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Love at first sight (emo real pics closed for spike only :D)

By darkstartalker

Replies: 15 / 10 years ago

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Cameron opened the letter and read it. He almost felt like crying hearing about her friend. He looked at the picture and smiled seeing how pretty she is. He wrote back:

Dear Sandy,

First of all I almost cried reading about that. I am so sorry that happened to you. He didnt touch you or anything did he? I hate the evil people of this world. How is your friend? I hope she is okay now, I bet she feels horrible about that still though.

I date emo girls. I feel like they are the only people to understand me, although I only dated two girls, they both cheated on me. I cant keep a girlfriend if I tried. I can hardly keep friends.

I think your doggy s cute by the way, but you are gorgeous. Ill send a pic of me. We are not supposed to, but I dont have to tell the dumbas school about it.

Cameron Jackson

(b (blue He put a picture of him, that was taken by his friend in the envelope.)
Sandy read th letter again,she gasped at hearing about his friend,she then took her pens and notebook out nad started to write yet again.

(b Yeah alot of guys have used me, its kinda hurtful,i never used any of them, i used to always by them stuff,i normally don't date emo's but sometimes i just donn't see the point in going out with a normal person thats not emo,goth,punk, or anything like that cause lets face it snooze vill,but its not so nice down in england at night time,got to watch incase a mug comes up to you,or a rapist,or even a muder,that happened to me once a friend and me were walknig home in the pitch black no street lights or nothing, a raipest grabbed her and raped her right in front of me, i tryed my hardest to pull him away from her, but i was pushed back and i hit my head off a rock, maken me black out, then when i woke up my friend was coverd in her vigin blood, i felt very sorry for her, luckly i had my cell with me and i called for her parents, just incase ,and i went home that night not able to sleep cause all i heard was screaming from her, eachoing in my head. I never went anywhere innportan,i only tayed home drawing most of the time, here's a picture of my doggy, i hope you like it.)

she said putting the pictureo f the dog in, and also a picture of herself, she then pulled her red pen out and wrote.

(r yours Sincerely)
(r Sandy Bright x)
Cameron read the letter carefully. He laughed a bit at her dream and then frowned reading that se was used. He hated how guys would do that. He pulled out his pen and wrote in his notebook.

Dear Sandy,

I wonder what it's like in England. It seems really nice in movies and stuff, but those are just movies. It is kind of hopeless, but its nice to get to know someone from somewhere differnt. Everyone here is so boring and dull. I like how I pick the one emo girl, its cute. I already think you're awesome. I laughed so hard when I read about your dream and it would be sick if emos did rule the world.

I am gonna send you a picture I drew in this letter. It looks horrible haha. I hope you can tell that it is a rose, with blood drippingfrom it. You're over six feet tall. Wow that's too crazy. Guys can be so immature sometimes, I would never do that to any girl and I am sorry to hear that those mofo's do that to you.

Today I went to the mall with one of my friends and some random guy came up and attacked one of my friends. He made him bleed and stuff and a knife was pulled out. It wa bad. I am ok though.

Cameron Jackson
Sandy got the letter from the boy,she opened it and looked at it very carefully,she smiled understanding what he ment, she took her note pad out and pen.

(b i understand what your saying,my name is sandy bright,and yes i do live in england,i', also at school and doing thee weird ppen pal thing,kinda hopeless if you ask me, most people in my school class me as "emo" or "goth" but i call myself a emo, i just find them so awasome, i normally dreamt that emo's would rule the world, a crazy dream if you ask me,i'm also into cooking,i draw most of the time,or listen to my music, i don't cut myself unless i gget to stressed and to depressed, i'm a little to skinny if you ask me to, but thats just the way i was born, i don't know what hight i am but its more than sx feet tall, hehe i hope we can be good friends, i'm also looking for a boyfriend,someone i can call my own,i've not had many boyfriends,or the ones i have had normally use me for sex,or money, kinda sad really,but i'm a very kind,and kind hearted person, i hope we get to know each other better.)

she pulls her red pen out and signs

(r Sincerely)
(r Sand Bright)
To whoever it may concern,

Hello my name is Cameron. I am 16 and I live in America. My school is doing some project that we have to get a pen pal from a different country and write to them a few letters or so. I hope you can understand what I am writing, I mean the language and stuff.

Anyways i guess we have to write about ourselves a bit. I like to skate, listen to music, I like to cook, and stuff like that. I have black hair and I am six feet tall. I am a little too skinny I guess. People at my school label me as "Emo", and I guess they are right. I dont cut myself or anthing, I am just depressed a lot. I dont have many friends or anything and for the most part, peopleignore me. I wish I had someone I could love as well, a girl I could call my girlfriend. So far that hassn't gotten close at all.

So whats your name and stuff? I would like to know some things about you as well. Not just for school either. I was thinking about writing to someone anyways. They gave me your address and I decided to write to you. I understand you live in England. Write me soon.

Cameron Jackson.
(r kk)
XP I hate starting XD one second though.
(r lol thats sounds fine youpost first ;P)
Ummm??? XD Maybe we could....

So for a school project thing we had to write letters to someone in different country and you/me choose to write to me/you and We start to like to eachother and I take a trip to see you? We have to write the letters first though.
(r lol i could not think of anything xD you have any idea's xD)
:D Hi so how should we start and whats it about? =3
(r hi ace (= )
Haha hello there.
(r ace you can post here :P)