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Freedom and Blood 1x1

By SilverFang

Replies: 6 / 10 years ago

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In a world ruled by vampires, humans are slaves to them. But some humans of course are rebelling against the vampiric government. They don
Anya sat in the shack and was wondering what she should do next. She figured she should wait till dawn to move again, but didn't want any chance of a vampire coming and finding her. She stood up and walked over to a whole in the shack's wall she peered out for a moment and looked around. (i Your just going to make yourself even more nervous.) She couldn't see anything and was really cold. She didn't make a fire, because that would give away her position. She started to walk back over to where she had been sitting and triped. She hit the floor and cut her hand on a nail that was sticking out. She bit her lip not to yell out. (i Dang it! Blood! Dang it!) She quickly took some cloth she had in her bag and wrapped it around her hand. (i No! This will ruin everything!) She yelled at herself mentally. She knew she had to move. She couldn't stay here, but if she went out there she wouldn't be able to see where she was going and would get lost. Anya sat back down in the corner and just hoped no one would find her.
(blue okay cya later)
Anya / SilverFang / 10y ago
g2g be back later
Akmar / William23 / 10y ago
Akmar was excited at a chance to prove himself. He headed out proptley after being assighned his mission. He sat perched in a tree. The leaves rustled and the night air was cool. He sniffed the air, Human he smelled it, could almost taste it. She was close and so was his promotion. Excited he waited soon he would be back to his warm life of new found luxery.
Akmar / William23 / 10y ago
Anya moved swiftly and quietly through the halls. She had decided to make her escape during the day time, while most of the vampires were sleeping. She made it outside to the courtyard and smiled as the sun warmed her skin. She started to run, she wasn
Anya / SilverFang / 10y ago
(blue thanks for joining. If you give me a minute or two I'll go ahead and post and we can get started. ^.^)
Anya / SilverFang / 10y ago
personality:Is loyal and has pride in his race.
short bio:Was turned recently and has always secretly had mixed feelings. He is willing to do anything to prove himself to the king.
Akmar / William23 / 10y ago