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Somewhere In Neverland 1x1 (Kooza)

By SmileBright

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Wendy was always the "good" kid. She had friends, good grades, and everything pretty much going for her. Then she was paired up with YOU for their final project. He was the "bad boy". He smokes, drinks, skips school, gets into fights and rides a motorcycle. Everything Wendy learned to stay away from. During their project, YOU starts to playfully hit on her, her denying everytime, even though she is slowly falling for him herself.

They talk all summer and finally start dating, still being the two totally different people they are. When her parents finally want to meet YOU, they don't like him. Saying is "isn't for her". So YOU says

Will she run away with him? Will she listen to her parents?

Let's Find Out

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Have fun!


Also, if you could, I would like him to resemble peter pan as close as you can. If his name could be Peter pan that would be awesome as well. He should act and resemble Pan, as my character will resemble Wendy as close as I can. I can help with pictures. Also, he should have friends (lost boys and Tink; the lost boys names are Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, Curly and The Twins do not have names, so make them up.) Tink could be a younger character that has a thing for peter, and maybe he likes her a little as well, making his cruh on Wendy harder. Thanks and hope to talk to you too!
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Wendy Elizabeth Darling walked through the halls of Parker High School. It was close to the end of her Junior year and she was walking into her English literature class. She smiled slightly as she made her way to her seat. This was her favorite class and it had a light breeze coming in through the window. She was happy she could finally wear shorts now. She was in a dark blue tank top with flowers on it, a black skirt that fell just above her knees and her black vams. She sat and played with the edges of her 'Peter Pan' by J.M. Barrie, which they were reading. She knew they were getting their final project partners today and she was hoping she got one of her friends, knowing they would do some of the work too.

The teacher walked in right after the bell rang and smiled. She pulled up the list of partners on the wall, and suggested everyone meet with their partners, and discuss when they would be meeting. It was Friday so she would suggest working over the weekend. She saw her name 'Wendy Anna Monroe' and saw it next to 'Peter Pamn. Her eyes widened at the name. No. No no no. He can NOT be her partner. He is that 'bad boy'. I can't be his partner...

Wendy saw him and slowly walked over to him. She noticed that she had never talked to him before, but her friends had. She slowly sat down. She smiled and held her hand out. "Hello. I-I'm Wendy Elizabeth Darling. You can call me Wendy. Or Darling, or really whatever..." she said, and awkwardly bit her lip. Well, that was really awkward. "So, do you want to work on the project tomorrow, or Sunday or now and feel free to stop me..." she giggled at him and bit her lip nervously again. She had no idea what to say to him...and what he would say to her.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

[i Why must this room be so bright?] he thinks to himself, sliding his Aviators in to place over his bloodshot eyes. The late night party had been Tink's idea, and Peter doesn't remember much after the Tequila shots came out. All he knows is that at some point this morning, he woke up on the school lawn, and trudged in to class wearing the same dishevelled clothes from yesterday, complete with grass stains.

He doesn't bother holding back the groan when the bell goes off, forcing him to lift his head off of his desk for attendance. With a grumble at his name, it drops straight back down. That is, until he feels someone sit down at his desk, staring at him.

Her introduction makes him raise an eyebrow. [b "'Darling', huh? Little early for pet names, but I'm sure I can get on board with it,"] Peter teases, his mischievous attitude clearly not affected by the hangover.

[b "Peter Pan, at your service,"] he introduces himself, finally shaking the hand she's reached out to him.

The question of homework comes up. Snorting out a laugh, he runs a hand through his wild hair. [b "I'm gonna be brutally honest, Wendy-bird. I've had way too much to drink in the last twelve hours to want to do homework. The rest of the weekend is lined up to be the exact same. Why don't we not focus on homework for the next little while?"]

Leaning forward a bit, he beckons her closer. [b "I've got a bag full of vodka in my locker for a party tonight, if you want in. We're young, we need to have fun, not this textbook stuff,"] he tells her in a loud whisper, grinning.

Wendy smirked. She liked his attitude, and she liked his spunk. He wasn't as shy as she was, and that well helpful. Two awkward people would have not been a good combination. “Haha, very funny Pan. Or Peter if you’d rather.” She smirked, noticing her more playful side coming out. His attitude made her less nervous, which was. . .different.

"A party?! [i You] are inviting [i me] to a party? I must be dreaming. As lame as this sounds, I've never been to any sort of party before, except birthday parties. And I've never really drank before, well, I did have some champagne at my cousins wedding. I guess you're going to have to help me." she said, smirking. This was unlike Wendy. She never invited anyone over when her parents weren't home. She would just have to bribe John and Michael with toys or candy, and Nana could watch them.

Smooth sailing for her.

Wendy-bird, what an. . .interesting name. "Well, Mr.Pan. How about you come over tonight and teach me about this 'party scene'. Just...come in through the window, its pretty big. Here's the address. Now, your headache is probably killing you from last night." she addressed, grabbing her backpack and pulling Advil and a water bottle from her bag. "Take this. At least then we can act like we're talking about the book." she said, handing over the Advil bottle and an extra water she had. She bit her lip softly, just out of habit. "Well, at some point you're going to have to help me with this project...just be ready, okay? Good." she said, smirking. She placed her head on her hand, propped up by her elbow. She, out of habit, continued to bit her lip, and just studied the very interesting face of Mr.Peter Pan.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Peter sighs dramatically, feigning sophistication. [b "I prefer His Royal Highness, but I guess just Peter will have to do."]

At her disbelief of the invitation, he can't help but feel a bit of pity for the girl. [i Never] been to a party? The poor girl needs an intervention! [b "Rule number one of going to a party: never under any circumstances let any other people there know that you've never been to a party. Otherwise, you'll be chugging a lot more than just champagne. The last thing you want is Tink or Nibbs handing you a double shot of Bacardi 151."]

Jeremy "Nibbs" Nibson has been one of Peter's friends since the age of five. His sister Tabitha -or Tinkerbell, as she's been known to them- is just as mischievous as her older brother. The two are worse influences than Peter himself. And he knows they wouldn't hesitate to sink their teeth in to fresh bait.

[b "I'll tell you what; I'll take you up on that offer. Tonight, I will teach you the ways of the party, and prepare you for your new life of adventure. One day, Wendy-bird, you will thank me endlessly for breaking the spell these textbooks have on you!"] by the end of his speech, he's practically standing on top of his desk, in a Captain Morgan pose.

[i "Peter! Take your seat immediately!"] their teacher barely looks up from her book to scold him. Apparently she's used to his antics.

[b "Aye aye, lady!"] he salutes her, dropping back to his seat, eagerly taking the Advil offered.

Chugging down a few mouthfuls of water, he slides his glasses up to look at her properly. [b "Am I expected to bring anything tonight? Booze, pot, naughty films? Food?"]

Peter made her smile, something she liked about him the most. Even if he wasn't trying to.

"Alright, never let anyone know. And uh, whats Bacardi? And why is it 151? Is it old or something?" she asked, confused. When Wendy said she had never been to a party, she means shes done nothing. She had kissed a boy but she was probably the only girl her age to had never done anything past a peck on the lips.

She was an innocent, shy girl. Daughter of big time lawyer Dr.Darling and of his assistant Mrs. Darling. Sister to John, a doctor in training at age 10 and Michael, a little boy who does nothing but fantasize about Christmas or his birthday. There was never alcohol in her house, never having a friend long enough to invite over and NEVER EVER a boy allowed over when her parents weren't around, but tonight, that was changing.

Wendy had to hide her face from the scene this kid makes. "God, Peter. Do you even care what people think? And I am not in a spell by these textbooks, I just...I'm expected to get good grades by my father. You probably have seen his commercial? Dr.Darling, What can the Darlings do for you?" she said, imitating his commercial. Tonight, your expected to bring yourself. Because I have never drank, why would you bring a flower pot, why do you even have naughty movies and I have plenty of food, trust me." she smiled, excited for what was in store.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Peter looks at her with a blank, albeit slightly stunned expression. [b "What's Bacardi? W-what's Bacar..."] he slaps a hand to his heart.

[b "You wound me! Bacardi 151 is quite possibly the most delicious yet dangerous drink legal to buy in this country! It's rum designed by the gods! You can literally light it on fire!"] [i How has she never heard of this?] he thinks to himself.

Collecting himself briefly, he places a hand on her shoulder. [b "You, young grasshopper, are clearly ineligible to taste the delectable Bacardi 151. We shall start you off with coolers. Wouldn't want you passing out at your first party! That's rule number two, though technically the highest rule for any party-goer. Just imagine the fun someone could have with your face and a permanent marker!"]

One thing about Peter's hangovers, is he gets over them quickly. Now, he's excited. That is, until she mentions something about a flower pot. [b "You're seriously killing me with the innocence here, Wendy-bird. It's like I'm going to have to reprogram you or something! As for the naughty movies: I am a boy, and we are disgusting creatures, by nature,"] he states matter-of-factly.

Slapping his hand to the desk, his smile nearly splits his face in half. [b "It's settled. Tonight, I'm cover over without booze, pot, naughty movies, or food, and I'm going to teach you Parties 101. Just be warned, the goal of the party is to reach Neverland."]

Wendy now realized how sheltered she had been. "I'm sorry I offended you with my un-knowledge." she said, biting her lip lightly. "I guess I have much to learn." she smirked.

Wendy smirked as he started to explain more and more things. "Coolers, okay. Now, I know I'm confused about all of this but I'm pretty sure you [i keep] drinks in a cooler." she said smiling. "Okay, so don't pass out. Okay, so don't tell anyone and don't pass out. I can handle that...I hope." she said. "You're bringing ALL that to my house?! You understand I don't even know what half of the stuff you're talking about is! God...I'm going to have a rough night, aren't I?" she asked, pouting cutely. "Peter, is alcohol. . .good? Everyone says it is but my parents always told me how awful it is." she said, looking down.

Wendy was getting a kick out of this Wendy-bird name. "Wait...whats Neverland? Is that what happens when you pass out?" she asked, confused. Her head tilted slightly, a little scared of what would happened next.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

He gives a roll of his eyes. [b "Parents always say stuff like that. They're just upset that they can't have fun anymore because they grew up, but we still have the chance. So, they try to shelter they kids the best they can. Trust me, there's nothing to be afraid of. You'll get the hang of it."]

His mischievous grin returns at her question. [b "Neverland?"]

He pauses briefly, trying to figure out the best way to put it. [b "It's the ultimate state of suspense. Some people get to it with drinks, and others get high. You hit the point of no cares, no sense of time, and nothing but relaxation. Neverland lets you forget about the problems of the future, and lets you focus on the here and now, without worry. Neverland means never thinking about growing up."]

Peter practically [i lives] in Neverland. If he's not drinking, he's high out of his mind. It's a peaceful state of mind that he wants to cling to.

[b "Tonight we'll start with some drinks, that's it. How does that sound? Wouldn't want to bring weed in to your place, your parents would smell it the second they got in the house,"] he thinks out loud.

[b "What do you say? Do you want to reach Neverland?"] his blue eyes stare at her.

Wendy smiled. Not caring? Not thinking of whats next? The future? No sense of time? Wendy was all about planning, caring about what others think. But this Neverland. This Neverland sounded amazing. Its just what Wendy needed.

"Let's go to Neverland." she smiled, knowing she would not have an easy time.

"My parents. Oh, they aren't home. They are away for two weeks, per usual. They're gone for weeks at a time. Won't be home for a while." she said, unfazed. "Wait? I thought you were just bringing the flower pot thing, now you're bringing weeds too? Wow, this is confusing." she said, rubbing her head.

~~Timeskipping to later at her house.~~

Wendy had been anticipating this all day. Peter would be here any minute. She had changed from her good-girl clothes. She had looked at pictures from parties and saw girls in short tight dresses. She had one, and she slipped that one. It was black, a little sparkle at the bust. It fit tight and showed off her slim figure She fixed some of her hair that was curled and smiled. She head him near the window, opening the window up. As he came in, she smiled. "I, uh, looked up some pictures and girls wore things like this. Is this good?" she asked, smirking.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

The prized possession of Peter Pan is, without a doubt, his neon green Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. It was cheap on gas, got him all kinds of attention, and was fast enough to make the wind hurt his eyes. So, when he pulls up to her house with his backpack slung behind him, he makes sure to park it high up in the driveway, to avoid any possible damage coming to it.

Wendy's window is easy enough to find - especially with the curtains looking just a bit more girly than the other windows. He takes in her dress as he climbs over the sill, and gives an approving nod of his head. [b "Definitely party attire. Well done, Wendy-bird. You're learning already!"] he applauds her.

Sliding his bag off of his shoulders, he sits down cross-legged and starts pulling items out. [b "One mickey of Smirnoff to start you off light,"] the bottle is set on the floor. [b "And one batch of the best pot brownies you will ever taste,"] he displays the dish proudly, admiring his work.

[b "I figured the naughty movies will have to wait for another day. Don't want to overload you too quickly."]

Peter pauses a moment, to take in her room. It's very Wendy, from what he can tell. Much more organized than his mess. [b "It's like a teenager doesn't even live in this room. Not a speck of dust,"] he swipes a finger along her bedside table.

Wendy was proud that he applauded her. She was happy she had done something right by now. She smiled and sat with her legs under her, smiling as he started to pull things out of her bag. "Okay, so Smirnoff and pot brownies. Got it." she said, smiling. "That was probably the best idea. Both of my younger brothers are home, and they might knock, so just watch out. I'm going to change just in case the boys might need me. Hold on." she smiled, and walked into her bathroom. She changed into some black short shorts and a tank top. She smiled and hung her dress back up and went back into her room, and saw him looking around, "What? Is my room wrong too?" she asked, jokingly.

"Well, yeah. I clean my room, and keep it clean. My dad would kill me if he ever saw it dirty...well, if he was ever home I guess." Wendy sighed. "Anyway, lets get to this, I guess." she smiled. She saw the small glasses he had brought with the Smirnoff and she smiled. "Look how freaking cute the glasses are! Where did you find such small cups! Aww!" she smiled. "Do I fill it with the alcohol and just drink it?" she asked, hoping she knew what to do,at least a little bit.

--Finally...I'm back!--
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Peter has to admit; her innocence is kind of endearing. So, he can't help but grin when she sees the shot glasses for the first time. [b "Trust me, you won't want any more than what fits in this glass."]

Setting the two glasses next to each other, he fills them with the clear liquid. He hands her one and picks the other one up. [b "Now, the trick is to shoot it back as quickly as you can. Don't sip it, and don't try to taste it. You might just end up choking."]

Raising his own shot closer to his lips, he looks at her. [b "On the count of three."] He pauses. [b "One...two...three!"]

The liquid burns going down his throat, but it's a feeling he's grown to appreciate. Setting his glass back down, he notices she's looking a little green. [b "It takes a bit to get used to. What do you say? Wanna try another one, or have a brownie instead?"]

The brownies are between them as well, looking deliciously savory. They were one of his favourite snacks. Plus, he wants to see how she handles herself with a little bit of a high.

Wendy, honestly, was having a great time getting to know Peter. At first, she was terrified of the bad boy, but she came to learn that he actually wanted to help her, and he wasn't rude or anything she thought. Yeah, he had an edge, but she actually liked that. It was different. Wendy had dated before, but they were her father's friends sons. The ones with honey blonde hair, blue eyes, and wore sweaters and played tennis. They were polite and gentlemen. But Peter, he had long, scruffy hair, those most beautiful chocolate brown eyes and wore t shirts and jeans and probably didn't know the first thing about tennis. He was nice, but he wasn't a gentlemen, he probably had never been to a five star restaurant, where Wendy and her family would go just for a 'family night out'. He was different and so far from perfect, but. . .Wendy was digging it.

Wendy's smile got bigger as he counted to three. She tilted her head back, letting the liquid slid down her throat. It burned...really bad. She also had some of it hit her tongue and it made her want to puke, but she kept it down, she would stay as ladylike as possible, even when drinking and maybe getting high. She looked up at him and smiled a coy smile. "I think I'll try a brownie." she said. She got up, went over to her dresser and pulled out two plates. She had gotten then from her father, gifts from Italy. They were pure white with green details surrounding the outside. he handed one to him and kept one in her own hand. "If we eat, we eat in style." she smiled and took a brownie out. She smelled it, noticing a different scent in the background. She took a bite and smiled, different, but good. Really good. "So, I let a stranger into my house, let's change that. Tell me about yourself, don't be shy, but don't tell me anything you don't want too." she said, smiling and taking a another bite of her brownie before setting it on the plate she had placed on her lap.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

This girl is more fun than he thought, Peter notes. So, he hands her a brownie, almost ceremoniously. [b "Behold, the greatest adventure you will ever have,"] he announces dramatically.

He grabs one for himself, too, leaning back to rest against her bed. He's in the middle of a bite when she asks her question, and he nearly chokes. [b "About myself?"] It isn't really something that comes up very often. At least, not from his experience. The rumors about him usually do the trick.

Peter's face scrunches a bit as he tries to think of something. When a fact comes to him, his eyes widen and his smile returns, the potent brownies already having a minor effect of giddiness. [b "I live in this old abandoned barn with some of the Lost Boys. Do you know them? It's kind of like the name for our group. There's Slightly, but his name's really Scotty. Who else,"] he pauses to try and remember through his haze. [b "Right! Then there's Thomas -or Tootles as well call him. The others come and go."]

While some still lived with their parents, a few of them had run off enough times for their families to finally say to hell with it. So, the barn became their clubhouse, basically. It sits on Nibb's family property, back in the trees, and they go fairly undisturbed. As long as the boys check in once a week, they're parents don't have much of a care.

[b "I tried to fly once. Jumped right off the roof of Nibb's house, and broke my arm. I thought for sure it'd work. Then we found this stuff, and we've been flying ever since,"] he stares at the brownie adoringly.

Wendy smiled listening to him. She was starting to feel the alcohol and the brownie kick in. She listened to the boy speak, smiling at him. She felt her head start to spin a little and her mind start to wonder. She could feel that her filter was now gone, she would be saying whatever was on her mind now. "Peter, you are single right?" she said, sliding closer towards him. "Because you are [i so] cute." Wendy said, biting her lip seductively. She ran a hand through her hair lightly and smiled.

"Let me freshen up." Wendy said, heading into her bathroom. She fixed her makeup, adding some eyeliner and mascara. She smiled and saw her vision blurring up a bit. The room was spinning. She walked out, stumbling back to her stop, and tripping an falling on top on Peter. "Whoops, sorry" she laughed, sitting up and leaning against the bed next to him, placing a hand on his thigh. She grabbed another brownie and looked to Pan. "Can we have another baby glass of alcohol...that was so good...even though I almost puked it up." she smiled at him.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

He can only nod his head to her question, with his mouth stuffed full of delicious brownie. It wasn't a total lie. Peter isn't 'official' with anyone, exactly. There have been girls surrounding him since eighth grade, and he's hooked up on more than one occasion. But none of those counted. He's yet to have the label of 'boyfriend', despite the desires of a few classmates.

That's when he notices she's scooted closer. Grinning, he swallows the bite of food. [b "Cute, huh? I hope you're not trying to get me intoxicated to take advantage of me, Wendy-bird,"] his tone is light and playful.

Almost as if the mixture of pot and alcohol are making her jumpy, she's up and out of the room in the next second. So she's more scatterbrained when under the influence. Strange. Usually Peter and the others just get lazy and loud.

He doesn't even realize she's returned until she's sprawled on his lap. [b "I knew it. You [i are] trying to seduce me! Well Wendy-bird, I'm not quite so drunk to give up my virtue. I'm an innocent boy, don't you know?"]

With a wink, he pours them both another shot, clinking the glasses together before shooting his down. [b "Your room is a lot more...spinny. Was there always double of everything?"]

"I think the last thing you are is innocent, Peter" Wendy smirked, downing the next cup she was given.

After a few hours, Wendy's room looked a bit different. An empty bottle of Smirnoff, an empty container that once contained brownies and two teens who had been laughing for at least two minutes about nothing. They were both laying on the floor, both beginning to sober up a little. "Peter, this was the most fun I have ever had in my entire life. Thanks" she said, smiling lightly at him. She slowly stood up, stumbled a bit and stood up perfectly. "See? I'm fine." she said, wobbling around, picking up the bottle and container, and putting them to the side, making sure her already clean room was still clean, not even thinking of leaving it even a bit untidy.

Wendy ran a hand through her brown curly hair and sat on her bed, cross legged. "Peter, are we..." she started, messily tracing the flowers on her bedspread, "friends?" she asked, biting her lip and slowly looking up at him. "It's just, I don't know...I don't really have many friends. They all get scared by family and how I act, I've been told I'm 'never any fun'" she said, looking down at her lap, playing with her hands in her lap.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

He's not sure what's making him laugh, but Peter can't stop chuckling. Her ceiling seems to move in wave patterns, and it's almost hypnotized him. His head lolls to the side when Wendy stands up, but she looks horizontal from his perspective. A snort leaves his lips. [b "I'm sure your swaying is only in my head,"] he says playfully.

Sitting up, he leans back against the side of her bed, trying to get his bearings. Everything feels numb and light, and he's just about ready for a nap.

Her question turns in his head, considering he's never met anyone who doesn't have a least one friend. He kind of feels pity for her. [b "Yeah, Wendy-bird. We're friends,"] he answers, throwing on a charming grin, though it's droopy in his daze.

Wendy smiles, feeling a happiness in her stomach. She gets up, going over to Peter. "You can stay here, I don't want you going home this late." she smiled. She helped the boy up, smiling lightly. "Here, you can stay in the attached guest room." she said, helping him to the door in her room, opening to a huge room, a little smaller than hers. It contained a bed, dresser, and a large TV hung on the wall. "Sorry it's not much, but its all I have" she said. She gave him some of her fathers old sweatpants that her never wears and let him have his privacy. She went back into her own room, she laid down in her own bed, smiling at how now. . .she has a friend.

Wendy woke up the next day, with two things pounding. Her door was pounding with her two brothers hungry and her head was pounding as well. She got up, taking some aspirin and walking to the door. "What?" she asked annoyed. [i " and dad aren't home yet and uh...] Michael stated when John then answered [b "We're hungry. Can you make breakfast? Pleasee!"]

"Alright. Alright. Go downstairs." Wendy said, closing her door. She changed into a light blue dress, reaching a little above her knees. She headed downstairs. She make the boys pancakes, bacon and eggs. She made them both plates, set the down, fed their dog Nana, grabbed two more plates and two cups of Juice and headed back in her room. She went into the room she let him stay in, seeing him still asleep. "Peter? Wake up sleepy head, I have aspirin and breakfast for you." she smiled, jumping on the bed around him to wake him up.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

[b "Thanks Wendy-bird. Not sure I could even find my bike, if I wanted to,"] he answers her, words slurring slightly.

Peter follows her to the guest room where he wastes no time in changing and flopping down on to the cushiony bed. Where the hell has this been all his life? His regular bed is just a futon mattress in a bathtub. He's not a picky guy, but this is definitely a step up from the barn.

His snores fill the room before long, with his face partially buried in the fluffy feather pillows. His fingers twitch as he dreams, making his arms jolt every now and then. By the time the sun rises, his upper body is hanging halfway off the bed, with a hand touching the floor.

When Wendy comes in to wake him, the sudden noise makes him completely slip off the mattress, and on to the floor. [b "No Tink, I don't wanna go outside,"] he groans in his groggy daze, feeling his head pound as he slowly comes back to reality.

Seeing Wendy upside down above him confuses the hell out of him. [b "Hey Wendy-bird. What are you doing in my room?"]

Wendy giggled slightly as he fell off the bed, completely. "Your room? Moving in already?" she said, smirking. She helped the poor boy back onto the bed, sitting him cross-legged, sitting upright. She handed him aspirin and water, letting him take that. "I made breakfast, I brought you some." she said, setting down a tray on his lap. The tray had a beautiful plate covered in pancakes, bacon and eggs. There was syrup and a cup of juice. "I hope you like that stuff, if not, we have pop tarts or I can get you something else." she said. She sat on the edge of the boys bed, and started eating some of her own plate. She placed it down before sitting next to the boy. "Your hair is all messy Peter. Here, I'll fix it." she smiled. She started fixing his hair and smiled, "Perfect. All done"

Wendy heard the boys again knocking at her door. "Hold on, just stay here." she smiled, heading to the door. "What do you boys want now?" she asked, again annoyed. [i "Who are you talking to? Or are you just crazy?"] Michael said, making fun of her. [b "Yeah, and why is your spare room door open? You don't have friends?"] John said. The boys pushed past the girl and into the room. Inside sat a confused, hungover Peter. Both boys looked at Wendy, and a long 'Oo' filled the room. "Don't either of you tell mom or dad or I'll tell them about how you both kept squirrels for pets." Wendy threatened. [b "No offense kid, but Wendy...why him? He probably lives in a barn or something...] John said. Wendy giggled a bit and pushed both boys out. "Sorry about them. . .they love to make my life miserable." she said, sitting back down, eating more of her breakfast.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

[b "Moving in?"] He questions, before last night's activities comes back to him, making him laugh. [b "I don't think your parents would be pleased."]

Once the aroma of the plate with food hits him, he practically drools. Not even caring that she's trying to flatten his hair, he digs right in, knowing that the ultimate remedy for a hangover is greasy food. [b "This is delicious. Probably the best hot meal I've had in months. We usually just get Twinkies or something from the corner store on the way to school,"] he says around a rather large bite of bacon strips.

Her brothers' intrusion makes him raise an eyebrow, until they question his living space. [b "It's a nice barn!"] he defends, puffing out his chest.

The boys clearly knew who he was, at least a little bit. It wasn't a secret that Peter was not exactly a preppy gentleman. [b "That's alright. Little brothers are like that. Most of the Lost Boys are younger than me, so they're kind of all like my little brothers. And there is far too many of them to buy Christmas presents. I usually just find a stray dog or something for them to keep. We have five or six right now,"] he tries counting on his fingers.

Wendy tilted her head. "So, all those boys and you just live in the barn? Isn't cold? Or uncomfortable? I don't know how you stand it." Wendy said, sitting on the edge of the bed. She sat up and looked at him. "Wait, you have five or six dogs living with you?! I thought having one was hard..." she said, looking dumbfounded. She sighed and scooted back to sit with him. "So, do you drink and eat brownies every night? It was fun, no doubt, but I don't know how it could be fun every single night? Maybe if it was at a party or something." she said, looking around. She finished her plate of food and then took his plate when he was done. "Do you want anything else?" she asked, and then when downstairs and put the dishes in the dishwasher. She went back upstairs and sat back on the bed.

Wendy realized that she was starting to like this bad boy sitting next to her. He was exciting,unpredictable and fun to be around. He was even her friend, and wanted to be her friend. She honestly didn't want him to leave, she would then be alone if he did. She looked over, realizing how cute he was in the morning. She bit her lip lightly, smiling lightly about it. "So, what are we going to do now?" she asked, not knowing what to do.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Peter shrugs as he finishes his mouthful of food. [b "It's not so bad. We've put some insulation in to keep most of the cold out, and we've gathered blankets from wherever we could find them. Not to mention, the dogs always sleep in our beds, so they keep us warm too."]

It wasn't really that hard for them to have all of the dogs. Since there are so many Lost Boys living in the barn, they each were responsible for one dog. [b "My dog is a border collie. Her name is Tigerlilly. She's the smartest out of all of them, but she's really jealous. You should see her whenever Tink is over! I thought she was going to bite her one day,"] Peter laughs at the thought.

To her question about the drugs and alcohol, he shakes his head. [b "We make it last as much as we can. So we only do one or the other, every other day. It gets expensive after a while, and we can only pick up odd jobs here or there."]

When she disappears downstairs, he flops back on the pillow, stretching. He can't remember the last time he's been up this early, even for school. He usually gets there a few minutes early. Wendy's question when she comes back makes him think, and a mischievous smile comes on his face. [b "Wanna meet the Lost Boys?"]

Wendy's lip curled into a smile. "I can meet the Lost Boys? Y-yeah, I would be honored!" she smiled brightly. "I'm going to get ready, you can have my bathroom, I'll use the main hall bathroom." she smiled. She went into her closet, grabbing a pair of shorts with a little lace trip and a light blue flowy tank top, grabbing panties and a bra as well before taking her towel and going into the bathroom.

Wendy showered with her vanilla body wash and her strawberry & champagne shampoo and conditioner. After cleaning her body and hair, Wendy got out, wrapping a towel around her body and around her hair. She got dressed quickly, and started on her hair. She blow dried her hair, then curling it and brushing out the curls. She did her makeup, making look pretty natural. She walked back into her room, hoping he would be ready and slid on some black flip flops. She made her bed from this morning, and then sat on her bed. "Peter! Are you ready to leave?! And how are we getting there?!" she yelled, hoping he would be ready to go.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Since the only clothes he had to pull on were his ones from last night, that still have the faint odor of alcohol and weed, it doesn't take long for Peter to change out of the borrowed pajamas she had given him. Which means, that he had fallen back asleep while she had gone to get ready. It's her calls that wake him back up, and he wipes the sliver of drool from the corner of his mouth. Clearing his throat, he appears in her doorway. [b "My bike, of course,"] he states, as though he'd thought it would have been clear.

In the driveway, his old Norton Commando motorcycle sits, in all of her shiny black glory. She had only costed him about a hundred bucks, since she was basically scrap metal. With his odd jobs, he managed to fix it up with some help from the Lost Boys.

[b "Isn't she beautiful?"] Peter gushes, wiping a speck of dirt from the gas tank.

Handing over his helmet, he throws a leg over the side. [b "Just pull that on, and we'll be good to go,"] he tells her, starting the bike and revving the gas a bit to warm her up.

Wendy was a bit confused. [i This boy BIKED to my house? Why wouldn't he just drive a car or take the bus or something. Well, I guess the exercise was good.] Wendy thought as they started to head outside. She looked at him an back at the motorcycle. "Y-you're going to drive me on that?!" Wendy said. "Uh, why don't I drive us in my car or something?" she said, biting her lip. To be honest, this motorcycle scared the crap oit of her. She didn't care if her dad or Peter was driving it, she wouldn't be sitting on the back of it by her own will.

"Yes...she is very pretty. Uh, Peter, I'm actually...terrified of motorcycles. They go so fast and there are no seat belts and it just doesn't seem too safe." She was holding the helmet in her hands, and she almost dropped it because her hands were getting sweaty because of how nervous she was. She took turns wiping her palms of her hands on her shorts, and bit her lip at Peter. "I know I sound like a little kid, but are you sure I'll be safe Peter?" she asked, putting some trust in her new friend.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Peter throws a hand over his heart. [b "Wendy-bird, you make it sound as though I'll get you hurt. I am a responsible driver, I'll have you know. It only took me three tries to pass my test. I will get you there safely. Hand on my heart, I promise!"]

He can see the hesitation in her eyes, but he knows she will love it once she's actually on the bike. There's something about it that makes you feel free and relaxed, especially with the wind whipping by you.

[b "If I don't get us there in a safely manner, I will personally take you out and buy you whatever you want for dinner. As long as it's a fast-food place. And it's cheap. I'd probably just get you a milkshake. They're delicious for their cheap price."] His rambling is a well-known side-effect of his party habits.

[b "What do you say? One ride, and if you don't like it, I swear I will let you walk home,"] he promises with a playful grin.

Wendy looked at him, still uneasy about the whole thing. "Wait, it took you three tries!" she said, but then took a deep breath. "Alright...I guess its a deal. I'll get on" she said. She pulled on the helmet, making sure it was secure on her. She sat on the back of the motorcycle, and held on to Peter's waist for dear life. As they started to head to his 'home', she actually felt herself smiling. This was actually fun, but she just smiled to herself, not loosening her grip around his waist.

They had gone pretty far from her house, she had never been around this area of their town. She didn't ever leave far from home anyway. She started to think what the lost boys were like, and this Tink girl that seemed to always be with them. Wendy had seen the group before. Peter and Tink usually lead the group, with two twins and four other boys following close behind. Wendy opened her eyes as the came to a stop, let go of Peter's waist and took the helmet off. " wasn't THAT bad..." she said, smiling. "So, lets meet those lost boys, huh?" she said, smiling brightly.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

They'd gone down a back road, stretching out behind a large farmhouse by the main road. The barn is in better condition than most people would think, and is painted a variety of colours on the outside. Parking the bike, Peter beams. [b "Welcome to the residence of the Lost Boys!"]

Inside, a random assortment of furniture lines the walls, including bunk beds, futon couches and television sets sitting on top of each other. [b "It's like our own little paradise."]

Walking over to a trumpet resting on a table, he winks. [b "Watch this."]

With one loud note, Peter blows in to the mouthpiece. Seconds later, voices are heard and the Lost Boys start appearing around corners and from the rafters. [b "Wendy-bird, meet the Lost Boys!"]

Wendy looked around and then she saw it. The barn he had been talking about. As run down and sloppy as it looked, it was homey. A lot homey-er then her home at least. She was lead into the barn, with assorted furniture. Nothing matched, nothing was neat or tidy, but it was kinda nice. She looked around the new place and took it everything. She would rather be here, then anywhere else to be honest. It felt like home, but she also felt like she should come in and be a mother almost to these boys. Telling them stories and when to go to bed, but she knew, they were running away from what she wanted most of all. . .a family.

Wendy smiled when he winked at her and listened to the trumpet. She saw heads of various aged boys come peak from rafters, corners and banisters. She looked around, all of them giggling and smiling. "Hi, I'm Wendy...or Wendy-bird as Peter had apparently renamed me." she said, smiling. SHe knew they knew who she was. The innocent, straight A rich girl who all of them had never wanted to talk to or hang out with, and that was starting to make her uncomfortable. She ran a hand through her hair, "What are your names?" she asked awkwardly.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

The boys were filed in an uneven line, with disheveled clothing and dirt smudged everywhere. At her question, they all start shouting above each other.

[i "I'm going first!"]
[r "She asked me!"]
[i "No, stupid, she looked at me!"]
[r "You're the stupid one!"]

It turns in to a miniature battle royal, with the boys piling on top of one another, fists flying and legs kicking. Peter merely watches in amusement. [b "This happens all the time. They aren't good with verbal resolution."]

He sticks his fingers in his mouth and lets out a shrill whistle, halting their movements. [b "Left to right, names!"] he orders.

The boys jump back up immediately, saluting.

[i "Slightly!"]
[r "Nibbs!"]
[i "I'm Tootles!"]
[r "We're the Twins!"] the last two boys speak in unison shouts.

[b "The Twins don't really go by anything else. They're always together, so we never really thought about naming them,"] Peter explains.

In the distance, another voice chimes in. [i "Is Peter back?!"]

It's female, and soon enough, the pixie of a girl appears around the corner. She rushes over to hug Peter, but skids to a halt when she sees Wendy. [i "Who's this?!"] It's not exactly a friendly tone.

Wendy was in pure amusement of the boys. If either of her brother behaved this way, her father would send them to their aunts for the weekend or she's have their head. The fact that Peter did nothing was so new and unique to her, and she loved it.

Wendy watched as the boys named themselves. "Alright, Sightly, Nibbs, Tootles and the Twins. I got it!" she smiled. They all were rugged looking, making her neat appearance look slightly out of place. "I appear to be over dressed, could some of you boys help fix that?" she asked, smiling. They all seemed like good boys, like Peter, just with a little of Peters bad boy attitude. All of them acting like a little Peter, only each of them had their own spin on it.

That's when Wendy heard that voice. She knew that girl, well, she didn't know her, but she had seen her. The blonde bun that sat on her head, her green outfit and flats she loved, and that pissed off face everyone knew.

It was Tinkerbell.

And Wendy knew Tinkerbell got jealous of [i any] girl Peter talked to or hung out with. And she knew it was her turn now. "Hello, I'm Wendy. We got to school together." she said, holding her hand out.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Peter is quick to throw an arm around Wendy's shoulders, and pull her closer to him -that look in Tink's eyes is not a welcoming one. [b "Yeah, you know Wendy. She's pretty cool. We got baked last night, it was awesome. She held her own pretty well."]

The new knowledge that Peter had been around this girl before, and had spent the [i night] with her no less, infuriated Tink beyond belief. [i "You were with her? We were supposed to go to the creek yesterday, Peter!"] she scolds.

The boy shrugs. [b "We do that all the time. I wanted to do something different, and Wendy-bird here, is a new friend of mine. I thought I'd hang out with her."]

This explanation is not what Tinkerbell wants to hear. With a screech, she storms out of the room, steam practically pouring from her ears.

Wendy felt herself being pulled closer to Peter, and she ended up smiling a little more than she wanted to. It was obvious that she was starting to like the boy a little bit but she didn't want him to know that. Tinkerbell's face was already scaring the girl and now Peter just seemed to be making it worse. And the things he were saying made her look worse than she was, and she wanted to say something but she was [i not] about to get in the middle of this 'fight'.

When Peter said he actually wanted to hang out with her and that they were friends, Wendy smiled again. She was really happy to have a new friend, and now possibly a new enemy. She watched Tinkerbell storm out and then she looked at Peter. "So...she hates me, huh?" she said, biting her lip lightly. She then looked to the boys and smiled, "Now, which one of you wanted to show me around?" she asked, smiling brightly at the boys.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Peter gives a nod of his head, ever the honest one. [b "Without a shadow of a doubt, she hates you. But that's alright. Tink hates a lot of people. She doesn't like to share anything, or anyone. Nibbs tried to take a french fry from her plate once, and she literally bit him."]

He looks at the Lost Boy, who silently nods and holds up his hand with teeth scars decorating the dirty skin.

At her request, the boys seem to come to life once more. [red "I want to!"]

[i "No, me!"]
"You always get to do everything fun!"
[red "Nuh uh!"]

[b "Boys! Relax. You don't want to scare away our new friend. Each of you show Wendy-bird one thing of the hideout. Then we'll figure out something fun to do,"] Peter interrupts them again.

Well, Peter doesn't put anything lightly, huh?

Wendy widened her eyes when he said he bit Nibbs. The poor boy held his finger out, a cleaner section of his fingers showed clear teeth marks, and her went over and kissed his finger, just as a mother would do.

Wendy then saw them fighting and then jumped away from the boys. "Yes boys, no more fighting now...okay?" she said, smiling. She felt her wrist being grabbed by one boys, showing her where he slept and his favorite part of the barn. She then felt both of her wrist being grabbed, causing her to fall backwards and be dragged by the twins to where they slept. It was so interesting how they said everything together. How did they know what the other was going to say, it was amazing. She then was spun around to be pulled by a smaller boy to his bed. Proudly showing his very poor attempt at making his bed. It was good that he attempted it, as all the other boys had made absolutely no attempt. She then was pulled by one more boy, and was then suddenly in the rafters.

Wendy smiled, it was amazing how you could see everything from up there. The lost boys brought her back down and back over to Peter. "Peter. . .where do you sleep?" she asked.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

He had been standing back a bit, letting each boy proudly display their own personal living spaces. It brings him amusement to see them get so hyper and stumble over their words and feet. Nibbs tries more than once to demonstrate his firecracker alarm, but the duds refuse to ignite, drawing his time with her to a disappointed close.

When she turns back to him, Peter grins. [b "I reserved the best spot for myself. Come on!"]

Dragging her by the hand, he leads her up a rickety stairwell that looks like it's one pound away from caving in on itself. The top level is a loft space, and in the far corner, a hammock is set up under a hole in the roof, giving a clear view of the sky. [b "At night, the stars are awesome to look at."]

He swings her around and sits her down in the hammock. [b "Try it, it's the most comfortable thing in the world!"]

Wendy was nervous, as anyone should, going up to his 'room'. She felt as though she would fall any second. She finally was up there, and it was amazing. Sure, it wasn't much, but it was perfect. A hammock set up under an open ceiling, you could see every star at night. Gorgeous.

Wendy was spun around, and she landed on the hammock. She was sitting, and when he said to try it, she did. She did have a bit of trouble adjusting, but she did get the hang of it. She laid back and he was right, it was really comfy. She could get used to this, and she smiled, closing her eyes. "Peter, this is a pretty cool place. I'm pretty jealous. The boys are all sweet and act just like boys should be." she smiled. She sat up a little, balancing on her elbows. "Well, aren't you going to join me on here?" she asked, patting the space on the hammock next to her.

Wendy turned back on to her back, looking through the hole at the clouds. "What do you do when it rains? Don't you get really wet?" she said, laughing. "I hope you have something to keep you dry, or do you just let yourself get wet?" she asked, looking over at the boy, smiling. She played with his hair a little bit, smiling at him.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

The hammock isn't really made for two people, but they make it work. And, Peter finds, it's a lot more comfortable than he was expecting it to be. Her question makes him flash her a toothy grin. [b "The rain is the best part! It's so refreshing! The only time we have to seal the hole is in the winter when the snow comes down. It gets a little chilly."]

The boys below them start arguing over their next activity, yelling suggestions of paintball, swimming, and football. Peter rolls his eyes, and moves a little closer to Wendy. [b "You're going to be their new favourite person for a little while. They love new people. Tink, not so much, but she'll probably just hang around the sidelines or something."]

Dogs can be heard barking outside, causing the boys to yell out in delight, and hurried footsteps to let them in the barn. Tigerlily beelines up to Peter's loft, and jumps on top of them in the hammock. [b "Meet the other lady in my life!"] Peter laughs as the dog rolls on to her back for belly rubs.

How did she know he would be like that. Of course he loved the rain, it was Peter. She couldn't even believe they would stay in this barn during the cold winter months, especially when it was cold in here even in the spring. "If it ever gets too cold, you all could come stay at my house, it's not like we don't have the room!" she said, smiling.

Wendy heard the boys arguing downstairs about some random games they wanted to play, they almost sounded like her brothers arguing about what they wanted to play. She listened to Peter say she would be their new favorite person. She smiled, happy that she was making friends so easily. "I feel awful that Tinkerbell doesn't like me, what is it about me she doesn't like?" she asked Peter, leaning her head against his shoulder.

Wendy heard barking and smiled. She loved dogs, just like her dog Nana. She heard the boys open the barn doors and heard about 5 or 6 dogs they had. A dog ran up and jumped all over the both of them. Wendy and Peter laughed, "Oh Peter, shes beautiful. What's her name?" she asked, scratching her tummy just like she would do for Nana.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Peter laughs as the dog attacks Wendy with kisses. [b "This is my pride and joy, Tigerlily. I found her wandering a back road, looking for food. Brought her home and she's been mine ever since. And as you can tell, she loves new people."]

He settles back in to the hammock and lets the two girls play. [b "As for Tink...let's just say she takes pride in being the only girl who was allowed to hang out with us. We've known each other since we were little, and we used to let her join in on our adventures. She's just stuck around ever since. To think that another girl has been allowed to join is probably getting under her nerves. She viewed it as a prestigious honor, I'll bet."]

He doesn't like his friends being angry with him, but for this, Peter thinks Tink isn't being fair. She has to learn to share the boys. She can't have their attention all the time. And besides, it's not as if he's dating her.

Wendy laughed and giggled as her and the dog rolled around. After Peter explained her story, she then licked Wendy's face once more, and jumped down to her makeshift bed in Peter's room. Wendy then listened to his story about Tink. "Do you think Tinkerbell might have a crush on you, and maybe is jealous that we are hanging out? Or are you guys dating? Or did you date?" Wendy asked. She wasn't sure what the answer was, but Tink usually was seen with all the boys, or admiring Peter from her desk in class. No one would ever ask Tink, as she didn't have many other friends then the boys. She was a stubborn girl with a bit of a anger issue. In all seriousness, Wendy was scarred of her.

Wendy rolled over onto her stomach to be able to talk to Peter easier. She started playing with the curls in her hair, and looked back at Peter. "So, Peter, if you don't mind me asking, why do you live out here? Why do you all live out here? What's so bad about living at home? Is it a bad situation or something?" she asked. She tired to be gentle, hoping not to anger or upset Peter. "You don't have to tell me if you'd rather not." she said, biting her lip slightly.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Peter shrugs. [b "The guys joke about her crushing on me, but I've never encouraged it. I just kind of ignore it and treat her like one of the guys. So no, we've never dated."]

He finishes his sentence with a wink. He did feel kind of bad to think that Tinkerbell was pining after him, without receiving some kind of reward for it, but he wasn't about to feed in to her fantasy of having him as her boyfriend. [b "It's better to keep it that way."]

It's Wendy's next question that makes him sigh and get out of the hammock. He had left home two years ago. He still spoke to his parents on occasion, but they had given up trying to get him back. [b "This is freedom. You don't have to worry about getting a bad grade, or coming in late. There's no one here to scold you. Back home, that's all they did. 'Peter, you need to try harder!' 'Peter, you need to grow up!'" He mimics the voices of his mom and dad.

[b "There's no one to impress out here. We treat each other equally, and don't look down on someone because they aren't like us."]

"Oh." Was all Wendy thought to say, and she blushed a little at his wink. She knew Tink liked him, but she wasn't going to spread anything that wasn't her business. When he got up, Wendy turned on her side to watch him and listen. She knew that he just wanted freedom, and Wendy kinda did too. She was always pressured by her parents and they knew she was trying her hardest. Her hardest was never good enough.

Wendy stood up and went over to him, she stood in front of him, their bodies only centimeters apart. "It sounds absolutely wonderful" she said, hugging the boy. "I understand Peter, my parents are the same way..." she said. She heard the boys downstairs start yelling about something. She rolled her eyes and smiled, "Hold on." she said. She went down the rickety stair case and went over to the boys yelling at each other. "What are you boys yelling about?" she asked, smiling. [b "Peter was hogging you upstairs! We want to play with you too!] Some of the boys said. [i "Did you and Peter kiss?!] One boy said, and another followed with [b EWWWWWWW! Peter! Did you kiss Wendy-bird?!].

Wendy blushed and looked up at Peter. "No no no. Peter and I didn't kiss." she said, smiling awkwardly at Peter.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Peter leans over the railing to look down on the main floor. [b "None of your business, Tootles!"] he calls down. [b "You guys can't hog Wendy!"]

The boys ramble off in to another argument, debating who gets to spend which amount of time with their new friend. Peter joins them on the first floor and shoves his fingers in to his mouth, letting out an ear-piercing whistle. [b "Decide on ONE activity for now. We'll all get turns to show Wendy what we like to do. Nibbs, you're first."]

[i "Why Nibbs?"] Slightly steps forward, shoving Nibbs aside.

[b "Because, he lets me sleep in later than 11:00,"] Peter offers as a half-assed explanation.

Nibbs excitedly grabs her hand, eager to take her to their paintball area. It was complete with a tree-house tower, and obstacles for them to hide behind. [i "We spend hours there just shooting each other. There really is never any designated teams. Just shoot whoever you see!"] he rattles off to her as he tugs her along, the others following behind.

Wendy was so surprised these boys liked her so much, maybe this project group was a good idea. Wait! They had forgotten about the project! "Uh, Peter. Maybe we shou-" she started but cut off while Nibbs pulled her through their beloved paintball area. It was really cool, something he brothers would enjoy more than herself. She was being pulled around obstacles and up in the tree house as well. Nibbs brought her up by herself, refusing they other lost boys come as well. [i "Wendy, are you going to stay with us?"] was the question the small boy asked. "Oh, Nibbs, I don't think so. I have two brothers to take care of at home, and a dog. I don't think it would be a good idea. But I will visit lots, I promise." she smiled, and ruffled the boys hair a little bit.

Wendy and Nibbs came down, and they she was able to see their paintball guns. They all had one, each one assigned to one person, even Tink. Once they finished their, it was the twins turn. They both smiled, and picked Wendy up. They brought her to their favorite place, small lake not too far from the barn, hidden away by trees. The devilish twins, one taking Wendy's hands and one on her feet and lightly tossed the girl right into the water. She was rushed with cold water, and stood up and looked angry. The twins, scarred both offered a hand to help her out.
[r "Sorry Wendy-bird!"]
[i "We were just playing around, we didn't know you'd get mad"]
"Oh, I'm not mad, as long as you guys don't mind...THIS"
Wendy's angry expression then turned to a devilish one. She took both boys hands and pulled them into the water with her. She turned to the other lost boys. "Well, aren't you going to join us?!" she asked to the boys, and then winking at Peter.
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Peter can't help but laugh while watching Wendy interact with the boys. It isn't often they get to play with someone new, so this is basically the same as Christmas to them. [b "Try not to be too rough with her. You don't want to scare her off, do you?"] he reminds a few of the boys lagging behind on the march to the lake.

[i "Of course not!"] they declare at the same time, horrified at the possibility that Wendy might not come back.

[b "Good. Now what are you waiting for? Go dunk the twins again!"] he encourages.

For a few moments, he leans against a nearby tree with his arms crossed over his chest, and a beaming grin. At her challenging call, the grin turns wicked and he tears off his shirt and pants, leaving himself in his boxers as he rushes towards the water, tackling her back.

Surfacing, he shakes his hair from his eyes. [b "Game on, Wendy-Bird!"] he laughs, sending as many splashes he can towards her and the twins.

Wendy and the boys had been playing in the water for hours now. She was dunked, splashed, and even pushed once, and tackled by Peter of course. She was now completely soaked and felt pretty gross. She got out and started to ring out her long brown hair. She started ringing out her dress as well. She sat outside of the pond, but keeping her feet in the water. She then remembered she had to get home, and take care of her brothers, at least make them lunch and stuff.

"Boys, I have to head home for a little while. I have to make my brothers lunch and take a shower and change. But I promise I'll be back later, I have to see what else you boys have to show me." she said. That was followed by "Awwww." and "But we don't want you to leave!"

Wendy smiled and patted the boys heads, "I promise. Peter, would you be able to drive me home?" she asked.

--Sorry this is really short--
KoozaPeter Pan   8y ago

Peter feels down that she has to go, but he knows that she has to. [b "Now boys, let's not get greedy. If you're too clingy, she won't come back!"] he warns.

It's a common threat. [i Don't do that, or they won't want to come back! Don't eat that, or we'll never get any more!] The idea of losing a new toy or treat always sobers the boys up so that they behave a bit more well-mannered.

He points a finger at them. [b "While I'm gone you guys are responsible for bathing the dogs. They're starting to smell like you,"] he pushes Nibbs back in the water as he climbs out.

[b "I'll get you some pants and a shirt to borrow while we're on the bike. Wouldn't want you to get cold from being soaked. Come on,"] he casually throws an arm around Wendy's shoulder, leading her back to the barn.

His sweatpants and t-shirt will be big on her, but they will have to do. Trying to be a gentleman, he turns his back while she changes, playing with Tiger Lily instead. The dog is still curious about Wendy, and tries to get close enough to sniff her, but the promise of a belly rub from Peter draws her attention back to him long enough for Wendy to finish changing.

It takes a few minutes to get the bike started, but it finally roars to life as he slides the helmet on her head. [b "They'll be waiting for you like they've been starved for week,"] he jokes with her, throwing a leg over the seat to sit down.

The ride is just as fun as it had been hours ago, with Peter speeding down the back roads without coming across traffic, until they get back in to town. In front of her house, he shuts the bike off and helps her down, taking the helmet from her. [b "Should I stay here, or are you sick of me yet?"] he challenges with a grin.


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