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Justin and Talia 1 x 1

By Aisha_

Replies: 7 / 8 years ago

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Talia and Justin.
(b Talia shrugged lightly, before jumping from a poke to her sides.) (i "Oi!") (b She jumped as a guy with spiky white hair and grayish blue silver eyes picked Talia up in a long hug, before he looked over to Justin Shard looking innocent.) (r "dude, your looking better today than you were yesterday, how are you doing?")(b Damian asked with a smile of happiness to see both his two best friends.)
He kissed her back and bounced an energy ball on his palm "So baby where is Damian?" he asked.
(b She giggles lightly now, getting out of his arms now standing next to him and giving him a kiss on his cheek.) (i "Sure i am love.") (b She said now reaching her hand into his hand and held it tightly.)
"No, no just a fight someone got me a bit mad, but its nothing, you look cute again, ready for another boring fucking day in class?" he asked sarcastically.
(b Talia jumped when she was lifted into the air by arms, looking into his eyes now she looked at his face, moving her hand into his hair and touched his cheek lightly caressed it.) (i "What did you do? why are you bleeding hon? do i need to bring you to a doctor?") (b She asked starting to acted now a lot like his mother dropping her gun on the ground.)
Justin hated school, he felt like he could be doing so much more, he couldn't wait to see his girlfriend Talia mostly he had gotten in a fight and now he was bleeding a bit but not bad he ran over and saw her he ran behind her, scooping her in his arms and sending kisses down her neck.

"Hey baby, thanks for waiting" he said not noticing the dried blood down his nose.
(b Talia sat outside the school waiting for Justin to get out to see her, she watched the skies bored holding her gun with her lightly now sighing.) (i "Whats taking him forever... i mean he calls me up and says he wants to hangout, and didn't even say what time he was gonna meet me at") (b She muttered now looking around now still siting in the same area as she had been.)