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just a bite rp

By HollowLink

Replies: 28 / 6 years ago

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Sienna would hear the commotion on the dance floor as she looked in the direction, there she saw between the people were the distant colors of yellow and red.She would sip at her fruity drink watching intently though the seconds of silence before it was broken again with yells of enjoyment.She would smile and sway slightly before feeling sorta weird she would exhale slowly and finish her drink as she began for the bar.She felt funny as she walked it felt like an age long walk before she got to the bar she would see the smirk of approval on Paul's face." What the ..."She would began to feel more dizzy and dazed."....Hell Paul."She would finish as she sat a bar stool and began to slouch over feeling a tad tired.She didn't understand what or why this was happening why would Paul do this to her?She asked herself as she pushed off the stool and began back into the haze of sweat bodies. She would push through the people before losing her footing.
Soma finished his drink shaking his head as he exhaled walking towards the dance floor. The sweat of the people could be felt in the air their dancing super heated the air but it felt normal to him it wasn't muggy if anything it felt like home to him a home he never knew or had a real connection to. A little light poked from the back of his shirt he could feel the air around him starting to crisp. The blood he drank must have had something in it cause almost right away his wings sprutted forward knocking some people down for a second his wings lighted up the floor and then died down and became regular red and black feathers the red glew dimmly as Soma felt sorta drunk or high he didn't know but he could tell his senses had been dulled and everyone was looking at him. He shook his head trying to get a hold of himself. His body started to fight the drug that was introduced into his drink. He didn't have time to wipe the blood off his shoulders a few vampires were on him licking him seductively. He pushed them off and tried to retract his wings but it didn't work the drug was still in his blood.
She would smile softly before Paul brought back her umbrella drink she would bring the drink to her mouth taking a swig of the fruity drink.She would smile as she blew Paul a small kiss before walking away from the bar.Pushing though the crowd she would feel the hot bodies around her dancing and having a good time. Though some moved a lot more seductively and more beautiful she knew they were not human because they moved much slower much more lovely compared to the more drunk human bodies that danced thinking they had some sort of chance with these gorgeous ,flawless, people. Though most were being used for what they had some for a snack and others for something different. She herself searched for someone to spend the night with as a snack and to use as some sort of company as of late she had been lonesome. Sienna would feel the eyes of someone upon her something not normal and she didn't really like it.She would push through the crowd only unable to escape the feeling she would sigh as she turned in a circle trying to find the source only to find nothing but the crowd of sweaty people.
Bobbing his to the music. He drank what he assumed passed for the a tap on the bar. He cringed as the liquid was warm and hit his throat he had to keep himself from choking as he put the drink down trying to act natural but he couldn't he just drank some blood. It wasn't the taste that got him it was the thickness of the blood itself. There was a bit of blood left at the corner of his mouth as he looked around his eyes scanning every visible inch of the club looking all over for the girl that was described by the man and woman. He sighed and turned back to his drink looking at it he ordered a bottle of top shelf liquor mixing it he set it on fire with a touch of his finger and smiled as he drank it. Ah much better so much smoother once he rendered it. He looked at the woman who looked in his direction waving to her he turnt back to what he was doing which was nothing.
She would sway into up to the door as the bouncer automatically let her in she came here somewhat often as of late. She would know the man behind the door he had a sort of sweet spot for her like most here she was known by most for living here for so long.She would take a deep breath taking in the scent of occupants of the club. She would approach the bar leaning over it as the bartender approached her before anyone else."Hey Paul."She would say with a soft tender voice.The man would flash a smile before responding.
"Hey sweetheart whatcha having." He would place a hand over hers like most nights she comes in getting a bit friendly.
" Oh you know what I like something fruity to start me off." She would chuckle.He would nod before turning away from her taking his hand from hers and began making her a drink. She would turn around her back against the bar she would watch the mix of people dancing in the haze of smoke the closeness. This was one of the more crowded nights no one really stood out to her other than the guy sitting at the end of the bar.
Heading towards the beach he took a graveled path towards a club with two tiki torches the flames were a bright green. Alot of humans were attracted to this club for that reason they thought it would be something special. They were right but they wouldn't know how special. Knocking on the front door a big man answered it. Looking at him Soma slipped him a 50 the man took it opening the door looking at Soma the man smiled licking his lips. Suddenly the feel of the beach went away instead it was replaced of dense fog a cold and wet environment and as the man closed the door and opened the other soma could suddenly feel the bass of the music as it blared. Walking in Soma watched as both human and vampire danced together occassionaly he saw a couple vampires drinking humans or another creature it was dark so he didn't know who was what till he was close. Walking over to the bar he tapped the counter and turned around looking at the dance floor.
She would blink to life as she pushes herself up from her bed and began to move around a little bit more she would feel her way back up to the main floor of the bungalow.Pulling herself out of the hole she would see the waxing moon through the cracks in the wall of this shack. She would push open the door of the bungalow and stepped out and into the white sand. She would feel as the sand morphed around her feet and in between her toes. The moon would shine down intensifying her flawless features she would tuck some dirty blond locks behind her ear as she looks out towards the calm ocean as it pushes it's waves towards the shore. Sienna would take a deep breath getting a mix of salt and creatures. She would pick up her flip flops from beside the door and began to walk down the beach watching the crabs scurry down the beach.She would smile softly only to feel that slight hunger again.She would stop and place a tender hand upon her stomach feeling it rumble from the emptiness.With a soft sigh she knew it was time to feed.So she headed for the clubs hopefully she was dressed well enough.
fast forward to night) a car parks itself outside of the brick building slamming its door waking Soma up from his sleep as he shot up he looked around. He looked out the window "Finally" He got up getting dressed he put on his tanks top and went outside the night life was a blossom as people and creatures walked by hand and hand heading towards where ever it was they were going. He decided he would ask for info at the vampire club. It was dangerous but it was his only choice he needed info.
She would sigh softly as she moved loose strands of hair from her face. She knew before the sun began to shine through the cracks of the rotted wooden walls.She would take a deep breath filling her lungs with the smell of wood rot and mildew.She could hear the sound of early risers coming down onto the beach.She would move down into the hole in the center of the bungalow where she has solitude and complete darkness.She would fiddle around the dark sandy floor before finding a candle and her box of matches,and Then proceed to light the candle lighting up the wide space. Crouched she would move across the space to a lovely little place of slumber handing from the rotten wood were beautiful bottles and shells beneath it were an array of blankets and pillows were she spends most of her days. Sienna would place the candle in one of the bottles letting it light up the room with a dim green glow from the broken wine bottle.
Soma looked down for a second here really wasn't a point to being out here at this time. The vampire was a night creature so why did he think the girl would be stupid enough to sign her death warrant though it was still early he could feel the cold air disappear and it was starting to warm up. He nommed on the pocky a bit more before he got up and walked over to a brick building a torn down factor at one point but now was a apartment. He went to the top floor and unlocked his door he was renting the place for the time being till he completed his job. Soma missed his home but wasn't going to turn down the job just cause of a little home sickness.
She would be keeled down within the abandoned bungalow on the beach.Particles of dust would dance through the air landing softly upon caked up cobwebs and broken furniture.Sienna sighed softly as she drew small pictures on the wooden floor removing the dust.She would feel a tad restless as she sat down and propped herself up against the wooden pillar in the room. She would run her tongue over her fangs as she stared up at the ceiling with her leaf green orbitals. Her stomach would rumble softly as she bit her lip,she had not feed in quite a while. Maybe, she had the time for a quick snack before the sun rose or maybe that was suicide. Sienna knew the sun was about to rise soon it was about five she couldn't risk it.
Soma licked his paw as he sat on the park bench the cold morning dew stuck to everythign around him as he sat there watching over the park waiting for something as he pulled out a box from his hoodie pocket he tapped it gently and produced a stick sticking it in his mouth he sucked on it for a bit. The tension he continued sucking the flavor from the pocky as his tail wrapped around his waist. Looking down at his watch he could swear he was at the right place at the right time. He stroked back his hair and sighed his wings still inside of him he didn't want to walk but he didn't want to call out his wings so he sat there sighing.