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Somewhere In Neverland 1x1 (Kooza)

By SmileBright

Replies: 302 / 6 years ago

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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/X3qoWVo.jpg]]

Wendy was always the "good" kid. She had friends, good grades, and everything pretty much going for her. Then she was paired up with YOU for their final project. He was the "bad boy". He smokes, drinks, skips school, gets into fights and rides a motorcycle. Everything Wendy learned to stay away from. During their project, YOU starts to playfully hit on her, her denying everytime, even though she is slowly falling for him herself.

They talk all summer and finally start dating, still being the two totally different people they are. When her parents finally want to meet YOU, they don't like him. Saying is "isn't for her". So YOU says
[pic http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9seprddnV1reyvwxo1_500.jpg]
Will she run away with him? Will she listen to her parents?

[size16 Let's Find Out]

[b RULES!]
Literate Please (1000 Characters Per Post)
No ditching.
Tell when your leaving.
Have fun and be creative with your post.
Post AT LEAST once a day.
Tell me when your leaving
Have fun!


Also, if you could, I would like him to resemble peter pan as close as you can. If his name could be Peter pan that would be awesome as well. He should act and resemble Pan, as my character will resemble Wendy as close as I can. I can help with pictures. Also, he should have friends (lost boys and Tink; the lost boys names are Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, Curly and The Twins do not have names, so make them up.) Tink could be a younger character that has a thing for peter, and maybe he likes her a little as well, making his cruh on Wendy harder. Thanks and hope to talk to you too!
Henry didn't sound like the worst person in the world, but the idea of him being around the boys made him anxious. The boys and Tinkerbell were everything to him, and though he desperately loved Wendy he wasn't entirely comfortable with bringing someone he didn't know around them. Still, if she believed he could help then Peter wasn't going to refuse. He agreed to meet the other boy, on the condition that they met somewhere away from the kids.

Glad to be distracted by her hair dilemma, Peter made a show by circling her and humming to himself. [b "I'm thinking blonde. It'll be easy enough to do at the house without having to make an extra run into town for black hair dye,"] he rustled her hair. [b "Tink will be happy to help. She's always wanted a hairstyle victim,"] he teased, moving out of reach to avoid being hit.

His chest ached to hear her so afraid of what they were facing. Even if he was terrified too, he wanted to be a strong support to her; to protect them all with everything he had. [b "If big bad Captain Hook thinks I'm going to step aside and let him take everyone from me that easily, he's got another thing coming,"] he assured her.

Dealing with Hook was by far the worst possible situation they could have been dealt just as they were getting comfortable with one another. Beginning stages of dating were daunting enough, let alone adding an egotistical and vengeful sociopath into the mix. Peter would gladly die before letting him win. Unfortunately, he was fairly sure that Hook would be more than happy to make that a reality.

Framing her face with his hands, Peter smiled. [b "What's one miserable man against me and my Wendy? We still have to find our own Neverland, and he won't stand in our way."]
Peter Pan / Kooza / 3d ago
[i "Oh Peter, you'll hate him."] Wendy teased, trying to lighten the mood when she knew they wouldn't get along very well at all. [i "My parents were ready to have us get married until Hook schemed them out of a ton of money and they went bankrupt. They've built back up and are back in that high end circle, but Henry took it all really hard. He hates Hook so much but the two of us are close. He'd do it just because I ask."] Wendy said truthfully. She was 100% not interested in Henry, but knew Peter might have a problem with him. He was raised similar to Wendy, yet he didn't have the same humbleness that she did. He was kind, but he wasn't as accepting of other lifestyles. Henry hates Hook so much because living a middle-class lifestyle was the worst thing that ever happened to him.

[i "Maybe I'll have him come over or meet us somewhere, see if you trust him enough? What do you say?"] Wendy asked. She wanted to show him he wasn't someone to worry about and that he could do what we needed him too. [i "Oh, his parents are all the way in. Since they got their money back, they all love Hook now. Henry can't let it go, so he's different. He'd defiantly be able to get information from my parents and probably can eavesdrop on Hook and Smee's conversation."] Wendy spoke, thinking of these things as she spoke.

[i "Maybe. I was thinking of going either blonde or black. I don't want to have to be a 'Darling' anymore. It just made me miserable."] Wendy spoke. Wendy had always hated how she looked, how she resembled her mother to a T. She wanted to be different, she longed for it, yet her mother made sure they looked the same even as she aged. She envied her brothers who had a mixture of features and didn't look remarkably similar to either parent. [i "All I want to be is Wendy-bird. Well, you made me Wendy-bird."] she smiled.

Wendy realized how much Peter had really done for her. He helped her escape, he helped her love life, he made her happy. Of course, he'd never accept her thanking him, as he was too humble for that. But, he need for him scared her. What if they couldn't do it, what would happen. [i "Peter, do you really think we can do this?"] she asked, a serious tone. [i "I love you, and I want this to work. I don't want this dumb cop to ruin the only happiness I've ever had."] she took his hands, and pulled herself into his arms. Her eyes began to well-up with tears, and she tightened her grip around him.
[i Friends] was sort of a loose term when it came to Murphy and Boone. [b "Not so much 'friends' as they are 'acquaintances',"] he clarified. [b "Boone and Murphy are probably nearing thirty. I've done supply runs for them for extra cash. They own one of the bars in town and its always crawling with douchebags that talk way too much. Plus they hate Hook almost as much as I do. They'll do anything we ask."]

Her suggestion of Henry made their spy list up to three people, swaying it in their favour. [b "As long as you promise Henry is not prettier than me, I promise to play nice,"] he tugged on a much shorter lock of hair.

Jealousy was an issue he'd dealt with frequently but given that she had run away with him and the kids and was living life as a fugitive just to be by his side instead of going back to her cushy upper class lifestyle, Peter figured Henry wasn't much competition. [b "If you can get him on our side, that'll give us ears in the high society. I'm sure your parents are still going to be going to fancy dinners and galas since they don't want people to talk if they don't show. What are the chances that Hook also targets his parents as patrons of his never-ending fundraising schemes?"]

Peter was so caught up with their own scheme that he nearly missed what she'd said. Pausing, he took a good long look at her. Even with the lopsided hair and dirt-smudged cheek, she was still painfully beautiful. He smiled at her with pure fondness. [b "I think you still look like my Wendy-bird no matter what. We can do the bleaching option if you like? Blondes do have more fun, so everyone seems to say."]
Peter Pan / Kooza / 4d ago
Wendy listened as Peter told her everything. He told her the full reason why he had been chasing him for years. Wendy couldn’t help but be surprised. She had no idea how important Pan’s family had been. In all honesty, if he had stayed with his parents, Wendy would have met him sooner. He would have been exactly what her parents had wanted her to marry, a man with money. Wendy had always been what they wanted, a way to get more money to their name. They never really cared about what she wanted, but she never thought rebellion was an option, till she met Peter.

[i “My parents will say whatever to get me back before I’m 18. Until then, I’m their property. I’m a cash cow in that if I can get married to some rich kid before then, they are set for life. I’m surprised they haven’t put Hook on the lookout for me. I have only one month until I’m 18, till then, I’m scared.”] Wendy said, as a matter of factly. She was scared, she knew her parents could pay for whatever they needed to get her back, and they weren’t afraid to lie or cheat, as Hook would as well.

Wendy smiled as Peter talked about a way to turn this on him. [i “Spies?”] she asked suspiciously. [i “You have friends other than the kids in there? Like people who could actually spy for us?”] Wendy asked, and then a lightbulb popped in her head. [i “HENRY! I should ask Henry to help us.”] she exclaimed. Henry was a friend of Wendy’s from when they were younger, she probably would have already been arranged to marry him if his parents hadn’t gone bankrupt and her parents forbade Wendy from seeing him anymore, but they had always kept in touch. Hook was the one behind his family’s decline, so he would probably be more than willing to help. This had been so long ago, Hook would never recognize his face. [i “Unless your scared of the only other male friend I’ve had besides you.”] she teased. [i “Can you contain your jealousy? Unless you have a better option.”] she teased, loving to see Peter flustered.

Wendy brushed through her new haircut, the ends completely uneven. [i “I’m going to have to do something about this. Should I dye it? What do you think?”] she asked. She did think the more drastic her hair, the less connected to Wendy Darling she would be. Maybe it was all in her head, but she hoped it to be true.
Peter crossed his arms and sternly raised an eyebrow at the twins as Wendy checked on Nibbs. [b "Seriously, guys? [i This] is what you've decided to argue about? Zootopia is going to be the hill you die on?"]

[i "Zootropolis,"] one of them grumbled.

[b "Alright, Thing One and Thing Two, just settle down and rest assured that neither of you are stupid but this argument definitely is, so pipe down and watch the movie or I'll put on Bambi,"] he warned.

[i "You said we never had to watch it again!"] Tootles' eyes looked ready to well up.

A grave mistake he'd made months ago when the library only had a copy of the Bambi dvd for him to take home to the boys. They'd cried for hours after the baby deer's mother was killed, and then proceeded to have nightmares about it one after another. Not wanting to repeat the trauma, the boys plopped down on the carpet and faced the television.

Peter felt Wendy's arms slide around his waist and his arm naturally fell over her shoulders. Grinning with relief that he hadn't spooked her with his statement, his nose scrunched at the thought. [b "Can you imagine these monsters as uncles and an aunt?"] he murmured in her ear. [b "Our children would be absolute menaces!"]

Laughing quietly at the idea, he followed her out onto the porch. Seeing the serious look on her face, his amusement fell. If anything, a knot formed in his stomach. If he had been anyone else, Hook wouldn't be so hell-bent to hunt him down. But he knew the captain, and he knew exactly why he was acting like a predator stalking his prey for the kill.

[b "Hook isn't easily bribed or swayed when he's set on something. He's not after me because of some petty crime I got away with, or because I'm constantly skipping classes,"] he explained softly. [b "I royally fucked up his life, Wendy. Two years ago, before I was officially emancipated from my parents. He's been after me ever since and he's not once tried to back down. I doubt anything we could offer would be enough."]

Ensuring the door was shut and they wouldn't be overheard, he filled her in on absolutely everything. How he'd run away from his parents and they'd hired Hook privately as the detective to track him down. They'd promised him a handsome sum of money - a CEO and a professor would spare no expense if it meant they would not befall controversy of a troubled child - and it was enough that meant Hook could disappear into the Caribbean for a life of luxury. Unfortunately, he hadn't banked on Peter being as smart as he was.

The arrangement was that he would be paid upon the retrieval of their son, but by the time Hook had located Peter, the boy had drawn up emancipation papers with a free legal council he'd found through the teen health centre. The evidence he'd collected of negligent parenting and his proof that he had the means to support himself through part-time work and a cheap motel room while attending school was enough to convince the judge. His emancipation was official, he was free, and Mr and Mrs Pan were left with the scandal of a lawsuit by their own son.

Needless to say, Hook didn't receive a dime of the $750,000 he'd been promised.

[b "He's been hounding me ever since, looking for any small reason to arrest me out of this crazy grudge of his,"] Peter sighed in frustration. [b "I ruined his plans, so he wants to ruin my life. He won't stop until I'm in jail as retribution for him, and I'm sure he'll try to pin it that I've kidnapped you and the boys. Your parents probably already think so."]

Leaning against the railing, he crossed his arms over his chest. [b "We're smart as hell, Wendy. Between the two of us, we can figure this out. [b "The only way to get out of this situation is to play Hook at his own game. He has spies? Maybe we need some too. His office is probably full of illegal documents and files. We could try and get inside to search through them until we have enough proof to get [i him] caught instead."]
Peter Pan / Kooza / 10d ago
Wendy allowed herself to laugh as Peter groaned, but froze a bit when he started talking about kids of their own. She followed behind him, in a bit of a daze about it. Did he really want to spend his life with her, or was she just at the right place at the right time? The two of them would soon be 18, and her parents would have no rights to her. She could get custody of the boys, considering they saw her as a parent than their actual parents. They could have this life, but she never would want to assume he meant it, he spoke before he thought most of the time anyway.

As she expected, he turned around, talking about how he didn't mean to say that and quickly changing the subject. Wendy rolled her eyes and a small laugh escaped her lips as she followed him down the stairs.

The sight in the living room was a new one for Wendy, the twins being at odds. Most of the time, they were on the same page. They liked the same things, disliked the same things, spoke mostly at the same time. Now, they were at odds about something, and the rest of the lost boys seemed shocked at them arguing as well.
[b "It's ZooTOPIA. That's the movie name!]
[b "NOOO! I heard its ZooTROPOLIS! Zootopia is DUMB, like YOU"]
[b "YOU are DUMB, not ME!"]
[i "WOAH, woah! Okay, we are fighting about the name of the movie. Let me look it up."] Wendy spoke, opening the TV up to the movies they could watch. [i "See? The movie is called Zootopia-"]
[b "TOLD YA!"]
[i "Wait. But in the UK, they called it Zootropolis. See here?"]
[b "So, we were both right?"] The twins spoke in unison once more, both of them tilting their head slightly to the side.

Wendy laughed as she nodded, putting the movie on for background noise and so the kids were at least vaguely distracted. Wendy went over to Nibbs, who seemed to be feeling better, but still was laying down on the couch.
[+blue "Hi Wendy"]
[i "Hi Buddy. How ya feeling?"]
[+blue "Better, thanks for helping me earlier."] The small boy smiled. Wendy ruffled his hair, giving him a slight nod, and let him watch the movie. Wendy found her way to Peter, wrapping her arms around his middle.

[i "Eh? I think we can handle ten of our own, we'd had lots of help."] Wendy teased Peter, looking up to look eyes with him. She looked over at their crew. Wendy hadn't been happier in her life, this group has quickly become her family. She just wished they didn't have to be on the run, away from her parents and Hook's team.

[i "Peter, come here."] she took his hand, bringing him out of the side porch, not wanting to worry the kids about these things. [i "Peter, I don't know Hook that well. I know as soon as I turn 18, my parents won't keep looking for me. They only needed me to marry me off to make our family more money. The boys didn't mean too much to them, as horrible as it sounds. But is there anything we could go to get Hook or Smee off our case that doesn't involve turning us in? Like money or something he'd care more about?"] she asked, seeing if they could live their fairytale life.
An escape was a welcomed break from the chaos of a day they'd had. Peter gladly followed her up to their bedroom where he promptly collapsed on the bed. [b "I'm sorry I ever said a mean thing about you,"] he kissed the mattress. [b "I didn't mean any of it. I love you,"] his arms wrapped around his pillow.

Even with his eyes closed, he could see the worry on her face. Poking one eye open, he tried to recall the escape from the pharmacy and if there had been any indication that they had been reported. The man hadn't had the chance to get his phone in the store - Peter had made sure of that - but could he have captured them on their way out of the store? [b "Even if he managed to get video or pictures, there's no way he kept up with us long enough to track us here,"] he tried to reassure her. [b "We were moving pretty quickly. Any picture of us would be blurry, especially if he took it while running."]

Scooting closer, he draped an arm over her waist and buried his face in her neck. [b "Hopefully there won't be an emergency next time. We can rely on your friend to bring us supplies and in the event we actually do have to go into town, we'll make a plan first."]

Between her steady breathing and the ceiling fan cooling the room down, Peter was easily lulled into relaxation. Even when the boys downstairs started getting louder, he just burrowed deeper into the blanket and pillows. He didn't even want to move when Wendy nudged at him. [b "Yes, dear,"] he groaned. [b "Can we agree next time that ten kids are far too much to handle? Let's keep our own to three, maximum."]

It was an off the cuff statement that he didn't realize he'd uttered until he was in the hall and awareness slapped him. Spinning around wildly, he held up his hands, [b "Not that we should even be thinking about that. I didn't mean any time soon, or at all even if you don't want because we're still crazy young and I didn't think before I opened my mouth and let's just go get the twins, shall we?"] he spun back on his heel and took off down the stairs.
Peter Pan / Kooza / 13d ago
Wendy sighed as she took his hand. [i "Yeah, let's"] Wendy replied, following behind him.

A couple of hours later, Nibbs had been doing better. He was sitting up on the couch, the whole lot of kids watching a movie. It was the calmest Wendy had ever seen the lost boys, but she could tell it was because they cared so much for their friend. As Peter and Wendy entered the house, the boys never even moved. They seemed so enthralled with whatever was on the TV that they couldn't hear anything else. Wendy turned to Peter, placing a finger to his lips to motion to him to be quiet. They climbed the stairs quickly, and Wendy laid down on the bed. [i "I needed a minute after what just happened before I can deal with the craziness of the Lost Boys."] Wendy smirked, a small laugh escaping her lips.

As she propped herself up on her elbows she looked toward Peter. [i "You don't think he got anything on us right? Like he didn't get evidence that he saw us, right?"] she asked. She was so focused on getting the two of them out of the store that she didn't even look back while they were running. She had pulled the hood of her jacket over her head, so she knew she'd be unidentifiable from the back. She wasn't sure if Peter had much time to think ahead as she did, and hoped that he kept himself as hidden as he could. She didn't want Hook to know they still were nearby, she hoped they would think the group skipped town by now, and they could remain in the cabin until further notice. The traps they had set had yet to go off, so the anticipation of getting caught was slowly melting away from the group, even in Wendy.

Wendy reached out to Peter, making grabby hands at him. [i "Can we just lay here for a minute? Being an adult is hard."] she spoke, her eyes closing as the two just laid together. Wendy had always felt like she grew up too fast and now the pressure of providing was a new feeling of growing up, and it was hard. Meeting Peter made her feel like the kid she could never be, but Hook and her parents took that all away from them. Peter and the Lost Boys lost everything, their Neverland. Now, they had to recreate those things, but at least they all had each other.

The two laid there for what felt like a second but was really like half an hour. At that point, Wendy heard some voices about what to watch next coming out of the twin's mouths, and she knew they'd have to go resolve the problem. [i "Peter, babe, we gotta break up a fight. The twins are fighting, but they are basically just yelling the same thing back and forth at each other."] she smirked, taking his hand to help him up.
As Peter saw the man's hand going for his pocket - to get his phone, most likely - Peter snatched up the first tube of toothpaste he saw and held it forward. [b "Excuse me sir, I'm afraid I don't know what I'm looking for. My mom sent me to get some shopping done but I'm not sure if this is what she needs. Is this good for sensitive teeth?"]

As he'd hoped, the stranger stopped moving for his phone and just glanced between Peter and the object in his hand. [i "I'm sorry, I don't know,"] he spoke quickly and turned to face the shelves.

Wendy, god love her, rounded the corner at that moment and ushered Peter along with her to the exit. A set of footsteps eagerly followed after them but as soon as they made it outside she had them running as quickly as they could manage. [b "I don't think he can keep up,"] Peter panted, glancing behind to see the man from the store slowing right down until he was hunched over and bracing his hands on his knees.

They are silent until they reach the safety of the woods. Peter felt a stitch in his side from all the running but was no less proud that they'd managed to get away with little to no trouble. [b "You okay?"] he looked over her as though she could have obtained injury in the few minutes they were away from one another.

Mercifully she was unharmed. He listened to her worries and reached out to brush some hair from her forehead. [b "I thought if worse came to worse, I could cause a distraction until you got the pens. He was watching us for sure. I don't know if he's in Hook's circle or not but I didn't like the way he was staring."]

Locking his arms around her to return her embrace, he planted a kiss to her temple. [b "I'll be careful, I promise. If I couldn't take that guy in a fight, I'd be rather disappointed in myself though,"] he teased. [b "I had a least fifteen pounds on him."]

Lacing his fingers with hers, he tugged her forward. [b "Let's get that back to the house."]

Across town, the stranger stood outside an office door with shaking hands. Smee looked him up and down with suspicion but stepped aside to let him enter the smoke-filled room. [i "Says he saw the Pan, Captain,"] Smee crossed his arms over his chest. [i "But you got no proof, do you?"]

[i "Enough, Smee,"] Hook drawled. Dabbing out his cigarette, the imposing detective leaned back in his chair and stared his guest down. [i "You've worked for the station a few years now, isn't that right? What's your name then?"]

[i "David, sir. David Brock."]

[b "You understand the importance of my investigation, Mr Brock. So you know it would be quite stupid of you to come to me with claims of seeing Peter Pan in town if you didn't have evidence to back up your claims."]

A shaking hand dove into his pocket and David produced his phone. [i "I do! I do have evidence!"]

Hook waited until David had scrolled for what he was looking for and passed over the device. The photo was a bit blurry, clearly taken while moving as the two figures ahead of him ran, but the face looking back over his shoulder at the lens was unmistakable even with the haircut.

Pan was still in reach.
Peter Pan / Kooza / 16d ago
[b "Wendy, don't move."]

Wendy froze, her hand slightly outstretched to grab the card from Peter's hand, but it slowly fell to her side. As he mentioned someone was following them, she felt the need to just run. She wanted to get home to the boys and Tink, she needed to keep them safe. As Peter put the phone in her hand, she was able to refocus on what he was saying. She nodded lightly before he walked away, his footsteps heavy and loud as he rounded the corner slowly. She put the phone to her ear and ran to the desk. There was no line, so the woman behind the desk was readily available to help her while she was speaking. [i "Hi, can I get those epi-pens faster, please? My brother just got stung by a bee outside and I need to get those back home. Please."] Wendy pleaded, holding her hand to where you speaking into the phone. The nurse nodded, nervously heading over and setting up the epi-pens she needed. Wendy looked around, trying to get sight of Peter. She knew he would be able to get the man off their trail, but she was still worried about him.

The woman handed over the prescription to Wendy, telling her she hoped her brother would be okay. She smiled softly and turned and searched for Peter. She saw him at the end of the aisle, and so she needed to get both of them out of the pharmacy as quickly as possible. They couldn't have this guy noticing who they both were, considering he could clearly tell who Peter was. Having Hook on them was one thing, but having both the Darling's and Hook notified they were still in town would be worse. When she did find Peter. she went through the aisle next to his, pulled her hood over her head to hide her hair, and ran toward the door, not before taking hold of Peter's wrist and pulling him with her. It was the only thing she could think of to get both of them out there, even if it wasn't the safest.

Wendy didn't change her pace until she was a little way into the woods again. She then let go of Peter's wrist, and sat down on the leaves, her breathing heavy and strained. [i "We - couldn't - be - there - anymore -"] she spoke, taking a breath between each word she spoke. Wendy sighed, looking up at him. That man who was there wouldn't do anything to him, but Hook was ready to throw Peter into jail the first chance he could. Wendy knew as soon as that happened, she would go back to her parents, as well as her brothers; the lost boys and Tink would be thrown into foster families or back to their families that clearly weren't looking for them.

[i "Thank you for protecting me, but you need to keep yourself safe too."] she stood up, walking over to him, and wrapped her arms around him, burying her face in his chest. [i "I can't lose you, Peter."]
Peter was on high alert from the time they'd left the cabin. Even with the haircuts and sunglasses he'd slipped on, there was always a chance of turning the corner and bumping into someone on the lookout for them. Hook would have no doubt put a notice out to the public about their disappearance and since he had most of the town in his pocket, it would be no surprise if even the friendliest little old lady ratted them out to the psychopath. [b "I don't know if we should. They might have cameras watching your house,"] he murmured as if speaking in a regular tone would sound off an alarm.

As inconspicuously as possible, he took her hand and casually browsed up one aisle and down another. It didn't matter what they were looking at so long as it didn't get anyone suspicious. [b "Should we get one for Nibbs?"] he held up a Get Well Soon card with a bandaged teddy bear on the front. [b "I'd suggest an actual teddy bear as well but knowing those boys, it'd be ripped to shreds before morning."]

From the corner of his eye, Peter noticed a pair of boots walk partially into view and then quickly retreat back around the corner. [b "Wendy,"] he muttered. [b "Don't move."]

One more he saw the toe caps of the boots edge into view. The second his head turned to get a clearer view, the figure was back behind the shelf once more. [b "I don't think it's one of Hook's guys but we've got someone watching us."]

Sliding his flip phone from his pocket, he carefully placed it in her hand. [b "When I say, I want you to run back up to the counter in a panic, okay? Tell the pharmacist you need the epi-pens now; that John is having a bad reaction and it's an emergency. I'll try to lose this guy."]

Peter made his footsteps heavier than normal as he marched away from her, drawing the man's attention when he rounded the corner to browse the aisle the stranger was currently trying to hide at the end of. Forcing himself to be calm, Peter's eyes scanned the rows of toothpaste and toothbrushes as he waited for the man to make a move. [i That's right, keep your eyes this way,] he voiced in his head as the man's attention turned solely to him. He was harmless enough, from an outside perspective. Tidy hair, ill-fitting khakis and polo. Probably a desk-jockey for a living, and certainly the type that would be intimidated by James Hook if he got on the captain's bad side. Locating the wanted Peter Pan and Wendy Darling would surely put him in the captain's favour.
Peter Pan / Kooza / 20d ago
Wendy couldn't help but smirk toward Peter as he stumbled over his words. She headed over to Nibbs who was on the couch now, running her hands through his hair, making sure he stayed calm. As Peter ran off, Nibbs seemed to be getting better, but his reaction was so bad he might possibly need a second dose of the epi-pen to heal him to full health. It was clear that he had never eaten pineapples before, considering how bad his reaction was. Wendy sighed and looked up and her jaw dropped. Peter looked so different, yet, still as handsome as ever. She left Nibbs, as the twins took over to watch him, and ran her hand over Peter's new buzz cut. [i "I mean, I prefer your curls but you are still pretty cute, I guess."] she teased and grabbed her wallet. [i "Listen, guys, Peter and I are going into town. If anyone comes that you do not know, go into the attic. There is a lock from the inside and no one will think anyone will hide there. John, you are in charge while we are gone. Peter still has his phone, so call him if you need us. Make sure Nibbs stays awake, maybe watch a movie or something. We'll be back as soon as we can."] she smiled, ruffling Nibbs's hair slightly. [i "See ya soon, kiddos."] she smiled as she took Peter's hand and closed the door.

As the two made their way away from the house and down toward the road, Wendy ran her hand through her new haircut. [i "Man, I hate this. You know I haven't gotten a real haircut since we started high school. "] she spoke. She smirked lightly, noticing he was still nervous as they walked. [i "Hey, he's gonna be okay. John already poured the juice out completely so we won't have to worry anymore."] Wendy smiled, giving his hand a light squeeze.

As they made their way into the town, they headed off to the pharmacy first. She knew that John would have a prescription already ready to pick up, so they wouldn't have to worry. [i "Hi, I'm picking up for Darling, John."] Wendy stated, trying not to be noticed by the cashier, as she saw her quite often. [b "Sure, are you getting a refill of his epi-pens?"] the cashier asked. [i "Yes.] Wendy replied, keeping her eyes averted as much as she could. [b "Okay, we are a little backed up, so it might take an hour before the prescription is ready. Come back in an hour and you'll be all set."] she smiled, calling the next person over.

Wendy sighed, meeting up with Peter. [i "It won't be ready for an hour, what should we do? Do we need anything at the house we can grab?"] she asked, keeping an eye out for Hook and Smee.
It was like the sound had been suctioned out of the room and all Peter could hear was his heart hammering in his chest. Nibbs looked infinitely more frail in that moment than any of them could remember ever seeing him. He could hear Wendy speaking but only Slightly was aware enough to answer her.

[i You can't die. Please don't die.]

Peter felt like his own breathing was getting clearer as the medicine took effect in the younger boy. Nibbs's chest began rising and falling more noticeably and his rasp was developing into a more stable breathing pattern. [b "Thank you,"] he grabbed John in a hug, not caring if the boy was still angry with him.

The eldest Darling son patted him on the back. [i "It's happened to me before. He'll be okay, Peter. Wendy is right though; we're going to need more epi-pens if there are two of us who need them in the event of an emergency."]

Nodding, Peter shakily got to his feet. With the twins' help, they got Nibbs settled more comfortably on the couch and propped with pillows to make his breathing easier. [b "We have to go but you're in good hands,"] he ran a hand over Nibbs's forehead. [b "Wendy, I'm - "]

His words lodged in his throat as he took in her shorter - jarringly sexy? - new hair. [b "Pretty...smart! Pretty smart,"] he shook himself out of a stupor.

It wouldn't be right to let her have the only sacrifice so Peter excused himself to the bathroom and scoured the drawers. [b "Jackpot,"] he muttered, finding a ridiculously expensive pair of hair clippers.

Tossing his shirt aside, he took a brief second to admire his curls. [b "So long, boys,"] he flipped the switch and ran the clippers down the middle of his head before he could back out.

When he reemerged, his head was freshly buzzed with only an inch of hair remaining. [b "I miss it already,"] he sighed to the others, running his fingers over the peach fuzz that was left.
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Michael was clutching John's shirt as he buried his face in his shirt. Tink was by John's side. The twins were holding each other's hands but weren't moving. Curly and Slightly had let go of the two of them, and Tootles stepped away as Peter when down to Nibbs. The only one who had the courage to answer Peter's question was John. [b "We don't know. We went downstairs to go swimming, Nibbs got a drink before we went down and then fell."] John spoke. Peter looked back at Wendy, she was unsure of what to do either. She went over to the fridge, grabbing the juice supplied by Alice, and looked at the flavor. She then remembered what Nibbs told her the first time he met her.

[i [+grey "Hi I'm Nibbs! My third favorite lizard is a newt and whenever I eat pineapples I have to get a big needle in my leg."]]

[i "Fuck. Peter, the juice has pineapple in it. He's allergic. Do you have an epi-pen?"] Wendy asked. Slightly looked at Wendy, embarrassed. [+blue "Nibbs hasn't used an epi-pen because we never eat fruit. It was never an issue."]. [b "Can he use mine? I'm allergic to bees."] John spoke, looking to Wendy. [i "John. Go!"] Wendy yelled. She leaned down where Peter was, placing a hand on his shoulder. [i "No, she works all day until later."] she spoke. [i "Let me, please."] she spoke. She took Nibbs and put his hand in her lap. She attempted to look in his mouth, seeing the swelling. She rubbed his neck, feeling the swelling that had closed his airways. You could hear a slight wheeze come from his mouth, which was a good sign.

John came down, and because he knew so well how to administer his epi-pen, jammed the pen into his leg. Wendy brushed his hair back, trying to keep the boy calm. He was probably able to hear but too weak to open his eyes. [i "Peter, we're going to need to go into town and get another epi-pen for John and Nibbs. He should be okay, but he might need another one to help him."] Wendy spoke. She called Tink over, having her take her place. Wendy stood up, grabbing scissors from the kitchen, and went to the bathroom.

Wendy looked in the window, wanting to break down. She was trying to be strong for Peter and the boys but she was ready to cry. She took the scissors, chopping at her hair until she had shoulder-length hair. It took her all of three minutes but it felt so much longer. She left the bathroom, grabbing her wallet. [i "Peter, we need to go into town, now."] she spoke, her voice concerned. The lost boys, her brothers, and Tink stared at the girl with awe at her new haircut. [i "No one laughs. I can't get caught."] she spoke, looking at Peter. [i "You gotta do something too."] she spoke. Nibbs began to open his eyes, his breathing still strained. [i "We have to go!"] she spoke louder to Peter.
Peter grinned as he forced himself into a sitting position. [b "A cake would be helpful, but I tragically don't know how to bake. I figured if I let them beat me last time, they'd get over it. Turns out they love to wrestle more than I realised. I'll be bruised but otherwise okay."]

He accepted her help up and nearly melted back to the floor when she began checking him over quite thoroughly. With her lips. [b "Hey now, that's not fair,"] he protested weakly.

Before the two of them could even enjoy the other's company for too long, the boys stormed back in though their eyes were panicked instead of excited. Peter's stomach knotted and he grabbed Slightly by the shoulders. [b "Hey, calm down, where is Nibbs?"]

Instead of answering, Slightly and Curly grabbed their hands and pulled them along. [i Please be okay, please be okay,] Peter's internal voice chanted. His heart began hammering in his chest as they rounded the corner and saw Nibb's on the floor. [b "Don't move him,"] Peter ordered as he spotted Tootles trying to roll him onto his side.

Dropping down beside him, he placed a hand under the boy's jaw and found a weak pulse. [b "What the hell happened, guys?"] Peter's voice wavered, hand moving up to rest against Nibbs's cheek. [b "Nibbs? Buddy, I need you to open your eyes."]

His chest hurt, but this time it had nothing to do with wrestling with the kids. [i Oh god,] he felt the panic attack coming on. [b "Wendy, what do we do?"]

Everything in him screamed to call an ambulance, but it wasn't as if the situation was going to be that easy. An ambulance meant questions, and a houseful of kids in the middle of nowhere with no adults present was certainly going to raise more than only basic health care questions. [b "Guys, keep back,"] Peter struggled to speak, holding a shaky hand out as a barrier to the others.

[i "Peter! He has to go to the hospital!"] Tink interrupted.

[b "Hospital means investigations. They'll take you from me,"] he shook his head, hands grabbing at his hair.

[i "He could have a seizure!"]

[b "Let us think!"] Peter begged. [b "Wendy, your friend, the one who brought us supplies. Can she help?"]
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