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world in conflict

By mekazou

Replies: 2 / 10 years ago

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he setting is started at the bridge, 3rd mission of the game, second if you have the origanal. the bridge is a large highway bridge, stretching across a section of seattle


arker -
bannon - tank commander
webb - tank commander

ask if you want to be one of the above
if a random or other soldier fill out the skellie
rank: ((below staff sergant)
weapon/tank/support unit/air unit:

no major illiterasy, god modding, be describtive, dont go way out of the way of the story line, ask if you dont know what happens next
pulling himself up out of the sheridan, he peered down the long stretch of highway, yelling to his loader, he ordered the loading of an HE shell, then slid back in to the turret, and rotated it to be facing the on ramp of the highway, paused, the fired, launching a shell in to a light vehicle
Darran / mekazou / 10y ago