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RedWall OOC

By SaintRogueRaphael
(center (size10 I will take the time to choose wisely whom will play the roles. I would like this roleplay to be a success and will eventually become a book. So, If you are Worthy, Please Fill out this Skelly and i will decide... Until then, please enjoy this OOC))

Name: (i State your full name)

Username: (i Self Explanatory I will provide the link as well)

Age: (i Your Character's current age)

King/Queen/Child to: (i Which castle do you represent?)

Short bio: (i Please be sure to either link it towards the kingdom you govern, or if you wish to be a traitor of love/or reason, please give a brief summary as of why)

Picture URL: (i If chosen, it will be shown upon the roleplay)

Any additional characters: (i It cannot be of your bloodline. It can be a friend, a sorcerer, a pauper. But it must not be of the bloodline)


(center (size10 ( There is the link towards the roleplay)))

If any feedback, ideas, or questions may spring, either place it here, or PM me. Thank you very much!