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A Mistake (closed)

By Reflections
This question is more relivent to ________'s life then he/she knows. ______ was always talented in art, and was driven to follow it.
One day ______ ran out of paint for the painting and he/she had to go get more, but he/she didn't have enough money to by anymore till he/she got payed again in two weeks. It would bee too long of a wait though, and the idea for the painting would disappear like smoke.
So ________ went to a discount store too look for paint, but when there, he/she saw that there was no paint. So _______ went up to the manager and asked if there was any. The manager only replied, "Yes, it was used, only a little bit from each tube, but its discounted, still want it?" Thrilled ______ agreed to the paints, and payed for them.
_______ too the paint home and it was excited back to paint. The paint looked very normal, and in plastic tubes.

The painting was of a male with dull black hair. His eyes weren't visible because of an eyepatch that had a gear decoration on it. He had half of a mask on, like a gas mask, and was backed by a city.

But what he/she wouldn't expect, is that the painting came with a life paints cursed with black magic.
not 6 hours later the person crawled from the painting, and now twisted their fates in a prophesy that defines why they were made.


1. Its your choice of character gender
2. No god modding!
3. Anime picture/illustrated drawings please
4. at the (b very least) 1000 characters, more prefered.
(r 5. Pm me to join`)
6. Add your own twists, give me something to work with.
(blue Thanks for looking :D)
MarMar96Embry   7y ago

Embry was seriously about to scream in his face. How could he have no idea what he had done, (blue "Isn't it obvious! You completely ruined my painting! Do you know the hell I went through just to get those paints?") she said, a bit of a yell still in her voice. (blue "And I painted the exact same thing as you. So... I'm so confused,") she said, throwing herself on her bed.

She looked over at him, (blue "Your in my house. I live on maple street.") She opened the window, showing him her view of the city, which she loved. (blue "If you broke into my house then you have to know where you are. How else would you have gotten here?") she asked.

The girl had tears in her eyes now. A mix of frustration and tiredness had brought them there. (blue "I just want to go back to sleep,") she said, her voice hoarse as she started crying. She didn't even bother to wipe the tears off her face, she let them stay there. She looked around, waiting impatiently for him to do something. (blue "Offer me an explanation,") she said, (blue "since I don't have one.")
ReflectionsTori   7y ago

He kept the girl in his periferal vision at all times as he tried his best to get the gunk off of him and his clothes, but he jolted slightly when she started shouting at him saying that he ruined her painting and calling him a bozo. Was that the stuff that was on his clothes? He saw her glare, and it was quite a fierce one at that. (r "No, i don't know what i did. I don't even know where the hell i am!") He replied back fiercely clenching his fists and rubbing down his pants once more as the 'paint' just disappeared. He wouldn't have been in this mess i he stayed inside his house with his mother and father who were both sick instead of going outside for some fresh air.
Then she said that she had painted him, and that pushed it a bit too far. He stood up to his full height and looked at her. (r "Okay stop right there. That is insane, i think your a bit tired, because i don't think i could ever come from a canvas painting that i can't even go through.") He walked back over to the canvas resting on the painting rest and poked the white spot. He didn't go through it. His eyes met the girls as he pulled his finger away, but was surprised when he felt something drip down his finger. He glanced at his finger and rose his eyebrows at the white that dripped down his finger. He then looked to the painting that was bleeding the white stuff also. Quickly in an action and wiped up the white stuff.
He then looked at the girl. (r "Where am I?") He asked stepping away from the painting and towards her.
MarMar96Embry   7y ago

Embry looked from him to the painting then back to him. She noticed the white spot where the male she had painted used to be. Instantly, she became furious. Her masterpiece had just been ruined by this... this idiot that had broken into her house and ruined her painting. She threw the bed covers off her, making herself look even more in disarray. She scrambled to her feet, looking horrified at her painting. (blue "You ruined it!") she screeched, her hands flying everywhere as she tried to make sense of this huge white spot. (blue "Do you have any idea what you've done... you... you BOZO!")

She turned around, her eyes narrowed in a glare. She was exhausted and it showed. Underneath her eyes were dark blue circles, that looked almost purple. Even with all this anger flowing through her she just wanted to lay down and sleep. First, she had to worry about getting this creep out of her apartment.

Her apartment was more of a loft style. The living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom were all one big room, separated only by simple dividers that Embry had bought when she moved into the place. The bathroom was the only separated room, and that was for obvious reasons. Embry painted in her bedroom, leaving the other rooms dedicated to hanging some of her art. Painting could be a messy activity, and the female didn't want the rest of her apartment looking like a mess.

Embry looked at the man, brushing the paint off himself, yet it didn't seem to hit the floor. She narrowed her eyes, looking at him closely. She recognized him, it was like she had seen him before. The gear like eye patch, and the half mask that was like a gas mask. She had come up with those in her head. The black hair, she loved to paint black hair, especially on a white canvas. Contrast was probably Embry's favorite thing, so black on white was awesome. She froze as everything joined together in her head, (blue "I... I painted you...") she sounded terrified. Did her painting just come to life? This seriously isn't happening right?
ReflectionsTori   7y ago

Tori looked down at himself. He was absolutely covered in this weird substance. He ran his hands down his coat, and the substance just disappeared. He frowned and started to brush himself off, the liquid not even dripping on the floor, not one colored drop. He glanced around the room once. It looked pretty plain, except for the painting behind him. It was all too uncannily familiar, but there was a big white piece missing from it, and left unpainted. He saw the city scape, and the dirty roof that seemed to be zoomed in on.
(i Reminds me of home.) The thought ran through his head as he continued to study the painting with his good eye. The other eye wasn't good, even if he opened it and closed it. He couldn't believe that doors scenerio, even if it felt so real, it was just too outlandish. He then spotted something in the corner of the painting, and it was a small pizza shop, barely visible, but that gave everything away. His gut sank and he took a step back, his teeth grinding in anger.
That was where he was before he was thrown here.
A shouting voice broke his concentration, and he was turned away from the voice. His instant reaction was to turn around and face the voice. He could tell it was a girl by her pitch and the tone she was using. It seemed firm, but traced slightly with something else he couldn't quite put his finger on. He looked at her, and she was sitting up fully in her bed, her covers now a tangled mess. At her accusations he grew defensive. (r "I could ask the same thing.") He snarled harshly in reply pointing one of his slender pale fingers at the painting. (r "Why is my home on a canvas, where am i?") he asked the firmness saying in his voice the the hostility lowering slightly in his tone. He felt like he was running on just fumes here, and wanted to know where he was so he could go home. He glanced down at himself before crouching slightly and wiping the stuff from his pants.It was starting to go more to his pants, and it made them heavier, it was a pain in his ass, but his eyes didn't leave the girl, his gaze hard and emotionless.
MarMar96Embry   7y ago

She dreamed in her sleep, feeling peaceful- delighted even. All around her were flowers, and the grass was tall. It came up to her knees. She wore her favorite dress, white and flowy. The edge of the hem brushed along the grass as she ran. Embry had seen this dream more times then she could count, only the girl didn't understand anything about it.

Seems like nothing to worry about right? Just a dream of a girl running through a field. That's not what it was, that's only what it started out as. As the girl ran through the field everything slowly changed from light to dark. It was like a person using a dimmer switch to turn off the lights. As the scene blackened this sort of cawing began, like crows in the distance. She saw them coming, swarming. There were more than just a few. Thousands of the black scavengers soared above her head. The girls screaming continued.

Birds began to fall from the sky, something in the air was killing them. Before long thousands of birds laid dead around her. They weren't black anymore, what ever poisoned them in the air had dissolved their feathers. They were just bags of skin and bones. The sight was horrifying. The girl continued to scream.

Typically the dream continued. The birds would begin to get up, yet they would still remain dead. The scavengers would peck at the girl and eat her skin and muscles until she woke up. Embry never experienced death in this dream, she would wake up right before that happened, probably from shock.

However, this time Embry was woken up early. Something in reality had made noise that woke her up. She grabbed her phone and turned to see what had made the noise. "Who the hell are you?!" she shouted. "If you don't get out of my house now I'm calling the police! What are you doing here?!" She studied the man, he was covered in paint. "What the hell were you doing?!"
Reflections     7y ago

He was in a large city. He was sitting on the roof of a building and looking outward, as if contimplating something important. The wind blew and feel gripped loosely at his stomach as he sat on that edge. With one push he could just fall to the cars and cement below and to a very tragic death, but he didn't dare. He was worth something more, he had to be. Why else would he have the ability to do what he could? The wind continued to blow at him, and he scooted a bit more backwards on the ledge. (i Created from Peaceful intentions shall bring a creator to her wits end while protecting her from others who want to end her. This shall bring the final sacrifice.) He jumped as that was whispered in his ear. He turned without a second thought and made the biggest mistake. His foot lost traction and he slipped off the edge of the building. His hands were scraped up by the ledge as he desprately grabbed at it for traction, but they slipped and he fell. He could feel the air on his back and his eyes widened as he desprately looked for something to grab, but in a blink he wasn't in the city anymore. He started to say something, but right as it was about to leave his lips he landed on something hard. It felt like every bone in his body rattled as he landed on a hard surface. Coughs came from his body violently and he curled up into a ball while trying to stop his body from quivering and to get air.
"Seems you need a bit of work there Tori." A voice above him spoke, making his stop for a moment and glance up, to see a guy with chin length rust brown hair. His eyes were black, and they sent shivers up his spine. He tensed and sat in an upright position before backing up. At the moment he was in too much of shock to speak. The other male only chuckled and walked away from him. This was his first good look in where he landed. The floors were black, and the walls a blank, making the room feel much colder than it was. "That won't be a problem though, just one little trial i have made up should do the trick. You need nerves of steel." At this point Tori was standing upright and walking towards the other male. He was still weak from the impact, but he continued to walk while the other's back was turned. (r "Wha-What the hell do you fucking mean.") He said still a bit short of breath. He raised his hand to turn the man around, but he wasn't there. This surprised Tori enough to send him stumbling backwards. "Ah i am not that easy to trick. But now for the trial." Tori looked around, he didn't see the male, but instead twelve similar wooden doors. "This trial is simple, One door will let you out of the room, but one will kill you and the other ten will add permanant things to your body. So either you stay in this room forever and starve, or get out of here." He was in utter disbelief, he was being thrown around like a toy, but he couldn't just stay here either! (r "God dammit.") He growled to himself walking straight ahead of himself. He just wanted to fucking home. He gripped the brass handle and pushed it open. The door opened with ease and to a black room. He got out on the first try? Tori looked at the gaping doorway wearily, and there was a small light in the room. It continued to shift and change colors. (r "What the he- augh!") The ball of light flew towards him and hit his face knocking his already weak body back to the ground. Pain flared in his eye, and he sat there, much to the dislike of the stranger. "Up you idiot its just something permanant, pick another door." Tori growled under his breath, unable to feel the left side of his face before he walked four doors down to another one, and he opened that one, but paused. Would this kill him? The realization hit him as he stared at the door. His gut turned to stone as he slowly opened the door . Slowly he revealed what was behind the door to be another bouncing ball of rainbow light. (r "Fuck.") He shouted getting quite pissed and he started to walk away from the door and across the room to another one that he pulled open. Another ball of light.
Okay this wasn't getting him anything but pain. Pain seared the right side of his face and his hands. He cringed and bit back a whine of pain as he saw his hands turning a red color.
"You will need to be more logical than randomly pulling doors." The voice above said making Tori frown. (r Fuck off.") He then concentrated on his hand. Slowly steam filled the room. He could feel the steam filling the room. There were gaps at the door that would shift the steam if there was a draft, and he smiled. The door behind him. He then walked to the door, and yanked it open walking inside.
Tori fell, this time without a noise and on a hard floor. He huffed and stood up slowly looking around. This time it felt different. He was dripping in colored stuff. (r "The hell.") He muttered looking around. He turned a 180 to see where he was previously. (r "The Hell.") he said again but louder as he saw his city. (r "Where am i!")
MarMar96Embry   7y ago

Embry painted with passion. She poured her emotion into her work, glad to find something she was actually good at. Although once she ran out of paint she was terrified she would stop painting. She would shove it to the side with all the other hobbies she no longer did. So, she would have to find a way to buy paints.

Discounted paints, seems super awesome to Embry. Especially since she was hardly able to buy her usual paints until she got paid. She didn't mind that they were slightly used. They would only last until she could get the money to buy her usual paints. She took the paints home to paint her most recent idea.

Embry brought out a canvas and painted a man on it. The male had dull black hair and an eyepatch with a gear design on it. He wore a half mask, kind of like a gas mask. In the background of the painting was a city.

After hours upon hours of work Embry back away from her painting, studying her work. "Just a couple more touches and then you will be done," she said to the painting. She added some more details and stood back again. "Finished," she said with a smile.

She yawned, after a hard days work she needed sleep. She left the painting on the easel and climbed into bed. She looked distantly at her painting, watching it as she fell asleep. It was so nice of that lady to give her discounted paints.