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Living Horror:126th Squad.

By Zhuchyir

Replies: 10 / 9 years ago

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(i Story)
(pic http://stockpodium.assetsdelivery.com/thumbnails/thesupe87/thesupe870905/thesupe87090500115.jpg)(pic http://stockpodium.assetsdelivery.com/thumbnails/thesupe87/thesupe870905/thesupe87090500115.jpg)

(b D.E.A.D) it is the code given as a password to our strongest warriors. They are the ones we see as having the longest life-span. We are not a barbaric society, we were forced into this life when the apocalypse happened. The Undead walk everywhere killing any living human they find. All because of (b X578-a4X)...

There is a team made as a military group. Their job is to protect and preserve as much life as they can. At the cost of their lives they often are killed in rescues but if they don't try no one will. We lose several men and women every week to the undead. It has been hundreds of years since the apocalypse and we are determined to win this war.

(b TEAM SC126)
(i Some call us the elites since we have lost very few men and women in our missions. We have a high killing rate and succeed every-time. I've been in this squad since I was seventeen and could join. The training was excruciatingly hard and worth it. My team is a liberation squad we go in and we get out living people from nightmarish C.I.T.I.E.S. Those that stay where they are would certainly die. We use only what we have and when we enter a city we go in with large amounts of ammo we have to be prepared because cities are the hardest to finish off. In history only two cities have been purged of the Undead and now those are our bases. Humans live there free of undead fury. We've built walls around them and patrol them 24/7 nothing gets in or out its tighter than a virgin ass. I mean water tight. Our objective is to get in and out with our package. we just can't lose anyone else. It's getting desperate.)

(b Your Job.)

You are of this elite squad recently it was renewed so we are all unfamiliar with each other for the moment which makes this so tough on us. We are elite but if we can't operate as a team we look brand new to the game. We save stranded civilians whether we are dropped in by the air. or we go in on foot. We come out alive. Or maybe.

(b Nationalities)
The nations have been joined into two nationalities people are all the same now. We do not discriminate any more. It is to trivial. We are the Nation Prejudge and the Nation Sector. Prejudge are of the biggest city and Sector of the smallest what this means is, prejudge has more weapons and fortifications but send many out to Sector who has precious labs and information. The best come to one team 126th.
(pic http://casualtygamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/overgrowth-interview-2.jpg)


1. This is post-apocalyptic the earth has reclaimed many buildings and structures. Overgrow is present almost everywhere except the two recovered cities remember that.
2. Do not kill your team-mates it will only have you killed.
3. Zombies can run be aware that we are playing deadly games here not every zombie is a one-hit-wonder. I will call the zombies that are special.
4. ^ not all can run we call most of them slow-spurts runners are well runners.
4. Do not aim to hurt the feelings of an role-player here.
5. Cussing...yeah just not every other word.
6. Romance is ok just not in mass. This is more horror remember that.
7. Cyber is a fuck no.
8. Put Curse of the Haunted in your skelly under your name.
9. 500 character limit.
10. Take your time when writing it pisses me off when I can't get a decent reply in means of spelling.
12. Rules may be updated or changed at my discretion.


Nationality:(nation Prejudge Or Nation Sector)
Team:(of course i know this already but may add more later.)
Weapon(s):1-3 weapons only one can be primary.
Ammo type:(tracer, regular.)
Short Bio:(include reason of joining. 126th)


(b Name:) Zhuchyir --------
(b Age:) 26
(b Nationality:) Sector
(b Team:) Captain of 126th
(b Weapons:) M249 light machine gun, combat knife.
(b Ammo Type:) Tracer Rounds.
(b Personality:) Cool Headed, Polite, and stoic.
(b Bio:) His files have been black marked no one is to know who he truly is his memory from the time he enlisted is all he has. Not even he can remember before those days.

(b Name:) Drew Conner
(b Age:) 25
(b Nationality:) Prejudge
(b Team:) 126th
(b Weapons:) Prototype Railgun(Secondary), M16A5 Assault Railrifle Custom(Primary) M5 Pistol(Sidearm)
(b Ammo Type:) Regular and Experimental
(b Personality:) Calm and Collective
(b Bio:) A man who lost his family to the undead at a young age. Since then he has always wanted to join the military and fight back. He joined the 126th to avenge his family and prevent what happened to him from happening to his family. He also is using it to follow in his father's footsteps.

(b Name:) Saki
(b Age:) 17
(b Nationality:) Prejudge
(b Team:) 126th
(b Weapons:) She uses a old style of sword some-days, but mainly she is a sharp shooter. She can also read aura..
(b Ammo type:) tracer
(b Personality:) She's protective, and happy-go-lucky. She tried to remain clam at all times.
(b Short Bio:) She was hardly 6 when her mother was murdered. She saw them attack her whole family. Her sister is still recovering from the injuries. She swore she'd fight back after that.

(b Name:) Naomi Mitchells
(b Age:) 20
(b Nationality:) Nation Sector
(b Team:) 126th
(b Weapons:) Prefers head to head combat, uses two combat knives. Has a small pistol that she rarely uses.
(b Ammo type:) Regular
(b Personality:) Short-tempered, gets frustrated easily
(b Short Bio:) Being from a family in the smallest sector, her parents were Scientists. Working in the labs, trying to find the cause or a cure. Around the age of 10, she decided that she wouldnt follow in their footsteps to become a lab worker. Instead, she wanted to be the one who helped protect her city...

(b Name:) Della McGarette
(b Age:) 23
(b Nationality:) Nation Sector
(b Team:) 126th
(b Weapons): Armalite MH-12 Maghook, .44 Desert Eagle, L15A1 Sniper Rifle
(b Ammo type:) .338 Lapua Magnum, .44 caliber
(b Personality:) Quiet, observing, guarded, loyal.
(b Short Bio:) Two kids. Two innocent kids – a brother and a sister, their dead bodies lay in a pool of their own blood as the undead chewed nonchalantly on their bones. It was enough to want revenge, for every other child who had fallen victim.

(b Name:) Rain
(b Age:) 24
(b Nationality:) American
(b Team:) already know
(b Weapons:) sniper
(b Ammo:) regular
(b Personality:) shes touph, doesnt complain a lot, she has a scar on her cheek from a bullet, she loves killing and fighting.
(b Short bio:) she as the leader of a black ops team for 7 years, and in the marines for 3 years. she killed her parents because they were zombified. she joined the team because of the thrill and to increase her skill.

Name: Mondschein
Age: 18
Weapon(s): Combat rifle, Sniper rifle, Combat Shotgun
Ammo type: normal
Personality: Caring but when angry all hell brakes loose. Can ignore her emotions and can rationalize almost anything.
Short Bio: I would like to join 126th to protect the ones I care for even if that means risking my life.
Saki looked around. She sat down and scanned everyone, seeing what her team ates appeared to be. They all apeared to be he rkind of people. SEH sighed, knowign she probably wouldn't ahve a huge role in this mission. Saki was so much better at hand to hand comabt, or a better way would be hand to sword combat. She could also sharp shoot better then almost anyone. SEh didn't like using guns though. She listened when the captian explained and watched as he walekd out. SHe was now unsure. If these guys were the bes,t that ment she couldn't trust them. You can never trust the people who are the best, they always stab you in the back. SHe quickyl scanned them all for dnagerous aura and found none.
Saki / Jazzmin-Anime / 9y ago
Naomi watched curiously as a woman handed the captain a file. Her mind began wondering to what was in it, but her thoughts were soon interupted by the captain. She listened intently on his description of the mission. A excited smirk began to appear on her face at the words. But it soon vanished once she heard they would be dismissed for another hour. With a sigh, Naomi ran a hand through her black hair. She was just as eager if not more than the others to get on with the mission. But still, the captian was right. They were a team, and needed to be aquainted.

However she figured that she had all the information she needed just by watching their actions. So, with this thought in mind, she kept silent.

:: Sorry for the short post, in a rush::
Naomi / PippyLee97 / 9y ago
Della shrugged indifferently, and then sat down on the seats; she didn’t look at the file again, didn’t need to. It was obvious that her captain knew she had taken a peek. It didn’t matter – there were no more men or women who were eligible for the 126th, so she would not be dismissed.

Listening carefully, she secretly resented the fact that she no longer in lead of her own team; though the smile on her lips gave the permanent advantage of a poker face.(i People had tried and failed to recognise anything from her, not even her own family who knew her best. No one has ever worked anything out and she wasn’t about to let it all change.)

The people whom she had trusted were dead, and trust was a big thing when it came to teamwork. There was trust or no trust at all. It was not a thing that was earned, rather – a concept that was gradually learnt, dependent on the person whom trust is being asked of.

She knew too well, the clear implications of utmost need for trust if a team were to function properly; Della didn’t trust anyone of them. When it came down to a life threatening situation, she knew that she had the capabilities of looking out for number one, to survive. Her old team knew that – and that was what worked so well. They had been paired according to each other’s weaknesses, so that in her team, there were 5 sub-teams. Each pair corresponded with and interacted with the rest of the group in a willing and cautious manner, and as a result, every single member of the team had become elite, highly alert - almost unstoppable. No reports had been written of this tactical strategy – it just happened. Della McGarette had been in command of that team, and she had been the one to enforce the sub teams.

She was already prepared; the spare ammunition had been hand loaded into its magazines and was lined neatly along her belt; easy and quick access. It was hinged so that it would not catch onto anything during a quick reload. The .338 Lapua Magnums had been hand polished to ensure the utmost accuracy and the .44 Calibre was the clear favourite; reliant ammunition that was ready to be accompanied by a diverse range of weaponry. Hanging securely off her belt, was also an Armalite MH-12 Maghook, a big bulky weapon, but useful for both offensive and defensive encounters. Her old team had all been equipped with them, and it had proven, on numerous occasions, its usefulness. Alongside it, holstered at her thigh over the 126th’s uniformed BDUs, was the Desert Eagle, a big weapon in comparison to her small hands, but she had learnt to control it, had grown up using it, rather than opting for the newer more advanced technology that was supplied with the coming of the apocalypse.

Finally – the L15A1 Sniper Rifle was strapped to her back – in neutral. A treasured weapon, whether it was hers, or someone else’s. If it was the same make, she could put it to use. And well. Della had neither hesitations nor questions about her shooting, and this extended to her ability to put down anything that got in her way. She had been raised to be diverse, an unexpected package, a good soldier, an all-rounder if need be. She was right up there with the top and she had been taught well. Better.

Della McGarette, after mentally checking her weaponry as well as her physical bodily condition, finally turned her attention outwards, just in time to hear the ending story of the only other male in the unit, so far.
-he looks at his teamates.- I am good with explosives. -he laughs.- what should I use? -he stansnds up and salutes the captain.- ill be ready sir. Just pont me at the tarrget. -he nods- this reminds me of my first mission back in the Army. -he laughs- Pvt. Marcus puked all over himself when we ran into the undead. He got so nauseas. -he smiles- then it was always a bad day we lost two great men in one swift blow. The undead were everywhere. They came in the dead of night. I was lucky to escape with the rest of my squad. -he sighs- two of my brothers in arms fallen to the undead. -he walks to the armory-
Zhuchyir watched as they all came in. He did not stand until McGarrete came up to him and held out a file. He sighed and took it noticing it was not creased but also noticing she had no curious looks in her eyes when she held it out to him. That gave him two ideas as to why that was. She was aware of what was in the file already or she simply did not give a damn about it. He thought more likely number one but voiced nothing. He sat down again and opened it. (blue McGarrete do not leave your current position for a moment.) he ordered while flipping through it swiftly. (i (blue No kids, husband, records of marital situations, or cause to why she joined...)) he thought calmly while looking up at her and examining her facial expression. It was mocking. He smiled lightly and stood up. He handed her the file. (blue Chances are they ordered you not to open this as it seems you did...not I guess there is no harm in you opening it now. This is about you I see no reason to restrict you from it.) he said while handing it to her and stepping off the bleachers.

(blue You were assembled as the best this unit has to offer. So in that regard I am going to have you on a mission. at 1300 we will leave this facility for a City area. We received a signal today about 2 hours ago that a family was in need of evacuation from a city area they were exposed and are in a building. We are getting dropped in city limits. Yeah its dangerous but its something that has to happen. We can not reach it on foot so it has to be by black hawk. Gear up and be here in exactly one hour. In that time that you arrive I will brief you on the full severity of the situation but I will advise you to talk amongst your teammates to learn maybe about their personal skills. Some might be savvy with explosive while others might be computer hack smart. We can access old technology with people like that. Little do you know that I am a great hacker. Now the reason I tell you to do this, is to supply you properly. We are a team and we will act as one...no not act we will be one. Now after your acquainted you will go supply yourself What we need, and this is to be decided between you who will carry, is cam spikes, Server breakers, and claymores. I myself will be carrying the necessary c4 breaching pads. Now that you know what will be needed I dismiss you for the hour. If you need me i'll be at the black hawk) He said while walking away.

He was sure to leave them on good terms for now. He was suspicious of only one. The others he was unsure of. He hoped that maybe they could find some solace in learning a bit about each other. And he knew one thing for certain if they ignored his request he would issue an order for basic information from the sgt in charge of files and read them to each other in skill set. They would know the strengths and weaknesses of each person here. He smiled at the thought of that kind of crookedness. He was known for crude efficient behavior when things were not quite up to par.

He approached the Black hawk and looked at their pilot. He did not exchange words with him because they both knew that learning about some one you would rarely see would only make you think about them and whether or not you would ever see them again. It was different with a team you could protect and watch their backs but not the backs of anyone else as well. He sat in the black hawk he had c4 breaching pads in a bag at his side. He smiled as he put his hands behind his head and leaned back in his chair. He wanted to relax hell it could be his last chance.
Zhuchyir / 9y ago
To those who didn’t know her, Della McGarette’s call-sign was ‘Wings’, christened for the tattoo of the small pair of wings on the back of her neck. To those who did know her as well as they could (which was not much at all), she was known as ‘Smiles’ – owing to the half smile permanently perched upon her lips.

The smile was often mistaken for comfort, or flirtation, or friendliness. However, these aspects were wrong. The smile put in place was to counter the world’s constant ‘fuck you’ smirk. It was there in the dead bodies that lay on the ground beyond the safety of the barrier walls, it was there in the helpless and final cries of those they couldn’t save in time, and it was there in every rising sun that shone light upon the god forsaken land. Della’s smile, was there to combat them all, her own ‘fuck you’ right back at the mocking and dying world.

Della McGarette was late. But that was because she and another candidates had scored equal to each other in every single test they had participated in; they wanted to distinguish between the better soldier. In the end, the recruiters had turned to each individual’s files, and found that Della had some discrepancies – meaning she would lose to the man she had been competing with.

However, on a freak accident, he had died once he stepped out of training faculties – shot once in the head. The assailant was still at

Della had taken his place, and they had handed her, her files, told her to give them to Captain Zhuchyir. Told her that under no circumstances was she to look in her own files. She had peeked anyway – the reports were good and consistent, the best. The only two negative faults about her lay in the fact that she was too secretive; about herself, about her former team. That, and their suspicion of her motives in joining the 126th. She had told them, it was revenge for all the children who had been slain. When asked if she had family or children of her own who were killed, she replied with a straight no. Which of course, raised eyebrows. But no files could be found, no information could be dug up that related to her in anyway.

She spotted him in the deployment bay – distinct from the others. “Della McGarette reporting for duty, sir.” She said upon approach, her file held out in pristine and non creased condition.
(r "Tsk, tsk ,tsk.....") Naomi glared down disapprovingly at a smudge on one of her favorite knives. She had tried in vain to clean it, using one iteam after another. So far, she had tried using a napkin from the mess hall, wiping the knife on her shirt, running it over water, and even spitting on it. But still, it refused to shine. (r "What a shame.........Might as well get a new one later") The perfectionest mumbled, placing the weapon back into her pocket.

Her boots clacked against the floor as she made her march down the hall. The girl was headed to the deployment bay, where she would meet the team and captain of Squad 126. Now, these wouldnt be her first mission. No, of course not. But this would be her first few mission with this specific group of people. Silently, she prayed in her mind that she wouldnt be stuck with a bunch of annoyances.

Seeing the entrance, she felt herself pick up speed as she entered the doorway. So far, there were only 3 others in the room. (r "Naomi, Present") She called out, letting her presence be known. Casually, she walked over and leaned against the wall, giving a small nod to each of the others. (r "Nice little group we have her. Im hoping for more~") She chimed, running a hand through her long hair.
Naomi / PippyLee97 / 9y ago
-Drew walks in with his rifles across his back and his pistol at his side. He sits down with the captain. -hello captain when is the briefing going to start? I'm ready to find out what our mission is. -he smiles. He puts his tray down and starts inhaling his food.- this is surprisingly good. I just wish I could've prevented what happened to my last unit. It was sad to lose all of those great men. We were ambushed. Its like all of the sudden the zombies can plan and make strategies. Somebody has to be behind this.
Rain walked in with her sniper rifle and sword on her back. "hey captain." she said and sat across from him. she cracked her neck and her knuckles "is it going to be a big mission today?" she put her gun down and sat there waiting for everyone. she looked down with her elbows on her legs and yawned. she sat back and closed her eyes, leaning her head back on the bck of the seat, her scar on her cheek light now. she realized she forgot something, and walks out with the gun in her hand. she walks back to her room.
Rain / ladyharuki / 9y ago

(b Secret Entry.)

It burned. The entire building burned. A mission we carried out to a t we were perfect in our execution of operation Constance. It was deadly for us to enter the Hive. That's what we named it. The hive, a massive zombie ground. They seem to find their way there no matter where they are. Will setting fire to that massive kill zone really help us in any way. I don't know for sure. It's to much to think we can win this fight in short amounts of time. There are several other things we must take into consideration to. We have two cities to protect and....an entire continent to purge. Hidden somewhere in several places are old weapons. Weapons of massive destruction. I found a book explaining what they could do. To wipe out millions in one strike. But...whe//.....

(blue The letter is cut off. There is more to this. Where can we find the rest of it. It's obvious it was intentionally torn. And it dates back two hundred years.) Zhuchyir said calmly while turning around and looking out of his barrack room window. He was high ranking in this world and was getting his team today. He sighed and stepped out of his room. He was one of the only soldiers who stayed equipped at all times. He did not want to risk getting invaded or an outbreak occurring and not being properly equipped. The soldiers had a game they would play around here for when they left. They would kill and gain a trophy from the toughest they found. Most zombies still had a ring or a necklace they could not take off of themselves but we would for fun. Zhuchyir walked out and picked up his weapon. He hated vault tech work. He had to leave the gun in a small vault locker outside his room as were ordered of every soldier in the 126th. He walked outside and waited for a bit. It was only four in the morning. He had one hour before team would meet up.

Zhuchyir hurried to the mess hall to eat something. He grabbed his tags and flashed them to enter. It was customary to show your force before you entered. He went to the line and got some food to eat. He was tired but also prepared for his mission briefing in the next hour. He sighed and started eating. Nobody prayed before they ate anymore they could not bear it. God had forsaken the human race after all. He looked up and some new private had sat across from him. (r Hello Sergeant sorry most the tables were full hope you don't mind.) he said calmly while starting to eat. (blue It's ok private don't worry to much about it.) he said calmly while continuing to eat as well. He sighed and finished as quickly as he could.

He stood up and walked over to the trash can. He dumped it and swiftly hurried out of the mess hall. He needed to head over to the deployment bay where he would be sent off. They received a Tel-com signal APO six. He entered the Deployment Bay and sat down on the bleachers to wait for the rest of the squad before giving the briefing.