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The Mirrors Talk * 1x1*

By TaintedBlood

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__ family is falling apart, after her sister's death two years ago, her family has fallen apart at the seams. Now she is moving with her father out of state and to a small town community, his hometown. They move into a house that hasn't been lived in for over twenty years. With all of the furniture still inside.
When entering the small town, she feels out of place, like she wouldn't fit in, and the towns people ignore her at first, but talk to her dad. They take time to warm up to her.
With unpacking, __ and her father pick out of the furniture already there too keep and the rest to throw out. On looking through the house for furniture, she sees nothing to keep, till she comes into a spare bedroom and sees a mirror. She thinks it is worth keeping, and puts it in her room.
But there is a rumor going through town that a murderer that was in town a four years ago killed a kid in the house, a 13 year old, and that his ghost still lurks in the house. __ brushes the rumors off and simply thinks of them as a joke.
But one day when she is looking into the mirror, see sees a male figure in the reflection, a child in his early teens. Shocked she looks over her shoulder to see no one, but she looks back into the mirror to see nothing.
* Now the Plot *
The person appeared in the mirror several times, and she is starting to get suspisious, she asks around the town to only get barely any knowledge of the killing from the town, stuff she already knows. She is about to give up when she sees someone pass her, and she sees in shock that it looks like the exact same boy, except older. __ walks over to question the male, he only tells her to leave the town before walking away.
But it seems they keep bumping into each other time and time again, and she keeps questioning him till he gets angry and yells that the town isn't normal before storming off, and out of sight of the girl. Baffled at what he ment she now has several things to solve, Who is the boy in the mirror? What is the man that looks exactly like the boy mean by the town isn't normal? Why is he avoiding her?

(center RULES)
(center 1. PM me to join this)
(center 2. There will be some mature themes, beware)
(center 3. Anime or Real pics, you choose)
(center 4. I want this lit, so 1500 characters per post minimum, or else it will die)
(center 5. No mary sues or gary sues, they don't know everything here)
(center 6. So i know you read everything please put Backwards as your title of your pm)
(size5 willing to make this so the __ person is a male as well)


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nomey1Florence   8y ago

Florence nodded at the girl's words. She was surprised when a dog suddenly arrived to greet them. At least, it was very eager to see Shiloh. Next thing she new she was being introduced to Berny and given permission to pet him. When the girl said he was weary around new people she understood the feeling completely.

It wasn't long before they arrived at the convenience store. From it's entrance she gives the store a quick glance around to see what they had to offer. She had to figure out what her dad would like to eat while he still worked on getting the house moved into. Probably something simple and not require cooking of any kind. That mainly left snack foods and deserts. Not exactly the ideal meal. Unless there were pre-made sandwiches. Those are usually not too bad.

"Oh..." she says to herself.

From the corner of her eye she spotted a package of bottled water. She picks it up and holds it firmly under one of her arms. Beverage; check. Florence spots Shiloh not too far from her looking at the section of milk. She walks up next to her and looks at them with her.

"Is there food here good?" she asks. "I need to find something simple for me and my dad to eat."
TaintedBloodKyle   8y ago

The small girl had a big smile on her face always. She looked up at the older girl named Florence and continued to smile. (b " Florence is such a pretty name.") She walked along with the girl, her knee length blue sundress fluttering in the slight wind they had. The sky seemed to be littered with small puffy white clouds, the day was really nice. They made it to a street corner and Florence said she was going to the convenience store, and asked if she wanted to come with. Shiloh looked up at the older girl before replying, (b " I am headed there too, i need to get some milk for tonight.") Shiloh started to skip as she looked in front of herself, (b " You don't need to be too shy you know, all of the people are nice here dispite on how they may look.") And a few minutes after she said that a dog was heading towards the two of them barking, it was a big dog, a German Shepard. Shiloh looked at the dog before bending down and saying, (b " Come here Berny,") The dog almost knocked Shiloh over in eagerness as she pet the Shepard. She looked at Florence before grabbing her hand and putting it in front of Berny's nose, the dog sniffed her hand a few times before looking at Shiloh and licking it, giving Florence permission to pet him. (b " He is a nice dog, just weary around new people.") Shiloh then let Florence pet him before getting up and walking to the convenience store again with Florence.
nomey1Florence   8y ago

Florence turned her head when she heard a gate opening and saw a young girl. It surprised her a bit when she addressed her and walked up to her. That's when she realized that the pouring rain had lighten up to mere drizzles. She moved her umbrella so it protected the little girl. When asked for her name, she almost didn't hear her. She was distracted by the warm, innocent brown eyes that looked up at her. They reminded her so much of Victoria that it almost hurt to look.

"Shiloh..." she says softly, as if testing it out. Then it was her turn to introduce herself. "I'm Florence." Though small, she tries her best to smile. "Nice to meet you."

They reach the corner of the sidewalk and stop so a few cars can drive past. Before deciding to cross the road, she looks down at Shiloh.

"I'm... going to the convenience store." She was starting to get nervous with talking to a stranger, although she knew that this little girl radiated kindness. If it was Victoria, she would have no problem talking to new people. That was a big difference between the two sisters. Florence knew, however, that she shouldn't be scared. "Do you... want to come with me?"
TaintedBloodTonak R Aunk   8y ago

" Be careful," a male called as he peeked from the doorway and looked at the girl. She turned on her heels and gave a happy carefree smile before saying, (b " Don't worry, I am not going to far.") The boy gave her a weary glance before sighing and using one hand to signal her off. He gave him the same smile before pulling on her last white and blue sneaker and leaving the house.
The teenage boy watched his sister, he did care for his family, a lot. So he wanted to make sure his little sister was safe before himself. He heard the door close, and he walked back to were he was at the kitchen sink, where he continued to wash dishes and put them in a rack on the counter. His pale hazel eyes distanced as he washed the dishes. ' These bad memories have been coming up often lately, way to often for his liking. Something slipped from his hand and fell back into the sink, shattering. Kyle broke from his daze as he looked down and swore to himself. He broke another glass, that was the second one that week.
The girl walked down her patio and into their yard. She saw a shadow go over the yard, and she looked up to see and unfamiliar face. The girl looked at the older girl in confusion before smiling and opening the gate that lead onto the sidewalk. (b " Your the new girl that moved in a few houses over.") The little girl gave the blonde one a smile before walking up beside her and saying, (b " What is your name, my name is Shiloh, its nice to see someone new.") Her brown eyes looked up at the girl, happiness and curiousity gleeming in her eyes.
nomey1Florence   8y ago

Pale blues gaze up at the dark clouds that covers everything overhead like a canopy, the roof of the front patio protecting the young female from it's sobs. Her light-skinned arms, covered by a sky blue jacket, lightly wrap around her waist as she watches with no expression.


The white dress and long tendrils of wavy, blond hair flutters as she turns her body towards the voice. A male a whole foot taller with the same colored hair as her stands at the doorway, a large cardboard box held within his strong arms.

"Could you walk to the convenience store we passed earlier and grab something for us to eat and drink?"

Florence lightly nods her head. She waits by the wooden steps as her father puts the box down and pulls out his wallet. He hands her some money which she holds carefully in one of her hands. The other is soon occupied by a see-through umbrella which has been leaning next to the open door.

"Be careful." the man advises as he picks up the box once more.

Once more, the girl nods. The old, wooden steps creak under each step taken until she is no longer on them. She remembers the drive this morning and follows the concrete sidewalk away from the old house they were moving into and towards the convenience store he was talking about. Along the way, she hums a song which she remembers Victoria liking.
TaintedBloodKyle   8y ago

Four years ago
Heavy gray clouds covered the sky, and poured down heavy sheets of rain and pea sized hail. The roads were almost deserted except for a few cars heading home in the storm, but through the few periods of silence between the thunder strikes, there were soft footsteps running. A boy, no older than thirteen was running, his black hair plastered to his head, and his blue gray eyes squinting to see though the rain. There were heavier footsteps behind the boy, he looked back to see a taller and much older figure chasing him. His eyes held shock as he turned around and ran a bit faster, he looked for any place to take shelter. His clothes were soaked all the way through and he was shivering, goosebumps and the hair on his arms standing on end.
He splashed through puddles and his soaked sneaker slipped from under him, sending him tumbling to the cement, his knees and hands taking the impact, he held back a cry of pain as he looked behind himself, before struggling to his feet, and he started to run again, a limp in his right leg. He was now covered in mud. He looked for a place to take cover and he saw the house. The house had been abandoned for quite a few years, and as a last ditch effort, the boy cut across lawn and ran towards the house, warm running from his knees down. He came up to the house and body slammed through the main door, the crack of wood echoing in the house. The boy slammed the door shut and locked it, panting hard. He looked down at his knees, blood covering most of the front of his leg, he used a soaked sleeve and wiped off some of the blood before shivering in the cold house. He staggered away from the door and into the main living area. He could hear pounding against the door, and his eyes widened, sending a chill up his spine as he walked farther away from the main door, and looking for somewhere to hide. He opened a door as he heard the crack of wood thunder through the house, followed by heavy footsteps. He could smell the heavy rain from in the bathroom across the whole house. His ears twitched before he shut the door, walking in a nook right between the wall and the sink and he sat there hiding. The blood pounded in his ears, and fear seized up his whole body. He could hear the floorboards in the hallway creak under someone's weight and his heart beat faster. A low rumbling chuckle came from the hallway as a voice said, (b " I can hear your footsteps, you might have been able to save your buddy, but not yourself.") The door slammed open and the kid jumped, letting out a muffled yelp and he scooted towards the wall as far as he could go. The figure laughed louder this time, walking towards him. They grabbed the boy by his collar, and the boy struggled in their grasp. The boy scratched up the person's arms, leaving open wounds. The person hissed before winding up and stabbing something in the boy's abdomin. A bloody hand covering the boy's mouth as he let out screams and howls of pain, his movements becoming weaker and weaker till he grew completely still. (b " You pup didn't deserve to live, nor does your friend, but in good time.") The person exited the bloody bathroom and carried the boy with him. He walked briskly through the dusty house before walking up to the main door and opening it, putting the boy's body in the rain outside, and he closed the main door before the person strolled away, leaving the bloody body outside.