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It was a Mistake

By Reflections
This question is more relivent to ________'s life then he/she knows. ______ was always talented in art, and was driven to follow it.
One day ______ ran out of paint for the painting and he/she had to go get more, but he/she didn't have enough money to by anymore till he/she got payed again in two weeks. It would bee too long of a wait though, and the idea for the painting would disappear like smoke.
So ________ went to a discount store too look for paint, but when there, he/she saw that there was no paint. So _______ went up to the manager and asked if there was any. The manager only replied, "Yes, it was used, only a little bit from each tube, but its discounted, still want it?" Thrilled ______ agreed to the paints, and payed for them.
_______ too the paint home and it was excited back to paint. The paint looked very normal, and in plastic tubes.

The painting was of a male with dull black hair. His eyes weren't visible because of an eyepatch that had a gear decoration on it. He had half of a mask on, like a gas mask, and was backed by a city.

But what he/she wouldn't expect, is that the painting came with a life paints cursed with black magic.
not 6 hours later the person crawled from the painting, and now twisted their fates in a prophesy that defines why they were made.


1. Its your choice of character gender
2. No god modding!
3. Anime picture/illustrated drawings please
4. at the (b very least) 1000 characters, more prefered.
(r 5. Pm me to join`)
6. Add your own twists, give me something to work with.
(blue Thanks for looking :D)