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House Guest

By troublesAfoot2

Replies: 44 / 10 years ago

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Laura and her Mom move to a new town. Everything seems to be normal except for one thing, there is a vampire living in their house. In this town humans are just house guests/meals to the vampires. Laura seems to cope with this in stide but hwo will she react when she finds out her new friend is a wolf?

Laura: troublesAfoot2
Jack was never the best at consoling a woman, hitting on them he was a master, but when they cried, he didn't know what to do. Letting out a slow sigh, Jack ran his fingers through his dark locks, letting the curls get caught on his fingers as he thought about what to do for this girl. It was rare for a vampire to leave his feeder alone - mainly not to set a claim. Reaching out a hand, Jack gripped onto her shoulder as gently as he could. There was nothing that he could really do other then make her his mate - which would work against the vampire, but Jack doubted that he was really a one woman man just yet. Even if it were for the lovely Laura. His hand snaked around her neck and brought her close to him, holding her to him as the cold rain slattered around him. His temptature was warmer then the normal human, blocking out the cold of the rain.

However, even in the cold rain he could tell that she was crying. "It will be okay." He whispered into her hair as he wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer to him, making the space that had been between them disappear. "I'll think of something - I'll get you out of this, I swear." Whether or not he really could get her out was the question. "You have to go home - I don't think he will hurt you tonight. I'll have some sort of idea ready tomorrow." He wasn't going to swear or promise that he would have one tomorrow, because he wasn't sure if he would or not. Jack would still have to talk to his alpha about what was happening though he knew that his alpha would make him choose her as his mate if he wanted to help.

Perhaps there was another in the pack that was actually looking to settle down? However, the thought of someone else taking Laura as their own almost made his wolf come out and a growl escape him - he didn't like the idea of someone going after the blonde. Sighing, Jack started to run his fingers through her hair gently. Making sure not to tangle his fingers like he had in his own hair. "Just pretend that you know nothing when you go home. Nothing will happen." Not true. Since any vampire would freak out if he were to smell a werewolf's scent on something that was his. It was the one thing that the movies got right about the vampires and werewolves - they did infact hate one another.
All of this information Laura was just given kept running through her mind, trying to process it all and put logic into the situation was making her head spin, 'how could vampires exist? they're only myths.' she thought to herself, confused by the sudden shift in reality, but she stopped that thought when a more important question came to mind, that hurt her more than anything else, 'Why would her mother just trade her for something? what could be more important than your own daughter?' thinking about all of this stuff was making laura feel the cold touch of feeling unwanted and unloved, by the only person in the world who is suppose to love you no matter what, not just sell you.
Laurs almost didn't noticed that Jack was still following her, being wrapped up in her thoughts made her less aware of her surrounding, but by the looks of Jack his attention was on everything and everyone, 'probably a side effect from living in this god forsaken place,' laura thought bitterly.
Laura stopped at the sound of jacks quiet voice, she didnt stop because of the fact that he had spoken but it was just the fact of what he had said, this putting an all new worry in lauras head, one she didnt think about. Going home where the vampire was. "Jack what am I going to do? I cant go home and let that..." she stopped mid-sentence not want to say the word, "....vampire..." she finally spit out with a slight cringe as the word seemed to crawl under her skin making her feel weird, " feed off of me or whatever it is he wants with me." still looking at Jack with a pleading, laura knew he was the only one who could at the very least try to help her even though he had already stated that there was no way out of this horrible situation, Laura still felt as though he could help her, more than anyone else could, "Please." her voice quivered a bit as she said this, the cause was partly because of the cool rain hitting her skin and because she was crying. She felt the sudden need to seek warmth, shelter, and just a safe place where vampires werent real and mothers didnt sell there children.
A cold chill ran over the young were's body, sending tiny shivers through his arms and legs. Water droplets clung to his dark blonde curls, while his dark sharp green eyes looked shifty side to side as he followed behind Laura while they walked into the school yard. His eyes were darting all both the pair, observing the darkest corners, trying to make sure there wasn't some lurker waiting for them to pass before taking in the sight of Laura's backside. His withered and scarred fingers went into his front pockets, as if to smooth out the invisible wrinkles that were upon them. (b "He'll be waiting when you get home.") Jack mumbled his comment in his quiet spoken voice, a voice that soft, only because it was tired. Days without sleep made the were's deadly, but it always made him weaker.

Jack wasn't anything short of fully alert, he had to be. There was no option. As Jack thought to himself, his eyes slowly set upon the woman beside him. He watched this new females face, watched the none existing emotions that rested within his eyes. "(b No, not a lovely day for a stroll, unless you haven't showered.") Jack grumbled to the earlier comment that the man had made, seeming that in this world were their were so few innocence’s, he would not let his politeness slip from him as so many other things had.

Jack looked up, glaring at the heavens. He had been hoped to have more time before the rain had started, but, the thickening sheet of rain that played out before his eyes told him otherwise.
Jack Simmons / Fitzish / 10y ago
Laura felt shock go through her at Jack's words," you mean my m-mom did this to me...." she said in a quiet voice not believe that her mom could let this happen to her. Laura couldn't take this anymore, it was just an hour ago that her life made complete sense, vampires were still a myth to her, and she still trusted her mother. Laura looked up towards Jack with a blank look, "Uh, not that I know off.." she said answering his question not really thinking about it that much.

Shaking her head Laura stood up, "I'm sorry Jack but I have to go home...I need....I just need to go home." she said walking past him and down the steps towards the door wanting to go home, be alone and decided what to do.
With a slight sigh, his eyes looked away towards the doors of the old gym, eyeing them for a long moment. Unlike her, he could hear the humans walking around outside of them, hell he could even hear the humans that were in the school building right now. Studing the door hard, he listened in on what they were saying when he noticed that it wasn't any of the teachers but a couple that wanted their privacy. How odd, considering that most of the students that this school were either inlove with their leeches or at the very least doing them. Listening to them futher, he realized that it wasn't students, but teachers. This making him almost give out a slight chuckle. Almost.

Containing a straight face he looked back to Laura, his eyes scanning over her face, looking for some sign that she was lying to him. But when he found none he simply sighed again. (b (#357EC7 "You can't, but whoever takes care of you can.") He said in a normal tone, not wanting to upset her anymore then he had, though it didn't seem like making her calm at this point was possible. (b (#357EC7 "Have you gotten anything that you didn't have to pay for?") He asked as he continued to make eye contact with her, making sure she continued to realize that he was one hundred percent serious about this.
Jack Simmons / Fitzish / 10y ago
Laura's fear of Jack's sudden anger subsided slightly but not all the way as she stared at him. Bringing her eyes away from him she looked down at her arm as she rubbed her arm lightly trying to get the feeling of his hand off of her arm even though she felt a slight thrill go through her as his hand had gripped her arm. She looked back up to Jack only to see his back to her, she didn't know whether to leave him alone or try and talk to him.

Even before she decided what to do she watched as he turned around, the anger complete gone from his eyes making her feel better but her fear was replaced by horror as she saw that sorrow filled his eyes and she heard what he said about her situation, "I-I don't want to die! I didn't want any of this!" she said as fear once more rose up in her, " How do you sell your soul without your consent or knowing about it?!" she asked more as a rhetorical question rather than asking for an answer from Jack. Tears began to slowly form in her eyes as she couldn't help but think about everything that Jack had told her.
Jack let go of her arm once he seen the fear flicker through them, his fingers still twitched with the feeling of holding onto her. With another growl he looked away, some what ashamed of how his anger had been able to take control of him so well. After a long moment, after he was able to calm himself to a point that there was no more anger, he turned his eyes back to her, though there was no more anger in his eyes, only sorrow for her and her situation. (b (#151B8D "I'm sorry, I've never heard of a way out. Once you sold your soul, thats it. You're theirs until you are no more or until they decided to kill you. No on leaves here alive.") He informed in a business like voice, though his eyes continued to look at her as if she were a puppy that had been hit by a car and needed to be put down.
Jack Simmons / Fitzish / 10y ago
Laura felt herself shrink back from Jack as he grabbed her and turned her around to face him, "I don't know." she said feeling scared as his voice became louder, 'Maybe he is telling you the truth...' she thought to herself trying to believe what he was saying but finding it hard too. Everything he was saying sounded ridiculous, everyone knew that vampires were not real, and now she's just atomatically suppose to believe some guy she doesn't even know. "O-okay well say I believe everything you told me. What am I suppose to do about it? How do I reverse whats done?"
Jack turned and grabbed her by her shoulder, twisting her back around to face him. (b (#151B8D "I am not joking. And I am not trying to trick you. You think I would be this serious if I was joking?") He said in a loud booming voice, a growl almost ripped through his chest but he controlled himself enough so that it wouldn't be heard. He couldn't explain the vampire situation and werewolf at the same time, unless he really did want to be slapped, or hailed away to the office once again, which in his case wasn't that much of a threat.
Jack Simmons / Fitzish / 10y ago
Laura narrowed her eyes at her feeling embarresment wash over her as she heard what he said, "I bet you think this is really fun. Tricking the new girl and making her feel stupid." she said crossing her arms over her chest and taking a step back from Jack, feeling more tears well in her eyes. "Well you can go laugh it up with your friends that I'm just as stupid as you think." she said as she walked past him no longer wanting to be around him and his lies, 'I can't believe you were so stupid.' she thought to herself as she wiped tears out of her eyes.
Jack looked her in the eyes for a long moment, unsure if he should tell her seeing that she was already thinking he was crazy, though in this case he didn't really care that much. With a small sigh he looked away towards the other set of bleachers that sat across from them. (b (#151B8D "Vampires. Thats who.") He replied in a cool voice as he looked back at her, they were still some distance apart from each other though no it was luck for him, cause he knew the reaction he would get now, either yelled at or slapped, he preffered to be yelled at, seeing as the slaps hurt more.
Jack Simmons / Fitzish / 10y ago
Laura felt her eyes widen a little in shock as Jack told her about her mother's job, "I didn't know...I didn't think about it..." she said thinking back to when her mother told her about this new town they were moving into, but all she had told Laura was that she would be working alot of strange hours at the hospital. "What do you mean I'm theirs? Who are they?!" she asked Jack feeling almost hysterical at the moment not knowing or wanting to believe what he said.
Jack spun around on his heels and instantly wished he hadn't as he watched the tears begin to build up on her eyes, she honestly didn't know what was happening to her. (b (#151B8D "Look. This town isn't want it seems to be. Don't you think that it's odd that your mother got a 'job' as a nurse in a town that doesn't have a hospital? Or any stores? Just a school with a bunch of old houses?") He asked in a serious tone as he stayed where he was, making no move to go towards her, though he made no move to continue away from her either. (b (#151B8D "What you say last night, the man, it was real. Once you move here your 'theirs' and there is nothing you can trade back to get away from them.")) He said as a dark look flickered across his face, but quickly disappeared as quickly as it came.
Jack Simmons / Fitzish / 10y ago
Laura pulled her eyebrows together in confusion, "What do you mean I'm the chosen one?" she said standing up facing him as he walked past her, ignoring her as if she was just something someone left on the bleachers. "I don't even know what your talking about?" she said getting angry that he was just blowing her off because off something she knew nothing about, "I didn't trade my humanity for anything.... Stop walking away from me." She demanded as her face flushed, and angry tears formed in her eyes, one of the things she hated when she got emotional about anything.
Jack felt his stomach turn as she stepped back from him, words ranting out as if there was a mad woman inside of her. (b (#151B8D "So you are the choosen one of the house hold.")) He sighed as he stood up, walking past her as if she were nothing more than another girl that was pawing for his attetion. His smile now alomost completely gone, now that the woman that he was forming new plans around seemed to be nothing more than the rest of them, all wanting the things that those undead freaks could promise. (b (#151B8D "So what did you trade for you humanity?")) He asked over his shoulder as he walked back down the bleachers stairs, no longer waiting for her as he continued to walk towards the exit, almost wishing that he had made her go into gym.
Jack Simmons / Fitzish / 10y ago