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The Rise and Fall of New York (Needs People so Please Join!!!)

By comradbrody

Replies: 843 / 10 years ago

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The world is at war in 2057 and the gangs of New York control the city. Fight your way to take control of the city.
First you pick a team to play.Then the first person to join that team will be team leader.
Everyone starts out with a knife a pistol and a weapon that you pick. You can buy weapons also.

(pic http://www.emunahmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/nypd.jpg)
More weapons
The NYPD has a broad array of specialized services, including tactical operations, K-9, harbor patrol, air support, bomb disposal, counter-terrorism, intelligence, anti-gang, narcotics, public transportation, and public housing. NYPD has extensive crime scene investigation and laboratory resources, as well as units which assist with computer crime investigations. The NYPD's headquarters at One Police Plaza houses an anticrime computer network, essentially a large search engine and data warehouse operated by detectives to assist officers in the field with their investigations. According to the department, its mission is to "enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment."
The New York City Transit Police and Housing Police were fully integrated into the NYPD in 1995; police officers are randomly assigned to the Transit and Housing units upon graduation of the police academy.[citation needed] Members of the NYPD are frequently referred to by the nickname New York's Finest. The NYPD is headquartered at One Police Plaza located on Park Row across the street from City Hall.
The size of the force has fluctuated, depending on crime rates, politics, and available funding. The overall trend, however, shows that the number of sworn officers is decreasing.[citation needed] In June 2004, there were about 40,000 sworn officers plus several thousand support staff; In June 2005, that number dropped to 35,000. As of November 2007, it had increased to slightly over 36,000 with the graduation of several classes from the Police Academy. The NYPD's current authorized uniformed strength is 37,838.[5] There are also approximately 4,500 Auxiliary Police Officers, 5,000 School Safety Agents, 2,300 Traffic Enforcement Agents, and 370 Traffic Enforcement Supervisors currently employed by the department.

The union of the blood-
(pic http://www.scientificamerican.com/media/inline/D42A2914-E7F2-99DF-3F786D77E85431C6_1.jpg)
On a team with Omar and MJ-12
They control most of the city. on team with MJ12 More people
After the war started and New York went to hell. There main building that they control is the empire state building.
Players Duke of York, Iria

(pic http://l-userpic.livejournal.com/34207515/390194)
on team with The union of the blood and the Omar. biological War fair.
Majestic 12 (MJ-12, MJ12, also known as Those Who Rule the World in Majesty and officially as The Majestic Council of the Twelve) is a splinter organization of the Illuminati, and led by the former Illuminati member, Bob Page. While the Illuminati prefers to control by assimilating persons of intellect into a grand conspiracy, Majestic 12 plans to control the world in secret through the production of the "Gray Death nanovirus" and the virus's vaccine, Ambrosia. The organization's public fronts include Page Industries, which controls the global banking system and is run by Bob Page, VersaLife, a division of Page Industries, and UNATCO.The virus is then spread to the public, and then UNATCO and FEMA are used to control the supply of the vaccine. It is provided in limited quantities, and the list of people to be vaccinated is limited to employees and conspirators of MJ12, as well as employees of MJ12 fronts, and to those for whom politicians request it, so long as they co-operate with MJ12.

Brotherhood of Steel(Not playable)
(Pic http://bigpeace.com/files/2010/10/20080818_Muslim_Brotherhood_1.jpg)

This is a failed robot company. After New York went to hell they started making war bots and other teams can by robots from them. They also sell weapons.
backup bot $50
war bot $200
tank bot $1000
Machine gun $150
Rocket Luncher $250
Ray gun $1200
Shotgun $125
double barrel shotgun $115

National Secessionist Forces
(pic http://inside.mines.edu/~cskokan/eow/NSF~Symbol.jpg)
Popular with people in city.
The National Secessionist Forces (NSF) was formed in 2031 as the Northwest Secessionist Forces. A year prior to the formation of the NSF, a major earthquake sunk most of Southern California into the ocean. With the United States government focusing on the disaster on the ex-West Coast, the needs of the other parts of the country went unmet. In 2031, Utah announced its intention to secede from the United States, declaring its independence and annexing what was left of Arizona and Nevada. Inspired by Utah's example, fringe groups in Texas declared independence as well. Shortly afterwards, various paramilitary groups in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming formed the NSF. All of these attempts to secede failed, though martial law continues to exist in some portions of these states. And now there sites have came to New York City

(pic http://dog.fpsbanana.com/ico/sprays/versalife.png)
On a team with UNATCO
Creation of experiments.
A subsidiary of Page Industries, VersaLife is itself a commercial behemoth. It specialises in nanotechnology, making several products which use nanites, from nanoaugmentations, to nanotech swords, to the nanite-composed vaccine for the Gray Death. In secret, and in accordance with Majestic 12's plans for world domination, it also produces the fatal Gray Death virus. As the source of both the virus and the only working vaccine, anyone susceptible to the virus is effectively at Majestic 12's mercy.VersaLife may operate as a pharmaceutical company, but specializes in established and theoretical applications of nanotechnology, especially in conjunction with living creatures. It also experiments with synthetic creatures, known as transgenics, and�with the aid of nanotechnology�genetically engineers organisms, presumably as a result of experimentation, or for use in experiments, or possibly both or neither. Some of these include: Greasels, Grays, and Karkians. It costs $ 1,000 per experiment and $5,000 to inflect the Virus on one city block.
Players Sebastian Etham

(pic http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100701131703/deusex/en/images/thumb/9/9b/Unatco_un_version.png/180px-Unatco_un_version.png) Extra man power
Although it seems that UNATCO (United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition) was formed as an ad hoc response by UN member nations to the growing problem of international terrorism They are in New York to try to stop the clans.

(pic http://threesorryboys.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Rook.jpg)
The Rooks are a gang that live in a hidden and abandoned sector of subway in Battery Park, along with civilians unaffiliated to them called the Mole People. They are led by a man named El Rey and hold power that is opposed by few. The only threatening adversary that they have in the subway is a zyme dealer named Rock. Some members of the gang mention that they are considering being hired by the NSF as mercenary contractors.

(pic http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100408221955/blazblue/images/f/f7/Ragna_Crest.png)
spiter bots
X-51 is a group of scientists, technicians and ex-United States army soldiers, led by Dr. Gary Savage, who defected from Area 51 in 2051 after learning about the shadowy intentions of Majestic 12,
When they walked out they stole �everything smaller than a paper clip� according to X-51 member and scientist Carla Brown, and C-4'ed the large pieces of machinery at Area 51 that would make up the Universal Constructor needed for MJ-12's nefarious plans.

(Pic http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/9451/1090815-helios_super.jpg)
Not playable
They have terminators.

The Omar
(pic http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/30/EndOmar.jpg)
On a team with the Union of blood.
An Omar , the Omar are a global society of radically biomodified cyborg traders that flourished after The Collapse, an event that precipitated a global meltdown. They apparently originated in Russian science cities when a group of Russian scientists submitted themselves to radical biomodification in an attempt to survive the massive Russian famines following the Collapse.indicate that a large amount of Russian nanotechnology research took place at a facility in the Russian city of Sverdlovsk. It is possible that the Omar originated from that facility and then spread to others. In the twenty years since the Collapse, the Omar have spread around the globe, their extensive augmentation earning them the ire of the Knights Templar, an organization that hates and detests human enhancement, and fear from others.
The Omar are not fully individuals, rather, each Omar is part of a merged collective consciousness, achieved through the replacement of their frontal lobes with a wireless cortical interface. Thus, if something happens to an Omar, then all Omar will know about it and react accordingly. The Omar expand their ranks through covert recruitment of humans, both biomodified and not; it is unclear how voluntary this recruitment normally is. In the game, some characters state that homeless people are the primary targets of this recruitment, but the validity of this is uncertain.To finance themselves, the Omar quickly found a niche dealing in biomodifications, weapon modifications, and information on the black market all over the world. They are rapidly dominating the field, often by aggressively squeezing out their competition whenever they move into a new area, either through assassination or assimilation. They often use human agents as fronts and intermediaries while conducting their business for their personal safety. However, the Omar also sell their wares directly, normally outside of policed areas. They are almost always accompanied by one or two armed Omar, called Protectors, who act as bodyguards for the Traders.All of the Omar wear dark blue exoskeleton suits with gas mask-like respiratory systems. The Omar exoskeleton suits allow them to survive comfortably at a range of extreme temperatures, from sub-zero arctic climates to harsh desert heat. They are also fire-proof and resistant to most forms of radiation and poisons. However, their collective consciousness makes them susceptible to strong Electromagnetic pulses, which disrupt their connection rendering them unconscious and comatose.The Omar are constantly in search of new technologies to improve their existing cybernetic modifications. Though many individuals outside the group are augmented, the Omar are the only post-Collapse group to openly espouse "Posthumanism;" their ultimate goal is to become capable of surviving in any environment, no matter how harsh, so that they may eventually inherit the Earth through natural selection. Like the Illuminati, a secret society which wishes to regulate and control nanotechnology on a global scale, and the Knights Templar, who wish that nanotechnology be destroyed completely, the Omar are opposed to ApostleCorp head, they lack the resources to mount an effective opposition.
The Omar collective are utilitarian realists - to them, the Knights Templar are hazardously puerile neo-luddites, the Illuminati's New World Order theories of control are an outmoded and backward waste of resources, and the views of ApostleCorp regarding "perfect democracy" are an archaic oxymoron when technology exists allowing all such delimited ideologies to be disposed of. In one of the possible endings the closing cinematic shows the Earth as a barren chunk of rock after two hundred years of war, and an Omar walking over the bodies of the dead, towards new frontiers for the new species.The Omar are likely inspired[original research?] by a concept introduced by science fiction author Bruce Sterling in a short story called Cicada Queen, where he introduces the idea of cyborgs, called "Lobsters", which are internally human and externally modified instead of the other way around. The Russian word for lobster is ���� (pronounced as "omar"), and so the name of the Omar references the Lobsters of Cicada Queen.

You can also create your own gang and fight for your self.

On there own Players Crow Wheeler

Rules No magic, No Godding, and most anything goes.

Thanks and tell your friends


The OOC for it is (http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=2646 The Return of Chat room with your Comrades)


(pic http://deusex.iglu.cz/images/artworky/greasel.jpg)
This is a greasel

(pic http://img.search.com/thumb/2/24/DeusEx_GrayAlien.JPG/180px-DeusEx_GrayAlien.JPG)
This is a Gray

(pic http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/deusex2-pc/art-012.jpg)
This is a Karkian

(pic http://www.planetdeusex.com/dx1/characters/nonhuman/bots/bot9.jpg)
This is a spiter bot

(pic http://members.liwest.at/37/deusex37.jpg)
This is a backup bot

(pic http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/deusex2-pc/art-020.jpg)
This is a war bot

(pic http://www.planetdeusex.com/dx1/characters/nonhuman/bots/bot1.jpg)
This is a tank bot


Name: Sebastian Etham
Team: VersaLife
Weapon: It would depend on whats available...Mostly daggers and knives because they are easily hid able
Rank: I want to say leader, but I am not sure if anyone is leading them, but if so I want to take top killer
Bio: Sebastian was forced out onto the Streets of New York City by his mother and father, Doing Drugs was his thing during Middle and high school until he got caught. Joining up with the Versalife gang Sebastian got off the drugs and working on experiment this new virus they had just discovered. While tampering with his parents life slowly.

Name Iria
Team The union of the blood
Weapon M4 and katana
Rank: Second in command (if thats okay)
Bio: Her parents were solider or spys and were killed in front of her to prove a point. Now she wishes to end this war one way or another.

Name Duke of York
Team The union of blood
Weapon double barrel shotgun
Rank Founder and Leader
Bio Duke was the founder of the gang and maybe the reason this war began. It started with the distruction of the State of RI with a nuke. Welcome to the endless war.

Weapon:large gun and her fist's
Rank:highranking fighter
Bio:sweet'kind'angrey'She loves to fight and she carrys her gun everywhere with her.

Name: Legault
Team: Soldier of Fortune(mercenary)
Weapon: Daggers and a silenced SOCOM
Rank: Head of Black ops
Bio: A master and sneaking, hacking. assassinations and infiltrations. is well known but none know what he looks like. is currently waiting to be hired. price. 500 to hire 800 or higher per job.

Name:Ayame Miyazaki
Team:Whoever pays highest
Weapon:Two modified desert eagles
Bio:Ayame grew up in Japan but her family moved to Chinatown when she was young.She was picked for an experiment after her parents were killed and injected with modified cells that give her increased durability, stamina and reaction time. She always wears a red silk scarf and carries her custom pistols, which allow her to fire twice as fast as an ordinary pistol. She survives as a specialist, who takes the jobs no one else can or will agree to do. For the right price of course.

Name: Karrie Bolostov
Team: Loner, rogue, on her own
Weapon: Whatever she can get her hands on
Rank: N/A
Bio: She was banished from her home when she started fighting back with her parents. She doesn't trust people, so she chose to be by herself on the lonely streets of New York.

Name:Anne Mayer
Weapon: sniper rifle
Bio: she left her father when he decided to try and take over the city. She just wanted to survive so she left to fend for herself. She had set up a gang but they were ambushed and they all died or fleed. She was outraged and will never trust anyone ever again. The gangs of this warzone will be lucky to last for even a week. New York is her target. Will she work with anybody?

Name: Christian Sangre
Team: VersaLife
Weapon: Katana (He will rarely use anything else even if it is the only thing available)
Rank: None
Bio: Christian was augmented by VersaLife to be given increased speed, agility, and strength. He was their first test subject in this area. Because of his highly brutal and relatively emotionless personality, he is highly effective for any job and does not need a rank. He can be trusted for any type of work and then dismissed when his work is done.





(pic http://www.gameogre.com/reviewdirectory/upload/World%20in%20Conflict.jpg)

(Pic http://media.nowpublic.net/images//17/9/179648927c3bf0bc991306e795427c42.jpg)

(pic http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/29/WIC_tactical_aid_carpet_bombing.jpg)

(pic http://i688.photobucket.com/albums/vv250/Brody9311/Decorated%20images/New-York-City-map_468986.png)

The union of the blood-red
National Secessionist Forces-grey
Omar-Light blue
(OOC...*Pokes Rp*...is it dead)
Sebastian shock his head. (b "Don't worry about it Anne. Really its something I don't pester about. I have to much about the present to worry about it to.")
Sebastian / toi / 9y ago
what if one of you were somebody different or i was?
Anne Mayer / kohhawke / 9y ago
OOC-why not you?
Sebastian / toi / 9y ago
OOC-SOMEONE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Oh I'm sorry to hear that." She places a hand on his.
Anne Mayer / kohhawke / 9y ago
(b "I didn't know them. They were dead before I even turned 4.")
Sebastian / toi / 9y ago
The Duke heads over to the command center were he can see everything in NYC.
"Oh..What about your parents?"
Anne Mayer / kohhawke / 9y ago
(b "Me anne have family? I had an older sister but she was killed to protect me from the bloodunion at one point. I was only 6 at the time")
Sebastian / toi / 9y ago
Anne sat at the table with Both hands around her cup. An akward silence made her nervous. She plays with her thumbs while looking down a little. Breaking the silence she asks:
"Do you have family Sebastian?"
Anne Mayer / kohhawke / 9y ago
"Today my comrades we take over New York..."
Sebastian shock his head. (b "Na don't worry about it.")
Sebastian Prince / toi / 10y ago
So anne went to the other side....hmmmm I got her brother though...If I killed him I wonder what she would think."