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Two of the Same -Private-

By Reflections
Boy 1 is on the run. After living a life of being a regular human with his foster parents, strange men have come to him saying he's a werewolf an a alpha of a powerful pack and needs to come home. Boy 1 is confused as hell. As he's running, he runs into (b Boy 2) literally. Even though Boy 1 is supposedly straight, he can't help the fireworks he feels around (b Boy 2) and vice versa. He soon finds out (b Boy 2) is a werewolf and with the help of (b Boy 2), (Boy 1) learns how to change into a werewolf, hunt, and control his animalistic urges, but (b Boy 2) is harboring a huge secret, like how they're both mates and are from the same pack!

(i Little Lexi plays Boy 1)

(b Reflections plays Boy 2)

ReflectionsMason   8y ago

Mason was a bit relieved at Oliver's reaction. He didn't start screaming and panicing, but instead stopped crying and started to ask a few questions. He didn't think it would go that well, but there was still quite a bit of information left out. His arms stayed around the alpha as he asked why he hadn't felt anything and why he was sent away in the first place. Mason nodded slightly, looking at the wall across from him before down at Oliver. (blue "Your birthday was recently wasn't it. Within the last week or two? Why you haven't felt anything is because your first full moon when being of age hasn't passed yet. During it you will feel fine, but waking up the next morning with awaken your senses. And no, we don't eat humans, we eat like regular beings.") He paused for a moment to let it soak in before continuing. (blue "Why you were sent away is a totally different story. It was only a few weeks before you were born that an enemy pack started a war with ours. At that moment you and your biological mom were in no immediate danger, but after you were born was a different story. You were about two months old when word in our pack got around that there was a traitor amung the ranks that was threatening to kill any newborn, especially you. Your father didn't see it as an immediate worry that was until newborns started dying. Then there was a sense of urgency to protect the children and win the war. So they sent you off with a family from the pack that couldn't have children. The war hadn' stopped until three years ago. It was decided then by your parents that you would stay with the couple who raised you till you came of age. You will take over your father's place as alpha in a year from your awakening, till then you have to learn everything about being a leader of a pack.") Mason ended still holding Oliver. His grip loosened as he looked back down at Oliver and waited for his reaction. His shirt cleverly hid the scar that almost killed him when children were being attacked. He was almost killed, but he was the child that was used to get the traitor. Just then the scar burned with a flaming intensity.
LittleLexiOliver   8y ago

Oliver really didn't want to cry, especially not in front of Mason, but the tears kept coming out and let up. He loved being in Mason's arms and he loved the shock he felt while he touched him. He just wished he understood what it met and why he was comfortable being held by practically a stranger.

When Mason started talking, Oliver looked up in shock and fear. He couldn't believe what he was hearing and he was hoping Mason was crazy, because this was sounding too surreal. He decided to hear him out, though before talking. The way Mason had said didn't completely freak Oliver out, but that didn't mean he didn't want to slam his head in the closest wall. He honestly had no choice, but to believe Mason, because adding up everything he has heard and sen today, being a werewolf was the only logical explanation. That or he was dreaming, but he doubted that, since he had already pinched himself.

He pulled his head out of his knees, but stayed in Mason's arms. He wiped his eyes after the tears stopped falling and took a deep breath. (b "So, I'm an alpha of a big pack?" How come I've never felt anything? How do I change into a werewolf? Will I develop a taste of human flesh?) He asked, a thousand more questions flowing through his mind. (b "Also what was the big danger that made me have to leave the pack in the first place?") Oliver also wanted to ask why he felt the way he felt about Mason, but he wasn't so sure that, that was a werewolf problem and he didn't want to make things awkward.
ReflectionsMason   8y ago

Mason finished his strawberry just as Oliver started to make his way to the cabin. Mason followed suit, very tempted to grab another strawberry, and was about to when he was asked to sit down. 'Hmm, so he is telling me the story.' Mason couldn't help but be a bit happy about this. Either this Alpha really trusted him, or had something else in mind. He complied none the less and and walked into the cabin, sitting on the bed. It was slightly musty from sitting in the shed for who knows how long. He looked at Oliver as he said to please leave questions for the end. There was a pause before Oliver started telling his story. Mason listened intently to the story, and as soon as the story started to escalate the smell of fear filled the room. The alpha was scared? The story only seemed to gaurentee what he was thinking. 'Those idiots, once the head hears about this they will be skinned alive.' Mason wasn't as worried for them as he was pissed at them as well. They didn't now delicatly if it hit them in the face and had the word written all over it. The next thing to assult his nose was salt? He zoned back in, his expression showing interest, yet concern as the other was crying? 'Yep, skinned alive is an easy way to say the punishment.' An emotion almost overtook his actions. He could barely stand the atmosphere in the small room. He really just wanted to grab Oliver and protect him. That wasn't like him at all though.

Mason heard Oliver ask if he was insane, and that he didn't know what to do. That pushed him, and he grabbed the other male, into a hug. He could almost feel electricity run between them. Someway or another, he knew there was no way to avoid this. (blue "You aren't going insane, I can reassure you that much. The guys who told you, and showed you such things probably didn't honestly know what was going on.") Mason let go of Oliver, and looked at him with a calm expression. (blue "But a bit of what they say is true- please just hear me out with this.") He cut himself off and asked the other to hear him out before he totally started to panic. (blue "Part of what they say is true, I am sorry to say that your parents aren't your real parents, but were your godparents in a way. They were sent by your biological parents to raise you till you were the age you are now. That is when most werewolves start to actually get the instincts and transform. Your biological parents are the alpha's of the pack, and according to customs they can only be the lead of the pack for another year till their heir has to take over.") He looked at Oliver's expression before causiously continuing, (blue "I am probably one of the few who know this because i am the beta's son, and on the inside in a way.") He could tell Oliver was a bit overwhelmed at this, and he decided to stop there, waiting for his reaction, and braced himself a bit.
LittleLexiOliver   8y ago

Satisfied with Mason's answer, Oliver decided he'll tell him. The worse that could happen is that the boy calls him crazy and runs away. The thought made Oliver's heart hurt and to say he was shocked was an understatement. He's been acting wacky every since he came around him. This was getting ridiculous.

He followed suit of Mason and took a strawberry to eat. He liked strawberries as much as the next guy, but these ones ere special. They weren't too sweet or too sour and it had the perfect amount of juiciness. He was tempted to go and get another one, but he was already at the cabin. The cabin looked cozy enough to stay. A bed, a desk with a candle on it and a dresser. What more could a runaway want?

(b "Can you come in and sit on the bed with my?") Since Oliver ha decided o tell Mason the whole story, he decided they should both be in the room, sitting. (b "Please keep all your questions until the end and try not to look at me like I'm crazy when I tell you the full story.") And so with that, Oliver started.

(b "So, today I woke up. Nobody was home which a little abnormal for me, since my mom is always home. While I was eating breakfast, the door knocked and it was three man who I've never seen before asking me to come with them. They seemed okay enough so they took me behind my house and changed into... they changed into werewolves.") Oliver said pausing as he recalled the events from earlier. The terror he felt when it happened was coming back and he started shaking. (b "After they changed back to their human form, they made me follow them into their car. They kept talking about how I'm a werewolf and they sent me away to protect me and how I'm an alpha of an entire pack of werewolves and I don't even know. They also told me my parents aren't my parents. They were just so people who are from the pack that were assigned to watch over me.") At this point, Oliver was on the point of tears. This was the first time he's said the things aloud and saying them just made them more real. (b "I honestly didn't know what to believe and when the guys weren't paying attention, jumped out the car, ran, and that's when I met you.") He said smiling behind the tears that were flowing out his eyes. (b "I just don't know what to do with myself. Am I going crazy?") He asked Mason bringing his knees up to his chest.
ReflectionsMason   8y ago

Mason continued to weave through the trees, Cypruss trees, pines, oaks, and once in a while a large willow tree. The sun filtered through the canopy when the clouds gave it a break to shine. The birds continued to chirp, even as they passed, maybe it was becasue he was somewhat a part of nature. He could easily their footsteps were slightly off, and not in sinc, which had a nice and calming beat to it. Mason was very calm by everything. "Mason isn't calm around anyone, he is the wolf with his tail wound too tight." His father's words echoed in his head, making his mood sink a bit. It was always true, at least one person in the pack got on his nerves daily lately. 'Like a cranky old man.' He couldn't help but make the comparision and be a bit disappointed in himself.

He broke from his daze as Oliver asked him the question if he believe in supernatural things and creatures. He rose his eyebrows and nodded slightly. (blue "I believe they are in the world somewhere.") He gave his answer just as he passed a small stray strawberry plant. A small smile came to his face, he climbed over another fallen tree, but this time it was larger, and they came to a clearing, almost completely covered in wild strawberry plants. A small structure at the edge of the small clearing. It almost looked over all the strawberries. Mason's nose was overwhelmed with the smell of flowers and strawberries. (blue "Here we are.") He said looking back at Oliver before picking a ripe strawberry from the nearest plant, and eating it. The juice went instantly to the back of his throat and tasted good, in season.
LittleLexiOliver   8y ago

(b "Thanks.") Oliver said as he followed Mason through the trees. He was so happy that there was one nearby. He wasn't sure why he was happy though? He tried to tell himself he was only happy that he actually found a place, but something was telling him that he was much more happy that it was close to where Mason was going, so he could still see and talk to him and continue to talk to him. These feelings were scaring Oliver since he could have sworn he was straight and it's not possible to start to like someone as son as he sees them.

Oliver was snapped out of his thought by Mason asking another question. The question he asked was the exact question Oliver didn't want to answer and he didn't want to lie. He didn't understand why though. Why shouldn't he be able to lie to some stranger he met. The guy could have been a serial killer, even though Oliver knew he wasn't deep down. He also knew that deep down, he couldn't bear the thought of lying to Mason. He gave a look down at Mason and when he's eyes went to Mason's, curiosity shone through them and it made Oliver want to tell more. Maybe Mason wouldn't think he was a huge nut case if her told. Maybe.

(b "Do you believe in the supernatural? You know, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, things like that.") Oliver questioned. He figured if he asked that, he'll understand Mason's position on it and that'll help him make the decision to tell him the whole truth from beginning to end or if he should keep it for himself and the doctors at the mental hospital that he'll check himself into later.
ReflectionsMason   8y ago

Mason listened to Oliver when he agreed with him when he said the forest was calming, and when he said that his life had been flipped upside down and he needed to escape it. Mason nodded slowly, and heard the question of if there was some sort of cabin or housing he could stay in for a few days. Mason looked at Oliver before at the sky, he had to think about that one. He didn't want to put Oliver out of their terretory, just because Oliver gave him this warm feeling that nothing else but soup could give him. 'There should be one right close by the strawberry patch.' He thought to himself before looking back at Oliver a small smile on his face again. (blue "There is one actually where I am heading, I can show you.") He looked at Oliver before passing by him, and started weaving through the trees. He glanced back to make sure Oliver was following him before continuing on the path.
Something urged him to continue the conversation, and he thought of a way to continue it. (blue "What turned your life upside down, if you don't mind me asking.") He asked glancing back at him, the content expression still on his face, while his eyes kinda showed his curiousity. His eyes usually gave away what he was feeling.
LittleLexiOliver   8y ago

(b "I see what you mean.") Oliver said as he looked around. He didn't know why, but he felt very at peace in the woods and wanted to stay their loner, especially with the boy who caused electricity to go through his body. He contemplated telling Mason the truth and had a feeling he could trust him, but didn't want the guy to think he was a nut job.

(b "I just had to get away from things. My life has just been flipped upside down and I need a moment to take it all in and maybe even escape it.") Oliver said not telling the whole truth, but not lying either. He honestly had no idea what he wanted to do or how to even start. He can't be on the run for the rest of his life, but those guys will eventually find him and he just didn't know what would happen if the guys found him or if what they are saying is actually true.

(b "Is there any lofts or empty cabins that I could stay in for a few days?") Oliver asked. Maybe he just needs to sleep on it and make a choice in the morning.
ReflectionsMason   8y ago

He looked at the other on the ground, who looked back up at him. Silence filled the air as he waited for a responce from the other. It had already been thirty seconds, and he had no clue what was going on. Finally the person spoke to him, responding that it was his fault. When the other male grabbed his hand, electricity seemed to run from the touch. He was a bit surprised, and almost lost his grip of the Alpha, but gladly didn't. It felt like electricity spread through his body and dulled, but was still there. He pulled the other to a stand. When he let go of the other's hand, the feeling disappeared completely, but there was something in the air around them that was oddly calming. He listened to the other ask why he was out here, before introducing himself as Oliver. The smile didn't fall from his face as he looked around. (blue "I don't know, it is just very calming out here, my name is Mason, and it is nice to meet you Oliver. Though if you don't mind me asking what you are doing out here?") He came out here often, and heard many outragious things, including from Druggies and homeless people. Both of those people didn't smell as fresh as you hoped, both very discusting. The first druggie he met, he threw up his lunch straight afterwards. He had a very content and calm look on his face as he looked back at Oliver. He put his hands into his jean pockets as he waited for the answer.
LittleLexiOliver   8y ago

Oliver looked up when he heard a voice to the darkest pairs of eyes he's seen. They were beautiful. So beautiful that he forget that the boy asked a question. He didn't know how long it's been, but he hoped it wasn't to long, so that he didn't feel like a creep. He cleared his throat and responded. (b "I'm fine. It was my fault anyway. I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings.") He took the boy's hand and pulled himself up. Shocks went up him arm and through his arm and he almost let go, falling right back to the floor, but due to quick reflexes, he managed to stay up.

Oliver examined the boy and realized that there wasn't much of an age difference. (b "So what are you doing here all by yourself?") He asked hoping that the boy could tell him where his was, because he had no clue. He also had no clue what he was supposed to do once he got out of the forests. His supposed parents were werewolves and he was to. Maybe he should check himself into a mental hospital. (b "I'm Oliver by the way. Nice to meet you.")
ReflectionsMason   8y ago

(#003399 "Idiots, they don't know a thing about what they are doing.") The black haired male huffed to himself as he hopped over a fallen tree. He wondered about some of the pack's inteligence sometimes, doing what they were going to now was totally pea brained. Going out and telling a person who was raised as a human 'Hey you aren't human at all, but in charge of a pack of werewolves.' He rolled his eyes at the thought of them doing that. (#003399 "Well if i am out here i might as well do something productive.") He rubbbed the back of his neck as he thought of that prospect. Maybe he could find some wild strawberries, though there wouldn't be any left by the time he would get home. He remembered the perfect place to find wild strawberries this time of year. He paused to take a look where he was before taking a north-eastern direction.
The forest was calm today, the birds had happy conversations above his head, and small rodents scurried around in the grass and tree roots. With every step that he took he pushed a bit of wild growing grass down with a soft crackle. The scene set his nerves, and wolf into a calm state. Several loud cracks spring loaded his nerves again, making him back up a bit into the cover of a few trees, and look around for what was making the noise, though he could already smell it another werewolf. On instinct he shrank a bit farther into the shadows. He saw a figure pass his field of vision to the west of him, on the broad side of the trees. Then another thing hit his nerves, this werewolf was familiar, and higher ranking than he was. He was the son of a beta, but this was an alpha. Though the person looked no older than himself. He quietly stepped out of the shadows, just for precausion, just to get run into. He took a bracing step backwards catching his balance easily while the alpha went to the ground. His expression held surprise, he couldn't have possibly taken an alpha off gaurd, unless he was in a bad condition. He saw the expression on the other's face, it was obviously a mix of emotions, but mostly fear and panic. WIthout a second thought he offered his hand out to the other male, a small smile gracing his features. 'Don't seem hostile,' he remembered what his parents taught him about facing others. (#003399 "Are you okay?")
LittleLexiOliver   8y ago

(b "I'm a what?") Oliver asked bewildered. One second he's sitting in his living room eating cereal and watching Spongebob and now he's in a car being told that he's a werewolf and an alpha of a pack. (r "A werewolf. Certainly, you must have been feeling some urges. You're almost 18. No matter, we'll worry about that when we get to the pack house.") The guy next to him in the car said and Oliver almost screamed. What the hell is going on? (b "I'm not going anywhere with you! Where are my parents?") The guys in the car chuckled and Oliver let out a frustrated groan. (r "They're obviously at the pack house. We told you you're the alpha of a pack. You can't honestly believe that when we sent you away, for your own safety I might add, we didn't have our own kind looking out for you.")

To say that Oliver was shocked, was an understatement. He couldn't believe that his whole life was a lie and completely planned out. In fact, he wouldn't believe it. He's seen enough movies to know that if you tuck and roll out a car, you won't get hurt. Oliver examined his situation. A guy driving, a guy in the passenger seat, and a guy next to him talking to the other two.Without hesitating, Oliver opened the door, rolled out, and ran, not looking back. In the process he sprained his wrist, but that was the last thing on his mind. He had to get away from those men.

He ran and ran and ran. Being on the track team was essential for this, because he could ran for long periods of time without getting tired. (i "Or is it because you're a werewolf.") And he wiped that thought out of his mind. Those guys were just crazy. Werewolves don't exist. Oliver continued to run, he ran past his school, past his home, and past his town, right into the forest. He still didn't stop running in fear of those guys would catch him. When he finally went deep enough in the forest to feel safe he looked back and noticed nothing but trees behind him. When he turned back around, he hit something, or somebody and went tumbling to the floor.