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[Pregnancy Rp] You're what!?

By IcePrincess

Replies: 54 / 10 years ago

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Amanda is 17 and has been dating her boyfriend. Jordan for 2 years now. They were happy and thought they'd be together forever. The day she found out she was pregnant she told him, and he left her. Amanda decided she wasn't going to b one of the girls that cried because their boyfriend left. She got a job at a diner and worked hard to save money for the baby. One day at work her old childhood friend ____ came in to get something to eat. They remember eachother and start talking. ____ has had a crush on Amanda since they were younger, now that she's pregnant wll he fill the same.

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Amanda finished cooking and brought tw plates of food to the table and sat the across from each other. She walked over to the lounge and gently shook Aleex's arm (b "Hey, breakfast is ready.") She said softly as she stood up and walked to the table stting in front of her plate.
Alex was still asleep and was snuggled into the side of the lounge. He looked exhausted even though he was sleeping.
Alex / Agent_McKay / 10y ago
The next morning Amanda woke up earlier than usual. She quickly showered and put on a pair of sweats and tank top. Afer hat she went into the kitchen and started cooking for both of them.

Alex stayed awake for most of the night thinking things through. He eventually though fell asleep. He had mainly been thinking about talking to amanda about a few things.
Alex / Agent_McKay / 10y ago
Amanda laid in bed and sighed. She stared up at the ceiling and thought about the day. She was starting to regret ever being with Jordan and wished that she had been with Alex from the beginning. With another sigh she had fallen asleep.
(( brb I have dinner. ))
Alex / Agent_McKay / 10y ago
"...Oh" Alex smiled and waved for a momment. "...Goodnight Amanda" He walked over to the lounge and sat there thinking about her.
Alex / Agent_McKay / 10y ago
She looked up at him and nodded, (b "Goodnight Alex.") She said before walking to her bed and laying down.
He smiled for a momment and then turned to her smiling warmly.

"...are you going to bed?"
Alex / Agent_McKay / 10y ago
Amanda nodded slowly, (b "If that's where you want to sleep.") She said walking over to him.
Alex nodded hapily and stood up and looked at the lounge. Mabye here was best. He moved over to the lounge and sat down for a momment and then quickly got up and looking around the home. He glanced over to Amanda's room seeing the faint outline of her body but nothing else. He looked down again and began to pace the room.

"....Amanda? Is the loung okay?
Alex / Agent_McKay / 10y ago
Amanda smiled she was happy that he decided to stay with her for the night. (b "Of course it's okay, you're always welcome to stay here.") She said softy before standing up. (b "I should be getting ready for bed. You can just sleep where ever you want.") She said befre walking to her room and changing into pajamas.
"....If thats okay with you?"

He smiled a little and nodded to what she had said.

"...I hate being in the Uni dorms..."

He sighed and looked towards the window looking outside.
Alex / Agent_McKay / 10y ago
Amanda's face lit up andshe smiled brightly. (b "Okay."). She said happily and looked at one of the clocks. (b "It's getting late, souldn't you head home?") She asked moving so she was sitting on the edge of the couch. (b "Or you could spend the night here?") She added quickly.