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A Man and his Friend...

By SaintRogueRaphael

(size20 When a guy has a potential girlfriend in his clutches, he is ecstatic and lets his close friend get involved with his choices... But, as the dating wears on, he soon starts to fall for his friend... And is now confused . Should he stick it out with his potential girl, or follow his heart when it comes to love?)

(size20 (center Prologue))

(center (i (size15 Usually, it was easy for me to date a girl... Especially when their my type... But, lately, I've been tied. The potential I have is everything I want. She's nice, she's smart, and she's attractive... But, there's a friend of mine that is catching my attention. She is a cutie, too, but her sweet side is rarely spotted around others. She has this tomboy thing going on, this raw truth that she's not afraid to show... And that is very sexy to me... Which means... I'm liking my friend, too. The problem is, she's been though hell with men, and from the looks of things, she isn't sending vibes to me. But, i can see in her eyes she wants to see true love... And i seriously want to be her first at that... )))

(center (i (size15 See, fellas, i'm in quite a dilemma. The potential i'm seeing is all i want... But, my best friend is all i want AND need. And i don't know who to choose... I just hope that i don't make the wrong choice...)))
SaintRogueRaphael     8y ago

(center (size30 2))

Christe sighed as he drove down the street, hearing the radio playing her song... But, she didn't holler, dance in her seat... Even smile in his direction. This was a sheer sign of discomfort on his part. He didn't like this... not one bit.

"Yo, what's eating ya, Faith?" She finally looked over to him. " You mean aside from the fact that you drug me out of my house to go to some mall? Cuz that's what's eating me right about, Coolie" She always called Christe Coolie when she gets mad. Christe sighed. "Come on, Faith. You need this... Just to get out of the house. Its good to..."

Her sigh cut him off. Yeah, this wasn't Faith... She was just too down to be.

The mall wasn't packed when they rolled up. Christe sighed as he opened the door and looked to his right to find her out of the car and slamming the door shut. He got out the car, and shut his side, looking to see Kraig, Mellow, and Eric, Kraig's boyfriend. She sighed. The only girl without a man and she's stuck with them. Christe hugged Mellow as Kraig and Eric walked towards Faith.

"Ay, gurl... you okay?"

She sighed. "Not really... " she said, shaking her head before looking to where Christe and Mellow was. She sighed, shaking her head again, walking off towards the entrance. She looked back. "Are we gonna shop or not? I'm not here to watch this" she walked into the mall, having everybody run inside after her.

Throughout the time there, Faith was in front of the couples, with more bags for herself. Mellow wasn't paying much attention to the bags, but the girl instead. "Christe, is she okay?"

Christe honestly couldn't answer. And when they were in the food court, it only puzzled everyone more.

"Gurl, can't you talk?" Eric asked

She looked up from her chinese. "About what?" She looked over to where Christe and Mellow were. "Ain't shit to talk about"

"Well, you can start with this sudden urge to use up your card and stuff your face with something that will only fill you for thirty- five- forty- five minutes"

She sighed and looked at Eric. She looked over to the food court again, only to spot a familiar sight... "Oh, shit..."

Kraig looked over his shoulder and looked back. "What?"

"He's here!"

Eric whipped around and looked to Christe. The guy stood. Luke.

She stood, along with the guys, leaving Mellow sitting there, dumbfounded. Luke started walking towards them. Christe watched as his hand disappeared behind him, and at that point, he whipped around, grabbing Faith and ducking for cover, as well as Eric and Kraig. Mellow ducked under the table.

Shots sounded off, the people around running for their lives.

Christe was hugging Faith to the ground, thinking on how to get her out safely. He looked to her, then to Kraig. "Kraig, take Faith and run to the car as soon as i give the signal" he said, giving her the keys. Kraig, nodded, grabbing onto Faith's hand. Faith was too scared to think. She was too afraid to move. But, when she looked to Kraig, then Christe, she knew she could get out of it alive.

As soon as he saw Luke, he tackled him, trying to get him to let go of the gun. "Faith! Go! Go, now!" He yelled as he continued to fight. One shot went off, and Mellow screamed. As he struggled, Kraig grabbed onto Faith and tugged her into running out the door. Kraig was frantic when they were outside. "Where's the car?! Where's the goddamn car?!" He yelled.

Faith looked and saw that Luke was coming. She looked, found the car and started towards it. Kraig ran after her, hoping to cover her if something were to happen.

The door slung open... Screams sounded... Two shots were heard... and soon enough, Faith was on the ground. Kraig ran to her, picking her up. "Faith! Faith, are you okay?" He asked frantically. She grunted. "I... I don't think so..." she said slowly. He looked to where she was holding, and gasped. She was shot.

He applied pressure, looking up to her, seeing her lids flutter with trying to keep consciousness. "Stay with me... i got you, Faith" he said, lifting her up, getting the keys from her pockets and placing her in the back seat of Christe's car. Once she was secure, he found his way near the front where Luke was. He was walking towards the cars, and that gave him the advantage.

When Luke was close enough, Kraig jumped out from behind a car and tackled the man to the ground and tossed the gun under another car. After a few tries, he finally had Luke bound, and he sighed as Christe, Eric, and Mellow came out the mall.

Christe ran to Kraig, who seemed worried. "Where's Faith?"

Kraig looked up to him. "She's shot, man... She's in your car. We gotta take her to the hospital right now"

"Why didn't you just take her there as soon as you got her in the damn car instead of letting her bleed all over the leather?!" Mellow exclaimed

Christe growled. "I don't give a fuck about the car! Kraig, ride with me, Eric take Mellow and follow! Don't forget about Luke. I ain't through with his ass"

Eric nodded, grabbed Luke, and ran to his car with Mellow.

Christe ran to the back seat and sat her head up on his lap. "Ah, God! Faith! Faith!" He yelled. Kraig started the car and took off from the lot.

Faith coughed up blood and gasped. Christe applied pressure to the wound, making her scream. "Its alright! Your gonna make it. Just stay with me" he kept repeating, making sure she stayed conscious.

Once they got to the hospital, Christe had picked up Faith, running her into the place. "SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!"


Christe was sitting in the lobby, leg bouncing, his hands entwined as he waited for results. Kraig and Eric were sitting across from him, and Mellow was in the cafeteria. How could she eat at a time like this?

She walked back with Twinkies, and Kraig shook his head. She looked at him. "What?"

She looked over to Christe, whose locks were shaking as fast as his leg. "Come on, it can't be that bad. I mean, if anybody should be in a emergency room, it should be me. i got shot, too"

"You were grazed, Mellow... Barely a scratch" Christe said, loud enough for the three to hear.

Mellow sighed as she bit into her Twinkie, then sat down. "What's taking them, man? They should know her condition by now" Kraig nearly yelled. Eric touched his shoulder, then looked to Christe, who seemed out of touch with the reality around him. He wanted her to be alright. She had to be. She was the only friend he ever cared about, aside from Kraig and Eric. He just couldn't lose her.

As he thought, he heard Eric tell Kraig "Here comes the doctor"

His gaze looked up to an ebony doctor, and Mellow smirked as she stood. Kraig spotted that she was fixing her hair and smiling like the fake ass barbie that she was, then looked over to the doctor. "Yo, doc... Please tell me she's alright" Christe said. The doctor looked to him, and nodded. "She'll live... But, she's not doing too much. She wants to see your guys." he said. Christe looked to Kraig, then to Eric. He walked off, hurrying to the room the doctor gave them.

Christe soon worked up the nerve, and opened the door, seeing her laying in the bed. As he approached the bed, her eyes opened, and her head slowly traveled to where they stood. "Hey, there" Christe said lightly. She slowly smiled, then quickly let it fade. Kraig looked to Eric, then smiled as they left the room, leaving them alone.

Christe smiled as he placed a hand on her cheek. She chuckled. "Watch what your doing. You could probably get caught by Mellow"

Christe chuckled. "I don't think she could tear herself away from food. She thinks she should be in a bed because of a scratch."

She shook her head. "She's there... But her food ain't a munchie." she said lightly.

He sighed as he looked at her. "What do you mean?"

"Its been four years... And you still haven't figured it out?" she asked, trying to sit up. Christe helped her up, and she sighed as she looked at him. "That girl is a gold digger... She's been-"

"- Trying to juice me for my money and slide to any other guy with a handsome face?"

She stared at him. "I know..." he said as he looked up. "... I was just hoping that i'd catch her in the act and sum it all up..."

"Why this long?"

"I didn't know... Until the party. I spotted her getting felt up by one of the guys."

She sighed. "I'm sorry..."

"Don't be... Actually, i got my own little nook i have my eye on..." he smiled at her. Faith looked at him, and thought a minute. "Y- you mean me???" she asked.

He shrugged. "There is no other girl in here..."

She blushed. She looked down, then to him. "So, you want to be with me... Behind her back?"

"No... I'm gonna call her out on it, and leave the apartment... But... I don't want to be at a hotel"

"Well, you can stay at my place... Well, at least until you get another place. "

He smiled. The silence was music, but he looked down. "The doctor said you'll be out of here in a week... You want to be alone until then, or do you want me to come around?"

She smiled and looked at him. "I think this pain is bearable when your around." she said. "But, i'm not an easy catch.."

"I know... I want to go on dates, be able to talk, and enjoy the moments... I won't announce until you want me to..." he said.

She smiled and nodded. "Okay..."
SaintRogueRaphael     8y ago

(center (size30 1))

"Girl, is that him?" Faith's neighbor and artist- at- arms partner, Grace, tapped her shoulder.

Faith gazed across the room and spotted her ex- boyfriend, Luke. Frozen stiff, she struggled to breathe. Every limb in her body seemed to be placed on lock. She knew this moment would come eventually. She just never expected him tonight.

Pissed off, Faith walked away, trying to calm herself just enough to enjoy the party. A hand touched her's and her gaze migrated to an oh- too- familiar face. And by the looks of things, it seemed to have lines of concern on it's face.

"Ay, Faith... You aiight?" asked the figure. She felt relief for a moment before looking to see that a woman followed it. "Yea, Christe... I'm cool" she said in a faint tone. Christe looked to see Mellow, his potential girlfriend. She seemed to have her mind elsewhere in the telling, but her gaze seemed to be locked on a male about 6'3", blacker than tar. Faith shook her head. She knew what type of girl Mellow was, but kept it to herself. No use in hurting her friend over some lie she told him to keep them going.

After that, she walked over to the bar to get herself another drink. Just her luck. Her ex- boyfriend, a man she wasted seven years with, was at HER house, stalking her at her own party.She knew that he knew that she moved on and didn't need him, but it seemed to her that he still didn't catch the clue yet.

She looked to the bartender, who seemed very intent on knowing what was going on. "Hit me wit another, Kraig" she said and sighed as she turned around to lean on the bar.

"Absolutly. Don't drink the entire bar out of stock, now" he joked in his New York accent. She lightly chuckled at it. "I wouldn't if he wasn't here" she said, grabbing the glass and drinking some out of it.

Kraig looked to her, him leaning forward to hear her better. "What you mean?" he asked. She pointed her glass in the direction of where Luke was. "See him?" she asked, Kraig's eyes trailed over to where she was pointing, and as soon as he spotted Luke, his face skrewed up.

"Oh, hell naw! Why the hell is he here?"

She shrugged. "I guess he heard about me being out here and single." Kraig sighed and looked at her with a cutting stare in his eye for Luke. "Yo, sistah, I can handle this asshole no problem"

Faith nodded and looked ahead. "Keep your eye out, Kraig."

Kraig smacked his lips and huffed. "Mhm, i'll watch his trifiling ass"

She chuckled as she downed her glass, then walked off. Christe and Mellow walked up suddenly, and they looked concerned. "Yo, we saw Luke, you okay?"

Faith looked up at Christe. "Yea, yea, i'm cool... I just need to stay out of his line of sight, that's all" she said and tried to walk off, but Christe stopped her. "Look, Faith, just stick around us. We got your back, okay?" he said. She sighed and nodded. Christe looked over to Mellow, who looked back to him. "I'll go get some alize. i'll be back" she said and disappeared into the mist of the party. Christe looked back to Faith, who looked as though she was pissed off. "Hey, Faith... Come on. Cheer up. This is your birthday party. Enjoy it." he said. But, as she looked over, Luke was walking towards them, and Faith's breath hitched as she tried to back away. When she did, Christe stepped in front of her, and she stared up to Christe for a second, her eyes wondering, and her fear somehow depleated.

"wuzzup, Christe."

It took him a moment, but Christe responded "waddup, Luke"

Luke looked at him, then to the hiding body behind him. "Hey, Faith... You mind if we talk privately?"

She stared at him, and balled her fists. "I don't think so" she said sternly.

He chuckled. "Come on, Faith-"

"I said... No" she said slowly. The guests stared towards the small conversation. Mellow looked over to the forming crowd, and gasped as she saw Luke. "What? What's up, sugar?" asked Kraig, who looked in the direction Mellow was. "What the fuck?"

"So your not going to talk to me?" She only stared, Christe staying before her, and as he analyzed the 6'3" man before him, Luke chuckled. "So, what? Your supposed to be her bodyguard?"

Christe looked at him, but didn't say a word. "You know what, Faith?" She stared at him. "Your a coward. You can't stand up to me like a woman"

Faith stared at him and watched as the crowd backed up. "You know what?" he added. "Your a ho. You can't even be a brave one"

That made her walk past Christe before he could even stop her. She punched his cheek, him hitting the wall with his right side. She growled as she took her alize and splashed is on his face. She put the glass down and watched as he spat some of the alize from his mouth. "You can go to hell, Luke" she said, and turned to walk away when he grabbed her arm, yanking him to her, and back handed her in the face. Christe jumped when it happened, and ran towards him as she went down to her knees. Mellow gasped and ran as Kraig jumped over the bar and followed behind.

As soon as she hit the ground, Christe had his shirt by the collar, and slammed him on his back against the wall. Mellow ran and grabbed Faith's arm, yanking her out of the way of Christe's burst of anger and strength. Kraig ran up and helped them away, watching as Christe and Luke struggled. The other guests ran to one corner of the room as Luke managed to push himself away from the wall and slammed Christe on the ground. Christe punched Luke in the face, him falling to his right, and Christe soon had the advantage.

As he continuously punched Luke in the face, Luke found the opportunity to punch him off to his left, and when he fell to the ground, he pulled out a 9mm and aimed it to the crowd and Christe. "Back the fuck up!" he bellowed, Christe scooting backa s far as he could, and Mellow helping him up. "Back up!" he yelled again, his nose bloody and his hand on the trigger. He then looked to Faith, who looked shocked to see a gun in her presence. He smirked and laughed. "See, bitch? I always win!" he laughed, throwing up his hands. "I win!"

Just then, Kraig appeared into Faith's eye sight. "Not today!" he yelled. He then jumped from the staircase, and wrestled with Luke until the gun was out of his hand and into Kraig's. By the time he did, Luke stood with a start and ran out of the house.


Christe walked up to the door of the house. It had been two weeks, and he hadn't heard from her in a minute. To be honest, he was beginning to worry. And he couldn't blame her... But, he knew he had to get her out of the house. After four more knocks, the latch on the door sounded, then the door opened. Her head was in the shadows, but she allowed her hand to get some sun. "What, Christe?" she asked. Her voice sounded raspy, sounded like she was drunk and played out. Christe sighed and looked at her. "Let me in, Faith..."


"Look, i know your scared... But you shouldn't torture yourself like this." he said, adn pushed the door open, just enough for him to step inside. She stepped back, then hugged herself as she turned, hurrying towards the livingroom.

"What did you do to yourself?"

There wasn't an answer. She only sat down on the couch, and stayed there like a rock. He sighed and sat down. "Faith, come on..." he said. She sighed. "Look, this isn't what you should be doing"

"Then, what should i be doing, Christe, since your so smart?"

Christe stared and sighed at her. "Pick your ass up and move on. You got me, and Mellow, even Kraig"

She stared at him. "To hell with Mellow.." she murmered.


"I dunno why your being so shallow"

He sighed and looked away. "Let's go"

He stared at her as she stood. "What?"

"We're going out" he said.

"Out where?"

"The mall, now hurry the hell up!" he said, pushing her up the stairs and ran down the stairs. "And i ain't leaving until your dressed and ready to go"