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Rain of Blood

By SaintRogueRaphael

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(center When you find the courage to risk your life for someone... Would be the moment you've understood the word LOVE...)

Many things can happen when your a child... Many can be abandoned, kidnapped, murdered, even sold... And in this case... One child was orphaned in the midst of battle that her parents caused. Her parents were Spies... Assassins. Those who would kill for profit, not caring if they were taking away a wife, a husband, a son, grandson, brother or sister... And that, alone, led to their demise.

For the child, however, was fortunate enough to stumble into a training camp... Unfortunately, it was a camp training assassins. And at first, they wanted to kill her... But, at the age of 6, she had shown that a little face didn't mean weak.

She trained with them, learning, honing the skills required, and killed anyone and anything that stood in her way to complete her mission. She did so from 6 to 12, when she was dubbed the youngest assassin. But, although assassins envied, they feared and suspected that one day she would turn on them... So, one night, they decided to ambush and kill her before she could get any stronger. Alas, they were no match for the heartless preteen.

She was soon dubbed dangerous, vital, but very valuable. By the age of 14, she became first female Samurai assassin to ever grace the side of Japanese soil. And with this came bounties... On her head. None succeeded, none could lay a finger on her... She was the most dangerous demon to have been on earth... But, by the age of 16, she was struck by something even more powerful than a sword... Love.

It seemed that this 16- year- old assassin would begin to change... Instead of the heartless look and emptiness in her eyes, there were light. She was premature of emotions, but she knew one thing... She was in love... But, even that was short- lived

The assassins found her and attacked in the more vulnerable of moments... Her wedding. The battle, though gruesome, ended with a tragedy.. The love of her life was hit in the crossfire of a sword, and was laying face in his own blood. The girl soon diminished into the west, into the forest... Where all had lost track of her for many seasons... Until now.

Edo had a festival, where one boy, 21- year- old --------, a Respected Ninja of the Shogunate, had stumble upon a sight he hadn't seen before... Which begins the mysterious story of Samurai and Assassin

Girl- me

(size20 Friends)

(size20 Foes)

Sorry... literacy is everything, but here is where slots ar being filled while complete the real rp. bear with me. thank you


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SaintRogueRaphael     8y ago

An image wandered the streets of Edo on a special holiday. This was the year of the Dragon. And all Edo's citizen, big and small, young and old had came to celebrate this kind of event.

In this lurked a woman wearing black, a sword concealed on her back, and a hat upon her head, watching as the dragon flew along the air and the people cheered at the firecrackers. She smiled. This was a first time thing, it was. To be in an even in which required all to frolic and play, cheer and laugh... Noises she had been foreign to until now. Her smile widened as she saw that they were selling her favorite sweets and ran across to get one. She turned around to see someone splash her with water. She gasped and looked around to spot an old man and his granddaughter giggling. She smiled and grabbed water and splashed it upon them, them laughing as they skipped closer to the parade. She giggled as she followed them, blending into the crowd as the parade began to migrate