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Aces of Spades vs King of Hearts

By Reflections
What happens when a fight breaks in the world meeting, before it even starts? The culprit this time is no other than America, and Russia. What will happen when Canada tries to get between them, and tries to break the fight up himself, getting hurt in the process.

Russia x Canada Yaoi

Reflections* Canada*   8y ago

After one last heave, his vomiting had turned into dry heaves, which made his lungs ache and his body quiver at the effort. He heard the faint sound of the bathroom door opening, but then again he could be hearing things. Everything seemed muted compared to his tried vomiting. Tears of effort pricked at his eyes he just wanted it to be over with. He heard Russia behind him, and a few strands of his hair get pulled out of his face as he heaves a bit more. ' What is he doing here?' Canada thought to himself his cheeks growing a bit pink at the gesture, but it wasn't that noticable under the blush already on his face from effort. Slowly the heaves and coughs subsided, and he wiped his mouth from the spit and vomit that had managed to get on his face. He looked over his shoulder at Russia, who told him to rinse out his mouth, and that he would drive him back to the hotel. The hand rubbing circles in his back calmed Canda All he could give him at the moment was a nod before he slowly started to get up. His vision started to swim, and his hand rested on the walls for support as he stood. The taste of vomit in his mouth wasn't pleasant, he would have vomited if he hadn't already done so. He turned around and walked to the sinks, taking his time so he wouldn't fall down. It wasn't quite nesissary for him to do so being a country, but he felt safe doing it.
Making it to the sink, Canada turned on the cold water and cupped his hands under it. He let his hands fill with the frigid liquid before he took a bit into his mouth and started to swish it around. He could taste the vomit swishing around, and it made his stomach lurch. He spit it out and coughed a few times. He covered his mouth while the coughs subsided. Once they did, he washed his mouth out again, but this time a bit more sucessful. Once he was done there, he got a paper towel and wiped off his mouth. He wasn't feeling the best at all. He turned back to Russia, fishing his phone out of his pocket to see who it was, it was the president, great his boss. (i The parliament didn't agree yet to pass the bill needed to get us back on our feet.) ' Great, that is why.' Canada thought to himself before putting his phone back into his pocket. He didn't know what to say as he looked at the larger country.
LayicornRussia (Ivan)   8y ago

Glancing over at China and Prussia as they chatted happily about where they should go next, and in what country they would be at the time Russia felt his self sigh, and looked away gaze landing on Canada just as the other jumped up and ran towards the bathroom.
Eyes widening in worry he glanced at China and Prussia who seemed just as confused and held up a hand when Prussia went to stand. "I'll check on Matvei, you continue your conversation."
Standing up quietly and making his way to the restroom in a much calmer manner than the one before him, Russia glanced over at the people who were looking around in a shocked manner whispering about ghosts and other such nonsense. "Idiots..."
Pushing open the door to the restroom and stepping inside only to see Canada in a stall across from him, throwing up. Twisting his face in slight distaste for the situation he shook his head and let the face fall as he walked over to the other nation and knelled down beside him.
"Matvei, are you ok?" He whispered as he reached out and brushed a few locks of hair from the others face when Canada sat up and wiped at his mouth, the other hand rubbing circles in his back. "Go rinse your mouth and I'll give you a ride back to the hotel, da?"
Reflections* Canada*   8y ago

He looked up at China when he mentioned going out again. Mentally, Canada really didn't want to do so any time soon, his heart was beginning to hurt. Just seeing how happy Russia and China were together. He smiled at the idea anyways, just a small warm one like he usually did before he went back to eating his soup, which was almost gone by now. He took a spoonful of soup and was about to eat it, when Russia said something about the hockey game. It came as a total surprise to the Canadian, and he jumped a bit in responce. Canada looked up at Russia before nodding, (r " Okay, its fine with me.") Canada smiled at Russia, in hope of lightening the mood a bit. He listened at the happy chatter between Prussia and China, planning their next outing. ' Please not soon,' Canada hoped mentally as he took a bite of his soup. He felt his stomach flip ungraceful, making him feel nauseous. His were cold, he didn't notice till now, and shaking slightly, sense when? (r " I have to go to the restroom,") he said setting his spoon down before getting up. He felt cold run down his spine and he paled. Out of habit, he didn't look up as he left to go the bathroom, thank god for the bathroom sign. He walked in there and shut himself in a stall before throwing up. Here out of all places, really. His phone buzzed in his pocket, but he couldn't reach it while he was throwing up the contents of his stomach.
LayicornRussia (Ivan)   8y ago

Pulling away from the other and smiling a bit before turning back to his food as China laid his head on his shoulder."Anyway," The small Asian began as he poked at his rice a bit. "I was thinking maybe later on we could all go out together again. After all I enjoy the company."
Russia watched as the other smiled at Prussia and made sure to smile brightly at Canada as well as he groaned on the inside. To go out with these two again? It seemed a bit to much strain on his heart. After all he had agreed to date Yao, he would be loyal to him. But he held oh so many feelings for Matthew as unrequited as they may be. It was painful to think about.
Forcing a smile onto his face and nodding before he began to eat as well, finishing quickly and placing his plate to the side before placing his elbows against the table and lacing his fingers together so they could support his head, and closed his eyes as he barely listened to Prussia and Yao plan their next outing before opening his eyes and focusing on Canada.
"If we are to go to the hockey game I will pick you up. OK?" He muttered as he watched the other jump slightly.
Reflections* Canada*   8y ago

Canada listened as the others made a small conversation about how that girl forgot about him. Himself he wasn't very surprised that the waitress forgot about him. It seemed like they thought it was a very bad and surprising thing, but to Canada, this was everyday life. (r " I am just easy to forget,") he said calmly to everyone. He looked at them not seeming bothered by the whole thing, but he was, how couldn't he. He took a spoonful of Chicken Tortilla soup and tasted it, the warm broth tasted good, and was greeted in his stomach. He stared down into the light red brown soup, and his thoughts drifted. He wasn't paying attention to anything around him as he stared into the soup. How long would things last, and when will things quickly float by into nothingness? He knew he would be forgotten again, just a matter of time.
Canada broke himself from his daze, he blinked at the blurred outline of the soup before taking another spoonful of soup and eating it. He looked up just to see Russia and China kissing. It made the blond man jolt in surprise, when did this start to happen? Of course it would happen when he wasn't paying attention. He already felt awkward from one glance at them, he looked over at Prussia beside him, who just gave a confused look back. ' Well they are going out, why wouldn't they kiss? They have the right to.' Canada thought to himself as he looked back down at his soup and took another bite. Purposely not looking up at Russia and China kissing, he felt very awkward in this situation, but also sad.
His gaze remained mostly calm as he took another bite of soup.
LayicornRussia (Ivan)   8y ago

Glaring at the girl as she scurried away Ivan felt the anger fade away. How rude could people be! Not just forgetting him but to stab his forehead with her grimy finger! Shaking his head a bit as he turned to Canada who was speaking he shrugged.
"Rude people...." He muttered as China placed a hand on his thigh and leaned on his shoulder.
"Very, I don't see how they could ignore such a boy like Matthew." The Asian said as Russia and Prussia nodded in agreement, a blush forming on the taller mans face as he did so. He hated himself as it appeared, he was with Yao so why were his thoughts on Matthew this entire time! He had no chance with the Canadian even if he wan't involved with Yao.
Forcing a smile onto his face once again Russia looked away from Canada and wrapped an arm around China pulling the small male closer and placing a delicate kiss on his lips, making the other light up bright red. "Aiya! Ivan! In public?" He whispered even as he leaned in for another kiss.
Reflections* Canada*   8y ago

Canada sat there for a while, looking at his lap, and letting his thoughts drift every which way. From how Kumajiro was doing, to what him and his brother fought about the other day. Ever so often Canada would look around, and tone into Prussia's and China's conversation, but immediately get confused and zone out again. At the slow pace this was going, Canada was starting to perfer being stuck in a room with drunk England, his loud brother, and drunk papa France. Just being around Russia and China who were dating made Canada feel a bit awkward. Alice had come with their food, she had a smile on her face, " And here you are." She then set the plates in front of everyone, She looked at the lone bowl of soup on her tray, and a confused look crossed her face. " Hmm, it seems like i have an extra bowl," of course she had forgotten about him. (r " Umm excuse me,") he said to the girl, and she looked at him jumping and letting out a yelp of fright. "Wha where, did you come from?" She asked completely taken by surprise. It wasn't like it was anything new to him he was forgotten, but it still did hurt, though he tried not to show it.
(r " I have been here the whole time,") he replied simply looking at her, while she didn't break eye contact. She slowly reached over to him, and poked him in the forehead. Confusion crossed the Canadian's face, this was a new motion. She then smiled, " Sorry about that, i had to make sure you weren't a ghost or anything." She then set the soup in front of him and smiled before walking away. (r " That was new,") Canada mumbled to himself as Prussia chuckled. " Does that happen everytime Birdie?" he asked a grin still on his face. (r " Mostly,") he replied slowly, (r " but poking me in the forehead was new.") He shrugged before starting to eat his soup.
LayicornRussia (Ivan)   8y ago

"Well then it's settled you two are going together! Your ok with that right Ivan, aru?" China asked looking up at the much taller nation innocently as he nodded.
"Da, I would love to go with Matvei." He replied knowing that in fact he would probably be a nervous wreck but it wouldn't show.
"Great." China chirped as he laid his small head on Russia's large shoulder and held onto his arm as they waited for their meals Prussia and China jumping back into the conversation as Russia let his mind wander straying as he slowly lost focus of where he was and who he was with until Yao poked his side.
"The foods here aru." He mumbled as Russia blushed slightly barely noticeable making Yao giggle and shake his head before turning to his food one hand lingering with Russia for a moment longer.
Reflections* Canada*   8y ago

They all had ordered their food, and Russia replied to Canada's question. He payed attention as China came in quite unexpectedly and made a comment in the conversation. It just made Canada a bit curious, if Russia and China were dating, then why would he want to go with him to a hockey game. Through it all, Canada continued to smile. " I wouldn't mind it at all, it would always be fun to have someone to go to a game with." But it wasn't like he would know a thing about that sort of thing, always being forgotten and alone. Those depressing thoughts sank in his stomach, when he recalled what his brother had yelled at him the other day, (i " By what? Being invisible, that isn't a way to live Matthew.") Just hearing that made the stones in his stomach turn, not making his mood any better. He sipped his drink as lapsed into silence the smile on his face now smaller but still there. His eyes distanced in those thoughts, the world still buzzing around him.
LayicornRussia (Ivan)   8y ago

Shifting a bit as he nodded his thanks to the woman when he received his drink and spoke his order before turning to Canada and shaking his head. "Nyet. I do not like going on such outings alone. I'll watch from home." He said calmly as he took a small sip of his drink, mouth dry as he let his eyes slip closed a bit.
"Ah, well can't you two go together aru? I would go but ah me and hockey dont get along." China said ac he scratched the back of his head with a nervous laugh as Russia shrugged. "I do not know, it would be up to Matthew." He muttered as he pat the small boys knee and noting the red face that came with the pat.
"Ah, well what do you say Matthew, aru." China smiled before leaning against the tall Russian small hands grabbing the large arm.
Reflections* Canada*   8y ago

The girl Alice had come with their drinks, and not shortly afterwards China and Prussia were caught up in a conversation. Prussia was using big gestures and being like he always was, a very obnoxious person. Once in a while Canada would get caught in some of his gestures, Prussia corralling him in, or setting his hand on his shoulder or arm. While Canada did what he did best, sat in silence listening. Canada took a sip of his water as Russia addressed him by his human name. Matthew looked up at Russia, he saw the blurred figure of the Russian. He smiled and set his drink back down on the table before he was asked if he was going to attend the hockey tournament coming up soon. His smile widened at the question. He absolutely loved hockey, it was just such a perfect sport in his opinion. Not as mindlessly violent as America's Football was, but still was a bit of pushing around. (r " Of course," he chirped, " someone has to put them in their places.") His smile didn't fall from his face as he said that, or looked at Russia sitting beside China. (r " Are you going to go?") He asked right back to be polite.
LayicornRussia (Ivan)   8y ago

Sitting down next to China as Canada and Prussia sat across from them he reached over and placed his hand in the Asians leg to calm himself. He was nervous, and irritated at the easy way Prussia touched Canada though he really shouldn't be after all he had China, right? He loved China.
Looking up as the man asked what he wanted, he sighed. "Water." He muttered as they didn't have vodka on the menu. Once the man took China's order and scurried off he watched as the small man made conversation with Prussia he assumed if was his job to speak to Canada.
Smiling nervously as he licked his lips and went to speak he shifted. What wa she supposed to say? Even though he knew so much about the other country his mind drew a blank as his mouth opened. "Matthew," he bean slightly uneven. "I heard that the hockey tournament is closing in, are you planning on attending?" He asked wanting to die inside when the other glanced up at him, but of course he kept himself still and blank eyes dark as his crush looked up. He knew the other country loved hockey, hell he had seen the man scream there as everybody knew Canada would barely speak above a whisper.
Reflections* Canada*   8y ago

Canada had finally got done with his shower and dressed in causal clothing, some jeans and a tee shirt before slipping on a blank teal sweatshirt. His gold hair was slightly damp from his shower. And he was still blind. (r " I should have packed my other pair of glasses,") Canada muttered to no one in paticuliar as he walked out of the bathroom. He looked over and saw Prussia laying relaxed on the bed, watching something on the television. The remote was in his hand and Kumajiro was laying at the foot of the bed as far away from Prussia while being on the bed as possible. Canada looked at the television and saw what he was watching, but turned a dark shade of red as he almost sprinted to to turn off the televison. He ended up unplugging it all together, and looking at Prussia with a tired and unapproving look, while he just gave him an 'innocent' smile.
(r " Go be a hoser somewhere else, not in here.") Canada said in a huff, Prussia only laughed.

When the two of them made it into the restaurant, Russia and China were already in there. (r " Can you please be a bit more quiet when we are in there Prussia?") Canada asked as he looked over at the taller male. Prussia laughed boisterously, " Sure Birdie sure." But that didn't help the tension and butterflies that collected in his stomach. He felt really uncomfortable in this senerio. ' In the future i have to learn to say no,' he dully thought to himself as they walked into the restaurant, everything was just a mass blur of color without his glasses on. They were greeted by Russia first, then China. " Hey Ivan, Yao," Prussia was the first to greet out of the two of them. (r " Good evening Yao, Ivan.") He addressed China first because they didn't talk often, only once or twice here and there.
They were lead to their table and had menus set out for them. Canada still felt awkward, despite how calm the others looked. He wasn't comfortable in this senerio at all, but kept a small smile on his face the best he could the whole time. He looked through the menu. A perky and smiley girl came up to the table with a tray and a notepad. " Hello my name is Alice and i will be your server this evening, is there any drinks i can get you right away?" Canada flipped to the back of the menu and looked through the drinks before saying to her, his voice normal and quiet, (r " I would like a water please.") He wasn't sure how pop or lemon would sit in his stomach, so he was against it. Alice looked at him before asking, " Can you please repeat that sir?" ' Stupid quiet voice,' he cursed mentally before his smile widened and he said a bit louder (r " Can i get a water please?") She smiled at him before writing it down. Prussia looked at the menu too, seeing there was no alcohol except for wines and hard liquor. " Hmm... I will have a Mountain Dew please." It wasn't hard to hear him, he was pretty loud.
LayicornRussia (Ivan)   8y ago

Smiling and wrapping an arm around China as the smaller man sat in the bathroom brushing his hair. "Yao Yao, your taking a long time." He mumbled into the others neck as he heard the other laugh.
"Yes, but I need to it's our first date and well....aru...I'm nervous." He mumbled shifting a bit as Russia nodded, silver hairs brushing the others neck before he stood back to his full height and smiled down at the other.
"Da, ok. I'll wait Yao Yao." He said happily before walking back into his room and sitting down on the bed waiting patiently, humming a small tune to himself.
"Ok, I'm ready aru let's go." The Asian man said happily skipping out and grabbing his hand and dragging him out the door, barely giving him time to grab his scarf.

Pulling up to the restaurant China had chosen he looked around and frowned at the large amount of people. But even the large nation had to admit it was a nice place. Exiting the car and waiting for China to reach him and take his hand, he led the other into the fancy building, and letting the smaller man speak to the woman in front of them moments before he noticed Prussia and Canada walk in the blond nation looking as uncomfortable as he felt.
"Ah, Matthew, Gilbert." He said as he acknowledged the two, suing their human names since they were in public.
Reflections* Canada*   8y ago

Canada went through the meeting blind, and it went as usual, only about the big countries like America and such. It didn't phase his mood like it should have, but he was quite fine with it today. Because he didn't need to see anything, only listen. During the whole thing him and Prussia had exchanged a few words and Canada had a smile on his face almost the whole day. He could see blurred people move from the table while Germany dismissed the meeting. Everyone seemed to leave the hall in groups, and Prussia left Canada as well, leaving him alone. Canada just smiled and said it was fine, but his gut sank and the hollow feeling came back to his chest, alone again. Standing from his seat, he pushed it in and silently walked out of the room, without no one noticing. His clairvoyant violet eyes looking around him as he walked down the stairs and out of the building.
His mind was wandering, and when he went outside, he inhaled cold hair, sending pricks and needles down to his lungs. Buttoning his coat more, he quickly walked towards his hotel. Though his mind couldn't help but wander, and him zone out of the world around him. Russia was dating China, just that thought alone made his chest feel cold and hollow. Prussia was being his buddy, but Canada had no feelings for him, just friends. His brother was bound to forget him sometime, so he couldn't rely on him or England, nor is papa France.
Canada felt a tug on the back of his coat, making him stumble before the pressure on the back of his coat quickly released and he was left there looking around. He only saw blurry figures around him, he couldn't get a clear vision unless he squinted. He saw no one he know, was it just his imagination? Canada felt a familiar pang in his stomach, keeping him there for a moment. (r " This can't be good,") he said silently to himself as he started to walk back to the hotel, but at a slower pace. A familiar pressure stirred in his stomach, making him walk a bit faster to get to the hotel.
Once inside, he felt the hot air hit him like a wall, he was sure if he had glasses on they would have fogged. He dug in his pocket for his key card, easily finding it by his broken glasses. Making it to his door, he unlocked it and walked in, shutting the door and taking off his coat. Kumajiro greeted him by sitting on his feet and staring up at him. Canada smiled down at the bear as he cocked his head to the side. " Who are you?" the bear asked obviously confused. Taking off his shoes, he said (r " I am Canada, your owner, the one who feeds you.") The bear stood up and licked him on the cheek before going back to rest on the bed. Canada just got his shoes off when another shot of pain was in his stomach, but this time releasing bile up his throat. He started to cough and rub his throat before getting up and walking into the bathroom. He started to spit the left over bile into the sink to stop the burning. After he was done with that he rubbed his eyes, (r " My economy must be dropping again.") Walking out of the bathroom, he quickly got Kumajiro some food before laying down on the bed to go to sleep, till he heard a familiar loud voice. "Birdie open up, the awesome Prussia is here." His eyes opened, and Kumajiro looked over at the door before starting to eat again. Sitting up, Canada walked over to his door and opened it to see the exact person who said he was there, Prussia. The albino smiled at him before saying, " Hey tonight we are going with Russia and China to dinner." Canada looked up at the smiling country blankly for a moment before recovering him smile. (r " I really don't want to impose on those two, and plus Kumataki is oddly out of it today, so i need to look over him for a while.") Canada's cheek twitched, telling he was lying about the last part. Prussia entered Canada's room, and proclaimed loudly as Canada shut the door, " You shall come with the awesome me." Walking into the room to see the blurry figure of Prussia on his bed, relaxing. Canada sat on the edge of his bed and shook his head, (r " Tonight i just want to relax.") Prussia laughed and sat up, setting his hand on the other's shoulder. " Birdie, it will be a relaxing time, trust me." Canada' almost stiffened at the idea, but his eyes went down to the tan army uniform he was wearing. No one usually saw it because it was under his coat most of the time. He fiddled with the end of the coat before shaking his head no to Prussia. (r " No i am not going to intrude on their time together. Just leave the two of them be and everything will be pushed off no problem.") He didn't look up at the other as he said that, he fiddled with the hem of the tan coat. Prussia's hand grabs Canada's chin and makes him look at him, " Don't worry birdie, it will be fine trust me." Canada felt the bile rise to his throat again, and he started to get off the bed when Prussia grabbed his hand and stopping his efforts to the bathroom. " Come on Birdie, one night, how horrible can it get?" Canada let out a silent sigh, (r " Fine,") he agreed quietly before his hand was released and he walked into the bathroom, spitting the bile out of his throat. ' Tonight is going to be hard,' he thought to himself as he closed the door, and ran the shower. The northern nation felt sticky and shed his clothing before stepping into the shower. A long night indeed.