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Upon a Star (private)

By Reflections

(r For Leaf and I)

(b So Kagami, Kuroko, and Takao are feeling a bit lonely and don't know what to do. A few friends suggest to them they get a pet to take care of so they would have company all the time. Considering the idea they all go to this one small family owned pet store in town and look at pets, for one pet (one for each of them) To catch their eye. On an urge they buy the pets with supplies and bring them home. After a while with the pets the pets grow to like their owner's company and visversa. But for some reason or another they have to rid of their pets. Not wanting that the pets wish on a star (or something else along those lines) for their owners not to leave them. So when they go to bed that night, they next morning they wake up human. (Ie they won't know too many human habits unless they were a fucking chimp) But what if they were made humans for another reason. After the three animals start to get other feelings for their 'owners' they are taken from their homes and asked by a mysterious figure (Akashi or Kise) if they want to join a new society of people that are better and stronger than humans, and if they refused they are killed. (i What will they choose.) And what will happen when their owners are pulled into it. And when they have a choice between their lives and killing their owners, or going against the next rising power.)



(blue Leaf Plays Aomine, Midorima, and Murasakibara)


(#0066ff Reflections plays Kagami, Takao, and Kuroko)


(#009933 Midorima x Takao)


(#800000 Aomine x Kagami)


(#cc3399 Murasakibara x Kuroko)


( The....)

Falling_LeafWishing   7y ago

[b Midorima:]
He figured it all for a dream. That had to be the only explanation. Any moment now the pain in his stomach would force him to wake up, he would find himself on the bed or couch back at the apartment, Takao would be rattling around in the kitchen making food, and he would find out that everything from the moment he had turned human was just one huge nightmare. He would have his eyesight back without the weird metal thing called glasses on his face. The only worry that Midorima would have is when he would do something wrong again and make Takao’s mother lock him outside.
He stared at the blonde hoping that he would disappear right in front of him. From somewhere behind him came Takao’s familiar voice. Only, it wasn’t the words he wanted to hear. They weren’t telling him to wake up and get breakfast. Instead, the words told him to come save his master and two other people that he had no clue who they were. Like the two beside him, the ones in the other room would be strangers.
Midorima used his taped fingers to push his glasses further up has face as he turned to look at Takao. His mouth opened only to close once more. Sure the guy sounded like his human, but it certainly didn’t look like that same guy. The same black hair greeted his vision, and if he stared at just that, Midorima found that it was easy to ignore the rest of the differences.
[b Aomine:]
Aomine heard his name and sent a glare over his broad shoulder. He did a double take when he saw the large wings coming out of the stranger’s back. A low whistle escaped his lips as he looked over the black haired guy standing in front of the very door that he had seen Kagami through.
[#2e0797 “Hey!”] He called out to the guy with the wings. [#2e0797 “The only one that can tell me what to do,”] before he could finish what he was saying, Takao had already left. He let out a growl similar to what he would if he was still a dog. He really wanted to bite something right about then, but not the purple haired giant that stood docily beside him
Another thing that stilled his mouth was the thought that if one person had come through, then surely all three of them could push the door open if they truly wished it, and it seemed like the green haired guy on the other side, the one he recalled as Midorima, had the same idea. Both of them moved at the same time, completely forgetting about the guy that had caused them so much pain in the first place. At least Aomine forgot, he couldn’t say the same for Midorima.
He placed his large hands against the door, watching as it warmed up to his touch and glowing a dull blue. His back stiffened as he gave it a hard shove with no results. Midorima’s hands joined next to his, turning another section of the door green. Both pushed as hard as they could. Grunting as it moved ever so slightly in the direction that they wanted it to go, but that was all. It wouldn’t budge another inch.
[b Murasakibara:]
Mura was fishing around in his pockets. He didn’t care about what was going on exactly. The bird man was interesting enough, but he was really getting hungry and it had reminded him of the candybar Kuroko had bought him. He had stuck it in his pocket and forgotten about it until then.
With a grumble and slightly disappointed look on his face, Mura pulled the melted chocolate from it’s hidden spot in his clothes. It squished around in its wrapper when he tried to open it. Kuroko had warned him that this would happen. [#850797 “Oi, oi, what a pain.”] He mumbled as a tiny corner of the wrap tore, allowing the sticking dark substance to leak out onto his hand. Mura lifted it to his mouth and ran his rough tongue over the spot that was covered in chocolate before he stuck the one corner in his mouth to let it ooze out freely on its own.
Dully he stared at the two that had been beside him but a moment ago. They were pushing on a door with all their might. It glowed to different colors, drawing his attention towards he. His feet shuffled forward on their own. Slowly he made it to the other two peoples’ side. Without him knowing he lifted the hand that he had licked, which still had a small trail of chocolate on it, and place it above both of theirs.
The door gained a third color as soon as his fingers touched its surface. He didn’t need to push. It opened automatically, sending the first two flying forward straight to the hard floor. Mura squatted down beside them before sinking into a full sitting position. Past the wrapper in his mouth, he mumbled, [#850797 “Eh? What you doing down there?”]
ReflectionsUpon A Star   7y ago


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(b ~Takao~)
A shiver went down his spine on the smile that was on Akashi's face. He looked at the shorter red head as he said let them remember something. He clenched his mouth shut and just looked at him, trying his best to keep his mouth shut. Kagami however didn't keep that at bay. (r "What the hell quit contradicting yourself you dumbass and let us the hell go. We are of no importance to you.") His voice echoed around the room. The other male kept his hand on the computer as he looked at Kagami. (#cc0000 "You are much importance Kagami Taiga, or should i say Naoki Abe.") The three of them seemed to freeze for a moment.The name was painfully familiar. The silence in the room spread for far too long.
Akashi's tongue clicking broke the silence as his hand finally came off the computer. He pulled three marbles from his pocket and smiled. They glowed faintly and he then looked at them. (#cc0000 "These marbles must hold your past memories and powers in them. If i were to break them you would no longer be yourself. The person you are now and your past would clash painfully inside your body. Driving you insane till one prevailed. I am guessing your physical appearance would change also if El, Naoki, and Garth prevailed.") Tension filled the air. and Takao worked his jaw, looking away from everyone and to the floor off to the left. The trio didn't dare speak a word. This was too obserd to believe. (#0066ff "And how do we know you aren't lying?") Kuroko was the brave soul to speak up and not spew profanities at the insane man they were trapped with. The red head just laughed.. (#cc0000 "I can prove it easily, Kazunari come here.")
Getting called out surprised him, but he didn't move immediately. Instead he looked over to meet the red head's eyes. (#df9711 "What are you going to do?") His face was straight as he looked at him. The male's face didn't hold a smile as he pulled something from his pocket and pointed it to him. It was a scissors? Covered in blood. (#cc0000 "Come here.") The sight made goosebumps raise on his arms. Slowly he abliged he looked at Kagami who had a very stern expression, then to Kuroko's blank face. He was three steps away from Akashi when he stopped. (#cc0000 "Midorima is your cat correct?") Takao was a bit baffled at the question, but nodded slowly. A small corner of a smile appeared on the shorter male's face before he closed his eyes and his lips moved silenctly. Then searing pain entered his head. it ultimatly surprised the hell out of him and he cried loudly in pain as he cratled his head. The pain continued to escalate and eventually he fell onto his knees. Tears dripped down his face as his mouth moved in silent whails of pain. (#cc0000 "Your the first case of this, and i am quite surprised at the side effects.") He then felt something tug on his back, and he screamed in pain and it was really loud. His hands braced against the ground as tears fell to the slightly dirty ground. (#cc0000 "Ohh that must be painful, that half of your soul be wretched from your body.") Akashi's commented sounded too happy. Through the pain he could barely hear the angry shouts of Kagam, but he couldn't make out the words.
Another tug and another cry of utter pain before he felt absolutely nothing. He slowly staggered to a stand and looked around. Kagami was utterly pale and looked as if he was going to throw up, but his fisted hands at his sides told otherwise. He looked at Kuroko who openly showed how shocked he was. Takao looked down at himself. He was wearing his clothes, and the pain he was suppose to be still feeling was no longer there. Akashi chuckled and walked towards him. (#cc0000 "Ahh Kazunari it seems you need to mend your soul a bit, its split in two.") Takao jumped and looked frantically at himself. He saw he was in his regular clothes. He looked at his back and nearly had a heart attack. He had brown eagle wings that were expanded outwards. (#df9711 (i "What the fu-.")) He said, but he cut himself off getting an idea. He walked towards the two double doors. He then put his hands on it. He almost tripped when his hand went straight through the door. He looked at Kagami. (#df9711 "What color hair does your pet have?") Kagami rose his eyebrows before grinning. (r "Blue.") Takao even through this scenereo made him chuckle and before he walked through the door.
(b ~Kagami~)
Anger coarsed through every vein in his body, and it took all he could to not punch the guy in the face. Seeing Takao's limp body on the floor didn't help that either. He glanced at his friend's body and he saw blood starting to collect on his back. Kagami ground his teeth together as he marched a few steps forward. (r "What the hell was that for!") Oh you gotta bet that he was going to blow a fuse. (r "You purposely put a person dubbed 'important to you through that pain just because your curious? You are a seriously dumb ass sadistic fuck face.")
Akashi seemed to pause and turned to look at him from where he was headed towards the computer. (#cc0000 "Oh surely you must know that it was for another reason Taiga.") He then strode the rest of the way to the computer, and opened it up again. (#cc0000 "Type the password again Tetsuya, then click that video.") Kuroko looked at the red head for a second before complying and opening the computer again and typing the password in a bit faster. The computer loaded much faster and when it got to the desktop page he clicked on the video. The loading wheel came up and started to spin before it popped up.
(b Video)
The hands holding the camera was a bit shake before it was stabilized by a tri-pod. There were three males sitting on the couch, the very blank expressioned blonde male. The white haired male had his head on his hand as he leaned over the edge of the couch slightly frowning, while the brunette sat there his arms crossed. (#cccc00 "You know its recording: Garth, El, and Naoki.") The the blonde and brunette seemed to look at the camera while the white haired male leaned a bit further over the edge. (r "Yea the red light is on.") The white haired male said before grinning at the camera. The blonde remained stoic as the brunette scuffed. (#0066ff "Fucking moron.") (#cccc00 "That isn't nice Garth.") The person behind the camera huffed. (#cccc00 "Now introduce yourselves.") The blonde was the first to say anything on that, seemingly to get it over with (#df9711 "El Usya.") The white haired male sat up and grinned. (r "Naoki Abe.") The brunette wasn't far behind. (#0066ff "Garth Yaro.") The blonde promptly then stood up and stretched his arms up before tan and gold wings expanded from his back. The wings covered the screen from end to end. (r "Aww El your blocking the camera.") The voice of Naoki came from behind the screen and made El glance over his shoulder before stepping aside to show the white haired male with cat ears and tail. (#0066ff "Your so immature Naoki.") Garth sneered from across the couch. At that comment Naoki got up from the couch, taller than El, then Garth stood up being the shortest out of everyone. The two males got close to each other, Garth baring his teeth, and Naoki's tail going rigid. They were about nose to nose when El grabbed their noses and yanked Naoki's up, and Garth's down. (#df9711 "You are being recorded, you two put 'em away. This isn't a face off.") The two of them turned red at the comment and being scolded before their noses were let go and El pushed them to the couch. El looked at the camera. (#df9711 "Please turn the camera off Kise.")
(b ~Third Person~)
The video ended and Kuroko were in shocked silence. The names sounded so familiar, but from where. Akashi started to walk away from the computer. (#cc0000“Ahh so you really don’t remember.”) The three humans stood dumbfound as the ginger turned back toward them and walked forward. His slender pale finger pointing at Kuroko. (#cc0000 Kuroko Tetsuya, the reincarnation of once Alaskan Malamute (tetsuya 2 reference). Given the human name Garth Yuro.) Kuroko rose his eyebrows and took a step back (#0066ff “A dog?”) Akashi just grinned at him before pointing to Takao's body (#cc0000Takao Kazunari the reincarnation of a once pet eagle. given the human name El Usya.”) Akashi only gave that a glance as he pointed to Kagami (#cc0000 Kagami Taiga. Once a reincarnation of a cat of the Toyger breed, relatively new breed. Given the human name Naoki Abe.”) Akashi took a few paces back and smiled, gesturing to the room around them. (#cc0000 You three were honest mistakes, very honest mistakes. Kise didn’t mean to make you, but he did. You three were the guinnia pigs that started this whole idea. Originally we were going to dispose of you, but then the powers came in, and the idea just … hmmm… hatched of sorts. Garth and Naoki never got along, El was the one always breaking up the cat and dog. In the end though you three got jealous of the others, and started to kill them. We had to terminate you, but Kise had ushered your souls into teenager’s bodies. On the hope that you would retain a bit of your abilities. I was a bit of a skeptic but look at this, it came into reality.”) All of this sounded obserd and all of them stood there a bit dumbstruck. (#cc0000 In reality your life is a lie and so are your past memories. We ultered the lives so it made you feel that you actually lived this whole time, when in reality it was only 6 years. Four and a half years to get up kise’s power and refine the plan, and so far 1 and a half years to pull it through.) Silence filled the room, and Kagami bristled in anger. (r Quit lying you son of a bitch!”) kagami shouted direct the attention to himself, and Kuroko took that chance. He grabbed something from the floor and whipped it at Akashi getting him right in the knee, and not to mention a hammer. Akashi cringed and doubled over slightly at this, but he grinned. (#cc0000 Seems you retained a bit of your powers after all. Seems like I will see you three from the other side of the battle field.”)
(b ~Kise~)
He listened to them with a smile on his face, even if names were thrown at him. He looked at the trio. He smiled about to say something when he felt something come into the room. He shivered slightly and ran his hands through his golden locks before looking over and seeing Takao... well half of his soul. His black hair was slightly messy, but his eyes were orange not gray, and he had gold brown wings coming from his back. (#cccc00 "I told him not to do it Takao Kazunari, but it seems he has his own agenda doesn't he.") Kise stood up forgeting the three for now. He started walking towards the black haired male. (#cccc00 "It seems that it tore your soul right in half didn't it? And El is stuck in that body. Well without the one things he really likes about his human body.") Kise chuckled slightly as see through Takao took a step forward. (#cccc00 "I am sorry but if you were coming over here for help you won't find any, you have to mend your soul back together yourself.") Takao just smiled a small smile. (i (#df9711 "Not really, i wanted to see what Kagami saw before the doors slammed shut, but i can see that i am seeing much more.")) He glanced at the three. (i (#df9711 "They are in pain, and for them it is kinda hard to stand independently.")) Takao then rubbed his head feeling the throbbing return faintly. (i (#df9711 "Aomine,")) He started looking at the blue heeler human. (i (#df9711 "Purple haired male whom i don't know the name of, and Midorima.")) He grinned (i (#df9711 "A rescue would be kinda helpful considering that we are with a red headed psychopath who tore my soul in two.") He then grinned and walked back through the door, but not before saying. (#df9711 "You two are shit heads blonde and Akashi."))
He walked back into the room and saw his body, upright and void of expression. He stopped and looked at it, and slowly the body looked back at him. (#df9711 "Hello, you seem to be Takao, I am El Usya, the one before you.") The winged Takao looked at El. (i (#df9711 "I am Takao, the one who's body you are controling, and i would much like it back.")) A small minascule smile came to his face. (#df9711 "And how do you propose that, i want my wings back also but i have no clue how to mend souls.) He replied smoothly making ghost takao's mouth spew curses. (i (#df9711 "Damn it i will kill you Akashi when we fuse back together."))
Falling_LeafWishing   7y ago

(b Aomine:)
Something was off. The day had gone by normal, at least that is how he would put it. Kagami had shown him how to use silverware when eating along with a few other things, and then they had gone to bed once it had gotten dark outside. The only thing different was that he hadn’t been allowed outside at all, but even he knew that it was because he was no longer a dog. What was off was the smell around him.
Aomine had curled up on the couch, having nowhere else to sleep until Kagami managed to get him a bed, but now all of the familiar scents of home were gone. Part of him figured he was just dreaming, but the smell of cats and strangers were too real for it to just be a dream. That and his head was all fuzzy, like he had been drugged or something. The scent of the cats got stronger and a faint trace of Kagami drifted towards him.
Aomine opened his eyes and looked around. Wherever he was, it wasn’t home. For a few seconds he saw a partially opened door with Kagami on the other side, but before he could even call out his owners name, the door was forced shut. From beside him came the sounds of the other two he had seen moving. It was the voice though that brought his head back around.
Low in his throat came the sound of a growl. He attempted to stand up so that he could feel at least a bit more secure with the strangers in the room, but to his surprise a chair seemed to wrap itself around him, holding him in place on the floor. He struggled against the bindings in anger. Only Kagami was allowed to do something like this, and even then he didn’t like it. It made him wonder who exactly this stranger thought he was.
Aomine opened his mouth to demand being set free when the blue marble broke. Instead of him complaining, he was sent into a gasping breath as if someone had hit him in the gut. Instantly he curled into a ball as all of his muscles spasmed together. He couldn’t even draw a single breath inwards to tell the other two to get away.
(b Murasakibara:)
Mura had gone to the fridge once more to get something to eat. So far he had managed to avoid Kuroko’s mother like he had been asked. There was a lot of things inside the fridge. The jiggling form of jello caught his attention and he reached out to poke at it, but a noise upstairs made him stop and close the fridge slowly. He snuck back up stairs and into Kuroko’s bedroom. He was forced to settle on eating more of the sugary candycorn that he had been allowed to eat earlier that day until he was finally asleep.
How did he get here? The sound of a single voice speaking wasn’t familiar, and there was no reason for them to be in Kuroko’s room. Mura rolled from his back to his stomach. He yawned and then looked when someone said his name. When he thought back on it, someone had said his name before too, and it had actually woken him up. He went to push himself the rest of the way up.
Mura looked down at his hands in confusion. They were stuck under the floorboards and restraining him from moving. (i ‘Kuro-chin needs to see this.’) The thoughts were slow in his still sleepy mind. His attention was so focused on his hands and feet that he didn’t catch what was being said to him. (#850797 “Kuro-chi~”)
The giant went down with a thud before he could finish calling out for his master to come look at the floor. For just a moment he saw someone beside him. Unusual dark blue hair was the only thing he had time to notice as again he felt something unusual under his skin. He wanted to call out for Kuroko. Mura wanted to ask him what he was feeling, but his mouth just wouldn’t move aside from opening and closing like a fish trying to breath out of water.
His eyes watered, leaving tracks down his face. Beside him, the dark blue haired human was kicking as if it would help. Mura wanted to reach out and touch his hair to see if it was real, but he couldn’t move from his crumbled position on the floor. He wanted to ask the stranger if he knew what was going on, but the fury present in the blue eyes that locked onto his said that he wasn’t the only one experiencing the discomfort going through his body. Still he watched the dark haired male thrash around even though Mura could tell it was pointless.
(b Midorima:)
Midorima had time to prepare for what was going to happen. He had heard everything, from the names of both strangers, to the gifts that was given, and even to the breaking of the two marbles. He had watched with large eyes as both males had gone down without a single chance to understand what was happening. Now he could see one struggling to stand up while the other just laid there as if he was sleeping, and in front of him came the piercing gaze of the man behind their suffering.
Silently he wished that Takao was there, but instead of trying to voice it, he stared back at the blonde guy that was already managing to get on his nerves. His chin notched up a bit higher as the carpet wrapped around him in a tight grip. He listened to what he would have to suffer through, just as he had with the other two, not once breaking his gaze from the blonde. He knew what was coming next, having seen it twice already.
The marble shattered and in that instant he experienced pain for the second time within a twenty-four hour period. It was more intense than when he had tried to chew his nail off. It made him appreciate Aomine moving around, and understand why Murasakibara was just laying there as if sleeping. All he could do was try not to cry out by biting down on his lip and let the waves of pain wash over him freely.

(center (size10 ❅
ReflectionsUpon A Star   7y ago

(b ~Takao~)
He had walked back into his room and saw Midorima looking at his hand. Takao walked more into his room and on closer inspection saw it was clawed. This rose Takao's suspitions, and he was going to suggest cutting the nails when he saw the smallest bead of blood on his fingernail, just like a cat's fingernail. Takao sighed thinking of what to cover it up with. "Hmm he looked around his almost empty room and nothing stuck out, so he would have to resort to digging through the boxes. He went to the nearest clothing box and opened it. He dug through the once nicely folded clothes. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, winter items were all in there. He thought for a moment pausing while looking in the box till he got an idea. A smile came to his face as he dug quickly through his box and came out with two black leather gloves. He pulled them out and glanced briefly at the box of now balled up clothes. He dismissed it and sealed the box back up. He stood up and set the shoes down. he looked at Midorima and smiled. (#df9711 "Gloves should do, because they go over your hands, that and leather is pretty tough, it should last till we find another way to cover your fingertips.... well and finger nails.") Takao sat beside Midorima. (#df9711 "Now please hold out your hand.")
(b ~Kuroko~)
He didn't go into his room as Mura changed just to get the other use to a sense of privacy. So instead he walked into his kitchen and grabbed two bottles of water and a bag of candy corn. In reality he was the one who really only liked the stuff, so he would get away with taking the whole bag. He had arrived at his door only a few seconds before Mura opened it and was dressed, but it was quite peculiar how the straps of the coveralls were. Kuroko didn't mind this too much though, he was dressed and that is what counted. Kuroko walked back into his room and handed Murasakibara the water bottle before Kuroko sat down on his bed and opened the bag of candy corn. Kuroko put his bottle of water aside for a bit and he stuck his hand into the bag and pulled out some candy. Before he put one in his mouth he looked at Murasakibara. (#0066ff "The yellow, orange, and white stuff is candy corn, and its almost pure sugar, what makes things sweet.") Then he popped one into his mouth. He chewed up the sweet thing, yet his phone distracted him from eating another one. He stood up and walked to his bed side table and looked at the phone number before picking it up. (#0066ff "Hey Kagami-kun, why are you up so early calling me? It's three in the morning.")
(b ~Kagami~)
Before he knew concously what he was doing, he had called up Kuroko and walked into his room. The phone rang three times before Kuroko's voice answered, the same as always monotone yet curious. (r "It seems your wide awake, and it isn't that early.") From the other reciever the blue haired male made the comment on him being snippy in the morning. A frown formed on his face was he leaned back on the wall and sighed. (r "Its not me being snippy its just that something had happened.") This time there was a bit of silence going between the lines before Kuroko had said clearly into the phone "Tell me about it." Kagami laughed and sat down on the floor with his back still to the wall. (r "I know you might not believe me when i tell you this, but my dog... isn't a dog anymore.") Now the silence expanded more time than Kagami felt comfortable. At one point he though the line cut off, and he even checked to only see the call continuing.
(#0066ff "Umm, Kagami-kun my cat is human.") Kuroko replied in the same unsurprised monotone voice. Kagami stood up and sighed. (r "So we are in the same boat?") The only reply he got was a 'hmm i suppose' before Kuroko said that they could meet up tomorrow. Kagami let out his own humphf before nodding to himself. (r "Sure that will work, have fun.") He could almost see Kuroko smiling before saying his farewell and hanging up.
(b ~Akashi and Kise~)
(#cccc00 "It seems Midorima, Aomine, and Murasakibara are making quicker human normal development and mental development than i thought.") Kise said as he sat on the window sill and read a book. The cool breeze filtered through the large room. There really was nothing else to do except read unless you wanted to go into the crowded city below and breathe in pollution. (#cc0000 "Is that so. Than maybe we can talk to them face to face tonight then. Though its a bit earlier than usual.") Akashi commented as he typed away on his laptop. The red head didn't glance up at the blonde as he had spoken. A smile appeared on the blonde's face as he marked his page and stood up, setting the book aside. (#cccc00 "Though do you remember exactly who the owners are?") This revelation made the red head look up slightly scowling at the blonde. (#cc0000 "What do you mean remember?") This made a grin split on Kise's face as he sat on the white chair across from Akashi. (#cccc00 "Well do you remember 'The Accident?'") Akashi sat there for a moment before he looked back to his computer a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. (#cc0000 "Are you trying to hint at something Ryouta?") (#cccc00 "Maybe~") The smooth reply echoed in the air as the blonde disappeared from his seat, in thin air.

(b (blue Time Skip)))

The night decended on the mountains and skyscrapers, making it a very chilly night. Everyone seemed to be seated in their houses quite comfortably. The air seemed to slowly get colder and colder as the night life on Saturday seemed to flourish. Car traffic didn't stop, nor did people walking traffic though the streets were slowly filling with more and more homeless people and drunks stumbling out of bars they had just got kicked out of. Mostly it was just a regular Saturday night. As the night progressed the street life slowly trickled out like a campfire, till it was just a steady stream of stragglers left. Much like the lights that one by one turned off and left houses in the dark.
In the slience of these nights and as comfortably as the three specific houses were going to get, at least under the watchful eye of the stars.
One particuliar straggler walked through the streets with ease as if his life's purpose was filled. His blonde hair went with the wind as he walked with his hands tucked safely in his pockets, holding a dark blue, a violet, and green marble in his right hand. They weaved in his fingers as he looked at the houses, the street lights now shining at him, but the bulb quivering in power as he went under them, and conceiling his path. The purple and green marbles had a faint glow to them. The marbles were cold as they glowed. Slowly he stopped as the blue one glowed with the rest of them. The man paused under a street lamp that was broken already. A smile came to his face as he pulled the three glowing marbles from his pocket and muttered into the silent night (#cccc00 "Voittajalle menee pilaantuu.")(size5 to the victor goes the spoils) The next moment the three marbles were flung high into the air in which the blonde then said to himself in more of a normal tone than a whisper (#cccc00 "Destination.") The marbles then glowed brightly and disappeared in mid-air. The blonde quickly then grabbed the golden marble around his neck and muttered something else before he disappeared as well with the marbles.

Once the blonde was back at the house then did the others appear as well around the same place he was. There were about five of them and they split into groups of two two and one. With that they went to a particuliar place, the solo one disappearing into an attic window of Kuroko's house, and the other two groups headed to Takao's house and Kagami's house.

(#cc0000 "To the victor goes the spoils... what an accurate phrase wouldn't you say.") Akashi commented as he sat on the couch and looked at the three knocked out heaps on the floor that were Aomine, Murasakibara, and Midorima. Kise simply shrugged and tugged three marbles from his jean pocket and handed them to Akashi. One was a pure black, a crimson red, and a sky blue. (#cccc00 "You said you wanted to handle them.") Akashi smiled and stood up from the couch and took the marbles. (#cc0000 "Of course, i will just go into the spare room. They will appear in that room if i have the marbles in there correct?") Akashi asked as he started towards the door. Kise laughed. (#cccc00 "Yes, now i think you should leave before these three wake up.") Akashi just simply nodded in reply as he opened the double doors that were attached to the other room, and kept them open as he walked in. The life inside of the marbles was quite amazing, in all three of them he could feel a very faint vibration, as if they were scared, or being jostled maybe. A chuckle comes from his throat. (#cc0000 "This will be entertaining.")
(b ~Mini 5 minute timeskip~)
(b ~Kuroko~)
When did the world go dark a second time? When he blinked he was in a room with Takao and Kagami. They were all confused and had varied emotions on their face. Kagami seemed to see the double doors open and charged towards them, he had just peeked through the doors. Almost as if on cue the doors shut behind them automatically, making Takao look at them. Before Takao or Kuroko could do a thing Kagami was up to the doors. The first time he pulled, he did it normally, the door barely budged. The second time he tried to open the door was much harder, yet the door remained closed even at Kagami's hand pull. Now the two of them could see the irritation in Kagami's face and in the small growl he let out. Kagami pulled really hard the third time and right as he did that Takao turned around to face their back. The door budged ever so slightly more, but not enough. (r "What the Hell!") Kagami spat angerly hitting the door with both open palms. Kuroko looked form Kagami to Takao, whom was looking intently around the empty space. (#df9711 "We need to find another way out if the door wont budge, then we need to get the other three and leave") Kagami said as he face the other two looking very peaved. Wait, the other three? (#0066ff "Other three?") Kuroko asked looking at him. This caught Takao's attention also. Kagami growled (r "Well i saw Aomine on the floor right behind those doors along with a green and purple haired people.") At the discription both their eyes widened. Takao and Kuroko said in sloppy unison the names of their once pets. Kuroko slowly nodded (#0066ff "Somehow.")
(#df9711 "We need to deal with someone else first.") Takao's voice was very stiff and almost lacked emotion. On cue Kuroko turned around to see a red headed male standing across the room. From the loos of it he couldn't be taller than Takao, but yet seemed taller than him. A small amused smile came to the shorter red head's face (#cc0000 "It is about time that someone noticed my presence, but of course it would be Kazunari.") At the mention of his first name, Takao stiffened slightly. His mough gaped slightly as if to say something, but he was shushed by the shorter male. (#cc0000 "Its a complement, take it as so. I am more or less glad to have you three here.")
(r "If we are a pleasure to havee then let us go.") Kgami spat back at the retort. The other red head just laughed (#cc0000 "A bit hostile are we? Don't worry, I am not going to hurt you, of you cooperate.") Those words held power, it suddenly surged into his voice along with a chill unlike any winter.
(#0066ff "You don't give us much choice in the matter.") Kuroko said with no expression and quite deadpan. The words yet rang in the air with truth. The red head only glanced his way before walking to the east wall and flipping a switch. A quiet buzz sounded above them before four lights illuminated and brightened the room a bit more. The two emergency lights weren't quite enough.
(#cc0000 "That is not quite the point, I am actually giving you three more than I usually give any other owner." It is for an important reason though.")Silence filled the room as they all stared at each other.
(#df9711 "So you mean to say you are going to tell us stuff? Why, wouldn't that defeat your purpose?") Takao asked the stranger and setting the weighted question into motion. A slow and cold smile came to the short red head's face as he walked forward and towards the trio. (#cc0000 "Not quite because even if I tell you there is a chance you might get killed by either Murasakibara, Midorima, or Aomine-") He was cut off by laughing. Everyone's attention was towards Kagami who was wiping at his eyes. (r "I really can't see that happening.") He then started to chuckle again, much to the displeasure of the shorter red head. (#cc0000 "Even you would be surprised on how pursuasive Ryouta can be. Even Daiki could be sersuaded. THough he does seem a bit weak minded. Even if his knowledge of human habits is growing by the minute Taiga.") Kagami seemed to stiffen at the comment. (#cc0000 "Though Atsushi is just weak minded all together, buy you know that right Tetsuya?") Kuroko felt like he was put on the spot but he remained emotionless. (#0066ff "You would be surprised on how consious he is of the world around him. I still have yet to see the degree of it.")
A small smile came to the shorter red head's face. (#cc0000 "I believe i forgot to introduce myself.") He said smoothly changing the subjects. (#cc0000 "I am Akashi Seijuro, and you three are Takao Kazunari, Kagami Taiga, and Kuroko Tetsuya.") He went from their left to right. A sly smile came to his face as he walked closer to them only about four steps away now. (#cc0000 "I knew you even before you got Daiki, Atsushi, and Shintaoru.")
(#df9711 "What the hell are you talking about?") Takao's start at foul language surprised Kagami and Kuroko making them look at him. It was the facial expression that told anything, his face was calm, but his eyes held anger. It was his body that held his anger. His feet were closer together , and his hands were stuffed in his pocket; arms, unusually tense under the sweatshirt. The sly smile remained on Akashi's face.
(#cc0000 "So you don't remember, how interesting.") The red head dug a flash drive from his pocket. it was on a sturdy necklace chain and spun around his finger with ease. Somewhere in his mind Kuroko knew it was important, no because it was in his pocket but something else in his mind. The looked beyond Akashi and saw a computer and projecter set up.
(#0066ff "I am guessing the flash drive goes to the computer behind you.") The red head didn't move to look, but only rose his eyebrows. Now Kagami and Takao were looking at the computer, but Takao was looking probably to make sure. (#cc0000 "Good oberservation and sense you brought it up Tetsuya why don't you get the video started.") During what he said the small, black, chained object was tossed towards him. This surprised him, but his outward expression didn't falter. He managed to catch the small rectangle Hesitently he walked forward and past Akashi towards the laptop. he meticuliously uncapped the flash drive and put it into the computer.
That woke up the computer and opened to the lock screen. (#0066ff "What is your password?") Kuroko asked not looking back at Akashi as he asked.
(#cc0000 "You know it, just think.") This outraged the male and he finally turned around to face him. (#0066ff "I have never met you in my life, let alone do i know your password. So what is it?") Silence was thick, Kuroko's eyebrows are furrowed as he looked at the straight face stranger.
(#cc0000 "Close your eyes and think, let your finger type for you.") Akashi almost commanded him his voice going cold again. Kuroko's eyebrows didn't move from there position as he stared at the screen. Slowly he moved the cursor to the users and clocked on it, three users came up. The three users that came up were (i Akashi, Kise(moron), and Guests.) The thought ran in his mind as he slowly clicked on Guest. Who would be a guest to a personal laptop. A blue lock screen came up and Kuroko stared at it. Slowly he closed his eyes and sat there. It seemed like forever before his fingers started to move (b Project W-A-R) His fingers stopped and he opened his eyes. Slowly his pinky pressed the enter button, and the little loading wheel appeared in the middle of the screen.
(#cc0000 "You feel confident in your password Tetsyua?") Akashi asked surprising him quite a bit. His face remained void as he stared at the screen (#0066ff "My feels are for me to know.") He replied tartly as he continued to look at the screen.A small Hmm is sounded form the left of him, and he glaces of his shoulder to see Takao looking at the screen. At first it seemed the ebony haired male was looking at him, not that it bothered him.
(b "Welcome.") a momnotone femanine voice said making his eyes peel back to the screen. The lock screen had disappeared and the desktop background was of changing pictures taken around the city, and changed ever 20 seconds. There was three short cuts on the desktop, one for Google Chrome, Documents, and a video that was simply named 4 years ago. Kuroko was about to click on the video when the computer closed right on his fingers, making Kuroko take in a sharp breath and pull his fingers quickly from the computer. A sharp smile was on Akashi's face as he gripped Kuroko's chin in a tight unrelenting grip. (#cc0000 "Lets remember something shall we.") A chill went down the three of their spines as they looked at he malicious red head.
(b ~Meanwhile~)
Kise sat on the couch. He twirled the three marbles into his palm. He could see the three stirring on the floor, and it seemed that Aomine was the first to look at the double doors that were open and Kagami looked in them. With a dismissive wave the door shut and stayed firmly shut. They seemed to be quite enraged after that. (#cccc00 "Aomine Daiki, Midorima Shintaoru, and Murasakibara Atsushi. You have been rebirthed from being abandoned and into the population of an altered human race.") The marbles were set on the coffee table. Within those marbles held the restraints on their powers. Those were the only thing that held back the waves of pain and power they would recieve. If he could remember correctly the powers for each were very different along with the side effects that took effect after the whole body just being in pain, and the increase of human actions in society.
The dark blue one was isolated from the rest and he looked at Aomine with a small smile on his face. With his free hand the chair colapsed on Aomine and pinned him to the floor (#cccc00 "Aominecchi with the side effect of part of the animal you once were taking refuge in your body for one last time minus the effect that will stay are the added side effects of: partial defness/ringing in the ears, irritability, clothes irritating the skin, and lust. With these side effects comes the permenant powers of: hearing up to a three blocks away, able to turn to his animal for only 5 minutes (pain afterwards and only when Kagami is around), and stronger than an average human.") Kise's power reverberated the marble before breaking the release, and sending pain to the dark haired male. The chair tipped back upwards with Kise's free hand, and the next marble was the violet one. This time the floor boards gripped the giant's hands and feet. (#cccc00 Murasakibaracchi, with the side effect of part of the animal you once were taking refuge in your body for one last time minus the effect that will stay are the added side effects of: lack of hunger, wide awake, needing to touch everything around them, and need to put more clothes on than nessesary. With these side effects comes the permenant powers of: Nimbler than humans despite being that tall, able to jump off high place and still land uninjured like a cat, and able to manipulate energy magical or physical only when Kuroko is around) The table quivered slightly as Kise broke the violet marble. The floor boards receeded and the violet giant was not in pain. The last one was green. The rug slithered from under the table and wrapped around Midorima in a tight anikonda grip. (#cccc00 Midorimacchi, with the side effect of part of the animal you once were taking refuge in your body for one last time minus the effect that will stay are the added side effects of: Tiredness, inability to control the claws, increased chills/ being cold, and bothered by the presence of strangers (cough cough anyone but takao). With these side effects comes the permenant powers of: : stronger than human at swinging and throwing things, better instincts than usual(sight is to blame), and able to change his appearance (or others’) for a short amount of time(vomiting afterwards. When Takao is around or close by.)) With that Kise didn't prolong breaking the marble, and did so, the room furniture going back to normal and Kise stood up. The shards of glass remained on the table as he walked to the now very in pain three. The warm and nice smile was on his face. (#cccc00 "Without these abilities or being human you would have died, i could forsee it. I save your lives, though the pain is temporary, the home is not. In many places you will be welcome now, but i have a question for you three if you all give verbal permission for me to ask it.") He knew the curiousity would kill all three of them.
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(b Midorima)
He accepted the answer to his question. It was logical to an extent. It didn’t answer the question of what Takao planned on telling her about the human Midorima, but he figured that would be solved when the time came. Another ‘I’ll be back,’ and Midorima was left sitting on the bed blind.
Midorima remembered the chunk of wood that had been stuck to his hand. He lifted the left one up and brought it in close enough to see at least the slightest bit of what it looked like. While his fingers appeared to be that of a humans, the nails were long and curved slightly. It gave him the appearance of having filed his nails into claws. Every human he had ever met didn’t look that way. He put one finger nail in his mouth to experimentally try and chew it off.
Sharp pain traveled through the tip of his finger when he bit down. It felt just like the time an older woman had tried to cut his claws and had gone too far back. When he pulled the finger from his mouth, he saw that just like that time, he was starting to bleed ever so slightly. Normally he would’ve panicked at this, because a cat could easily die from bleeding out of a poorly cut claw. Although, this time he didn’t feel like the bleeding was too big of a deal. The slight droplet that hung from his fingertip before dropping to the floor wasn’t nearly as bad as it could’ve been.
He was so entranced by the fingernails of his left hand that he had so close to his face, that he didn’t notice Takao’s shadowy form come into the room. His foot was lifted up into the air, and he threw his hands backward to stop from going over. Midorima didn’t even bother to respond to what Takao said about his eyesight. Instead he focused on the fact that his fingers were indeed different than normal. (#186c04 “I need to cover my left hand before we go outside.”)
(b Murasakibara)
Mura looked again at the coveralls while Kuroko answered his unasked question. (#850797 “Okay Kuro-chin.”) He left the door of the bathroom and carried the clothes back to Kuroko’s room. He laid it down on the bed and picked up the underwear. They had the triple holes just like the coveralls, which meant they went on the legs.
Mura slipped his legs into the holes and pulled the underwear up. Then, he looked from the shirt to the coveralls. He wasn’t sure which went on first. If the straps went over the back like Kuroko said, then that meant the bottoms went on last. Still he stared at the articles of clothing like they were something from a foreign place, which for him, they were.
Finally he just reached out and grabbed the coveralls. He put them on and then the shirt. Mura attached the buckle pieces together around his waist instead of over his shoulder. Kind of like he was using them as a belt instead of how they were intended. He walked out of the bedroom a bit awkwardly, not being use to clothes and all, and found Kuroko once more.
(b Aomine)
Aomine stuck a finger in his ear while Kagami told him how to go to the bathroom, not that he was actually paying attention. He twisted his finger a bit before pulling it out and wiping it on his shirt, or rather the shirt that Kagami had loaned him. He watched Kagami leave the bathroom before it dawned on him what he was suppose to do.
(#2e0797 “Whoa! Whoa! You mean to tell me I have to PEE in my drinking bowl!”) No answer came in response to his shout. (#2e0797 “Well shit. Now I know what he was doing whenever he came in here.”) Aomine stared at the toilet and sent a silent apology to the gods of the porcelain drinking bowls before he used the bathroom.
The only mishap that showed up was near the beginning when he tried to lift his leg up like he would if he was a dog. Thankfully he managed to stay upright by grabbing onto the counter for support. When he was done he grabbed the silver handle and pulled down on it. (#2e0797 “And now I know what that sound was.”)
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(b ~Takao~)
After getting the socks on Midorima, he stood up and walked back to his dresser and got himself a pair of socks. He opened the drawer and quickly scooped up a pair that was at the bottom of his drawer. It was one that was particuliarly out of the way, and looked utterly normal. He walked over to the bed and sat down carefully. He unwrapped the two socks, and from between the socks money spilled onto the messy bed spread. Quickly Takao slipped on his very comfortable socks and shoved half of the messy wad into his pocket. If he had to pay for glasses and clothes for Midorima to look a very decent human being, then he would need some money. Ever sense middle school he had been saving twenty dollars with each allowance and into a secret stash. This is a hiccup where this plan came in handy. Takao stood up again and grabbed his wallet. The folded leather opened up and he shoved the money into it. He quickly closed it and put it into his front pocket. He turned to Midorima as he asked the question about his mother. A smile came to his face at the idea he had (#df9711 "Sense we are leaving the house to get you glasses and clothes, I am going to tell her that i sold the 'missing cat'. She will accept it, and in three days i am moving into high school dorms. I could always enroll you with some fake id or something. Getting you in the same dorm as i am sense currently i am alone in the dorm.") He walked towards the door. (#df9711 "I will be back in a minute okay.") He quickly snuck out of his room and crept down the dark hallway and into the entry way. He grabbed his shoes along with his dad's worn shoes. It was getting easier to see in the dark, he was about out of the entry way when something crinkled by the doorway. He paused and glance back to see papers on the floor right by the crack in the bottom of the doorway. Slowly and carefully Takao set down the shoes and walked over to the door, but not without grabbing a golf club in the process. He looked at the papers, and was surprised to see what they were. It was a social security card and birth certificate, for Midorima. All the information was correct, and it sent cold up his spine. He hesitantly picked up the papers and walked back to the shoes. He bent down and picked up the shoes before walking slowly and quietly back to his room. The snores from his father told him that they were still dead asleep. In his opinion it was sheer luck, his mom was usually a light sleeper. This was a total miracle she hadn't woken up yet. Quickly he opened his door and shut them again. He looked at Midorima and smiled. (#df9711 "After i put shoes on you then we will be able to go somewhere to fix your site.") He knelt down again with his dad's shoes and he slipped them onto Midorima's feet carefully. They seemed to be a bit too big, but that would have to wait for now. He slipped on both shoes and started to tie them. it wouldn't take him too long to slip on his own shoes, so making sure Midorima's were secure was a priority.
(b ~Kuroko~)
Kuroko was almost done wrapping his arm when he heard Murasakibara's voice in the doorway. He looked over with his two sky blue eyes to see the other male still naked. He had wished that the other knew how to dress from watching him dress, which in the newest revilation kinda made Kuroko a bit weirded out. He tightened the bandage and cut it, securing it on his arm. (#0066ff "Are you wondering what they are?") He asked getting up from his kneeling position by the sink. He walked over to the other and pointed at the coveralls. (#0066ff "They are like pants, but they have straps that got over your shoulders so they stay up.") He made gestures of where the straps went. (#0066ff "But where the straps cross goes on your back.") He walked back over to the sink and turned on the water. He put everything back into the medical kit and stored it under the sink before washing his hands. He made sure to get the blood and alcohol off his hands. (#0066ff "If you need help with anything i can.") He said looking at the purple haired giant that was once his cat. The whole thing was a bit funny.
(b ~Kagami~)
At the comment Aomine made when he finally made it to the bathroom Kagami glared at him. (r "That was fine when you were an animal, and then i wasn't happy doing it, but to hell i am not cleaning human piss off the floor.") He replied back curtly and angerly as he pulled up the toliet bowl lids. He looked at Aomine and had explained to the other in explicit detail on how to go to the bathroom as a human both with number one and two. He sure as hell wasn't going to be cleaning up human feces from the floor. (r "I am going to hold out on my obligation to not seeing you pee and trusting you. I am going to be in the living room if you need me.") With that he walked out of the bathroom, and left the door cracked slightly so he could hear if Aomine needed him. He sat on the couch not so relaxed as he turned on the television. He could already tell getting his dog to become a normal human was going to take a very patient mind and time, one of which he didn't have. He sighed and chuckled to himself at the same time (r "Ohh god.")
(b ~Akashi and Kise~)
(#cccc00 "It seems that Yan has done something he shouldn't have.") Kise was at a desk looking at the map of their district. There were several more under it, but he was in particuilar use of that one at the moment. There were several colored dots that cordinated with names and dates at the top of the map. (#cc0000 "Really now, and what might that be.") Akashi had been on the couch playing a board game by himself like he usually did. Kise took a yellow marble from a pencil holder and set it on the map. His amber eyes stared intently at the map, and slowly the marble started to roll, following the trail that the once pet was walking or running. There was a rustle and Kise looked over to see Akashi adjusting his seating position. (#cccc00 "It seems he paid a new visit to Kuroko Tetsuya and Murasakibara. It seems he injured Kuroko a bit.") The room silent except for the quiet roll of the marble. There seemed to be a bit of tension in the air as Kise watched the marble. (#cc0000 "It seems that he will need to be punished for his actions. He knows the way it works and he can't kill off an owner that didn't raise him.") Kise smied slightly as the marble headed to the base. (#cccc00 "Shall i call him forward?") He asked looking at the red head. Finally the other turns around, his heterchromatic eyes. He looked at the blonde and nodded. (#cc0000 "Yes, call him forward.") Kise's bright smile split his face as he closed his eyes. Slowly the marble quivers and spin around rapidly. It slowly starts to glow a soft yellow. Kise opened his eyes and they seemed to be a duller amber as words formed at his lips that didn't release into the room, but instead in Yan's head. (i We need to talk, come to the main room immediately) After that Kise blinked and the marble stopped twirling and glowing. He leaned back int he wood chair as the marble started to quickly approtch their location. He scooped up the marble and set it back into the cup and waited for the knock at the door.
Kise stood up from the desk as a click of wood on wood echoed from the couch area as he walked over and sat down on a chair. Akashi didn't pay any mind to it, but instead to the game. There was a comfortable silence before Akashi stood up and walked to the door. Before there was a knock at the door Akashi opened the door and Yan was in the doorway. (#cc0000 "Come in, and sit down.") He said a bit of a sharp edge to his voice. The taller male looked at the red head, a bit more stiff statured than he was in the garage. The black haired male walked over to the couch and sat down away from the board game (#cccc00 "Hello.") Kise greeted not in his usual cheery tone. (#cc0000 "So what were doing at the Tetsuya household tonight there Yan.") Akashi asked put a blade to the black haired male's neck, making him stiffen up instantly. "Nothing important." He replied looking at at the red head. The blade pressed harder against the male's neck. (#cccc00 "Your a pretty bad liar Yan.") Kise commented with a small smile as he leaned back in the white chair. Kise looked at the other male a bit too long. Slowly blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth. "I knew that the other male would be a good asset so i gave the little owner a warning." Akashi looked far from pleased. (#cc0000 "Did you just disobey a rule i put out long ago Yan?") The red head didn't give the other time to reply (#cc0000 "My word is absolute, so you must be terminated.") And with those words Kise's eyes seemed to disappear to pure white completely as blood gushed from Yan's mouth. The sounds of strangles and choking. Akashi's blade then dug into his neck, drawing fresh blood and adding to the collecting puddle on the couch. He twitched and tried to stanch the blood to no avail as the light faded from his eyes and his body slumped over. Kise's eyes didn't appear as the blood and body disappeared into thin air. (#cc0000 "Such a sad disposal of good material.") Akashi said not so sad as he sat down and back to his game. Kise was slumped a bit tired in the chair. (#cccc00 "Another one wasted, and another one to get to join the group.") Akashi nodded a small smile coming to his face. (#cc0000 "even with this loss we will succeed, i know it. Your powers in pets are getting quite powerful, especially Aomine, Midorima, and Murasakibara.") Kise gave a wide and tired smile. (#cccc00 "Some of the best.") The conversation was left at that as Kise went to his room to rest, Akashi still playing the stratagy game.")
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(b Midorima)
Midorima glanced up in the direction the voice came from. For just a second he thought he had focused on the shape, but it was just Takao coming closer to grab his hand. At the mention of Takao’s mother, he thought of something critical. He tried to think of a nice way to ask his question, considering humans didn’t know that animals could understand what they said. He forgot the question though when he stubbed a toe on something, but he kept the yelp in his throat from coming out.
Again he lost the little bit of focus he had of the other male as his hand was released. There was so many different blurred shapes that he didn’t know which one was Takao. Patiently he waited in place so that he didn’t have to worry about running into anything. At one point he must have turned, or maybe Takao had snuck around him, because he was grabbed from the opposite way he was facing and taken over to sit down on what felt vaguely like the bed.
Something was forced on his feet. Instantly he felt the urge to shake his leg to get rid of whatever it was. It reminded him of the sticky paper like stuff a little girl use to stick on him when he was a cat. If Takao hadn’t taken the time to explain the need for such a thing, he probably would’ve jumped of the bed and tried to pull it off by any means possible.
Midorima lifted his foot up and grabbed it with both hands, moving his foot so that it was close enough that he could actually see. White? His feet were white. Suddenly he remembered what a sock was, having dragged one around the house when he was nothing more than a kitten. That, and he had found socks to be the most comfortable thing to sleep on whenever he was shoved off the bed. Of course it was the already used socks, so that meant it smelled terrible, but it was either get kicked in the face or smell like dirty feet, neither was pleasant, but at least one was safe.
Midorima put his foot back down on the floor. Suddenly he remembered the question he had thought of earlier. (#186c04 “What do you plan on telling your mother about the missing cat?”) He knew Takao couldn’t tell her that he went back to the pound, because he had been on his last chance to find a home when they picked him up.
(b Murasakibara)
Mura was forced to get go of the bleeding arm, and the protest he had on the edge of his tongue was lost before it ever came out. He flopped backwards onto the bed, ignoring the clothes that Kuroko had told him to put on. His nose twitched slightly at the lingering scent of the blood, reminding him that his hand was now covered in the liquid. He lifted his hand up into the air and looked it over. He didn’t want to clean his hand because that meant he had to do something, but he didn’t want to leave it that way either, so he started running his tongue over his skin.
It didn’t feel the same to what he was use to. It hurt, and it didn’t take long for his hand to turn red out of irritation to the rough tongue licking it. He gave up and dropped his hand to the bed. His finger touched the pile of clothes, drawing his attention from his hand. He took hold of the first item and pulled it towards him. Long arms held up a shirt that looked like it belonged to someone of immense size.
He let go of one side of the shirt to search for the salty snack he had been eating before. His fingers landed on the pile again, this time when he looked over he sat up to stare at something he had never even seen before. He dropped the shirt to the floor and grabbed the newest thing that had caught his attention. Holding them up, they touched the floor despite his long arms. Purple eyebrows came together in confusion.
Mura stood up and almost fell over as he figured out the difficulty of walking on two legs. A stumble into the wall kept him upright though. He started walking, while keeping the clothes that confused him slightly off the floor. For the first time he realized that it was the same size as he was, or rather that he was the same size as it.
He walked right past the bathroom and stopped when he heard the hiss coming from behind him. His first thought was that there was another cat in the house. Which didn’t make sense if they had been trying to get rid of him. So he backed up until he saw Kuroko standing in plain view. (#850797 “Kuro-chin?”) Mura said and held up the coveralls that he had never seen before.
(b Aomine)
Aomine stared out from under the table while Kagami picked up the pots and pans. He didn’t dare come out until he was sure he was in the clear. He blinked once and watched as the last pot disappeared from view. Even though Kagami said he wasn’t in trouble, he didn’t trust the words, but he had to come out from under there.
He scrambled out as best as he could with his legs stuck in the shorts and attempted to stand. He only made it so far before he went over and hit the floor on his stomach. (#2e0797 “Stupid contraptions.”) He growled slightly and rolled onto his back. With a bit of wiggling and coaxing, he managed to get the shorts down far enough to extract the one leg and put it in its respective hole.
Aomine stood up and walked over to Kagami, not realizing that everything he had put on was backwards. One arm went over Kagami’s shoulders. (#2e0797 “So, how about taking me out to the bathroom, or do you just want me to pee on the floor and have YOU clean it up like a good master should?”) It was surprising that he had managed to hold his bladder when the pots started to attack, but in truth he had been too frightened of the loud objects to even let it go. Not that Kagami would ever know. As far as Aomine was concerned, he hadn’t been scared at all, he had just been trying to avoid damaging anything any more than he already had.
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(b ~Takao~)
He looked at the other as he said that there had to be a logical explination behind why he could see. This made Takao smile as he continued to lean on the door. (#df9711 "There are some humans that their eyes are a bit different and they can't see like normal people can. I can see perfectly so i don't need help, but you might have that problem.") He paused and stood up walking a bit closer to the other. (#df9711 "So we will need to buy you something to help correct it, if it is temporary it will be lucky. So we should leave now if we want to avoid my mom's suspitions or waking them up in general.") He said grabbing the other's hand lightly and leading him out of the bathroom, shutting off the light as they walk quietly to his room. He needed to get out of pajamas and into clothes, and get some money before they would walk out the door. He shut his bedroom door and went to his dresser. He pulled out a green tee shirt out of his dresser and a black sweatshirt before socks. He then walked over to his closet and grabbed a pair of jeans.
At this point he was glad the other couldn't see. He stripped off is shirt first and quickly replaced it with the tee shirt and sweat shirt before he dared to take off his pants. After quickly shedding the plaid pants he got on jeans and buttoned them up. That was the fastest he had ever gotten dressed if he did say so himself. He walked over to the other male and guided him so he was sitting. (#df9711 "Your feet need to be covered, you will thank me later because the back of your heel bleeds badly if you don't wear socks with shoes.") He then put a sock onto the other male's foot, to find the feet were a bit bigger than his. He would need to help Midorima get clothes later. he would need to get a pair of his father's old tennis shoes. It was very lucky that his father had planned to buy a pair today.
(b ~Kuroko~)
Instead of the other male grabbing clothes out of his shaking hand Kuroko was pulled slightly towards the taller male. A rough tongue went over his arm, and surprised Kuroko as he watched the other male lick the wound on his arm. The sensitive flesh hurt a lot as the other male licked it. He flinched visibly and tears put pressure on his eyes again. He really wanted to cry from the pain, but he held it back. He usually never cried in front of anyone no matter how much it hurt, and this was like any other instance. He took the clothes and set them on the dresser before his hand covered the larger male's. His hand was definately smaller, but that didn't matter. (#0066ff "Can you please let go so i can stop the bleeding, plus you need to put on some clothes.") With the other male's grip he slipped his arm from the large and strong hand that held it. His free hand that was covered in blood went back to putting pressure on his arm;A blood handprint was left on the other's hand. He looked at the other male before opening his bedroom door;blood dripped onto the floor. He walked down the hallway two doors before he was at the bathroom. With his free hand he opened the door and walked into white bathroom heaven, except one gray accent wall. he walked to the sink and released his hand, letting the blood drip rivers down the drain. To the best of his ability he crouched under the sink and grabbed the first aid kit. The lick still pricked at his skin and made the cut a bit more uncomfortable than it already was.
To the best of Kuroko's ability with his usually uncordinated left hand he opened the kit and got out gauze, tape, and rubbing alcohol. he set them on the counted and pushed the kit aside slightly. he grabbed the bottle and unscrewed it before he tilted his arm so the cut was upwards. In a moment he poured some onto his wound and he hissed, bending at the knees at the stinging of the alcohol as it seeped into his wound. Quickly he grabbed gauze and pressed it firmly to his arm with his hand that was attached to the wounded arm while his good hand wrapped the tape tightly around. The pain was still there, and almost unbareable, and he was exausted to be honest. Maybe this was a bad dream, but his gut told him otherwise. He hoped anyways.
(b ~Kagami~)
The crash sent him to his feet immediately. He walked towards his kitchen, and stopped a bit short to see human Aomine on the floor, both legs in one leg hole, and several pots, pans, and other items on the floor. Several anger emotions went through his mind, but that wasn't his first reaction; he started to chuckle at the sight. It wasn't possibly the same devistation as his bathroom. (r "How graceful.") He joked looking at Aomine before he started to pick up. Yes he was still angry, but why would he yell at the other male when he was clueless, plus it was 3 in the morning.
(r "You should try to be careful and knock things down in the future, because this reaction won't happen a second time.") He warned the other, plus it would probably wake up the neighbors.
Falling_LeafWishing   7y ago

(b Midorima:)
A slight color rose into his cheeks when he was told that he was talking to the sink. Thankfully his attention was shifted to attempting to keep his balance while the clothes were put on him. Unknowingly he dug claw like fingers into the underside of the sink where it was a soft type of wood covered by the tile. Twice he almost fell over if it hadn’t been for the death grip he kept using of the counter.
When he found both feet were comfortably back on the floor and no more picking up was taking place, he let go of the underside of the counter. A chunk stuck to his hand because he had completely severed it from the rest of the counter. He didn’t really see the piece of wood, but he could certainly feel the sudden heaviness of it. He was shocked by the fact that it had come loose and quickly hid his hand from view behind his back.
(#186c04 “I’m sure there is a perfectly logical reason for why I can’t see.”) He would have to do something about his fingers and his eyesight if he wanted to be able to at least act and look normal. Midorima put his other hand behind his back and pulled the chunk of counter off of his nails. It was odd how only the left side had the slightly curved claws left over from being a cat. (i I’m sure there is an explanation for that as well. I’ll just have to hide it.)
(b Murasakibara:)
The bag was tossed onto his lap and Mura instantly stuck his hand inside. He came out with a chip, which he looked over for a second before sticking it in his mouth. There was a loud crunch and a burst of flavor. It was salty and tasted nothing like what he was use to eating. He licked his fingers eagerly before reaching in and grabbing more of the salty snack that crunched in his mouth like the chunks of kibble that Kuroko often times had mixed into his dish.
Mura continued to reach into the bag and grab chips to eat. The only problem with eating the chips, was the fact that they were making him thirsty. He licked his fingers again and looked around for something to drink, though what exactly he was looking for he didn’t know. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed right when Kuroko came back inside the room. He stared at the clothes first in confusion before he saw the blood running down Kuroko’s arm.
He could faintly remember the name the woman had called the male in front of him. (#850797 “Kuro…”) There was more to the name. He knew that there was more, but he didn’t remember the whole thing. Vaguely he recalled someone once using another word added to a name, and so he did that to the only part of Kuroko’s name that he did know. (#850797 “Kuro-chin, why are you bleeding?”)
He reached out with one large hand. There was no such thing as personal space to him. He took hold of Kuroko’s arm with his strong fingers and pulled it towards his face. It was pure cat instinct that made him run his tongue over the bloody cut. His tongue was rough just like a cats as it dragged across the skin.
(b Aomine:)
Aomine was scolded just like he would’ve been if he had been bad. (i Well at least one of us stood up to him.) He thought as the glass was shoved into the hand not holding the underwear and shorts. He looked from one hand to the other as he tried to figure out which to do first. He was thirsty, had been since the night before, but by the expressions that he had seen on Kagami’s face, the bottom half of his body needed to be covered.
Eventually he settled with the bottoms. Mostly because now that he was holding the glass, he had no idea how to drink from it. Obviously Kagami hadn’t used his tongue, he knew that because he couldn’t get his own inside the glass to get to the water. So instead he set it aside and stepped into the underwear and shorts, trying his best to match how Kagami’s looked. The first leg went in and so did the second. Up he pulled them, and snapped the elastic band of the underwear. Next came the shorts, but when he tried to get the second leg inside, he ended up sticking it in the same hole as the first.
(center (size20 CRASH!))
He fell over and took something down with him. It fell on top of his head, shattering on impact whatever it was. He grabbed his head where the item had hit and rubbed the somewhat sore spot. There was another sound as he rolled and knocked a chair over as well as the first thing. Aomine was confused by the barrage of falling objects and in an attempt to avoid the falling chair, he rolled under the table. He went to stand up and cracked his head against the underside of something hard. He let out a growl in both frustration and confusion. He wondered if Kagami had heard all of the noise or if he was safe from another scolding.
ReflectionsUpon A Star   7y ago

(b ~Takao~)
Everything clicked into place when the male answered his question and his eyes widen slightly. 'This is my cat?' He thought to himself remembering the dream clearly. The red head looked familiar though, but from where. He had seen those eyes, and he unconsiously shivered. Those two different colored eyes seemed to peer into your soul as if to know everything you did. Maybe it was at a store or something.
Takao shrugged it off and heard the other speak up once more. He looked at the other as he started to talk down to the dark vanity, and handed it clothes and waited for it to speak. A smile couldn't help but come to his face as he tapped the other on his now covered shoulder. (#df9711 "Erm, your talking to the sink, i am right here.") He took the pants and underwear. (#df9711 "The smaller pair goes on first, and your legs go through the holes. Then you put on the bigger pair over that.") He sat on the floor and looked at Midorima. (#f9711 "Just stay still please, i won't hurt you.") He muttered that last part quietly and took one foot and slipped it through the hole of the underwear. Setting down the foot he grabbed the other one and did the same thing before slipping it up and covering the other male like the underwear did. He then took the shorts and slipped those onto the other male too so he was fully clothed. (#df9711 "I suppose we are going to have to do something about your eyes then...") He was a bit curious on why the other male's vision would be effected by a dream. 'A bond maybe?' Was his thought as he leaned on the door.
(b ~Kuroko~)
He was very confused by now as the other male commented on food and said what only his cat would know. He stood there for a moment before walking to his basketball bag and grabbed something and tossed it at the other male. (#0066ff "Eat that till i get back.") He said before leaving his room, and shutting the door behind himself. In that moment of confusion and the mention of candy corn he knew how he would get the male some clothes. He quietly walked through the hallway and into the entryway. He slipped on some sandals before exiting the house as quietly as he could he walked in the slightly chilly morning air and to the door on the side of his garage. He walked into the darkness and fumbled around for a light switch. It took him a minute to find the switch before the lights would come on. What he saw he didn't expect though, a person trying to rob them. His eyes widen as the robber looks at him and draws a machete. With a big ass knife as a weapon and him as the focus he didn't have much choice but to bend at the man's will. The male glared at him and sent shivers up his spine "Step away from the door." The command was muffled by the ski-mask. As normal as he could he scooted away from the door and towards the trunk of the car and towards where he was going anyways. "Stop." The command was issued and Kuroko did as the man said. The air was thick with tension, but thin with morning chills;the morning held a very unstable and uncomfortable enviroment. The man inched himself to the door and his hand was about on the doornob. Kuroko's breathing was shallow as he looked at the man.
An instant changed everything. The blue haired male though the thief would escape with what he already had, but no. In one instant that all changed. The male charged at Kuroko, machete drawn, and pointed it to him. Kuroko in shock stumbled back, and over the weed whacker that was laying unattended on the floor. He crashed to the cement floor and probably bruising his legs and hands in the process, also scraping the skin on his palm almost to the point of blood. The male was on him that next instant and had the machete against his arms. The tip prodded at his skin uncomfortably as their eyes met. The hands holding him down were as cold as the cement and the male lifted the bottom of the mask and smiled before the machete punctured his arm, and before Kuroko could scream his lips were covered by another pair of lips. His eyes widened and panic and adrenaline overfilled his system. This panic would never be seen as he bit the other male and started to kick him off, managing to get the other male pissed off and making the would deeper before ears and a cat tail appeared on the man. "Ecaep rof won." The male said before he sprinted out of the garage. Tears streamed down Kuroko's face in pain as he covered his arm with his grimy and now bloody hand while his other wiped his lips from the lingering hard kiss. He walked over to the corner where the item was located and started to pull out a scarecrow with his good hand. Slowly he stripped him of the pants, underwear, and shirt leaving only the sewn up dummy. He tried to get calm again and it didn't seem to push to the surface except stop the tears but leave his cheeks tear, blood, and saliva stained. No straw was on the clothes thank god as he walked back into the house and to his room as soundlessly as he could. Blood streaked down his arm no matter how much he tried to cover it with one hand. His shirt was covered in blood as well. He struggled to open his door, and when he finally got it open he shut it quickly behind himself. His breathing was a bit hard as he looked at the violet haired male and walked over, setting the clothes onto the bed. (#0066ff S-So you can g-get dressed.") He stuttered a bit weakly looking at the tall male
(b ~Kagami~)
He almost dropped the glass into the sink when he felt his shorts get a bit tighter than they usually were, and air go down all of his back. After the elastic snapped back he set the glass of water on the counter and whipped around to see the stranger, who looked a bit clueless as he held the underwear and shorts in his hand. He also made the one comment that made everything come together. He paused for a moment a bit dumbfound. Wait this man was his dog? 'Crap this is going to be hard.' Was his first thought, but actions spoke louder than words definnately. (r "You don't look down someone else's pants, and pissing on that man's leg screwed me over.") He grabbed the cup again and handed it to the male. He grumpily sighed and rubbed his forehead and split eyebrows. (r "Underwear is very important, don't ask questions and just put it on.") He then looked at the male before walking into the living room. (r "Then i will show you how to use the bathroom when you get dressed.") He said sitting on the couch with a now throbbing head. The unoccupied hand was clenched in a white knuckled fist. He was trying his best to understand right now, but it was hard with his temperment and not to mention his dog was human. (r "At least i don't have to worry about the landlord now.") He muttered to himself and leaned his head back and glanced at Aomine to see how his clothing and drink was going.
Falling_LeafWishing   7y ago

(b Midorima:)
Something about the way Takao asked his question ticked Midorima off. As the shirt was pulled over his head, in much the same way an old woman had once tried to put something on him when he was a cat, Midorima answered as best as he could. (#186c04 “I saw a shooting star and made a wish that I didn’t have to leave. It was only a story I grew up listening to. I was told the wish would come true.”)
He reached out and his fingers connected with something solid. He lifted his hand a bit higher and used the object for support. Standing on two legs without a tail to balance him was hard work. For someone who had just been forced into a shirt, it was weird that he started talking to the same vanity that Takao had smacked his head against. (#186c04 “What is this for?”) He held out the other piece of clothing that Takao had handed him with the shirt. The set of pants unfolding in his grasp as he waited for the vanity to start speaking, simply because he thought it was Takao he was talking to.
(b Murasakibara:)
(#850797 “It’s too early for you to joke around.”) Mura grumbled when the light came on. (#850797 “Besides, I’m hungry and want some snacks.”) He blinked and looked past the fringe of purple coloring in front of his face to stare at Kuroko lazily. (#850797 “I’d even settle for one of those cans you fed me last night while I sat on that woman’s foot. Wish it was sweeter though. Sweet things are good.”)
He yawned hugely, and stretched out. His feet going over the edge of the bed. Mura knew for a fact that the bed had to have shrank now. There was no way he could be hanging over the bed. Also, why did it seem that he was actually cold. Infact, why was he being asked who he was. Wasn’t it obvious that he was the guys cat?
Mura sat up slowly,and stared at the bare skin of his own legs. His feet moved and Mura grew confused. (#850797 “Must still be dreaming. That is the last time I eat before bedtime.”) He vowed for the seventh time since he had come to live in Kuroko’s house.
(b Aomine:)
He was marched to the couch as if he had done something wrong again. At least it wasn’t the bathroom. As for the clothes, he lifted them up and turned them every which way. He knew what the first two were for, he had seen Kagami put them on before, but the third piece was abnormal. It looked like the shorts, but yet not like them. He slipped the shirt on first and lifted the two that looked similar up once again.
Aomine leaned forward and look back into the kitchen. Again he could only see the one he recognized. He stood up and went back into the kitchen, coming up behind Kagami and took hold of his shorts. He pulled on the top part and looked down, seeing that what he had suspected was true. (#2e0797 “Why are you wearing two of the same thing? Kind of pointless if you ask me.”) He let go of the shorts with a snap of the elastic band. (#2e0797 “Also, just wondering, but when exactly are you going to let me outside to go potty? I haven’t been outside since I pissed on that nasty man’s leg.”)
ReflectionsUpon A Star   7y ago

(b ~Takao~)
The other male seemed very uncordinated;it took him several attempts to grip the clothes, and when he finally looked at it he looked completely clueless. Midorima, why was that name so familiar? He puzzled at it for the moment that was given to him before the other male said that he didn't even know he handed him clothes. (#df9711 "I handed you clothes, but why exactly are you in my house?") He asked suddenly remembering that Midorima was his cat's name. Then he remembered his dream quite quickly.
The next thing he did though was quite unexpected, he ran his head into the vanity. Takao's eyes were closed and he took himself promply away from the hard surface a red mark already expanding across his forehead. (#df9711 "No no scratch that, did you wish or hope for something last night?") After that he took a few steps towards the other male and grabbed the shirt, putting the male's arms up and pulling the shirt onto him. It was a perfect fit which made Takao smile.
(b ~Kuroko~)
He felt the limbs untangle him, and he got up from the bed. He turned around and saw the much larger male, and not to mention he was naked. Non-the-less he listened to what the male said in mass confusion. Why was the violet eyed male talking about candy corn and about yesterday when he took some away from the other male. He was sure he had never met this naked man in his life. Kuroko surely had never seen a male of that height. (#0066ff "Who are you?") He asked seemingly to put the food aside in his mind. First he needed to find out who the male was, and to get the male some clothes, because a naked man in his room was a bit too weird for the morning. Not to mention it was only 3 in the morning. Kuroko's body was heavy from lack of sleep, and his eyes squinted slightly as he moved around his bedside table and turned on the lamp. The light only blinded Kuroko a bit more as he looked at the other male
(b ~Kagami~)
The person talked back to him with some vigor. He backed up slightly as the other male ducked his torso and head under his arms to get closer. The words stirred in his head. Many refrences to what happened yesterday. Kagami looked hard at the other male before thrusting the clothes to the other male's chest, but his hand didn't release his grip on his hands. Instead his hand wrapped around the other male's wrists completely and he led him to the living room. He let go of the other male's wrists and gave him clothes. (r "When you get some clothes on, then you will get a glass of water and tell me three things. Name, why your in my house, and where is my dog.") What that he left the other male and walked into the kitchen. His eyes went to the shattered glass and he sighed in contempt before grabbing the broom and sweeping up the shards of glass and into a dustpan as quickly as he could. A stranger in his house would have been treated much harsher, if he didn't confuse him so quickly into the questioning. The glass made light noise as it went into the garbage can. Discarding the broom and dustpan back into their corner, he grabbed a new glass, this time plastic, and filled it with water. His split eyebrows were still furrowed as he filled the glass of water.
Falling_LeafWishing   7y ago

(b Midorima:)
Midorima was on his knees with his face almost completely against the glass of the mirror. He couldn’t see! He pulled himself up to a standing position right before the door opened and he jumped. He tried to find where the voice was coming from, but he couldn’t see anything other than blobs. The voice was familiar and he sank back to the floor. He was scared. He didn’t know what was going on. Not only was he no longer a cat, but he couldn’t see.
Something was held in front of his face. He didn’t know what, but the voice from before told him to put them on. He reached out and missed the handful of clothes, once, twice, three times, and then on the fourth he came into contact with what he could only assume was the stuff he was to put on.
Midorima used the bathtub against his back to stand up again. He let the shirt open up, his eyes squinting in an attempt to see. How was it even suppose to sit on him? What was it even? He looked over the shirt to stare at a shape off slightly to his left. (#186c04 “Midorima, my name is Midorima.”) He blinked trying to bring what he was looking at into view, but it didn’t work. (#186c04 “I think I’m blind, and I don’t know what you handed me.”) He held up the shirt again.
(b Murasakibara:)
(#850797 “You’re moving too much.”) He yawned and untangled himself from Kuroko. He rolled onto his other side before realizing that his complaint hadn’t come out as just a meow. Murasakibara turned just his head to look back at Kuroko, whose bed he had shared from the first day he had been brought home. If he was just imagining things, then he figured it was a waste of time, but if not…
Mura grumbled something about how he should’ve left the piece of meat hanging and looked away from Kuroko. He closed his eyes in an attempt to fall asleep, but the bed was a lot smaller than he remembered. He opened one eye again. (#850797 “This is such a pain. I don’t want to get up.”) He glanced back over his shoulder again and stared at the blue haired Kuroko, recognizing him as the person that fed him every morning.
(#850797 “I’m hungry. You should bring me something to eat. Maybe a fish...or something sweet! You know, like that orange, yellow, and white colored thing I found under your bed yesterday.”) He was referring to a piece of candy corn that Kuroko had taken from him when he was still a cat. (#850797 “I want some of those!”)
(b Aomine:)
Aomine was forced against a wall. The glass fell to the floor and shattered into tiny little pieces. He raised an eyebrow trying to figure out what the hell was the problem with him being in the house when Kagami had been the one to bring him home in the first place. (#2e0797 “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m trying to get some water, but I don’t know how to get it out of that metal tube.”) He jerked his head in the direction of the sink. (#2e0797 “It was your fault you left the dog bowl in that small room covered, and didn’t give me anything to drink after leaving me locked in there all day long.”) He ducked under the man’s arm, his wrists still locked in place.
(#2e0797 “Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to figure this thing out.”) He tugged slightly to make a point. (#2e0797 “I really don’t feel like pulling until you do let go like yesterday. That was uncomfortable on my neck, and it’s tiring to do that over a bowl of water.”)
About that time his stomach let out a rumble of protest. He thought of the dog bowls that he had thrown out and wondered if that was a good idea. At which point he remembered the taste. (#2e0797 “And possibly something to eat. Speaking of which, whatever brand of food you were getting...Don’t ever get it again. It tastes worse than crap.”) He looked pointedly at his wrists since the slight tug earlier hadn’t done anything for him.
ReflectionsUpon A Star   7y ago

(b ~Takao~)
His dream was about his childhood, it was in third person, so he was watching himself as all these scenes flashed through his mind. He laughed at quite a few of them, but was curious about this dream. It was different, he never got a dream like that. Then as if it was a broken television, the memories were faded into black and white fuzz before another thing popped in front of him. This time was different though, he was involved. He was tied to a chair, and adrenaline pumped through his veins. His head moved around to look. He was in a small empty room. In a basement, warehouse maybe? one door as means of escape, and it looked heavy.
Just at that thought someone opened the door and walked in, wait no one two people. One was definatly taller. As they came in to view he rose his eyebrows at their hair color. They were quite vibrant. That was the last thing on his mind though. (r "What if we could make that dream come true?) the shorter one inquired making Takao really confused now. What dream, he hadn't had one in a while that he wanted to be real? (#df9711 "Umm, what dream exactly?") He asked before pulling at the ropes that held his arms back, but his wrists were the only things that budged slightly. The blonde rose his eyebrows, (b "The one to stay with one whom cares for you.") He said in a energetic voice though the way he spoke was a bit creepy. (r "Don't you remember the wish at all?") Takao now moved his hands voilently to get the rope off, and this in turn moved his torso also. (#df9711 "What dream?") He started off looking at the two of them while continuing to work on the ropes. (#df9711 "I haven't wished for a dream come true in years, sense i was eight, and after uncle Misaki died.") he muttered that last part as he felt the ropes loosen. (b "Shoot, this isn't good.") The blonde finally looked a tiny bit paniced as he looked at his hand. (r "Don't tell me this is the human.") The red head started a bit of threat lacing his voice. Takao was baffled and tired as the adrenaline pumped through his veins ceased to do so. (b "It seems i got the carer and not the wisher. Well if i catch this in time he won't be blind competely.") Wait what. (#df9711 "The hell is goin.")

There was a scream that made him bolt from his sleep, but not just any ordinary scream, one came from his attached bathroom, at three in the morning. His blue-gray eyes wider
as he scrambled to untangle himself from his covers as he strode quickly across his box filled room and opened the slightly cracked door to see a green haired male looking at himself too closely in the mirror. He walked into the bathroom and shut the door, stanching the light coming from the room. (#df9711 "Who are you and why are you in my house?") He asked looking at the male firmly.
That is when he noticed the male was naked. Pink came to his cheeks, and his facial expression faltered a bit. (#df9711 "Don't move, i am going to get you some clothes.") He changed his mind almost immediately looking at the male's face before walking out of the bathroom and shutting the door fully behind him. He then quickly walked to his closet and lookeda the clothes that still lined it. The other male had to be taller than him, with him slightly crouching he was at his height. So he grabbed the baggies clothes he had, and a pair of underwear his uncle Misaki gave him when he was little that he still hadn't grown into. With the clothes in hand he quickly made his way back to the bathroom and entered the room. He shut the door behind himself with speed and handed the very confused green haired male clothes. (#df9711 "Put these on, then tell me your name and state your business.") He shoved the clothes at the other male as he waited for him to dress, plus he always wanted to say that last part.
(b ~Kuroko~)
Something was biting his hand. He barely registered as he was in the half sleep half awake zone of mind. Some large mass of warmth was also pressing against him. This woke him up. His hair was a massive mess, and his eyes were bleary from sleep as he tried to roll over. To no avail, something was stopping his legs from moving. There was also one large hand grabbing right under his ribcage that was over the middle of his body. So moving his head would do. He looked over his shoulder and saw a person with long violet hair. This surprised Kuroko from his sleepy daze, but he didn't quite show it. (#0066ff "Who are you?") He asked pulling his hand from the other's mouth. He really couldn't move considering how massive the other male was in height. From what he could see it was much taller than himself, and naked to top it all off. How was he going to cloth this giant? Kuroko wiggled a bit in the other's grasp as he tried to get up, but it seemed that the giant didn't want to give up on his hold. He was stuck, which didn't happen often he was too small to ever get stuck. Unless you count that one time at the fair when the ride broke down and gave half the people whiplash, but Kuroko himself didn't count that. (#0066ff "And why are you holding me in my bed?") He asked quite bluntly, his gaze looking at the other's violet eyes.
(b ~Kagami~)
When he woke up it was like any other day. He got up and grabbed some clothes for him to change into after his shower. He made his bed and turned off his alarm clock before walking out of his room. Only to get the surprise of his life. There was a stranger in his house, looking at his sink as if it was the pinicle of all sinks, and Aomine was missing. Not to mention the man was (i N-A-K-E-D.) Kagami locked his apartment door, and windows every night, so how could he have gotten in. (r "What are you doing in my apartment?") He asked his voice loud and reverberating off the walls. As he walked towards the man. He still had clothes in his one hand as he grabbed the other's hands and pinned him against he closest wall. He didn't care if the man was naked or not. (r "Who the hell are you and why the fuck are you in my apartment? I will ask this only once before i call the police.") He asked glaring fire at the other male as his grip tightened on the other's wrists. They were the same height, so it wasn't hard to look him straight in the face.
Falling_LeafWishing   7y ago

(b Midorima:)
He spent the day sleeping, or thinking when it got too hot for him to remain asleep. Every idea he had seemed to not be a wise choice, and so the day passed excruciatingly slow for him. Once it grew dark the temperatures dropped and he shivered even with the furry coat covering his body. Inside the house was a loud sound that made him look just in time to see the glass door open up enough for him to come inside.
Midorima went inside and actually followed the human up the stairs and to his room. The human annoyed him, but he was cold and if this was to be his last day...well…he wanted to spend those final hours in warmth and with the only person in the house that he could tolerate.
While the human changed, he jumped onto the bed and curled up into a ball. He was facing a window and had a clear view of the stars burning brightly outside. The bed shifted slightly as the human crawled into bed with him. He blinked and saw one particular star that burned the brightest out of them all.(i Wishes made by the light of the stars come true.) He remembered the words of his mother before he had been taken away and his life of constant house jumping started. (i I wish I could remain with this human.) He thought to himself while gazing at that one star.
Midorima closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh of sorrow. (i As if that old story is true.) He allowed himself to slip away into slumber, scooting closer to the warmth of the human whose bed he was sharing. His ear twitched as if a fly was crawling inside of it. He stretched out because his tight curl was uncomfortable. His skin crawled, but he slept through it, imagining himself attacking a troublesome flea.

Midorima turned onto his back and stretched out as sunlight streamed into the room and hit his closed eyes. He touched the wall and tried to remember if he had moved in the middle of the night. If he had, he had no memory of doing so. He opened his eyes and blinked as the light blinded him. It was unusually bright compared to normal. He turned slightly so that the shaft of light wasn’t in his eyes anymore and caught sight of the human’s arm sitting next to his face. At least that was his first thought, but the longer he stared at it the more it looked different than all of the other times he had seen it.
He moved to touch the hand with a paw, but to his surprise a second hand appeared in his line of sight. He jumped at the appearance of the second hand, figuring that the human was just messing with him. He moved as if to swipe a paw at the hand. The first hand he had noticed beside his head moved in the same way he had been moving his hand.
Midorima shot up out of the bed and fumbled to the floor with a heavy thud. His eyes were opened wide as he looked at a body that was not his own. It couldn’t be his own body because his fur was missing. He moved one foot, and the hairless body he was staring at responded. Panic welled up in his chest as he flipped onto his stomach and crawled on hands and knees across the floor to the bathroom in the next room. He reached out and flinched when he saw the human hands instead of his paws. His fingers gripped the counter and he lifted himself up just enough to see the face in the mirror.
His ears were missing, his hair was the same shade of green as his eyes. That was all he saw as his vision started to go blurry. He wiped at his eyes, thinking that maybe something was in them. It worked for a moment, giving him enough time to see that he was infact a human, and at first he had been able to see fine, but the harder he tried to look at himself, the more his vision blurred. Midorima let out a wail that would’ve normally have been a cat like yowl, but instead it came out as a scream of shock and surprise.
(b Murasakibara:)
Murasakibara had just finished up the last bit of his early night snack, given to him by the female whose foot he had sat on, when he came into the room. He yawned heavily and ‘jumped’ onto the bed. He instantly set to getting petted while his ear twitched at the voices he could hear talking. It was more of the same talk like earlier.
With the phone down, he was able to get even more attention from the human, but not for long as he yawned yet again. The human laid down and Mura went to the front side of the human. He nuzzled his way underneath the human’s arm. Squeezing through the hole so that he was being held. Another yawn right in the human’s face, and then he dropped his chin to the pillow. In seconds he was letting out a high pitched snore.
At first he dreamed horrible dreams of being taken away from his human. They switched to him being chased by people with nets, forcing him to move faster than a slow walk. He hid in a tree and woke up to see the stars shining brightly outside. He lifted his head and licked the human’s face with a rough tongue and looked out the window again. (i I want to stay here. It’s fun here, and I get plenty of food. I wish I didn’t have to leave.) Mura slipped back into his dreams, which were no longer plagued by strange nightmares. Instead it went back to its normal way of food being brought to him.

A juicy piece of meat dangled in front of his nose. He reached out for it with one paw and it was jerked out of his reached. His tail lashed sideways. He had been after this one piece of meat for some time now. The other ones had already been dealt with, it was just this one that didn’t seem to want to be eaten. It kept dancing just out of his reach. He stood up and the chunk moved with him, lifting just a bit higher from his face.
Mura moved around in a circle, keeping his head lifted up so that he could see the chunk of meat. He went up on his back legs and swiped at the meat again. For the fifth time it was taken out of his reach. He was getting annoyed by the whole thing. He tried over and over again with the same results, and with each time his tail would lash sideways in frustration.
Finally he had too much of the meat dangling in front of him. He crouched down, his butt wiggling slightly before he launched himself in the air with a surprising amount of force. His paws stretched up and the claws hooked into the meat. His weight pulled it down and he chomped down on the meat he had tried for so long to get a hold of. Warmth flooded his mouth and he wrapped his legs around the chunk of meat to make sure it couldn’t escape. Oddly it seemed bigger than he had remembered. In fact, it didn’t seem like one chunk of meat anymore. The longer he looked, the more it seemed to resemble an animal of some kind. An animal with no fur and bright blue colored hair the stuck up everywhere.
(b Aomine:)
Aomine let out another whine as he thought about how thirsty he was. He had tried to open the dog bowl up, but only managed to knock more stuff to the floor. He wished his master would get off of his butt and let him out of here, or at least come in and give him some water. He clawed at the door and backed up when he heard footsteps coming his way. He wagged his tail and shot out of the bathroom to follow at his master’s heels all the way to the kitchen.
Two bowls of food, but no water. He snorted and pushed one across the floor with his nose. (i Well this is just perfect.) He thought while taking a mouthful of the dry stuff. It didn’t do a damn thing but make him even more thirsty
Aominr snubbed the rest in favor of following his master to the bedroom. He barked a sharp yip that would hurt anyone’s ears, but was ignored. He huffed loudly before leaving the room to go sleep on the couch, where he know he wasn’t suppose to sleep. (i You don’t want to give me water. Well I don’t want to sleep on the floor in you room then.) He leapt onto the couch and circled mes before settling with a grunt on the cushions. (i I hope you get fleas.)
His ear twitched as a neighbor dropped something. He let out a deep sigh that had a slight growl at the end. He would miss this place. It was a nice place to live aside from sleeping on the floor almost every night. He wondered if it would be the same if he had been made a human instead of a dog. His head lifted up to stare out the window for just a second before he let out a snort like sneeze and placed his head back on his paw. He would think more on it in the morning, right now he just wanted to sleep.

Aomine shifted on the couch, rolling so that his stomach was in the air. Was it just him, or did the couch seem like it had shrunk during the night. Also, the room was freaking cold. It felt like someone had left a door open or a window. He went to growl in complaint, only it wasn’t a growl, but a funky sound that he had heard coming from his master a few times when Aomine had misbehaved. He figured that he had been caught on the couch again.
Aomine stopped and strained his ears to hear if his master was up already, but there wasn’t another sound like the first. He shifted again, taking note that the couch really did shrink, because his back feet were digging into one armrest while the other one was pushing his head into his chest. Even his legs couldn’t stretch out comfortably. This was confusing, just last night he had been in a perfect fit, but now he was starting to cramp up.
Aomine opened his eyes and rolled off the couch. He stared down at a set of human hands. He turned and looked back to see his fur was gone and that he had skin like his master’s. No tail came into sight. At first he was confused, but instantly he became worried and leaned forward. His head touched the ground as he looked at the underside of his body. Slowly…ever so slowly he grinned. (i I’ve got one like his!)
He scrambled to his feet and fell over. He wasn’t sure how exactly to balance on just the two legs, but a few more tries had him on his feet and his hands on his hips. He took one step forward and grinned at how his body moved differently than when he had been on all fours as a dog. Aomine looked around and realized that with him no longer being human, he was sure to be allowed to stay here.
He went to the kitchen because he was still thirsty. The two bowls of dog food were still on the ground. He bent down, almost falling over in the process, and picked them up. (i No more dry kibble for me!) He thought while dumping the food, bowl and all, into the trash can. He didn’t know where the cups actually were, but there was one on the counter itself. So he grabbed it and went to the sink. Blankly he stared at the knobs as he tried to remember how to get the water out. Everything was so much different from this height.