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Chained to the Cage

By Reflections
Hidden all over the world are large factories. They produce a lot each day, but how? Not by machine, not by convayer belt, but by human labor. These places are called Sweat shops.
But they have evolved from keeping people there working 20 some odd hour days for a low wage. Now they keep criminals to do the work to get money if they want. They can do what they want with the money, but it might be said that it was a 'jail' type scenario for supernatural beings of any gender.
So quite a good amount of demons work to work off stress or just for the small wage they do get. Though his doesn't mean that fights don't go on. There are gangs between demons by type, and some groups more powerful than others, and make other demons bend to their will, and gets away with somethings that aren't allowed by the guards.
There is a new shipment of demons coming in who have commited a crime, and most inmates have some break time to see the new arrivals and to get some of the 'fresh air.' ___________ is a new inmate and got framed for a murder they didn't commit, but lived through and witnessed. Everything was pinned on them, and they have to spend 50 years in jail. When the new inmates start to get off the bus _____ is quite intimidated by all the different demons, though slowly gets use to it though. Deciding to work, ______ meets a demon in particuliar. Nothing stands out about him, except for the four vertical scars that cross his lip. He refuses to talk all that much and holds a secret to the recent deaths that have been happening, one scary enough to bring the toughest inmate to his knees in fright. But what happens when ______ tries to pry things out of him that should just stay hidden.

(b Rules)
Character gender of your choice
1. Anime pictures please
2. At least 1500 characters per post, more perfered
3. Keep to Es rules
(b 4. Pm me to join)
5. no Text talk
6. Add something to the plot, i want someone who can twist the plot with me
7. With the Pm send me a sample post please

The rest of dinner went on in strained silence at the table while the rest of the room went into mass chaos over the sudden suicide death. He listened to Zane's comment before the whole table went quite. This didn't seem to phase Tristan as he ate and finished his meal at his usual pace. Usha and Zane seemed to be doing the same, and all together making the silence comfortable. All of them seemed to get up in unison and throw their trash away and set the trays aside for the kitchen crew to wash. It wasn't a few minutes afterwards that they were being brought back to their cells so the others could eat and the body could be taken away. Not that it would stop the news from spreading. Knowing this jail it would spread like wild fire that another person died, the fourth one this month. The worst month though was last month, where many died by suicide or gang fights, easily 11.
Stitches went into his jail cell and sat on his cot. He listened to the roaring of people walking to lunch and the rumors quickly spreading. He went slightly pale before he decided to lay down and sleep. He was tired and felt his energy depleted from today. It was a long exausting day, but the energetic shock was far from over with. It would dull down but it would easily spike back up when another person would fall to the clutches of death. Sleep tugged at Stitch's system as he closed his eyes and let sleep take him.
A black haired child was in a big tree. two older brown haired people on the ground looking up the tree and at him. "Come on Tristan, come down from the tree." The girl cooed smiling up at him, but the boy just tensed up and said nothing. He was never one to speak. The boy got close to the trunk, and that made the smaller one climb up another branch. [i "Listen to your older siblings and play with us Tristan Benu."] He shook his head furiously and looked at his brother. [b "Go away."] He told the other male his small horns barely curled making their appearance. Just as the girl made her step forwards the boy retreated from the tree swearing. "Tristan lunch." Their mother called from the house ensuring his safety. Slowly he climbed down from the tree and ran towards the house, not quite sure why his brother had actually retreated.
MoonFireUsha Eztil   7y ago

Usha watched as Stiches only nodded, seeming almost bored to Usha. He didn't ask anything else and surprisingly, neither did Zane. He just sat there and ate his food, filling his mouth with something other than his own voice for once. In the mist of all that was happening, Usha seemed to be experiencing a moment of peace. The two other males seemed almost normal, even Zane. However, this moment was quickly interrupted by the crash and Usha turned around to see a body had fallen, his neck broken. By all accounts, it looked like suicide. Usha watched as a small amount of blood trickled onto the floor before the body was surrounded by inmates and guards, pushing in to remove the body from all the prying eyes.
(blue "Well there goes another one. Strangest damn thing.") Zane's voice was not it's normal volume or frequency. He was quieter now, lower in pitch like he was talking to himself more than anyone else. Usha said nothing but was silently thankful he was sitting with his back to the body.

They ate in silence, or relative silence because the cafeteria was in an uproar after the suicide. The three never said a word. They ate, picked up their trays and went their separate ways after the meal. Usha stuck close to Zane, feeling like a child but he needed to. It would be better if he didn't need to defend himself just yet. He also barely had an idea of the threat he was facing. After the crash of the body, doubt of survival started to bloom in Usha's mind.

The cells all locked closed and Zane laid down and faced the wall.
(r "Zane, I have a couple questions.")
(blue "Not tonight kid.")
(r "I mean it's only a couple.")
(blue Urahrah shut up.")
Usha bit his tongue, and watched as Zane remained motionless. It was strange to see him like this.
(r "What's wrong?")
(blue "That guy who died. He wasn't really the type to commit suicide. I don't think it was one. It's been happening a while in here. This is not the first and by the look of it, not the last. Get some sleep Usha.")
The lights flicked off and a soft blue glow lit up the room from Zane's body. Usha sat in stunned silence. Things were more serious than he could ever imagine. He lied back in his bed, trying as hard as he could to will his body to relax. He groaned and sighed and finally, passed out cold.

Tristan pulled his tray towards himself as he picked up his plastic eating utensil. He didn't start yet, he watched what went on between Zane and Usha. Not that it actually mattered, but he knew that something would come up that stalled him eating. His expression was quite blank as he looked at the scene. Usha looked a bit surprised though, and asked him if he just got that from a piece of paper. He propped his head on his free hand and nodded. He really didn't need to say yes to it, a nod was simple enough.
He knew he was always like this, saving his breath and using actions. Growing up with three older brothers would do that to you, not able to ever get your word in. So the habit stuck. he stuck his spoon into the chili and took a bite of it. He didn't seemed phased, but it was slightly too warm and spicy like it was trying to unintentionally kill you. It was decent, better than other chilis' he had tasted. Some people just weren't ment for cooking, and though they could.
He didn't zone out as he ate his chili at a pace that wasn't too fast nor slow. Though the question of why Zane was interested in his cell mate ran through his mind, but he dismissed it considering the male didn't have room mates that stuck around too often.
There was a defening crash that made everyone look over. Tristan at first didn't look over, instead he continued to eat. He knew who it was, and what he probably doing. He was a worker in back, and if he could guess right he probably cut his head off, or hung himself. Finally he looked over to see that he knew in fact what inmate and that he had broke his own neck. People were now talking on the sudden death of a very sane inmate, not to mention he killed himself. Not seeming phased about this he looked back down at his food and started to eat, even though his head started to pound in a bad headache.
Blood-MoonUsha Eztil   7y ago

Usha was sitting at a table not far from Zane and Stitches. He had his tray of food but he wasn't eating much. After the past two days events, his mind was turning along with his stomach. He kept wondering how long all of this would last, the dreams, the constant fear, the death threats. Would he ever make it back to the surface alive? He wasn't a killer, he was barely a fighter, but he could if he needed to, he was damn good if he needed to be. He watched as Stitches sniffed and rubbed at the piece of paper, every time saying something to Zane who sat there stone faced. He didn't look pleased for whatever reason. Usha didn't know whether to be happy or worried about Zane's interest in him. Someone like Zane didn't seem to have friends, just people he was stronger than and playthings. Zane almost treated Stitches like an equal and that said a lot looking how everyone else moved out of Zane's way when he walked. No one did that for Stitches but just the way Zane spoke of and to him was enough to convince Usha.
(blue "Ushra! Come here you dumbass.")
Usha looked up at Zane waving him to the table, paper hidden under his one hand. Standing with his tray, he walked over and took a seat at the table, nodding to the two men.
(r "Yea?")
(blue "Stitches here deciphered your little love note. It's most likely some someone in the Cell Block E gang. One of the underlings. They like to boast about their leaders being strong full demons who actually volunteered for this hell hole. Apparently it was written by a left handed half demon crony of theirs so you need to watch your back. That block is not something to fuck around with. Now say thank you.")
Usha perked up a little bit and looked at Stitches.
(r "You got all of that just from the paper?") He said with the small hint of amaze in his voice.

Tristan looked at his bleeding hands and lifted his leg slightly and wiped the blood on the bottom cuff of his pants. No one really noticed the blood was on his ankles. Yes people looked down at him, but not to the point of looking at the bottom of his pants. He stood back upright right before he grabbed a tray and looked at what was being served. Chili seemed to be on the menu along with the usual fruits and vegetables; It was good enough. He took some chili, bananna, milk, and a spoon before heading to an empty table.
Zane called his name and it surprised him a bit. He slowed down and looked at the taller male who walked quickly to catch up with him. When Zane got close enough he continued to walk at his normal pace and looked Zane as he asked something. He grabbed the piece of paper and held onto it till he got to the table. He sat down at the table and pushed the tray forward slightly so he could lay the paper onto the table. He used a thumb he never used at work or got pinched. He rubbed the top of one letter to see just the slight stain of charcoal. (b "Definately charcoal, but its too clean to be anywhere near the manufacturing line, or the top of the cell blocks.") He said quietly before picking the paper up and rubbing it a bit before smelling his fingers. Instantly his nose wrinkled and he backed away. He tucked his nose into his arm before sneezing several times. (b "That doesn't smell plesant at all.") His voice was muffled slightly before he pulled his nose from the crook of his arm. (b "Well first of all the person must help with the heating of the bottom floor, and the fact that doesn't smell like full demon. From the smell alone i can only assume its the gang from cell block E. The handwriting isn't too neat so it has to be a left handed male.") Thats all he could really say about it as he passed the paper back over. He then started to eat his supper.
Blood-MoonUsha Eztil   7y ago

Only when the whistle blew did Zane stop his endless chatter. Many of the workers ran out ahead of Zane, one actually with his hands over his ears. A demon by Usha's deductions, his hands over his assumed sensitive ears. Usha almost joked to himself that the hardest part of his sentence would be listening to Zane's endless rambling. He watched Stitches walk out ahead of Zane calmly, keeping to himself. Zane was close behind now just talking to himself, something about what they were having for dinner and how they hoped they killed it first this time. Usha hoped he was just joking. He swallowed gently and started to follow after Zane until he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. It made him falter in step and inhale sharply. He turned and saw no one but lying on the ground was a small but sharp piece of metal wrapped in a piece of paper. It now had some blood on the exposed edge that had hit the back of his head. He kept one hand on his now gently bleeding cut and picked up the piece with the other.
He was no idiot though, he quickly followed after Zane keeping on his heels, not caring if it looked like he was a coward. Better a coward then dead. He unfolded the piece of paper and read the scribbling written in what he assumed was charcoal.

(b Watch yourself Freshmeat. We are coming for you.)

(blue "What's that you got there?") Zane said looking back with his one glowing yellow eye.
(r Nothing.") Usha said crumpling it in his hand. Zane stopped walking and looked back at Usha, hovering over his with his slightly larger stature. He grabbed Usha's wrist with his discolored hand and Usha locked his own hand, prepared not to let go of the note. Suddenly, he felt a current go through his arm and he gasped his hand falling open. With his free hand, Zane took the note and held it in Usha's face.
(blue "Don't hide shit from me and (i don't) lie to me.") He growled, his voice popping and crackling so bad he almost didn't understand him. Zane walked away then leaving Usha rubbing the feeling back into his wrist.
Zane entered the cafeteria annoyed with Usha's little stunt. Did the pipsqueak not know he was on the fucking chopping block. He had read the note a couple times but couldn't clearly decide who it was from. There were many charcoal furnaces in the prison and he would never be able to tell them apart but...
(blue "Stitches.") He might be able to. He was the man you went to with a problem in this hellish place, a smart man, not just a thug. (blue "Do you know who this could be from?") He asked him when he caught up with him. He handed over the piece of paper out a view from Usha, the stupid bastard.

Stitches continued to do his job silently. Throughout the day Zane continued to run his mouth in sporatic fits when he was actually zoned it. Maybe that is why when Zane talked it seemed random, he wasn't zoned in all the time. He continued to make sure all the seals were shut, and managed to get his fingers pinched enough to where they bled. This hadn't happened in a long while.
After the bell had ran he finished what he was on and sent it down the line. He stood up then and was one of the last people out of the factory room. He punched out and the workers headed to the cafiteria. They had the leasure of eating first sense they were working till that point non-stop. He was at the end of the line and he stuffed his hands into his pockets and waited as the line slowly moved. The chatter was loud and sorta calming compared to the clanks and noises of machinery. At a time like this when the warden is cracking down, he was glad that he kept all his personal information to himself so he wouldn't get screwed over in the long run.
Blood-MoonUsha Eztil   7y ago

The first day labor was hard for Usha. He was not used to the multiple hands and shouted directions when the materials came down the belt. He sent many different items down the wrong side of the conveyor belt until Zane bumped him out of line. When their skin touched, Usha got a little static shock and he gasped jumping back.
(blue "Come on Freshmeat! You have to keep up! The ones from the left are broken and need to go to repair or dismantlement. The ones that are broken go to repair! The ones in two or more parts are going to dismantlement. All the ones from the right go to packaging an shipping! That's in front of you! It's only four belts and there are only three people today! Pick it up or get the fuck out of here.")
Usha nodded and focused a little harder. He eventually got into the swing of things, his hand eye coordination pretty decent. After a while, Zane stopped being mad at him and began talking to him again.
(blue "Well, you're not as bad as I thought you were going to be. Hell, I knew you had something in you Ushna. If I didn't well, A I probably would have barbequed you in your sleep. It only takes about five days for them to completely scrap the corpse off the bed and another week for the smell to be completely washed out of the room. I can live with that but you seem a decent human being, well other than the fact you're here. Why are you here anyway?")
He turned his piercing eyes on him and waited for an answer. Usha didn't look up and instead made himself extra busy for a couple seconds.
(r "What's B?")
(blue "Oh!") Zane said completely forgetting. (blue "B I wouldn't have introduced you to Stitches.")
(r "Can you tell me more about Stitches?")
Zane laughed gently. (blue "Why do you want to know more about Stitches? You swinging his game?")
(r "What? I'm not gay. I'm just curious about who is is. That's all.")
(blue "Well, one of those is good and one is bad and let me tell you, being gay is ay, okay. Being curious is like falling head first into the grinder. It isn't going to end up well for you or anyone standing near you. They are going to be covered in your idiocy.")
The analogy was brutal but Usha could hear a ring of truth in his statement. He didn't ask anymore questions after that. Instead, he did his job, partly listening to Zane talk at him. He didn't ask any other questions either, until the last whistle blew.

Tristan watched the two males head off to work as he continued to sit at the table. He nodded at what Zane said as he stared down at the chipped blood on the table. He brushed it away and rested his elbows on the table and his head in his hands. The same old thing through the day, it drove him insane sometimes. When you just got a taste of something different then it was taken away from you in one yank.. His lips parted in a sigh as the bell tolled for the other group of inmates to start to eat. That was his cue to flee before anything got ugly. He stood from the metal tables and walked silently to the doors and left silently as if he wasn't there.

(i "Promise me you won't leave." The sudden voice from the living room surprised Tristan. He thought that she had left a while ago. He looked down at the soup he was making and turned off the burner and moved it to a cold burner. His bare feet scuffed against the wooden floor as he turned the corner. She was right there and he stumbled back slightly and he fell onto his butt as he saw her. She was covered in blood, her shirt, or more like one borrowed from him was covered in blood, her pants pristine clean. She had wide eyes as her arms were crossed limply to avoid bloody hand prints on her pants. (b What did you do?") A sad smile came to her face. "I killed someone who wronged me, and people saw." His eyes widened and he rubbed his eyes, taking out the blue contacts to reveal the rust red eyes. (b "Oh god."))
(i The trial went by fast, and so far the evidence wasn't looking good. She was guilty, he knew that, and he was the last whitness on the stand. He set his left hand on to the bible and raised his right. "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god?" He nodded. (b "I do.") Smoothly came from his mouth. His blue contacts burned his eyes in remanince of what he was going to do. 'It is to protect her.' The thought ran through his innocent mind over and over again. He sat down in the chair and looked straightforward at the audience. All the whitnesses and people were there to see the verdict. Others had solumn face while other awaited eagerly for her sentence. (blue "Did Ms. Claira Haal commit the murder, when she got home were her clothes covered in blood?") The defender's lawyer asked. The memories flashed through his mind like a freshly opened wound. He rubbed both eyes and took the contacts out. In one moment his horns had sprouted form their hiding spot and his eyes flashed a yellow. (b "I killed Usphe Garner. That bastard had it coming to him.") He used what he did best and his eyes glowed a bright yellow. He stood up from the whitness stand and lept over the small fence. He drew a knife from his pocket and thrusted it into the chest of the nearest person, the lawyer. Everyone screamed as guards came in to restrict him, he bared his teeth at them and his horns curled more.)

(b "Happy anniversary Honey.") He muttered as he walked into the work place and punched in before sitting in his usual spot silently and starting his check on the items. The memories burned in his mind and he could almost feel the blood sticking to his hands, but he ignored it, but instead recoiled at the pinch of his finger. He yanked his finger away and sent the item down a different belt to be torn apart and rebuilt.
Blood-MoonUsha Eztil   7y ago

Usha opened his mouth to reply but Zane was just slightly faster.
(blue "Ushra here is my newest mate. I think he will be joining us on assembly line. Skinny little chicken bone like that won't be of use anywhere else.") Zane laughed gently, the popping again.
(r "Usha.") He corrected and looked down at Stitches who seemed entirely uninterested in anything either of them had to say. Zane continued to smile as he talked to Stitches like they were old buddies. Usha knew from looking at Zane's arrogance proceeded him. Stitches was busy in one form or another with his thoughts.
(r "Zane, maybe you could show me the assembly line. God knows no one else will.")
Zane paused and looked at him with his glowing yellow eye.
(blue "Sure Oopsha, let's get going. See ya at work Stitches.") Zane said putting his hands in his orange pants pockets and smiling as he sauntered away. Usha just nodded at Stitched, acknowledging him with the curious thought of if he would remember him or not. Usha figured the more people he got to know and be at least on decent terms with, the better it would be for him. The snake was no doubt going to be after him and he didn't know who would stick up for him or if he even wanted that. It was always good to have some form of backup though right?
And speaking of which, his roommate was leaving at a rapid pace. He jogged a little to catch up to him and fell in step behind him. Zane might be arrogant but there was something about him that the others responded to. Stitches as well. Usha fell in line and said nothing as they made their way into the assembly line room.

The ghost sat down on the seat across from him. He just hoped that the ghost would quit cussing at him that he wasn't going to listen to his bullshit and that he was sure that someone else could see him. As the person continued to rant he scraped the blood from the table. It seemed that the cafeteria people weren't doing their jobs if he was scraping blood off the table boredly. "If you think someone else can see you, then go and look for them." He cut off the man's rant and he glanced up at the ghost who was glaring at him, sending cold up his arms. (i "Maybe i will.") The ghost then fluidly and without sound got up and moved out of the cafeteria.
It seemed to be in convenient time as Zane came over with his loud voice and showed him his new roommate that was a newcomer. Tristan's fingers stopped for a moment before continuing as he finally took a look at the new person. At first glance of the male he saw his eyes and white hair. In the back of his mind he knew the male was a familiar face, but didn't elaborate further as he nodded. (b "Yea i see.") He would have elaborated further once more, but didn't really want to. (b "You can call me stitches.") he said lightly his finger still chipping away at the dried out blood. His fingers were long and skinny much like most of his body so it fit in perfectly. He looked down at the table and took his finger away from the once blood stains that were on the table.
He knew Zane from the assembly line, and the other forced a conversation upon him. Eventually they got to know each other well.
Blood-MoonUsha Eztil   7y ago

Usha looked down at the food and forced himself to eat most of it. It was giving him something of a stomach ache but he couldn't and wouldn't complain. Occasionally he would sneak a glance at Zane who was still looking around the cafeteria for someone.
(r "Zane?")
He fixed his two colored eyes on Usha and said nothing. They looked at each other awkwardly for a moment and then Usha cleared his throat.
(r "Um... Who are you looking for?")
(blue "What is that to you?") His voice hummed low but there was nothing dangerous in his tone, just annoyance.
(r "Nothing. I was just curious.")
(blue "Well that shit will get you killed in here so keep it on the down low, got it?") He snapped at Usha who raised his hands in mock surrender. This earned a slightly amused chuckle from Zane who went back to searching. Usha chewed slowly and kept his head down but his eyes alert. It was then that Zane made a popping noise and stood up.
(blue "Come here kid.") He said as he was leaving. Usha stood instantly, determined not to be left behind. He followed Zane's broad shoulders and realized just now that Zane was shirtless. He had always been and Usha wondered why this was okay. They came up to a demon with curling horns and three marks on the bottom of his mouth. He was seemingly having a conversation with nothing and picking at rust.
(blue "Stitches! There you are!") Zane's pitched hummed high as he smiled his luminescent smile at this guy. (blue "You have to meet this guy. He is my new roomie. Freshmeat, can you believe it?)
Usha suddenly recognized him from the other day. He was the guy who was sitting with his "savior" and that was not rust but blood. Usha stuttered slightly then said nothing just looking quietly.

Breakfast was almost uneventful, but a few new people got some blood and bruises for breakfast. This bothered Tristan a bit, but he was to tired to do anything. He looked down at his tray and continued to eat no one really a friend in the first four cell blocks. He just ignored them, and they left him alone. It was a good enough trade.

A sharp screech came to his ears as he jumped slightly. His red eyes looked around to see that no one heard what he did. He rolled his eyes and continued to eat, another voice adding to the others, except this one was louder, and he was the only one that could see him. (i "W-Why the hell am i in the cafeteria?") A male voice said getting closer to him. Tristan didn't stiffen as he set his fork down and took his tray to throw away his garbage. "Your dead, let go of this world." he replied softly to the ghost not looking at him. He could see him in his periferal vision.
His spine was showing from his throat being torn out, and he was shirtless, third degree burns clawing at his back. Blood stained the front of the man and the jail pants down to the ankle. Tristan had seen the other before, and was quite surprised on how gastly pale he was for being half mexican. He could feel a heated stare on the back of his head as he tossed his garbage and set the tray on the stack of the rest of the dirty trays. (i "What the hell? You can hear me.") The inmate was now in front of him, and Tristan got a good look. He simply nodded and walked back to his table waiting for the bell to ring so he could get to work. (i "Then how come no one else can?") The male asked again irritating the scarred male slightly. "Your dead, let go of this place and who killed you. Go to the afterlife and not stuck in limbo." He replied softly looking at the clock. Ten minutes but the next four blocks were being sent in now.
The ghost cussed him out and tried to hit him, he shivered as the other's arm passed through him before the ghost stumbled forward. (i "Don't give me that shit.") His reply was a shrug. "Then ignore the only person who can hear and help you.") He occupied himself with scraping at some dried blood from last night. Quite descusting.
Blood-MoonUsha Eztil   7y ago

(i The stairs seemed to move around in circles then side to side in a pattern that Usha couldn't see or predict. He stumbled over them and almost fell against the railing against the wall. He didn't want to go to the other side of the stairs or else he might fall over the edge and down, down down... He shook his head trying to get some clarity. Where was he? Why was he here? Familiar, familiar... the burn in his throat and the fuzz in his head. Drunk. Drunk. Worse this was the worst he had been. The stairs lurched and he fell to his knees. The wood hit his bone hard and he groaned a little. Then a ringing in his ears. His head was laying on the wood and it was high pitched getting louder and louder, piercing. Screaming, she was screaming! He stood up and the stairs lurched again and he lost his footing. Over the railing he fell screaming and reaching up for her.)
(size32 (i (r "DIANE!) ) )
(i He felt the flames grab at his skin and he looked down into the mouth of hell, ready to bite into him with teeth of obsidian rock)
(size 34 (i CRUNCH!) )

Usha woke up by opening his eyes wide and holding his breath. He looked around wildly and saw the teal walls and felt the springs on the cot digging into his back. He exhaled gently and felt the cold sweat dripping down his face. He knew it. He knew this damn place would get to him. He slowly sat up, holding his head and looked over at Zane. Zane was already awake of course and looking at him with a smirk on his face and one eyebrow raised.
(blue "Rough night? You toss in your sleep.") He said amused. Usha felt his shoulders tense in annoyance but kept his face straight.
(r "Yea. Sorry.")
Zane just laughed, a sharp crack filled the room. (blue "Yea yea Mr. Manners.")
The bell sounded sharply for breakfast and soon enough the door slid open for them. Zane stood with a stretch that popped his bones and made his arms pulse their blue glow.
(blue "I could do with a little snack. Nothing good here I am afraid to say.") He started out, talking to himself at this point but slowly, Usha got up and followed him. There was no reason to remain in the room. They would come and get him, probably beat him too if he didn't. His stomach was turning and he didn't feel like eating but appearances were everything.
Usha looked around the cafeteria. It was the same as before but Usha was getting used to some of the faces. He saw some of them glare in his direction and he kept his head up and his eyes forward. Usha grabbed his meal and sat down at another table already slightly occupied with prisoners. They weren't glaring at him until he sat down with him but soon, Zane came over and sat down and they all averted their eyes. Zane winked at Usha and began looking around the cafeteria as if searching for someone. Usha just focused on his meal, trying not to think of anything.

The rest of the night went on eventually, and the clamor of voices became a soft murmur as people started to sleep, except for the one. The woman who had killed her roommate still shouted, screeched, and bellowed her way to a detainment unit for the night. Tristan listened to this while people drifted off to sleep one by one. He listened to her insane garble and shouts of madness. It all made sense to him though, every word. She would be shouting about her roommate would have killed her eventually along with the guards and everyone else in the jail. To them it would just be passed off as insane and that she belonged here and in an insane ward, but there was much more to it.
Tristan sighed and rolled onto his stomach and buried his head into his pillow trying to sleep. Sleep tugged at his brain and he wanted to drift into sleep, but something inside him kept him awake. His scars burned and his mind swirled with an awake torrent. It was evident quickly to him that he wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight. Tristan really wanted to just knock himself out, but he knew it wouldn't happen. He laid there taking the toxic smell of the detergent and softener.

The night went on forever, and soon enough the cell blocks were being open for breakfast. The first four cell blocks opened and they were first to breakfast. Of course it was blocks A through D. This happened just so the guards could get ready for the possible fights that would break out when cell blocks E through H went out for breakfast. All of Cell block D opened and his room mate got out of the block before he did. Tristan was a bit tired from not being able to sleep the later half of the evening. He got up and walked out of his cell before he would be locked in there without getting a chance to eat. Exaustion tugged at his feet, but he couldn't do anything about it now. All of D block went down four flights of stairs and down the very broad hallway and into the double doors of the cafeteria. There was already a good amount of people eating, but there was still a very long wait. Tristan was in the back of the line, though he didn't mind it and just waited his turn. His expression was very dull and blank. Today he didn't feel like giving anyone any trouble, plus it was a work day. His fingers rubbed together and he couldn't feel the friction against his fingers because of all the work his fingers had already encountered. He jammed his fingers so many times. he had to make sure there wasn't any gaps in the product, and when there was, they hurt like hell. He was one of few, and they needed more. He guessed that a few new inmates would be joining the team.