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Need Help!!!

By Embaby

Replies: 7 / 8 years ago

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I'm absolutely obsessed with story writing, and that's why I have an over-active account on here. I love fiction, love stories, romance, mecha...all that stuff! (i But), while I'm trying to write a new story series, I find myself unable to think of a topic! I want this story to be able to cary out over at least 3 "books", I guess you could call them. Normally my stories are anywhere from 300-500 pages. Depending on the plot.

So, I was wondering if I could get some help coming up with topics, and plots? I'm feeling desperate, because I'm in the (b mood) to be writing right now...I just have nothing to write about!

Thank you for your time spent reading this, and if you have any idea, please comment in the thread below!
Alright, that's interesting :P
Mikoto / Embaby / 8y ago
Hunter of a medieval village find a strange cave and inside is a stone with a sword and a silver dragon around it and once he touches it bam the blade turns into gauntlets that can create blades and he can now see monsters hidden to the human eye that create evil emotions and he has to kill them?
Kiba / kiba19 / 8y ago
I'm looking for more than one idea though.
Mikoto / Embaby / 8y ago
Yeah, I think I could make something of it :)
Mikoto / Embaby / 8y ago
Like my one of my teachers say, there are no stupid comments just uninformed people :P So do you think it has potential?
Kiba / kiba19 / 8y ago
Haha, no, it's good :)
There's no such thing as a bad idea!
Mikoto / Embaby / 8y ago
A lycan becomes the new leader of a territory that protects mythical creatures and is attacked by humans? Just trying to say something smart.
Kiba / kiba19 / 8y ago