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It's Complicated

By Kooza
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KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

If he ran his fingers over the fabric of his shirt, Gavin could feel the raised patches of skin where the puckered scars rested. Three separated marks, scattered across his torso, where the bullets had entered his body. Only one had gone cleanly through, and out his back. The others had caused him to go in to surgery, where doctors were able to remove fragments from muscle and tissue. Another month in the hospital after that for observation, and he had been released to his own home.

Standing in his living room now, the chatter of his family tugs him from those thoughts. (r "Just shut it, Lucas, you don't know what the hell you're talking about,") his sister snaps at their brother.

As usual, bickering over some business deal. It did, however, give him a chance to exit without much of a hassle. (blue "I gotta pick up wine for dinner. I'll be back later,") he casually throws over his shoulder as he heads for the door, not bothering to tell them he already had about six aged bottles sitting in the basement.

Sliding his sunglasses on to his face, and sighs and gets in to his car. It had been like this since their father had died the year prior. The company remained without a CEO, as it had yet to be determined who would be taking over. Lucas and Cassidy had endlessly fought over taking claim to the spot. However, since their father had neglected to leave in his will who would be taking over, an executive had been placed as temporarily in charge until the siblings could reach a decision with their lawyers. As the youngest, Gavin had pretty much figured he wouldn't be the one to inherit the position, so he hadn't bothered very much to fight for it.

Having plenty of time before he had to go back home, he parks his car on the main strip of downtown and tries to relax as he walks down the sidewalk. He would have to make another stop for the wine, but he felt it was safe for him to just duck in to the pub for a quick beer before he bothered with that errand.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Many months have passed since the girl shot the one she secretly loved. Her family always remind her not show feel to conceal everything in. Feeling isn’t a part of the job description. Her second target was a rough one. Her family saw her getting attached which was how the toughest order she received came about. Till this day she could hear his last words followed by the three echo of her gun going off.

Serena never looked back. You could say she changed a little mentally but mostly physically. Her hair was no longer shoulder length and she grew in certain areas. Her broken family has faded. Her father is in jail thanks to her mother for not sticking to the plan. Serena have been staying with an uncle who miraculously shown up at the worst but yet best time. He was just like his brother except he is apparently more skilled because he never went to jail, got caught and well never fell in love. He hasn’t harassed her to do anything, yet. There’s always a yet, but and must with her family.

Serena have stolen and sold a few things since. She killed a few people but mostly injures them were they would dye on their way to the hospital or her uncle would finish the job since he has a thing for beating people to death. Her uncle was out doing a personal mission. Serena is on her own, being able to do whatever, whenever she wants. She has been living on her own for some time now. There are many alternatives to escape in case something was to happen. She even stashed a few things in order peoples studio apartment and regular apartments. Not only does she has access to the building security cameras she added a few more covering the blind spots. Her uncle hooked her up with radios to listen to any police scans that are within 6 miles of her home.

What he doesn’t know is she is living somewhere where should shouldn’t be. Everyone including Serena believes Gavin is dead so she didn’t think much about living somewhere she thought was a wonderful neighborhood while dating, somewhat, with Gavin. Serena went to go run some casual errands. Her laundry is being dried at the laundry mat, she already went grocery shopping and now she’s just walking around waiting for her laundry to be done. Serena spotted a guy walking reading a newspaper. Mr. Rollo death was on the front newspapers. Her family has a few people they go too to get information. One guy they trust owns a bar. Serena ignored everyone and went straight to the back. A few of the staff members know not to stop her unless they want a free trip to the emergency room. He informed her that there are people who are trying to get the families power and money.

It was when they were walking that Serena spotted Gavin sitting at the bar. She leans over the counter and told Joe to give Gavin a glass of white sangria. Serena moved as people kept passing to enter or leave the bathroom. The girl seductively smiled and wiggled her fingers hello as their eyes locked for a moment. She broke the focus blinking and looking away trying to figure out how on earth is she going to leave without having him stopping her. Before she could have thought of anything and he could have gotten a chance to do anything, a group of giggling girls exited the bathroom Serena took that change to escape. Something is going to happen but Serena doesn’t know when or how. If she couldn’t get Gavin’s power or money no one could. He still belongs to her like it or not. He doesn’t know it but hey everything is better that way.
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

He can feel his phone vibrating relentlessly in his pocket, knowing that his siblings and mother would be looking for him. Rather than answer, Gavin just shuts it off and takes another swig of his beer. He doesn't pay much attention to the bar patrons around him, his eyes staying locked on to the flatscreen above the bar, where a hockey game was playing out.

When Joe slides the drink towards him, Gavin looks at him, confused. (blue "I didn't order this,") he says, only for Joe to smirk, and point over his shoulder.

It only takes a second. The smile is what he notices first. The same one that used to be flashed at him every day. His heart hammers in his chest as their eyes lock. The sound around him seems to muffle, and his throat tightens. In a second, she's gone, and he stumbles off of the bar stool.

Gavin's eyes dart around the crowded pub, but he can't seem to pinpoint where she's disappeared to. The scars on his chest burn as though they were fresh wounds again. She didn't look the same, but he knew he wasn't seeing things. There was no mistaking those eyes.


The woman who almost killed him, but managed to let him live. While he was still bitter and resentful about it, he knew she could have hit a better target to make sure he didn't wake up. Maybe it was all a sick game she wanted to play.

Bursting on to the street, he looks around to see if she somehow managed to sneak out with him noticing. (blue "You've gotta be fucking kidding me,") he mutters to himself, blinking against the harsh sunlight to try and see.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena quickly escaped. She practically ran for her life. The girl didn’t run home, or her uncle’s home, or a family friend house. Instead she acted like she didn’t see Gavin at the bar and she is still doing her errands. Serena went to the laundry mat on time, took her clothes out, folded them and out them in the laundry bag she had drying along with her clothes. However she was more causes walking home. Regret hit her hard for not taking her car and for deciding to walk everywhere. Thank god she only lives a few blocks away.

Gavin hit her mind like a hit and run. Once when she closed the door to her studio the past hit her and hard. His eyes seemed the same but yet different in a weird way. He seemed stressed or upset. Serena is going to help Gavin. Not for him but for herself. It could benefit the both of them though. Gavin would be safe and whoever killed his father would either be in jail or dead and his family would be safe. Serena is going to have to get a few fake ID’s and dig into his father’s past. The black laundry bag sat near her locked door. Her herself was sitting on the beige sectional sofa, on her laptop research anything and everything about Gavin’s father. She even made a quick call to get more private information but of course it came with a price. One she didn’t agree with since the bastard knows her uncle isn’t there so he would get extra cash but she is going to deal with him later. Right now Gavin and his family are in need of her help even though they don’t know it yet.

It’s been an hour and she still didn’t get anything which automatically deducts money from her source. Serena would do it herself but she doesn’t know how to hack. She only knows how to hack into computers that are password protected but that’s about it. Another ten minutes passed and she received an email with everything she needed to know. Gavin’s father was one powerful and rich guy. To think Gavin could inherit his father’s power and money got her excited. Though according to what she’s reading Gavin and his sister are fighting to win his father’s power and money. His father’s death was ruled as natural death. If they are dealing with someone like her or anyone in her family, he was most likely given a shot between his fingers or in his fingernails. His blood work was a bit strange but nothing that needed to be double checked. They are dealing with pros.

Taking a deep breath she glanced at a family photo. (#af18ae “Gavin, Gavin, Gavin you don’t know how much fun we are going to have together. Better than the past. Maybe if the time comes where you need to die you would actually die but until the time comes mama needs you alive…”) Serena then chewed on her index finger.

After reading half the things she received she wired some money to her source. As she turned on her stereo while getting off the sofa she danced around her apartment. The lyrics to the song playing cheerfully rolled off her tongue as she sang and packed a few things. Serena felt like it would be best if she was close to Gavin. Even if it meant being in the same room as him. Serena put on a blonde wig and a few make-up on. Serena even changed her outfit, created a fake identity, background and a resume. His family business seems to always be hiring.

It would be a miracle if she was somehow working close to Gavin’s office. Serena repeated her fake name as she left her studio. (#af18ae “Maria Vega. Maria Vega. I’m Maria Vega.”) Each time she said her name she tried changing her voice. Serena slipped on pair of non-description glasses. Even though she saw Gavin at a bar she is debating on what she should do. She could go to the office building or simply go straight to his house and talk to him. Serena sat in her car a block away from his house. She tapped her fingers on her cheek. (#af18ae Maria what are you going to do? Think girl. Should you be blunt or a shy pathetic girl? He does have a soft spot… “)

KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Gavin had arrived home in a sour mood, and maintained his attitude all through dinner, until his family finally left. He was well in to his second bottle of wine, and had been pacing the main floor of his house for the last hour. It (i had) to have been her! he thinks to himself. It couldn't have been his mind playing tricks on him. He had pushed all thoughts of her out of his head, and now they all came flooding back.

(i Get it together.) He scolds himself repeatedly, running his hands through his hair until it is a wild mess. If she was back, it meant she was after something. Perhaps she wasn't quite through with him, yet. If that was the case, he needed to be careful, and wary of her if she came back around. She was dangerous, and he wouldn't let himself get caught off guard for a second time.

For a second, he contemplates calling the security service that had been assigned to his family. He could have them sit outside of his house, just to monitor the property. Then again, if Serena did come back, he didn't want her to have the satisfaction of knowing she got to him at the bar. So, he puts the phone back on the table, and pours himself another glass.

Lombard, his large Saint Bernard, watched Gavin with a look of sheer boredom. He huffs a few times, before finally barking and getting his owner's attention. Gavin stops and looks, noticing the dog sitting by the door with his ball. (blue "You're right. You're absolutely right. Nothing to worry about. We'll just go outside, and relax, and get her out of my head.")

A benefit of his house being closed off by a fence, he lets the dog in to the front yard, and takes a seat on his front porch swing. Closing his eyes, he takes a swig, while moving the seat in a calming motion.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena sat in her car. Why can’t she focus? Playing with her blonde wig, she saw his family leave his property. His sister looked like a bigger bitch. Serena never really like her for some reason. Is sister glanced towards her direction. Even though she was glancing towards her she wasn’t really looking at Serena. The girl went on about what she has in store for her little brother and how she hates an old bat that he is apparently close to. If something was to happen to the old bat she can easily get a job close to Gavin.

After Gavin family left she got out the car with her big black bag filled with random things and two copies of Maria’s resume. Slowly and carefully she walked towards his house. Lombard ball rolls out of the fence. Serena sets her bag down to pick up the ball. The dog grabbed her bag. (#af18ae “Bad dog!”) She shouts trying to get her bag from the dog from the other side of the fence. Serena shows him his ball. He stopped trying to tear the bag. She tossed the ball as far as she could/ he did drop her bag but it was out of reach. Serena sighs banging her head against the gate. (#af18ae “Why does everything got to be complicated with this dude?”) Serena takes a another deep breath before she tried to get Gavin’s attention so he can give her, her now messed up new prada bag.

(#af18ae “
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Gavin hears the dog, but doesn't really pay much attention. For all he knew, Lombard was just distracted by a squirrel or something. What (i does) get his attention, however, is the yell that follows. Opening one eye, he sees a woman fighting his dog through the fence, trying to grab at whatever Lombard had stolen from her. (blue "Great, the dumb dog is going to get me sued,") he grumbles, getting to his feet.

(blue "Lombard, stop!") he calls, walking towards the front gate, adding a whistle to distract the canine.

The dog was more interested in the girl holding the ball, than in his owner. He didn't move until it was thrown across the yard, dropping her bag in a slobbery mess on the driveway. (i Great,) he thinks, (i now I'm going to have to replace the bag.) (blue "Sorry about him. He's a bit of an overgrown puppy. I'll reimburse you for the purse,") he says when he's close enough, leaning down to scoop up the bag, handing it back to her over the gate.

Something about her face, even with the sunglasses on, looked slightly familiar to him. Then again, he's had quite a bit to drink, and has just been paranoid. (blue "Can I help with anything?") he asks, trying to play the part of a friendly neighbour, though he hasn't seen her before on his street.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena tried to hide the look of anger and disgust when Gavin finally walked to the front of the gate. She quickly stirred a small smile that kept turning into a frown seeing her new bag destroyed. (#af18ae “It would have been adorable if he didn’t chew up my bag like a squeaky toy… Although I do believe puppies destroy everything in sight right? I never had a dog…”) Serena or should we say Maria said. She dealt with dogs but she put them to sleep but not permanently. She loves animals. In fact she owns a kitten now and a bird.

(#af18ae “You don’t have to buy me a new bag. I barely used it…”) she wasn’t lying. She had it for a few days. The day she decided to use it, it gets ruined. Serena took out a few napkins to clean up her bag. She couldn’t be happier to be an owner of kittens and not an oversized dog that acts like a puppy that drools and destroys things.

Serena takes out a piece of paper. That had directions of his cooperation building. (#af18ae “Actually if you can give my directions… I sort of forgot the directions at home. I got a job interview that’s in a few hours. I just wanted to be around the area when the time comes.”) Serena looked up seeing something running towards them. The stupid mutt must recognize her scent. Serena pulled Gavin in front of her and points at his dog. (#af18ae “Your buddy is coming back. Big dogs kind of scare me and after what he did to my bag he gave me a reminder as to why I fear them.”) She was facing the back of his head. Oh how much she wanted to run her fingers through his hair, whisper and nibble in his ear and do the things they use to like in the past. He probably hates her and is planning on getting even for what she did.
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

(blue "Well, he's not entirely all there,") he says, tapping his temple with a finger. (blue "He's a little slower than most dogs. Might be why I got him for free, come to think of it,") he frowns slightly at this.

When she hands him the papers, he catches sight of the company logo, and raises an eyebrow. Then it hits him. His secretary was retiring after being with the company since he was a toddler. She must be applying for the position. (blue "Actually this is my-") he's cut off by her yanking him off balance.

Catching his footing, he sees what she's looking at. (blue "Lombard! Stop!") The dog, however, proceeds to continue in their direction. (blue "Go find the squirrel! Go look for it!") Gavin yells, managing to get the dog to stop and bolt in the other direction, where he perches under a tree, staring up intensely with his tail wagging.

(blue "Stupid bulldozer,") he mumbles, turning around to face her again.

(blue "Anyways, I was saying this is my family's company. If you're applying for Sarah's job, I can just save you time and interview you here. No sense in you driving all the way to the office to sit in the lobby when I'm the one you'd be working for, anyways. Might as well just interview you myelf. Get your things together, and we can go inside. I have an office there,") he says, handing her back her paper.

He steps back to punch in the code to unlock the gate, waiting as it slides open, gesturing for her to follow him. (blue "Don't worry about Lombard. He'll be distracted for an hour, at least,") he says, shooting another glance towards his dog.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena watched Gavin handle is doing. He always did have a mentality of a baby. She did love running with him, even when he would see a squirrel and run a different direction. She tried not to think about the past for it would make things complicated once again. Not a lot of people have seen her nice side. To me exact not a lot of people know she has one. She doesn’t need to be feeling anything but determination for accomplishing her own task.

Maria aka Serena fixed her composer. She tried to do it fast before he turned away but he turned around fast. Quickly, she wiped up a shaky smile hoping Lombard doesn’t come back and ruin her disguise. This is easier then she thought it would be. He was always candid. (#af18ae “Oh wow… This is kind of embarrassing… who knew I would bump into my boss of course if I get the job. I hope this doesn’t ruin my chance on getting the job”) she says taking back the paper.

Serena didn’t bother locking at the little box where he was pinching in his code for the gate. There’s a chance it could still be the same but hey she will find out one way or another but not now. Serena steps inside a few seconds after the gate opened. She looks at the oversized pup as he reassured her he won’t be bothering them for about a good hour tops. (#af18ae “I never understood why dogs have a fascination with squirrels. I highly doubt the interview would take more than an hour so I have nothing to worry about. I hope your companion doesn’t mind me entering your house and have an interview at the home. I know some people despise bringing work home.”) Serena took out a one out of the five copies she got of her resume and cover letter. Sad part is she is going to have to learn half the shit she lied about on this resume. Unless she could use her looks or seduce someone to doing it for her, male or female.

Seeing that they are now inside, after her babbling, she looks around before focusing on the target and handing him her papers so he could glimpse through them while walking to his office. (#af18ae “You have a lovely home Mr. Rollo.”)
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

(blue "Yeah, well, work always finds of way of following me home,") he answers, gesturing for her to follow him.

His house was a large villa, with high ceilings and windows that let all of the sunlight in. Gavin prefered the brightness of the house, compared to the dull, dim office he was always stuck in at work. Everything was modern and sleek, including his home office. (blue "Thank you,") he responds to the compliment. (blue "It's my little getaway from board meetings.")

Taking a seat behind his desk, his eyes scan over her paperwork. It was an impressive resume, but he has to admit, he doesn't much care for what's written on a document, as long as the person can perform the basic tasks that come with being his secretary. (blue "Well, you already have some experience, which is good. I mean, if you've done one job like this, you're pretty much golden. Truth be told, the biggest challenge of working for this company is putting up with all of the bullshit between my office, and those of my brother and sister. It can wear you down quickly. I've had two interns quit in the last month.")

He leans back in his chair, meeting her gaze. (blue "I'm not going to sit here and grill you with a bunch of different questions that are really going to have no relevance to whether or not you can do the job. I've had four people apply for the job, but I've yet to find someone who can convince me that they'll be able to handle it. So, can you convince me that you'll be able to stick with this job for the long haul?")
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena played with the end of her skirt. How many times is he going to read the resume? Assuming he even finished reading it. As much as she wanted to get up and look around she can’t. Not unless she wants to somehow blow her cover. Sighing she glances up at him. He began to talk once her eyes were directly at him.

Of course the resume is golden. Half the shit that’s there is a lie. She is going to spend the next few days reading. Joy. It’s going to feel like school all over again. Normally Serena would laugh at what he is saying. She loves a challenge. Besides his siblings isn’t haven’t seen what she can do. She can get so many of their dirty laundry out in the open to get some fresh air.

(#af18ae “Oh don’t worry about me. I actually like challenges. It’s like I surprise myself with how well I accomplish any challenge that’s thrown at me.”) Serena fixes her glasses. (#af18ae “I won’t disappoint you sir. I can handle anything. I won’t quit without giving you a head up and if that ever happens I won’t leave until you find someone to replace me but like I said I can handle it. You can say I’m a pushover kind of gal so nothing would really bother me as much… unless if something inappropriate was to happen of course. I believe in not seeing anyone I work with. I think it complicates working together…”) In the inside she was dying of laughter. Maria is the opposite of who she really is. Gavin is going to hate her forever if he finds out Maria is actually her.
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Gavin crooks an eyebrow at her, listening to her speech. The girl had sass, that was evident enough. He's not sure if it's the alcohol in his system, or if she actually persuades him, but he feels a small grin forming on his face. (blue "Alright. We'll give you a trial run. You're the first person we've interviewed that I haven't felt was totally bullshitting the whole time. Come by the office building tomorrow morning, and I'll get you started. Just don't get lost this time,") he throws a playful jab towards her.

They could get the paperwork done and signed tomorrow. It was already getting dark out, and the wine was making him grow tired. If he was lucky, he'd make it through tomorrow without having a major hangover make his day even more miserable.

(blue "My office is on the fiftieth floor. If you get through the day without going insane, or killing anybody, we'll make it a permanent placement. If not, we'll pay you for the hours you worked, and you can put our fucked up company behind you. Sound fair enough?") he asks.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena was actually excited to get the job. For once it doesn't necessarily have to be about stealing, killing, hurting anyone or involves her getting hurt. Her hands silently clapped. Maybe this Maria character isn't so bad after all. Well she didn't get it officially but she will. Serena chuckls are his joke. He wouldn't be if he Serena was to she up as herself. Out of curiosity she wondered what he would do if she was to show up at his house. Perhaps a surprise visit may be in arranged.

(#af18ae "Oh don't worry I won't get lost or be late! You don't have to worry about any one dying. I'm more of a lover not a fighter. I actually never been in a fight before...") Serena gets up fixing her business skirt. (#af18ae "Well I should be going. If working at your company is as horrible as you claim it to be I should go do some yoga and get a good night sleep. As should you sir. I would see you tomorrow. Umm, I know I shouldn't be asking for a favor but do you mind walking me to the gate? It is dark and I don't want your dog to attack me thinking I'm trespassing.") Couldn't she sound any more innocent and nerdy? (i And the grammy award for best actress goes to ... Serena!!)

Serena is going to have to change in her car, park her car elsewhere and sneak into his house. How shes going to surprise him is still a mystery to them both.
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

(blue "See? Already giving me good advice. Trust me, I'll probably be out cold within the hour. Takes a lot of alcohol to withstand a dinner with my family,") he says, rising to his feet.

Sure enough, when they get outside, Lombard is still on guard by the tree. As expected, the dog was not cluing in to the fact that the squirrel was not in fact hiding above him. So, they get down the driveway undisturbed, and Gavin opens the gate for her. (blue "Alright, well, see you in the morning. 9:00am, bright and early. It was nice meeting you,") he says politely, holding out a hand for her to shake.

On his way back to the house, he calls Lombard after him, snapping the large animal from his daze. The two disappear in to the house, with the dog wandering to the bedroom, and Gavin moving to the living room. The TV has sports highlights on, and he settles down in to his leather recliner.

In less than 10 minutes, his eyes are closed, and quiet snores are coming from him. His empty wine glass slips from his hand on to the floor with a small clink. The volume echoes in the background, but he's too far gone to notice it.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena gave him a big cheesy smile. Her alias is such a good person. So good he would probably fall in love with her. Unless she messed up so he likes bad girls, which if that’s the case he would fall in love with Serena once more.

The oversized pup looked like he was guarding the tree when in reality he was waiting for that squirrel to come back down. The squirrel is most likely laughing at him. Once when they reach the gate she turned to face him. (#af18ae “See you tomorrow boss. It was nice meeting you too. Have a good night.”) She said shaking his hand.

(i Now it’s time to set the next plan in motion,) she said to herself as she rushes to her car. Taking off she looked for a rather isolated area but since the darkness have fallen most people are going out to party. A little more than a mile away from Gavin’s property Serena found parking. Of course it was a struggle to ( change) in the back seat of her car. Running in heels isn’t her specialty. Don’t get her wrong, she can run in heels when she needs to but since she doesn’t have to she can simply take a cab but of course not straight to his house but a block or two away. In approximately twenty to thirty minutes she was a few seconds away from the house. Not knowing if the front gate is open or not, she still decided to go in the hard way. She climbed a tree to jump over the wall and land in lawn. Serena then walked to the front door, picked the lock and was greeted by the dog. (#af18ae “Hey buddy I see you haven’t changed. Where is he?”) Of course asking a dog that acts like a puppy was a bad idea. He ran back and forth before magically disappearing. Sighing she closed her house and the house fell silent. Then she heard the TV followed by something falling on floor.

Serena went to the living room to find Gavin asleep. To be nice after breaking into his house she turned off the TV and refilled his wine glass. She sat on the coffee table staring at him. Her foot gently brushed against his leg. (#af18ae “Wakey, wakey Gavin. How many times do I have to tell you that sleeping anywhere but a bed is bad for you?”) She bit her lip seductively waiting for him to wake up. The things she could be doing right now... But sadly she's here to help him and nothing more... for now.
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Groggily, Gavin shifts in his sleep. His eyes open slightly, before snapping wide and shooting up from his chair. (blue "What the hell is.....How the fuck did you get in here?") he slurrs, still trying to get his bearings.

He takes a few steps away from her, gripping a handful of hair in one hand. Immediately, flashes of their last meeting run through his head, and he swallows down bile. (blue "You got a lot of nerve to show up here,") he growls.

His teeth grind together, and his scan her to make sure no weapons are in her possession. Even though he finds nothing, it doesn't quell his fear. And of course, there was nothing he could use in the room that would defend him, should she try attacking. So, Gavin keeps his distance, but doesn't take his eyes off of her.

(blue "I have nothing to say to you. I suggest you leave before I get the police involved,") his voice is deep and authoritative as he tries to intimidate her.

He certainly wanted nothing to do with her, and the mere fact that she had broken in to his house undetected worries him. Maybe personal security wasn't such a bad idea after all.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena laughs at his reaction. She hasn’t seen that much fear and shock in a man’s eyes. (#af18ae “You’re being dramatic my love. I’m sorry about your father. He was a good man. May I ask who was that nerdy goodie to shoes girl? Got scared of girls like me? Whatever category I fall into.”) Whenever she took a step he mirrored her. Is she that scary?

The girl didn’t wish to frighten the poor guy some more so she walked to the other end of the room observing everything. Her fingers would gently touch a few objects. Taking a deep breath she turns her gaze to him. (#af18ae “Oh say it again. You sound oh so sexy talking to me like that. I see working in the family business gave you some balls… You may relax Gavin sweetie. I got nothing on me buy my keys. Lip balm and some cash.”) Her steps were slow as she walked back to the coffee table. Her smile was now playful, sweet, and innocent like. Like the smile she gave him the first day they met.

(#af18ae “I’m surprised you are still breathing. May I see them?”) Serena says pointing at her chest, circling a finger where the bullet wound would be at. If anyone of her family members were to find out he is still alive she would get a world’s first class beating that would most likely cost her life and they would kill him in front of her. (#af18ae “I think I shall leave before you pass out and so call, call the cops I’m going to go. Before I do I’m going to let you in on something I recently found out. I’m only telling you because you deserve the truth. It wasn’t an accident so be careful.”) Serena timed herself before quickly moving to his side stealing a kiss as Lombard walked towards them. (#af18ae “Goodbye you crazy dog.”) She says scratching his ear before leaving through the front door.
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Gavin's eyes narrow. (blue "Your apology is full of shit; you didn't give a damn about my father. And the girl is none of your business, so I suggest you drop that subject right now.")

She was toying with him, he could tell. And, she was having far too much fun doing so. Serena had to know how long it took to get over the PTSD he suffered at her hands, but it evidently had no effect on her sick sense of humor. (blue "The family business didn't give me balls, surviving being around a crazy bitch like you did,") he snaps, crossing his arms over his chest.

At the mention of his scars, he snorts out a bitter laugh. (blue "Why? Wanna see your failed handiwork? Trying to guage how far off your aim was?")

If he had his way, she would never get the pleasure of knowing just how close she'd come to killing him. He wouldn't allow her the knowledge of his trauma. However, his attempts of intimidating her seem to have failed as she makes her move, and he briefly feels her lips on his before she's gone again, and he hears the front door closing.

(i She knows something about Dad,) he thinks, still frozen to the spot.

By the time he's at the end of his driveway, calling her name, she's already disappeared from sight. He doesn't want to believe her, or listen to her. But still, could he risk not learning more? His conscious is still fighting with itself as he lies in bed, staring at the ceiling, before sleep finally claims him.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Even though she left through the front door she didn’t leave through the front gates. Instead she exited the challenging way. It took her a few tries running and trying to leap over the wall. Her knees are going to be bruised in the morning. From a distance she could hear someone yelling. All she could think about is how he perceives her.

It took her a while to get home. Serena hates having Gavin on her mind. Not only does he look different but he acts differently as well. He is going to kill her when he finds out Maria is actually her. She spent the night running background check on the staffs, reading how to do half the crap she put on the fake resume and eventually took a two, maybe three hour nap. She was up two hours before work. Not only did she get ready, she went to get coffee for her and Gavin. Cause god knows if he drank some more after she left. She even had a bottle of aspirin in her bag. There was nothing illegal with her once again.

Serena arrived thirty minutes early. Already they were trying to give her a hard time. Kindly she kept telling everyone she doesn’t start working till 9 and when Gavin arrives so to bug someone else. It’s her first day there and she is probably made enemies already. Serena fixed her glasses and rocks her head side to side waiting for him. When he finally arrived she plasters a smile on her face. (#af18ae "Good morning sir. I got you a cappuccino and some aspirin. A cure for a possible hangover that would keep you energized for the entire day!”)
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

By the time Gavin staggers in to work the next morning, his head is already throbbing. While dressed immaculately in a sleek charcoal suit and tie, his hair is wild, and the scruff on his jawline indicates he had skipped shaving. It didn't help that he hadn't bothered to remove his sunglasses, in an attempt to keep the light at bay.

When he reaches his floor, he steps out of the elevator and is impressed when Maria is there waiting for him. (blue "You're already a lifesaver,") his voice is filled with relief as he downs the pills with a gulp of coffee.

(blue "Look, I kind of had a rough night so just lie and say I'm busy if anyone calls. I'd rather not deal with them today. Come to my office in like, 10 minutes to go over everything for the day,") he says, retreating to his office.

While the room had an amazing view of the city, he closes the blinds and envelopes everything in shade. Removing the glasses, he sits behind his desk and pinches the bridge of his nose between two fingers. He had barely slept after Serena's little unwelcomed visit.

Booting up his computer, Gavin quickly brings up an internet browser and types in his father's name. The first page is filled with news articles relating to the accident, with the totaled car blocked off with yellow caution tape. He pours over the pages, looking through photos, and police reports, looking for some kind of clue as to what Serena had been talking about.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena watches him. God he looks horrible. She fucked his life up real bad. Helping him and herself isn’t going to be as easy as she thought it would be. Maybe this one time she can help someone in need. Maybe. She nods and went to her desk. She kept staring at the clock as she did some light office work that was unfinished. A few of her co-workers greeted her and wished her luck. For those who walked away laughing, all she wanted to do was leap over her desk, bash their face onto something solid and stab them with her heel. Of course that is what Serena would do but she’s Maria… Maria something and she’s a sweet heart. All she was able to do is continue to do her work. She is in serious need of pop out Bob before she pops out on someone.

Once when it was ten minutes past she got up and went to go to his office. She knocked on the door, waited for him to say come in before actually going inside. She walked next to his desk handing him papers he needs to sign by the end of the day. (#af18ae “Before you say anything they need to be signed by the end of the day. However they are arranged by the status of the person. It begins with other CEO’s since they want things done immediately.”) she then waited for further instructions.

(center ( Maria))

(#af18ae “
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Gavin quickly lowers the webpages as she knocks the on door, and he calls her in. The last thing he needed was for her to learn about the psychotic woman that had almost killed him. Serena haunted him enough. He didn't need her scaring off employees as well. After all, his brother and sister managed to do that enough by themselves.

(blue "Easy enough, then. Maybe I'll actually get to have lunch at the proper hour,") he says, reaching for a pen to start signing.

He didn't really bother reading the reports. As long as he kept them delivered on time, he never heard any problems from the CEO. (blue "Did you get many people hounding you this morning? I swear, this place is like a frat house. Nothing but initiating new employees everywhere I look.")

Not watching what he's doing, he drops a stack of paper right next to the mouse, which activates the pages he was looking at. The browsers cover his screen, which is in plain sight of her view. In his rush to close them down, he spills his coffee all over his desk. (blue "Son of a bitch,") he mutters, shooting to his feet.

Gavin snatches a handful of Kleenex from the box and drops them on the spill. (blue "Sorry. Just a little jumpy today.")
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena watched him sign papers. She couldn’t be any border. She examined his desk. Taking in every little single detail. When a stack of paper hit the mouse his internet browser opened. Up she pretend to be looking through the papers she have in her arms. He is searching up his father’s death. What he is seeing and reading is all a lie. She tried not to grin seeing how jumpy he is. (#af18ae “No not yet sir. Surprisingly. A few welcomed me, warned me, gave me pointers, wished me luck and simply laugh at my face saying I won’t last. I can’t wait to prove them wrong.”)

(#af18ae “Oh my…”) Serena set the papers down on the file desk in hos office, removes the paper and tries to help him lean up his desk. (#af18ae “Lack of sleep gets people jumpy.”) She says rushing to his side. (#af18ae “I guess next time I should get you a travel mug.”)

Once when the desk was clean she went to go check on the papers that were on his desk. Only two out of six were stained. (#af18ae “Don’t worry about these two papers. I’m going to get another copy faxed over immediately. Shall we do what I originally came her for in an hour? It gives me time to get more work done and for you to clean yourself up.”)
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

(blue "Yeah, that's fine I guess,") he agrees, holding the damp papers in his hand.

When he is left alone, he rips his tie off and unbuttons a few notches of his shirt. The crisp white enhances the paleness of his face, he notes as he stares at himself in the mirror of his en-suite bathroom. Splashing water on his face, he tries to sober himself up. When he steps back in to his office, he can't settle himself down.

(i Blown out tire caused the accident.)
(i Rollover responsible for the deaths.)

Those were the official statements made in the media. That the wheel of his father's limo had blown out, presumably on an old nail, or scrap left in the road, which ultimately led to the rollover that killed him, and his passengers. What caught Gavin's attention, however, was a statement released by an eyewitness. They had said the tire looked like it just erupted. It wasn't just a little pop of the rubber. There had been scraps of torn rubber dangling as the limo rolled.

If it was just a freak accident, the tire should still have been mostly intact. (blue "Maria, can you come in here, please?") he buzzes her over the com.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena was on hold as she tried to get them to get the other companies to fax another copy of the document. While she was on hold a few other associates greeted her and gave her some papers that her boss either needs a copy of for a meeting, information about other companies and more papers for him to sign.

It took over twenty minutes to get one faxed. Serena was on hold once again. But this time it was different. Gavin’s sister came charging in ordering the people around her around. The look she gave Serena was one that would have gotten her hit. She snickers at her.
(#dacf0b “Where my brother gets his girls… I would never know…”)
(#af18ae “Good morning is there anything I could do for you? Mr. Rollo is busy at the moment.”)
(#dacf0b “That doesn’t apply to me. I’m his sister and we are got business to take care of.”) She says passing Serena. Serena quickly put the phone call on hold and ran to stop her.
(#af18ae “I’m sorry but I can’t allow you inside. He’s… Mr. Rollo is sick. Unless you wish to get sick by all means go inside. You’re the one who would be losing money…”) As Serena move to the side to allow her to go inside she received the other copy of the document through the fax machine. Casually walking back she thanked the female who helped her and gather a few things. Before she was even done Gavin called for her. Serena jogs into his office. His sister’s foot stopped the door from closing. Serena quickly looks at him and whispers sorry. She ignores his sister and approaches his desk. (#af18ae “I just got another copies of the previous documents along with new documents, portfolios for the eleven o’clock meeting, the four o’clock meeting was pushed an hour ahead and last but not least you got a meeting with someone according the what’s on the computer but there isn’t a name but just a time which is at five.)

(#dacf0b “Wow she is sharp. Faster than the old hag that use to work here. You look like hell. Either you are really sick like your new help said or you’re just trying to avoid me. We need to settle this thing and fast. We both know I can and would keep this company going. You would be like the Iron pan guy from the Marvel’s and bring hell.”)
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Gavin's head snaps to the door, instantly forming a frown when he spots his sister barging in as well. (blue "What does she want?") he asks Maria, though she merely brushes off the question.

He accepts the paperwork from her, giving his thanks as he drops them on to his desk. (blue "Thank you, Maria. Wait, who called regarding my computer files?") he asks, but his sister interupts.

Rolling his eyes, Gavin crosses his arms over his chest. (blue "I'll ask you to be a little more respectful when speaking of my employees, Cassidy. Esther may have been older, but she was more competent than you have ever been in regards to this company,") he fires back.

He takes a seat behind his desk, rubbing his forehead at her comic reference. (blue "Iron Pan? What are you even - you know what, I'm not even going to point out everything wrong with what you just said. I've already told you, we're not finalizing anything until we've gone through every possible option. You're more likely to let this company crash and burn, just so you can take a pay bonus. Now, I will have this conversation with you, because I have to, at another time. Lucas is involved as well, so it's not like I would even be able to permit anything without his input. Schedule a meeting like everyone else, and I will sit down with you and discuss things. Now, if you'll excuse me, I actually have work to do.")

Huffing, Cassidy narrows her eyes. (r "Don't act like you want what's best for this company. This is just a pay check for you. Don't let this family's name crumble because of your stubbornness,") she turns on her heel and storm out the door.

(blue "What a shame, she's mad at me again,") he says dryly.

Turning his attention back to Maria, he looks confused once more. (blue "Who scheduled this meeting at 5:00?")
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena stood there in silence. She watched the ugly scene between the two siblings. The fact she got one of the Marvel's super hero name wrong was ridiculous and obviously shows she doesn't know everything. It wouldn't hurt to know a little bit of everything. The company could grow more if they were to fund money to movies, projects, organizations clinics... etc. Gavin has a heart so he could possibly be smart enough to find ways to get the companies name out there.

The girl chewed her lips and cheeks waiting for it to be over. When she finally left her eye went back to her boss. How weird is it to be calling your ex boss? It's like calling your boyfriend, fiancé or husband daddy. That's just weird. Doesn't the image of the girld father pop into their mind when they call their lover daddy? The thought of it sent a cold shiver down her spine.

(#af18ae "To be honest sir I don't know. There isn't a name or anything. Just the date and time. Would you like me to say you're not in if I get a call or a visit?) Serena looked at his desk to make sure that he had everything and that they are in order.

From where she was standing she could hear the phone ringing. Serena walls to the other side of the desk to amswer the phone. (#af18ae "Good morning...") she was cut off by the front desk security. A Mr Tony Domingo was on his way up and that they sent security up. The name did sound familiar but he could be anyone. Hanging up she looks at Gavin. (#af18ae "You weren't kidding when you said this job has its challenges. You got a Tony Domingo coming and I'm guessing he ignored the front desk security. You should go hide or something. God knows who he is and what is his attentions are.") Serena played with her nails nervously. She didn't think whoever is trying to gain the family power snd success would move so fast.
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Thinking it over for a moment, Gavin shakes his head. (blue "No, thank you. I think this is a meeting that I'd better attend.")

He's lost in his thoughts while she takes a phone call, but his attention snaps back to her when she informs him of the current situation. If it was possible, he felt instantly more sick. While he wasn't intimidated by anyone, Domingo was unpredictable. He made everyone cautious, and on edge. Gavin and Lucas both had to deal with him before, and the family wasn't exactly fond of the man.

(blue "It's alright, I'll stay here. If this company shows any weakness, we will lose our authority. Please inform the front desk to send extra security,") he adds, leaning back in his chair.

Tony Domingo had long since been a sort-of enemy to the family company. More than once, he attempted to buy them out, which Gavin's father had fought strictly against. Now that it was in his hands, Gavin certainly wasn't about to allow Domingo to try and con his way in to buying it out from under them.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena couldn’t believe what she heard. Is he really going to stay in his office? What if he shots him? Or stabs him. Her heart started beating so fast it feels like she is having a heart attack. Why do you got to be so stupidly courageous? The trembling fingers dialed the front desk security. She did as he asked. They called the cops for extra back up. To her in her mind that isn’t enough. (#af18ae “Permission to stay? Just to make sure nothing happens. I would feel really horrible if something was to happen to you.”) Whoever invented emotions should have gotten shot. She’s dreading this type of feeling.

Just as he answered the door swung open violently. To keep her own anger and feistiness she gripped her folder and papers that were in her hands already. They both eyed each other. She tried to keep her eyes calm or else she would be discovered. After a while she looks down and steps back. She was shaking but it wasn’t because of fear.

(#196714 “Gavin, Gavin, Gavin. I’m sorry about your pops. He was a… swell guy, right? My offer still stands. I’ll even rise up the price. Don’t be a fool like your pops. He died being a workaholic. Don’t be a fool. I’m sure you want to settle down and start a family. Right blonde? Don’t you think he would be a great daddy and a husband?”) Serena didn’t answer. (#196714 “It’s okay to speak. I don’t bite unless you want me to. Don’t be scared.”) He says chuckling. He sits down putting his boots on the desk. (#196714 “Say sweet cheeks mind getting us a drink and allowing us men talk alone?”) It was then when the cops walked inside. Serena looked at Gavin.
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Though he prefers that she leaves, for her own protection at least, Gavin shrugs. (blue "Just don't say anything that might piss him off,") he advises her.

The door slams against the wall, chipping the paint as Domingo joins them. Gavin does his best to keep the bitterness from showing in his expression, but he's sure a little bit manages to seep on to his face. (blue "Mr. Domingo, still struggling with the concept of knocking, I see. Or, you know, scheduling an appointment, in general,") he can't help but get a little sarcastic.

The subject of his father is still a touchy subject. (blue "We both know that my dad's death hasn't made you lose any sleep at all. Cut the pleasantries, and just spit it out.")

Of course, it would be the company. Gavin resists the urge to roll his eyes. (blue "You know as well as I do, that this company will not leave the family's possession. Not to mention, I wouldn't be authorized to make that call in the first place. My father built this organization, and we're not about to hand it over, just because you flaunt a check.")

When Domingo addresses Maria, Gavin frowns. (blue "If you're going to speak to my assistant, you need to do so with some respect. This isn't your territory, Tony, you have no authority here.") He gets to his feet. (blue "I will remind you once to watch how you carry yourself around here,") with that, Gavin shoves Domingo's feet off of his desk.

Tony growls and gets up, stepping face to face with Gavin. (r "Don't make an enemy here, boy,") he says lowly.

As the cops walk in, the two men break their stance. (blue "You're wasting your time, Mr. Domingo. The Rollo family will not cower to corporate bullies. As always, it has never been a pleasure to see you, now these gentlemen will escort you off the property,") Gavin sits back down.

As the office empties, the young man has two police officers stationed outside of his office for the remainder of the day, until he can arrange for private security to keep watch. Letting out a shaky laugh, he locks eyes with Maria. (blue "Well, that's all my smartass courage for the day. I thought he was going to toss me out the window for a second.")
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Since the last time they actually spent time together she kind of got a bit of anger issues. How Gavin could stay so calm and mellow is a mystery to her. Maybe he was the one who kept her calm. She did start to become an angry person with a hint of bipolar-ness. Gavin did grow a bigger pair since the day he got shot. It takes real balls for someone to actually knock off someone’s foot off the desk. Of course Tony didn’t do anything because of the cops but if he could have done something he would of probably shot Gavin or break if face. Something between those lines.

Serena sighs in relief when he left. (#cd18c7 “I thought so too. He came in like he owns everything and what not...") She sat on his desk with the folder and papers behind her. (#cd18c7 “That was one hell of a scary situation. Did you see how bad I was shaking? He looks like a dangerous guy. Why does he want the company so bad?”) Realizing how comfortable she got she quickly got off the desk clearing her throat. (#cd18c7 “I’m so sorry! It just felt good to get out of a crazy situation. Is there anything you need before I go to my desk?”)
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Gavin laughs again. (blue "Yeah, that's Domingo for you. He's always had that entitled attitude, as long as I've known him.")

When she sits on his desk, he gets a flicker of familiarity, but brushes it away. The last thing he needs to think about is Maria right now. Clearing his throat, he shrugs. (blue "It's just a greed thing. He's our largest competitor, so he wants to buy us out and merge the companies, to build himself one giant empire. But, we're not about to just let him have our father's work, just so he can reap the benefits. He's just a corporate douchebag who needs to be told 'no' once in a while.")

Gavin shakes his head, offering her a smile to know that he's not angry with her. But, he pauses before he answers her. (blue "Can you look me up everything you can find on my father's car accident?") He didn't want to do this, but with the meetings all day, he wouldn't have time to do it himself. (blue "I just need more information, to deal with insurance, and company regulations, that's all.")
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena or should we say Maria is going to have to get some information on this Tony Domingo guy. They way Serena is playing Maria is too sweet. She can’t allow any guy to walk over her. Even if she is pretending to be someone else. he seems like a shady person wanting to just gain power. He probably wants to be the most feared and powerful person around. People like that ticks her off. They act like certain celebrities who gets away with certain things because they’re well known and can use their money and fame to get out of sticky situations.

(#cd18c7 “Sure thing sir. Would you like pictures of it as well?”) Serena is going to print out the copies she has and pretend someone mailed it to him. Along with the real information she’s there’s going to be a note from her. Serena learned different penmanship’s so of course Maria has her own handwriting, a nice extra curvy script. Serena’s real hand writing is regular print that sort of looks script because she writes sideways. Although she is going to have to go hunting for a different folder or at least one that doesn’t have to company logo on them.

Serena waited for Gavin to allow her to leave to set her plan in motion. The things she does for this man and he isn’t even her man!
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

(blue "Hm? Oh, yes, pictures, too. They want us to be detailed in our file. Probably to make sure we aren't exaggerating anything,") the lie comes fluidly.

He dismisses her, and sinks lowly in his seat. It was barely time for lunch, and he's already wanting to go home. At that thought, his stomach growls loudly. Gavin gets to his feet and walks out of his office, stopping at her desk to pull his jacket on. (blue "You can do that later. For now, I'm starving. Let me buy you lunch, for your first day in this hell hole,") he offers.

The restaurant is nice and posh, located just down the street from the office tower. Gavin quickly guzzles down his first glass of water as he scours the menu. (blue "Get whatever you want. Everything is delicious, and worth trying,") he encourages, selecting his own t-bone steak meal.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Serena walked to her desk. There were a stack of papers on her desk. When she finds out who gave her their work, she’s going to give that person hell. Nothing to serious just the person probably losing their job. With her being her she’s going to install cameras around her desk, Gavin’s office and the lower and upper floor from their floor. She may even tap wire his phone but that may be too much for her to keep track. Once when she reached her desk she started to get information for him. The same site she read on her own time before coming up with this entire plan she’s going to give to him. As she was about to check her email to print out the real evidence she got Gavin came out. She coudnt be thankful for not signing in.

‘Maria’ looks at him. He really was a sweetheart. (#af18ae “Oh okay…”) was all she said before putting the research away in her desk and locking it. She made sure she logged off the computer and anything personal was locked away. Serena followed him to the restaurant. Everything in the menu does sound delicious. She always tends to have difficulty to pick something but she makes sure he doesn’t take her sweet time picking because it does tend to drive people crazy. The only thing she picked so far was dessert. Serena is one to eat anything but seafood and salad. She actually started to eat her veggies a little. Gavin doesn’t know about her changes obviously. Most of the female workers have a salad next to their computer screen. Might as well try to blend in. (#af18ae "Have you tried the grilled chicken salad with avocado and mango, it sounds delightful.”) Even though it’s a salad it does sound amazing. Once when the ordered their food she looks at him. (#af18ae "The misses wouldn’t get upset if she was to find out about you taking me out for lunch right?”) she asks before taking a sip of her water.
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Gavin snorts in to his drink. (blue "The misses would have to exist in order for her to get upset. Last relationship I was quite a while ago, and put me off dating for the forseeable future. She turned out to be quite the nutjob.")

Getting comfortable, he turns the question on her. (blue "What about you? Should I be worried that a boyfriend is going to make this a misunderstanding? I don't know if you can tell, but my office is already a hotbed for pissed off people. I'd hate to be attacked for being a decent boss,") he jokes.

A plate of appetizers arrive, and he wastes no time in digging in to his portion of the crabcakes. (blue "What did you think of Cassidy? Off the record, of course. I'm not going to get mad if you insult her. I may even encourage it,") he grins.
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

Her eyes squinted for a few seconds when he snorted. She couldn’t have been more dismayed. Everything was real until the day she had to kill him or else someone else would have done it. If someone else was to do it he would have suffered a terribly. Serena forced a smile on without any hesitation. Her eyes shut in order to keep the tears in her eyes. Having emotions sucks big time. Doing this job or favor, whatever it is now, is going to be a real mission because she’s emotionally involved.

Hearing his question she giggled but her giggle wasn’t really a giggle but a weep. (#af18ae “Oh no. I’m not romantically involved with anyone. My ex was sort of a nut job as well. He lied, cheated, and impregnated someone he was dating sometime after we started dating but yet he didn’t want me to leave him. I had to move away, change the number I had since high school and obviously start fresh.”) she picks up her glass of water. (#af18ae “”To no longer having psychotic people in our life”) Serena did describe an ex. He was just like her which the life style and it happened a few months after shooting Gavin. It was only to forget about him and it worked due to the fact he did cheat and get someone else pregnant. He tried to keep her but her family wasn’t having it and they knew she was ready to shoot someone else. Especially if she is dating the dude so they hired someone else to do it.

Serena sighs in relief when there food showed up, along with their drinks. (#af18ae “Off the record, she’s kind of bitch and has the only attitude. She reminds me of like the head cheerleader who thinks she runs the school because she’s on top of the pyramid.”) She starts eating her salad. It doesn’t taste too bad because of the mango and chicken although it is a weird combination.
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Gavin smiles, and nods, raising his own glass to clink against hers. (blue "And to keeping it that way,") he adds.

He laughs at her description. (blue "That has to be the most honest answer that anyone has ever given me. And it's scarily accurate,") he takes a bite of his steak.(blue "She's been that way most of her life. Being the only girl, she developed a 'princess' complex. Dad kind of fed in to it. He wanted that daddy's little girl relationship with her. Got her a car for her fourteenth birthday, too. No surprise, Lucas has pretty much always hated her for it.")

Gavin himself had long-since learned to just ignore Cassidy when she got bratty. As the baby of the family, he could technically do no wrong in his parents' eyes, so he was always saved from his sister's temper tantrums.

(blue "What kind of stuff do you do outside of work? Sports teams, movies, that kind of stuff. There's gotta be something fun.")
Simply_RandomSerena   9y ago

He said to be honest and she was but everything was sugar coded because of how Maria is persuaded. Either way he liked how she was sort of blunt about what she thinks of his sister. (#af18ae “You did say off the records.”) she says chuckling. In her mind she couldn’t help but wish she had wine or something to eat with her salad while eating with Gavin.

Serena was caught off guard when he asked what she does for fun. Is he really interested in Maria? (ii Well I like to hit the gym, go for a run, pit pocket people, bake, go to a shooting range, shopping, clubbing, drinking, clean my weapons and fight but that’s just me,) Serena mentally answered. (#af18ae “Well… I love baking, going to the park, travel. I also enjoy going to the movies and trying new things. I don’t really watch sports but I occasionally play certain sports like badminton and volleyball. What do you like to do?”)
KoozaGavin Rollo   9y ago

Gavin sighs thoughtfully. (blue "Traveling sounds amazing right now. I bought a vacation home in Ireland, and have yet to be able to actually use it.")

In response to her question, he shrugs. (blue "Typical guy stuff. Hockey, baseball, that kind of stuff. I live up to the stereotype. Travel is definitely up there for me, as well. I was in Germany not that long ago. It was technically for business, but the pubs didn't make it feel much like work.")

In his hangover state, the food disappears quickly. Before she's even done her salad, he's got a slice of chocolate cake for dessert on the way.

(blue "What's your favourite place you've ever visited? I got to see Pompeii a few years ago, and it was absolutely crazy,") he finishes off his drink.
Simply_RandomSerena   8y ago

Serena is going to have to look up everything he owns. How could she have not known about this? Is she really slacking off? Her family would be disappointed with her if they were to find out about all of this. Maybe even disown her.

Just to be nice she smiled hearing everything she already knew about him. Well all but the recent trip. Talking about this gave her an idea to look up his father’s past business trips. She only looked for personal things. How stupid of naïve of her.

Gavin asked her another question. One that she defiantly have to think about. As she thought about it her eyes wondered around. She noticed a few things like his plate being completely empty, the restaurant isn’t as packed as it was and of course a poorly disguised spy. One she slept with once upon a time and beaten the crap out of few times. He just grinned at her waving hello slowly with four fingers. Either he knows her true identity or he is simply trying to flirt with her only to get close to Gavin.

(#af18ae “I’m going to have to say Rio. I had an amazing time there. Have you ever been to Rio?”) Rio was fun. Running and jumping off roof tops, racing at night, making friends with people who “owns” certain parts of poor places and of course the food there is delicious.
KoozaGavin Rollo   8y ago

Gavin takes no notice of her wandering gaze. His own are too busy searching the dessert menu. That is, until she mentions Rio. A fond grin appears on his face. (blue "I spent a few Spring Breaks in Rio during college. According to pictures, it was a lot of fun. In my head, it's nothing but a drunken, blurry haze. But, definitely a fun spot.")

He left out the fact that one of those trips had been with the same woman who had shot him, and had ultimately ruined any chance of him returning. Still, it was a great vacation spot. (blue "You're pretty much free to take your vacation whenever you want, by the way. I don't really keep a schedule, or whatever. Just tell me what days you won't be there, so I know ahead of time, that's all. It's paid vacation, too, so feel free to head back to Rio and the company will cover it. Unfortunately, we draw the line at jacuzzi rooms, so you'll have to suffer with a standard resort room,") he jokes.

It was one of the perks of the job. The company had plenty of money at their disposal, so his father had made it policy to pay for the vacations of employees. He would fly them out to an all inclusive resort, and cover the costs. It definitely boosted work morale, and gave the employees little to complain about.

As he looks up, he just catches a flicker of something in her eyes as she looks away. (blue "You alright?")
Simply_RandomSerena   8y ago

Maria aka Serena smiled. She remembers that they went to Rio once. It may have been the last trip they took before she had to so call kill him but her for the love she had for him wouldn’t allow her to do it. Honestly she thought she did kill him but he’s still here. (#af18ae “Ah of course. Everyone tends to get drunk on vacations from school. Especially college when you’re old enough to drink and is most likely away from home.”) She says with a chuckle.

Serena was trained for certain things. It would take a lot of drinking heavy liquor to get her tipsy or drunk. Her eyes flashed with excitement hearing that her new job pays for vacation expenses. Since the Maria character is a good girl she’s going to give him a week or two heads up before going. Although it most likely won’t be for pleasure but for his own sakes in order for him to keep living and not end up like his old man. (#af18ae “That’s wonderful. So there is more benefits for dealing with some of the stupidity and annoyance from the others…”) Serena tried not to glance at the guy. Her head and eyes darts down with Gavin asked if she’s alright. She clears her throat before answering. (#af18ae “Y-yea I’m alright just feeling a bit uncomfortable. Some guy keeps staring. Do I have something on my face or teeth?”) Her head snaps back up, her nails picking her teeth. Through her peripheral vision she caught him talking on his cell phone as he starts to leave.

(#af18ae #af18ae )
KoozaGavin Rollo   8y ago

Gavin frowns and turns to look at the guy who appears to be heading for the door. (blue "He's probably just some douche looking to get a date. I wouldn't worry too much about him. There's, unfortunately, quite a lot of guys around here that are like that. My brother included.")

He shoots the man a glare, but the guy just goes about his business. (blue "We might have to pick you up a can of mace. Never know when you might need it. Plus, I think a few dudes could use it,") he smirks.

As he reaches in to his pocket to grab the money to pay for their food, his fingers brush against cool metal. (blue "Oh, right! I forgot to give this to you this morning. Every employee gets a key to the building, that also gives them access to their floor. This'll get you in to the tower, and basically any room on our floor.")

The silver key slides across the table to her, attached to a plain black keychain.
Simply_RandomSerena   8y ago

Serena watched Gavin as he turns to look at the unknown male. A small chuckle escaped from her lips when she’s trying to act… what’s a good word to describe how shy girls are supposed to act with things like this… frightened or maybe even embarrassed. The girl knows first handed how her brother is like. What Gavin doesn’t know won’t hurt him but his brother had tried to hit on Serena which is why he would always give her a certain look when he would see them together. Don’t get her wrong he is cute but he isn’t her type. She dealt with guys like him and didn’t want to deal with the cheating, secretive bullshit.

(#af18ae “Oh that’s alright sir I always have one in my bag.”) Serena quickly replies tapping her bag.

The guy seems to be making her job easy, now. Gladly she accepts the key. This new key is her new best friend. Now all she has to do is find a way to tap into the company’s security surveillance without hacking and of course getting caught. (#af18ae “That means I’m going to need to be very careful with where I put this key.”) Serena puts the key in the purse pocket. (#af18ae “How soon would you like the copies of your father accident?”)

KoozaGavin Rollo   8y ago

Gavin grins. (blue "That would be ideal. Wouldn't want to come in to work and there's a psychotic stranger breaking in to my office.")

Her question makes his smile disappear, and he looks around the room quickly. (blue "As quick as possible, if you can. These insurance guys are on my ass about everything, so I just want to get the paperwork done and sent to them before it drags out in to this huge mess,") he lies quickly, finishing off his drink.

He still isn't sure what the hell he's going to do with the information, once he finds it. Whatever Serena was hinting at, it obviously had to be important. That being said, he doesn't want any prying eyes or ears around during this conversation. Gavin can't tell who to trust, given that Serena had come to him so easily. Who knows who else might be watching him?

Gavin pays for lunch and gets up, taking one last look around. (blue "If you could also just keep the copies between us, I'd greatly appreciate it. There's a few senior executives who would kill to get their hands on any records that will aid them financially.")
Simply_RandomSerena   8y ago

Serena laughs at his comment about her keeping the key somewhere safe. The girl studies him. His smiled disappeared as he looks around the room quickly. God he is such a bad liar. Then again she knows the real reason as to why he wants the information which is the only reason why she knows he is lying. The brunette was practically done. All she had to do was print the information she got saved on her USB drive… better yet she can give it to him along with online articles. However If that’s the case he is going to see other things on her USB drive like pictures, addresses to some houses, hideout and information about the company and his employees. Hidden in a folder that’s in other folders she got the last picture they took as a couple days before she shot him.

(#af18ae “Yes sir. Well shall we get back to work? I’ll get the information you need asap.”) She says grabbing her bag. Her manicured index finger scratches her left temple. The first day of her mission and work is going… weird but in a good way.

KoozaGavin Rollo   8y ago

Back in his office, Gavin hunches over his laptop, searching over more articles and photographs. He notices a few discrepencies in certain details between various articles, but nothing that draws his attention greatly. He was still waiting on Maria to deliver whatever she finds, to give him more to look at.

In the middle of his browsing, his phone starts ringing. Glancing at it, he doesn't recognize the number. (blue "Hello?") he answers regardless, not paying much attention.

(r "Be smart, boy,") is all that he hears before the line goes dead.

(i What the fuck?) Putting the phone back in it's place, he's quick to his feet and out the door. (blue "Did you put a call through to me just now?") his face is serious, and his features are pale.
Simply_RandomSerena   8y ago

Once when they got back to the office she went straight to work. She even put her USB drive in a folder. As she was getting the information Gavin requested from 3 different sites his beloved brother came by. He was passing her desk but stopped seeing her bent over organizing a few papers as she was hiding the secret task Gavin assigned her.
(#562912 “I believe we haven’t met. I’m Xavier R…”)
(#af18ae “Rollo I know who you are sir. Is there anything I can do for you? Your brother who’s my boss is offaly busy. Would you like to leave a message?”) The womanizer who is sort of like a bachelor chuckles.
(#562912 “Your cute. You know that right?”) Serena fixes her glasses as she glares at him. (#562912 “No, no need to bother my little brother. I was simply passing by but if ever need some extra work or money you can always ask me.”) Xavier knocks on her desk before checking out her features one last time before going to one of the copy room.

Her next task is to find out who he’s fuckinig. It would be fun to black mail him, especially when he is trying to become the boyfriend of another rich company second eldest daughter. So she read in OK Magazine. Just as she was about to turn around Gavin was right in front of her. (#af18ae “No sir. I was just talking to your brother who stopped by. I got what you asked for in the stack of papers. The blue bookmark post sticks other companies who would to merge with us. The yellow are letters from small companies. Red is the information about… the car you want. Finally the purple is letters from your lawyers and your sister’s lawyer.”) Turning back to her desk she picks up the envelope. (#af18ae “Oh and this was left for you sir. Someone must have dropped it off when I went to use the restroom.”)

#af18ae - Serena
#562912 - Xavier


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