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Life on a Canvas

By Reflections

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  1. [Allowed] Sarrabi
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  3. [Allowed] ReddRibbon

There is a rumor floating around from town to town. That there is this girl, in the middle of highschool, that has an artistic talent, beyond her years she has been living. She has a talent to paint the most beautiful painting. __ did love art, and had a passion for it, she loved making art. Her parents urged her to do a few art pieces for people, and make a job from it.

And she did, at first doing a few paintings for friends and family, and soon it branched out so she did paintings for strangers. Her business was going well. During the summer ___ got a spot in a local fair where people sold different things to people, and she sold her artwork. She had just started sculptures as well, having a few small figurines as a test item. They were a success and she continued to both paint and make sculptures.

One day, for a birthday present, her grandmother gave her some paint, though it didn't look normal. They were in small old ink wells and blended easier than most paints. She had painted three paintings with those paints.

The first painting was of a male, he was sitting in a field of knee high grass and was looking up at the night sky. He seemed so calm and happy, dispite the demon tail and horns. (size10 (r Love))

The second painting was of a person, the gender couldn't quite be told. They were in the streets, their hands tucked into their sweatshirt pockets and the looked over at the busy street. they were frowning, and had headphones in blending in with the dark landscape. But what made them stick out was the small halo over head and the pale white wings against their back. (size10 (blue Hate))

The last painting was of a male, he had his hand out offered to a small girl, she was smiling back up at him taking the offering, people around them looking at him. Blending into the bright and cheery backround. Though something stood from the backround, black feathered wings on his back, and a demon tail (size10 (b Sin))

She didn't know why she painted those paintings she just got a random spoof of inspiration. Putting opposite meanings with what they looked like.
So the demon in the first painting who looked like a demon was the opposite and actually the opposite of what he looked like and he cared for people.
The angel in the second painting looked like an angel, but actually hated a lot of things.
And the third painting of the Nephilium he showed a person of caring when he actually was full of sin.
She went to another fair with those three paintings with a few others on display and statues on display. The three paintings were the first to go, a group of teenage girls who bought them. The day going really smoothly from there.

Her life was going very well, except a few days later she was informed by all three of the girls that the characters from their paintings weren't there anymore. Confused about the situation she asked her grandmother about the paint and the grandmother informed her that it was a paint set was enchanted to make the main character in the painting come to life. The grandmother assured that the paintings would know who she was and would come towards her, drawn to her, she would need to find them.

She is burdened with the task of finding the three supernatural people in a big city


(center Rules)
2. 1500 character minimum
3. Anime pictures please
4. Its not a 1x1
5. Pm me to join
6. Have a unique character, their personality isn't totally defined above, you just have to incorperate it some how
7. Their features can't hide all at the same time
ex. if the demon had no horns showing he would need to find a way to hide his tail without it totally disappearing like the horns
8. (b Not first come first serve, be unique, and good skellies)
9. No smutty pictures
*if confused send me a pm. I don't bite*

(b Spots Open)
Artist Girl~ (r Taken)
Demon Male~ (r Taken)
Angel -Female- (r Taken)
Nephilium Male~ (r Taken)

(size20 Skellies)
Age: - really or appearance, *14-18*
Apperance: ex. Hair color, eye color, height etc
Bio: Be creative, even for the paintings, they have a life in the paintings, why they hate or love or sin
Picture: Url only


(center (r (b Accepted Characters)))
Username: Reflections
Name: Usko Synti
Age: appears 16
Spot: Nephilium male
Apperance: He is 5'10 with platinum blonde hair and hetocromatic eyes green and purple
Bio: Usko was born into a regular working class family, with three older sister, him being the youngest of the family. He was working to help his family at a young age, some small odd jobs that would earn him some money, either trimming lawns or helping old people with errands. It earned his family money. One day while he was helping an old man clean his house. The man had fallen asleep in his chair, and Usko had done what was wanted, and he was informed that there was money on the table for him, but he didn't see any, so he looked around for it, finding a twenty dollar bill on the floor. Picking it up, he saw a fifty as well, over far away from where the twenty was. He picked up the fifty as well, the money seemed to burn his hand, but he kept it any ways and left. He felt guilty, but there was also something inside that made him want to try it a bit more. Usko had gotten a bad start in life, stealing, is what started it, and his sin count grew to the point were he wasn't human anymore, and yet he put on a friendly exterior, while on the inside was boiling with sin.
( Picture Link)
Username: Sarrabi
Name: Celest Rubiera
Age: 17
Spot: Artist
Apperance: She is around 5' 10"-5' 11". Her hair is brown cut in a bob. Her eyes are dark brown, and she wears corrective lenses.
Bio: Since she was a little girl, Celest found that the urge to draw was to much to ignore. Rather than focus on other things, when she sees something in her head she paints it. Her fingers just glide across the canvas breathing her passion and life into every one. It's not just a feeling though. Some how to her it just feels right. Her mother argues it's a useless talent for the future but she begs to differ. When her her gran gave her those strange paints, she just knew something was off.
( Link)
Username: Ookami-Chi
Name: Adonis Calix
Age: Appears 17
Spot: Demon
Apperance: Black hair, right eye is gree, left eye is blue, 6'1", a scar along his jaw
Bio: He never asked to be hated. Because of his cruel outward appearance Adonis has lead a harsh life. With his dual colored eyes he was despised by his family in the early 1700s and kicked out onto the streets. From there finding work to pay for day to day necessities was hard. He had to learn other ways to get money and food, ways he never wanted to use. Stealing.
( Link)
Username: ReddRibbon

Name: Aubrey Clementine

Age: 17

Spot: Angel

Apperance: Light green hair that drapes right above the shoulders, covering her calm, silver eyes. Porcelain skin that compliment her fragile, 5'4 frame. She has a soft appearance, no blemishes nor imperfections. Just like an angel.

Bio: Before being cast to hell, Lucifer was the angel of music. This fascinated young Aubrey, she loved listening to his music. His songs and his rhymes. She loved listening to the different chimes even more than she loved God and his orders, growing closer and closer to Lucifer. This is why when he decided to start an uprising against god, lead by his jealousy, Audrey fought right along side him. But of course, his plan failed, and so did hers. When all the condemned angels were cast to hell, Audrey had no regrets. Being a merciful god, he took pity on her because she was the youngest of them all, and instead of an eternity in hell, decided to send her down to earth until she willingly gave up music. Then, and only then, would he accept her back into his kingdom. But to Aubrey, this was close to impossible, forcing her to roam earth with nothing but her music to keep her company as her hatred towards the humankind grew stronger.

( Link)


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ReflectionsUsko Synti   8y ago

Usko Synti use to be a nice child, nothing much wrong with him, he lived in a working class house. He was like that, once, but now he was worse. He kept his family out of the dark on this, it would only hurt them if they knew. He was running away from his latest crime they called it, he just simply called it grabbing what he needed. He ran through the cold dawn of Finland. He came just from a narrow alley and narrowly missed a small girl in the streets. She looked back at him, her cheeks dried from tears and her feet without shoes. Her clothes were full of mud and dirt, and her frame skinnier than it was suppose to be. He gave her a smile and knelt down so he was eyelevel with her. He dug in his patchwork pants pocket and gave her some money, nothing he had just stolen of course, but something he earned doing an odd job. She looked at the money for a moment before looking at him, and he just continued to smile at her and put the money a bit closer to her. Her small hand hesitantly grabbed the bill, and Usko let his grasp loosen. She started to take it, smiling up at him.

Right then the world seemed to freeze, his black wings, and his two demon tails showing the other side of him. He couldn't move, but he could still breath, he could blink, but he just kept staring at the small girl with a happy and joyous smile on her face. It started to give him a sick feeling in his stomach after a while of seeing her smile constantly. He could feel the ground under him shift slightly, fear pricked at his spine, he still couldn't move his body. But he felt a fabric like material enclose around him, almost in a suffocating manner, until he fell and hit a hard carpeted floor. His hetocromatic eyes blinking as he looked around the all together dark room, but he could see the neon pink from the moon light that came through the open window. Cold air filtered through the open window, reminding him of Finland. He sat up, his wings and two tails showing as he looked around. He could see a figure shift in the circle bed as light snores echoed in the air. He gave a smile seeing the figure asleep. Sinful thoughts echoed in his head. He stood up and his two tails swayed as he silently walked over to a wood box painted pink. The box cracked open slightly, but loud music started to play, startling Usko, and making him close the thing and back away. ' What in the Hell,' he thought as he glared at the box. One attempt at opening the box and it spewed childish music. He gave a soft snort of Mirth before he walked back over to the box. He had never run into one of these before, it made him curious. So he grabbbed the box and lifted it from his position on a desk and he walked over to where he fell, to see a painting of home, with that girl, taking money from no one. ' Was I... in there,' he dwelled for a moment, before he turned and leaned against the wall, grasping the box firmly in hand. He looked around at the pink exterior of the box for any hole, key, or hidden compartment in the box. To no avail, the outside was completely smooth. He gave a sigh, and his hands hovered at the lid of the box. He slowly opened the box and once again child's music started to play. He slammed the box shut at the first two notes of the song. He was starting to think it wasn't worth it. he looked up as a snort echoed in the air, and the girl shifted in her bed, laying on her stomach with her face buried in the pillow. It helped Usko a bit more, but he didn't get to much lean.

He spent a good five minutes fooling around with the box, until he got frustrated and gave up on the box. He claimed it unworthy of robbing and looked for a way out, finding a quick way, out the window. He climbed onto the window sill and glanced back at the sleeping girl before taking off, again coming to his attention that he didn't know, (b " Where the fuck am I.") He groaned as he looked around at the town below him. it was lit up brightly, but he didn't quite like how bright it was outside. He looked for a place to land, his tails tucking into the pant legs of his ripped and patchwork pants.

(size12 There was a flash and then, it happened; She wasn't in heaven anymore. No longer was she surrounded by clouds, and white fluffy doves. But instead, she saw night. Dark clouds, and old buildings. But that's not what made it so strange.. it didn't seem real. Everything was two dimensional. And on top of that, the graphics if you could call it, seemed fake. She stood in an uncomfortable position, unable to move anything but her eyes.)

(size12 Completely full of confusion, she forced herself to move. It seemed harder than she remembered, as if she was stuck to the air. Gritting her teeth, stiffly, she ripped herself from whatever had been connecting her body to reality. Losing her balance, she fell backwards.) (size12 (b Gyah!)) (size12 She yelled, landing on a hard wooden floor.) (size12 (b What..)) (size12 She questioned herself as she was just standing on solid concrete.) (size12 (b How did I get here.. wasn't I just- Oh.))

(size12 Taking a look around, she realized she was now standing in a bedroom. Dark curtains covered the windows, they matched the dark sheets draped over the bed. But beyond that, she saw a painting neatly hung on the wall. The one she had recently been in. It made perfect sense, the paintings background matched the one she had just been in. And in the middle of it was a blank space, one that resembled her body type.)

(size12 (b Seriously.. a painting?) She mumbled looking up towards the ceiling. (b Couldn't you be more creative?) She walked towards the mirror, gasping. (b No! M-my hair..) She moaned sadly, realizing that she no longer had her beautiful, long hair. The golden color it was before had turned into a pale green. But, even so, Aubrey ignored it because now, she had bigger problems, her halo and wings were still there. (b This is going to make it hard to blend in..) She thought, thinking of a way to hide them. (b Aha.. I got it!))

(size12 She brought her hands up, and with two delicate fingers, she began feeling her halo. Little by little, she managed to patent it down onto her head. Pinching its sides outwards, she managed to shape them into something. And with a small flash of golden light, what once was a halo, was now a pair of large headphones. (b Perfect.) She smiled as music slowly began to play, she sung along. But again, Aubrey stopped herself and frowned. She had no idea how to hide her wings.)

(size12 She groaned loudly. (i W-who's there!) Aubrey heard from just outside the door, gasping. It must have been the owner of the painting. Her voice was shaking. (b Dammit..) Aubrey cursed, running towards the window. She arched her back, her white wings sprung open as a few feathers came loose. She opened the window, her wings accidentally knocking over a lamp. (i T-that's it.. I'm c-coming in!) She heard again. The door swung open, banging against the wall. But Aubrey was already gone.)

(size12 (b What do I do now.. Where do I go?) She moaned to herself, still listening to music. But all she could do now was fly, fly high and fly far. To where exactly? I wish I knew.)
Ookami-Chi[ Adonis ]   8y ago

It is quite the strange feeling when one falls right out of their own world and into the vast unknown of another. He could remember is all quite clearly, but it was more like it had passed in a matter of seconds that he had been running down the street from a yelling crowd before he simply--for lack of a better word--fell.

If that wasn't strange enough, his surroundings were. If he could describe it clearly... he certainly was not in Spain any more. There was a weird, square, and black--thing in front of him and Adonis backed away quickly, leaping in fright as something crashed behind him. There was only one thought in the boy's mind after that: get out of there.

He crashed out of the window and into the night as his black wings stretched to take to the air, as the sounds of honking and yells could be heard outside and he cringed, his tattered clothes ruffled in the wind. (i Got to get away, got to get away.... got to get somewhere safe. SAFETY!) These thoughts became a mantra that he could not stop, and he kept flying until he could find a dark corner to curl up, and the tears began to fall.

Where was he?
Why was he here?
He just wanted to go home!
SarrabiCelest Rubiera   8y ago

(Sorry for the long wait. Power just came back on last night.)

The sky was a purplish color that seemed to blend perfectly into a orange and yellowish color on the bottom and then black above it. The trees and birds were silloetted. Which is a fancy word for black in color as well. The main focus was the sky.

Celest was painting away again. Her mother was pounding on the door, attempting to pull her away from the recent painting. Ignoring her as perusual, she went back to blending some of the purple with black. The fading needed to be just right. (b "Celest Marie Rubiera! I said come out of this room this instant! Do you here me?! Your Gran wants to meet you for lunch later! And we have plans! No painting today.!") Her mothers voice echoed through out her room. It was rather annoying to say the least. When she heard her mothers foot steps walking back towards the kitchen, she sighed. Reluctantly she began to put her art supplies away. The painting was done. Now all it needed to do was dry.

Ten minutes later she was in her black chevy truck. Her paintings in the bed, and on her way to the fair grounds. Her Gran agreed to meet for lunch at her booth. She sold her paintings. And even gave them for free to strangers. Arriving early she began to set it up. She had art easels' gallor. She had atleast 40 to 50 new paintings that were up for sale. They went fast too. 20 bucks a peice. Today was her 17th birthday. Yet here she was willingly painting.

Most of the time she'd get acussed of fraud or copyright. They didn't believe that an artist so young. She just shrugged it off. Smiling widely when she caught sight of her gran, she waved. (r "Gran! You made it!")

(b "Yes I did Cici. I did. Why would I come see my granbaby on her 17th? ") Gran replied while giving her a big hug. Smiling Celest offered her gran the chair she used. With a quick established thank you gran sat down. When she did her look became one of knowing. Gran had something for her and knew she'd love it. Excited she knelt down infront of her. (r "Gran? What you get me? I know that look.")

Her granny chuckled before pulling out some strange paints. When Celest took them, she could swear she felt something off about them. It was weird. She didn't recognize the brand name either. Must have been one of tyose foreign ones. Smiling happily, she hugged her gran. (r "Thanks gran! You know me so well. If only mom showed so much interest in what I did.")

(b "Child you know your mother just doesn't understand. She'll come around one day. You wait and see. In the mean time have fun with those paints.") A soft smile graced her Grans features. (b "I have other thing to attend to though. So, we'll settle for a dinner together. Is that all right?") (r "Of course Gran. Have fun, and be safe.") With that she left. Now Celest was left to stare at her new paints. The urge to use them hit her suddenly. She shrugged and grabbed three canvas boards and got to work. When each one was done she placed them on the easels for sale. Not 5 minutes later three different girls came up and bought them. It was realitively quick. She gave the girls her card and told them if they ever needed a custom painting, to not hesitate to call. With that she finished her day and went home. Dinner with Gran was tomorrow.
ReflectionsUsko Synti   8y ago

OOC: Yay! we have everyone now! I want to have a posting order, sorry if this is a bit of a surprise but i don't want it to turn into a 1x1 on one, so... yea. Here it is.

Sarrabi- Artist Girl
Ookami-Chi- Demon Male
ReddRibbon- Angel Girl
Reflections- Nephilium Male

Thank you for joining :D