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when hell arrived it found hell

By mekazou

Replies: 9 / 10 years ago

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what use to be earth, everything is not as it was. when the demons arrived, humans true powers and forms were revialed, vampires werewolves dragon riders, magicians, and monsters. and non as the books made them out to be.
now a calling has summuned all survivers to a small swiss town,almost completely abandoned, over looked be an ancient monastary

true form:
major scars:
fighting form:

no by the book creature, twighlt vampires, ect
no god modding, cybering, or demons

true form: dragon ridder
weapon:2 machetes
power:controls gatree, dragon
major scars: large slash acroos back and face, from left temple to right sheek
tatoos:gatrees tatooed, rapped around his chest and back, tails rapped up arms
fighting form: apon gatree
dragon: gatree, and long smooth skinned dragon, rounded face, no head, face part of body, 4 legs in back, 2 arms in front, walks on all, 4 wings, can walk on wings, 2 tails, and breaths lightning

Name: Roxy Anne
True form: Mage
weapon: Usually powers, but she has daggers.
Power: Elements/healing
major scars: One on her heart, it's an X, and one on her back, butterfly
fighting form: Same as self.

name: Crow (Shizuri)
true form: Cat demon
weapon: Long katana
power: Ability to morph into a large cat
major scars: An X-shaped scar on her left cheek and on her back
tatoos: A small, yellow triangle tattoo under her right eye
fighting form: Normal form or cat form

true form:Black Mage
power:Black magic
major scars:Large cross going down his back
fighting form:Hair turns black and his magic makes a fighting sheild around him on it's own
he griined, he had been wanting to do this for so long, snapping his fingers, gatree let loose a burst of light nig, then sliced the last of the demons with his 2 tails, " my dragon is capable" he grinned as gatree trotted up beside hime, soaked in blood, like his master
RATIO / mekazou / 10y ago
(#990000 Xander, nice to meet you.) He looked over at the remaining demons and asks, (#990000 You need any help with that?)
She yawns.
gatree landed hard apon a cluster, roarins and ripping the last to shreds, most demons would be a challenge, especially in those numbers, but for a dragon it was simple, turnig he faced the new comer, ' hello, im deck"
RATIO / mekazou / 10y ago
Xander cleared out of the way of the blaze, jumping off to the sidelines to not get burned. He stands and dusts himself off, waiting and watching in case he was needed.
(( a little more detail, and i ride a dragon))
swooping low over the new comer, he let loose a blaze of hot air and flame, smoldering the demons, as gatree let loose a blast the ripped through the crowed
RATIO / mekazou / 10y ago
<So, start out fighting?>

Xander walks the street, minding his own business untill he sensed a few demons in the area. He runs to where the demons were and saw a few people fighting them off.
grinning he srolled out side, machete ready, as his grin dvanished, he sensed a sizable mass, "gatree, crow roxy anne" he yelled, as the streets runbled with a storm of demons, gatree smashed through the glass, firing several bursts of lightning, as he climbed apon him, the beast then burst forward, allowing him to slaughter several demons with out stretched machetes, before swoping upward, and angling backaround and let loose several powerful bursts, as he directed magic at a horse dog, causing its 2 lumby heads to burst open
RATIO / mekazou / 10y ago
you could have been hiding up starts or have entered the town and be looking around
RATIO / mekazou / 10y ago