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The Story

By TwistedArtist

Replies: 19 / 7 years ago

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(b "Well maybe I'll make you tell me") Leaning over he put his hands by her waist about to tickle her again, when he heard her invite him to come with her. (i Hmm... I'm supposed to visit Amber this evening.. but I don't think she'll care if I miss one day) raising his eyebrows a little and debating what to do he didn't realize he left his hands resting on her hips, although he never did get around to tickling her.

(b "I mean.. If you don't mind I don't see why I couldn't come with you, such a little lady needs someone to walk her home") He finished with a mischievous grin.
TwistedArtist / 6y ago
Giggling, Lissabeth smiled at him, "Maybe I just don't wanna tell you what I've been up to." she smirked jokingly and sighed a bit.

Upon hearing the question, she thought for a minute, "It's my day off today." she smiled happily, glad she didn't have to be around the air-headed coworkers at the restaurant. "I'll probably head home in a minute, I just came for the latte." as if on queue she took a sip of the warm drink and closed her eyes as she felt it slide down her throat.

"If you're free you can stop by." she smiled a bit, glad that she'd cleaned up a few days ago.

((OOC: That's fine. ^^" Don't worry.))
(b "You, not doing anything? I doubt that") He said with a sly grin. Taunting her was just to fun to resist. Looking outside the rain, unlike he'd hoped, was just getting heavier. (i Sigh, I still have to walk home) (b "Just cause I tell you you work to hard doesn't mean don't do anything") He said poking his tongue out just a little.

Staring out the window again he really just didn't feel like going home to an empty apartment (b "So how busy are you today, would you just want to stay here till the rain is gone, or do you have places to be?") He said hopefully.

(OOC Wow, I'm sorry, I did it again. College applications are kicking my butt hard. And i can't believe I screwed up and used the wrong character, I'm just sucking this up. )
She debated telling him about the keyboard she'd purchased, but decided it really wasn't worth bringing up, (b "I've really not been doing much. Just writing a little more music.") She smiled, (b "Been actually taking a few days off.") she made a point of bringing that up, remembering how he would tell her she worked too hard.

(b "But, really, I've just been at home, drinking tea.") she laughed brightly, her eyes crinkling slightly at the corners when she did. She picked up her latte that was sitting in front of her, and smiled, taking a sip. She looked over at him, seeing how his hair was slightly damp, she wiped a piece of moisture from his forehead.

(b "So, a stroll in the rain?") she asked, teasingly. This was her way of asking why he was drenched.
She always had been a little sarcastic, but it was cute so he loved prodding her to it. (b "Oh no, you'll always be Lil Lizzy") Grinning for just a minute he tried to move the conversation on before she got to angry with him (b "So Lizzy, I find it hard to believe you haven't been into anything new").

Sliding into the seat next her he gave a tiny sigh and sipped on his coffee. (i It's nice to just sit with a friend again..) Glancing over at her quickly he found her staring down at her drink. (i I wonder what she's thinking..)
She fought a blush as she laughed, (i stupid question, Lis. Great job...) she sighed and looked at him, (b "Obviously you tickle people.") she said, as if it was the most logical answer that could've ever been stated.

She was all smiles until he called her little, then her bottom lip jutted out slightly, (b "I'm not short, you're just too tall!") she crossed her arms and bit at the inside of her bottom lip, an old habit of hers. She ran her hand through her hair again, then sighed, (b "I haven't really been fighting. I've been working at the same place, my boss is still stupid, and the coworkers honestly get dumber by the second.") she laughed, a bit irritatedly, as she thought about the way that they all would just go on about the latest trend or rumor. She spun around once on the stool then patted the seat next to her as her latte arrived.

(b "Have a seat, stay a while.") She grinned up at him, her one dimple showing as her eyes lit up again. She really hoped he would, as it had been way too long.
(b "Well drinking coffee of course") He said with a cocky grin, placing her back down on the ground (b "What else would I do at a coffee cafe?") He had always loved teasing her, it was just to easy.

Hearing her other question, he didn't really want to tell her what he'd been doing. Looking for a job, again. Not getting the job, again.. feeling more than slightly embarrassed he did his best to shift the subject back over to her, besides he loved hearing about her life (b "ya know.. just hanging around.. So! How've you been? New drama? Get in to a cat fight, huh LIL Lizzy?") He put plenty of emphasis on the little, knowing how much she hated her small stature. Smirking down at her now he headed off towards his own seat and his quickly chilling coffee, not even waiting for an answer.
She laughed again, smiling at his air-headedness. Finding it cute in a childish way. (b "I asked what you were doing here.") she continued to smile, her eyes sparkling, (b "Not that I'm complaining or anything. I missed you, too!") She returned the hug eagerly and inhaled quietly, just the smell of her best friend bringing back a flood of memories.

(b "What are you doing with yourself nowadays?") she grinned, running a hand through her brown locks as she pulled back from the hug reluctantly, her brows both raised in curiosity. She really was curious...It had been months. She looked around the shop quickly before looking back at him, making sure Amber wasn't here to reprimand him for speaking to her. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes as she thought about it, then looked back to him.
Her laugh was perfect, high and just a tiny bit breathy, she had smacked him in the chest and she managed to fall backwards and he just resisted the urge to catch her around the waste. Her big eyes were looking up at him and he almost started blushing. He hadn't meant to make her fall.

She hadn't changed to much, it looked like she hadn't cut her hair down to its old length in awhile, and she seemed a little shorter.. Maybe he was just getting a little taller. (i wait she said something.. crap.. I wasn't listening..) (b "Heh, um.. I was a little distracted, what did you say?") He admitted a little sheepishly. He had always hated admitting he didn't catch something, or was wrong. Before she had even really had a chance to reply he decided to open his mouth again anyway (b "So Lizzy! It's been awhile huh? I missed you") He said in a rush picking her up in a tight bear hug, with a large smile plastered on his face. (i maybe my luck isn't as bad as I thought..)
Lissabeth was soon startled as someone had came up and tickled her. She had no idea who it was, her eyes growing wide in both surprise and panic. She was laughing, nonetheless, a nearly breathless sound. Her arms flailed about as she tried to figure out who it was.

Thankful that she hadn't been drinking a hot beverage at the time, Lissabeth jumped and fell backwards - catching herself on the front of his chest. (b "Nate!") she exclaimed, eyes wide and face flushed from laughing so hard. (b "What on earth are you doing here?") she sat up and swiveled around on her chair to face him. He hadn't changed a bit. She smiled to herself, relieved that he hadn't changed himself too much...at least not his exterior.

She looked up at him again, finally catching her breath, (b "Dear, God, Nate!") she said again, not really over the minor scare that he had given her.
Finally sliding into the cozy little café Nate didn't even have to go to the counter, he was a regular here and they knew his order well. The young man behind the counter looked at him and smiled, everyone in here knew he had been having a run of bad luck lately, and began making his favorite hot chocolate coffee. Sitting by the large window and watching the rain his coffee was brought over quickly, he paid for it with a small tip feeling guilty he couldn't give more, and when he turned towards he counter he just stopped for a moment.

No way.. Hmph. He thought to himself for a moment. Well my luck can't get any worse so he might as well find out. getting up and walking over to the girl at the counter, who he believed to be none other that Lissy, he did just what any guy would have after not seeing his best friend in a couple months.. He grabbed her sides and proceed to tickle her until she was laughing and out of breathe!
Lissabeth sighed and stopped playing gradually - ending up just hitting one key at a time with long intervals of time inbetween. Standing up from her seat, her mind wandered. She always tended to to this more when it was raining. She crossed her arms and walked back to the window, her hands hidden in her sweater sleeves.

She, for some reason, was craving a latte of some sort. Just something warm, but more substantial than tea. Maybe some sort of pastry as well...Opening her fridge, she realized she was out of creamer. Sighing a bit, she debated on going out in the rain to the nearby café. She looked from the now-closed fridge to the downpour outside, and finally gave up and walked towards her door.

Grabbing her coat from the hook, she slipped her arms into it. She buttoned it - it was a classy-looking jacket. Black and white plaid with 3 big black buttons. There was a hood on it as well, the same appearance as the fabric of the jacket. She then grabbed her black umbrella, and opened the door - locking it behind her.

Stepping through the halls and down the stairs, she exited the building into the cold rain. Using her extra hand that wasn't holding the umbrella, she pulled her coat tighter around herself. Making her way to the café, she walked in quietly, then put her umbrella back to it's closed state and set it with a few others that were by the door.

She easily went up to the desk and ordered an apple turnover and a caramel latte. She was in the mood to splurge, so she also got a blueberry muffin. She thanked the cashier and handed him the right sum of money, then took a seat at the counter, waiting on her drink.

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Pacing back and forth in the still heavy downpour, Nate was debating whether it was even worth it or not to go back and retrieve his phone. It's probably ruined by water already anyway.. he finally decided. Looking up at the tall buildings around him he couldn't help but feel that this was a really familiar part of town.. What he wasn't remembering, because it had been months since he'd had a chance to visit, was that he was just a building or so down from Lissabeth's apartment.

Sighing heavily and turning towards the café he resumed his walk trying to shake off all the bad luck he seemed to be having lately. It had to turn around eventually right?

(sorry this post isn't that long and I haven't been on much, I swear I'm not normally like this *sighs*)
Waiting until she heard the familiar voice of her friend on the other side, telling her to leave a message, she sighed, "Nate, you called me literally a minute ago, and now you don't answer. I'll be by my phone if you need me..." she paused for a second, "Dork." she chuckled and then hung up, standing up to place her teacup in the sink - her phone in her other hand. She walked into the side room and started to mess around on her keyboard. She didn't have the room for a full piano, but she was making it work with what she had.

Her fingers moved along the keys easily, a beautiful melody filling the room - resonating and blending harmoniously with the sound of the drizzle against her window. She hit the last note and held it for a while, staring at her hand on the keys for a while, remembering when she used to sing with Nate.

She shook her head and remembered that Amber wouldn't let him spend too much time with her. She rolled her eyes, as she always did, hiding her infuriation from even herself. She began to play the keyboard yet again, humming softly.