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Uncovering the Secrets [1x1] [closed]

By NinetyOneTen

Replies: 0 / 8 years ago

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  1. [Allowed] MockingBird

(center (size15 (font "Century Gothic" There's a shine up on Old Man Hill that everyone says is haunted by two untamed spirits, that won't rest until they have their revenge on the city. Two young teenagers go up to Old Man Hill one night and start to uncover many dark secrets that no one knew about, or would (i want) to know about.)))

(center (size15 (font "Century Gothic" Exactly, one week after the unveiling of some of the dark secrets about the shrine, mysterious killings start going on. Innocent lives, taken. Swooped up and untraced. Without any traces leading to the killers, the case goes cold and stays cold.)))

(center (size15 (font "Century Gothic" That was forty-three years ago. Now, its the anniversary of the Old Man Hill killings and two more teenagers decide to go up to Old Man's Hill without knowing the dangers or realizing the consequences of being there without permission.)))

(center (size15 (font "Century Gothic" These two kids make the mistake of uncovering the secrets about the shrine. That's when the shrine starts to shake, the doors blow open and closed, winds start blustering away, blowing debris everywhere, leaves and sticks, flying around the yard. Everything goes quiet. Two demons appear in front of the teenagers. One male and one female. Then a second pairing of demons shows up to the same yard and the four of them stare at the small, teenagers.)))

(center (size15 (font "Century Gothic" The same thing happened, exactly after one week. Disappearances started happening again. People being taken and gobbled up as a snack by some unknown beast that's terrorizing the city.)))

(center (size15 (font "Century Gothic" The two humans plan on working together to figure out this mystery and put it to rest before things start getting out of control and maybe helping these demons get what they want and then send them back home again.)))


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