grunted, wincing in pain.

“And furthermore, if you have any issues with my sexuality, you’d do well to keep it to yourself. Because I [i will] kill you.”

“Yes, yes, okay!”

“Yes, [i master.]” she hissed.

“Yes, master!”

She let go, casually standing and shooting a glance at the door, where a bewildered Joseph Glister had just finished talking to his adoptive son.

“Now that you know the difference between you and me, would you like to try again?” she said, sitting back down at the table and turning her attention back to the TV.

Nerre slowly got to his feet, rolling the pain out of his shoulder.

“I’m sorry.”


“… So what did you want to tell me?”

“Don’t concern yourself with revenge. Something much larger is coming.”

“I see.”

[b [#a3a3a3 "A terrible tragedy has struck, bringing harm and suffering to this fair city."]] Dr. Sarah White, CEO of Phoenix Laboratories spoke in front of a crowd and several cameras. She wore a long lab coat, coming down to her knees, and was flanked by two hulking bodyguards in black business suits and sun glasses, each one carrying a military rifle. Despite not being particularly tall, the doctor seemed to tower over the other people at this event. While mostly known as a wealthy businesswoman, philanthropist, and the genius mind behind the cutting edge technology of Phoenix Laboratories, her true identity was Corpusraptor, the head of most organized crime in Phoenix Town. The number of people who knew this, however, could be counted on a single hand.

[b [#a3a3a3 "First the flesh golem attack, and then the explosion here at Phoenix Town General Hospital. But you need not fear; Phoenix Laboratories is dedicated to your safety and well being. I am personally donating one million holocoins to Phoenix Town General Hospital, to help repair the damage from the explosion. These terrible events will not drive us apart. We will all come closer together in these dark times."]] the doctor spoke coolly when addressing the public, continuing to put up Phoenix Laboratories' face of cold, calculating genius. She lifted up a giant check, and handed it over to owners of Phoenix Town General Hospital.


[b [size18 LATER]]

Several black armored cars drove up to the magical tower in East Phoenix Town. In each car, there were several of Corpusraptor's thugs, dressed in Arc uniforms, and a single flesh golem. In one of the cars sat Corpusraptor herself, with a submachinegun in her lap. A large, smelly cigar stuck out of her mouth, held in place by her teeth.

It was not long before they reached the first security checkpoint. As a guard came down to investigate, the windows of each car began to roll down, and the thugs open fired on the guard. The rhythmic sound of automatic gunfire barked, and the guard, and surrounding checkpoint rapidly became riddled with bullet holes. The casings themselves all landed inside the cars, reducing the evidence left behind. Any bullets left behind would be too mangled to identify with any confidence. The other guards returned fire, but they too were soon mutilated in the ensuring gunfire.

After the drive by shooting, the windows rolled back up, and the cars drove through the check point. It would not be long before they would take down another magic tower, and blame Arc for the attack.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2 (Presumed deceased?)
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
Vossler     4y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

Atlas got off the phone with Joseph and sighed with relief. "At least he's okay." Atlas said. He continued his drive towards the RPOG HQ.

[h3 [b [i [center RPOG HQ - West Phoenix Town]]]]

Atlas arrived and drove through the checkpoint and the gate closed. He stepped out of his car. He was greeted by Ganzu and Kalas themselves.

"I won't bore you with the details but King Desto was murdered." Ganzu told Atlas.

"What?!" Atlas yelled out.

"Shh! The public doesn't know about this. It was an Arc member, surveilence caught the perp in the throne room killing the king. Sadly no audio was caught though." Kalas said.

"We also had a shooting in North Phoenix Town at Alan Guslings mansion...Good riddance I guess but last night a lot of fucked up shit happened, suicide, the kings death, apartment and hospital explosions, the death of Alan Gusling...Something big is about to happen and we don't know what. Did you get in touch with Joseph yet?" Ganzu asked.

Atlas nodded. "Yeah, he's doing okay...He said he's with Nerre somewhere in East Phoenix Town."

Ganzu nodded as well. "That's good. Listen, we need to get to the bottom of this murder but we need to do it discreetly. The castle is off limits due to a pest infestation...We all know that's not true but it's a good cover. Mr. Yaka will be there and so will we. We'll be dressed up in GDVC hazmat suits to look the part and fool the people. The king is still in his throne room, we need to examine the body and the crime scene. Are you up for this?"

"Yeah. Let's go." Atlas said. He grabbed his hazmat suit and the three of them went inside the HQ and in the changing rooms and changed into the suits. They went back outside and got in a GDVC van before driving off towards the castle.

"Why is a GDVC van at the RPOG HQ?" A civilian asked.

"Because apparently someone was sick in there and GDVC got called in...I guess they are done now."


[h3 [b [i [center The Abyss]]]]

"The balls on that drug runner are massive. Killing the king and blaming it on us! How clever." Irving said. He was an old man with long white hair and a white beard along with a long purple and red cloak. He was the current leader of The Arc.

"I think it was her henchman that killed him Sir." Irvings right hand man Arcanus said.

Irving turned towards him. "I know who killed him!" He snapped. "Sorry Arcanus, I'm just disappointed that is wasn't really us that did the deed. I can't believe some moron was able to do it. A human!"

A purple portal opened and an Arc member stepped out from it. "Sir, there seems to be a situation at the magic tower at East Phoenix Town. Seems like the same group is trying to frame us again by blowing it up. They already got through the first two checkpoints."

"Ohhhh they won't get this! Mark my words! Come on Arcanus. It's time we met this...Corpusraptor." Irving said as him and Arcanus went through the portal to the world of Gielnor.
Tengunerre.   4y ago

She paused, looking back at the TV.

"Where's the remote?"

Nerre shrugged. This was her apartment, was it not? She had an annoying habit of asking questions only she knew the answer to. Without waiting for a response, the remote had appeared in her hand and she flicked through the channels, seemingly internalising the glimpses of each show she passed.

"A beautiful Amarth-"

"-I can't belie-"

"- You'd like that, wouldn't y-"

"- second attack on Gielnor's magic tower system. The area surrounding the East Phoenix town has been cordoned off by the RPOG following the sound of gunfire and explosions in the area. Please remain in your homes."

She sighed, putting the remote down.

"Not long until the power goes out. Open the curtains, Nerre."

He nodded, shuffling awkwardly across the room - for a moment, he had forgotten how much his limbs hurt, taken aback by the appearance of the ghost from his past. He turned back, looking at the tenebrous woman, newly bathed in light. She had lowered her head, either lost in thought.


"Shh. For once in your life, listen."

Nerre stared towards the magic tower that loomed in the corner of east Phoenix town, just a few kilometres away. Shrouded by the sounds of police sirens racing by, the unmistakable sound of gunfire.

“Have you figured it out yet?” she said quietly, the TV going out by itself.

Nerre paused, trying to make sense of what ‘it’ could be.

“It’s a copycat attack?”

She looked up at Nerre and gave him an expression that on anyone else would have resembled a smile.

“Well done. Why?”

Nerre shrugged, having not thought that far ahead.

“Because the arc used magic bombs and not conventional arms fire?”


Nerre breathed a sigh of relief, passing his master’s test.

“So, master… Do you want to go down there and stop them?”

She leant back in her chair, staring at the ceiling.


“Do you want [i me] to go down there and stop them?”

“You’ll die.”

She was right. Nerre was a talented fighter, but his physical state had been poor long before the events of the previous night - taking on some paramilitary organisation who were successfully assaulting a magic tower probably wouldn’t end well for him. Flustered, Nerre fumbled through his pockets, looking for his cigarettes.

“You don’t have any,” she said flatly. “You had a small packet of tissues, some painkillers, a keyring with four keys on it, some chewing gum, and that.” she said, gesturing with her head to the bag of limelight on the table. Nerre took a step forward, reaching for the bag, but she swiped it away in the speed of a blink.


“Madam,” a very quiet Joseph Glister replied from the corner.

“Flush this. Take Nerre with you wherever you’re going.”

Joseph frowned, not wanting to involve his former student with the RPOG’s affairs any further. She casually tossed the bag over to him and got out of her seat.

“Nerre, next time I see you, you better be in the best shape of your life. Or I’ll kill you.”

She strode confidently out of the door, knowing she’d probably never see her student again. Nerre, puzzled, looked back out at the magic tower, which had begun to fluctuate and pulsate bizarrely.

“Maestro, I think we should go downstairs. I don’t want to be up here when it blows.”

At the base of the stately structure that was the magic tower, Corpusraptor's motorcade parked at the base like an army of angry, black ants. As they finished off the last of the guards, Corpusraptor continued giving orders via a head set, safe inside the armored car, so as to not alert any security cameras.

[#131313 [b "They're down? Then continue on to phase two."]] Corpusraptor said smoothly.

The disguised mobsters then began reaching into the trunks of the armored cars, removing stolen Arc Clan magical bombs, taped together and rigged to collective fuses. These were placed at various weak points throughout the magic tower, then rigged together.

[#131313 [b "Okay. Continue with phase three."]] Corpusraptor said dully. The little mob boss removed a strange device from her coat pocket, which consisted of several metal cylinders connected by plastic tubes, and featured a large needle which she removed the safety cap from. The little mob boss then proceeded to remove a small vial filled with bright blue liquid from one of the cylinders, a small button on the vial pressed, and then the vial returned to her coat pocket. She rolled down a window, and handed the rest of the device to one of her mobsters. [#131313 [b "Pierce this through a magic crystal. Once it is active, don't be anywhere near it."]] Corpusraptor said.

[b [size18 LATER]]

[#131313 [b "A problem you say? Yes, I fully expected this. Get the bombs rigged to my phone, and return to the cars immediately. I will take care of this."]] Corpusraptor ordered, still remaining calm the whole way. Her flesh began boiling and melting off, until she was little more than a skeleton with sharp, metal teeth and a blue, plastic organ in her abdominal cavity. The flesh reformed as she shapeshifted, assuming the form of the current leader of the Arc Clan. With that, Corpusraptor began donning an Arcane Clan uniform.

[#ff0101 [b "All according to plan..."]] Corpusraptor said, leaving the armored car disguised as Irving.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2 (Presumed deceased?)
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving???
VosslerArcanus Arcanum   4y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

As Ganzu and the gang drove towards the castle he quickly slammed on the brakes as police vehicles rushed by from the left towards the right like a stampede. "What the hell?" He asked. He continued to drive towards the castle.

[h3 [b [i [center East Phoenix Town - Magic Tower]]]]

Irving and Arcanus arrived at the Magic Tower but so did more police.

"Freeze right there! Put your hands up!" RPOG members said as they brandished their signature pistols and aimed them at the Arcane Leader.

Irving just stared at them with a blank expression. He took a step forward.

"We said freeze!"

"I'm not deaf. You say freeze, I say [b BURN]" Irving said as he flicked his wrist before the RPOG motorcade caught completely on fire as members started to scream as they were being burned alive.

One RPOG member survived and crawled away from the burning carnage. He grabbed his radio and turned it on via magic reserve but it was kicked away from him. "Spare me..." RPOG members could hear the confrontation from the radio as it was on.

Irving just stared at the RPOG member and shook his head. "No." he then chanted a spell which caused the members body to twist and contort into impossible positions before his body was a ball shape. Irving then snapped his fingers before the members body exploded into a bloody mess. He walked towards the last checkpoint where he stopped dead in his tracks and looked at his self as if we was staring into a mirror. "You think this is a joke?" he asked. "I am the one and true Irving! No one can be me!"

Arcanus just chuckled. Irving quickly glared at him and Arcanus shut up.

"Whose side are you on?" Irving asked Fake Irving.

[h3 [b [i [center North Phoenix Town Apartments]]]]

James lay in bed still, he was tired from last night after killing Gusling. His phone turned on and started to vibrate. He picked it up.

[+red [b "Good afternoon James. Are you ready to work?"]]

[+blue [b "What, no day off?"]] James asked.

The voice on the other line chuckled. [+red [b "Sadly no. We received reports of someone with launch codes. A defector. They defected from the RPOG last night and left with some launch codes to the Tetra nukes. The defector is meeting with a Nernian king. I have no idea why this king wants these launch codes but it can't be good and we cannot afford to be at war with Nernias. Silence both of these problems and report back to me. The defector is named Harris Jensen. He is meeting the king at Aurora Park at Central Phoenix Town. I'll send you a photo of Harris. Get the job done."]] the voice clicked off

James received a photo of a black man in a blue T-Shirt and blue jeans. "Time to work." he said getting up and getting ready. He headed out towards the park.
Tengunerre.   4y ago

He stepped out into the street, exhaling slowly into the cold air. The trail of vapour that emerged from his mouth reminded him of cigarette smoke. Nerre’s desire to quit smoking had swiftly vanished in the last 12 hours of his life. He fumbled for his pockets, praying for the soft touch of a loosie. No such luck; his master had pored through his possessions while he was sleeping, and had anything been left, she would have discarded it. Irate, he shot a glare at Joseph, who replied in turn with a half shrug.

“You know I don’t smoke.” He replied, indifferent. “You shouldn’t either.”

Nerre’s head drooped, putting his hands in his pockets.

“Are we meeting Atlas?”

Joseph nodded.

“Where is he?”

“He’s on his way to the castle with Ganzu Varson.” Joseph looked around nervously, making sure nobody could hear them. “King Desto’s been assassinated.”

Nerre cackled.

“You’re fucking with me.” He said, unwilling to fall for such a tasteless joke. Joseph shook his head.

“The press were supposed to be notified this morning but then someone attacked the magic tower. The RPOG have no idea what to do.”

Nerre shook his head at the absurdity of it all.

“And someone’s trying to kill me. Yeah, somehow I doubt all of these attacks are unrelated.”

“Rumour has it The Arc is making moves, but things don’t quite add up. Flesh golems and conventional firearms aren’t exactly their MO.”

Nerre shook his head. “It’s not the Arc. Master said so.”

Joseph frowned, “what makes you so sure?”

Nerre sighed, with the traces of a wistful smile.

“She’s an idiot. She’s not like me or you. But there’s one thing about her that makes her totally different to any woman- [i any person],” he said, correcting himself, “that I’ve ever met.”


“She never lies.”

“Many people never lie, Nerre.”

“Yes, but she only tells the truth.”

Joseph nodded in solemn agreement.

“You know why she never tells anyone her name?”


“She told me why once.”

Nerre’s heart sank a little. Evidently, she respected Joseph enough to make him privy to one of her secrets. Nerre was clearly not so trustworthy.


“Because the name she has might not be her true name - she can’t say it if it isn’t true.”

“What a weirdo.”

Joseph ignored Nerre’s snark and stopped, staring out into the street. A black, unmarked RPOG squad car slowly turned the corner and crawled towards the two men. Gently stopping, the window slid down to reveal a young policewoman with a sunny demeanour.

“Mr. Tarago, Dr. Kiwanuka.”

Nerre half-smiled, barely mustering a “hey there cutie.”

“Officer.” Joseph replied more politely.

“Who the hell is Tarago,” Nerre muttered under his breath.

“It’s a long story,” he said, ushering the young man into the car. Nerre obliged, sliding into the comfortable leather seat, and tilted his head back, trying to get a little sleep on the way to the castle.

The fake Irving fought back a smile when responding. [#ff0101 [b "You're the one and true Irving? It doesn't look like that right now. I'm Irving, you're the imposter."]]

Corpusraptor then gestured to a fallen RPOG officer, then slowly walked over to the officer and picked up the officer's comm link.

[#2f5482 [b "Officers down, we have officers down! ARC is on our position, and Irving is here! Send reinforcements now!"]] Corpusraptor yelled into the comm link, her voice disguised as an RPOG officer. She hoped this would seal the trap she had set, and would make her false flag attacks worth it. Once the reinforcements arrived, ARC would be in for a serious fight, and by then, Corpusraptor would have made good her escape. Once safe, and both enemies were embattled, the explosives could be set off, taking both sides, and further embittering the government against ARC.

Almost immediately after, the fake Irving leapt onto the real Irving, and rolled around with him many, many times, hoping that in the end the rest of the ARC wouldn't be sure who was who.

[#ff0101 [b "He's the imposter! Only I could be the real Irving! Kill him!"]]

All was going according to plan indeed.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2 (Presumed deceased?)
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving??? (Corpusraptor disguise)
[#2f5482 #2f5482] = RPOG Officer 4 (Corpusraptor disguise)
VosslerArcanus Arcanum   4y ago
Father Voss, Lord of The Writing

The distress signal screeched through Ganzus radio on his suit. "Shit. Kalas. Take this one for us. I'll radio in a squad car to pick you up. Remember to abort if the situation gets out of hand."

Kalas nodded at Ganzu and Ganzu radioed in on the signal. Minutes later an RPOG squad car pulled up and Kalas quickly left the GDVC van and entered the car. Both of the vehicles left the area.

[h3 [b [i [center Phoenix Town - Eastern District]]]]

RPOG members arrived at the area as did Kalas. He looked around and noticed the unusual site of the twin irvings fighting each other.

"I'm the real Irving you swine!" Irving said. He motioned for his men to shoot the other (fake) Irving.

"I'm not sure whether you're the fake or the real one!" the ARC member said.

Irving growled at him. "Are you kidding me?" He opened an arcane portal and pointed at it. "Only the ARC can do that."

"Actually anyone can learn that if they studied it long enough." Kalas corrected him. "You know, I have a question...Why do you and your little fanatics always blow these up? It's the power source! You are literally destroying fucking evolution!"

Irving turned towards Kalas and pointed at him. "Actually you people are. You'll find out soon enough that everything you once believed was in fact all a cold black lie." He pointed his hand towards Kalas and started to chant a spell.

"Duck!" Kalas yelled out as him and his men ducked before Irving shot a giant ball of darkness towards them.

[h3 [b [i [center Phoenix Town - Northern District - Phoenix Town Castle]]]]

GDVC men were stationed all around the exterior as onlookers were trying to get a peek.

Yaka was visibly angry. "Will you all please go? The castle is off limits and we don't want anyone exposed to the chemicals here."

"This is some fucking cover-up. I just know it." an onlooker said.

Yaka chuckled. "Believe what you want, but be warned...Trespassers will be fined heavily."

Ganzu and the gang arrived at the castle entrance and the checkpoint officer let them pass to the courtyard where Yaka was. They parked the vehicle and stepped out.

Yaka approached them and smiled. "Thank God you're here. Follow me."

Ganzu and the gang followed him all the way inside the interior. They walked all the way to the throne room where King Desto lay dead in his throne.

"Evidence points towards the ARC." Yaka said.

Ganzu sighed and removed his GDVC mask. "Well, let's get looking."

They examined Destos phone and Atlas took it.

"I have a good feeling Desto didn't do this...Why would an Arcane member break the phone?" Atlas asked.

Ganzu nodded. "Did King Desto ever have video surveillance put up in here?" Ganzu asked the butler.

Mason nodded. "Yes, just recently...He had it installed everywhere but we still have yet to have security watch the cameras for us."

"Good, I want to see the video footage. Does it catch audio?" Ganzu asked.

Mason nodded again. "Indeed it does."

"Excellent." Ganzu replied.

With the RPOG having arrived onto the scene, Corpusraptor did her best to fade from view, turning her skin and flesh to inky shadows. She slid underneath one of her vehicles and crawled in through the right door, opposite the scene of battle. As the firefight escalated, the motorcade drove off, leaving ARC and the RPOG to continue their fight.

Corpusraptor smiled in the back seat, her razor-sharp, metal teeth gleaming in the low light. She pressed the 'call' button on her phone, dialing the magic bombs planted at the tower. The loud rumble could be heard from miles away. The explosions were large, and looked devastating, but the inner workings of the tower would still be mostly intact, it only looked destroyed. This pleased the mob boss; not only had she attracted attention from the real ARC, set a trap for both the ARC and RPOG, and set the stage for an ensuing war that she could profit from, but she had also covered up her true motives for attacking the magic tower.

[b [size18 LATER]]

Inside the Gielnor Advanced Systems Warehouse #721, Corpusraptor sat on top of an huge, unmarked, metal crate.

[b [#131313 "Finally... It can begin..."]] Corpusraptor purred. She stood up and opened the crate. Inside was a large contraption covered in tubes and metal cylinders. The small mob boss inserted the vial of blue liquid from earlier into the machine. The machine whirred to life as it recognized the vial. The machine was receiving power wirelessly from the needle implanted into the crystal of the magic tower, draining it of massive quantities of power. There would be massive power outages. She then replaced the lid, and smiled, taking a long drag from her cigar. [b [#131313 "My plans are finally coming together."]]

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White (Corpusraptor alias)
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2 (Presumed deceased?)
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving??? (Corpusraptor disguise)
[#2f5482 #2f5482] = RPOG Officer 4 (Corpusraptor disguise)


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