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Hidden in Plain Sight [closed]

By sandshower

Replies: 458 / 7 years ago

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Lains ears twitched hearing someone walk in. As his name was called he let out a meow as the nemo sat up from his hord of blankets and pillows. He begin to stretch before the other male joined him on the couch. [#BC3CBC "Sleep! I wanted to rest so I could spend more time with chu!"] He smiled as his tail swayed back and forth before climbing into the other's lap. A smile was on his face as he meowed, [#BC3CBC "Lets do something fun! I was a good boy so let's do something fun please!"] His tail swayed as he turned around in the other's lap so he was facing him.
Luke made it back home just as the sun was setting in the distance. He had a special treat for Lain in his pocket but he was going to wait until later to surprise the male. [+blue "Lain?"] he called wondering if the neko was still in the house waiting for him. The place he looked first was the bedroom since that was the place Luke left him at however he was no long there. [+blue "Lain?"] he called out again and this time he heard a reply coming from the living room. Luke found Lain on the couch surrounded by blankets and pillows. [+blue "No wondered I could find you. You were hiding away in your pillow fort."] he smiled and sat on the cough by the male's side. [+blue "What did you do all day all, sleepy head?"] he asked out of curiosity, also it what you do when you’re with someone. Asking about a person's day is "normal", Luke wanted to be normal even if he didn't feel like he was.
Luke / sandshower / 5y ago
Lain slept for a good amount of time that day. He would yime to time get up and streach ir even move to another spot on the bed or the couch. A smile was his face as he waited on the other to return home. Before long he start to get restless.
Luke gather his things and check in on Lain one more time, he wanted to make sure the male was still there. With a small smile he left the house and headed to his job. The office where he worked at wasn't too far away so he would end up walking there every morning and afternoon. He crossed through a good size park before arriving at the small clinic. Nurses that worked there smiled and told him 'good morning'. He enjoyed being a children's doctor more than what he was in his past life. He actually felt like he was doing good, making up for past sin.

The day went by smoothly and before Luke knew it the day was almost over. After seeing his last few patients he headed out the building, everyone said 'goodbye' as he passed. He loved going to work and being around all the staff but he wanted nothing more than to see Lain. He walked back through the park however by this time, no one was around. Luke had this strange feeling that someone was watching him. He careful looked around but no one was there. He shrugged it off and kept moving. After all Lain was waiting for him.
Luke / sandshower / 5y ago
Lain had an amazing night of sleep snuggled up to Luke. A small smile was on his face as he slept. But soon the warmth he had been snuggling up to started to move away from him so he quickly reached out and grabbed onto the other. He let out a small whimper as he looked up at the other before he let go of the human. Lain didn't like this thing called work now since it took away his warm snuggle time. Soon after he let the other leave he fell back asleep.
Luke fell asleep with Lain right beside him, it was a peaceful sleep the only kind he could get with Lain next to him. He woke early in the morning to find that the neko was still there. A small smile spread across his face before reaching over and pulling the covers up over the male’s shoulder. He brushed the male’s hair back before slowly getting up and out of bed. It sucked but Luke had to go to his work. He showered and dressed appropriately for work before sitting on the bed to put on his shoes. It was then that he felt a warm hands brush up against his back to his shoulders. He looked back to see Lain hugging him from behind. [+blue “Morning Lain. I have to go into work on but I’ll be back.”]
Luke / sandshower / 5y ago
Lain let out a loud yawn as he nodded. [#BC3CBC "Nighty night time."] He said with a smile as he was picked up. He cuddled with the other as he was carried off to the bed. Before he even reached the bed he was already on the verge of drifting off. [#BC3CBC "Comfortable."] He purred as he snuggled with the other as he start to fall asleep as he snuggled under the covers.
Luke smiled softly as Lain giggled, he was relieved that he could still cause such happiness for someone else. Lain’s smile was so warm. This neko could possible be Luke’s destiny. [+blue “I’ll have to have my eyes pealed then.”] he spoke softly as he petted Lain’s head. By this time the movie was almost over and the neko was having trouble keep his eyes open. He wondered if Lain was like one of those people who got crabby when they’re sleepy. It would be cute though to see Lain pout cause of lack of sleep. The movie credits filled the screen. [+blue “Ready to call it a night?”] he asked before picking up the smaller male up and holding him close to his chest. [i[+blue Lain can you hear the beating of my heart? It beat so strong for you.”]] The man thought while walking to the bedroom before laying the male down on the bed. [+blue “Thank you for showing me that this side of myself didn’t die a long time.”] he tucked the Lain under the covers before laying down beside him. His arm protectively draped over the young male.
Luke / sandshower / 5y ago
Lain started to laugh as the other tickled him. [#BC3CBC "Luke!"] He managed to say the others name through his laughter. He smiled as he looked up at the other. [#BC3CBC "Hmmmm I might still be sleepy!"] He smiled as he teased the other with his words. He couldn't help but let out another laugh as he looked at the other. [#BC3CBC "I'm awake for now."] He smiled at the other as his tail swayed back and forth. [#BC3CBC "But you have to keep an eye on me or I'll fall asleep on you!"] He giggled as he looked at the other.
Luke was staring at the bright television screen while the rest of the house was dark and empty. He smiled as he heard the young cheerful voice of the neko. [+blue “Is it? I’m glad I’m comfortable to sit on. I never got such a compliment before.”] The young male was ever refreshing to Luke. Perhaps this was a sign of old age, he hoped not. [+blue “Oh? How about some…”] he trailed off before he attacked. [+blue “Trickles!”] he trickled the boy making them both laugh. Laughing was also refreshing. [+blue “Still sleepy?”] he asked with a smile.
Luke / Sandshower / 5y ago
Lain smiled as he curled up in the other's lap as best as he could in his human forum. He let out a small sigh as he got comfortable. A large smile was on his face as he looked at the tv. His ears twitched as he moved and looked up at the other. [#BC3CBC "Luke's lap is comfortable!!!"] The neko said with a happy giggle as he purred as he looked up at the other. His ears twitched and his tail moved back and forth. His tail brushed against the others arm as he looked at the tv. [#BC3CBC "I like being close to you Luke! But I might take a nap if you don't do something."] He giggled a little as he looked at the other.
Luke wondered if the neko understood his words and how they reflected the feelings in his heart. However whether Lain noticed or not, it didn’t matter. Luke understood and that was enough clarity needed to bring him peace of mind. He pick scroll through many movie titles until he found one that he thought Lain would enjoy. He didn’t want the night to be only sex, he wanted to spend personal time with the male and connect with him. He couldn’t remember the last time he sat down with somebody and watched a movie. This would be they’re first date. As lain laid in his lap he could feel the neko’s warmth leaking out and into him. He wondered about the neko’s feelings, the feelings he had for him. What were they? Luke didn’t dare ask even though he knew Lain would tell him without hesitating. Perhaps he didn’t want to know. Things were perfect just as they are.
Luke / sandshower / 5y ago
Lain tilted his head to the side in confusion as he looked at the other. He didn't understand why the other was thanking him. But he soon let it go since the other changed the subject. [#BC3CBC "Okay."] He spoke with a smile on his face as he curled up in the other’s lap. He was very comfortable with this position. A small smile was on his face as he looked up at the other. His tail swayed a little back and forth. He really enjoyed things like this especially warm laps.
The large childlike smile appeared up on the neko’s face once again. That smile somehow always put his heart at ease like magic. Pain that never healed and sadness that he’s always felt since that day. Luke understood that there were some scars that just refuse to fade from memory. No matter how much a person smiles and puts on a brave face, sometimes the burden’s too much for one to bear. Luke stared down at Lain’s innocent face and smile gentle. Yet it was a normal afternoon with crowds of people coming and going, when he met this interesting creature. He didn’t know why but he just stood there and watched as that crowd of people hustle by with one thought in mind, [i ‘Have your dreams come true?’]. Luke himself was still struggling, remaining still. Until these pointy ear troublemaker came crashing into his life like bulldozer sending his world into motion. It was at that moment he could feel hope fill the hole inside of his heart. A new hope saying [i ‘You’re not alone’]. With much appreciation in his voice [+blue “Thank you so much.”] He patted Lain’s head just like he would with a kitten to get the confused look off the boy’s face. [+blue “How about we start with a movie first?”] he asked.
Luke / sandshower / 6y ago