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By Willofiam

Replies: 149 / 8 years ago

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A guy who doesn't know what his place in life should be happened to be walking down a road by a forest one day,the night sky was lit up and seemed to be getting brighter for him when he noticed something in the forest. There was something that drew him into the forest and as he walked on suddenly there she was..a girl? More than an ordinary girl it seemed. But it seemed like he was supposed to be there.
Just coming into the world the only thing,for the moment,this girl seemed to know was..this boy's name..almost like she had come here on his whim or something similar to it,but could just as well be for herself. Falling into his arms as a being and knowing his name firsthand was one thing,but that wasn't all there was to her..not by a long shot. Since she was just getting there just becoming this being,she was a little more reserved about everything since she didn't know that much but by his thoughts somehow..but she obviously would need time to get herself to function as well after all, coming into a world doesn't happen to just anyone.
What is he going to do about this? He felt responsible for her so he helped but it couldn't end there..he needed and wanted to be there for this person it was like it was meant to be that way.
Will looked at her curiously for a few moments, he stood up as she asked him if she was also dirty and noted her looking herself over. He nodded, "[b I think you know you are.]" He simply stated. She probably could pick up on things better than he gave her credit for. It was definitely something he'd have to encourage more. He had tried a little to start instilling a more independent way of thinking to her, like this morning. He figured it would just take a bit more time to nurture was all. It was going to be a little odd explaining soap and shampoo, but showing her which was which and for what would have to suffice. He certainly didn't intend to see if she figured it out, obviously as she became more aware, exemplified even now by her red cheeks when asking to sleep next to him, she'd realize the same went for being clothed around him. As far as he knew anyway.
With that he did bring her to the bathroom and show her which thing was used for what, and how to work the shower before stepping out to let her have her turn, waiting patiently for his own.
Will Hawke / Willofiam / 173d ago
Nadia sat with him, silently enjoying the presence of his company and the feeling of his more natural warmth. It was peaceful and safe feeling to be so close to him. The fact that he had decided to take her along with him again stirred some joy in her depths. Being left alone here was hard enough, but being left alone after something so scary had come after her…She wondered if he could sense her unease on the matter with the way he agreed to have her come along.

She met his gaze when he looked from her to his scars, though she did not mind the small marks he carried, seeing they had mostly healed up by now…save for the scars themselves. Still, he mentioned getting cleaned up and sleep, both of which sounded like god ideas. [b “W..Will…can we share a bed again tonight? I really liked you being so close.”] The admission hade her face warm, though it was as though she hadn’t exactly noticed [b “Hmm…Should I get clean too? Am I dirty?”] The question made her look down at herself, seeing quite a bit of dirt from where the creature had dragged her across the ground. Her wounds may have healed, but her clothes and arms, hair and face had collected the debris from the attack.
Will noticed how easily she moved to his side, he hadn't really ever..experienced things like this, having someone rely on him, having someone to be with him or close. He supposed once he thought over it a little more, he did like it, but still it was something that was new. She had muttered something strange..he had to think on it a moment, sure he wasn't always like that..sure he assumed it had something to do with her, but what was he embracing with this exactly? He felt like the experience was somewhat reactionary, how could he really, he was barely present when it had happened, he was just some reactionary creature, he knew he had to protect her, that was pretty much it. He wondered if she knew more about it, but also couldn't call forth that information exactly, like when her voice seemed different or she spaced out, perhaps that was one of those moments.
He looked down to the kitten after Nadia started talking again,her question almost seemed obvious to him, how could he leave her alone somewhere now? It was quite a predicament, he nodded for now. "[b I'll have to take you along tomorrow as well..]"He informed her, thinking more about it, it was just such an odd day. He had no idea what he would do about this..or how often it would happen..what exactly did he get himself into? He looked down at her and then to his scars. "[b We should..get cleaned up..and then I think..I'm gonna try to sleep.]"
Will Hawke / Willofiam / 196d ago
Nadia could feel his confusion before he spoke. It wasn’t a normal occurrence on this planet, then…by what he said, the creature wasn’t even normal to his standards. It was nice, him moving to sit beside her, though. She closed distance to press to his side, leaning her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes a moment as one of her hands lightly traced fingers over the marks on his wrist. [b “You should embrace this new power gifted to you….”] It was muttered, as she sat there, before hearing a [I ‘Mrrr’] Sound as the kitten jumped from the floor to the couch, crawling easily over her legs and laying between them.

Nadia ran her free hand down the kitten’s back, but her other remained on his wrist. She smiled at the perch of the little creature. [b “Kitty seemed to have missed us, I think.”] She chuckled and turned her smile to him. [b “Will, are we going to work together again tomorrow? I liked riding around with you…even though the ending was a little …not normal.”] She didn’t want to be left at the house alone. Or apart from him ever.
Will was trying to keep occupied in his head, there was just something so unreal about possibly having to realize what had happened. He cleaned off her ankle with the disinfectant and soon enough she was speaking again, of course, she was curious after all, and she couldn't provide him with answers, nor did he really have any for her. Soon her hand went under his chin to make him look up at her, she glowed a little bit for some reason, whatever small scuffs she had seemed to go away, as well as her ankle healing once he managed to glance down. His eyes searched her's again, hard to look away when her hand was there. "[b No...that wasn't something that was normal..]"He informed her, though he really had no idea if there were more, or what had caused it. Again, now having to think about it, what did he do? It was such a blur when he tried to think on how he did the things he did, only remembering trying to protect her, and having some sort of powers, killing that thing..whatever it was. "[b I think I'm fine...]"He told her and moved to sit beside her on the couch. He let out a breath, what was happening really? He knew there wasn't anything he could do to know..or anything he could predict at this point.
Will Hawke / Willofiam / 205d ago
Nadia kept her hand upon his cheek, watching his form calm..as was the word she would use, reverting from wince it came, all slipping away and back down his being to tuck back into the scratches she had left behind on his wrist. She watched it go, wide eyed, but not afraid. Breathless would have been the right word, as he placed his hand on her own, making a slight warmth gather on her cheeks as her gaze kept his. His words made sense to her, though as they started to run towards the bike, she felt the stinging sensation in her leg. They had to hurry… it was a sense of urgency she could feel in him more than herself.

The trip home seemed faster as she clung to him, closing her eyes as she could see the images play in her mind of the recent attack. He’d changed…and not just color. He’d changed completely, but yet was still Will. It didn’t really make too much sense. It felt like a whirl that landed them in the garage, Nadia taking off the helmet and sitting with him as he breathed deeply. Nadia said nothing as he gathered his thoughts, still in a little shock herself. [b “I..think so?”] She answered, allowing him to guide as they moved inside and to the couch, sitting down on it, after taking off her shoes. Though the scratches around her ankle were small, they stung a little as he worked on them.

[b “D…do you think there are other things like that thing? Where did it come from? What was it? ….Or is this something that isn’t normal too?”] She wondered out loud, trying to piece things together, but unable to. She wondered if he was very much the same. Lowering a hand to the top of his head, she trailed pale fingers down through his hair to his chin, lifting it to look at him properly. [b “Are you okay?”] She mimicked his question, a warm glow to her as the scratches she had started to slowly fade.
Likely they both wouldn't have a very good explanation for any of this after it happened. Certainly, nothing to do with any coins. The transformation did seem to come from wanting to protect her in his mind, but it also could have been because she wanted to be protected. There were not too many thoughts piercing through Will's head at the moment, it was just those simple feelings, that he had to protect her, that he had to destroy whatever it was trying to harm her. Even after he did so, there was this burning, like a rage he had.
Standing there until Nadia had seemed to approach him, the very thing he knew he was programmed to protect right now. The lashes around him seeming to lose their hot red color. Her touch causing those eyes to look down into her's, seemingly things were okay now, like before a black mist coming from his wrist where she had, burned or scratched, whatever combination of the two, but it seemed to suck in the form he was. Slowly, he changed back to the Will he was before, the black marks on his wrist becoming small black scratches now, not as big or bad as they looked before. He blinked a few times as he came back to his normal body. He knew what had happened, but he didn't believe it.. The area around them seemed to get less dark, but the crater, the creature's body still stuck around.
He put his hand on Nadia's, still looking down into her eyes, surprised he came back to himself so quickly, but it made a certain sense, he still needed to take care of her somehow. "[b We...we have to go.]"He stated and took her hand, pulling her along towards his bike, helping her get her helmet on, and taking off towards their home. Those agents would have a field day, if they somehow connected all of these things to him, or found out about her. Once they arrived back in his garage and he shut off his bike he let out a breath..like he'd been holding one in for a long while.. He had no idea what the hell was going on here, or why it seemed to be he wasn't too phased by what he'd done..or what he was..it was very foggy in his head when it happened, but still, he remembered the anger.
He did finally get off the bike and look to her. "[b Are you okay?]"He asked, looking down at her leg, as he recalled now that she was dragged, it didn't look too bad luckily..but better safe than sorry. He took her to the couch and sat her down, coming out with a sort of sterile wipe so he could clean the small..really nothing around her ankle, it more seemed like he just wanted something to do right now..something else to focus on.
Will Hawke / Willofiam / 208d ago
Nadia had taken too big a bite as he explained what a sandwich was, her cheeks quite full as she chewed slowly, fascinated by his every word. She swallowed, her smile fading for a moment as he mentioned her ‘getting like that’. It wasn’t that she didn’t remember those moments…they just usually didn’t feel important..or like they made much of a difference to her life. Not really. [b “Turkey…club…so they put other things on them? Like….Like pancakes? Or…or eggs? Do they put eggs on sandwiches? Or..”] Her grinning had paused a moment as everything seemed to darken. It made her look up, seeing Sol, still on the horizon, not fully set, yet like through some dark glass. She turned a confused look to Will, who she watched get up from the bench.

She stood, slowly, placing the almost finished meal on the bench and stayed near the fountain. She saw his hand touch the side of the darkseeming zone around them, heard his question, before her eyes looked upward, something in her mind grabbing hold in a single word… [I ‘DANGER’]. With a gasp, she watched it fall to the ground…something new and strange that she could not feel the presence of clearly. The crash itself shook the ground a little, making her steps unstable. [b “Will!”] She called for him, moving across the distance as he was doing for her. The voice again, echoed the warning in her head as she reached out to him.

Feeling the strange wrapping as something took hold of her ankle, it made her fall forward. Her thoughts returned in a flash to standing at the fountain, holding the small coin, a pause in time. A heartbeat... [I ‘I wish for him strength, and the ability to face whatever ill intent would cross our path. I wish we would not be parted…’] She let the coin fall, it had sunk to the bottom…What power would such a frail thing hold…the wish of a fallen star. Nadia’s mind flashed to the moment, Her hand reaching for him as a burning glow took her fingertips. She had his wrist, before being yanked away, leaving scratches on his skin as she was. [b “WILL! NO!!”]

The vine that had taken her ankle sunk into her skin, leaving bruising and small pricks from the barbs that had hold of her skin. It stung and burned her skin as she tried and failed to get a grip on anything that would let her keep from being dragged away further, only to be dragged to the edge of the crater itself. The creature within was huge, as were her eyes, as she glanced back at it. It made her scream, seeing the plant-like thing that the vine was attached to. Like a flower, but a hideous flower.

Her gaze returned to Will in a panic, seeing that he seemed to be in pain. His appearance though, had changed…or was changing, rather rapidly from her view…before he leapt high and a single swing had released her from the grip of the vine. She scurried towards the bench, staying low and taking hold of a leg of it, as she pried the still wriggling piece of vine from around her ankle, watching what happened next with a wide and intense stare.

Her mouth hung open in horror, as the creature opened it’s giant mouth and ate her Will. IT ATE HIM. [b “NO! Will!”] She sobbed, feeling a burning start to build within her being…but it dulled just a little as the creature turned it’s attention completely on her. Anger had turned to fear. Closing her eyes tight, Nadia held to the bench….before hearing a strange noise of loud pain and opening them again to see the way those black vine-looking things had started to tear the creature from the inside out. She stared, seeing him leap from the creature’s broken form, up out of the crater and to the edge. Nadia waited a moment, as she was trembling and shaken from the experience. Slowly getting to her feet, she looked over this new…Will. Her gaze followed his form, slowly, before she timidly started to move across the space between them…finally going at a run to wrap her arms around his middle, burying her face as she did so. [b “It was so scary! Wh…what was that?! Are…are you okay?”] She wondered, looking up into those strange dark eyes. Would he be scary? Was she afraid of him? ….No. Lifting a hand to his cheek, stretching to do so, she cupped it gently. [b “My Will. My hero, Will.”] Her voice was a whisper.
Curiously, he observed her as she responded, he didn't know quite what it meant just like she didn't, he didn't enjoy not having answers for her, when she worried it was plain as day. Though her speaking before swallowing her food made him chuckle slightly. Again though, her face wore her emotions rather plainly, she even reached out to touch his face for some reason, just manifesting more of her worries maybe? "[b That is called a sandwich, there are all sorts of different kinds of them. That one is just a simple turkey club.]" He figured he had to just give her things like veggies and meats to see what she did like, so far so good though.
"[b I really don't know what was happening when you get like that..we'll figure it out eventually. Don't worry.]"He told her, not wanting her to think too much on it. He had no idea she would chalk it up to something he'd leave her about, but of course he wouldn't, honestly how could he, he was just as responsible for her being here as..she might be..he still didn't really believe she wanted to be down here when she was a star, even her just saying it he wasn't fully assured. He ate his own food relatively quickly.

It really was a nice scene around them, the flowers and the greenery, that was until it seemed to get a bit darker, around them..weirdly, it looked like there was still light in another area of the park, but in some sort of dome around them, it was dark. He stood up and curiously walked to the edge of the dome a small ways away, he reached out his hand and it collided, with this...wall..this dome around them. "[b What the hell...?]"He looked back to Nadia and wondered at first if this was her, the small crash into the ground from the sky seemed to change his mind. Was this another star? Another person? He started back towards Nadia a little quickly and noticed she was likely now coming towards him, suddenly a vine reaching from the crater shot out and wrapped around her ankle. Will reached out to her as quickly as he could grabbing for her hand as she was yanked away, her nails scratching his wrists as they slipped through. 'No' was all he could really think. He didn't even know what was going on, but it clearly wasn't good, and when the plant like, demonic looking large flower raised up from the crater, he knew he was right. Those times he felt the slight protecting urge like all the time before, just surged so greatly this time, it pulsed in his body. His wrist where she scratched him especially, pulsing again, bringing him to his knees as he held his wrist, looking at the small scratches. The scratches now though, seemed to have turned black, and burned like she did that one time, his whole body felt hot in fact. Like she did in that alleyway.. With a few grunts and pulses of his body, it felt so insane..It felt offensive..that anything would try to hurt Nadia in front of him, how dare this thing even try that when he was here? He didn't know much past those thoughts in his head now, it was dark. He saw Nadia, but in that small window where he had grabbed his wrist, everything had slowed down. Will did not look the same, the black mist that rose from the scratches on his wrist had wrapped around him, changing him, he became a different figure entirely, his visage becoming dark, horns appearing, his visage becoming dark, hot lash like whips extending out from him. That is what happened on the outside, seemingly slow, but actually once it was finished, he seemed to spring off the ground, far into the sky, landing in the crater with the beast, the giant evil plant thing. One of the lashes to his side, whipping and burning through the vine that had Nadia, stopping her from being dragged.

What ensued after that was..well not much of a battle, the thing closed it's whole giant plantlike maw around Will's figure, and as it raised it's head back up, to look at Nadia with small fish-like eyes. It wasn't long lived, whip like tendrils burst out from the creature, but they looked black, with burning looking tips, like Will, the creature bursting from the inside as Will fell back to the ground outside of the crater, landing on his feet and looking at this dead creature, whatever it was.. Will just standing still.
[pic https://imgur.com/l1skreT.jpg]
Will Hawke / Willofiam / 210d ago
Nadia’s smile was wide and soft as she stayed by his side, hearing his question though, she said nothing a moment, turning a curious look to him with her head tilted, then took the sandwich he offered her and picked it up to bite off a corner. [b “Oh, don’t mind that. My brain is weird sometimes.”] She assured, still with the smile as she chewed. Did she remember? …some. Enough to know her brain always felt weird when she talked like that. She was talking with her mouth full as she replied, before swallowing the bite. [b “That’s not bad, right? That my brain is like that sometimes?”]

Her huge eyes turned on him, a slight uncertainty to them as she wondered aloud. She was always afraid she would displease him somehow. Upset him somehow or make him not want her around anymore. It was the single most powerful fear she could ever feel. Reaching a hand up to touch his cheek, softly, Nadia met his gaze. [b “What is this food called? It’s ahmazing!”] She asked, suddenly, taking another bite of the sandwich as she let him go again.
While he watched her talking he did notice something odd happened. He observed with a bit of wide eyes as she started to glow, he'd seen a more aggressive form of this happen before in that alley, or the aftermath anyway, this was different however, and even her voice. Her voice as well, not like the typical lightness or curiousness that came along with it, it was more solid and more pointed. Though what she said was something he had feared inside from the start, once he found out about her. He had been afraid that he was the cause for her being here and that was whether or not she wanted to be here at all, that sounded like what she was confirming for him at first, the slight guilt coming to his eyes. Though she seemed to change her statement by the end, that maybe she did want to come here..he hoped that was the case.

As she approached and came back to her former self, he rose an eyebrow. "[b Do you recall..what you just said?]"He had to wonder, it was certainly a different tone and a different sounding voice mostly. He pulled out the food he got for her, just some snacks and a sandwich for her to eat, setting them on her lap.
Will Hawke / Willofiam / 211d ago
Nadia felt some kind of connection when he mentioned how riding the bike made him feel free. Flying was like that….falling, anyway. In a way it was freeing. But so was being at the side of this human. Her Will. [B “The feeling is a bit …like being up there.”] she admitted, looking at the sky. She listened to his every word. The garden ..that's what it was, being nor so managed had been allowed room to outgrow itself in some areas. She thought it felt and looked so alive here, the movement of each leaf and petel in the slightest of breezes.

Finally, he spoke of the fountain, the little coins glittering in the bottom…something like the piece he gave to her. She tilted her head a moment as she examined the little round, flat metal in her hand, pinching it bwtween two fingers, before cupping it in her palm. Wishes….she closed her eyes and could hear his voice in her mind as though it were yesturday. How he had called to her, gave her purpose. Did the little coins feel that way too? Did they long for purpose as they were dropped into the water? A loneliness gripped at her, as she brought the coin to her chest and closed her eyes. [B “You made a wish…I heard you, from all the way up above this little ball of a planet. Someone must hear all the wishes…big and small. I have heard so many, but none like yours. None that echoed so vastly across the universe that they formed life and being..or maybe I too had a wish.”]

Nadia turned her gaze to him. A far and ancient touch to them as she spoke. Her hand still tight around the little coin that stayed close to her chest. [B “I would think…that I would wish not to fall. My duties were done, and my time was up. A last glittering dance among my sisters and then…nothing. But it wasn't nothing, was it? …I don't think I wanted to be nothing. Maybe that's why…maybe that's why I came to you. Because I wanted to be something…”] a light and warm glow edged around her form, but it wasn't unpleasant. She closed her eyes tight, before holding out her closed hand, and dropping the coin into the fountain.

It fell, flipping over and over, breaking the water's surface before settling at the bottom, head-up. She stared at it a moment, before turning to break the trance state she seemed to have. [B “Food!”] Nadia's stomach growled in agreement, making her bounce over to him and settle next to him on the bench. [B “We should visit here often. The plants are so lively and the smells are so sweet. I like it here, with you here too.”] she grinned and poked his shoulder
It was easy enough to answer her smaller questions as she asked them, so he did so promptly, informing her about which areas were what way and why. How he really couldn't know what was in some packages, unless they were fresh flowers or something of the like, but he couldn't open packages. Some people were just busy and had to work. He also let her know that his job letting him ride his motorcycle was a bigger reason why he liked it. "[b I like the feeling of riding my bike around, it's..freeing.]"He didn't know how else to explain it, but she felt something like that flying up in the sky anyway.
Watching her take in the scenery of the park and be so into it was a reward all it's own. He heard her questions and chuckled to himself as he watched her going along and looking at all the plants and at the fountain. "[b This is like a botanical garden, but more of a park, not quite so detailed and managed.]"He watched her lean over the fountain and see the coins inside. He dug into his pocket and found some change, "[b It's just change, coins that make up money. Some people like to throw them in for good luck, or to make wishes..some sort of superstition, something or other like that.]"He gave her a coin, if she wished to toss it in. "[b Although..wishing on stars is also a superstition and look what happened to me.]"He informed her and gave her a small grin. "[b I'm glad you like it here.]"He told her as he went to the bench and took out some of the food for them to eat.
Will Hawke / Willofiam / 214d ago
Nadia listened to his explanations. She was always willing to learn, and as tried to tell her about how his job worked, she found herself more curious than ever. They were on his bike a long time, sometimes. Between destinations and the pickup building were several stops. [b “What is in all of them? What kinds of things do people want so much to have someone else get it for them?”] She wondered aloud at one point.

The city sights and sounds were bustling and crazy…while the longer trips took them somewhat away from those. These became her favorite, the rural trips. With the sounds being simpler and people seemed mostly friendly. Some waving as they went by. She made note of when Will said they had finished deliveries, waiting on his bike as he pulled in to a little shop. [b “Do you like your job? Driving everywhere and seeing so many people?”] She wondered when he got back on. They were off again, though when they did stop and he mentioned she should come along, she got off the bike. Nadia felt a sensation she hadn't before. Her legs trembled just a little and the muscles in her thighs ached slightly as did her rear.

She stumbled, moving closer to him as she took off the helmet, placing it where he told her to before following him into the garden. [B “I don't think that my legs liked riding all the….”] She stopped short of stumbling at his side, her eyes widening at the sight before her. Colors, shapes, smells….the multiple plants and pleasant noise of the fountain as they approached the center had her mouth and eyes wide. [B “Wh…what is this place? It's so…so…”] she couldn't find a word as they made it to the benches. She'd let go of him now, still only a bit wobbly, and slowly moved around the fountain in the circle it sat in. Staring at various flowers and green leaves intently at times. [b “There are so many flowers here! So much life!”] Nadia moved to the fountain itself, watching the water fall from the top of a statue to pool in the basin. Shiny objects littered the bottom of the fountain as coins caught the sunset rays. She reached out a hand, letting the water trickle over her fingers. [B “The little round things look like stars in the light. What are they?”] She asked, glancing over at Will
Naturally she was curious about almost everything, and he did his best to answer her questions as she asked, explaining how the packages worked and particularly what he did. Sometimes things were easy and packages he had to deliver often did get to go to the same place, sometimes it wasn't quite that simple, sometimes the destinations were far, despite the office trying to plan the best possible routes, but again his job was the one that took care of urgent or same day sorts of deliveries.
Listening to her once they were back on the bike, he nodded a little bit. "[b There are all sorts of sights and smells everywhere, you're right, it's not always gonna be the same in that way.]"He gave it some thought on where he should take her if those were the things she was noticing most, but he had a few ideas already. Once she said she was ready to go, he nodded to her and started up his bike once again and soon enough they were off. His route took them to quite a few different buildings,large or small, a hospital, a flower shop, it really varied. Eventually he had to go back to the office midway through, and then took them to some farther out of the way places, in more rural areas, quite a different scene than the city. It was only about a 6 hour workload for him today, so once they did finish he let her know and picked them up some food from a convenience store, just storing it for later and then taking her a public garden, he didn't let her know they'd end the day there, but he figured it was a good idea since she wanted to take in sights and smells. Once he stopped outside of this park-like area, he stopped the bike once more and hooked the helmet to it, grabbing the impromptu picnic food, before starting in, it wasn't very early in the day, probably about six so it wasn't very bustling, but they still had a little daylight and he figured she'd like the flowers and scents around her. "[b We can eat here, I figured this is somewhere you'd like to see.]"He explained to her and began in towards the center, there were a few benches and a fountain, lots of flowers spread around.
Will Hawke / Willofiam / 226d ago