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The Blood of Lords

By Saint_Rogue_Raphael

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In the first age of Middle Earth, there were many things hidden in this time. Man, Elf, Vampire, Wolves, Witches and Warlocks, Shape shifters and Demons roamed this earth into it's second age, and many wars have been established.

Elves and Demons were sworn enemies, where purest and tainted would fight, never minding the consequence of their actions... Both are slowly beginning to become extinct, and have yet to claim a truce.

Vampires and Wolves were once allies, but when Man have stepped into the earth, they became enemies... Simply because they knew they could rule man.

Witches, Warlocks and Shape shifters were allies. They remain so, because though they hold tremendous power, they are weak by certain traits, and wish to be protected by each other. That is their truce.

But... There is a dark force in which none could ever defeat. In the shadows... Beyond the Mountains, Past the swamps, into the depths of fire... There slept something... None could fathom... A Beast that could sweep a thousand to their death. They were no match for it... Except...

In the prophecy, there is one that carries crimson eyes... A hybrid, that lives in the Netherlands, with only two hybrids at her side, will be able to stop the beast before it destroys their Middle Earth.... But... Is she strong enough to stop it?

The Vampires of The Blue Mountain

They preferred to be in the mountains, where they could be undisturbed. The royal family of the Vampires rule with a kind heart and a hard fist.

The King-
The Queen-
The Child-


The Wolves of The Grey Mountain

The Wolves also live in the mountain to be undisturbed, but to also camaflauge. They prefer to stay hidden, so to not kill what should not be. The king is prideful and strict.

The King
The Queen
The Child


The Elves from The White Mountains

As we know, elves live with grace and wisdom. They carry upon them eternal life and beauty, and believe to be the most skilled with archery. Their king riles with serenity and kindness.

The King
The Queen
The Child

The Archers

The Demons of The Ash Mountain

Before Sauron, there were demons beyond belief that were ruthless and merciless. So is their King. They are bent on claiming the mountains.

The King
The Queen
The Child

The Shadow benders

The Witches and Warlocks of The Mountain of The East

Witches and Warlocks are kind and self- reserved. The persevere and keep to themselves, only helping when needed. Their king is self- absorbed and ignorant, but gracious.

The King
The Queen
The Child

The Sheilds

The Shape shifters of The Iron Hills

Within this, Shape shifters are quiet and protective. They tend to get weak at times, but are very determined. Their king is Boastful, but Respectful.

The King
The Queen
The Child

The Great Wall

The Men of The Shadow Mountain

These men were not as they were years later. These men were easily corrupted, easily disturbed and very predictable. Their king is vengeful, and easily corrupted by selfish thoughts.

The King
The Queen
The Child

The Huns

The One with Blue Eyes

She resides in the Willowed Heath and Mirkwood. Unlike many, she holds strength beyond imagining, wisdom without flaw, and strategy without restraint... She only has two friends with her... Also half breeds. And with her ability to overcome and survive, the prophecy had clearly shown her to defeat the demon that hides under earth itself.

The Girl- Me (OWNED)
First Friend
Second Friend

The Demon Under Middle Earth.

Before Sauron, a demon with great power and strength lies underneath, waiting for the next one to challenge him.

Yes, this is a time before LOTR... It is an idea, so if you please give me ideas, i will be surely grateful.

(I Also, The children will band together to defeat the demon, either man or woman. As we know, they have not inhabited the lands such as Lithlorien and Mordor as of yet... They will migrate to them as the story wears on. )


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