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The Story In-Between

By troublesAfoot2

Replies: 416 / 10 years ago

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After the series of events that started poison study and before the series of events that began storm glass........There were some stories left untold about one of the assasins of Valek and of a magician that hadnt reached his full potential this is their story.........

1. Semi-Lit, no one liners
2. Real Pictures!!
3. Cussing Allowed
4. No Cybering, PM or time skip
5. Romance is encouraged

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Cold regret settled in Jazella from the look on Ahamo's parents faces. It was the look that she had seen many times in her line of work - there was no more Lily. Her eyes flickered to Ahamo before she downcasted them. It was the price to pay for getting in the way of someone with power or a need to kill. Her hand reached out and took Ahamo's lacing her fingers with his while she gave his hand a squeeze. There was nothing she could do for lose, only see that the news was coming.
Ahamo's mom turned around, a sob trembling from her lips and she stepped away from the couple. Ahamo's dad stepped up, putting a hand on his son's shoulders, tears threatening to run over the rim of his eyes. Jazella looked away, giving Ahamo's hand another squeeze - again, nothing to do, unless she wanted to give his father a right hook in the mouth to keep him from spilling the news. As much as Jazella had been smug about being right about Ahamo's friend, no she wished only to have killed the girl when she had the chance to rather then listening to Ahamo. In a way, the fiery red head had failed her mission. She had let her heart get in the way of her decisions, if she had taken care of it like she had wanted too earlier, then nothing would have happened and her lover...ex-lover, whatever he still claimed to be to her would still have a whole family.
"Lily's dead son."
Three tiny words seemed to put for weight on her heart. It was why the Commander had looked down on relationships, why Valek had told her to be wary of them. It only took turns for the worse.
Ahamo kept his distance from Jazella not wanting to crowd her too much, thinking she would like the solitude if only for the moment. He tried to focus on finding his parents faces in the crowd but all he could see was a blur of unrecognizible faces that surrounded him making him feel as if he might never see the familiar smiling faces of his Family. But as he passed all these faces he couldn't help but hear the inane chatter of these peoples everyday life that seemed so trivial and unimportant but oh how Ahamo seemed to envy them at this moment, wanting nothing more than to be just like them to have minor everyday problems that seem to be resolved within minutes with a simple apology then be able to put it behind them like nothing ever happened. 'If only I could go back....I would change so many things...' Ahamo thought to himself as his gaze landed on Jazella, 'especially meeting Jazella...she deserves better than me...' he thought with a saddness he never knew that was inside him.

"I figured you wouldn't want me walking next to you." he said trying not showing his emotion in his voice, he picked up his speed slightly so that he was now walking beside Jazella. As he walked next to Jazella he couldn't help but glance over at her trying to find something that would make his decision much more easier but he could only see the women he had fell in love with, the women he was still in love with. Making the decision to leave her that much more harder, "Jazella, I need to-" he said looking back towards the front not wanting to see her reaction when he told her, making him feel less than a man at that moment, but when he looked forward he seen the faces that he was looking for; his parents.

A smile of relief spread across his face as he began to walk faster towards his parents. "Mom! Dad! are you alright?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around his mother then around his father, but as he did this he noticed there was something wrong, "Wheres lily?" he asked confusion and worry lacing his voice.
troublesAfoot2 / 10y ago
Jazella walked across the market with uneven steps, every step sending waves of pain through out her body. Never had she under went such pain, not even when she was training with Valek had the pain been this pain. But she couldn't complain, she was alive when she knew she shouldn't be. Even though her mind was filled with questions, she kept her eyes towards the faces scanning each and everyone of them to keep herself from saying anything else to Ahamo for fear of what it might be. Yes it was true that she was no longer mad at him, though if she thought about it for very long it seemed that she had never been mad at him for what he had said, merely mad at herself for letting herself become close to someone. Getting close to someone not only put yourself in danger, it also put them in danger. A lesson that Valek had taught her, though he was with his Yelena. Which stuck her as ood, but now she somewhat understood what he was taking about.

Turning her head just slightly, her eyes landed on Ahamo, whow as now trailing behind her. This making her sigh tiredly. She hated it when people walked behind her, and him doing it made her even more...what? Annoyed or Lonely? At this point she couldn't even tell. (#800080 (b "Would you at least walk next to me?")) She asked back at him, but the moment the words left her lips, she spotted his parents, who were still at their shop but they no longer had their happy-go-lucky faces that from what she could tell were normal for them. No now they had concerned and worried faces on.
Even though Ahamo was looking at Jazella smile he knew she was just pretending, "I didn't mean that I was just angry and I said things that I didn't mean. You are much more than an Ixian to me." he said grabbing her hands in his rubbing them soothingly. "I do trust you." he said with sincerety and seriousness trying severly to make up for everything that had happened today and the night before. Ahamo felt a stab go through his heart as he watched Jazella turn away from him, 'I can't believe I broke down everything we have built together.' he thought as he watched Jazella stand up from her sitting position then move towards the door.

Getting up from his seat on the floor he looked at Jazella with pleading eyes saying, 'I'm sorry!' but she didn't even turn around and look at him. "That's a good idea we need to find them." he said in a slight monotone voice. Just as he was about to follow behind her he stopped as he heard the words that she spoke to him, making him feeling even more wothless than before. He decided it was better if he did not say anything back to her not wanting to make his situation with her worse.

Following her out into the blazing sun he sheilded his eyes mometarily blinded by the sun. "I won't be able to rest properly either way." he said but knew she would not hear. With a sigh he followed after her keeping his eyes out for his family.
Ahamo / troublesAfoot2 / 10y ago
Biting down on her bottom lip, she looked to him for a long moment before she shook her head, a small smile spread across her lips. (#800080 (b "No, I'm not mad at you for that, you couldn't of known...Though it was rather informative...it told me where we stood. I am an Ixian to you and I always will be, there for making me untrust worthy.")) Jazella informed before a tired sigh slipped though her lips, yes it was true that she had just awoke from a slumber, but it seemed that it hadn't rested her, just took more engery that she didn't have to give. (#800080 (b "Though you will have to give me some grounds on trust, we won't be able to work together if we can not.")) She continued before she looked away, turning her head to the side so that her eyes couldn't return to him even if she wanted them to, inwhich she did. She could feel the dark circles under her eyes and the pain in her muscles from being worked for to long. Standing on slightly trembling legs, Jazella streched her arms up above her head, before she walked towards the door, her hands falling limply to her sides as her eyes scanned the crowds outside the house that they were in.

(#800080 (b "We should look for your family.")) Jazella stated as she kept her eyes on the crowds, refusing to let them look back at him. She could tell from the way her body was acting what they looked like, hollow and lifeless, much like a glass doll. Another sigh slipped from her, Ahamo looked the same as her, though there was fear in his eyes, either from what was going to happen or what had happened, she didn't blame him either way, both were terrifing. A violent twisting in her stomach told her that the next set of words she should have just kept them to herself, but she was sick of keeping things to herself. (#800080 (b "I do have the ability to love by the way. I am not inhuman.")) Jazella said in a clear voice before she stepped out into the light, her hands instantly going up to shield her eyes.

Blinking away some tears, Jazella looked around once again before she looked into the house. (#800080 (b "Come. You won't be able to rest properly if you don't find your family.")) She said loud enough for him before she turned her back on him. Jazella no longer thought him with AZ any longer, if he had been she would have been dead by now and she doubted that he would have cared if his family were even alive or not now. No. He was simply a small town boy that was just thrown into the middle of something because of his magical abilities, when he would rather be working in the kilns.
As Ahamo wrapped his arm around Jazella he felt how tense she was, wanting her to relax he began to rub her back soothingly. As he held Jazella to him her face burying into his shoulder, causing her tears to be soaked up into his shirt. He couldn't help but smile as he held on to Jazella, enjoying the feeling of having her in his arms perfectly fine and back to normal.

"I'm so glad your okay Jazella." he said turning his head and giving her a soft kiss on her cheek while giving her a light squeeze as if he was making sure she was okay and still not hurt. Ahamo felt as if he was on a roller coaster of emotions, he was happy that Jazella was okay, worried about where his family was, curious and scared of his new power, but for the moment he pushed all of that aside except for his happieness over Jazella.

Ahamo's happiness faultered as he heard Jazella speak to him about how scared she really was, "It's okay, your okay now." he told her reasuringly as he listened to a sudden sob escape from her. "Just what?" Ahamo asked confusion clear on his face. His confusion became more evident on his face as Jazella pulled away from him and gently pushed him away from her. "What's wrong?" he said trying to move closer to her but was rendered by her hands on his shoulder. 'Why is she pushing me away? What did I do?' He thought to himself as he heard her call him a cry baby, "Listen I understand if your still upset with me about the whole A.Z thing, and I completly understand." he said grabbing her hands and holding them knowing she probably wouldn't want him to hug her, "I'm so sorry I didn't listen to you and I'm sorry I caused that to happen to you." he told her looking into her eyes trying to show every ounce of sincerety in his body to her.
Ahamo / troublesAfoot2 / 10y ago
Ahamo's eyes kept drooping lower willing him to close them and go to sleep but he didn't want to leave Jazella and himself unguarded. But as if Jazella knew that he was on the verge of sleep she would randomly open her eyes look at him then go back to sleep, giving him that extra bit of strength to stay awake, for her. As Ahamo waited for Jazella to fully awake he began to think about what happened the night before with him and Jazella, then what happened in the market with A.Z. "How could I have been so stupid..." he whispered leaning his head against the wall looking down at Jazella with aplogetic eyes.

As he stared at Jazella's sleeping form he couldn't help but to replay the events of the day in his head, with him wincing at the thought of Jazella or his family hurt. At the little thought of his family he realized he didn't know where they were or if they were okay, 'I was so preoccupied with Jazella and A.Z I didn't see what happened to them.' he thought with a sigh of aggrevation mixed with how tired he was.

After awhile Ahamo cleared his mind trying to only focus on keeping the magical 'bubble' around them. As he began to nod off he heard a groggy voice breath his name. Blinking away the sleep in his eyes and sitting up he looked over to Jazella to see if she was actually awake, "Jazella?" he said as he watched her lean up. Ahamo waited patiently for her to speak again so he didn't rush her because he didn't know how well she was at the moment, but as soon as she did speak he nearly rolled his eyes at her, of course she would ask if he was okay she was only shot by arrows, stabbed and almost died. "I'm alright how are you..." he asked his words fading a bit as he watched Jazella pull her hand back from him and lay limply at her side. The hurt that went through him felt like a thousand knives in his heart, ' She's still mad at me because of my stupidity.' he thought as he leaned closer to her, not wanting to be any farther away from her anymore. He knew she was still mad at him but he couldn't help but to forget about holding the thread of magic to him and wrap his arms around her, "I'm sorry, I know your still mad at me and you have every right to be." he said as tears began to fill his eyes at the thought of never being able to hug her again, "But I just wanted you to know that I love you, and I'm so so sorry for what happened I should have listened to you." he said still holding on to her as if she might disappear at any moment proving that this was just some dream.
Ahamo / troublesAfoot2 / 10y ago
Jazella was in her dreamless slumber for a long moment, her eyes only fluttering open at various times, looking up at Ahamo every so often before rolling back into her head. It was a midnight before she finally was able to keep her eyes open to the point that she was fully awake. (b "Ahamo?") She questioned in a groggly voice while propping herself up onto her elbows, her head spinning from the tiny motion, her stomach giving out a violent twist.

Before long she was able to rest her eyes on Ahamo's tired form. (b "Are you alright?") She asked, her voice still laced with sleep, though now more awake and filled with concern as she crawled closer towards him, stopping to sit on her legs beside Ahamo, her hand going out to touch him, before stopping short of his skin. The last parts of their agruement raced through her mind once again, causing her to pull her hand away from him, dropping it limply at her side.
Ahamo's eyes were trained on his hand that rested on Jazella's wounded side, he was intranced by what he was doing. He watched with amazment at the diffrent colors rippling off of Jazella and his hand, his attention was brought back to Jazella when he heard her voice, "Jazella it's okay it's healing you." he said with a smile turning to face her, but his smile fell when he saw that she passed out in his hands, "Jazella....Jazella!" he said shaking her a little to try and wake her. Ahamo lifted his hand slightly to see if the wound had closed up enough for him to remove his hand, when he looked he saw that it was nothing but a small cut. Feeling that it was safe to remove his hand he picked her limp body up cradling her to him, "It's going to be okay Jazella." he said looking down at her knowing she couldn't hear him. Keeping a magical bubble around both of them he began to walk back to the abandoned house so they wouldn't be out in the open any more.

When he finally reached the abandoned house he walked inside laying Jazella down and balling up a blanket he found next to them and setting it under her head for cushion. Ahamo sat next to Jazella looking down at her with weary eyes, using so much magic was draining him slowly of his energy, but he kept his protective bubble around them not wanting anything or anyone to find them.
Ahamo / troublesAfoot2 / 10y ago
Jazellams face only grew more confused as he spoke, not understanding what was really going on around since her bdoy still refused to move when she tried to command it. (b "Ahamo this is... Wrong... stop...") Her voice trailed off until it was barely a whisper while her eyes rolled back into her head before her body went limp as she passed out.
Ahamo brought his eyebrows together in confusion at Jazella's question, he looked down at his hand and saw that it was glowing slightly. "What the...." he mumbled as he looked back up to Jazella , "I don't know." he admitted with shock as he examined the area around them, when he looked up he saw diffrent colors floating in the air towards the sky, he followed the trail of the colors down to his hand that pulsated on Jazella's side. "Jazella I-I think I'm...healing you?" he said, it coming out in a question still shocked that he was doing this. 'She's going to be okay.' he thought happily as he looked down at her wound under his hand seeing that it wasn't bleeding as much as it was.
Ahamo / troublesAfoot2 / 10y ago
Jazella smiled back up at him as she watched his lips move, there was no sound to her, but she somewhat knew what he was saying. (b (#7E2217 (i 'He has never seen death before...This is his first mission...People say strange things when their faced with death. He does not love you.') She continued that thought frame as she watched as another shade of gray fade out of her vision, though suddenly there was a burst of color and she could see everything for a the color that it was once again.

Jazella blinked confusion written on her face as she slowly felt things moving in her back, like worms wiggling to break free, and after a long moment it was gone, and then there was noise once again. (b (#7E2217 "Ahamo...What are you doing?") She asked in a small voice as she looked to him with a wrinkled nose, her eyes slightly widened while she watched him glow an unnatural color.
Ahamo moved his eyes from Jazella's pale face to her wounded side as he saw that she had moved to put her hand there, "Oh god..." he whispered to himself as he moved her hand away and put his hand on her side pressing slightly to stop the blood flow knowing that she was too weak to apply enough pressure. He turned his attention back to her as he heard her mumble to him, "No I'm not going to leave you alone." he said looking into her eyes as his vision became clouded with tears making it hard to see.

Leaning into Jazellas caress Ahamo looked at her with sad eyes not believing what was really going on right now, wishing that he had believed her that he had trusted her more, but he knew that no matter how hard he wished for this it would never happen. "I'm so sorry Jazella, this shouldn't have happened....I should have believed you." he said holding her closer to him. At that moment Ahamo felt a strong feeling of helplessness, he knew he couldn't move her without making her wound worse and he knew that the only power he possesed was apparently fire, the only thing he knew was that he was going to stay right by her side tell the end.

When he came to that conclusion he felt the tears he was trying to hold back finally break free and stream down his face making a little trail of sorrow and misery down his cheek. Ahamo glanced up from Jazella looking around seeing only burning bodies of the men he had set fire to with no sign of Azkadellia, 'She will pay for this.' he promised to himself as he brought his focus back down to Jazella putting aside his anger for the moment and putting a small sad smile on his face. Pulling a thread of magic to him he projected it around both of their bodies wanting to protect them from anything eles, but as he did this he felt his body pulsate with magical energy flowing down to his hand that rested on her wounded side. He didn't pay attention to what was going through his body as he stared at Jazella. Leaning down Ahamo planted a soft kiss on her lips lightly, "I love you Jazella." he said pulling back from her.
Ahamo / troublesAfoot2 / 10y ago