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Crazy in a Cup * Search Thread*

By TaintedBlood
I am in need of rps, here are what i am capable of, and will and won't do

I can:
Post 1000 characters and up

Rps i will do: anything but Yuri, because it isn't interesting to me anything else is up on the board.

I can play Males and females, i perfer anime pics but will do real also

If you are looking to do it based off of an anime, my list is ( Here)
I am willing to do any of those, except for the following: Shugo Chara, Inuyasha, Vampire Knight, and Rosario + Vampire.

PandaNerdfighterEileen   8y ago

Eileen looked at the school, and seeing no cars, which would've meant there was still some staff left at the school, she went back to her apartment, climbing up to the top floor and opening her door. On the table in front of her couch there sat a package, wrapped finely in shiny pink paper and a white ribbon. Curiously she walked over to it and opened it. A letter laid on top, which she grabbed and opened, reading it. A gift from her exboyfriend, a man named Kyle. He'd been a bit of a man whore, and also pretty dumb, but he'd been very cute, and a great lover. She looked in the package and found a stunning dress, which she was surprised he'd picked out. Deciding to forget about the package until tomorrow, she went and took a shower, washing the feeling of shock off of her body.

The next morning when she awoke, she got herself dressed in the sundress from Kyle. It was mint with white lace around the bottom and top, and a black belt around the middle. She also put on a pair of white flats, then grabbed her pants from yesterday and put the student's ID in her purse and drove off to the school around lunch time.
ReflectionsTrayent   8y ago

PandaNerdFighterEileen   8y ago

Update: Hey, I got my computer back today! I'll post sometime today, okay? :)
TaintedBloodTrayent   8y ago

OOc: Yea that is fine :) i don't mind
PandaNerdFighterEileen   8y ago

Hey, I need to put the roleplay on hold until my computer gets fixed if that's okay, it shouldn't be more than a week or two.
TaintedBloodTrayent   8y ago

Trayent had walked into a nearby line of tree. The fall leaves crunched under his feet, and no wind on the fall evening. He glanced back behind him to make sure no one was following him. Wind passed right by his right arm and something quickly pass him. Jumping back slightly he looked around through the darkening trees. A small smile passed over his face he walked where the wind had left. He walked towards a tree and looked up at it and smiled. Grabbing a branch, he pulled himself up on it. He looked above him, (b " Come out Come out, I will find you.") He looked from above him and around at the trees around the one he was sitting in before grabbing the branch above him and pulling himself on it. He looked around himself before above him again and saw the disapearing figure. His smile widened as he started to climb up after the figure up the tree. They went up and up the tree, the branches becoming more unstable as they went up, till the figure above him stopped completely. Trayent had caught up with the person, then a frown appeared on his face. (b " I knew it was you i Knew.") A person looked over at him and smiled, he had long red hair and adjusted himself so he was facing Trayent. (r " Predictable aren't I. Well have fun getting down, and make sure to rid of the bodies.") The red head then jumped off the branch and dissapeared below. Trayent hissed in anger and glared below him before saying (b " For god sake Sall.") He then started to climb down the tree.
Once he got down the tree he walked back to the tree line and muttered something under he breath before fire appeared and burned the bodies, only leaving green grass with the tips of the blades burned. He turned around and started home, again.
PandaNerdFighterEileen   8y ago

While she watched in terror, Eileen could not take her eyes away from the bloodshed happening in front of her. Her eyes were now expanded about twice the average size and her mouth was closed in a tight line as so not to scream and alert the young boy to her attention. As soon as she saw the boy walk away, she walked over to the crime scene to take a closer look. The men were all dead: None of them even had a chance of survival. Thinking she was about to wretch, she turned to leave the scene, only then did she see a reflection of light off of something. Curiously, she walked over to it and knelt to pick it up. It was a high school ID with the name Trayent on it; looking at the picture she could tell that it was the boy from before. She pocketed the ID then ran back to her car and sat there for a moment, trying to gather herself. Calmly, she drove away from the scene and to the high school featured on the ID, she knew it because she used to go there.
TaintedBloodTrayent   8y ago

This tip of his sword was at their leader's neck, his blue eyes held them in a cold stare as he said to them in a low voice, " Leave me alone and you will all go away safely." All the men smerked at him as one with a black beanie on his head sneered in reply, " Ohh really, what are you going to do to us if you do." Without warning, a shorter male charges at Trayent. His head whips over to a person as his wrist flicks up and the tip of the blade dug into their leader's throat, and sending blood all over as he falls to his knees and trys to stanch the blood with his hands. He shifted his right arm and his sword thrushed fowards, going into the gut of the short male. The male's eyes grew wide as he cried loudly pain and fell to the ground as a pool of blood formed around his dead body as the leader gurgled and choked to death in his own blood, his face pale as his body fell to the ground a limp mess. Crimson soaked the green grass, turning it black as the gang members grew angry and attacked Trayent. He seemed to dispose of the gang easily. He takes his sword and brushed the blood off his sword with his shoes before putting it back in its sethe under his sweatshirt. He took the empty guitar case and slung it over his back before walking away from the scene, a small square object slipping though the bent lid of the guitar case. He pulled the black hood over his dark brown hair before he looked around the scene with is blue eyes hard and emotionless, blood smeared on his face.
PandaNerdFighterEileen   8y ago

(blue (b "Eileen, you're working far too hard. You need to take a couple of days off from school (i and) work. You're job will be waiting for you when you get back, and so will your classes. You look exhausted! You're such a beautiful young girl, go out and have some fun.")) Clarisse said, Eileen's boss. Eileen sighed, she'd heard conversations like this one from about everyone she was close to: her teachers, her friends, now even her boss! Supposing they were right, she nodded her head, finally deciding to take a break. Maybe she'd go visit her parents? They lived a little ways away, so she could make a day trip.

Eileen took her things from work and set them in the back of her car. It was getting later in the day, around five most likely, and she wanted to get packed tonight so she wouldn't have to do much tomorrow morning. After driving for a couple of miles, she slowed her car as she approached what seemed like a gang fight, but it was about six men against one boy, who had to be younger than she was even. She stopped her car and got out, approaching the scene cautiously.

Before she could get too close, she saw the boy in the middle draw out a sword and her breath caught in her throat, freezing her to her current location. What on earth did he plan on doing with a sword.
TaintedBloodTrayent   8y ago

The evening.
The cool air that was carried by the light breeze, and the smell of molding leaves on the crisp autumn wind. A boy in a black sweatshirt walked down the street, a guitar case strapped on his back. He looked in front of him as earphones were in his ears covered the noise of the street. He ignored the people that glanced at him as they passed him by. The sun set on the horizion, just as a hand was set on his shoulder. He stopped and took one green earbud from his ear as he glanced over his shoulder at a young adult man. He was surrounded by several of his buddies. Trayent looked as the man asked him " Do you know who's territory this is?" Trayent only blinked before saying dully " The cities." He shrugged off the hand before continuing to walk home. He started to put his earbud in again just as someone shoved him. He stumbled backward and fell down a steep ditch. His ipod went somewhere into a tall grass patch and his wallet with it. The men followed behind him with a grin on their faces. Trayent scowled before standing up. Once of the people said to him " Don't act smart, it is the Fang Gang's territory, and you are passing on it, highmschooler." Trayent got surrounded by five of the men. He turned a 360 to look at all of them, all of them had weapons. Knives of Guns he was all together in a bad position. He took the now dirt covered guitar case from his back, and holding it in his right hand. He then took the case and turned a 360, letting the case go and it flew into the man behind him. The man stumbled and fell as Trayent turned to the other's who glared at him and started to inch forward. A grin appeared on his face briefly before disappearing and replaced by a serious face. he pulled from under his hoodie sweatshirt a long sword as he pointed it at the leader who was behind him, standing now, and fuming. Trayent had an expressionless face as the gang started to attack him. But the crunch of the grass broke everyone's consentration.
For a brief moment
TaintedBloodAnuk   8y ago

okay i will post my intro then
PandaNerdFighterEliana   8y ago

o: Sure :)

Edit: I'm going to make a picture really quick
TaintedBloodAnuk   8y ago

yay i like anime pictures too so :)

do you want to do the rp on this thread sense i have more rps now?
PandaNerdFighterEliana   8y ago

I prefer anime, if that's cool with you
TaintedBloodAnuk   8y ago

i trust your judgement with character, but do you want anime or real pictures