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Spain and Romano -private

By Reflections

(b For Birdseyeview and Reflection)


(r Birdseyeview plays Romano)


(blue Reflections plays Spain)


(#0066ff England casts a spell at a Un Meeting where people switch bodies; Spain and Romano switch bodies)


(#cc0000 private thread)

Reflections*Spain*   8y ago

Spain heard an all to familiar voice swearing, wait swearing? Germany's or more like Italy's grip had loosened from around him, and he turned to see himself scowling and swearing. His eyes widened as he saw his body roaming freely, without him. (b " Aguarda un minuto, si esa es mi cuerpo, entonces,") he trailed off looking down at himself. His uniform looked almost like it usually did, except it was a bit more constricting. (b " Ita, Germany, who do i look like?") He asked turning his body back around. Italy looked at him with a stern look that hinted at confusion.
" You are Romano, why?" Spain's eyes widened. (b " I am not Romano though, i am Spain.") He said turning and look over at where his body was currently demanding answers. Spain smiled, and he slipped from Italy's grasp, thanking the two of them quickly before quickly making it to where his body was. He turned his body around, and felt quite short considering there was a head in height difference. (b " Hey Romano,") Spain was still smiling as he turned to Britain. (b " Oye, Gran Bretaña lo que está pasando aquí, y por qué estoy en el cuerpo de Romano y él en el mío?") He asked in Spanish to identify himself, as he still stood by Romano curious but still smiling. (b " What a predicament huh,") he smiled up at Romano.
birdseyeviewRomano   8y ago

Really, it was like this every time. Whenever a meeting took place an argument was bound to occur, not that Romano particularly cared. If he got a chance to chew out Germany than all was fine for him, yet he had to admit that even this time, the thing that had started the argument was rather dumb. Sometimes, Romano seriously wondered if America thought before saying anything. Watching the increasing argument between England, who seemed to be quite furious, and America, who seemed to not be worried in the least, Romano sighed and rolled his eyes in a clear gesture that he wasn't impressed. Snapping briefly at America when the man said another ridiculous thing, Romano did nothing more than to lean back in his seat and grumble softly under his breath at the drama spiraling around him. Honestly, he had no idea why he was here when it was obvious that no solution was going to be found. The whole situate was gnawing on his limited supply of patience and he wanted nothing more than to either leave these idiots to handle the problem on their own, or snap at them all to shut up. Neither option was really open for him to do though since the argument involved him as well, regardless whether or not he was choosing to waste his time in yelling at the others about it. The only time he truly felt inclined to say anything was when Germany spoke and that was simply because Romano hated the man and he would do everything he could to contradicted what the other was saying.

Watching dispassionately the polar bear for a few seconds, the brunette had no time to react before he felt himself fly off his seat. Grumbling softly and rubbing the back of his head the moment his ears had stopped ringing, Romano slowly, almost hesitantly, pried his hues open to look around the room in clear confusion. Coughing quietly, the boy tried to get his wits about himself again. From the fading smoke, he could just make out the figures of the others. Winching lightly at the headache he had when he made a move to sit up, Romano released a irritated growl. As if the arguments in this meeting weren't enough, now whatever the hell that explosion was, had caused him to have a massive headache. Pushing himself carefully up to his feet from where he had been sprawled out on the floor after the blast, Romano blinked and quickly scanned the room for his brother and Spain. He might not act like he particularly cared for either, but under all that icy cold attitude and rude remarks, the two were definitely important to him.

Turning at the sound of frantic questions being asked, Romano felt the urge to roll his eyes at the sight that met him. Germany was hugging him and seeming confused about something......wait....what? Germany was hugging (i him). Why would he even be doing that? How could he be hugging him if Romano wasn't even over there? He was standing a few feet away watching them. And why was his brother's typical tone of voice seeming to come out of Germany's usually serious voice? Turning at the sound of Italy's (i actual) voice, Romano found himself freezing all over again. His brother had a serious expression on his face, something that definitely did not belong there. Nor did the tone in which he spoke.

Confused and unnerved, Romano looked down at his hands hesitantly. If "he" was over there with what appeared to be Germany and his brother, then why was he standing away from them as well. Flickering his eyes between his brother's body and himself, Romano was quick to notice that he had suddenly become quite taller than Italy. That in itself was more alarming. Something was definitely happening and he had no idea what. However, he was pretty sure there was only one person to blame.

"England, you bastard! What the hell is going on here, damn it!" Romano snapped out across the room, trying not to jump at how different his bloody voice sounded. All these new developments were doing nothing more than making his mood worse.
Reflections*Spain*   8y ago

Another Un meeting was progressing, and the arguement seemed to go all around the table, different points of view on the current situation. The cheery additude didn't seem to leave the Spaniard no matter how intense the conversations got. He just sat there and listened to what they were saying, once in a while Spain would think to himself a solution, but kept his mouth shut.
" That will never work you idiot," England again exploded at America glaring at him. Spain closed his eyes and sighed slightly, a smile on his face to cover his disappointment. Everything was going well up to that point. They had solved one problem, but when it came to the debt of the world, everything exploded into a worse arguement. America was the catalyst that caused this, everyone knew this, but England was the one person most on him for that. Spain himself was in debt, but he was trying his best to get himself back into the black.
America laughed loudly, making the Spaniard open his green eyes to observe the arguement. " Everything is fine when the hero is involved England dude." The two of them got into a heated arguement, and France jumped in also. It wasn't before long a floating polar bear came and tried to get inbetween them. Then all of a sudden, a boom reverberated through the room, and people were jolted out of their seats, including Spain. The room grew cloudy with smoke. He held his head, feeling it suddenly start to hurt. He squeezed his eyes closed and held his head in his hands. And the pain quickly left, leaving the spaniard confused as he opened his eyes and looked around, he was under the table. He crawled from under it and stood up, looking around at everyone else who was emerging from the clouds of smoke as well.
"uuahh fratello what happened," a very unusually frantic voice came from behind him, and he turned around to see Germany right in front of him looking terrified. It looked really off on Germany's face, which made Spain very confused. ' What, i am not Germany's brother, and why did he say brother in Italian?' Spain thought to himself before looking at the much taller person, was he that much taller than him before. Germany's arms wrapped around his shorter body and wails came from him.
" Ehh Germany i am not your brother, your hermano is Prussia not me." Spain froze at his voice, it sounded odd, maybe he was just hearing things. The arms around him loosened as Germany looked down at him, tears in his eyes. All these other emotions on Germany's face scared Spain a bit.
" No, you are my brother you are Romano, and i am not Germany. I am not tough and scary like him." Spain was dumbstruck.
" I am not Romano, i am Spain." Germany shook his head vigorously.
" Quit playing games fratello, seriously you are scaring me."
" I am not playing games with you Germany, i am seriously Spain."
Germany wouldn't take Spain's answers no matter how much he argued the point, it wasn't till Italy came behind Germany and turned him around. Italy's face was stern, totally opposite of what he had been use to. Italy would never make such a face.
" Hey, Italy, quit arguing with Romano." Germany turned around to see Italy and his eyes widened, " What? How is my body not me?" Germany asked looking down at himself.
" What is going on here?" Spain asked himself rubbing his forehead looking around the room.