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-reserved 1x1 for AngelofLove-

By BrittStalin

Replies: 1199 / 8 years ago

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plot: Damon is known for being a bad vampire at least for the ones who know him. Like Elena Gilbert, his younger brother Stefan Salvatore, Caroline Forbes,Bonnie Bennet and Alaric Saltzman, and Jeremy Gilbert. Britt is new to Mystic falls meaning she has no idea of Vampires or werewolves existing in her world. She lives with her boyfriend Joey but when she moves to Mystic falls something tragic happens to her boyfriend and he gets killed by Damon. Now she's on her own and she's caught Damons attention but he can't decide what he wants more. To kill her or to make her his girlfriend forever
Britt had her drink and she just ignored the bartender after all there wasn't anything she needed to speak to him about. There were other things at hand going on. Important things at hand that she just didn't care to mess with right now. When she heard Damon asked if she wanted to dance again she smiled "I'd love to" Britt said
Damon had a glass in hand and shot the bartender a look as the man seemed to be assessing Britt and her heartrate. "Maybe I chose to bring her here. Not uncommon for us to find someone we want with us." Those were the only words the Salvatore male spoke as he downed his drink, ordering another. The rest, Damon would let the bartender work out. If he was able to even do so. "Hey Britt, what do you say to another dance?" Damon asked as he turned his smoky blue gaze to her.
Britt got a drink and the vampire bartender made it "You sure it's safe for a human girl to be in this place? She your snack for later?" The bartender asked knowing that humans didn't come here. Britt was not showing any fear and the vampire could pick that up with her heart beat. "Something else going on then. Her heartbeat is quite calm."
This was the kind of place he went to often. A good place to unwind and give into being a vampire and to have a nice "bite to eat" too. But for the moment he was enjoying the dancing with Britt and just the time. It was after their dance was the vampire closer to her and staying that way. He knew that she was the only human and her blood would call to the others too. "Anything she wants." Damon said to the bartender and motioned to Britt to tell her it was her choice.
Britt was having fun and she knew that it was good to have Damon around her. Still when their dance was over and they walked over for drinks she noticed some people were looking at her. She figured she was the only human in the bar but she had Damon with her so there was that. "What can I get you?" The vampire Bartender asked
"I can handle my brother as long as he is on his veggie diet. But if you want to help me with him you are more than welcome. Who am I to deny a beautiful girl?" Damon asked as he raised his hands in a form of mock surrender. But then his eyes went to the dance floor as she asked about a dance. Alone, she was as good as dead, but with him she would be safe enough. "A dance it is." He said as he held a hand out to her. After, Damon was taking her to the bar for drinks.
"I can handle Bree with ease, Stefan is well something we'll both just have to deal with together." Britt reminded him and then she smiled seeing the people dancing but she knew she probably stood out here in the supernatural place. "How about a dance?" She asked knowing as long as she stayed with Damon she was safe among other vampires.
"I was just reminding you. And you know Steff and Bree will kill us both for this." Damon said with a smirk as he let her in ahead of him. The music was loud and there were people dancing, the place almost packed. "Where would you like to start?" He asked her as she was the only mortal without a supernatural background in the place.
Britt ran with him as she smiled listening to him knowing he was right. She'd made her choice and even after the truth she was going to be dealing with their siblings later. "Well as I said I'm all in." Britt said as she wnet with him and when they made it she saw all the music and flashing lights.
A smirk crossed his lips as he took a sidelong glance at the girl. "If you did, you wouldn't be hanging out with me. Especially after what I did." He reminded her. It was only a truth as he had been the one to kill her no good boyfriend and had taken her from Mystic Falls away from both their dull siblings who didn't know how to have a good time. "It's this way." Damon muttered as he led her down an alleyway and to a back door, muttering something as a peek hole was opened and the door opening to music blasting and flashing lights. "Welcome.."
Britt nod as she walked with him "Alright lead the way I don't scare easy" She said as she walked with him knowing that there wasn't a better way to get her more involved in his world than to be apart of a supernatural club.
A smirk crossed the man's lips at her words. So she wanted to know him and what she would really be getting into. But that would help with the marriage plans and going forward. "Then we're going to a 'supernatural' club. Day drinks and you can meet others like me and just others period. Might as well get you fully into this world." Damon said as he again held his hand out to her.
"Well if I'm going to be your wife and join you in being a vampire I might as well get past through normal things." Britt said "I can't exacly sit and do normal things my entiere life and I should get to know you better." She knew he wasn't a normal guy and she was wanting to show she was all in. After all not worth moving forward with their plan for marriage if she wasn't all in for this even with her one year agreement on staying human.
Damon just gave her an amused look. It seemed that she didn't exactly remember WHO she was talking to. He was the "fun" and "dangerous" brother which meant his favourite places probably weren't much for her. "You know those consist of bars and stuff. Loud music and the rave type of scenes." Came his words, though the amusement and wonder he felt towards the girl was not at all hidden. "Do those sound like something you would be up for?"
Britt nod in agreement "So show me your favorite places then, after all you have been here before." Britt said knowing the vampire was always going place to place in over the time he'd been alive. Surely he had some favorite spots of his own.