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Nightmare princess(don't let name fool you it's a sick rp so plz join)

By Almightybliss

Replies: 747 / 11 years ago

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Similar to the dark realm where demons and devils reign in religions, is a world called Hell, filled with destruction and chaos, and ruled by beautiful women called Nightmare princesses. They all strive for power along with their armies and head guards, but the current armies are forming under the rule under the Lord of Darkness, who seeks destruction of these Nightmare princesses so he can rule over everything in that world

rules no gm no one liners try to be lit head guards must be a male charri ask if you want to be a nightmare princess

The Lord of Darkness:zeek

Nightmare Princesses and head guard

Skelly(nightmare princess are not required to have skelly though you can)
Follow Under:(Nightmare Princess name here if you are a Nightmare Princess don't put put this on your skelly)

Name: Renna Moon
Age: 19
Position: Guard/hunter
Race: Demon
Power: Control blood
Weapon: Sword
Bio: Not much is known about her, other than the fact she's always growing and always getting stronger.
Follow Under: Lord of Darkness

Name:Lance Rinko
Race:???(no one knows)
Power:can pull his armor onto him out of air and uses a necklace to do powerful blast of energy
Weapon:He armor and fist
Bio:He has always been a great fighter and always looks for a fight with someone strong no matter it be a friend or foe and is goofy when its not dealing with fighting.
Follow Under:Zenia

Name:Laila Nite
Position:high Guard
Race:Elvish halfling
Bio: a lonely orphan at birth that was mistreated and shunned for being not of pure blood. She became angry at the world and found a talent at swordsmanship she now is loyal to the Lord of Darkness.
Follow Under: Lord of Darkness

Age: Drei Rykers
Position: Loner atm
Race: Human/fallen angel hybrid
Power: Blood Magic
Weapon: His sword, Divine Heresy
Bio: Drei was the unlucky bastard chosen to have a fallen angel forced into him at a young age, condemming him to a life of pure hell. He constantly has to fight back the dark entity living inside of him, forcing himself to stay in control. This results in him being very anti-social, and rather unaware of the things that go on around him.
Follow Under: Looking for someone.

position:head guard
race:naga/demon/dragon mix
bio:taken in by one of zerias parents guards
follow under:zeria

Position:Unknown yet
Race:Demon Warriors
Power:He has inhuman strength and endurance Mixing fire and darkness to his blade on slash can destroy a whole state
Bio: Knight has accelerated healing. He is also a genius in fighting. His behavior is erratic and borders on feral rage, particularly when he is in a fight or chasing cute girls.
Follow No one yet

name:gives a different one when asked
position:zers partner
power:flame breath, thunder breath, ice breath, dark breath. dragon pulse
weapon:claws, spikes on his armor
bio:not much is known
follows under:dark lord

Name: Zeria
Age: 15
Position: Dark Princess
Race: Devil/Demon
Power: Can control shadows, making them solid.
Weapon: Scythe
Bio: Zeria has always been twisted and demented in her own ways, finding blood and gore entertaining and fun. She is sometimes witty. Zeria has always been sarcastic.

Position:deciple of the dark lord himself
bio:is right hand man of the lord of darkness

Name:Kaine Xail
Age:7 years since he possessed the puppet.
Position:None,he is a lone assassin at the moment.
Race:Shadow being.He possessed the puppet into living.
Power:Kaine can change the sizes of things around him,either making them smaller,or larger.However,this can only work on metal,stone,or wood,the minimum length is two five inches,and the maximum length is seven feet.
Weapon:A small,poisoned pin he can use to stab people in the neck,slowly killing them afterwards.Of course,this isn't the best poison,and there are a ton of antidotes for it.
Bio:After Kaine first possessed the doll,he began to wonder why he didn't choose something a bit bigger.Of course,this body had it's advantages.Now,he is an assassin,and is extremely good at this profession.
Follow under:No one

Name: shikyo kishi
age: 18
posistion: head guard
race: neko undead
weapon: scythe
power: lighting
bio: Shikyo was brought into this hellish land, not born from it, he was a creature of the forest, but was betrayed by the humans, they killed him and was amazingly reborn into this world, he swore to return to that world and burn it all to the ground, he would do anything to get back to that world, so he would sevre whoever would give him the chance to go back.

Name: Jamie Strachan
Age: 12
Position: Head Guard
Race: Demon
Power: Can create and open windows to new worlds or existing worlds where he can take the princess to keep her safe or to make her happy.
Weapon: A simple dagger
Bio: Jamie is the son of a powerful demon, who created entire universes and had thousands of demons at his command. Jamie doesn't enjoy suffering and pain in the same way his father does but he inherited some of his power.
Follow Under: Heart
Shikyo was going to answer Jamie, but he was stopped from speaking, looking over at heart as he bowed before them, wondering where she was going.
Shikyo kishi / Kishi1 / 11y ago
Jamie be a bit careful..." she sighs and gets up then bows to them "please excuse me"
Jamie grinned and he sped up as he ate and then he looked up and he asked quietly, "Where are we going, Shikyo?" He then looked at Heart and he giggled a bit and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, not really one for caring about whether he was messy.
Shikyo grinned as he stood there, watching them eat. "Hurry up and eat, you guys want to leave the castle right, if so then you guys better hurry up, there is this place I know that you two will be safe and away from the fighting." Shikyo said as he looked at both of them, he was going to find these two a nice place, be left alone and he will be able to return to that plant, and get his revenge.
Shikyo kishi / Kishi1 / 11y ago
Heart blushed and walked to her seat and started to eat but not as messy as Jamie "hmmmm it's very good" she states
<Yupz. I spoke to him yesterday. Said he'd post soon but is busy right now.>
((waiting for Heart to post))
Shikyo kishi / Kishi1 / 11y ago
Jamie giggled and then he stuck his tongue out cutely at Shikyo and then he began slurping up some spaghetti, getting the sauce all over his chin.
Shikyo came over to them both with a bowl of spaghetti, he sat it down and giggled at how cute the two of them were. "Calm down you two, its time to eat, hope you two enjoy it." Shikyo said as he smiled at them both, he stood still and watched to see if they liked his cooking.
Shikyo kishi / Kishi1 / 11y ago
Jamie blushed as well and he closed his eyes and turned away. "Maybe," he mumbled, like he'd been caught with his hand in the biscuit tin.
She kisses him back "o wow you do like me alot" she blushes
Jamie smiled as she moved lower and then he gently wrapped his arms round her neck and he kissed her on the lips. "That good?" he asked her sweetly.
She moves lower to him "how bout now?@
He folded his arms across his chest and giggled. "Well, I could only reach chin."
Well that's not bad but only chin?" she pouts but grins evily