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SoulDreamer and HollowLink rp OOC

By HollowLink

Replies: 13 / 9 years ago

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it's not my character anymore it's yours so how do you picture a war torn neko princess who has a soft heart but has a tough outside someone who only knows war and death but wants to know love and life
<---- Pic 2

pic three has white hair instead of blonde... I am trying to find a good picture... what do you want her to look like?
OOC / SoulDreamer / 9y ago
2 won't load while 1 and 3 are the same only 3 is bigger
okay. which picture did you likew the best?
OOC / SoulDreamer / 9y ago
this is what my guy looks like
that's why it's a romance with other aspects to keep things going but they meet up several times cause they are going after the same thing. sorta like cat and mouse.
Hmmmmm... I dont know... It was really whatever you were planning I mean.... If my character is kidnapped then how are our characters going to meet up or whatever?

(http://vked.com/images/d1oo_anime_neko_girl04.jpg Pic 1)
(http://images.ados.fr/photo/hd/3117933311/anime-girls/neko-paradise-240262285f-2650579e5e.jpg PIc2)
(http://i774.photobucket.com/albums/yy23/AnimeGirl10129/Neko2.jpg Picc3)
OOC / SoulDreamer / 9y ago
i had the feeling like i wanted to call it can a crystal have a soul. but i couldn't really think of anything. cause of the fact that i wanted to make it so the rings needed crystals and the only way to find them was thru special people who turned into the crystal after being defeated but i never got to writting.
okay thats fine.... We can think of something...
OOC / SoulDreamer / 9y ago
hiya i don't know what to call it since i never could figure a title for my novel
OOC / SoulDreamer / 9y ago