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Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons (The Big Four ) Posting Order Up

By Okami_san_16

Replies: 138 / 7 years ago

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(B No one has permission to take this idea! If I find someone has copied my story, I WILL find you >:| I take this seriously. Posting order: Myself, then me again :/, next ElsaOfArendelle, and last msbeautifulnightmare )

(pic http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h377/Okamisan94/5baba815-517b-4906-bea6-79a0d63286b1_zps237ab853.png )

Man in the moon decides that he needs to form an new group of guardians (The original Big Four still exist) for special missions and for a more direct way of guardianship with the children. He decides that in order to do this, he will take Rapunzel, Merida, and Hiccup and transport them to the future! Yes, I am very aware that Rapunzel is married and no longer has her magical hair, worry not I have come up with something for that as well :) Man in moon brings them all to the present day, Pastel, Angus, and Toothless and once there, he brings back Rapunzel's long golden hair! ^_^

(B ~Characters ) you can either get your own pic if you want, or if you are having problems finding some, you can take these pics. Otherwise, feel free to use other pics if you so chose ^_^:

Jack Frost: TAKEN

(pic http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h377/Okamisan94/59f88dda-9de5-4893-91af-5cbfe8daa1a3_zps45ecab85.jpg )

Rapunzel: TAKEN (B msbeautifulnightmare )

(pic http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h377/Okamisan94/0bb4a7b3-92a1-414f-bab2-b03ae7e81e1f_zpsdd620199.jpg )

Merida: TAKEN/ possibly OPEN (B Myself )

(pic http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h377/Okamisan94/7bd16baa-58ab-4599-9d89-b06834dc0696_zps0bdba8fb.jpg )

Hiccup: TAKEN ( ElsaOfArendelle ) (pic http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h377/Okamisan94/cd4c4bbf-4241-44de-a25b-93687623e69b_zps5f68b0c8.jpg )

(B ~Application~ )

PM: Okami_san_16

PM Age: 19

Character: Jack Frost

(pic http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h377/Okamisan94/59f88dda-9de5-4893-91af-5cbfe8daa1a3_zps45ecab85.jpg )

Sample post (some way of showing how well you can play the character you chose ):

(B PM with your applications. Best one(s) gets part(s)! ^_^ )


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Rapunzel and Hiccup both got up after her, each thanking Jack before they followed Merida out of the room and off to explore. Getting out side of the main building, they were instantly hit with a cold breeze and snow that reached up to their knees. Rapunzel had to hold her hair out of the way as Pascal sat on top of her head and Hiccup let Toothless melt a little path from the snow so they could walk without getting too cold or wet.

"It's so pretty with all the snow..." Rapunzel smiled as she looked around herself, enjoying the white blanket that stretched out in front of them as far as the eye could see.
Jack had just finished a random conversation he was having with Bunnymund, when he looked up just in time to see Rapunzel look away from him and to Merida and Hiccup. He kept his eyes on her for a while, before Hiccup's question caught his attention. Before speaking, he looked to the other guardians, wondering if exploring on just their second day of training was a good idea.

He watched as Merida went from smiling at the small chamelon on Rapunzel's shoulder to grinning full out at the idea of exploring, and with that simple change he made up his mind. [+blue "Alright, I'll cut you guys some slack for today, and today only. You can go exploring, but tomorrow we have to get right back into training." ]Jack couldn't help giving them some time to enjoy themselves, after all he wasn't known as the Spirit of Fun for nothing!

Clapping her hands in excitement, Merida wasted no time in excusing herself from the table, as she was ready to start uncovering this place from the inside and out. [+orange "Yes! Thank you, frostbite!" ]at her weird thanks to Jack, Bunnymund smirked and laughed under his breath while Jack just gave the red head a slight glare.

Going over to Angus, she got him to stand and looked over at the other two with her, wondering if they would like to explore the place together. [+orange "Well, are you two coming or not?" ]she spoke in a very excited and teasing tone, as he curls bounced all around her in her readiness to go.
Finishing first, Rapunzel pushed her plate away from her slightly and pet Pascal who sat on her shoulder as always. Her eyes moved between the group, landing on Jack for a few moments longer than the rest before she looked back to Hiccup and Merida. She stretched and tilted her head to the side as she bit down on her lip. She had no idea what to talk about.

It wasn't long before Hiccup was finished and he looked up at Jack. [#008080 "When are we continuing training?"] he asked as he set his plate to one side. Hoping the three could go and explore the area at some point... It wasn't every day you arrived in the North Pole after all.

[#008080 "Maybe we could have a look around outside... explore the area a little... I don't know about Merida and Rapunzel, but I'd love to see what's out there. We've only seen in here and where we're training so far."] he explained.
As Hiccup explained to Merida why he had named Toothless...wel Toothless, the young ginger listened to him intently as she pet her own pet horse. When he confirmed that Toothless was in fact a Nightfury, and the last one in fact, Merida let go of Angus and clapped her hands together once in pure excitement. [+orange "Ah! I knew it! Ugh, I've always just thought them as mere legends!" ]

Just as the young Viking asked the Scottish Princess about her horse, said horse again nudged his master in offence to her habing let go of him. Merida rolled her eyes at the massive horse, smiling as she again began to pet him lovingly while she replied. [+orange "Angus? Oh I got this big coward when I was still just a little girl. I was, whut like eight Angus?" ]as she thought of this, she looked to her horse as if speaking to him.

[+orange "Yes, eight! My father was the one who taught me how to ride him. It was hard at first, poor ol Angus here was bred for me, but he was too afraid of me at furst. Weren't you boy? But then he saw me one day getting picked on by some of the kids from the village and this guy came and scared them off for me, and in return I rescued him from being put down for being 'ubtrainable'. We've been close ever sense." ]After telling her story of how the two had become so close, Merida let out a content sigh as she nuzzled her head agaunst the horses, him doing the same, as the memory of that day came back to her.

Soon after, food was finally served, and after making sure that Angus was satisfied with what he had been served, Merida attacked her own food. The whole time that the three interacted with each other, Jack kept his attention on them and on the other guardians. So when he saw them attacking their food, he smirked and had to hold back his laughter. Sense he didn't ever feel hungry, Jack just simply sat at the table, holding conversations with anyone whenever they would speak to him.
Rapunzel sighed and nodded, dropping down onto a chair near Hiccup and Merida. She looked up at Toothless and smiled, stroking his head as he rubbed against her hand and growled happily.

[#008080 "I called him Toothless because he can retract his teeth... And when I found him his teeth were retracted so it looked like he didn't have any. Yeah... He is a Nightfury. He's the only one known to still be alive."] Hiccup replied proudly, smiling at her and then at Rapunzel as he noticed Toothless' interest in the blonde.

[#008080 "What about Angus? When did you first get him... He seems to have a really close bond with you."] Hiccup asked curiously, returning his attention to the fiery red head.

Soon, food arrived, carried by the elves and set at everyone's places, specific meals also made for Angus, Pascal and Toothless. Tucking in, Hiccup and Rapunzel paid no attention to anyone else, far to hungry to care if the others were waiting on something.

[#56122f Rapunzel = #56122f]
[#008080 Hiccup = #008080]
Jack laughed lightly at Rapunzel's words, and then scoffed a little as she asked him how long they would have to keep training for. [+blue "This was barely your second day training, but you'll get use to it soon enough. You guys will be training up to the last possible moments, you need to be as prepared as possible for when Pitch and his...friends attack." ]as Jack spoke, he became increasingly serious, which was not a common thing for the guardian of fun.

At North's response, Merida had to hold back a groan, as she was hungry now and didn't want to wait anymore for the food. However, instead of being rude, she simply didn't speak and just listened to Hiccup as he explained to her how he had met his pet dragon, Toothless. She looked at them both in amusement and awe, but also confusion for the name choice.

[+orange "Why'd you name em Toothless for? Also, is he a Nightfury?" ]She asked the last part in both excitement and sudden realization. She had heard the legends of the Nightfury back in her own kingdom, and had always wanted to see one. She was floored at the possibility that she might be only a mere few feet from one at that very moment.

Noticing his master's sudden interest in the dragon instead of him, Angus suddenly came from his corner and nudged at her with his head, clearly feeling a bit jealous. Turning to look at her giant horse, she gave him and amused smile and pet his head, [+orange "Ugh Angus, don't be jealous! You're still my best friend." ]as she cooded at the massive animal, the horse nuzzled it's head against hers and let out a small nae of content.
Rapunzel, Hiccup, North, Tooth and Sandy all followed behind. North took the seat at the head of the table, Tooth sitting opposite Jack and Sandy sitting next to him. Hiccup and Rapunzel sat near Merida. Their own stomachs grumbling as they waited for their food.

[#56122f "The sooner we can't feel anything... the better."] Rapunzel complained, moving her arm around to try and stop it from hurting so much. [#56122f "How much more training do we need to do?"] she asked, looking up towards the tutors.

[+red "They should be here any minutes!"] North replied in his usual booming voice, smiling a little. He had been the only one that didn't need to do any of the work the others were doing, so he wasn't tired or sore.

Hiccup gently reached out a hand to stroke Toothless before chuckling at her question.

[#008080 "It's um... a funny story actually... My family always used to be scared of dragons. Shooting at them if they came anywhere near us. One day, I saw Toothless and shot at him. He's a the last of his kind and we never thought we would have seen one in real life. So I ran to find where he had landed... all I ever wanted was to make my father proud and I thought if I showed him that I had taken down Toothless... he would be. But when I found Toothless injured, I felt guilty and tried to help him. It took a lot of time and effort, I had to show him I wasn't a thread to him and that I was trying to help him. And little by little, he grew to like me."] he replied gently, smiling fondly at the dragon beside him with his big head resting on the table by Hiccups hand.

[#56122f Rapunzel = #56122f]
[#008080 Hiccup = #008080]
Merida nodded slightly at the other two, as they agreed with her that they too were sower still from yesterday. As Rapunzel spoke up, asking if today was going to be as bad as yesterday, Merida simply petted Angus's muzzle as she already knew the answer. When North confirmed that today would not be any easier, the Scottish princess mentally groaned as she dreaded going back to training.

She looked over to Hiccup's dragon, as she heard it beside him, and somehow just fully managed to realize that the young man had a pet dragon. So much had happened in just the last two days, that she hadn't fully registered everything and everyone around her, not even Rapunzel's chameleon until just then as well. She decided she would ask about them after training, if she still had any energy left.

Once North told Jack to start training, he took in a deep breath before standing up straight and looking at the three new members. [+blue "Alright, let's get this started. The sooner we get this out of the way, the sooner we can all have a break." ]

[B ~After Training~ ]

Jack flew into the big dinning room, followed close behind by Bunnymund then Merida. While Bunny sat at the left of the head of the table, Jack sat on the right. Merida took a seat towards the end of the semi long table, after having made sure to leave Angus in a cozy corner by the big fire place. [+blue "Alright, good job everyone! You all did great for your second day of training. Keep it up and soon you'll hardly feel anything." ]

Jack had waited for everyone to enter the room before he spoke, his words making both Merida and Bunnymund scoff in irritation. [+orange "Ugh..Wish I didn't feel anythin right now.." ]After saying this, she felt her stomach growl, and looked over to North. [+orange "I don't mean to be rude...but how long does it take your little....elves to cook?" ]

She had seen the elves, and to be honest was slightly afraid of their ability to cook in the first place, much less get it done without burning themselves. After Rapunzel and Hiccup sat done, she looked at the young viking, and then looked over to where his dragon was. [+orange "How did you manage to get a dragon like him to be your pet?" ]
Hearing Merida, both Hiccup and Rapunzel nodded. Rapunzel rubbing her neck as she looked around at everyone.

[#56122f "Will today be as bad as yesterday?"] she asked, worriedly, hoping it wouldn't be as bad as it had been, but she already knew it would be, there was no way they would lighten up on them... would they?

[+red "I'm afraid not... we need you all to be on top of your game. If it makes you feel any better, it's as much a work out for your tutors as it is you."] North smiled, smug that he didn't have to do anything other than watch and make sure everyone did as they needed to. Sandy rolled his eyes as Tooth frowned.

[+blue "Yeah... why is it that you don't have to do it again?"] she asked.

[+red "Because my job is to watch over you all, make sure you're up to scratch."] North replied evenly as he stretched a little. [+red "We should get started now you're all here... same stuff as yesterday. Jack... start training."] he said in his usual booming voice.

[#56122f Rapunzel = #56122f]
[Hiccup = #008080]
Merida was still passed out on the floor next to Angus, when she was forced out of her sleep by a knocking at her door. She would have ignored the knocking, if whoever it was had not cracked the door enough to make the big horse react. Groaning, she stiffly sat up and looked towards the door, daggers in her eyes as she spotted mess of snow white hair.

[+orange 'Whut do you wunt?! Ugh, can't you see I'm sleeping?!" ]Rolling his eyes at the red head, Jack shock his head and ignored her grumpy attitude. [+blue "Not anymore you are not. Get up, we have training to continue. Everyone else is up but you." ]at the reminder of training, the Scottish princess let out another round of annoyed groans and complaints, but otherwise got to her feet.

[+orange "Ugh, I'm so sower! Come on Angus, you'll not be missing out on training today." ]The horse quickly got up and gladly followed Merida out of the room. They both made it into the room at the same time as Bunnymund did, making Jack smirk.

[+blue "Wake up late too, kangaroo?" ]Not feeling int the mood, and being to tried to really spit back a come back, bunny just glared tiredly at the winter spirit before coming to a stop beside Tooth. [+green "Shove off, bloody frostbite." ]

Merida ignored the two guardians and walked over to Rapunzel and Hiccup, Angus close behind her. [+orange "Mornin, anyone else feeling sower today?" ]She spoke this in a tired and annoyed tone, as she just wished to go back to her room and sleep more.
The following morning, Hiccup and Rapunzel woke early. Pulling herself out of bed, Rapunzel made her way to the mirror, brushing out her hair before she tied it into a plait to make it easier to move around with. Scooping Pascal onto her shoulder she made her way out and back to the room with the globe, waiting for everyone else.

Hiccup pet Toothless before making his way through. Smiling as he saw Rapunzel, North, Tooth and Sandy already there. Rapunzel was stood talking to North as they waited for the others.

[#008080 "morning"] he said softly as he ran a hand through his hair and looked between the four.

[#56122f "Morning, did you sleep well?"] Rapunzel asked with a smile as she looked over at the male.

[#008080 "Yes thanks, you?"] Hiccup replied and Rapunzel nodded. The five waited quietly for the rest to join before they could continue their training, not that they were looking forward to it at all.

[#008080 Hiccup: #008080]
[#56122f Rapunzel: #56122f]
Merida looked between the two as Rapunzel asked if she was the only one who had not had any real training. She didn't reply as she was trained by her father on swordsmanship and she was a near perfect archer. However, she knew that she would need to know way more then she already knew, if she ever even dreamed of defeating Mordu.

As they each entered their own room, the young princess went straight for her horse Anges, and sat down beside him. Petting his mane, she let out a tired and saddened sigh. [+orange "Oh Anges..Will we ever make it back home?" ]In response all she received was a silent and tired nay from the horse. Yawning, Merida laid down beside the horse, and drifted off to sleep on the ground.

Back in the room the three had just left, Jack and the others turned to Tooth as she asked them what they thought about the new guardian's chances. [+green "Well I for one am not so sure about that viking. He seems like a timid one to me.." ]at Bunny's words, Jack gave him an annoyed look. [+blue "Hay, he has potential,and you know it! I mean look at Rapunzel for instance, she doesn't seem like she could ever hurt a fly, but you can see that there is potential in her when push comes to shove.." ]

Bunny at first rolled his eyes as Jack began to tell him off, but then by the end he slowly began to nod his head. [+green "You know, for once you're right mate. There are some things that that kid could put to good use. Like that...dragon of his for example." ]after saying this, Bunny let out a yawn and streched.

[+green "Either way, none of this will mater if we can't wake up in time to train any of them. I don't know about you, mates, but I'm bushed and I need to rest. I'll see you all in the morning." ]With that, Bunny turned and left the room. Jack However stayed behind, as he never slept, being that he could never feel tired in the form that would allow for sleep anyway. [+blue 'I'll see you all tomorrow. Hay, Snady think you can give the three good dreams that will give them a bit more hope?" ]Jack asked Sandman this as he floated over to the window and sat on the sill, giving the spirit of dreams a slight smile.
Hiccup let out an irritable sigh but Rapunzel nodded. [#56122f "They're right. We need to get some rest. I'm sure it'll get a bit easier as we keep going. I can't imagine any of us are really used to having to train this hard... Right?"] she asked, looking between Hiccup and Merida, hoping she wasn't the only one who didn't have much to do. Hiccup nodded softly.

The pair turned to head to their rooms, Pascal already asleep on Rapunzel's head as she stretched and stifled a yawn. Hiccup pet Toothless before they two headed for the door.

After the three left, Tooth turned to North and Bunny. [+blue "How do you think they'll do?"] she asked as she thought over what had happened.

[+red "I think they'll do well. They all have the makings of true guardians. And the Man in the Moon clearly sees something in them."] North replied before he stifled a yawn. [+red "I don't know about you but I think I'm going to head in too."]

[#008080 Hiccup= #008080]
[#56122f Rapunzel= #56122f]
Jack laughed silently as he saw Rapunzel and Hiccup plop down on the ground, Merida practiclly throwing herself onto one of the sofas. He was about to say something, when suddenly North came bursting into the room, his laugh bumming all around them loudly. Merida had jumped up instantly, but then relaxed slightly and sat down again when she saw who it was.

At North's reply to Hiccup's complaining, Merida looked at the old man in fear and anxiety. [+orange "He is right..We have to be prepared for when our enemies attack." ]The flaming redhead had sucked up her fears and anxiety the best she could, and forced herself to be brave as she thought about how she needed to return to her family by any means. Even if it meant fighting versus Mordu.

Jack looked from North to Merida, then to the whole of his team. He became worried again, as he wondered if they would be able to become the guardians that the Man in the Moon wanted them to be, and if he would be able to become the leader they would need him to become. Getting off the armrest, Jack stood straight and looked at three new recruits as he spoke to them.

[+blue "North is right, and so is Merida, you three have to be ready for when you face your enemies. Because, you can bet that they are going to be more then ready for you..Now, everyone get to bed, we start training again early tomorrow." ]After giving his mini speech, He began to head off as Merida slowly got to her feet. Sighing, she looked to her teammates. [+orange "Well, I suppose we do need to get our rest.." ]She said this as she offered to help both Rapunzel and Hiccup to their feet.